Castle Roland

Chapter 86

Published: 8 Apr 14

After the splash fest, most of the boys got out and sat along the edge of the pool. They talked some with the lads they didn't know and asked each other questions about school and what other things they've done at the Cove besides swim. The new kids were in awe over the size of the house and especially the pool. They knew the Cove had a pool, but they were amazed it was so big.

Collin, seeing the boys were taking a break, decided it was time to eat. When he mentioned food, there was a mad dash to get out of the water or off the edge.

"How can we help?" one of the new boys asked.

Ryan, hearing that, got into action. He told the older boys where to go and what to get and also to take someone who hasn't been there before and have them help.

Collin went to get the grill turned on and ready for the burgers and dogs.

Within fifteen minutes, the place was set up with covered tables and dinner ware and lots of chips, dips, pretzels and other munchies. There were three coolers full of soft drinks and another one full of clean ice, and of course, there were loads of cups for the boys to use. Burger and dog buns were also plentiful and before long, 25 hungry boys were full and just lazing around.

"Collin, thank you for inviting us, today," said Jayden. "I always wondered what this place looked like on the inside. I would have never thought the indoor pool would be this huge."

"Thank you, Jayden, is it? Didn't you get to come here back when we had the Christmas Party?" asked Collin.

"No, my mom and dad wouldn't let me. They really don't know I am here, today. I'm sorry about that. I told them I was going over to Todd's place and I would be home later. I sure hope I don't get myself into trouble, or you, for that matter," explained Jayden.

"Who else hasn't seen the inside of the house?" asked Collin.

Of course most of the 'newbie's' raised their hands. Collin told them to quickly change into their pants, shirts and shoes, and he'd throw their swimsuits into the dryer so when they come back they'll have dry stuff to put back on.

Since none of the older teens went into the changing room, the kids didn't have any trouble getting out of their swimsuits and drying off before putting on their dry stuff. They did take their time, though, looking around to see how they compared to each other. With seven boys now changed, and ready to go, Collin led them to the industrial sized dryer and had them throw their suits and towels in. He then told them to follow him and off they went.

Ryan corralled the rest to help clean up the mess they all made and to put the things away.

Collin showed Jayden, Brayden, Carson, William, Logan, Cody and Steven around the house. He took them through the entire bottom floor, showing the boys the Theater and the Wine Cellar and the Wet Bar and he included the fancy restrooms, for when there are large parties, as a joke. One of the boys asked about the shootout and where was Mr. Ken shot. Collin willingly showed them all that, and then told the boys how it happened. The lads were in awe of the story, and the man.

Collin then showed them the first floor and Mr. Ken's Study. He was in it at the time. The boys each introduced themselves and thanked him for having them there to swim. The boys then looked out over the Great Room and out onto the lake and how beautiful it was. They then walked to the kitchen and met Momma Maria and could smell something real good she was cooking. Then they went out into the garage.

When the tour finished, the boys all fled back to the pool. Some of them were in such a hurry they had taken off their clothes before they retrieved their suits and found themselves walking to the dryer room with their hands covering their privates. The boys in the pool made some cat calls and also whistled, all in good fun.

"Hey, why were you guys laughing at us while we walked to get our swimsuits," asked ten year old Cody, when he got back in the pool, now dressed in his swim suit.

"Because you were funny, holding your hands in front of your equipment," offered Eric.

"Our what?" asked Cody, "Our equipment? I never heard anyone call our dick and balls that before. I'll bet you wouldn't walk out there, Eric, without a suit on?" challenged the boy.

"I'd do it now, but when I swam here the first time on New Year's Day, I'll admit I was a bit embarrassed, like you, to let someone see me naked. But Collin and Daniel and Conner all talked to us about how to do it and showed us how easy it was, too. They all took their clothes off first and turned around and let us see them. Then Danny told us that we 'can look but not stare'. Then, he yelled at us to get changed and before we all knew it, we all had our clothes off. Then for fun, we did what they did and then got dressed.

"It was kinda funny when that happened, and at the same time, kinda fun. We all got to see how big these older guys dicks were and we also got to see how big Alex and his friends are, too. It was Danny who said we all have the same equipment and that's where I got that saying from. Danny explained we all got to see the different ages and how we will all get down there one day, and that we'd get hair, too. It was funny as Danny was telling us while Alex showed us his dick hairs. We learned a lot that day."

"Geez, I wish I had been here that day, too. Having big sisters and no older brother at home sucks. I don't get to learn anything unless I find out from you guys, or like today," said Cody with his head kinda down.

