Castle Roland

Chapter 114

Published: 8 Apr 14

Sunday morning, the three boys slowly woke up and talked some, before heading to the shower.

Once there, Eric had some questions he wanted to ask, but he wasn't sure how to go about it. But things didn't go the way he thought they would as he popped a woodie, which gave the older teens the opportunity to 'tease' their 'little bro', about his growing manhood.

"Hey, there, 'little bro'," began Ryan, "that weapon of yours sure has grown a lot since the last time we saw it."

"I have to agree there, Eric, it sure looks bigger than the last time, that's for sure. I bet you're exercising it and that is why it has grown like that," also teased Collin.

Eric turned red as he tried to hide his erection in front of his 'big brothers'.

"Come on, 'little bro', there's no need to be embarrassed, about getting a boner, especially with us around," said Collin, trying to console the little guy.

"I ... I can't help it. This ... this thing has a mind of his own at times, and ... it just does that when I ... I don't want it to," cried Eric.

Hearing the boy cry like that, the two teens, without thinking of the consequences, went to him and grabbed him in a brotherly hug. Not more than ten seconds after the two warm bodies began hugging their 'little brother', they get a shot of something they hadn't really expected.

"Whoa, there, young man, what was that ... that stuff that just shot out of your ... your dinkus," a serious Ryan asked Eric.

Hearing the question, and knowing he had shot some clear liquid out of his penis, made Eric cry now even louder. The two teens looked at one another and realized they had done a cardinal sin when it came to 'touching' someone, especially much younger than them.

"Look, Eric, we, ah ... well ... ah, we're sorry for what happened, but we didn't mean for that to happen," said Collin, trying to apologize for himself and Ryan. "You know we were only teasing you ... you know about, about your erection. But ... but when we saw how it upset you, we, well knew we had to do something and what we do is – hug. We both forgot how sensitive those things are when you are as young as you are, and ... well we didn't think."

Eric looked up into Collin's eyes, with his tears still flowing, and then hugged the older teen for all he was worth.

"That was wha ... what I wanted to talk to you guys about," lightly cried Eric, as he continued to hug Collin. "I've been ... well, I've had that clear stuff coming out for a week or so, and ... and when I heard I was going to stay here with you guys, I ... well, I had hoped I would get the chance to ask you about it. I ... I didn't get the chance yesterday, since you guys slept so late, and then Mr. Ken sent Chief to get you and ... well..."

"Well, nothing, my 'little brother' we were wrong to tease you, when you needed us the most," said Ryan. "We probably should have asked if you had anything you needed to ask us, knowing you don't have an older brother, as such. And, as Col said, we are so sorry for hugging you and making you ah ... ah well shoot your stuff. But, 'little brother', you ... you DO know what that means, don't you," somewhat teased Ryan.

"No, wha ... what does it mean ... I mean when that stuff started coming out when I ... I ... you know played with my thing, at first; I thought it was pee. But it ... it looked clear and ... and it seemed like more of it came out every day. I was kinda scared and ... and I didn't know what to do. I was too embarrassed to ask my mom, but I knew I could ask you guys. ... Collin ... what does ... what is that stuff? Am I sick or something? Will I need an operation?" asked the now distraught youngster, who began crying all over again, just thinking he was sick.

Hearing their 'little bro' crying again made the two teens hug him some more, but this time nothing so dramatic happened.

Trying to console the younger boy, Collin began to explain.

"Eric ... that stuff, the clear fluid is called seminal fluid. Well, that is what I think it is called. Anyway, it is part of the stuff that makes up the sperm that, when you are old enough, can, NO it WILL help you make babies."

"Yeah, 'little bro', but that stuff, the clear stuff is part of the lubrication fluid for the sperm," added Ryan.

"Huh?" said Eric.

Both older boys laughed and then Ryan continued, "You see, Eric, the prostate gland, I believe it is, produces that clear stuff to lubricate the tube in your ah ... well in your di, err penis, so the sperm flows freely."

Hearing the word 'dick', especially from an older guy, made Eric chuckle and that helped lighten the air.

"What Ryan is trying to say is that ... well, it is that clear stuff that comes out first when guys begin to shoot stuff ..., you know, when they ejaculate. As you get older, and your body matures, your balls, err your testes, will get larger and your ball sac ... err scrotum ...will drop and then you will begin to make sperm, and then it's added to the stuff you are already shooting. How old are you, Eric?" asked Collin.

"I'm ten but I'll be eleven in June," smiled Eric as he spoke.

