Castle Roland

Chapter 63

Published: 8 Apr 14

Collin sat there thinking about what his Uncle Andy and Judy just told him. To him it sounded like that was what Judge Adam was asking him to do.

The group then sat around and enjoyed Momma Maria's refreshments, while they talked some more about everything that happened to Collin and Eric, and what happened at the hospital the day Collin was hurt. Then, Mr. Ken and Andrew Marshall went into some detail about their initial meeting with the nurse, and then their subsequent meetings with the administrator. Then, Ryan told them all about the assembly the high school principal held the next morning, and what he said to the entire student body. All those revelations brought up further discussions about next week's School Board Special Meeting on Monday, and the Special Session of the County Hospital Board on Tuesday, and what would be on the agendas.

It was now mid-afternoon and their meeting was breaking up when Collin's cell phone rang. While he was talking on his phone, Eric had asked his mom if he could stay another night. He wanted to talk to his 'big bros' more about what they revealed to him earlier that morning. Mom and son were having a lively discussion when they heard Collin ask Mr. Ken if he could go to the Mall and meet up with Shelley.

"Well, Collin ... ah, I better say no for now. You are just beginning to heal and I don't want to take the chance that some of those boys will see you there, and begin something that will only compound your injuries. I hope you understand, Collin. It's not that I don't want for you to go, but I am concerned for your safety right now. By next weekend, you should be pretty well healed; so what'd you say we look to then?" responded Ken.

Collin went back to his phone call and while everyone could hear his side of the conversation they tried to ignore him, and they all went back to what they were doing. On one side, there were Judy and Eric back into their discussion about him staying another night. On the other hand, there were Ken and Andy talking about the deferred adjudication process. Then Ryan's cell phone rang. Hearing the second cell phone ringing made Mr. Ken's ears perk up. He just knew there was some kind of teenaged conspiracy being concocted, and he would just have to wait and see what it was.

In a few moments, Ken heard, "Ah, Bro, would it ... ah, would it be ok if ... ah, if the girls came over here?" asked Ryan. Now, Mr. Ken knew what was transpiring between the four teenagers, as they talked on their cell phones. In the meantime, Judy had found her excuse for not letting her son spend another night with his 'new' big brothers.

"Ah, mom," everyone heard Eric say. "Why can't I stay anyway? I won't be in the way. I won't bother them and their girlfriends won't be spending the night, will they Mr., Ken?"

The room erupted in laughter upon hearing what Eric had just said. Now, Mr. Ken had two dilemmas to deal with. The first was what to do with four teenagers whose hormones are at their peak and, second what to do with a youngster who seemed to need his 'big brothers' right now.

"Eric, honey, listen," said Eric's mom. "I know when I was growing up I sure didn't want my boyfriend's younger brothers or sisters hanging around us. They say they'll stay away but because it was something new for them they kept on looking at us, and we sure didn't like that. It wouldn't be fair to them if you are here because they might feel they needed to be with you, too. Then, their girlfriends would get mad at them and that wouldn't be fair to them then would it?"

"No ... I guess not," a disappointed youngster said with his face looking down at the floor.

"Well, Mr. Ken, can the girls come over for a few hours later today? They can come over about 6 and stay until midnight. We can have dinner with them here, and then we can watch a movie, and maybe play a few games. So, what do you say, big guy?" asked Collin.

"A few games, huh? I wonder what those games could be, huh? You better not say; as we have sensitive ears still in this room," answered Ken while he and everyone else looked over towards the ten year old still talking to his mom.

"Ok, they can come over ... but on a few conditions. First, their mom, or dad, has to bring them here, as I want to talk to them. Second, they will NOT, and I emphasize the word NOT, be allowed to spend the night, no matter how late it gets or how cold it gets outside. That is what I want to make sure their parents know. And third, there will be NO, ah ... ah well ... ah you know what I am getting at," as he again looked in Eric's direction.

Both boys told their dates what was what for the night and they both yelled they agreed and said the girls would be over around 6 for dinner. The boy's happy faces told their story to everyone there in the Study, as they hung up their phones. There they were, two teenagers, looking forward to an 'at home date', and dinner and a movie, no less.

