Castle Roland

Chapter 91

Published: 8 Apr 14

Collin immediately shot a glance at his Big Bro, whose eyebrows had shot up as well when he heard the question.

"Should … I … tell … 'em, Mr. Ken?" asked the older teen.

"Ah, it may help clear things up, some," replied Big Bro.

"Ah, Jerry … ah … ah everybody if I tell you something … ah … you have to promise NOT to tell … to say anything to anyone else, while we are onboard, okay? This is very … well, it is very important to me. I … I need to be able to enjoy myself while I am here and … and not be inundated by tons of people asking me lots of questions over and over. Will you do that for me? … Please?" inquired Collin.

The family members looked around at one another and they all seemed to agree they would honor his request. Since it looked as if they were all finished with dinner, Mr. Ken suggested they go somewhere quieter, to talk. They walked along the port side of the ship until they came to an area that didn't have too many people around. They found six deck chairs and sat down. Mr. Ken then filled them in on what happened the day of the storm and the day of the shooting. Collin filled in some stuff from his point of view. The two younger boys were awestruck. Their parents' mouths were open when the story was finished and Michelle had tears in her eyes.

"Collin, what about your parents?" asked Jerry, the youngest and most curious.

Collin sat there and tears came to his eyes and began to openly cry. Mr. Ken pulled him to his side and hugged the crying boy until he composed himself. Then Collin began, "What I didn't (sniff) didn't tell ya (sniff, sniff) was that three months before the storm (sniff) I was kidnapped (sniff). … That night, my … my parents were … they were … killed trying to … to protect me." The boy then cried harder into Mr. Ken's shoulder.

While Collin was crying over his parents, Jerry got up and went and sat in his mom's lap where he, too, got tears in his eyes. Colt was no better and his dad, seeing the hurt in his oldest son's eyes, pulled the boy to him. It was a good bet that the two brothers were thinking about what if that happened to them and their mom and dad.

"I'm sorry for crying like a baby," offered Collin.

"Son, there is no way in hell that you should not cry for your parents, especially if you saw them fighting for you and, then, being killed like that. I sure hope they get all of those bastards and give them what they deserve," stated Cameron Davies, matter-of-factly.

Jerry went over to Collin, hugged him, and told him how sorry he was for his loss and how he lost them. He told Collin that he had to be the proudest boy alive to know how much his parents loved him to fight over him and to lose their lives for their son. Hearing that, Collin pulled the eleven year old to him and they cried together.

Nearby, people had initially ignored the six, as they sat in an out of the way place, but they began to look and wonder when they saw the three young boy's crying. A few of the ladies went over to Michelle to ask if there was anything they could do for them, seeing the boys crying like that. Michele thanked them for their concern but assured them the boys were relieving a bad memory and the cruise was to help in their healing. The ladies again offered their assistance and then walked back to their own groups.

"Thank you, Michelle for saying that," a relieved Mr. Ken acknowledged. "I don't know how I would have handled that if it has just been Collin and I. I'm still a bit new at having a 'younger brother,' but it has been the happiest time of my life. He brought 'life' to Three Finger Cove, and our golden lab named Chief loves him, best of all."

"Three Finger Cove, what's that?" this time asked by Colt. "Is it a small town or a ranch or maybe a vacation spot? That's what the name implies to me."

"No, actually it is the name of my property," answered Ken.

"Yeah, you should see it," a now more relaxed and happy teen suggested.

"Why, what is it like?" asked Jerry, real quick.

Collin then had the boys hold their left hand out and then he spread their fingers to show how the three fingers created the coves. The teen went on to tell them about living in that wonderful world of fun and magic and happiness. He described their Christmas and New Year's Eve Parties and the swim parties. The two younger boys were enthralled by the teen's descriptions and how much Collin's enthusiasm came through saying how much he loved being there.

The day had been a long one for everyone. Getting up early to get to the ship and then settled and learning their way around. Then there was the life boat drill and the sailing, and finally dinner. Then, on top of it all, a story that only a book could ever be written about. The two 'families' were about to break up and retire to their cabins when Collin asked if he could stay out longer and enjoy everything, and anything, he could.

