Castle Roland

Chapter 61

Published: 8 Apr 14

Laughs came out of both Collin's and Ryan's mouth as they heard the question, both knowing the answer, as he asked it.

"Eric," said Collin, "when you learn how much fun it is to play with that thing, you got there, you will be doing it every chance you get, and then some. I'll bet you even try some new things to get that awesome feeling when you cum."

"Huh, what do you mean come?" asked Eric.

Collin continued taking the initiative and answered, "Eric, to cum means that you will be shooting out this white stuff, called sperm, out of your dick when you get older. It is made in your balls and when you get this certain feeling your dick will spasm and it will shoot out the sperm that makes babies. We'll talk about that at a later date, but for now, all you need to know is what to do to get those wonderful feelings you can get with your cock."

"Boy, you guys sure are using lots of new words," observed Eric. "I've never heard some of them before. Are they bad words? Will I get in trouble if I use them?" asked the youngster.

"Well, it depends on who you use them around," answered Ryan this time. "If you use them around your mom she'll probably have a fit and wash your mouth out with soap. If you use them around your friends they may want to know where you learned this stuff. So, for the time being, this is just between us three. Okay, Eric?"

"Yeah, I understand. Like what Collin said when I saw his hard penis. He said it was between us two and that no one needed to know about it. I'll just have to be careful around my mom but I don't use those words now so that probably won't be a big problem for me."

"That's good Eric," said Ryan, "but as you get older and you learn more and do more, maybe with your buds, you will have to be doubly careful around your mom and other adults. ... Okay, now, we know you have played with your dick a few times and made it feel real nice. But, have you ever gone so far that you begin to get a feeling like you need to pee or are going to pee if you don't stop, or did you ever get these shooting sensations rushing thru your penis and like the top of your dick was going to blow off?"

"No, never, I just used my hand to make it feel real nice, that's all," replied Eric.

"Ok, here's what I'm gonna tell you. What you did was great for the first time. Now watch what I am going to do. You see this finger? (Ryan held up his index finger.) Now watch what I do. I take my thumb and my three next fingers and I make this sleeve thingy and then I slide it over the dick like this, (Ryan then showed Eric how the thumb and fingers slide up and down his other finger.) and I begin to slide it up and down. Now you try it with your fingers so I can see if you are doing it right."

Eric then gets his one hand and points up a finger and with his other hand takes his thumb and fingers and slowly slides it over the straight up finger. Then he began to slide the 'sleeve' up and down. "Wow, I can feel on my finger how smooth that it. Is that how it will feel on my ... my peni ... err my dick," asked the mesmerized lad with a huge grin on his face.

"Yes!" answered a smiling Ryan and Collin at the same time.

"Kewl! I can feel how nice that is. Is there another way I can do this?"

"There is any number of ways and many you will find out for yourself," said Collin, "once you start to play with your dick. Another thing you can try is to use your palm and rub around the farther side of your dick. Here, like this." And with that Collin showed him that with the flat of his palm he lightly rubbed it on the 'outside' area of his dick.

"Yeah, that is it," said Ryan. "Now, I also want to warn you about something most guys don't realize, until it is too late. Since you are just learning how to jerk-off, if you do it way too much your dick will begin to hurt. It may even turn red and you'll think there is something wrong."

And before Ryan could continue Collin added, "And another thing and this happened to me, is that the skin surrounding the top of your dick can get a little swollen because you are beginning to use those nerves and they aren't used to it and they may react to your manipulations. So, again, if you play with it too much, you can also have that happen to you. I even saw that with one of my friends one time."

"You did that with another boy," asked Eric.

"Well, he and I didn't touch each other but he showed me how his dick got swollen around the head." And with that Collin pulled his flaccid penis out of his boxers and showed Eric the area he meant. "This area all around this top got puffy. My buddy's was still puffy and he asked me about it and I told him I had that happen to me already and I showed him my dick and by that time I was hard like I am starting to get now, just thinking about that." Collin laughed at himself and then put his dick back inside his boxers.