Eric took his defeat in stride knowing his 'big brothers' needed to be with their girlfriends and not hanging around with a ten year old. As he said his goodbyes, Collin told him he'd make it up to him and maybe they'd have another big swim party soon. That perked the youngster up and he gave his 'big bro' a big hug but quickly released it when Collin began to whimper about his chest hurting.

After Judy and her son left, the boys hurriedly went upstairs to get ready for their 'dates' while Ken and Andy decided to talk to Maria about the evening's dinner with the boy’s dates.

A little after 6 PM the doorbell rang and the boys went to meet Shelley and her mom at the door. The boy's invited them in and introduced Mrs. McNeary to Mr. Ken and Andy Marshall. As those introductions were being made, the doorbell rang once again. This time it was Megan and her dad, so more introductions were made. The teenagers all felt a bit 'out of place' around so many adults, as most teens do, so they headed down to the Great Room.

The adults stood in the Foyer and took a few minutes getting to know one another and then Mr. Ken explained what he had told the teens about the evening's rules in order to reassure the parents that their daughters were in good company. He also explained that Collin was still recuperating from the punch to his chest and his medications could very well make him sleepy. He went on to say that he would watch them but wouldn't spy on them. Explaining as they have been out to the Mall without either of them, meaning he nor the parents there, and we trusted them then.

Mr. Ken also reiterated that the teens knew this was not a 'sleep over' night and he asked that the girls be picked up between 11:30 and 12 midnight. The parents said they were Okay with the arrangements. They, then, said their goodbyes, and left. Once the front door closed, Ken yelled to the teens that the 'coast was clear' and he heard them all laughing at his comment.

Dinner was served and the four teens were joined along with Ken and Andy in the main Dining Room. Momma Maria went out of her way that night and cooked a fabulous prime roast beef dinner, with all the trimmings. Everyone was enjoying their meal while they all enjoyed each other’s company.

After dinner, the boys went to Maria and gave her a big hug and a light kiss on her cheek, and thanked her for preparing such a wonderful meal. Their dates saw what the boys had done and then they too went to Momma and reintroduced themselves to her and they, too, gave her a big hug and thanked her for doing that for them. While Maria cleaned up, she had this great big grin on her face the entire time and she felt so 'loved' and appreciated by all those around her.

A half hour later, Momma Maria called everyone back to the Dining Room, where she served them all a big piece of white cake and vanilla ice cream. But, before she could get back to her Kitchen, Collin asked Maria to get a piece for herself and to join them and relax some with them. Another big grin formed on her face as she went and got another serving. Later that night, Momma Maria 'floated' home from the feelings she had about how much they 'loved' her and made her feel so much a part of the family and how much she loved them all, too.

After desert, the teens excused themselves to go down to the Theater and watch a movie. Ken asked Collin to stay for a moment and told the others to go on down and he'd be there shortly.

"Collin, you know I told you I'd get you some protection and talk to you about ... ah, well ... sex, but I have yet to do that, as things have been quite hectic these last weeks. Not that I really want you to begin having sex, just yet, but you are almost sixteen and I know your hormones are peaking right now. Look, little bro, all I want you to consider is the consequences of having sex whether or not you are using a condom or if she says she is on the pill," said Ken.

"I know, I know, we kinda talked about this before. So, can I go now?" the unhappy teenager said.

"Collin, one last thing and then we need to have a good heart to heart talk about sex. Right now, you are still recovering from your injury and I am going to ask you to refrain from any strenuous ... ah strenuous activities. Not that you are planning to have sex down in the Theater, but ...", and Ken stopped talking. He looked into the boy's eyes and pulled him into a slight hug and said he was sorry for treating him like a twelve year old. Then, he told him to catch up with his friends.

"Thanks," was all Collin said but he did return the hug and he quickly proceeded to join his friends in the Theater.

Andy had overheard the short conversation and he went over to Ken as the teen left and said, "I see you are trying to do right by the boy, and I am very happy he has you for his guardian. Many adults would not have let him anywhere near that girl or any girl for that matter. They'd have kept a keen eye over them or had them do something right out in the open."

"Well, Andy, Collin is a responsible boy and we've had some discussion about sex and him dating. Unfortunately, I just haven't made it a priority to talk to him but after tonight, I promise myself I will. I never knew how much his parents held him back until, he began to spread his wings, some after the attack," said Ken.

