Castle Roland

Chapter 65

Published: 8 Apr 14

During the night, the boys sleeping movement let Ryan's dick slip out of Collin's ass and his fluid seeped out over time. In the morning, the boys awakened to a strong odor of 'sex' and a large wet spot where the two had lain. Collin again thanked his partner for what he did the night before and proceeded to lightly kiss him and pull him in tight for a well-deserved hug.

Ryan, for his part, returned the kiss and hug and then turned their bodies so they were faced side to side. He stretched his head in and gave his friend another kiss and then smiled.

"Collin, what you let me do last night was fantastic. I never, ever, thought of doing something like that. Then, when you had me push my dick, all the way, inside of you all I could think of was that this must be what it feels like to fuck a girl. I must have shot a gallon of sperm inside of you and by the looks of this wet spot I may have. (The two teens laughed at what Ryan said and what they saw.) I was so fuckin' hard from what Megan had done to me and then when we began to ... to, you know, get sexy with each other, I must have built up more cum than ever before. Man, your asshole was so fucking tight. It was gripping my dick and it was like it was milking my sperm out as I fucked you. Damn, thank you again, Collin, for letting me do that. I sure hope I didn't hurt you."

Collin smiled as he looked into his best friend's face and told the boy, "Ryan, what you did for me last night was something I was wanting and needing for a long time. When I was with those guys they used to fuck me all the time. Dean, though, used to let me fuck him, too, and I enjoyed fucking him as much as he loved fucking me. It was as if I had an itch last night that I needed scratched. Ry, I needed your cock to reach deep inside of me to get to it.

"Ry, it felt wonderful to have a big cock as yours inside of me touching that sweet spot deep inside of me and making me feel so complete. And, Ry, you didn't hurt me. I am a bit sore, as I haven't had anyone fuck me for like six months, but I am glad you did that for me. I just hope you won't be mad at me for making you do that last night."

As Collin said that last sentence he began to cry, and hard. Ryan had no idea what just happened to his buddy. One minute he was saying how much he loved being fucked and now he was here crying. All Ryan knew to do was hold him tight and tell him everything would be ok. Chief heard her boy begin to cry and she could feel he was hurting, but she didn't know from what. Doing what she always did when she felt Collin needed his mentor, Mr. Ken; she got up and went downstairs to find her 'first' master.

In the bedroom, Ryan had gotten Collin to slow down his sobbing and was trying to get him to explain why he was crying. Collin just held onto his buddy but didn't say a word. Ryan just continued to hold onto the upset teen.

When Ken saw Chief he called her over to him and began to scratch behind her ears like she loves. At first, Chief forgot why she was there and enjoyed the attention, but then she remembered and began to bark and run to the door and come back for Ken to follow. Ken had seen her act this way, on other occasions, when she wanted him to go check on her boy and when Ken asked her if that was what she wanted she began to bark more as in agreement. The two then headed up the stairs to the boy's bedroom. By that time Collin had begun to tell Ryan why he was crying.

"Ry, I was afraid after what we did you'd hate me for it. I kinda made you fuck me last night and I was afraid I'd lose you."

It was only those last words, "...afraid I'd lose you" that Mr. Ken heard that made him stop outside the bedroom door and listen.

"Col, you'll never lose me. We're like brothers and where one goes the other one is there for support and protection. I think you just had a bad flashback to when you were with those men and ... and well, you think because of what they did to you I'd drop you as my friend. Collin, I want you to hear me now and hear me good. I am your BEST FRIEND Period! And you are MY BEST FRIEND and that is the way it is going to be forever. You hear me

"I don't care that some of the stuff they made you do, you now like to do. You know, I liked it, too. We've shared so much together and I want you to know that I Love You, Collin Wilkinson. You are 'the' someone that I have needed as much as maybe ... I am 'the' someone you have needed at this time, too, in our young lives. Come on now, stop those tears. Not only am I here for you but our Big Bro is here, too, you know that. When you are feeling like this' you need to talk to one of us and get it out of your system. What'd you say, my best friend?"

Mr. Ken had started to go inside but decided he needed to hear what Collin's response was going to be so he could help him if and when the time came.

"Ry, thank you for saying that and I hope you mean it. I do need you and Bro to be there for me. I am so afraid I'll lose you both one day and I'm not sure how I will handle it. I know they are looking for my grandmother and when they find her they will make me go live with her, as that is what both my parents' Wills said. Even Judge Adam says the courts will probably make me go live with her as that's what the courts want, family living with family. You have been the best friend anyone could ever want, Ryan. I know I could always talk to Mr. Ken about things, but it is so much easier talking to someone my age about things that happened to me. Bro is not that much older than us but still, I am so glad you became my best friend."

Collin began to hug Ryan as Mr. Ken and Chief stepped into the room. The boys didn't hear him at first, but when Mr. Ken began to smell the strong odor of sex his sniffing got the totally naked boys attention and they looked up and saw him standing there.

"Chief came and got me," began Ken. "You know how protective she is of you, Collin. I guess ... she heard you crying, or something, and she came to get me. Boys, I want you to know that I did hear some of what you were talking about, but it was mostly Ryan telling you how much you, Collin, are his best friend and you saying the same. And yes, Collin, I am here for you, as both your guardian and friend and older brother, if you want that, you can come to me with anything that is bothering you. I am glad Ryan can fill in for me, but there are times we need to talk like we did out in California.

"Okay, I don't see a need for you guys to tell me anything more than what I heard. I am glad, though, that you are not too bashful about me seeing you ... ah ... guys naked as the day you were born. I can now see what those two girls of yours see in you two. Dang, you guys are very well hung for being fifteen, almost sixteen, year olds.

"Okay, what I also think we need to do is open the window and get some fresh air in here and change the sheets. Why don't you guys do that before you take your showers and then come on downstairs and we'll go out for brunch? How does that sound?"

The two boys both got up off the bed and even though they were naked, they hugged their Big Bro and kissed him on his cheek. He hugged them back and then swatted them both, on their bare butts and walked out of the room laughing at the naked boys as their swinging dicks moved back and forth as they started to change the sheets.

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