Castle Roland

Chapter 100

Published: 8 Apr 14

Everyone was relieved when mom and son moved to each other and hugged one another and apologized for whatever they thought they had done to the other. The two family members were unaware of the remaining group, surrounding them, as they hugged some more and decided to find a quiet place to do some talking. Ken heard that, and took them aside and offered his Study, with those two soft and enveloping leather chairs, for them to get 'whatever' off of their minds.

"Phew, I'm glad it went as well as it did," said Eileen.

"I think we all are," offered Clint. "Brent has really been down these last few months and with Aidan being in the hospital, it got even worse."

"What do you mean?" asked Jack.

"Well, with Aidan being attacked," Clint began, "and then not being around for Brent to pal around with, his mom got even more 'over the top' with her watching him, and checking up on him. He tried to stay over at my place, once, and she must have called four times, before eleven, when he decided to go home, saying, 'she'd never let us get any sleep until he was back home'.

"He apologized to my parents for her calling so much. He then asked my dad to take him home. The next day, he told me his mom was real happy he decided to come home to his mother. He emphasized the word 'mother' not momma or mommy or mom, even. He was about to cry when he told me that. He asked me not to say anything."

After hearing that revelation from Clint, everyone sat very quietly in the kitchen, drinking their coffee or soda and thinking about the evening's happenings. After about five minutes of that, Ken spoke up.

"It's as if we're all at a funeral. We are here to celebrate Collin's birthday, so this should be a festive time. We'll just have to leave Janice and Brent to work things out, the best they can. Hopefully, this evening's discussions will be the catalyst for them to move on to the next stop, for both of them.

"Okay, what say we dig into Maria's scrumptious sweet cakes? Sure, we'll all regret it in the morning, but, tonight, these things will make you extremely happy. Let's dig IN!" was all it took for everyone to reach for their favorite looking concoction and begin eating it.

It was after 1:00 AM when the boys, minus Brent, went up to their bedrooms. Actually, they all wound up in Collin's room, after they all got rid of some excess fluids. As the boys sat around the room, they began to look through the drawers like any red blooded American boy would do.

"Hey, what do we have here?" said Doug, as he held up a handful of condoms.

"Whoa there, let me see those," yelled Clint.

Doug then threw some over to him and then to Aidan.

"Collin … are these the kind you used on your cruise girlfriend?" asked Doug.

"Well … I'm not really sure which one I used on her, that night, but what you got there in your grubby hands are what's left over from the 'talk' our Big Bro gave us about sex and women, in general," replied Collin.

"Your Big Bro talked to you about sex, and he used condoms for a 'show and tell'?" asked Aidan.

"Guys, it's a long story; so, I'll try to make it short. One night, we had our girls over here for dinner and a movie," began Collin.

"You mean Shelley and Megan?" asked Doug.

"Yes, Shelley and Megs were here one night, and, after they left, Bro talked to us about the smell of sex in the Theater. The next day, we went out for breakfast and on the way home, he must have bought twelve boxes of rubbers. Then later, he talked to us about the ways girls can manipulate us into having sex, and then getting pregnant, without us really knowing what happened.

"He showed us the condoms and talked about the different types and how to use them, responsibly. He was real kewl about it, and I was so very glad he did that, for when I got my chance to fuck that girl, Kattie. It was perfect! That's all I can say about that," said Collin.

The boys had talked about girls, and dating, in general, for about 30 minutes when the California Boys began to yawn over and over.

"I'm gonna hit the hay," announced Clint. "I can't believe how late it is."

"Yeah, I think I'll join you, there," said Doug. "Take care and sleep well, Collin; you, too, Aidan."

With Clint and Doug both gone, Collin got a chance to talk to Aidan alone, and ask him about his attack. He told Aidan what his mom told him; back when they visited, but that he was curious about everything. Collin then told him about his attack, so they could compare what happened.

"Well, I was headed over to Brent's when it happened. Brent and I often study together and well … these guys, from the area, came at me. They called me some names, and then they jumped me," explained Aidan. "There was only one guy who put me in the hospital. He knocked the wind out of me and I couldn't catch my breath."

"You never said how many attacked you. … Does it bother you to talk about it? Man, if it does, then let's drop it. There's no need for me to know the whole story," said Collin.

Aidan sat there for a few moments thinking about his attack and knew he had to talk about it so that when the trial came, he would be able to say it with ease and not be tripped up on the stand. At least that was what his lawyer and the DA had told him.

"Well, yeah, it is a bit hard to talk about … you know … these guys, who you know, come at you and … and beat the shit out of you because you're … well, because I'm … gay," an embarrassed Aidan revealed. "But … but, I need to talk about it some, because they said I will have to tell my story at the trial. But … it's tough," Aidan finished.

"I know exactly what you mean," said Collin, knowing he still had to testify at his kidnapping trial and his parents' murders. "I had to go to court for the guy who attacked me."

