Castle Roland

Chapter 88

Published: 8 Apr 14

Sometime around 4 AM, Chief saw a young boy get up and walk out of the theater. He didn't disturb anyone as he walked out. When he didn't come back in a few minutes, Chief went looking for him. She found him sitting in a corner under the stairs, in the Great Room, crying. She went over to him and licked his face and he pulled her to him and began to sob in her coat. She flopped down with him and let him cry. Ten minutes later, he was fast asleep.

Chief slowly got up and away from the lad and walked upstairs to her master's bedroom. The door was open as usual, so she walked in and jumped her front paws on the bed and lightly barked once. Getting no reaction, Chief again barked, but this time louder and Mr. Ken came directly awake.

"Chief, something's wrong, isn't there?"


Dressed as the boys were, Mr. Ken followed Chief down the stairs to find the boy awake under the stairs and crying. He went to the boy and pulled the lad to him and tried to comfort him.

"Son, could you tell me why you're out here, all alone?" Mr. Ken asked, in such a way as not to embarrass the lad any more than he may already be.

"Ah … I … ah, I wet … my bed," cried the youngster and leaned into Mr. Ken and sobbed big tears.

"Can you tell me your name, I don't know everyone, yet," asked Mr. Ken.

"Logan. My name is Logan."

"Okay, Logan, I'm going to send Chief after Collin. We'll just sit here and talk until he comes. You okay with that?"

"Yeah, I guess so. … I … I didn't mean to do it. You know … pee in my bed. I didn't think I had, but when I went to the bathroom my … my underwear was wet and sticky inside. That's when I came out here. I was ashamed to go back in there and have them laugh at me. They will laugh, won't they, Mr. Ken?" That said, Logan began to cry some more.

Collin came walking out into the Great Room, his wood still showing but going down as he walked. He spotted the two under the stairs and headed in their direction.

"Mr. Ken, what's wrong?"

"Logan here thinks he wet his bed. Please go and check it for me. I think there may be something else going on, here," said Mr. Ken.

"You do? What can it be? I … I felt the cold wetness in my underwear. I just know I … I peed my bed," stated Logan, and then leaned back into Mr. Ken's shoulder, as he tried to hold back his tears.

A minute or two later, Collin came back and said, "Logan, you were lying in front of Mr. Ken's special chair, right?" Getting a slight nod in the affirmative Collin asked, "Are you sure you wet the bed? I didn't feel anything there."

"I bet it dried already," offered Logan. "There wasn't all that much, I don't think."

"Logan," Mr. Ken said his name wanting to get the lad's attention, "I think there may be more to this. Can I ask you a couple of questions? And I need you to answer them for me. Will you do that?"

"I'll try," said a still sobbing youngster.

"Logan, I want you to touch the outside front of your briefs and tell me if they are wet," said Mr. Ken.

"Not really, there's just one small spot that's kinda wet."

"Okay, this time I want you to put you hand inside and tell me what it feels like in there," a serious minded Mr. Ken said this time.

"You're just trying to make fun of me," the boy blurted out.

Before Mr. Ken could say anything, Collin spoke up and said, "Logan, remember in the pool room and we were all talking. We said that if you are serious about asking things, you'll get serious answers. Well, Mr. Ken here is asking you a serious question. I don't hear him laughing at you. And do you hear me laughing at you? Please, Logan, do what my Bro asks you to do."

"Okay, yeah, you two aren't laughing, so … I guess you are trying to help me." Logan then puts his hand inside his briefs. He felt around inside and then pulled his hand out. "It feels kinda damp but … well not wet … I don't know … it … it also feels … ah sticky like. I never felt anything like that before. My fingers are even sticking together some."

"Logan, do you remember the things they told you in sex education, about how your body works, and how it makes fluids that will come out your penis?" asked a very serious Mr. Ken.

"Yes, sort of … I remember them saying that stuff."

"Son, how old are you, now?"

