Castle Roland

Chapter 93

Published: 8 Apr 14

Being at sea, the ship had a gentle rock that helped the two travelers to sleep longer than they wanted to, that next morning. It was past twelve noon when there was a knock at their cabin. Collin, unthinking, got up and went to the door and opened it. There stood Colt and Jerry looking for them, since they didn't see them at breakfast, and lunch was now being served. Collin yawned and let the boys into the cabin. As Collin turned, and the boys entered, they both smirked as they could see Collin must have had a 'morning' boner before he opened the door.

"Mr. Ken … hey Bro … wake up; we have company," called Collin.

"What time is it? … It's too early to get up. … Tell them we'll see them at breakfast," a very sleepy man said to his 'brother'.

"Breakfast is over, Mr. Ken," spoke Jerry. "We came to see if you were gonna eat lunch."

"Wha … what, it's lunch time already?" a disbelieving Mr. Ken said from under his pillow.

"Yeah, Bro, and now get up. We need to go eat. At least I do!" said Collin.

Ken slowly got up and slipped his legs over the edge of the bed. Jerry and Colt kept their eyes on the man, wondering if they would get to see his morning wood as he stood up, but no such luck. They did get to see how much he filled out his boxers as he stretched, and they again smiled to one another when they saw that.

"Collin, do you want to get dressed and go eat or shower first and then go eat?" asked Mr. Ken.

"Let's just go eat, I'm hungry. We're just gonna go swim afterwards anyways. We haven't done anything together, other than eat and take that tour. What do you say, Bro? Eat first then swim and have some fun together?"

"Okay, that sounds good," was directed towards Collin. "Boys, give us a few minutes and we'll get some clothes on and follow you to lunch," added the man.

Colt and Jerry both watched Collin change into briefs and saw how big his dick was. Their giggling got Collin's attention so he purposely put his hand inside his tighty whities and adjusted his equipment and then he stretched for their amusement. His handling of 'his willie and the twins' made them a bit 'puffy' and to the younger boys, it made Collin look like he had a monster inside there.

It took Mr. Ken and Collin about ten minutes to get washed up and dressed and the four were soon off to meet up with Cam and Michelle at Pluto's Dog House, for lunch.

At lunch, Colt and Jerry lamented the fact that nothing happened last night and their dad gave them both a stern warning not to interfere with anything, or anyone, lest they get hurt. The six then made plans to visit the family pool that afternoon and get some sun. Before long, everyone went to their own cabins to change and meet up at the pool.

Down in their cabin, Collin asked Mr. Ken if he noticed how Colt and Jerry were checking them out as they changed. Mr. Ken just smiled back at the teenager as he took off his underwear and paraded around the cabin, smiling.

"Yes, I did notice they were looking to see what we have, but that is natural for boys their age. Many kids want to see what other boys have and how big it is compared to their own. I bet at the last swim party, with all those younger boys, they got an eye full, seeing you older boys with those hanging schlongs and bird's nests sitting on top," laughed Bro, as he put on his swim suit.

"Well, the boys, who hadn't been there before, were a bit hesitant to change, but when Eric explained what happened the first time; he got naked first and the rest of the boys joined in pretty much. No one got hard, or anything, but I bet that was what most of them were afraid of. I know I sure was, any time I was around older, bigger kids," replied Collin, as he was getting his suit on.

"You weren't too concerned when you showered in front of me," teased Mr. Ken.

"I know I did that, but … for the life of me, I don't remember doing it. I bet Doc had me so drugged up that I didn't know what I was doing. The one thing I do remember is that you were always telling me to take it easy and to 'go with the flow', or something like that. You tried to make me feel safe and you always told me what was happening to me. I'll never forget that part of my getting better," reminisced Collin. He then went over to his guardian and gave him a big hug and said, "You ready? Let's go then!"

The six met on Deck 9, at Goofy's Pool, and the three boys immediately headed to Deck 10 to try out the water slide. The adults found some available deck chairs to put their towels on and then headed into the water. Soon the boys all came splashing down the slide and the six had a good time enjoying the refreshing water and some general fun.

It was the boys who made it a point to look out for the two men who seemed to be following Collin. It wasn't too long before Jerry spotted both men, and their ladies.

"Hey, don't look now …," was all he got out when the rest understood what he meant.

"I think they are at five o'clock under the slide," added Jerry.

"That's seven o'clock or more like nine o'clock, dufus," teased his older brother Colt.

"Only if you are facing the way you are," shot back Jerry, as he also stuck out his tongue and squinted his eyes at his older brother.

