Castle Roland

Chapter 107

Published: 8 Apr 14

"Bro, when do you think I could take my driving test to see if I can get my driver's license?" asked Collin, after he got ready for his date with Shelley.

"Well, Collin, do you think you are ready for that responsibility? Are you ready to have a Texas State Trooper sit right next to you while he has you drive around and he determines whether or not you ARE ready for your driver's license? And have you completed six months of having your license?" inquired Mr. Ken.

"Dang, Mr. Ken, I need to sit down and think this through. I did have a permit when I took my Driver's Education Course last year, but I think it expired when I was kidnapped. I wonder if that time and this time can be added, to make that total six months time?" reasoned a very anxious teen.

"Collin, you make a good point, but we can't get that answer until Monday, I suppose. Go on and catch up with your date and have a good time. Don't let this ruin your evening, with your girl. Go on, now, and have fun," encouraged Mr. Ken, as he gave Collin a little bit of a shove out of his Study.

It was midnight when the limo returned the teens to the Cove. They went upstairs to change into their boxers and t-shirts to get comfortable and then came down to the Study to check in with Mr. Ken.

"Ah, I'm glad you two decided to stop in here, tonight. I know Collin will be very happy with what I have to tell him," said Mr. Ken, to the lads as they got comfortable in the leather chairs.

"What did you find out, Bro?" asked Collin. "Does it have something to do with my driver's license? Does it, does it?" the overly excited teenager pestered his mentor.

"Well, and don't take this as 'gospel', Collin, but I did some Google Searches tonight and I read on the Texas Department of Public Safety, Graduated Drivers License Program that all a person needs to do is 'hold' an instruction permit for a minimum of six months and they can then be issued a restricted driver's license," relayed Mr. Ken.

"Does that mean you'll take me to get my driver's license an ... and I can then drive all by myself?" asked an enthused Collin.

"Well, you will have to wait until the end of April before you'll have the required six months. During that time, we will have to find the documentation that proves you had a previous learner's permit, prior to your being abducted. Then, if the State accepts that and certifies you met the minimum requirements, we'll get you your driver's license," explained the man.

Collin began to jump all over as happy as a lark. Even Chief got into the act by lightly barking along with Collin's enthusiasm. Then all of a sudden, Collin stopped dead in his tracks. He looked over at his best friend's face and saw that Ryan wasn't too happy at all.

"Ry, you just started your driver training, didn't you?" meekly asked the teenager. "That means you'll have to wait until what ... the end of ... oh, wow, the end of July. Oh, I'm sorry for celebrating like that, Ry. Please forgive me, will ya?" implored the teen.

"Yeah, I forgive ya. I don't blame ya for feeling that way. I probably would feel the same way if it was me who had that happen to," stated Ryan.

The three sat in the Study for about a half hour before the boys began to yawn more and more so Mr. Ken schussed off to bed. He turned off his computer and was in his bed almost as quick as the two teenagers.

Saturday and Sunday were almost a blur for everyone working on the upcoming May Elections. Phone calls were made and more leaflets were delivered and questions answered about their candidates. Mary and Judy and even Eric got involved in stuffing envelopes and affixing address labels on some packages being sent to the outlying county residents. Momma Maria kept them fortified with her wonderful food stuffs and coffee and soft drinks or juices. There were only three more weekends before the big elections and the pace was picking up more and more every day.

Uncle Andy decided to head on back home, seeing how busy the people at the Cove were, and he was very glad he did. When he entered his office Monday morning, he had some messages that indicated a couple of the men, who were recently arrested in conjunction with James and Charlotte Wilkinson's murders, wanted to talk to him. At first his heart began to race, because the thought of his best friend's murder and that of his wife came rushing back to the forefront of his mind.

After sitting down and taking a clearer look at what that may mean, he began to relax and made some phone calls, so he could see those men who wanted to talk to him. Two hours later, he had appointments to talk to the three men who contacted him. Their lawyers all agreed to meet with him and their clients, the next morning at ten, at the county jail, where the men were being held without bond.