"I'm eleven, almost twelve. My birthday is in early June."

"Logan, do you ever remember your sex education teacher talking about erections and wet dreams and ejaculation, even, in sex education classes?"

"Yeah, but what does that have to do with me peeing in my bed?"

"Son, this may be a bit embarrassing, but I need to know the answer, but do you ever, you know, play with your erection?"

It got awfully quiet when the question was asked. Collin had no idea where Mr. Ken was going with this line of questions and Logan was thinking how embarrassed he was going to be when he answered it.

"Please, Logan, I am not trying to embarrass you. I was your age once, and I did it when my dick got hard. Matter of fact I did it two, three, even four times a day when I could. It is natural for boys to do that. Any boy that says he doesn't, either has a physical or medical condition, or he is lying. Now, could you answer that for me, Logan? Please?"

"Yeah … I … I do," was Logan's answer. Then he hid his face in Mr. Ken's shoulder again.

Mr. Ken let the boy cry some from his embarrassment then he encouraged the boy back away from him and asked him one last question. "Logan, before you woke up earlier and had to go to the bathroom, were you having a sexy dream? Like you were doing something sexy with someone like a girl or maybe another boy? It's important!"

"Yes … I was dreaming I was doing something that I … I thought would feel real good with …" and before he could finish Mr. Ken put his hand over his mouth and said, "We don't need to know who. That is between you and your dream, okay?"

Logan looked up into the man's eyes and saw that he had compassion for him and just replied with a simple, "Okay", smiled and leaned back into the man who he was trusting more and more.

"Now, Logan, I want you to listen to what I have to say. It may not seem right to you just yet, but if you follow me, I think I can tell you what happened. First, you are a very healthy eleven year old who will be twelve in about three months. Your penis does get hard and you sometimes make it feel real good. You had a very sexy dream tonight and when you woke up, you felt some wetness inside your underwear. Where you slept tonight is not wet which means there was no water, meaning urine, otherwise it would be soaking wet, still. And, lastly, inside your briefs is a sticky substance that you never felt before. Am I right so far?" asked Mr. Ken.

"Yes," replied the pre-teen.

"Did you ever hear of a 'wet dream'?"

"Yes, but I'm too young to have wet dreams. I'm not twelve yet, I can't produce … I can't make … you know … that stuff yet," an unbelieving Logan sat up and said.

"Logan, your body doesn't produce sperm first when you begin puberty. There are other glands which secret fluids that are a part of the fluid that is shot out of your erection when you have an orgasm. That sticky stuff comes from the Cowper's gland and helps make up the seminal fluid that takes the sperm through your erect penis and out through the tip. Sperm isn't made until you are somewhat into puberty, but the Cowper's gland begins making its fluids first. That fluid is a natural lubricant and helps tremendously during actual intercourse. And what it produces is sort of sticky.

"Logan, my boy … I indeed do believe you had a Wet Dream, and I want to be the first to welcome you to manhood!" and Mr. Ken grabbed the boy and pulled him close and hugged him tight.

"Really? You mean when I ... you know … play with my … myself, I will begin to shoot stuff? That I … I had a wet dream and I didn't wet the bed? Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you, Mr. Ken. I think if anyone else had told me, I wouldn't have believed them, but you … you were serious when you were talking to me, just now. You didn't laugh at me or nothing! How can I ever repay you, Mr. Ken? And you, too, Collin?" an excited new young man exclaimed.

"Logan, I want you to watch what happens, the next time you jack err, you know play with yourself, okay? Look to see if anything shoots out. There may not be much in the beginning, but over time there will be more and more. Also, know that it will be very clear right now but as your body matures and your testicles, you know your balls, get bigger, you will begin to produce sperm. If you have any problems or things aren't working right, you can call me, or Collin, and we'll see what we can do."

"But, how will I know if it is working like it is supposed to?" asked a now anxious lad.