"Boys … that'll be enough," dad Cam spoke loudly enough for his sons to hear. Then he grabbed them both and pulled them under the water.

By now, the six had become good friends and enjoyed one another's company. Ken splashed the younger boys while Cam and Michelle enjoyed the antics of the teenager amongst them. The group looked so much like a big family that a few times, other guests commented to them how well the four boys all got along so well. Some even asked about their ages and how they as parents were able to handle such differences in ages. All in all, the Davies, mom and dad, took it in stride and enjoyed the compliments they received. Not once did they, or Mr. Ken, say anything different, so as to not spoil the unsuspecting people.

The afternoon passed so quickly they almost missed their dinner seating reservations. They had to hurry so much, to get dressed, when they finally got out of the water, that Michelle's hair was still a bit damp when they arrived at The Topsider Buffet for dinner.

"Boy … am I ever hungry," announced Jerry.

"When aren't you ever hungry, Son," asked Cam.

"I must look a sight with my hair this way. Why did you let me stay there so long?" mom Michelle lamented to her husband Cameron.

"Honey, you look just fine. We are eating in a relaxed atmosphere dining room tonight and, on top of that, I don't care what the other people think. You look good enough for me," replied Cam, which brought a smile of delight to his wife. It was very evident they still, very much, loved one another.

The six did eat a very relaxed dinner that night, all the while looking out for any signs of the men who were following Collin. It wasn't long before they found them, seated not too far away, at a table for six, talking and laughing and acting as if they hadn't a care in the world.

"Ken," began Cam, "have you heard anything from the First Officer, or Security Chief, yet, about that bunch?"

"No, Cam, I haven't, and it doesn't surprise me. All they have is their names and pictures and a supposition they are up to something. The Security Chief finds it interesting they look as if they are watching Collin, but since they haven't done anything to him, and, thus, not broken any laws, Security can't act. At least Collin hasn't let that interfere with his shipboard romance, has it, 'lil bro'? What do you think Shelley will say when she finds out about your young princess? Huh?" replied Ken Thomas.

"Well, Big Bro of mine, I'll have you know that Shelley and I are NOT engaged, nor are we a couple, so I don't have any qualms about my being with Kattie. And, as for the shipboard romance … well, I got to admit I am enjoying it. … I never thought I would ever have as much fun as I am on this trip with you, Bro. And having these two monkeys' for 'little brothers' is kinda cool, too. … I am also glad those two men haven't done anything to me, but … but I am still kinda scared, at times, now that I know about them," answered Collin.

"Well, now that I know you are a bit concerned, I am going to be watching out for you. I wish we knew what this is all about, and until we do know, we shouldn't take any more chances," said Ken.

"What? You're gonna be watching what me and Kattie do, all the time? No, I won't stand for that. You can't spy on me like … like those men are … you can't, you just can't," the defiant teenager lashed out to his guardian.

"Collin, hold on there, 'lil Bro', I am NOT going to be spying on you, but I will sort of watch your back, so to speak," replied Ken.

"Yeah, and we'll help him," piped in Jerry. "And besides, Colt and I need some pointers on how to deal with the babes when we start dating."

Everyone had a good laugh at Jerry's comments and it was what was needed to break the tension that was building up between Ken and Collin.

"Well, I'm not going to let this spoil your trip, Young man," started Cam, "I, too, will help your Big Bro, as you call him, and that way it won't be too obvious to those two men that we have your back."

"Thanks, everybody, I … I really mean that. … You guys … well you hardly know us and you're willing to help me, err us, out, and I can't thank you enough. But this isn't fair to you all … you know … that you are giving up your vacation to help us. Bro and I can stay together until the cruise is over, and that way those men will have to deal with us together.

"It appears that only one guy at a time is watching me, so … well, that is good, isn't it? And they didn't even follow us when we went ashore, so they mustn't be going to kidnap me. Well, I hope not 'cause … well, I already did that, and … and I got the T-shirt," laughed Collin, and the rest joined in his self-focused humor.

"Hey, people are lining up for the late dinner reservations," noticed Michelle. "We probably should move this gaggle to another part of the ship."

That said, the six departed the Topsider Buffet and worked their way to an area that was not, too, busy and found some deck chairs and all sat down. They talked over the events of the past five days since they left Port Canaveral. The boys talked about the fun they had on the helicopter flight, and how this cruise has been the Best One Ever, because of their meeting Collin and Mr. Ken.

Cam and Michelle told of how much they enjoyed seeing Ken's and Collin's faces during the dinners and then the Walt Disney Theatre show. They also thanked the 'boys' for taking their two young sons with them on the helicopter flight. They told of how much they enjoyed the quiet and the cabin all to themselves. They even blushed when they said they made good use of their 'free' time together on this trip while their sons were with their 'new' sons. That brought up how they had enjoyed having two more 'boys' in their family, and hoped they would all stay in touch for long after the cruise is over.

