Castle Roland

Chapter 94

Published: 8 Apr 14

Instantaneously, when Jerry pulled down on the Fire Alarm handle, the fire bells sounded and the flashing light at each alarm station near the ceiling, and throughout the cruise ship, became activated.

Onboard the ship, the crew designated for firefighting went into action. They quickly donned the appropriate gear and proceeded to Deck 5 where the alarm system showed them to go. At the time the alarm went off, Colt, Cam, Michelle and Ken were on their way to find Jerry and Collin. They ignored the alarm as they continued to run to where they thought they knew the boys were.

Throughout the ship, the public address system told the guests to stay calm and to stay where they were until they got further instructions. The ship's crew, not assigned to other emergency duties or to fight the 'fire', went to their lifeboat stations and awaited further instructions as well.

On Deck 5, the first fire crew members arrived ready to fight the fire, just as Ken, Cam, Michelle and Colt showed up. There they all found Collin struggling on the floor with one man and Jerry hitting on another man who was also down on the floor.

"Help us!" yelled Jerry when he saw people approaching. "These men tried to kidnap Collin, there. I heard them tell him he had to go with them and then I saw them grab him," the eleven year old excitedly screamed. "I kicked this guy in the nuts, and that's why he is down here."

Some of the crew got the man off the teenager and held onto him. The rest of the crew picked the other man up off the floor, while their team leader got on his radio and called for the Fire Alarm to be canceled. He then asked for the Captain and Chief of Security to come to that Deck.

Deck 5 soon looked like a New York Subway Platform, at rush hour, as guests in those aft cabins had come out when they heard the alarms and all the commotion. This added only more humanity to all the people already out in that corridor.

Soon, announcements were made onboard, about a false fire alarm and the guests were asked to go back to enjoying their cruise. The Captain had the Chief of Security take charge of the men, and strongly invited the adults and youngsters to follow along.

The entourage soon arrived onto the Bridge corridors were the group was shown into a large conference room and asked to be seated. Coffee, juice and drinks were soon provided and then the Captain asked the two boys involved to tell him their stories.

As Collin and Jerry told the Captain what happened down on Deck 5, the Chief of Security was interviewing each man, separately, to get their side of the story.

"Weren't you scared, young man, to stay in there all by yourself?" asked the Captain, speaking to Jerry.

"Oh, yes sir, I sure was. I didn't think it would take that long for my brother to find my parents and get back there," replied the youngster.

The assembled group had a light laugh at the boy's answer.

"Okay, now … you all must be wondering what is going to happen," stated the Captain. "Well, my Chief of Security is interviewing those two men; who you say tried to kidnap the boy there. I know from what the Chief told me, earlier in the cruise, that you claimed those same men were following the older teen. He explained he did look into it, and he did see something suspicious, but since he hadn't seen them do anything, to the boy, he told me he really couldn't accuse them. I believe you agreed with him there, Mr. Thomas.

"Okay, now … since there was … some kind of altercation between those men and the teen, we can 'now' do something, but … but, we have to hear what they have to say, too. Oh, and with that, ah yes … there is this … one of the men is being seen by the ship's doctor. It seems you really did a number on him, for sure, young man. I don't think he will ever forget that, any time soon."

It was almost 1:00 AM when the Security Chief came into the conference room and asked to speak with Mr. Thomas, alone. The two men went into another smaller conference room and sat down.

"Mr. Thomas, do you know a man by the name of Andrew Marshall?" asked the Chief

"Why, yes, I do … but what has that to do with this, if I may ask?" responded Mr. Ken.

"Well … what those two men had told me and … ah and remember, I did talk to them separately now … well, they both said they work for that man, and were doing what he asked them to do," the Security Chief explained. "Here are some credentials they had on them, showing they work for Wilkinson Enterprises Security."