Andrew Marshall couldn't think of anything else the rest of the day, and so he decided to leave the office early. He had thought of calling Ken Thomas, and letting him know what was going to happen, but he thought better of that, and said to himself that it would be best to have something substantial to tell him, and Collin, when he called. Andrew Marshall went straight home, had a wonderful dinner, with his wife, and slept well for the first time in a long time.

Monday at school, all the kids involved with the upcoming election were ecstatic about the entire process. None of them had ever participated in anything so large, in their young lives, and they were beginning to enjoy the 'thrill of the hunt' in getting their School Board and Hospital District Board candidates elected. Collin and Ryan were their 'go to' guys and every chance the high school boys and girls got, they coordinated with those two.

For some of the teachers, the teenagers' focus on an election was distracting and they complained to Mr. Stanley that it hindered the learning process. Other teachers applauded the process as they saw the larger picture in having the future voters being so involved. Principle Stanley wanted to put a stop to all of the political talk and campaign rhetoric, but knew he was on very thin ground with Mr. Thomas right then. Twice, he made the wrong decisions and he was afraid that any attempt by him to put an end to the students' enthusiasm, and drive, would get him fired sooner than later. He already knew his days were numbered if the students' candidates got elected.

Tuesday night, Collin and Ryan and Mr. Ken and 'mom' Mary Taylor all stopped in at the hospital, to see Rodney. Arriving at the ICU unit, they were happy to find Rodney had been moved to a private room, since his condition had been upgraded to GOOD. Finding the injured teenager in his new digs, the four visitors stayed for about a half hour and got caught up on the teen's condition and the plan for his future health care.

"Rodney looked so good tonight, didn't he?" said Collin to no one in particular.

"Yes, he sure did. I think it is great that he will be sent to a Rehabitual Station Hospital soon," offered Ryan.

When the teen said what he did, the other three all stopped, and looked at the boy, as he continued to walk along. When he noticed he was walking alone, he too stopped and looked back and saw the looks on his mom's and friends' faces.

"What ... what did I say, what did I do?" asked Ryan.

"Ryan, Rodney is NOT going to a Rehabitual Station," a very discouraged 'mom' Taylor spoke up. "Son, Rodney is going to go to a Rehabilitation or Physical Therapy Hospital, where they can get his arms and legs muscles back in shape, so he can once again begin to walk. You'll be able to go visit him there, but only when he is not in therapy or seeing any of the other specialties there. Ryan ... Rodney has a long road ahead of him. With two broken arms, and a broken leg, it will be months before he will walk again. His eye socket is healing, but he may need additional surgery, if his vision goes bad. His ribs are practically healed, but they will be sore for a few more weeks, until they are completely healed."

"Mr. Ken," said Ryan, "will Rodney be able to finished high school?"

"That is a good question, there, Ryan. I guess that will be up to his mom and doctors if he will be able to do his assignments between his therapy sessions," replied the man.

"That would suck to go to school all those years and not be able to graduate with a diploma, but instead have to get one of those GEDs," said Collin.

"They're just as good," replied Mary.

"No, they're not," quickly answered Collin. "They are not the same as having a Diploma from a high school, with the name on it, and everything. We need to see what we can do so Rodney can get that diploma. Even if he doesn't graduate this spring, maybe he can finish up during the first session of school next fall, and get his diploma at Christmas time. I bet he'd like that."

The four quietly discussed what was next for Rodney, as they walked to their cars in the parking lot. The conversation continued at dinner that night.

Friday night, the boys were allowed to have their girl's over for the evening. Mr. Ken gave the boys strict orders about the acceptable behavior that night, and that he expected them to treat their girlfriends with respect and dignity. After the lecture, the teens went upstairs to get ready.

"Col, are they our girlfriends?" asked Ryan, while the two boys were getting their showers.

"Ryan, to be honest with you, yeah, I think they are. I mean ... we only go out with one another and ... well, I think that is one of the criteria. Besides, they are so soft and warm and ... and sexy," laughed Collin, as he answered his best friend's question.

