Castle Roland

Chapter 85

Published: 8 Apr 14

"Welcome," said Michelle as they alighted from the Disneyland Railroad. "Please follow me for one last ride on your tour.

They followed her and passed by numerous attractions, but she kept them walking quickly to where she wanted them to go. Reaching Space Mountain, the boys all said, "We already rode this ride." But she told them not the way they will this time, and she led them in through the special entrance and they waited for their turn to get on the ride.

"Mr. Ken, what is it going to do?" a little bit scared Eric asked.

"Yeah, Bro, do you have any idea what she has planned for us?" asked Collin.

An empty rocket car came up and she asked them who wanted to ride in the front. Ryan stuck up his hand and Eric quickly put up his hand then, too.

"Are you sure you want the first car, front seat, young man?" their tour guide Michelle asked in a leery voice.

"Ah … ah, yes … ah … I think so … but … ah now that you ask that way … ah … I'm not so sure," is how Eric replied.

"Eric, you've been on this ride already and you saw and experienced it with the lights on. So what can she do to you other than turn the lights off?" spoke up Mr. Ken.

It was then the four of them realized that is probably exactly what she had in mind. She wanted to make sure the lights would be off this time, and the ride would be as scary as hell.

The ride operator knew what Michelle was doing and had let a few cars go past with riders, while the 'tourists' made up their mind. He was having a good chuckle at the expense of young Eric, but the lad had no idea that was what he was doing. Then the operator said they had to make up their mind because they were holding up the other riders.

"I'm not too scared to ride this thing. Let's go, Ryan!" a very positive and determined ten your old said and he got into the rocket car that stopped in front of the small group.

The four intrepid riders were in their seats as the ride proceeded as it had the first time. Everything looked the same, but sure enough, when they got to the top it was indeed pitch dark and then they heard the announcer say they were "Go for launch" and they heard him count down to zero. On the count of zero the rocket car pitched over the first rise and the ride was ON.

Even though he knew the ride was mostly about speed and the dips and hills were nothing like what he experienced on the Giant Dipper, Eric was scared, and he screamed his head off. His eyes wandered around the darkened room and as he began to notice stars and planets pass by, he realized it was just a ride and he began to relax and finally he began to laugh. His infectious laugh got Ryan laughing and before the ride was over, both Collin and Mr. Ken were laughing as well. When Eric got off the ride, he ran to Michelle and hugged her tight and thanked her for the 'Best Thrill he had today.' The rest of them thanked her, too, and they said their goodbyes.

"Guys, all that walking has tuckered me out," announced Mr. Ken. "What say we get us a bite to eat and find Mason?"

The boys couldn't agree more as they were hungry, too. The four looked at the Park's restaurant brochure and found there were 31 different places in the park where they could eat. The boys said food, any food, was ok with them and they went to the first place they saw and that one just happened to be a pizza place. Boys and pizza, is that a great combination or what?

By the time they had finished eating, it was past 8 PM. Mr. Ken called Mason and asked him how they were supposed to meet up with him. Getting directions where and how to meet, the foursome headed back to the Tomorowland Monorail station to get back to the Grand Californian hotel and their limo.

"Where to, now, boys?" asked Mr. Ken as Mason drove the limo away from the Disneyland Resort Hotel?

"Mr. Ken, Big Bro, do we have time to go to the race track we visited the last time we were here? I bet those two would have a blast there and maybe since it is late, there won't be too many people there and we can really have fun," asked Collin.

Ken picked up the limo phone to talk to Mason and said, "Mason, do you know where Speed Zone is? … Can you call them and find out when they close tonight? … The boys would like to go there if it isn't too late. … Okay, let me know."

"Boys, Mason will make a call and let us know."

About two minutes later, Mason rang the phone in the back of the limo.

'Yes, Mason? … I see. … Okay. … How long? … You game? ... Okay, let's go!"

From that smallest amount of information, the boys knew they were headed to the Speed Zone race track.

"Thank you, Mr. Ken, for doing all this for us," spoke up Eric. This has been the bestest day of my life and it ain't over yet. I can't wait to race these guys."