"What?" a disbelieving Ken Thomas said. "I don't understand … what … why … I … I assure you I wasn't told there would be anyone … that we needed to be watched … I can't believe that this happened. … I need to call Andy and talk to him and confirm what those two men told you."

"That's what they said, too. They claim they were directed by their Security Chief, who got his instructions from Mr. Marshall, to keep an eye on Collin, in particular, because of what happened to him some months back. … They said they didn't have the full story on that, but that you could … well, could fill us in. So … what do you say? Can you … well, will you please explain things to me and the Captain, so we can … well … I guess understand how this got so out of hand and caused so many people to be involved? … What do you say, Mr. Thomas? Will you help us out here?" the Chief implored.

"Whoa … I am completely blown away by all this," a still unbelieving Ken Thomas said. Then thinking for a moment, he continued and said, "Okay then … let's call in the Captain, shall we? Ah, but before … ah, do you think that ah … you can let the rest of them go back to their cabins? It is late and … well, I know the boys are looking forward to Castaway Cay in the morning, and they need their rest."

"I guess we could let everyone get some sleep, seeing as they are kind of a 'captive' audience, so to speak," the Chief said, trying a bit of humor.

It was close to half past two in the morning when Ken Thomas got back to his cabin after telling Collin's story to the Captain and the Chief of Security. He also got through to Uncle Andy who apologized for the terrible mix up. The end result of their four-way conversation was to pay for the doctor's treatment of the injured man, any and all costs associated with the false Fire Alarm, and the two men would be exonerated for any wrong doing. Ken and Uncle Andy agreed to talk some more at Collin's birthday party the following weekend.

As a very tired Ken Thomas opened his cabin door, he found Collin had company. Jerry and Colt were sound asleep with Jerry and Collin entangled on the pull out queen-sized sleeper sofa. Colt was dead to the world and fast asleep in Collin's twin bed. Ken would find out later it was Jerry who convinced their parents that Collin would be all alone until Mr. Ken got back, and that their cabin did sleep four.

Ken made as little noise as possible, took off his clothes down to his skivvies and climbed into his twin bed. Sleep overtook him, within thirty seconds, he was so damn tired.

Later that morning, as the three lads awoke, they quickly got dressed, so as not to wake Mr. Ken, and they headed off for breakfast. The Topsider Buffet wasn't crowded at all. Many people were already headed down to Castaway Cay, to claim their favorite part of the island. Jerry and Colt assured Collin that their parents would have six places reserved, since they, too, wanted to know what happened after they left the Bridge conference room.

"Guys … ah … I would like to ask you a question, if that's okay with you. And please don't get mad at me for asking, because I know it really isn't any of my business," a tentative teenager asked his two young companions.

"Sure," replied a gleeful Jerry, the ever so happy-go-lucky one of the two.

"Sure, Collin, ask away," answered Colt.

"Well, ah … ah I really don't know how to ask. … But, I was wondering … ah, this morning when I was getting dressed and … well, the first time you were in our cabin … ah, you guys, well, ah … you guys watched me – us get changed like you never saw a naked guy before," the teen finally got the question out.

The two younger boys both looked at one another and then sort of bowed their heads as if they had been caught doing something wrong.

"Guys, guys I didn't mean to embarrass you and all, it's … well both Bro and I noticed it that first time you both … it seemed like you never saw someone get naked before. Don't you guys ever … you know … ever shower together or even change in front of each other?" asked Collin, trying to get to the meat of his curiosity.

Jerry looked over at Colt and slowly nodded for him to answer. Colt sat there for a moment, thinking, and then took a big deep breath.

"Collin, we're … well, we're sorry for looking at you guys, like we did, that day and … and at you this morning. We … we were just … just curious what, you know … like what older guys looked like. … You see we used to take our baths together but … but … you know … I … I would get … hard … and I was embarrassed. Jerry, he'd ask me why … why my thingy always stood up and … and well, I barely knew why, but he was only seven not yet eight, and … and I didn't know how to explain it … I barely knew what was happening to me at that time.