"Yeah," agreed Ryan, as he washed a certain part of his anatomy which immediately responded to his manipulations.

"Whoa, there, Ry, you better take care of that thing before you and Megan get together," warned Collin, when he saw the erection Ryan was sporting at that moment.

"Yeah, I think I'd better. This way, I'll be able to hold off longer ... well, at least I hope to be able to hold off. (Then he laughed.) If Megan touches me, as she did that last time, then I am in big trouble. My pants will be soaked for sure," replied Ryan, as he grabbed his member and began the time honored ritual of teenaged boys all around the world.

Four minutes later, a long sigh of relief was given by Ryan, as he released five long strings of his 'joy juice'. Then, as he opened his eyes, he saw that Collin had joined him, in the art of self pleasure, and was on the verge of 'going over the top', and then Collin did.

The teen's verbal exclamation of joy, as he, too, released his pent up 'baby making juice', was similar to his best friend's. After finishing, and opening his eyes, he saw Ryan standing there with a big smile. No words were needed between the two, as they joined together in a big hug. Then, rinsing off, the two teens went and got dressed. Their big night was upon them.

The girls arrived and Mr. Ken talked to their parents and explained the rules of the evening. Hearing they were similar to the last time the girls were there, the parents were satisfied and reiterated they would be back around midnight to retrieve their daughters.

It was only 7:30 PM, when the girl's parents drove away, and being still early in the night, Collin suggested the four of them take a walk to the boat dock. They all grabbed their jackets and took a slow stroll down the slight rise to the waiting boat dock, and the wooden seats. By the time they arrived there, the night was beginning to claim its time of day and the four teens enjoyed the darkness.

"Collin, I love this ... this scene, sitting here on the dock, looking out over the lake. The air is so still and the air is so calm this evening. It's as if this night was made for you know, us," said Shelley, as she hung on to her boyfriend.

Collin didn't say a word as he enjoyed snuggling up to his girl.

Ryan and Megan were not too far away, but the couples couldn't see each other for two reasons. The first and most logical was that it was dark, without a moon, and second, they deliberately went in different directions. Ryan knew his way around the dock and the 'finger's of the Cove as that is where he worked, and loved it. That neither couple could see one another made for an even better evening out, as it gave them each the privacy they all desired.

As they kissed, Collin could feel Shelley lightly stroking the front of his jeans. In return, he began to lightly stroke her shoulder and then down to her twin pillows. As Collin felt his penis become very erect, to the manipulations of his girl, he also could feel his girl's nipples firm up, under her bra.

Over where Ryan and Megan were situated, they, too, had begun the 'dance' of two lovers - out to stroke and be stroked. It wasn't long before Megan had Ryan's flagpole out of his trousers and was gently stroking it. Ryan was so thankful that he had beat-off in the shower. He knew he would last longer, now, but not how much longer.

At another part of the boat dock, Collin had slowly begun to slide his hand up and under Shelley's loose blouse and soon he had her bra undone and could gently caress the soft and pliable breast. Meanwhile, Shelley was also busy and had Collin's jean's zipper down and was working on his belt and snap.

Ryan, not wanting to shoot, just yet, had Megan slow down and then stop while he made sure his girl was being made to feel wanted, and, of course, loved. He slowly unbuttoned her blouse and slid his hand behind her and undid her bra, which allowed her ample breasts to fall out. He gently began to roll one, then the other, through his hands and as he did that, Megan began to purr.

Shelley was having a time with the belt buckle Collin had worn, so he stopped what he was doing and helped her open it, and then the snap. With that area now open, Shelley opened the jeans as far she could, and slid down Collin's boxers, which allowed his rigid tube steak to stand tall, and extremely hard. Shelley then let Collin open her blouse and take her bra off. Even though it was early spring, and the evening temperature was not all that warm, the heat from the two very hot and sexy couples kept them amply warm as they went back to manipulating each other.

With Megan's breasts exposed, she now took charge and opened her boyfriend's belt and top button and had him help her slide his boxers and trousers down some so she could get a better handle on his throbbing spike. They lay there together enjoying each other's soft but excited sex organ while, occasionally, stealing a kiss.

