Castle Roland

Chapter 67

Published: 8 Apr 14

"Okay, boys, remember this as it is very important. If you mess this up, or your partner does, you could become a daddy sooner than you think. This Durex is a latex condom and can only be used with water based lubricants, not oil based lubricants such as Vaseline or cold cream, as they break down the latex.

"Now, with polyurethane condoms, they are made of a type of plastic. Here feel this. They are thinner than latex condoms, and so they increase sensitivity and are more agreeable in feel and appearance to some users. They are more expensive than latex condoms and slightly less flexible, so more lubrication may be needed. However, both oil and water based lubricants can be used with them."

For the next two hours, Mr. Ken talked to the two teens about the different types of condoms and why they are used. He had them each open the wrappers and explained how to ensure they didn't tear the condom along the way. Mr. Ken also explained the different sizes since he had already seen both boys naked and knew they both would need the larger sizes for a better fit.

When their Big Bro said he was finished telling them what he wanted them to know, he asked the teens if they had any other questions.

Ryan looked over at Collin, who opened a flavored condom and sheepishly tasted it, trying to gauge whether or not he should ask his question. Knowing that the two of them had unprotected sex last night he decided he needed to ask the question that was bothering him.

"Bro," said Ryan.

"Yes, Ryan?"

"Well, ah … well ah when you began you said something and ah … I ah was wondering if you were trying to make a joke. You said something like 'her or him' meaning sex with either boys or girls. Did you mean that orrrr … was that you trying to see if we were really listening?"

"So, you were listening. That is good that you heard me. I had forgotten to even go there. What do you say to that, Collin? Do you want me to talk a little bit about man-to-man sex, otherwise known as M2M?"

"I don't care, Bro," responded Collin while giving Ryan a dirty look.

"So, Ryan, is there anything in particular that you want me to cover? And, may I ask, why are you so interested in M2M?" asked Ken.

"Well ah … ah … well you know Collin and me talk about all sorts of stuff and I ah … was just ah … ah wondering about ah … ah what those guys did to him and all and if ah … what they should have ah … done to protect him ah … and you know from ah … sexually transmitted diseases and all?" Ryan finally got out HIS QUESTION with Collin still giving him even more dirty looks.

"Whoa, that was kind of a mouthful there, Ryan. As for my answer to all that, well, and this is only my opinion, mind you, I don't think they cared about what they did sexually to Collin. I believe they had intended to kill him all along and in the end that is what they did try to do. I can't prove it, but that is my opinion. When they realized his parents were no longer around, to pay the ransom, then Collin became a liability to them. They knew they had to eventually do something and that was when the sexual abuse started," was Mr. Ken's answer to Ryan as he looked over at Collin to gauge his feeling about it.

"Yeah, okay, I think you are right, considering what you said," replied Ryan. "But … what if they were going to return Collin? What would, or even better still, what should they have done? And, I ask this for two reasons. One, that I am just curious and the second, what if we know of some of our school friends who might be sexually active with other guys. What should we tell them? You know, what can we say to them to make sure they are being safe."

"That is a good question, Ryan, and I am glad you are thinking this through to the next level. Of course, the best thing is to tell them to NOT to start any sexual activity. That way no one can get hurt with any sexually transmitted disease. But we both, or I should say all three of us, know that will not happen, because we are humans who have this insatiable urge to have sex. In the case of M2M sex or Teen-2-Teen sex, in your friend's case, they can do some of the same things boys and girls do to prevent a pregnancy and or STDs, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, and that is to use condoms for both intercourse and oral sex. Lots and lots of young people think they can't get pregnant unless they want to or get any sexual diseases since they are so young, but that is where they forget what they learned in their Sex Ed classes.

"Anyway, in getting back to your question about Collin and what those guys should have done, well, they should have used a condom, too. We all know that when guys have sex they either use their hands or their mouths or their ass. Let's begin with the last one first. With anal intercourse more strain is placed on the condom. The people can use stronger condoms, which are thicker, but standard condoms are just as effective as long as they are used correctly with plenty of lubricant. Keep in mind that condoms with a lubricant supposedly used as a spermicidal should NOT be used for anal sex as it has been found that it can damage the lining of the rectum. That is why there are so many cases of HIV and other STDs occurring in men because the lining of the rectum gets torn and that then lets the virus enter the body through the blood.

"In the case of oral sex, where the people are using their mouths, they should refrain from doing that if they have any open sores in their mouths, especially if their gums bleed when they brush their teeth. Again, any virus can be spread through the open sore. Here again is a good idea to use a condom and maybe one of those flavored ones. Lastly, with the hands, well as long as you don't lick up the end result (and the two boys both laughed) then you should be safe. But again, if you have an open sore or wound on your hand and the infected sperm gets in contact with them then there is the chance of the virus being contracted." finished Ken's answer.

"But what if the two people are the only ones doing it? I mean, what if they haven't done anything with anyone else? Do they still have to be that careful?" asked Ryan.

"Yes, they should do what is safe at all times, but if the people are in a monogamous relationship then the chances of either of them getting an STD, or even HIV, goes down significantly. Let's say for argument sake, you two are having male sex of some sort." (Both boys turned beet red when they heard Mr. Ken say that) "Well, I believe that you would be considered in a monogamous tryst as Collin doesn't hang with anyone else besides you, Ryan.