"Me and my buddies would kinda … well … we would, you know, compare each other, when we had sleepovers or camp outs. It wasn't until Jerry, here, was almost ten that he came to me asking me about his … his pecker standing up all the time, especially at school."

"Yeah, it was like the thing had a mind of its own," revealed Jerry. "Did that ever happen to you, Collin? I can remember when… when I was nine and I would like wake up in the morning my … my dick would be hard and everything and when I went to the bathroom and peed it would, you know, go down, but … well, then at school it would just, all of a sudden, get hard again. At first, I didn't ask Colt about it and … I was afraid to ask my friends. But that damn thing would get hard walking in the halls and also while I was sitting at my desk. Then I … I noticed some of my other friends walking with their hands in their pockets or their books in front of them.

"Then, sometimes, I'd see them moving their hand in a pocket like they were like playing with it, but later I found out they were trying to get it to stand straight up and not be so noticeable. When I asked some friends about it they said 'you have an older brother ask him' so I tried. He wouldn't answer me. … I bugged him and bugged him. Then, one day, our dad heard us arguing and sat down with us and explained the 'facts of life as a male' as he put it. It was funny at first…

"Yeah, you should of heard him," chimed in Colt.

"… but he tried to explain how our dicks got hard and why and that it was just telling us how it worked and that when we got older, we'd both be bigger down there and all. Then he asked us to ah … ah, take our clothes off in front of each other," Jerry continued.

"When he said that, I was … I was like 'WHAT?' I didn't really think he wanted us to do that … I mean, there we were … we used to take our baths together but, for like the last two years, we never saw one another naked, again and … and now our dad was asking us to show each other how we looked down there. … I was afraid … well I was more embarrassed than anything because I ... I was hard just then…."

"And so was I," added Jerry, now laughing at that part of the story.

"Well, what did you guys do?" asked Collin.

"Well, we ah … ah we started to take our clothes off …"

"And then dad stood up. I thought he was going to show us his dick, too, but instead he said he wasn't going to embarrass us any more, than he already had with his little talk. He told us we should show each other our 'stuff' as he put it …"

"And, he left us, alone in my room, and closed the door," said Colt. "But before he fully closed the door, he said he hoped that in doing that … well, that we would become closer as brothers and not let 'little things' …"

"And we both burst out laughing when he said that," a now hard laughing Jerry slipped in. "He laughed, too, and said he didn't mean IT that way but that as we did grow our 'stuff' would, too, He went on to say that when we saw other guys at the pool changing or in the gym locker room, taking showers, we would notice how many different sizes and colors and how much hair guys would have. He said if we guys got comfortable, around each other's nudity, it would be a lot quieter around there, meaning the house, and that it would bring us closer together as brothers."

"Yeah, and since that day … every chance we get to look, we do, and then we talk about it later at night," finished Colt.

"So, did you guys, you know, ever show each other you … your stuff?" asked a curious Collin.

"Yeah, we did," both boys said in unison with a big grin on their faces.

"And?" asked Collin.

"We ah … ah, took our clothes off and saw …"

"That I was bigger than he was," laughed Colt.

"Yeah, he was, and I saw he had a few hairs on his dick. Well, they weren't on it but on top like yours are, Collin. He let me touch them … his hairs that is," clarified Jerry.

"Yeah, I did let him feel those few little hairs I had and as he touched them, my … ah … my dick started to ah … ah … rise up and soon was real hard standing almost straight up."

"Yeah, and when I saw his getting hard, mine did, too." Both boys began laughing at each other as they were telling their story.

"Then we measured them, and ever since then we have been good friends, and brothers," commented Colt. "We get along real good now, and we don't argue, well, maybe we do … just a little … and we don't care if we see each other naked, or even hard, now. Since then, we both have understood what our dad was telling us."