Everyone remained silent, for a few minutes, in quiet thought knowing that tomorrow was their visit to Castaway Cay and then the trip back to civilization. Then Collin said he had to get going. As he was leaving, he mentioned something about the large screen and a movie he was going to, and then he was gone.

"Yeaaah … a movie," snickered the youngest Davies.

"Yeah … we haven't done that, yet, and the newsletter said it was the Pirates of the Caribbean, tonight. Bye, Mom, bye, Dad, we'll see you all later. Come on, Jerr or we'll miss the best parts," offered Colt, the usually quiet one.

"Yeah … the Best parts, maybe we CAN learn something about girls, there," said Jerry as the two boys ran off.

"Those two really love having Collin around, Ken," said Michelle. "At night, they have talked non-stop about how he did this or did that and how he treats them. Jerry is very jealous of that boy, Eric. He would so like to change places with him. … It isn't that he and Colt don't love one another, I just … well, I just think it is the fact that Collin would be there and he has added so much to both our sons' enjoyment of this trip. … Ken … is there … you know … a chance that you could lose that boy? It shows how much he admires you and loves you. It would be a shame if they broke you two up."

Ken Thomas sat there thinking of that very question. He did love that boy as a younger brother, and he would hate to have someone come along and rip him away for no good reason. At least he knew he had one ally in Judge Adam, but in today's world, people do things just to be mean.

"Ken … Ken … are you with us," politely asked Michelle.

"Oh … oh … I'm sorry … I was just thinking about what you said. … I can see why Jerry would love to take Eric's place, but … but Eric doesn't visit Three Finger Cove all that much. And one thing Jerry doesn't know about Eric is … is that … he is adopted. … We all learned that after Collin was hospitalized this past January. It is another long story, and I won't bore you with it all, but … well, I would just ask you to talk to Jerry and let him know … well, that the grass isn't always greener on the other side. … Your two sons are wonderful lads. They are well mannered and polite and are not demanding and spoiled. You have done an awesome job of raising them. You two should be proud of your accomplishment. … I hope, one day, I will have sons such as yours."

"Ken … will you join us in a drink or two?" asked Cam.

"Well, I said I'd watch Collin's back, so I'd better get up there," said Ken.

"The boys are up there and you can bet they are watching what Collin and his friend Kattie are doing. And if they stay there for the full movie, we have an hour yet before it is over. So … what do you say? One drink to celebrate this wonderful friendship I hope we have created," finished Cam.

"Okay … one drink, and then I am going to the movie," agreed Ken.

A half hour later, Ken excused himself and walked to Goofy's Pool where the big TV screen hung showing the evening movie. He walked around the outer area looking for Collin and Jerry and Colt. Not seeing any of them at first, his heart sped up. The more he looked and didn't find them, the more he felt like he had betrayed Collin. Then, hoping the teen went to the Stack, Ken headed there to see if that is where he went.

Anxious, Ken told the attendant it was imperative he find his 'brother' and told him what the teenager looked like and what he was wearing. The man remembered the boy and pointed out some other teens who may know where he is.

Ken quickly went over to them and asked them about Collin and Kattie. Hearing they were supposed to be at the movie, and knowing they weren't there, got Ken even more upset at himself for having that last drink. "Where can they be?" Ken was saying to himself as he walked faster and faster looking around for any sign of the three boys and the girl.

After checking the movie area one last time, he headed back to where Cam and Michelle were, and told them what he feared. They quickly went to a phone and called Security.

Collin and Kattie had started watching the movie but got disgusted with it, when the little kids wouldn't stop talking. Kattie suggested they walk around the deck to talk some more about 'them'. Collin had completely forgotten about anyone watching him, and quickly went with his new 'girlfriend'.

Colt and Jerry didn't forget and, when they saw one of the men begin to follow the couple, they tried to follow behind him while keeping an eye on Collin.

The young couple walked along and slowly worked their way down the decks and soon they were in front of Kattie’s cabin. Kattie then pulled out her key card and opened the door and the two went inside and shut the door.

The man who followed them walked past the door and made a note in his notepad and then turned around and went back the way he came. Jerry and Colt saw what the man did and it was Colt who went to look for Mr. Ken, or their parents. Jerry tried to keep a watch on the door, but had to keep moving around so he wouldn't bring attention to himself. The whole time he was there, he was scared. It was he who convinced Colt to go get Mr. Ken. Now, he wished he was the one that had gone.

