Castle Roland

Chapter 72

Published: 8 Apr 14

"So 'little Bro', are you going to tell us what happened?" asked Ken.

"I'm sure mom has already told you everything," replied Ryan,

"Well, she may have told me in her own words, but your best friend here doesn't know what happened and I sure would like to hear it described in your own words. That way I won't miss a thing."

"I don't know if I can, Bro. I'm a little parched I think. Maybe if I had another cup of hot chocolate and some of Maria's wonderful sweet concoctions I could find the strength to tell you all about it," teased Ryan.

"So, you need some nourishment in order to tell us what happened to you, do you," said Ken as he quickly got up from his seat and want over to the smaller teen. Then grabbing the teen's head, he rubbed his knuckles against Ryan's hair and before long the boy was saying, "I'll tell, I'll tell." Then, when Ken released the boy, Ryan then said, "Not!" and that got his head right back into a head lock. The two laughed while they played and even Chief got into the act by lightly barking at them while she furiously wagged her tail.

The 'play' between Ken and Ryan only lasted about 3 minutes, but Mary could see the happiness in her son's face. Mr. Ken always seemed to make time for Ryan and the boy enjoyed the close attention he got from the man. Even though Mr. Ken was only about 8 years or so older than the teen, Ryan looked forward to having this older male friend, whom he could always look up to and depend on and talk to, when he needed someone other than his mom.

The four of them refreshed their drinks and Collin got out the sweet treats Momma Maria always had around. Collin even got out a few treats for Chief to enjoy while they sat back and enjoyed the view of the lake from the kitchen window and listened to Ryan's adventure.

"Well, I didn't sleep too good last night," began Ryan. "You see this guy I know never answered his phone and I was concerned about him." And with that, Collin reached over the table and lightly slapped his hand across Ryan's head and hair. Continuing, Ryan said, "And because I didn't sleep too good, I over slept this morning and mom had to get me up and drive me to school. When I got there, I had to take the note mom gave me down to the Principal’s Office so I wouldn't get a detention. When I entered the office, there were two police officers, and I think two detectives, and seeing me, they asked who I was. When I told them, they said they were there to talk to me and they took me to a vacant room."

"They started to ask me questions about Billy Shappell and Raleigh Mitchell. At first, I answered them, but then I realized that there wasn't even a school representative with me. Then, I remembered something I heard that when an under aged person is questioned by the police, they had to have one or both of their parents in attendance. So, I told them that there should be a school rep in there with me and then I asked for my mom to be present. One of the detectives got real prissy with me and told me that wasn't gonna happen. I then told them I wanted a lawyer and until I had one, I wasn't answering any more of their questions.

"The first detective was gonna say something when the other detective put his hand on his shoulder to stop him and then he asked if I would be ok if the school principal was there with me. When I said that would be ok, he got Mr. Stanley and when the principal entered the room, he told me to just answer all their questions as he didn't have the time to nurse maid me. That really pissed me off, so I told the detectives that I wanted a lawyer and my mom to be present. That totally pissed off the first detective and he told me that I would either answer their questions there or down at police headquarters. I guess he figured he'd frighten me enough by saying that to make me answer their stupid questions. I told him I wasn't answering any of their questions without my mom or a lawyer present."

"Then the detective grabs me by my shirt and tears it when he pulls me out of the chair and tells me he was taking me downtown and for the other officers to handcuff me. Sure, I got frightened as they had guns and there were four of them. Then I saw Mr. Stanley smirking and that pissed me off, even more, so I held out my hands for them to put the handcuffs on. The officer said he was sorry and put the cuffs on me and they took me out of the school and put me into the squad car and took me to police headquarters."

"When I get there, they treated me as if I was the criminal. They cuffed me to this long bench where other guys are being held. I must have been there an hour before another guy goes past and stops and asks me why I was being arrested. When I told him my story I could tell he was pissed. He told the desk officer to release me and bring me to his office."

"When I get there, he asks me to sit down and he begins to ask me some questions and at first I answered him, but then I said I wanted my mom and a lawyer there. I told him I had asked the other detectives to get them for me before they removed me from the school and I wondered where they were as it had been almost 2 hours. He got up and asked me if I wanted a coke or something and then he put his phone on his desk so I could reach it and had me call mom. When I called her and told her what happened she went ballistic."

"About 45 minutes later, mom and this other guy come into the room where I was. When I see it is Stewart Russell, I know I am in good hands. Mom and Mr. Russell ask me a ton of questions after asking the man who led them there to give them a few moments alone. I told them what had happened up to that point and then they allowed the guy whose office it was to come back in. He asks me to tell him the whole story and I do for like the fourth time that day and then he calls for the two detectives who brought me there to come into the room where they ask me tons of questions. It was then that I found out the office was the Captain's."