"Yeah, some of our friends can't believe we get along so well. They can't believe we allow each other to see each other naked and even hard, sometimes. A lot of our friends, when they come over now, even walk around in their boxers and t-shirts, even in front of mom," added Jerry.

"At first, it was funny. Most of them were afraid their dicks would slip out the front opening, so our mom told the guys to bring over a pair, they would leave there, and she sewed up the front. Now that's all we wear around the house. It's kinda kewl!" said Colt.

"What about you, Collin? Did you ever do anything like that when you were younger?" asked the always curious Jerry.

"Not really … I mean the school I went to didn't make us take showers. Matter of fact, the gym stuff we did never made us sweat. It was like a private school," replied Collin.

"What about with your friends? Didn't you ever do sleepovers or camp out?" asked Colt.

"No … you see, my parents … well, my dad, actually, didn't like the kids because they didn't have the 'social standing', as he called it, and would tell me that he didn't like it when they came around. But ah … yeah, a few times, we showed each other our dicks and we compared them," answered Collin.

"Geez … I'm sorry for you, then, Collin," lightly spoke Jerry.

"What about when you began living with Mr. Ken?", asked Colt.

With that question, Collin told the boys about his taking showers, as he was recovering from his injuries, after the storm and how he and Ryan and then Eric took showers together. He explained some of the funny antics, at the swim parties, and the two younger lads laughed along with him as they heard about the part they all had the 'same equipment'. Collin also told them how he helped Mr. Ken shower after he was shot. The boys then asked if they ever got hard in front of one another and Collin replied in the negative and that disappointed them.

"Hey … look what time it is. We'd better see if Mr. Ken is awake and get out onto the beach. Mom and Dad will be wondering were we are," said Jerry.

The boys finished up eating and headed down to Collin's cabin. There, they found Mr. Ken, half asleep, but he got up when they told him Cam and Michelle had a beach site, and was waiting for them.

When Ken came out of the bathroom, he found the three boys all changing into their swim suits. He was surprised the two younger boys would change in front of him, but didn't say anything. He just dropped his skivvies and walked around until he found his suit and put it on. As he pulled the suit on, he noticed the boys all smirking at him for walking around naked in front of them.

"Hey," Mr. Ken began, "we all got the same equipment!"

As soon as Jerry and Colt heard him say that, they burst out laughing. Collin had to explain that he just told them about Eric, and the swim parties, and that got Mr. Ken laughing, too.

The foursome hurried off the ship, loaded on the tram, and made their way to the Family Beach. The boys knew where to look for their parents and quickly the four late comers hooked up with the older set.

"Hey, Mom, hey, Dad," called out Colt.

"Hi, Boys," called back Cam. "Get your shirts off and try out the water. It is refreshing!" laughed Cam, as the four newcomers all took off their shirts and headed for the blue waters.

"Damn, that's cold," was first heard from Ken.

"Geez, Dad, why didn't you warn us?" hollered Colt.

"I did warn you … but like 'know it all teenagers,' you didn't listen. I said 'It is 'refreshing', didn't I?" laughed Cam, and so did Michelle.

Despite the cooler than normal water temperatures, the four stayed in and swam and played some. Collin couldn't get over the beauty of the place and wished out loud he could stay there longer than a day. It was Colt that told them of the 7-day cruise that has two stops at the Cay. It was Mr. Ken who told him he tried to get accommodations on that cruise, but couldn't find any available cabins for that sailing. But right then and there, it didn't matter as the four enjoyed the wonderful atmosphere and beauty of it all. Soon, Cam and Michelle joined the four and they discussed what they should do for the rest of the day.

The group decided to head over to the Sports Beach and try to play some Beach Volleyball. They sucked at that, so the boys took Collin into the games pavilion to show him what was there. Not wanting to waste too much time there, Collin wanted to experience as many things as he could, so he asked, Mr. Ken, if they could rent a boat.