"Well, it wasn't his mom; it was his dad who kept the boy close, not wanting him to stray out too far. His dad was afraid he'd get some girl pregnant and then there would be a big scandal and his dad wouldn't have that. I see a totally new young man there, Mr. Ken. I see a very mature and aware teenager who wasn't there a year ago. I wish none of this had happened to him to bring him out of his shell. His dad would be very proud to see how well he has turned out, to this point.

"If we ever find his grandmother, I am going to recommend to her to allow him to remain with you. That is, of course, if you would still want to take care of him. I know it would be a big imposition on you as you are just beginning to spread your own wings, so to speak. You'd be taken care of very handsomely by Wilkinson Enterprises or C.W.E Inc. as it were. You have done wonders for that boy. He looks up to you with trust and admiration and love. He loves you, Mr. Ken, like I've never seen him love anyone before," said Andrew Marshall, the lawyer, not "Uncle Andy' the friend.

"Andy, I don't know what I am going to do if you do find her and he does have to leave me. I've grown to love that kid, too. He is like having a little brother who had to come live with me because of a bad home life. I will surely miss him if and when he has to go."

The two men just stood there, each alone in their own thoughts about the wealthy teenager. After a minute or two, it was Andy who asked Ken to join him in the Study so they could discuss a few items Andy felt were important.

Down in the Theater, the teens had chosen a movie and Ryan set it up and turned the lights down low. Then the couples each selected a lounger where they could cuddle as well as watch the movie, at the same time. None of the three teens bothered to ask Collin about what Mr. Ken wanted as he wasn't that far behind them down to the Theater. The fact that they were all together was all that was on their minds, for the moment, as they took advantage of the darkened room to make-out and enjoy each other’s company.

In the Study, Andy and Ken discussed next week's upcoming Board Meetings that they would attend and how they wanted to present themselves. Ken told Andy that he needed to have Bill and Stew there, as well, so they could do the follow-up for anything that was not resolved as he didn't expect Andy to be around much longer. With that, Andy told Ken he intended to leave Wednesday morning, barring any extenuating circumstances, and then he thanked his host for giving him that wonderful vacation. Andy also told Ken that he would not interfere with what Bill needed to do, at the two upcoming meetings, and would only be there as an advisor, if Bill asked.

Andy continued to explain that Bill was his lawyer and needed to be the lead force in tackling those two onerous established groups. H earing that, Ken looked a bit surprised at those announcements and then Andy told him that being away from the office all this time gave him the right opportunity to consider his future options. He then revealed to Ken that he would be stepping down as the lead lawyer for Wilkinson within the next year. That revelation started a whole new discussion of Who, What, When, Where, Why and How between the two men.

While the adults were having their talks, the teenagers were having their own kind of talks. It was the kind of sign language that only uses tongues and hands. Both couples were comfortable enough with their partner that they allowed the other to kiss and touch and hold them as much as they felt they needed. If you could have listened to what was happening inside that movie room you would have heard, many differing sounds, of young boys and girls in the throngs of sexual adventure.

The kisses were numerous but the placement of the hands was meant to arouse and satisfy the receiver. They, of course, brought out sounds that could only be attributed to sexual arousal. It was as if they had resumed from where they left off, the last time they were together, at the Mall movie theater. The girls had been the initiators then as they were now, but it didn't take long for the boys to reciprocate and give the girls equal sexual sensations that began to course throughout their own bodies, as well.

For Collin, he was in a sensual heaven. Shelley's touching had him harder than he could ever remember. Her hands had even opened his pants enough to allow her to stroke his extremely hard erection. For Collin's part, he had been able to unbutton her blouse and open her bra, which gave his mouth access to her breasts so he could lightly suck, lick and nibble on them. The two teens were so focused on satisfying each other; they hadn't a clue as to what the movie was all about.

On the other side of the room, Ryan and Megan were doing practically the same thing. They, too, had gotten to the point that they were both giving and receiving on equal terms. The biggest problem Ryan had, with all the sexual manipulations, though, was the fact that his member leaked lots of pre-cum and Megan kept rubbing it off with her thumb which caused him even more sensations to course through his body.