Inside Kattie's cabin, the teens made themselves comfortable. Kattie promised Collin that her parents would not be back before midnight, and the two began to make out. Before long, the two were shedding clothing and Kattie was doing her best to get Collin out of his clothes. When the two were finally naked, Collin felt like he was in heaven. He always wanted to know what it was like to actually have intercourse with a girl, and he was hoping of all hope, he wouldn't be disappointed tonight.

Kattie was truly the aggressor. She had Collin lying on his back on her bed and she straddled him and kissed him everywhere. When she eventually took his prized possession into her mouth, he was totally surprised how different it was from what Dean and Mark did to him, and even what he experienced with Ryan. Then, without warning, it happened, Collin shot his load. He couldn't help it. He was so damn horny and totally enjoying the moment that he lost control and it just blasted off, without any warning.

"There … doesn't that feel much better?" asked Kattie, as she licked her cream stained lips. "You boys need to jack off more often, so you can last longer for us women. Now that you've shot your first load, of the night, down my throat, I know it will take some time for you to build it back up again and so, now … well, we'll have LOTS of fun."

Collin continued to just lie there taking in every sensual aspect of what was happening to him. Then Katie straddled him again and allowed her tits to brush lightly against his mouth and Collin immediately stuck out his tongue and licked at them. Then he pulled up his hands and gingerly grabbed the beauties, and massaged them and kissed them and began to get into the whole sexual scene with Kattie.

Out in the corridor, Jerry kept a watch on the door. When he heard voices coming, he jumped into the nearest restroom on that deck, and peeked out trying to see who it was. Colt still hadn't shown up, with either Mr. Ken, or their parents, and he was getting more and more worried.

Colt searched all the places he knew where his parents usually hung out. Along the way, he was also looking for Mr. Ken, but he found none of them. He too began to get scared now because his young brother was down on that deck, all alone. Colt began to run, now, as he became more and more frightened for his brother and new friend.

Ken and Cam and Michelle, after talking to the Chief of Security, began their own search of the ship. Security, having the pictures of the boys in their database, began using the shipboard cameras to search everywhere looking for the boys. Every one of them, including the Security men and women, were now afraid for the boys' safe return.

After some gentle play on her bed, Kattie wanted to slide herself onto Collins shaft, but he wouldn't let her. He remembered what his Big Bro had told him and Ryan, and knew he could not enter her without a condom on. The more she explained she was on the pill the more Collin refused to do anything more, and had even began to lose his erection. At one point, he went looking for his clothes.

When Kattie finally relented and told him he could use his damn old condom, she then told him she would help and it was then that Collin knew exactly what she wanted him to do – impregnate her.

"Look … if you want me to FUCK YOU, then I am the one who WILL put that damn old condom on, and if you so much as touch it … I am outta here. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!" yelled Collin, at the girl.

"Okay, fine … put that damn thing on, and let's FUCK!" she yelled back.

Still, there was no sign of any of the boys and the three adults were now frantic. They had crossed each other’s paths numerous times but they never saw any sign or trace of the three boys or the girl. The security cameras never picked up the lads either, but it wasn't as if there were a hundred cameras everywhere onboard the ship.

The two men Jerry heard were indeed the two men who had been following Collin. Jerry stayed hidden in the restroom taking a quick peek, now and then, to see where they had gone. One time, he saw one of the men listen at Kattie's cabin door, and then the two walked off. Jerry was relieved for that, but he was still scared because he was still all alone down there.

Collin got his condom on and made Kattie lie on the bed face up and when he entered her he knew he was in heaven. That first sensation, as the tip of his sheathed penis slide into her, was overwhelming for him. He knew in that instant that fucking girls was what he wanted to do the rest of his life. Sure, what he'd had done to him, and what he had also done to those men was extremely satisfying, but this topped them all by a mile.

Collin slowly slid his trouser snake out and relished the full and satisfying sensation. Then, he slowly pushed his engorged fire hose back into Kattie and she squealed with delight as her 'man' was giving her a new intense sensation. For almost fifteen minutes Collin slid his joy stick in and out of Kattie while she continued to squeal and thrash her head back and forth.

It wasn't until Collin began to feel his 'twins' begin to rise up inside his scrotum that he knew he wasn't too far behind shooting his built up load into the now begging girl under him. With that knowledge, Collin began to increase his strokes and also began to strike her clitoris harder and harder. That new rhythm and change in the pace drove Kattie over the top and she began a series of climaxes that also squeezed Collin's phallus to his point of no return.