Eric had a huge smile on his face that showed how happy he was right there, right then. Collin and Ryan both had large smiles as they, too, had never experienced anything like that day in their short lives. They couldn't wait to get to the race track as well, and see how well they could do against one another and Mr. Ken. They didn't have that long to wait, as Mason changed his driving direction as soon as Mr. Ken mentioned Speed Zone. Mason knew it wasn't all that far from Disneyland when you know how to use the freeways as well as he did.

It was 9 PM when Mason pulled into the parking lot and told the boys the place closed at 10. The three boys practically dragged their Big Bro out of the limo in order for them to get some tickets so they could ride those cars.

Lucky for them the place had thinned out tremendously as it was getting cooler and quite late. The boys had gotten Disneyland sweat shirts and put them on back at the park as it was already getting cool around 6.

"Boys," said Mr. Ken, trying to get their attention away from the watching the race cars going around the tracks. We don't have a lot of time, so we are going to do the things we all can do at the same time. That means we will go to the Slick Trax first and do that twice. Then, we'll move to the Turbo Track and do that twice, too. Then we'll see how much time we have left and we'll decide what to do then. No arguments! Let's get out tickets!"

It took them just over a half an hour for them to do what Mr. Ken had planned, and now, with less than 25 minutes left, he asked them what did they want to do, more Slick Trax or Turbo Tracks. They said they wanted to do the Grand Prix, but when they got there they found out they needed a valid driver's license, so that was a no brainer. Ryan and Collin both enjoyed the racing, so they went back to the Turbo, while Eric wanted to do the Slick Trax driving, which let him slide around the curves. They had enough time to do them each twice again, and by then the place was closing.

The four were dog tired out when they reached their bedrooms after that long, long day having the most fun they ever had in their life time.

"Wha … what?" asked a sleepy Collin who was being shaken awake by Mr. Ken.

"Collin, we need to get up, cleaned up, dressed, fed and out to the airport by 9:30. We are flying down to San Diego to visit with Aidan and the 'California Boys' and leaving from there to go back home," offered the lads' guardian. "Come on now and wake up and get your brothers up, as well. Hurry! Time's a wasting."

It was difficult to get three boys up, showered, dressed, fed and packed when they had no earthly desire to do anything but sleep. Ken resorted to sprinkling water on their heads to get them moving and when they suddenly stood up they all had their morning glory's standing tall. He even stood there and saluted as they passed by on their way to the bathroom and it wasn't until they were in there that they understood what he did. A cry of "We'll get you for that!" was heard all the way to Mr. Ken's bedroom on the other side of the suite.

The not much older adult and three boys all arrived at the business airpark at the scheduled time, and they all said their farewells to Mason. They each slipped him a twenty dollar bill as his tip for taking such good care of them.

An hour later, at 10:30 AM, they landed at the international airport and taxied to the business airpark and deplaned. The plan was for them to take off again close to one PM which gave them an hour and a half to visit Aidan and the 'California Boys'.

At the hospital, the talk was all about Aidan and how much better he is now doing. Mr. and Mrs. Horner were thrilled that Mr. Ken and the boys returned, as they wanted them to see how much better their only son was doing.

"Morning, young man," said Mr. Ken as he held the lad's hand and spoke to the teen.

"mist r kNn, ouu ame bek,' (Mister Ken, you came back!) came out of the teenager who gave a twisted smile when he saw the man who was being credited for the boy coming out of his coma.

"Yes, Aidan, I told your mom on Saturday that we'd all stop back to see you on our way back to Texas. I am very sorry you are laid up there, young man."

"attss oay," (That's okay) responded the teen. "iM ghetn betr." (I'm getting better.)

"Yes, you truly are. Hey, before the other boys come in to see you, I want to invite you and your mom and dad and the 'California Boys', that's Brent, Clint and Doug, to come to Texas for Collin's sixteenth birthday. Don't say anything to the lads when they come in, okay? I want it to be a surprise. Now that means you have to work very hard to get better. It is less than four weeks until that day. I'll work out the details with your parents. How does that sound? Are you going to be better by then?"

"Yesss, I iL … werK arD seu I … I knn gO," the boy got out and smiled a huge smile for the man. (Yes, I will … work hard so I … I can go.)