Both boys took advantage of their dates opened blouses and eagerly caressed and sucked and nibbled on the exposed breasts and nipples. They each had also gotten a hand inside the pants and panties of their girl and were able to lightly rub that special "G" spot that girls love to rub themselves. The boys were also able to slightly enter their dates vagina, with their middle finger, and pleasured them with short in-and-out stokes, there.

As the evening progressed, and each couple took turns sexually manipulating their date, they found out that the girls made just as much noise, as the boys did, when it was they who were on the receiving end. With all the noises that were coming from the four oversexed teens, they were very lucky that Ken and Andy were so involved upstairs with their own discussions. If, at any time, the adults had decided to check on the teens, the couples would never have heard them coming, because of all their moaning and groaning and other sexual utterances.

Finally, Ken and Andy decided to take a break and get something to drink. Andy was one who enjoyed an adult beverage, more than most, so the two decided to head down to the Bar, just off the Great room. As they began to leave the Study, Ken decided to ring the special phone in the Theater. This was used as a means to announce to the teenagers that they were on their way. Andy didn't see him do it, and wouldn't know what he was doing anyway, as it was a system unlike a regular phone system. Ken rang it three times so they teens would hear it and not get caught doing anything they didn't want anyone else to see or explain.

The two adults took the elevator and Ken also knew that would get Chief's attention and she would bark as she always did when she was in the Theater with anyone watching the screen.

Inside the Theater, Collin was lucky enough to hear the ringing, on the third and last ring, and a few moments later when he heard Chief bark, he knew Mr. Ken was on his way. He quickly explained to Shelly they had to get presentable and he announced to Ryan that Mr. Ken was on his way. That little bit of information was all Ryan needed and it caused a lot of rustling of clothes to be heard coming from their area of the room.

Chief, by that time, had gone out of the room and was waiting at the elevator and, as the door opened, Ken and Andy both got out. She wagged her tail and got her ear and back scratches giving the teens a little more time to get dressed. Ken and Andy both stopped to get an adult beverage and then headed towards the Theater with Chief barking and following along.

As the adults entered the room, the lights were brighter than they expected and the teens were each paired up on a lounger. Ken made some small talk, with the teens, and then ruffled Collin's hair before he left. On his way out the door, Mr. Ken told the teens what time it was and he also reminded them that the girls would be picked up by their parents, and soon. Of course, that announcement destroyed the mood for the teens but they still got in a few more kisses and feels before they decided to end the movie and get some refreshments themselves, before the girls had to leave.

It was close to midnight when the girls left after their parents came for them and talked to Mr. Ken for a few more minutes. After the girls and their parents left, the boys and Mr. Ken, along with Andy, went into the Study and talked for a few minutes more, but it wasn't long before Andy said his good nights and left for his room.

When Andy had disappeared down the hall, Ken decided to tell the boys what he 'found' when he visited the Theater. He told the boys, right up front, that he could smell what was going on down in that room and they needed to be extremely careful in doing what they did with and to those girls, or any girl, for that matter. The boys were shocked that there was any indication that they did anything in the Theater, but Ken told them to go back down there and see if they couldn't still smell anything and come back to the Study.

A few minutes later, both boys came back into the Study with their heads hanging down.

"How did you know, Bro," asked Ryan.

"Well, what did you smell when you walked into the theater?" asked their Big Bro.

"Well, it was kind of musky and funky and it wasn't as clean smelling as it usually is," remarked Ryan.

"Yeah, I noticed that, too, when I walked in there just now," said Collin. "It always smelled so clean, but this time it was as if ...," and with that he stopped talking and looked over at his best friend. It was then the two realized that what they had smelled was the sex scents or pheromones people tend to give off from their sexual activities.

"We're sorry, Mr. Ken, for doing that," offered Collin, since it was his home and he allowed it to happen.

"Boys, I am not mad at you. I figured as much that you'd get into some kissing and possibly sexual touching down there ... but I sure didn't think you'd get into it that much. Geez, fellows, I hope Andy didn't recognize it, but even if he did, as long as none of those two girls delivers a bouncing baby in nine months, we are going to be okay."

The boys let out a sigh of relief over hearing what Mr. Ken had to say and they felt it was over and they could go up to bed. But, Ken had other ideas.