It didn't take long after the boat rental that they did the Banana Boat Ride and then did some Parasailing. By that time, they were all so very hungry and tired, and lucky for them, Cookie's BBQ was serving their tasty ribs and BBQ chicken at that time. The boys settled for hamburgers and sodas while the adults partook in some delightful alcoholic beverages. It was during that time they talked about the previous night's adventure and wanted to hear from Ken what happened after the rest were sent back to their cabins.

"So, Ken" started Cam, "what happened to you after they dismissed us last night, and sent us packing to our cabins?"

"Nothing like not beating around the bush, huh, Cam?" teased Ken, and smiled at the also smiling Cam.

"Ah … let's see … where to start…oh, okay. Okay, you knew when the Captain said you could go back to your rooms that the guys who supposedly attacked Collin, were actually employees of Collin's company. The security manager had told them to watch out for him, right?" began Ken.

"Yes, go on," Cam answered for the group.

"Okay, then there is where I will begin," said Ken. "The Captain took all of us to the smaller conference room. So, you know who was there, it was the Captain, the Chief of Security, me, and the two guys. The two men explained they got their instructions to sail on that cruise and they were to look out for us, and to watch what Collin did. They said two other men set sail on the other ship, since their boss had no idea which ship we were on. … Sound complicated? … Wait until you hear the rest.

"They said they identified Collin, and me, when we were sitting on that deck talking, and the boys were crying. And when they called their boss, his instructions were ,and I quote, 'watch what the boy does and make note of it and try not to let him out of your sight and make sure he doesn't get into any trouble', unquote. I have a copy of their written instructions back in the cabin.

"I was furious, when I heard those instructions, and I was even more furious at Collin's 'Uncle Andy' who was his dad's Best Friend, and primary lawyer. He was the only person who we have dealt with this entire time. S o, anyway, I demanded that we call him, Andrew Marshall, that is, right then.

"The Security Chief said something about it being late, where he was, and then I raised my voice, very loudly, and said it was late where we are, and if I had to be awake for some stupid shit he caused, then he best better be awake, too. And then I got forward on my chair and pointed at the men and said, 'if he doesn't answer, then we'll call those assholes' boss, and then HE can answer some questions for me.' You should have seen those two guys' faces when I said that. I thought they would have a stroke right then and there."

"Damn, Bro … I wish I could have been there," piped up Collin. "Did you talk to Uncle Andy?"

"Collin, you had been through too much, already, and I felt you needed to calm down and get some rest. And, by the way, thank you, Colt and Jerry, for staying with him, until I got back. That was very thoughtful of you guys. You don't know how much I appreciated that, when I entered the cabin, and you were there. Thanks!

"Well, to continue, the ships personnel were able to contact their boss, first. He was rip-roaring pissed off, because we awoke him in the middle of the night. Our conversation went back and forth, over who gave him the authority, and what was he thinking of by letting those two dumb nuts to even touch who they were following. Collin, you will really love this part. Their boss, Lloyd Palmer, is his name, then got all high and mighty on me and demanded 'Who the hell do you think you ARE?' I saw those two guys kind of smirk at me when Palmer said that, and I just politely smiled back at them.

"'So, you really don't know who I am, Mr. Palmer, do you?' I asked."

"He replied something like, 'You're that jerk who's got that kid wrapped around your little finger and now … now, that you've screwed up, I am confident that Mr. Hale will make sure you'll have nothing to do with that kid, ever. Just you wait and see.' I laughed out loud at what he had to say, especially about Mr. Hale. I fired that guy months ago, but somehow he managed to stick around. I'll fix that when I get home, or maybe Collin's Uncle Andy will have that fixed by then. We'll see, won't we Collin?