Ken pulled the boy to him and asked how he was doing after his revelation. The teen said he was glad he had the opportunity to talk about it, as he needed to talk it out more so, when it came time for the trials, he could easily talk about it in front of so many people. The Davies' boys had asked the same question, about staying out, and when Collin told them they could hang with him, they acquiesced and the three 'brothers' were gone in an instant.

"So, Mr. Ken, what would you like to do, now? I know what I need … and that is a stiff drink after listening to that sad story of his," said Cam. Michelle shook her head in the affirmative, at hearing about a drink.

"Well, seeing as I am not driving, a good drink sounds about right. Where do you suggest we go? I'm buying," announced Ken.

"No way are you buying, my friend. You deserve the Brother of the Year Award for what you did for that young man. Saving his life, twice, in the course of two months will not allow you to buy any drinks while you are in my presence," strongly voiced Cam.

"Yes, Dad," was all, a now laughing, Ken said to the man.

As the three walked away, the people who had come over to ask if they could help couldn't help but overhear what Cam had just said about Ken. They began to talk amongst themselves, about what that could be all about, when two of the guys in the group said they had a good idea who those people were. They explained to their friends that they may have to do some 'work' while they were on that vacation, but 'duty' called, they kidded, and would know more later after they made a call back home.

Elsewhere on the ship, the boys walked all over the different decks, enjoying their new found friendship. Collin took them up to the Stack and tried to get them in, saying they were his brothers, but he couldn't, because it was restricted to teens fifteen and up. A little upset over that, they decided to go back down to Deck 9 and get some ice cream. Finding the Scoops Ice Cream Bar near the aft of the ship, they ordered sundaes and then sat down to enjoy them. Of course Jerry was full of more questions.

"Collin, can I ask you a question," spoke up Jerry.

"You just did, stupid," came back his brother, Colt.

Jerry stuck his tongue out at his older brother and then looked over to Collin.

"Well … I guess, as long as it isn't about my parents or anything like that, okay?" answered Collin.

"No, nothing like that, but … I was wondering about Eric and all. I know he's not your real brother, and all, but how is it he gets to be over at Mr. Ken's?" asked a very curious youngster.

"Well, Miss Judy, his mom, is my social services worker, or at least she was. I'm not sure who it is now, since she was made acting Director of the Children's Protective Services, near us. Mr. Ken invited them to Thanksgiving dinner, along with about a dozen or more people, not counting the FBI guys and sheriff deputies assigned to protect me," answered Collin.

"You had all those guys protecting you and Mr. Ken still got shot?" loudly asked Jerry.

"Quiet, Jerry, I don't want people to know I am here," an agitated Collin almost yelled.

"Sorry," meekly said Jerry.

"Sorry, my foot, Jerry, you almost blabbed it all over the ship, just now. How can I trust you to keep your mouth shut, huh? … I'm sorry guys, but I've had it for tonight!" Collin then picked up what was left of his sundae and left the two boys sitting there.

Ken got back to the cabin, a little after midnight, only to find Collin on his bed crying. He immediately went to the teen and hugged him close. The boy melted into his shoulder and began to cry even harder. It took Ken twenty minutes to get the teen calmed down enough to find out what happened. After the two talked about it some, they washed up and got ready for bed and soon they were out like a light. The full day of excitement and activities had finally caught up to them.

The next morning, the two travelers woke about 9 AM and decided to find breakfast, after they took their showers and got dressed. They had enjoyed the atmosphere of the Topsider Buffet the evening before, so they decided to see if they could catch breakfast there that morning. As they arrived, Jerry saw them and ran to Collin crying and apologizing for how he acted last night.

Cam and Michelle asked them to please sit with them, so they could discuss how Jerry acted. Jerry's eyes were hopeful that they would accept. He so wanted to be Collin's friend and to have Collin forgive him for his big mouth, the night before. His eyes were almost blood red from all the crying he had done last night, and this morning, thinking how he may have ruined his new friend's vacation.