"Boys, I want you both to sit down and hear me out."

"But Bro, we're tired and we need our sleep," protested Ryan.

"You'll both get enough sleep when you're dead; now both of you ... SIT!"

As the boys sat down, Mr. Ken had a small smile on his face. When seated, the boys looked at one another and their faces showed some apprehension in them.

"Boys, as I said, I am not mad at either of you. But, I am disappointed in you both! I guess I am more disappointed that you did, what you did knowing, that at any time, someone could have walked in on you, and caught you. It is not as if I'd call the cops or get my shotgun out, but what if you had been at one of their houses? Huh? I am disappointed in you letting your hormones get the best of you. And, I don't care if they started it, and that you are both innocent participants. Guys, the thing is ... that when you are with a girl, you need to take control of the situation before things get out of hand and something winds up inside and nine months later you're a daddy."

Both boys began to protest they didn't have actual sex with their dates but Ken wasn't hearing any of that.

"Boys, when I walked in there tonight, I could smell the sex, big time. And, what I smelled was mostly the female sex scent. Trust me, I've been around enough women to know what it smells like after a female exposes her vagina and begins to secrete her own sexual essence. Boys, a woman's sexual organ is on her inside and it sort of 'grows' a smell of sorts, if she hasn't bathed recently. Even if she took a shower and did a douche two hours before, she can still begin to secrete her essence as soon as she is aroused. Once that happens, her scent can overwhelm the person she is with and since we are sexual beings, we are predisposed to have sex whenever we have the opportunity.

"Now, I am not saying you had sex, but I want you to know that I could smell that you both had your sexual organs exposed in there, too. And boys, if I know what a girl's essence smells like you damn sure know I know what male sex essence smells like. I bet you two both know what that smell is like, as well.

"Something else, I bet you boys didn't even consider, is that when you are aroused, and as young as you two are, your gland will be secreting seminal fluid and in that ... there can be sperm. All the girl has to do is play with your hard penis and then wipe your flow onto her fingers and then immediately insert them into her vagina. Then what? Nine months later you could be a daddy! I'm not trying to embarrass or shame you boys, but you both need to know and understand about sex and the how's and what for's and everything else.

"Guys, I should have had this talk with you long before now, and this is surely NOT the time nor the end of it. I decided that I just wanted you both to know what I knew when I entered that Theater tonight. I was your age once, too, you know. I know how it feels to want to touch a girl in her most private places and, maybe one day, to have actual sex with her. I also know how I had to relieve myself, later that night, before I went to bed knowing if I didn't, I'd have a 'wet' dream and I surely didn't want my mom to see those sheets."

"Mr. Ken, I am really sorry I did that tonight. Yeah, I was doing it to her as much as she did it to me. But, boy did that feel so awesome! I've never had anyone touch me like she did tonight, Bro," said Collin. "Yeah, we kinda touched each other and she's gotten me hard before but tonight ... was something totally different. I know you said that you'd talk to me about sex and now I wished that we had. Believe me, if she had offered me her pussy tonight, I would have jumped at the chance. She had me so damn hot, Bro, I almost shot off four or five times when she was stroking me, but she would stop just in time. It was as if she kinda knew what she was doing. ... Hey, wait a minute! Yeah, it was as if she ... she did know what she was doing ... didn't she?"

Ryan sat there listening with his mouth wide open. It wasn't what he had just heard, his best friend say, but what he, too, came to realize that, what Collin was saying, was that he, too had that same experience. He was now just as confused as Collin about what had just been said to their Big Bro.

"Bro, we need to sit down with you and talk about sex," exclaimed Ryan. "If they know so much about sex, and we don't, we could be daddies sooner than we want, if we aren't careful. I don't have that much, except my college fund, but Collin here had tons of money," and then he stopped.

Hearing what Ryan had just said, a new realization came to light for Collin. He realized he could become a daddy and possibly married to a girl he didn't care for. He told himself he didn't want that.

"Boys, it is getting late, and I didn't mean for us to get into a long winded discussion tonight. What do you say we call it a night and we all head off to bed and get a good night's sleep? I bet you drop off as soon as your head hits the pillow."

The lads agreed, and they all hugged one another, and said their good nights as they headed off to their respective bedrooms.

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