"I just don't understand why they did it. I mean … we knew each other, ever since we were kids. They really didn't know I was … ah gay, they … they just thought I was, so they decided to do something about it. Ah, Collin, you ah … did know I was gay, before … before I just told you?" a now worried Aidan wasn't sure if he had told his Texas Friend too much.

"Yes, Aid, I knew. We learned that info when we were out there, but … well, I didn't want to talk to you about that, okay? That's your personal … well, that's up to you to tell and talk about it, when you are ready. I was … mainly curious about the attack. When Rodney hit me, he was right there in front of me and … and the next thing I know I was laying on the ground gasping for air," said Collin in response.

"Sorry, I don't really know who knows or not … that is about me being gay," the still nervous teenager said. "There were four guys who came up to me, but it was only three of them who actually beat me. The other guy was telling them to stop and they told him to shut up or they'd give him the same thing. I got in a few good punches, but … well they ganged up on me and then they held me and they each took turns on me. … When they finished, they let me fall to the ground and the last thing I remembered was that I was hit in the head, near my temple." That said, Aidan lifted his hand up to his right temple area and sort of rubbed it.

"Fuck, Aid," said Collin. "Damn, I'm sorry that happened to you. When I got the e-mail, from Brent, I was … was shocked, and I ran to Mr. Ken and … well, I just knew we had to come out there."

Aidan looked up at his friend and said, "I'm glad you guys did. If you hadn't … I might still be in the hospital, you know, vegging away. … Collin, I don't understand it. They said it was you and your little brother who talked to me, but … well; they said I said 'Mr. Ken' first. Is … is that how it happened?"

"Yeah, it was something like that. It was Eric, though, who heard you the first time. Then you said it again and, well, we both heard it and then your mom came in, and was she ever pissed that we were in the room. I thought she was going to call the cops on us, and get us thrown in jail. Then, Mr. Ken and Brent and Ryan came into the room and you said his name again. That's basically how it went. Then, the doctors got all excited and then your mom and dad did, too. Matter of fact, we all did. Brent said you had been in the coma since Wednesday night and it was Saturday, when we got there," explained Collin.

"Thanks, man … at least I know how it all happened. I asked mom and dad but they couldn't remember. … Brent then told me you all went over to the boardwalk and had a blast. That wasn't fair," teased Aidan. "I still haven't been over there since … well since."

"Well, maybe we can come out and visit you all again, some time? I liked both trips and there is so much to see and do out there, too," said Collin.

"Yeah … ah, I think I'll go on to bed, too. I'm tired. I wonder where my sleep mate is? I hope he and his mom can fix things up. That was pretty intense, tonight. … OK, good night, Collin. Sleep tight!" Aidan then hugged Collin and walked out the door and went to the bathroom first and then to his bedroom.

It wasn't long after that that Brent knocked on Collin's door and asked if he could come in for a few minutes.

"Thanks, Collin, I know it's late, but … well could you talk with me for a few minutes?" asked Brent.

"Sure. What's up?" asked Collin.

"Well, I want to thank you, for tonight," began Brent.

"What, I didn't do anything," answered Collin.

"Well, for me, you did. You came after me, down at the beach … and you stayed with me and my friends. … My mom and I talked and talked. We just finished," related Brent.

"Do you think you and your mom will work things out?" asked Collin.

"Yeah … I think we will. It was going to happen sooner or later. I was getting real tired of being treated the way I was. Tonight only sped things up and … well, in a way, I'm kinda glad it happened here," explained Brent.

"Why's that?" asked Collin.

"Well, here, she had no place to hide. At home, she would have gone to her bedroom and ignored me, until I gave in. Here … well where could she go? And we would have to fly back tomorrow, together, but at least tonight, we talked about how … how things affected me and me needing to grow up," answered Brent.

"Brent … don't get mad at me, please, but … ah, does your mom know about Aidan and … ah, how he feels for you?" asked Collin, trying to tip toe around that sensitive question.

"Well … ah … yeah, she does," was all Brent said.

It was quiet in the bedroom for a few minutes, with both boys looking back and forth at one another. It was awkward for both of them as each had questions they wanted to ask the other, but neither could figure out a way to begin. Then, without delay, Brent began asking Collin questions.

"Collin … ah … jeez, I don't know how to ask you this, because … well, I know how personal it has to be, but … well, I am just curious. It was that first time we met back in January, but I was too chicken to ask back then," the teen finally got out.

"Well, go ahead and ask. I can either answer or tell you it's none of your business," chuckled Collin, as he replied.

"Okay, here goes. … Did … ah, did those guys who kidnapped you … ah, did they ah … ah… do anything to you? Ah, I mean … ah, you know … if they did ah … did it hurt and stuff?" asked a very embarrassed Brent.