Ryan went over to the boy and put his hand under the lad’s chin and pulled the boy’s head up and said to him, "Don't feel bad about not learning stuff. When you get the chance, like today, for instance, don't be afraid to ask someone. You might feel a bit embarrassed, at first, but if you are serious about asking I am sure the older guys will sense that and will talk to you in a serious manner. Won't you, guys?"

"Yeah, that's right," said Alex. "We were your age once, and we know how embarrassing it can be … not knowing. My friends and I … well … ah as we got older, we kinda showed each other our stuff. You know … to see how big it was and also when we first got our few hairs down there."

"But where did you guys do that? I mean you just can't go around the corner behind the dumpster," asked Steven Zuckermann.

The boys all laughed at the still ten year old and it was Brayden Moyer who spoke next.

"Cody, we didn't go behind the dumpster, but come to think of it, that could have worked." Brayden, and a few others, then laughed at what he said.

"But don't you and your friends ever have sleepovers?" asked Brayden. "Do you guys ever sleep out, or go camping? There are lots of places you can go where you can compare each other. Hell, in Boy Scouts, we camp out all the time and we share tents and that's when most of us have been able to see how big our dicks are and how many hairs we now have. We even see how big they get sometimes, too."

"You do?" asked ten year old Brad. "You guys compare how big your dicks get when they … ah … they get … you know … ah hard?"

"Sure," most of the twelve and thirteen year olds said at the same time.

"Dang!" said Brad. "Mine gets hard sometimes just walking down the hall in school. And it is always hard in the morning, and won't go down even after I pee."

"Don't you ever play with it?" asked Oscar. "You know, you kinda rub your hand over the top or slide two or three fingers up and down. That's the best when you do that."

When Oscar said what he did, most of his friends agreed with him. Some of them had one finger sticking up and three fingers of the other hand sliding up and down it. Now the ten and eleven year olds were wide eyed at what they were seeing. The older teens just sat back and listened to the discussion. They were all thinking back to when and how they learned to 'masturbate' but that wasn't the word they used back then. 'Jacking off' is what they called it, and knew that before long, all of Eric's friends would be, too. They figured all of Alex's friends already called it that.

"You mean you younger boys never 'jacked off'?" asked Brayden.

"What's that?" a few of the younger lads asked at the same time.

"That's what it is called when you play with your hard dick and you get these real intense feelings come at the end," offered Jeremy Kastor.

The younger boys were getting an 'education' that day, and they were not afraid to ask questions and what Ryan had said about asking serious questions and getting serious answers was coming true.

While that serious conversation was happening around the pool, upstairs, the doorbell rang and Maria answered it. When the person introduced himself she let him into the Foyer and then went to the Study to tell Mr. Ken he had a visitor.

"Hello, Mr. Lissmann, I'm Ken Thomas. How can I help you?"

"Well, I heard that my son was over here and I thought I'd stop by and see what he was up to," replied Jesse Lissmann.

"Would you like something to drink? Like a coffee or a soft drink? I don't have anything harder available, unless there is a party," asked Mr. Ken.

"The way I heard it, there was a party going on here today," Mr. Lissmann said in a kinda accusatory way.

"Oh, a party, yes but NOT that type of party. You see, my 'little brothers' are having a few friends over today to swim and have a cookout, and I am betting they will soon ask if they can watch a movie, and before long, they will ask if some of the boys can stay for a sleepover," explained Mr. Thomas.

Mr. Lissmann just stood there with a faraway look in his eyes. Ken watched him and let him think through whatever it was, not wanting to bother the man.

"Mr. Thomas, I owe you an apology! Ah … I am ashamed of myself, now … ah … is there a place we can go to talk?"

"Yes, why don't you follow me to my Study?" Then looking to Maria he said, "Momma Maria, could you please bring us some coffee and something sweet? Thank you!"

The two men walked back towards the study and as Jesse Lissmann walked into the well-lit and appointed room, he was taken aback at its beauty and spaciousness.

Down in the pool area, the younger lads had gotten an ear full about their bodies and how their penis works and what to do with it when it gets 'hard'. The boys a little older than themselves explained some other methods of 'playing with themselves' and told of their embarrassing times in school having to stand up in class while their dick was already standing up. They told stories of guys having boners in the locker room shower, or when changing after P.E. Some of the younger boys had gotten boners from all the talk and some had their hands in front of them while others had gone into the shallow water and laid belly down while they listened.

Upstairs, Maria delivered the coffee and her special sweets as the two men talked.

"I still don't understand why you need to apologize, Jesse. You didn't do anything to me or to my 'little brothers', so I don't think one is in order."