"Dang, I keep getting off the subject. Okay, Mr. Palmer is laughing at me and the two guys are smirking even bigger at me, too, now. And, I continue my ship to shore phone conversation with him and say again, 'you and Mr. Hale are best friends, I take it. And he never really told you who I am? Well guess what, Mr. Lloyd Palmer? I AM the CEO of Wilkinson Enterprises Inc, and its Chief Operating Officer. THAT'S … WHO … I … AM. And, now, I have some news for you. ' You are hereby FIRED and these two assholes here are fired, as well. Yours and their incompetence is laughable. DO NOT enter the building, as of this minute. If you do, you will be arrested for trespassing. You will be informed when you may clean out your office. The same goes for these two dumb shits!'

"I was on a roll!" laughed Ken.

"But what about Uncle Andy" asked Collin? "Didn't you talk to him, too?"

After taking a big sip, from his frozen strawberry daiquiri, Ken said, "The communications officer already had him on the line and we didn't know that. After I fired those three men, your Uncle Andy spoke up and said he would take care of the details first thing in the morning.

"You see, Collin, your Uncle Andy said he told Palmer to have people watch out for us and to be there in case anyone tried something. He read his email to Palmer back to me. Then, he said he marked me as a 'carbon copy' so we'd know. Unfortunately, he had my email address wrong. Instead of hitting the address list, and selecting it or even just typing my name and letting the Address List fill it in instead, he typed in the email address from memory. Yep, you guessed it. He got it wrong.

"To top it all off, all the time those two guys, who were watching you thought they were doing some sort of undercover surveillance of you, and were to get the goods on you and your activities. Evidently … ahhem … they learned you ah … got lucky last night and wanted to make sure that pretty little girl wasn't going to try and blackmail you."

"Way to go, Collin!" yelled Jerry. "I can't wait until I do it, too, one day."

The entire group sat there stunned after hearing what Jerry just said. The eleven year old recognizing it got suddenly quiet said, "What … what did I say?" Then thinking back a few seconds he suddenly realized what he just. "Oh, Mom … Mom, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it that way, honest. Please, please forgive me."

Michelle and Cam then burst out laughing at their youngest son. Colt and Collin and Ken joined in. Cam then pulled Jerry into his body, scuffed his hair and gave him a big hug. Jerry was relieved he wasn't in any trouble for saying what he just did.

"So, Bro, what about Mr. Hale, how'd he stay involved with the company?" Collin wanted to know.

"Well, that is what Uncle Andy will have to straighten out, come Monday. It also looks like I will need to go up there more, now, and make my face better known. Trying to 'lead' from afar doesn't work, it seems. Even when the people who are supposed to do their jobs can't seem to do them, without having someone looking over their shoulders," responded Collin's Big Bro.

"Mr. Ken, will I get into trouble for … you know … ah, kicking that guy in his ah … you know his … his privates?" asked a concerned young boy.

"I don't think so, Jerry. You shouldn't, because you came to the defense of someone you thought was being attacked. And if you do, I'll make sure we are there in any way we can be to help. Just let us know if they try something, okay, Cam?"

"You got it. Jerry did what he should have done, but we all know 'no good deed goes unpunished'." Everyone laughed at his last statement.

"Okay, we still have a few hours before we sail. So, what say we get busy and enjoy the rest of our time, here at Castaway Cay," Ken announced.

And so they took advantage of the rest of the remaining light and rented the water tricycles and of course when they finished that they had to do the sailboats. Lucky for the boys, Mr. Ken knew what he was doing as they tipped it over a few times laughing each and every time.

That night, at dinner, the boys took center stage at the table. They talked over one another, and told their favorite parts of the whole trip. In the end, though, they all agreed, even the adults, the most fun, now that it was all over, was the intrigue brought about by those men following Collin, and then, at the end, when Jerry kicked the guy in his gonads.

When dinner was over, the six took one last evening stroll along the upper deck and then treated themselves to some ice cream sundaes. The boys then did what they did best, they disappeared. Collin headed to the Stack to say his farewells to his new friends, from there, and Colt and Jerry went and played some video games.