"Logan, I bet you and a few of your buddies ah … kind of practice that together sometimes. If yours isn't working like theirs is, call us. Will you do that? If I don't hear from you then I know you are growing up like you should be," the man said in a reassuring voice.

Logan hugged Mr. Ken again. He didn't notice his penis had grown some from all the sex talk until he pressed against the man. It became very obvious when it poked the man in his stomach.

"Oh, oh I'm sorry, Mr. Ken … I … I didn't notice … I was … hard."

"No problem, Logan, things like that happen to most everyone. Now, how about you go with Collin and find your swim trunks and change into them. If anyone asks you why, just tell them, 'Last night, I became a Man'." Those who know what you are talking about will congratulate you. The others will have to figure it out on their own. Also, I'd advise that we keep this talk just between us, okay?"

Logan gave him another hug and then stood up. His wood wasn't too big yet for his age but in time, he'd have a healthy piece of equipment. Then he and Collin went to the pool room to help the lad find his swim suit. The boys returned to the theater and went back to sleep. Mr. Ken went back to bed, too, a bit exhausted, but happy he was able to help out the distraught youngster.

Momma Maria got to Three Finger Cove a little late Sunday morning. She knew she couldn't make and then fix over a hundred breakfast bacon & egg taco's for twenty-plus kids and any adults who may show up to retrieve their offspring without some help. She knew the most time consuming part of making so many soft tacos is making the tortilla so Momma stopped by Taco Cabana and bought them freshly made. All she had to do now was cook the bacon and eggs and then roll them, placing them on a thin piece of foil and fold them then put them in the warming oven.

Collin woke up about to pee and, as he looked at the time, he knew he should start getting the lads up. But first things first, he needed to relieve the pressure, on his bladder, and let his morning wood go down.

Greatly relieved, Collin began waking up the older teens first, so they could take care of business without being embarrassed by the younger boys staring at their morning flag poles. The teens walked to the 'industrial restrooms' and took care of pressing business and then went to the pool room lockers to get their clothes and get dressed. By then the almost-teens followed and soon the pre-teens came and got their clothes and they, too, got dressed.

A few of Alex's friends noticed that Logan had on his swim suit, already, and asked 'what gives'? Logan told them he had his 'first' wet dream last night. They began to congratulate him. Most of Eric's friends had heard him say something about a 'wet dream,' but only Eric knew what that meant. The boys didn't make a big deal over it, since they were hungry and were waiting for Collin to tell them Momma Maria was ready for them to descend on her territory, the Kitchen.

The boys began running up the stairs just as Mr. Ken came out of his private area and yelled, 'NO Running'! A few boys yelled, 'sorry' and the whole bunch began to walk, but it still sounded like a thundering herd as twenty-one boys came up the stairs. 'Was Momma Maria ready for them?' went through Mr. Ken's mind, as the lads went towards the kitchen.

Indeed, Momma Maria was ready for the boys. When she heard them coming, she took out two warm pans of soft bacon & egg tacos and placed them on the counter, along with shredded cheddar cheese, salsa and picante sauce. The boys each picked up a paper plate and napkins and were allowed two tacos to begin with and then they had their choice of hot chocolate, coffee, tea, or cold white milk. After all the boys had gotten something to eat and drink, they went into the dining room or kitchen nook to eat. Some of the older teens, who had been there a number of times before, stood in the kitchen talking to Momma and their friends. It was then that Momma told the lads there were more tacos and they could each have two more. It didn't take long for almost 100 soft bacon & egg & cheese breakfast tacos to disappear.

The boys sat and had lively conversations about their previous day's activities and how much fun they each had. They recanted their swimming exploits and how they helped with the BBQ. Some spoke about the movie and how awesome watching it in the surround sound Theater was. Others said the midnight swim was their favorite, as they had never done that before even when they camped out. Each boy would come away from that weekend with their own special memory. One boy in particular would have them all beat!

It was getting close to 10:30 AM when Miss Mary and Miss Judy stopped by.