Collin smiled as he heard the question. Brent was the first and only person who actually asked about what the kidnappers did to him. Well, other than Doc Rick, who had to, and Special Agent Campbell, because it was his job. After telling him that, Collin answered his question.

"Yeah, Brent they … umm … they fucked me!" said Collin.

"Did it … you know … hurt … bad an all?" quietly asked Brent.

"The first time, it hurt like hell. This guy Mark just stripped off my clothes, and shoved it right in. Then, after he left, Dean, another one of the kidnappers, came and … and he put some stuff on my asshole. After that, they used something called KY and that made it … well, made it somewhat better. It didn't hurt so much, then," replied Collin.

"Then, after a while, Dean let me do some stuff to him. He even sucked my dick for me and … well, I even did it to him. I felt like if I didn't do it with them, they'd have done it like Mark did it that first time, and I didn't like being hurt that way. Why do you want to know, Brent?"

Brent sat there very quiet for a few moments before answering, "I was … kinda wondering how … how it felt and all. Ah … me and Aid … well, we kinda of talked about it and all, but … well, we don't know anyone to ask and … and I'm sorry Collin for bringing up bad memories. I … I had no right to ask you that, because … because of my own stupidity."

Collin went over to the teenager and put his arm around his shoulder and pulled the boy to him to comfort him as tears came pouring out.

"Brent … there are NO wrong or bad questions, for that matter, other than the ones we never ask. I'm glad you came to ask me," said Collin.

"You are?" quickly asked Brent.

"Yeah, that's what friends are for. If they know something you go to them and ask, especially, if it is something so … so personal," replied Collin.

"But you … you also, you know … fucked a girl. Didn't those guys … you know making you do those … those things to you make you want to like doing that even more? You know, you said you even did it with them after a while. I figured you liked it," answered Brent.

"To tell you the truth, Brent, I guess after a while, I kinda did like it. I mean, I never done anything but jack-off before that, and all, and here were these guys doing these things to me that, after a while, it felt good and … and they even let me do it back to them. After I got better, I thought I would be gay, and all, but … well, Ryan got me a blind date, and we hit it off and well, we did some stuff together and I knew I could go for girls, then, too. But Shelley and me never did anything but … we touched each other and boy can she ever make me hard. You know, I'm kinda glad I got to fuck a different girl, before Shelley. I hope, one day, Shelley and me can go all the way. At least, I now know I can do it and I know what to do," explained Collin.

"Do you … I guess what I should ask is if you still would do it with another guy. You know, if a guy gave you the opportunity to … to ah suck and fuck one another would … you do it?" asked Brent outright.

"Brent, I guess … yeah, if the timing was right, and … it was the right person, I might. But, I gave myself the chance to see if girls turned me on, too, and … they do, too. Is there something your leading to, here, Brent?" asked Collin.

"Well, I guess … I was trying to see if … if doing gay stuff would make you gay all the time. The way my mom treated me, I never even thought about girls and when Aidan and me got together, we … well, we did some stuff … you know like jacking each other off and sucking one another, but … we never … ah, fucked yet. I've been afraid to do it. I've also been afraid that … that I'll be gay all my life, too, then.

"Collin, I really like Aidan, and he and I are so right together, but … but, I know how much my mom wants me to have kids. Shit … I'm all confused right now. There's too much going on with my mom, and Aidan being attacked, and … and now … I just don't know what to do, Collin. I wish … I wish you lived closer so we could talk and stuff. You've experienced so much that I … I could ask you stuff. Oh shit … I'm just making a mess of all this," said an exasperated Brent.

"Look, Brent … I'm going to be here and, after you get back home, there is no reason you can't call and talk to me," said Collin in response.

"You mean that?" asked Brent.

"Yeah, why not … but … but you need to be honest with Aidan, and all, about this. You know the stuff about your mom and kids. And Brent … you owe it to yourself to date girls, to see if you want to do that, too, just like me. … We are still very young to be making so serious of plans right now, I think. I know I'm going to date and do what comes natural, and … well; I don't plan to get married until I finish college, and then some. I see how Mr. Ken has done it, and I like how he views things, and deals with them."

"You mean Mr. Ken does gay stuff, too?" asked an incredulous Brent.

"NO, no he doesn't do that stuff. At least he never gave me any indications. He never talks about guys. It's always been the girls in his life, and boy you should see some of them he dated in college. Ryan and I heard him on the phone with one of his old girlfriends. He had the speaker phone on and, boy-oh-boy, the stuff they talked about. Then, the night of the New Year's Eve Dance, his date spent the night. Dang, I just KNOW he got laid that night."

Brent let out a huge yawn and then apologized for keeping his friend up so late. The two stood up and hugged one another and agreed to find some quiet time tomorrow to finish their talk. Then, like Aidan, Brent went to the bathroom before going to his bedroom to sleep.

Collin followed the same footsteps, a few minutes later, and soon he was fast asleep, too. By now, it was almost 3 AM.

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