"Also, I've never seen you, Ryan, with anyone else, since you met Collin, so I'd say you two should be relatively safe. I know for a fact that Doc Powers took blood samples of Collin the night we found him and had them checked for any HIV or STDs and he also took blood samples later on and had those checked. And I bet Doc Powers told Collin he needed to be checked for a year to make sure he was safe. Isn't that so, Collin?"

"Yes, Bro, he did that just before Christmas, but I didn't know he checked my blood when you found me. I thought that was the first time. I am glad to know Doc Rick's been taking care of me. And, if he hasn't already told you, Bro, Doc Rick says I am clean so far and I should be tested around my birthday and after school gets out. He also told me I am lucky as Dean and Ross and Mark have all tested negative for the HIV virus and everything else, so far. Thanks, Bro for looking out for me," was all Collin said.

"Okay, guys, I think we all should get tested. It would be like us all supporting Collin here in what he has gone through, and what he has yet to go through. This way, by all of us being tested as he is, we are showing that we, too, are not infected with any antibodies that can harbor HIV or any STD. So what do you say to that, Ryan? Your mom will be here in a little bit to pick you up, and I can ask her then." Ken was being sneaky when he asked about them all getting tested, but most of all, he wanted to ensure that Ryan didn't get from or give anything to Collin since he suspected they had been fooling around together.

"Sure, I have no problem with that. I just know, though, she will bug me about what we talked about today. She's my mom and this will give her a way to tease me about sex and all; especially now that I am dating Megan. Well, sort of dating Megan," Ryan finished saying.

Since Ryan's mom was due soon, the boys headed upstairs with all the boxes of condoms so they wouldn't be embarrassed by her seeing them. But just before they left the Study, Ken suggested to the boys that they do some 'testing' of the different types in order to practice putting them on and seeing how sensitive and durable they were. The boys immediately laughed at his suggestion and hugged him and thanked him for the 'sex talk' and gathered up the boxes and headed upstairs.

When the boys got to Collin's room, it was Collin who spoke first.

"Ryan, I am sorry if I exposed you to getting AIDS," and after saying that Collin broke down and cried, hard.

Ryan went over to him and hugged him close and let his best friend cry himself out. As soon as Ryan was sure Collin had stopped he continued to hold his friend close, but he snuck in a light kiss to let him know he was not mad.

"Collin," began Ryan, "I had thought about that when we first began to fool around. I knew those guys had sex with you, but I agreed to do the sex stuff with you anyways. For some reason, I felt that you were safe, so I decided to go along with what we did. I was just as curious about male sex as many guys my age and I wanted to … well, I … I wanted to experience it, too. I hope you won't be mad at me for leading you on and letting you show me and teach me the most wonderful experiences I've ever had.

Collin looked up into his best friend's eyes and saw that he was saying what he truly felt inside. Then Collin hugged Ryan and gave him a quick kiss and then the two fell on the bed and began to make out.

It was after 7 PM when Mary Taylor came to Three Finger Cove to retrieve her son. Ken asked her to come into his Study for a few minutes where he told her a little bit about what he discussed with the boys. Then he talked to her about Ryan being tested along with him the next time Collin got tested and explained how it would be in support of Collin. Hearing how Mr. Ken explained it, she was all for that and was glad he suggested it as she knew Ryan would be mortified if she had ever suggested such a radical test. After their talk, Mr. Ken called Collin on his cell phone for the boys to come down to the Study.

"Hi, Mom!" called out Ryan upon seeing his mom.

"Hi 'Mom'!" Collin also called out and went over and gave Mary a hug, as well.

"So, you guys got the 'Talk" today I hear," said Mary and she laughed after she finished.

"Yeah, yeah, mom, so stop teasing us, Okay!" said Ryan.

"Come here, my little baby, and let mommy hug my growing up boy," teased Mary and went over to her son and hugged him and kissed him, too. Of course that made Ryan blush three different shades of red as he shook his finger at his Big Bro.

"I thought you weren't gonna tell her what you told us," cried Ryan.

"I didn't tell her about the condoms, oops, that just slipped out, Ryan," answered Mr. Ken and he began to laugh.

"Oh, so he did a 'show and tell' with the condoms, did he," spoke up Mary and she also began to laugh.

"You had this all planned out, didn't you?" Ryan began. "You guys wanted to tease us about us talking about sex, now that we are dating. I know how you adults think. Sure, our Bro talked to us about sex and how to make our …" and he was promptly interrupted by Mr. Ken saying that that was enough seeing how Ryan was going to totally embarrass his mom in front of him and Collin.

"Sorry, mom for ... well you know how I don't like to talk about sex with you and everything. It just isn't right a boy has to hear about boy and girl sex from his mommm," said Ryan and he went over and hugged his mom.

"So, did Mr. Ken tell you boys about the flavored condoms and the ribbed ones? Yes, I like those for sure," laughed Mary while getting a very dirty look from her son.

"Mom!" yelled Ryan. "Not in front of Collin and Mr. Ken, please!"

Everyone had a big laugh and even Chief began a light bark along with them.

On their way out the front door, Mary told Ken to let her know when he was going to do the blood test and she would like to be there, too, and show her support for Collin, too. They all said their good nights and headed in their respective directions.

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