Ken let Collin decide, since it was he who was 'hurt' by Jerry's not thinking the night before. After some light discussion, the teenager decided to give the lad another chance. Jerry hugged him real tight and walked with him to the buffet to help him get his food.

By the time breakfast was over, things were okay between the three boys. Getting permission to leave, they all went to get into their swim suits and then meet at Goofy's Pool. Then they went to Mickey's Pool to try out the slide there. The adults just sat back and enjoyed cups of coffee and relaxed and got to know one another better.

It was almost 5 PM when Collin and Mr. Ken caught up with one another back at their cabin. They both had to hurry and get cleaned up and dressed for dinner. Tonight, they were to have dinner at the Animator's Palate. It was their night in the rotational dining to eat there. Collin looked up the menu and was looking forward to trying some of their exotic foods. He loved Momma Maria's cooking, but was looking forward to trying the Pacific Rim cuisine offered there.

At 5:30 PM, when they arrived for dinner, Collin still wasn't sure whether he wanted the Lemon-Thyme Marinated Chicken Breast, the Animator's Grilled Veal Chop or the Fragrant Five-Spiced Fish, the Spicy Potato and Pea Samosas or even the Black Bean Chipotle Cakes. In the end, the two decided to each get something different and that way they could taste one another's meal.

They found themselves again seated with the Davies and since Jerry and Colt had been there before, they sat so both Mr. Ken and Collin could get a better view of the dinner show. During the 4-course meal delightful music of classic Disney films was played. Also, sketches showcasing characters and scenes from those same classic Disney films, that adorned the walls, slowly transform from stark black and white to brilliant color right before their very eyes, over the familiar orchestral themes of the Disney movies. Even the servers magically become drenched in color. Collin was beside himself over the clever way it all occurred. Mr. Ken was amazed at everything and especially the food. He was extremely happy he had chosen this trip for the two of them.

After dinner, Collin got permission to go back and change so he could visit the Stack, again, and meet more of the older teens there. The two younger Davies' were a little bit disappointed they couldn't go, but their parents reminded them that this was Collin's vacation, too, and he needed to be around kids his own age. Jerry and Colt then got some money from their folks and went on their way to play some hi-tech video games and whatever else they could find. The adults also departed so they could enjoy the freedom of not having kids under foot.

Up in the Stack, Collin walked around just trying to see how he could fit in. Some older teens saw him and invited him to sit with them. After a few minutes, the seven teenagers were off to becoming a 'social group'.

"Have any of you been on this cruise before," asked Collin.

"Yeah, I have," answered a real cute girl named Elexus. "That's how I knew this is your first cruise. You had that 'what am I doing here' look." The assembled group all laughed as each of them all had that same look once.

"This is my third trip," offered Tyler. "We've been here for my twelfth and fourteenth birthdays and I guess we'll be here when I turn eighteen. It does get a bit boring though as it really doesn't change all that much over time."

"Yep, he's right," spoke up Ethan. I've been on both ships twice each, now, and the only thing I notice different are the babes." Ethan and Collin both laughed at his pun.

"So, Collin, how comes this is your first cruise?" asked Nicole.

"I just couldn't ever convince my parents to take me. My Big Bro brought me this time. It was a surprise vacation for Spring Break," was how Collin handled the inquiry.

"That's pretty kewl, if you ask me," said Hunter. "Your older brother must have the money or your parents just wanted to get rid of you for the week." The group then all began to laugh but seeing Collin not laughing they all stopped.

"What's wrong, Collin?" asked Kattie.

"Both of my parents are dead," a subdued Collin answered.

"Oh, shit, I'm sorry," began Hunter, "I didn't mean to … you know … I didn't know … please … please forgive me for saying that, Col."

"That's … that's ok, Hunter, you didn't know. My Big Bro, he brought me because my Uncle Andy mentioned I always wanted to come, but my dad's business always came first, for him. … But I'm here now, and I want to enjoy every minute of it. … So … so what's there to do? I've led a sheltered life for so long; I may need lots of help here learning how to have fun!" C ollin's quick thinking and refocus got the gang back into a festive mood and they got back to talking together like teens often do.

