Castle Roland

Chapter 66

Published: 8 Apr 14

It was late in the afternoon when the three came back to Three Finger Cove after a wonderful Brunch and some shopping. The three had enjoyed some laughs and some male companionship as they leisurely ate and palled around like an 'older brother' out for the day with his younger siblings.

Upon returning to the Cove, the three immediately went to the Study, as that was what they always seemed to do whenever they came back to the house. Ken took his normal seat behind his big wooden desk and the two teens went to their normal plush leather seats that surrounded them as they sit down. The banter between the three never abated and the boys continued to joke around.

The teens' total acceptance of Mr. Ken, as their 'Big Bro', made them comfortable enough to make a comment about their previous evenings 'sexcapades' with their girlfriends. They then teased their 'Bro' that the package he got, while shopping, was probably some condoms he bought to use in a 'show-and-tell' about sex.

Little did they know how perceptive they were as Mr. Ken got up out of his seat and went and closed the Study door and came back to stand behind his desk. Then, he took the brown paper bag, opened it and turned it upside down and poured the contents out onto his desktop. The two boys, seeing what he bought, laughed and laughed until they had tears coming out of their eyes as they saw, what they had just teased Mr. Ken about, were boxes and boxes of different types of condoms.

"Damn, Bro," began Ryan, "you sure must be planning a big orgy of some kind if you bought that many rubbers. I sure hope me and my brother are invited." Then Ryan began to laugh all over again joined in by his 'brother' Collin.

"No, boys, you were right the first time. These ARE for 'Show-and-Tell!" Then Ken began to laugh along with the boys.

"But why so many, Bro," asked Collin.

"Well, Collin, you can see there are different types and sizes here. What I want to do is talk to you two guys about sex and making your 'lover' enjoy what you are doing to her, or maybe even him, if you are so inclined," replied Ken as he wanted the boys to start wearing condoms if they ever began to have male intercourse. Unfortunately, what he didn't know was they had already done the 'dirty deed' that previous night.

The two teens got out of their chairs and went over to the desk and began to look at the different boxes of condoms. They saw ribbed styles, studded types, flavored ones, and even 'Glow-in-the-Dark' condoms. The two lads were amazed at all they saw and began looking back and forth to one another and then began to laugh some more.

After giving them a few moments for the teens to get a gist of what they had before them, Ken asked them to open one box and take one condom out and open it. The two boys looked at each other as if they did in a candy store, giggling at everything they saw, not knowing which one to get first. Watching the two 'studs' act as though they were little kids, Ken took a box of regular Durex® and opened it, took out one package and gave it to Collin and asked him to open it.

"You want me to open this?" asked the teenager.

"Sure, why not. I kept telling you that I was going to talk to you about sex and this is where I am going to begin, with condoms. Oh, and by the way Ryan, I talked to your mom this morning and told her I was going to talk to Collin about sex today and she said it was ok for me to include you."

Ryan, upon hearing that his Big Bro had talked to his mom about him talking to him about sex made him blush three different shades of red. Ryan then went over to Ken and punched him on the arm. "Owe!" exclaimed Mr. Ken. "Why'd you do that to me?"

"That's for talking to my mom about me and sex. How am I going to live this down, huh? She now thinks I don't know nothin' about sex and I know she'll be asking me 20 gazillion questions when I get home tonight. Guys don't talk to their mom's about sex. They just don't! But, thanks, Bro!" answered Ryan as he tried to have a 'pissed-off' look on his face.

"Hey, Ryan, give me a break here. I knew if I started talking to Collin about sex that he'd want you to be included. And, if I did that without your mom's permission I could get into a lot of trouble, so I called her this morning to make sure it would be okay. She told me you already knew everything about sex as she tried to talk to you once and she said, and I quote, "Mom, I know everything there is to know about the 'Birds and the Bees' and I am not having this conversation with my mom," unquote. She laughed so hard when she told me that, that even I had tears in my eyes.

"Come over here," Ken said to Ryan and while placing his arm around the boy's shoulder he told the boy, "I know you had 'sex education' in school, but I bet they won't have told you what I'm about to tell you and your best friend over there. Your mom was happy that I was including you in my talk with Collin. She was glad that you would have someone you looked up to to talk to you about the wonders of sex. And she promised she wouldn't ask you about anything we talked about, unless, you wanted to," and with that, Ken started to laugh some more.

Ryan wrapped his arms around Ken and hugged the man and apologized for hitting him but said he'd do it again if his mom started asking him about what he learned about sex today. The three then had a good laugh and Ken went back to Collin and asked him to again open the wrapper and take the condom out.

As the Durex condom, Collin took out of its wrapper, was the standard type Ken just explained to the boys that they needed to just unroll it once or twice before putting it on in order to give it room to 'breathe' meaning if it is on too tight it could break easier and the extra space allowed for more room for their 'spermies', he jokingly called them, to go.

Hearing the word 'spermies' made the two boys laugh and they asked where Ken got that term.

"Boys, it is a term that little guys use especially in the stories I've read on line," replied Ken.

"What, you read stories off the net?" asked Ryan.

"Sure, don't you?"

"Well … ah … yeah, but…"

"Well, but nothing. There are some great stories out there to read. I don't read them as often as I once did, but some of the writers out there are awesome with their continuing characters and story development," informed Ken.

"Oh, Okay I hear you, Big Bro. I guess I just never found where those good stories sites were. Maybe you can tell me where to look?" said Ryan.

"I don't think so, little bro. It's not that I don't want to but seeing that you aren't even sixteen yet, I could get myself into lots and lots of trouble by doing that and I think I'd have more fun OUT of jail than IN, Ok?"

"Okay, let's get back to these babies, and no pun intended" announced Ken as he laughed at his joke while he pointed to the boxes of condoms lying on his desk.

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