"Hi, Mom," yelled Eric, seeing his mom come through the doorway into the kitchen. He then ran to her and gave her a bug hug and a kiss. Some of the little older boys said, "Ahhh" when they saw that. Eric turned quickly and before he could think he gave them the finger. He had been around his friends, and older boys, for almost 24 hours now, and he was in 'boy mode' and forgot his mom was standing right there. Then it hit him!

"Sorry, Mom," a very meek 10 year old said. "They deserved it for teasing me."

"Maybe so, but … I still love you!" said his mom, and hugged him tighter and kissed him even more. "They're just jealous, Eric."

In the meantime, Miss Mary had corralled her 'sons' and gave them each a hug and a kiss and when Collin and Ryan turned around they were ready with their fingers. The boys saw the two teenagers had their fingers along their sides and would bring them up if they heard a peep. The kids thought better and didn't say a word. "That's more like it," said Ryan, and some boys booed him.

The morning was like one big party. The boys stayed in the kitchen area and talked with each other and Mr. Ken and Miss Judy and Miss Mary. By now other parents began to arrive and Momma invited them into her kitchen for some tacos and coffee. That brought up the conversation level; two fold, as the boys had to tell of their adventures to the new audience. Lucky for Momma Maria, she had made 15 dozen breakfast tacos and used two 50-cup coffee makers, one for coffee and one for hot chocolate.

It was just past noon when the last of the overnight guests left. Ken, along with Mary and Judy and their boys all retired to the Study to relax and talk. The women were treated to a better overview of how the swim party went, especially the part about Mr. Lissmann and his son, Jayden. The six talked some about the Four Corners project and how it was coming along and some other ideas Mr. Ken had, if he could get the remaining 25 acres. They also discussed the upcoming election.

Before long, Mary got Ryan to get his dirty clothes rounded up and Judy got Eric to gather up all of his things and those four said their goodbyes. Ryan told Collin he'd call him later that evening.

"Mr. Ken," said Collin.

"Yes, Collin?" replied the teen's guardian.

"What you did for Logan. That … that was so awesome what you did for him and how you treated him. … I know that is who you are, but … I bet if any of the other guys had been there they … well they wouldn't have believed what you did and how you knew what was Logan's problem. I know I wouldn't have figured it out. … Mr. Ken, Bro, thanks for what you did for him!" That said, Collin went over to the man and gave him a great big hug.

"Thank you, Collin; I appreciate that and your words. … When Logan sat in my lap, at first I couldn't feel any wetness. It was then that I figured he may have had a 'wet dream'. But you remember, I had to ask him a few questions so I could fully recognize what happened. I am glad I was there for him. His friends would have been tough on him if he told them he peed in his bed."

"Yeah, I agree. … Ah, Mr. Ken, can we go driving some, today? With all the kids here yesterday I didn't get to drive any," asked Collin.

"What about your homework?" asked the man.

"I can get it done in an hour or two, later," answered the teenager.

"Are you sure? Your school work is more important that driving. We have all this upcoming week, you know."

"Yes, I can get it done. You know I can do it."

"Okay, then, get yourself ready and meet me in the garage in fifteen minutes. That sound good to you?" teased Mr. Ken.

"Yes, I'll be there!"

The two met in the garage, but all four doors were still closed. Mr. Ken handed Collin the keys. Collin walked to the Ford Taurus, sat down, and when he tried the key it didn't fit.

"Hey, Mr. Ken, you gave me the wrong keys."

"No, I didn't. You got into the wrong vehicle."

"Which one ..." is all Collin got out when he noticed the key was for the truck, the Ford F-150, four-door truck.

"You mean it? You want me to drive the truck?" the boy asked incredulously

"Yep, let's get over there and get going. We're only going to drive about an hour today. That should satisfy your 'need' for today. Start the truck, and don't forget to open the garage door." Collin's Big Bro laughed at the boy when he said that, but he was serious as Collin always had the Taurus outside when they went driving.

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