The Disney Magic docked soon after 7 AM, Saturday morning, sounding its horn and waking the majority of the passengers out of a sound sleep. Not long after that, people were seen getting up and about the ship. Some went and got breakfast then went back to their cabins to pack, while others took their last leisurely turn around the ship, taking the pictures they meant to before.

When the phone rang, in cabin 7076, Collin picked it up and said, "Hi Jerry, where're we meeting you for breakfast?" … "Okay, see you there in about 30 minutes."

"Bro, we're meeting the Davies at Goofy's for breakfast, in 30 minutes," the teenager yelled loud enough so Ken could hear him in the shower.

Ken soon walked out into the main part of the cabin, still wet and still naked.

"Oh, I thought Jerry and Colt were here," a laughing Mr. Ken said to Collin. "That's why I came out naked. I figured they were here and wanted another look."

"We talked about that, Bro, at breakfast yesterday," Collin started, "before we came to get you to go to the beach. Seems they are just the typical young boys wanting to know what other guys look like. They did hope, however, to see you hard, though. I told them when I get that picture; I'd e-mail it to them."

That last comment got the wet towel thrown his way and Collin threw it back and then got undressed and walked naked into the shower. They arrived at Goofy's with two minutes to spare.

"This has sure been some cruise," remarked Cam, as the six sat there eating breakfast.

"Ken, I thought this was going to be another boring cruise," began Michelle. " Boy, was I ever wrong! Now, don't get me wrong, I don't mean it to sound as if I wanted Collin to get hurt or worse, but … well, you've got to admit that the intrigue over the men following Collin and then the excitement of rushing all over the ship, looking for the boys and then … being herded to the Captain's Conference Room like a bunch of cattle was … was as though it came from an Agatha Christie novel."

The group all laughed at her longish comment and continued to enjoy their food.

"Cam, how are you getting back home, today?" asked Ken.

"We'll catch the hotel bus to the airport. It leaves here around noon and takes an hour to get there. Our flight is scheduled for sometime around three-thirty, I do believe, and we'll be home late tonight. Why do you ask, Ken?" said Cam.

"Well, our limo will pick us up close to noon, as well, and it will take us directly to the airport. You're welcome to ride with us. There's lots of room and it will be much more comfortable. I'd offer you a plane ride home, too, but I ordered the smaller aircraft this time around as there was only the two of us," replied Ken.

"Yeah, Dad, let's!" cried his two boys. "That way we can talk with Collin some more, too, dad," added Jerry.

Cam looked at his wife and saw the hopeful grin on her face and he quickly accepted the invitation. That decided, they planned to meet inside the terminal at 12 noon. The six, then, all headed to their separate cabins to finish packing.

"Geez, this is so kewl," sounded out Jerry.

"I'll say," added his older brother, Colt.

"This is so gracious of you, Ken and Collin, to allow us to share your ah … your ride, your limo, your, your … I'm not sure what to call it other than fantastic," said Michelle.

On the ride back to the Orlando Airport, the boys made sure they had each other's phone numbers and e-mail addresses. The adults got into that, too, but they exchanged business cards and added, to the back, any missing information.

Ken had their driver drop the Davies off first, at the main terminal, when they reached the airport. He wanted to see the faces on the boys when they got out and the people looked at them trying to determine who they were.

"Thank you, Mr. Ken," said Jerry, as he hugged the young man. "I hope we get to cruise with you again sometime. That was fun."

Colt, too, thanked Ken Thomas and gave him a big hug as well.

Cam and Ken shook hands but as they finished Cam pulled the 24 year man to him and gave him a hug, also, and he, too, thanked him for the Best Cruise ever.

Michelle gave Ken and Collin some motherly hugs and caressed their faces as she finished. "Boy's, that was THEE Best Disney Cruise I've ever been on, and like Jerry, I sure hope we can do this again sometime. Please take good care of yourselves, and please stay in touch."

Collin had tears in his eyes as the limo pulled away from the terminal. Their next stop was the Business Terminal and then Home!

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