Collin, Ryan and Eric all came into the hospital room at the same time. Now that Aidan was awake and understood more, Collin wanted to introduce his two friends to him.

"Aid, this is my Best Friend, Ryan. He came with Mr. Ken and me to visit you and have a mini-vacation. This little squirt here is my, well our 'lil bro'. His name is Eric, but we think we might begin to call him "Bo' as that was what you called him the other day."

"esss … I eemmbr… im. E eld mi and end … sedd tou geh behtr. tHat … ouu wor ina ohspit'l tuu. eHe sed … u er … iss beg boh." Aidan then smiled big smile mainly that he was able to say that much and remember so much as well. (Yes … I remember … him. He held my hand and … said to get better. That … you were in the hospital, too. He said … you were his big bro."

"Yes, Eric is my little brother, my, 'lil bro'. I don't have any brothers or sisters, for that matter, and neither does he, so we have claimed one another, and so has Ryan here. We treat each other as if we are brothers. We're sorry you got hurt. You know you have three great friends in Brent and Clint and Doug, don't you. We spent the day with them on Saturday and got to know them pretty good. I wish you guys lived closer then we could all do stuff together. Maybe one day we can get together, once you're home and doing better. Does that sound ok with you, Aid?" spoke Collin.

"esssss, … eii ood ike tat … un daaa. Ankk Uoo!" (Yes, … I would like that … one day. Thank You!)

Eileen went and got the California Boys so the seven boys could all be together and talk some. She and Jack stayed out in the waiting room with Mr. Ken.

"Did you really mean it, what you said to Aidan in there?" asked Eileen.

"Oh, yes. I want you to keep me informed about his progress and if his doctors say he can travel, I will send a plane for all of you and fly you out to our house and you will be our guests for Collin and Ryan's sixteenth birthdays. We have it scheduled for the evening of Saturday the 28th of March. I have VIP guest rooms for you to stay and the boys can use the empty bedrooms. It will be good fun and it will give Aidan in there an incentive to work hard to get better," answered Mr. Thomas.

"You see how well he has done in just two days and he is working hard to speak. He does remember lots of things and will probably talk to the detectives tomorrow. … I … we want to thank you so very much for what you have done for our boy, Mr. Ken. It has to be a miracle that he responded to you and your boys. The doctors planned to move him to a long-term facility by Wednesday if he didn't show any improvement. Your being here changed all that," cried Eileen as she held onto her husband trying to get it all out.

"Thank you, Eileen, but we didn't do anything but stop by to try and give some comfort to a sick and injured friend."

"Nonsense!" exclaimed Jack. "I truly believe that hearing you triggered his recovery. There had to be something he recognized. Something he hadn't heard before and it restarted his brain. In any case, we will be eternally grateful to all of you, for helping our son to come back to us."

The three adults talked some more about Aidan and then about Eileen and Jack arranging with the other teens' parents about the trip. The seven boys were telling Aidan about their side trip to Belmont Park and Eric's new found love for roller coasters. Before long it was one PM and the travelers were late for their take-off time.

With goodbyes said all around, the limo drove away from Rady Children's Hospital going back to the airport and transportation back home.

It was close to eight o'clock when they four vacationers returned to Three Finger Cove and a happy reunion from one very happy Chief. She jumped all over everyone, kissing them and wagging her tail a mile a minute, not knowing which one to greet first, or more, now that they were back with her.

"How was your trip my jet-setter?" asked Eric's mom, Judy.

"Mom, it was awesome. Oh, and mom, I have a new love," exclaimed the ten your old.

"What's this? A new love?" a shocked Judy asked. "You're only ten! You're too young to have a girlfriend."

"Mom it's not that. I still love you, too, but … my new love is … roller coasters!" a smiling 'lil bro' proclaimed.

"Roller coasters? My, my, I guess we need to get down to Fiesta Texas and Sea World soon, and try out that new found love. Those parks will open during Spring Break so we'll have to make sure to activate those season passes Santa gave you for Christmas. What do you say to that, my 'getting older by the minute young man'?" teased his mom.

"I'd like that, Mom. I'll tell you all about it, but could we go home now? Even though I slept on the plane, I am still kinda tired," Eric spoke to his mother.