Collin and Shelley had slid down enough that they now were able to stroke and squeeze and lick the others sex organ. At first Collin went wild, when Shelley first kissed the head of his dick. It was a sensation that he well knew, from his time with his kidnappers, and then with his best friend, Ryan, but never knew how much better it felt having the girl he really admired and, oh-so-liked, to do that to him. He tensed and straightened out as she took just the mushroom head onto her soft lips and left a wet kiss on top. He knew that if she had taken him 'whole' in her mouth he would have shot his load, no matter that he had taken care of matters in the shower, prior to her arriving at the Cove.

After she kissed his trouser snake, she went up to him and kissed him deeply on the mouth. Collin immediately returned the kiss and then slowly broke it, only to slide his mouth down to her mounds and began to lick the nipples then lightly nip them with his lips, all the while, asShelley made cooing noises.

Ryan was the first one who took Megan's tit into his mouth as he gently sucked and nibbled on each one equally. His mind was so focused on the soft mounds, and pointed nipples, that he didn't think about the manipulations Megan was doing to his sword. After Ryan came up for air, and kissed his girlfriend generously, it was Megan's turn to satisfy her boy. She did that by slowly sliding down until her mouth was across from the heat stake bouncing to the heart of the male teen.

Slowly she got up on her elbow and placed her mouth on Ryan's boner and engulfed it in one fast slurp. At first, Ryan didn't believe she had done that, but when she pulled up and then went right back down, and her lips touched his pubic hairs he knew she had the entire 6 ½ inch penis in her mouth. Just the thought of that, almost made him shoot his load.

Collin had taken the initiative, after Shelley kissed his prong, by gently lowering his face to his girl's melons and began to nibble them. He then tried different things with his lips and tongue and then his hot breathe. All three manipulations had an effect on Shelley that soon she was moaning and then all of a sudden she shook and then went stiff. Collin immediately covered her mouth with his as he kissed her so their friends wouldn't hear her orgasm, as she had. She soon returned to normal and smiled at her 'boy' and gently kissed him and then it was her turn to give Collin a taste of his own medicine.

At first, she kissed his pecker and then she swallowed it whole. Collin felt her engulf his dick and when her nose hit his pubic bone he knew she took him entirely. All seven inches of teenaged baby-making meat was in her mouth, and throat. It was then he felt her rise and fall on the thickening shaft as his equipment built up his pending volcano's lava. It only took her seven twisting; sucking, tight-lipped treatments for the boy to shoot his liquid lava. As he shot, time and time again, she swallowed every drop of that heavenly nectar, until he couldn't stand to have her touch his now oversensitive, and slowly shrinking, organ.

All the time Collin was being administered to by Shelley, Megan was doing the same to Ryan, and he, too, did not last very long. Megan had done this before, but never felt the way she now did doing it to Ryan. She could tell he was different, by the way he treated her, and she wanted to please him so bad. She did everything she knew to make a boy shoot his hot cream. Then, when Ryan did finally shot his spermatozoa, she would swear it was the sweetest she had ever tasted and told herself she wanted to do even more, one day, and soon.

The couples were all spent, and after a few minutes of recovery, they reset their messed up clothes and called to one another to see if the other was ready to go back to the house. Agreeing, they were cold and damp from the lake, the couples hugged one another as they walked up the slight incline to the main house. If you had been there, to hear the joking and carrying on from the couples, as they walked up that hill, you would have never known they just had a very sexual, and satisfying, experience.

Laughing and carrying on as if nothing happened, they entered the Cove, hung up their jackets, and headed to the kitchen, to see what Momma Maria had made for them to eat. For the remainder of the night, the couples shared their closeness in a way that was so sensuous, but non-sexual. They didn't talk about what they had done on the dock. They just enjoyed being together, as a couple, and being with their friends. Midnight came, too fast for the teen lovers, but none of the parents were ever aware of what happened between the boys and girls, that night.

Mr. Ken knew, though, and made a mental note to talk to the boys, the first thing in the morning.

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