"Well, I just feel like … well, a heel. You see, last Christmas, I wouldn't let my family come to your … Christmas Party because of my prejudices. You see, I had this idea in my head about why you kept that boy after they arrested those men who shot you and shot up your house. Then, today, when I went over to my boy's friend's house to get him and he wasn't there, I was furious when I was told he was over here at some party with a bunch of other boys. Mr. Thomas …"

"Ken, please…"

"Ah … okay, Ken, … well, I was thinking you were … ah … were having all these young boys here for a … a … Okay, I'll just come out and say it. I thought you ah … wanted to have all these young boys here so you could have sex with them! … Now, that is why I wanted to apologize. … When you said my boy was with your little brothers, I realized how … how wrong I was about everything I had thought. I am ashamed of myself, Ken. I truly am!" The man then lowered his head in shame.

As the man finished his apology, he began to lightly cry. Ken went over to him and tried to comfort him and to gauge where that man got his feelings from. Ken thought to himself that people just don't think like that unless someone has planted the 'seed' for it to sprout and grow. Ken was happy that he now knew that there were people out there that harbored such horrible thoughts and assumptions. He also wondered how many other people were out there that felt like Jesse Lissmann had.

It took Jesse a few minutes for him to compose himself and when he felt better, he again apologized for how he felt and how he just reacted. Ken thanked him and they began a friendly conversation. In the meantime, Ken punched a button that began to record their talk so he could review it later if there was something worthwhile revealed. During their talk, Ken also explained who his 'little brothers' were to Jesse.

At first, Jesse was thinking about taking his apology back, but after hearing the whole story about Collin's state of mind after the shooting, and how Ryan became his Best Friend and how those two sort of adopted Eric as their 'lil bro'. Jesse was satisfied that Mr. Ken Thomas wasn't who he had been led to believe he was. The men's discussion did reveal some names that Mr. Ken would soon have investigated.

Down at the indoor pool, the boy's discussion about dicks and boners and erections was just about over. Some of the boys showed their hard dicks through their swim suits and their embarrassment about not knowing those sorts of things was just about over. Especially when the assembled lads all agreed they could talk to any one of them there about anything, they were all happy. They also agreed that their discussion today was no one else's business and they should not mention it or talk about it to anyone other than someone there. They then all got back in the water for some more games.

Ken and Jesse got to know one another quite well, over Maria's coffee and special sweets. Ken showed his new friend around the house but they didn't go to the pool, as Jesse didn't want to embarrass his son in front of all the lads.

The boys finally got tired of swimming and asked what else they could do. Collin told them he'd go ask Mr. Ken if they could watch a movie. While he did that, the rest of them went to the two changing rooms and got dressed. It was ironic that an equal number of boys of each age went to each room and they all got an opportunity to see different sizes and amounts of body hair in certain places on the male form.

The younger lads were too dazed looking at the older boys to even thinking about being nude in front of so many strangers. As Collin talked to Mr. Ken, Ryan showed their guests where to dry their suits and towels.

Collin went up to the Study to ask about their guests watching a movie in the Theater, and as he entered, he encountered someone new sitting and talking to his mentor and guardian.

"Ah Bro. … oh, ah Hi … sorry to bother you, Bro … ah Mr. Ken, but we were wondering … ah, if we could watch a movie. The guys are tired of swimming, now, and want to do something different. It's only 7 and they said they can call home to try to stay until later. It is a Saturday, so there isn't school tomorrow," said Collin, a little perplexed over seeing a stranger in the house.

"Collin, I want you to meet one of your guests' dad. This here is Jesse Lissmann, Jayden's dad," said Mr. Ken. "Collin, I don't think Jayden knows his dad is here, so he may want to come upstairs to ask him if he can stay. Could you ask him to come up here, but don't tell him why? Can you do that for us, Collin?"

"Yeah … ah, sure … ah … what about the movie, Mr. Ken?" the very tentative teen said, knowing that Jayden told him he didn't tell his dad he was coming here. Collin went down to the pool area looking for Jayden.

"Hey, Jayden, Mr. Ken asked me to ask you to go up to his Study. You remember how to get there? Up the stairs and take a left and follow the light on the right to his Study," said Collin to the pre-teen.

"Do you know … whyyyy he wants me to go there, Collin? He hardly knows me to ask for me," the very nervous boy said.

"You'll be okay. Just go up and see what he wants."

Jayden tentatively walked out the pool room door and started up the winding stairs. He had lots of things going through his mind, but had no idea of what he was about to see when he got to Mr. Ken's Study. Jayden turned left at the top of the stairs and saw the light immediately and walked towards the room and while walking in, he said, "Mr. Ken, Collin said you wanted to see me."

"Yes, Jayden, I think you know this person," stated the younger man and pointed to the occupant of the chair to the lad's right.

Jayden took a step back and felt like he just almost had a heart attack by seeing his father sitting there

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