"He apologizes over and over for the way I was treated and tells mom and Mr. Russell he will take care of the way I was handled. Bottom line, I answered all of the detective's questions about Billy and Raleigh and they even asked me some about Melvin and Cliff, so I answered those, too. Mom sat there and was fuming the entire time and Stew was taking big time notes. By the time the police were finished with me and I was allowed to leave, it was close to 2:30, so mom said she wasn't taking me back to school."

"Then Mr. Russell said he needed us to go back to his office while everything was fresh in our minds and record our statements for the record and then have Mr. Jackson talk to us about what, if anything, we may want to do about my mistreatment and the actions of the officers. What was it, Mom, 6 to 6:30 when we finally left there, too? I was, by then, real hungry so mom took me out to a nice place for dinner, and so we sat and talked about everything. Then when I checked my phone messages and everyone was looking for me, I figured we'd better come over here and let you guys know what was going on. So here we are. Oh, and thanks for the hot chocolate."

"Damn, Ryan weren't you ever scared?" asked a concerned Collin.

"Well, I was, then I wasn't, then I was and then finally I wasn't any more. Stew says we have a good case against them for the way they treated me. Especially for placing me in cuffs and making me sit out in the main booking room and not in the juvenile area, he said. Then he said that I shouldn't have been handcuffed because I hadn't been arrested only taken there for questioning and that when I asked for my mom and a lawyer they should have immediately stopped their questions and gotten them for me. He and Mr. Jackson are very serious about us taking those police detectives to task but not the officers as they usually have to listen to the other guys. Mom's not too sure what we should do," explained Ryan.

"Well, Bill Jackson is a great lawyer and he'll do everything for you and get you what he feels you deserve," remarked Ken.

"It isn't Bill Jackson who talked to us. It was his brother David," said Mary.

"Well, I bet he'll do just as good a job for you as Bill would have. I know they often review each other’s work to make sure nothing is overlooked and they are proceeding in the right direction. I hope you continue to pursue this," said Ken.

"Well, I'm not too sure, just yet. I don't want to make waves," said Mary.

"But, Mom," quickly spoke Ryan, "I was the one they messed with and made me sit there with all those leeches and had the handcuffs placed on them. I felt like I was a criminal the way they treated me. I think they should feed my college fund. What do you think, Collin?"

"Ah … well, ah …ah I've had enough happen to me already that I think you deserve to be treated right. And right now, you have expenses for Mr. Russell that you wouldn't normally have, so you should at least get those. And, I like the idea of letting them pay for your college, Ry," answered Collin with a smile.

"But you're not pursuing the school board or the hospital directors, Ken," said Mary. "I would think if anyone would go after someone you would, Ken. Those people really messed with you and I would think you'd take them to task."

"Well, we aren't finished there, yet, either, Mary," began Ken. "It's been less than a week, so we are looking at our options and waiting for them to respond to our demands. I am also looking for people to run against some of them in this spring's election. There are three school Trustees and four hospital directors up for reelection and I can see from how they all responded at both meetings that both boards need new blood and ideas on them.

"I will soon run an ad in the paper, looking for people who are tired of the way those boards are run and are willing to take them on, with a little bit of help, of course, from me. Speaking of people who would do a great job there, you know Mary you'd make a good School Trustee, if I do say so myself. You are well known in the community and I bet you could win a seat there. I hope you will give it some thought."

"Thank you, Ken, for those words of confidence, but I still have to run my business and raise a teenager. I'm not so sure I'd have the time and patience for all that," responded Mary.

"Well, I hope you do 'Mom'," spoke up Collin. "You'd be a good Trustee and with you having a son, er two 'sons', at the high school, it would give you insight to what was happening there. And, it sounds like Mr. Stanley needs to either support the students or start looking for another job. He sure didn't support Ryan there, today. I hope you'll think about it, 'Mom'!" When Collin finished his little speech, he smiled and went around to Mary and gave her a big hug.

"Well, it is getting late and this son of mine needs his sleep."

"Ah, Mom," whined Ryan.

The four all went to the front entrance and while Mary and Ryan got their coats on, they talked some more about Mary running for the school board. Ken and Collin both thanked their guests as they left, for their company, and for Ryan filling them in on what happened to him that day. After the door closed, Collin hugged his mentor and thanked him for being there for him and doing so much for him. The two stood in the entrance for a few minutes enjoying each other’s company and then they both said their good nights and went in their own directions. After looking back at the day, Collin was very happy that Ryan was his best friend and that he had Conner and Danny as his friends, too. That night he slept very well and awoke well rested and raring to go.

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