Then looking to Mr. Ken and first shaking his hand and then giving him the biggest hug he knew how, he said, "Mr. Ken, thank you so very, very much for taking me on that awesome trip. I don't think I will ever forget that for as long as I live. I may have other adventures, as I get older, but this one will be my bestest! You showed me so many new things and you treated me like I was one of your 'little brothers', like Collin and Ryan. How can I ever repay you for everything?" Eric then broke down and cried as he hugged Mr. Ken some more.

Eric was still crying some as he left the hug and went over to his mom. She hugged him to her and let him settle down some. Mary, too, thanked Mr. Ken for including her son in what appeared to be a wonderful trip and she said she wanted to treat him to a nice dinner to thank him for what he did for her son as well.

The residents of Three Finger Cove checked their email and cell phone messages and by 9:30, they were sleeping in their own beds once again. They woke refreshed and ready for another week.

The week went by quickly because of the holiday and it also proved to be very good for everyone, especially for Mr. Ken. He finally closed on his agreement to buy the land he came to call 'Four Corners' and was now the official land holder of that entire tract of land. He bought 40 acres that abutted the roadway everyone drove, on their way out to the main highway. He also bought a construction business and an architect's business on top of that. The original owner was getting older and wanted to retire and he wanted someone to take over his two businesses together, so his employees would remain employed.

The businesses came as part of the deal and at first Mr. Ken wasn't sure what he'd do with them. But now that he had the 40 acres to develop, he decided he'd let them have first crack at the design and then the construction.

The owner of the Cove also came through with the cash he promised to send to all the candidates he agreed to support in the upcoming local elections. He also agreed to attend their rallies and to speak at local organizations in their support.

Collin and Ryan continued to hone their driving skills. They set up different driving courses for them to practice with, and both Mary and Ken took them out separately on the roads and streets around their homes.

Eric was the talk of his school all week. When word got out he flew in Mr. Ken's private jet to California and had a VIP Tour of Disneyland, he was inundated with question after question about what he did and what he saw. His teachers also asked him to give a short discussion about the La Brea Tar Pits and what he saw and what he learned. His biggest admirers were his best buds. They couldn't get enough about his tales of driving the cars on the slick race car track and the turbo race track. The boy had a new quality about him since he returned from his California trip. He held his head much higher. He walked with authority, but most of all, he had more confidence in himself. Everyone now wanted to be Eric's friend.

Collin had promised his friends long ago that he would hold another big swim party, and he talked to Mr. Ken about it right after they got back from California. As soon as he got his Big Bro's permission, he invited Eric and Alexander and told them to bring six or so of their friends. He also talked it over with Ryan and they decided to only invite their regular group of guys. The party was set for that coming Saturday.

The party began at two o'clock. Of course, no one arrived by then, so Collin and Ryan stayed in Mr. Ken's Study talking to him as he worked on the plans for the Four Corner's area he'd just bought, earlier that week. From the Study, they could watch the front driveway for cars. As soon as cars began to arrive, the boys went to meet their guests and the day's fun began.

Doc Powers dropped off Alexander at about 2:15 and apologized for being late. He then reminded Collin he needed to make an appointment to come see him, and then Doc Rick was gone.

Judy passed the doctor as she drove in with Eric and his friends, Brad and Charles.

By 2:30, practically everyone was there, so Collin took everyone down to the pool area and showed the newest guests the changing rooms and lockers. He told everyone to use both rooms, because there were so many people there that day. It didn't matter that Collin mentioned that, as all the boys decided to use the Men's changing room anyway.

While the boys were changing, Mr. Ken brought down a few stragglers and handed them off to Collin and Ryan. By that time, most of the lads had changed and had placed their clothes in a locker and had their key strapped around an ankle.

Collin told the new boys he had to see how well they could swim. He explained the rule about the non-swimmers having to stay in the shallow end, and that nobody was exempted. They showed Collin they all could swim and then the fun began.

The friends Eric invited were Brad, Charles and Gordon, from before, along with newbie's Joshua Xions – 10½; Steven Zuckermann – 10; Cody Orbauch – 10; Logan Anderson – 11.