Ken found a nice quiet bar and sat down for a drink. He wasn't seated for more than five minutes when a pretty lady stopped by his table and asked if he was single and wanted company. A big smile came on his face and he stood and held an empty chair for her to sit down. The woman introduced herself as Jessica and that she was there with her young children. Ken then motioned for a waitress and ordered two drinks for them. In the back of Ken's mind, he was thinking that things were looking up.

Collin and his new friends, throughout the evening, played video games, danced together, shared fruit smoothies, and even got into karaoke singing. Collin was truly enjoying himself and not one time did he ever think about his friends back home. It was almost midnight when the group decided to break up.

As Collin began his walk down the stairs, Kattie asked him to wait up. As the two new friends walked back to their cabins, they talked some more about their friends back home and what they planned to do in the future. Collin walked his new interest to her cabin and after she closed the door he left with a new 'spring' in his step as he went back to his berth.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Collin, a man had been watching Collin all day long. He took notes on what the teen did and where he went and with whom, and even made note of the times, but, only time would tell if that man was up to no good.

"Morning, Bro," called out the teenager, as he threw a pillow at his traveling companion.

"Morning, and don't talk too loud, please," a very tired speaking Mr. Ken announced.

"Whoa, Bro, are you saying you have a hangover or something? I've never known you to drink a lot," said the curious teen.

"Shush, not so loud. … I have a headache," said Mr. Ken. Then he pulled his pillow over his head to make the noise of an up and ready teenager go away.

"Okay, Mr. Ken, I hear ya. I'm gonna go get my shower and then go out to breakfast," said Collin.

The happy teenager got his stuff together and went into the bathroom to get cleaned up. It had been almost three days since he had the chance to relieve himself and after walking and talking with Kattie yesterday, he really needed to take care of business. Thirty minutes later Collin got out of the shower only to notice his Big Bro had gone back to sleep. The boy tried his best not to make any noise, as he got dressed, and soon he was off to get something to eat.

Along the way, Collin met up with a few of his new friends and they convinced him he could eat with them and that the serving staff didn't mind too much as long as there were enough seats for the assigned guests. Collin was glad to get a chance to eat in a different dining room that morning.

After eating healthy servings of food, the group of four friends left Goofy's Galley and headed up to the Stack to see what was happening there. Arriving, they found the rest of the gang and the seven sat around and talked as if they had been friends forever.

It was around eleven AM when Mr. Ken awoke, only to find Collin had left without him. In a way, he was glad for that, because he still wasn't wide awake yet and he knew how Collin needed to eat, especially breakfast. Knowing room service was available, Mr. Ken called to have a breakfast delivered. Twenty-five minutes later he was sitting back and enjoying a very refreshing meal, along with reading the ship's newsletter delivered along with it.

The two travelers didn't meet up again until 5 PM that evening. They both returned to their cabin to change for dinner. It was then they exchanged bits and pieces of their day while they got out of their 'relaxed' clothes and into their suits. Tonight, they were headed to Lumiere's for French cuisine.

Entering the eating establishment, Collin immediately noticed the restaurant was themed to Beauty and the Beast. The ballroom was elegant and set up with beautiful tableware and white linen tablecloths. Most of the tables were for four guests and a few were for six guests, but there was one main dinner table and that one was set up for fourteen.

As Collin and Mr. Ken were seated at a table for six, they figured the Davies would soon arrive and they did. They exchanged pleasantries and the younger boys immediately began asking Collin what he did and where he went while not giving him any time to respond. It took a gentle but very stern look from their mom for them to let it go.

That night, Collin chose the grilled beef tenderloin with baked potato and peas. Mr. Ken got the Grilled farm-raised chicken, along with mashed potatoes and gravy and green beans. The two boys also got the chicken while mom and dad tried the sea bass and the three-cheese lobster macaroni. As they ate, the boys got their answers and Big Bro, too, found out that his 'brother' had an interest, that he blushed over, when he mentioned her name. The younger boys teased him some and the six had a light hearted meal and fun time.