The two teens, driven now by lust and sexual overload, pounded into one another and then it happened. Collin blasted his baby making cream into the waiting reservoir at the tip of his condom. The expanding tube steak rubbing along the also squeezing interior vaginal tube gave both teenagers the best sex either would have for a very long time.

What felt like hours was only moments when Collin's pulsating prick finally stopped and he felt exhausted and fell on top of Kattie. Kattie was none too well off, either, as she had never experienced such a sensual sexual encounter in the two years she had been screwing around. The two just lay there at first, and then with a jerk, Collin quickly pulled his softening shaft out of the girl and made sure the condom hadn't broken. He also had remembered that he shouldn't leave the deflating shaft inside the woman, in case the sperm leaked back and got into the vagina anyway, and thus getting her pregnant.

Feeling there was no fluid seeping along the side of the condom; Collin slowly pulled it off and headed to the toilet to flush it. Kattie desperately tried to get him to give it to her as a present that she could drink, but he again knew exactly what she could do with it and quickly dropped into the toilet and hit the flush button.

Jerry was still hidden, in the rarely used restroom on Deck 5, watching for the two men to return. Colt searched the ship for Mr. Ken and his parents and finally found his parents and then the three went looking for Mr. Ken.

After tying and flushing the used condom, Collin began to get dressed.

"And WHERE do you think YOU'RE going?" yelled Kattie, still lying naked there on her now sweaty bed.

"I'm leavin'. I t's getting late, and too close to your parents coming back, for me to be here. I do NOT want to get caught in here with you … especially while you're still naked," replied Collin, as he slipped on his shoes.

"I don't think so, mister. I l e t y o u FUCK ME and now you'll stay with me! Do YOU HEAR ME!" she yelled even harder and louder. "We CAME down her to have some FUN and I NEED YOU IN ME AGAIN!"

"I don't think so, Kattie. I don't know what your game is, or was, even … but I sure am NOT going to be your meal ticket. You tried to use me to get yourself pregnant, didn't you?" demanded the now fully dressed teen.

"I did not use you to try to get pregnant. I'm on the pill, I told you that. And besides, why would I want you to get me pregnant? You're nothing but a hick teenager, a foster boy, no less, who just hangs around the Mall, hoping to get lucky. There are better boys where I come from and who'd make a much better daddy that you ever will be," claimed Kattie.

"I am sure glad you think that, Kattie," cautioned Collin. "But there sure IS something going on, here. I didn't really know what it was until … that is … you tried every which way to not let me use MY Protection. My Big Bro warned me about girls like you who try to not have a guy use a condom. He told me that when they persist too much, 'mark my word they are after a baby'. That is why I made sure I did it myself and then pulled out as soon as I came. I'm only sixteen, and I don't want a baby just yet. You might for some stupid reason, but it won't be by me. That, I am for sure!"

"If you go out that door I'll scream," threatened the distraught sixteen year old girl. "I thought you really liked me," the girl said, as she began to cry. "I thought we really had something going on … together, you and me. We got along so well, Collin. When we kissed I got all hot and … and I know you did, too, because I … I could feel it every time," she cried out even more.

"Kattie, I did enjoy being with you," began Collin, "and the things we did together were awesome, but we're ONLY sixteen; we have our full lives before us. We don't need a baby holding us back. If you want a baby, then… well, find someone who can afford to feed it and clothe it and protect it from the wind, rain, snow and heat and cold. Tyler and Nicole both told me how obsessed you are with sex. Tyler even told me you and he made it a few times when you were on the same cruise, last year.

"Kattie, the sex we had was great, and what we did tonight was something I will always remember for the rest of my life. I may even try to do the same thing when I … when I fuck my next girlfriend. … I gotta go, Kattie. You should get dressed, too, before your parents come back. I hope we can still be friends. … I'll see you around."

Collin looked at the still crying girl, shook his head, opened the door and stepped out. As he turned, the two men who had been following him came around the corner and yelled to him.

"We want to talk to you, young man!" said one of them. "Come with us so we can get this over with," he continued.

Jerry heard the two guys yelling at Collin, so he stepped out from his hiding place, from within the restroom. When he did that, he was behind the men and they didn't notice him there. The thing that Jerry did notice, though, was that Collin was scared, and it showed on his face.

Then, all of a sudden, Collin began to run. He ran as fast as he could towards the men in the hopes of breaking through, and away from them. They both grabbed for him and almost stopped him, when Jerry came up and kicked one man squarely between his legs causing the man to immediately grab his crotch and fall down crying in agony. The second man still had a grip on Collin, and it was then that Jerry saw the Fire Alarm Handle.

He pulled it.

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