Twelve year old Alex, soon to be thirteen, invited his friends Todd, Jeffrey, and Oscar from before, along with his newbies William Chasen – 12; Jeremy Kastor – 12½; Jayden Lissmann – 12; Brayden Moyer – 13; and Carson Tilesman – 12½.

The older boys were Collin and Ryan, of course, along with Damon, Daniel, Conner, Teddy, Vince and Nicholas.

Twenty-five boys' sounds like a large number, but that didn't matter for such a huge indoor pool. Of course, they played horsey with one smaller boy on the shoulders of an older one. Then they played Marco-Polo for a while, and then they had some races across the width of the pool. Getting tired of that, they played tag and after that then Sharks and Minnows. The game they enjoyed the most, though, was their jumping off of the rock ledge that hung out about four feet over the deep end of the pool. The pool was eight feet deep at that point and the rock ledge was ten feet high off the water. The boys made a game of trying to see who could jump the furthest from a standing position. It didn't matter who won, it was the fun of it.

Sometime amongst all the fun and frolicking, Todd pulled Danny aside.

"I had hoped we could have gotten together again since that last time we were here. I keep thinking about that," said Todd very softly so no one else but Danny could hear.

"Yeah, I enjoyed that, too. Have you and any of your other friends been able to do something, anything? What about those new boys Alex brought today? That Carson boy looks real cute and Jayden is going to be a lady killer. Have you had any luck with any of them?" asked Danny.

"Yeah, I did, with Jayden. He may be a ladies man, but he thinks with his … you know, his dick," laughed Todd.

"Oh, do tell. What does he like to do?" encouraged Danny.

"Well, you remember what we did that day? Well, he and I were at Billy's sleep over and were in the same corner, kinda, and we … well, when everyone was asleep we pulled our briefs off and faced each other and rubbed our dicks together. It was like a sword fight. After we did that for a few minutes, he asked me if I ever did anything else. I wasn't sure what he meant, so he asked me if I ever sucked anyone's dick. I didn't know what to say. I sure wanted to, but I said that I hadn't but wanted to know what it felt like. He asked me if I wanted him to do it to me. I said yeah, sure. … Then he did. It felt awesome. Have you ever done anything like that, Danny?"

"Yeah, I have, and I like it, too. … Did you do it back to him that night?" asked Danny.

Todd hesitated at first but he got the nerve up to say he had.

"Danny, do you think we could … you know … maybe try that while we are here? I'd like to feel what it would be like to suck that big dick of yours. Jayden's is my size and feels nice and silky smooth in my mouth. We're both five inches long, now, but we ain't any where's near as thick as yours is. Do you ah … think we could?" asked Todd very hopefully.

"Todd, there are way too many people here, today. It would be dangerous to try anything other than a feel or two while we are in the water. Those little guys seem to be everywhere, and they even go the bathroom in pairs. I know I would love to suck on your cock, too, Todd. I'm hard as a rock just thinking of your five inch soft and silky pole in my mouth. Quick, take a feel," said Danny.

Todd reached out and felt Danny's super hard cock. He squeezed it a few times and felt it get harder. At the same time, Danny reached under the water and felt Todd's hard dick. He slid the palm of his hand along the five inch length and Todd raised up on his toes; the feeling was so wonderful.

The two boys were enjoying their touching one another when Alex and Jayden attacked them by splashing as much water as they could at the same time. Then those two tried to get away, but the bigger Danny caught Jayden and began to tickle him. Alex cried for help and his other friends came to the rescue. Ryan and Conner, seeing Danny was being attacked by a bunch of 12 and 13 year olds, went to his rescue. Eric and his friends were not to be left out, so they just attacked. They didn't care who they attacked, because all they wanted was to get into the fun.

Danny held onto Jayden tickling him, but he did that so he could also get a feel of his equipment. He wasn't disappointed, either, when he felt a nice hard pole in the front of his shorts. When Jayden felt the hand on his dick, he knew it was Danny, so he grabbed a handful of the older teen and he got what he was after, too. Todd noticed the looks on their faces so he went in, supposedly to help Jayden, and he grabbed some of both. With so much water being splashed about, not many people could see what anyone else was doing, so those three were safe.

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