As soon as dinner was over, Collin asked if he could be excused. Big Bro smiled at him and asked that he make it back a little early that evening, as they had a special tour set up for a little past 9 AM in the morning when they arrived at St. Maarten the next morning. The two exchanged hugs and Collin was off to meet up with his new found friends. Still, unknown to him, someone was watching him, as he went down to change. That same person, different from the evening before, also watched Collin as he went back up to the Stack to catch back up with his new buddies.

As the evening progressed, Collin and Kattie left the group early and the two just walked around the deck, talking. They covered subjects like school and parents and driving and friends and pets and then they talked about sex. Initially, Collin was taken aback when Kattie brought up the subject, but then he remembered how Shelley always initiated the sexual part of their friendship, so he got comfortable about it pretty quick.

Ken and Jessica met again, at that same bar, and not only talked about sex, they actually did the 'dirty' deed. It only took a few drinks before Jessica began rubbing her leg against his and then moved her chair closer. That closeness brought out the woman's boldness as she began to stroke his leg higher and higher until she was actually rubbing his hardened cock. After that, things became a blur as they finished their drinks and headed for Mr. Ken's cabin, and some hot and lustful sex.

Higher up on a different deck, Collin and Kattie found a secluded nook with an empty deck chair and blanket and sat down in it, together. They quickly put the blanket to good use to cover themselves, from the night chill, keeping one another warm. This new closeness encouraged them to gently hug one another and soon the two teenagers were making out. Quickly, their hormones soon took over as they lightly stroked each other's arm and then leg and then ultimately their most private parts. Kattie took the initiative and proceeded to softly stroke Collin to full hardness.

In return, Collin rubbed her camel toe while pressing his middle finger tight against her sensitive slot. The two were in the throngs of hot and heavy mutual masturbation and had lost all total awareness around them. Before long, the kisses, the hugging, the rubbing and the heat of the moment sent them into overdrive as their sexual and sensual intimacy escaladed them into the most intense and memorable sex of all time. Their mutual climaxes echoed out from that secluded nook and anyone within listening range would have no doubt what the two had just done.

Their sexual escapade over, the two teens laid back in the deck chair trying to catch their breath. As they both rested, they silently enjoyed that warm afterglow feeling that comes from such sensual bliss. It took them almost ten minutes to finally recover and reposition themselves before they faced each other and shared a very passionate kiss. They were lucky they were still covered by their blanket, because anyone passing by could have seen very wet spots on each of them where their sexual secretions had been deposited. Then the tiredness from their mutual enterprise claimed them and allowed them to fall asleep in one another's arms.

Down in the cabin, Ken and Jessica were also basking in their afterglow from an intense sexual copulation. The two performed deep primeval fornication for the actual fun of it, and not to actually conceive a human being. They aroused one another to new heights and attempted many positions they heard about or once did with someone else. Jessica had the advantage of her years, but Ken had the advantage of youth.

It was past eleven when the group of teenagers went looking for the absent duo, only to find them asleep in the deck chair. Everyone had a good laugh at Collin and Kattie and then someone remembered the old song about the teen couple asleep after the movie and began singing, "Wake Up Little Suzie, Wake Up" which caused another round of laughter. Knowing tomorrow was a sightseeing day, and seeing it was late, they all decided to call it a night. Collin walked Kattie to her cabin and walked back to his, again, with more pep in his step.

Again, a strange man discreetly followed the teen as he made his way back to his cabin. When the teenager closed the cabin door, the man made a note in his little book of the time that was added to his earlier exploits.

The Disney Magic was due to dock at 8 AM, and the guests could disembark as soon as the large ship was tied up. Ken asked for a 6:30 wakeup call so the two could shower, dress and eat breakfast before their private tour was to begin. When ready, they again headed to the Topsider Buffet, because it offered everything imaginable for a good breakfast meal.

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