Then Ryan spoke up and told Eric he too had the same problem for a few days, but after the swelling went down he went right back to playing with his dick and making it feel good as often as he could.

All this talk about dicks and playing with their dick and what happened to the older boys when they were his age was having an effect on the younger boy. What he didn't know and hadn't noticed was that his own dick had gotten hard and was poking itself out of his boxer pee opening. He didn't realize it was doing that until both older boys saw it and began laughing. It was then that Eric looked down and saw his hard penis and he quickly grabbed it and put it back where it belonged.

"I thought you said you wouldn't laugh at me?" pouted Eric, but with a smile on his face.

"We're sorry 'little bro', but when we looked down and saw your three incher sticking out, how could we not laugh? Please forgive us. I guess all this talk about dicks and playing with it made you get a boner. But let me add, it is a nice looking dick at that, too," said Ryan, and both older boys laughed a little bit more.

"Collin, I hope mine gets to be as big as yours. It looked ginormous to me that day when we were standing next to each other. And mine is NOT three inches. I measured it the other day it is over three and one-half inches long when I measured from the top," stated Eric as he pulled his boxers totally down and showed his two companions his harder than hard dick straining to stand up even higher than it ever had.

Seeing that youngsters little boner put Collin over the top from his discussion about him and his friend and he pulled his boxers all the way down, too, and showed his two friends his hard dick. Then not to be undone, Ryan pulled his boxers down and began to stroke his now hardening dick until it was fully extended. Now, there stood three boys with their hard dicks standing up tall, each one looking over at the others.

"Eric, you know, buddy, you can't ever tell anyone what we did today, ever, you understand? This was something we hadn't planned to do, but when you stood up to show us your hard dick, I felt I had to show you mine and I bet that is what made Ryan there do the same thing."

"Yeah, Collin and Ryan, I understand, and I won't say anything," said Eric. "But this is so kewl. I now know what an older guy's hard dick looks like and I hope mine gets as big as yours does. Okay, let me practice and see if I am doing what you told I'm doing right."

With that, Eric kicked of his boxers and took off his shirt and lay down on the bed and began to slide his thumb and fingers over the top of his dick. He then began to slowly slide them up and down the shaft and the look on his face was priceless, to the older boys. They could tell by the look on his face that Eric was feeling what he was supposed to.

Then Eric asked how he was doing. When the boys told him he was doing it perfect he got that huge smile on his face that he had earlier then he told them to watch if he did the other thing just as well. This time he pulled his dick back to his stomach and then placed the palm of his hand on the further away side and began to make little circles. At first there was no recognition of what he was doing but then a small smile began to creep onto his face and then his whole face lit up.

Eric had found two ways to pleasure himself and he was ecstatic with his new found methods. While he was doing that, Collin went over to his dresser and brought back some oil. He asked Eric to hold out his hand and he put some of the oil in his palm and told him to try it again. No sooner had Eric began the manipulation than a large grinning smile came on his face. Then without being told, he quickly grabbed his dick with one hand and with the other he began to slide his thumb and fingers up and down his shaft and he was in heaven. He closed his eyes and just laid there enjoying the most awesome feeling he had ever had.

Collin saw what was happening with their 'little bro' so he gave a head motion to Ryan that said, 'let's go' and they went to the bathroom to get their showers. They both peed and then each got under a separate shower just in case Eric were to come in, they didn't want him to see them doing anything. They were in the showers about five minutes when a very happy ten your old came into the shower room and went over to each boy and gave them a hug. He hadn't cared that he was nude because so were they.

He had just had thee most memorable moment in his young life and he owed it to his 'Big Bros' and he wanted to thank them. When he had given his hugs he stood back and smiled and said "Thank you!" and turned on his own shower and began to get cleaned up. The older boys saw a glow on his face that they knew from where it came, so they just let him bask in that after glow. The three of them all finished at the same time and then headed back to the bedroom to get dressed. They talked some more and then they proceeded downstairs for breakfast.

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