"Cool," announced Ryan.

"Yes, Eric, you are almost eleven, and already beginning to go through puberty. The changes you'll feel, and go through, will be sort of ... well, just don't be too upset about them. They are all normal and natural for a boy when they start you off to becoming a man," Collin said, trying to get the boy to relax.

"What kind of things will happen to me, Collin?" asked Eric.

"Well ... most boys start getting darker hair on their arms and then on their legs. Then their voice begins to change some, but not a lot until you're really into puberty. You may also begin to grow taller all of a sudden and then you'll ..."

"Start getting hair over your dick," interjected Ryan, while laughing.

"Yeah, that too, and all along you begin to shoot stuff, but ... but you are already shooting some stuff. Hey, that was a big load you shot all over us. Is it always that much?" asked a curious Collin.

"No, I never ... ever shot that much before. It ... it's usually a drop or two. I never had that much come out, before," exclaimed Eric.

"Let me ask you, Eric," began Collin, "you didn't get to ... well, you know ... do your thing Friday night, did you?"

Eric lowered his eyes and shook his head indicating he hadn't.

"And, you didn't yesterday morning, because we all got up at the same time," asked Collin.

Again, Eric shook his head back and forth, in the no condition.

"Then, last night, we all fell asleep watching that movie. So you had almost three days built up their, young man," teased Collin, as he rubbed the hair on Eric's head.

"Yeah ... I didn't do it Friday because, I was so excited, I was going to spend the night that I forgot and ... and, then we went to bed and I fell asleep real quick, for some reason. Then, yesterday morning, I was up before you two, but ... well, I was watching you guys ..." and that was all Eric could say before Ryan spoke up.

"Yeah, he was watching us, Col. He saw I had me a piss hard-on and I teased him about taking a good look. I'll bet he saw your morning tent, too," Ryan continued to tease.

"Stop it, Ry, Eric's trying to ask us stuff, and you keep on with teasing him. Give it a break, will ya?" chastised Collin.

"Yeah, okay ... I'm sorry, little guy," said Ryan, in a meek voice.

"Okay, Eric ... go on," encouraged Collin.

"Well, we all got up so late, and rushed out of here, that I didn't have time to ... you know ... then last night we all fell asleep watching the movie, and then Mr. Ken shooed us all to bed. I had hoped to talk to you guys before we took our showers, but again we all came in here right away," explained Eric.

"So, what was it that you wanted to ask us?" asked Ryan

"Well ... I wanted to ask about that clear stuff that was coming out of my ah ... ah ..."

"Go ahead and say it, 'little bro'." encouraged Collin.

"Well, that clear stuff out of my Dick. I also wanted to ask you about why it's always getting hard, especially at school. I'll be sitting in class and, all of a sudden, it is trying to break out of my pants. Or, I'll be walking in the hall and it will just pop up. Did that ever happen to you guys?" a hopeful Eric asked.

"Oh, yeah, plenty of times, Eric," spoke up Collin, "how about you, Ryan?"

"Yeah, my dick seemed to always be hard in school. And, especially when I had to stand up and answer the teacher's questions. I don't know how she always knew I had me a big boner going on when she would call on me," laughed Ryan, while the other two boys joined in at the thought of having to stand up in class, with a hard dick, trying to snake down their pants.

"You see, Eric, it all happens to every boy. I bet when you finally talk to your buds about it they will tell you the same thing. Although, you may be the only kid in your class who is beginning to shoot anything, so far," offered Collin.

"So, there's nothing wrong with me? That stuff coming out of my ... my ... penis is okay, and normal? Sheesh, I was afraid there was something wrong with me. Thanks Collin and Ryan for explaining all that to me. I could never have asked my mom that kinda stuff," said a much relieved Eric.

"You know you could also ask Mr. Ken," mentioned Ryan.

"Yeah, he'd be a good person to talk to about that sort of stuff. He's talked to Ry and me about teenager stuff and he made it fun while he explained it ... well, just know he talked to us like we were his younger bros, and not like we were his kids," further pointed out Collin.

The three boys finished up their showers and quickly dressed and finally went down to the kitchen for breakfast.

"MOM! What are you doing here, so soon?" yelled Eric, when seeing his mom seated at the breakfast table, along with Mr. Ken and Mary.

"Can't a mom come to see her NOT SO 'little man' after he's been gone for the whole weekend?" replied Judy, as Eric ran to her for a hug.

Hearing Judy say the words 'little man' about her son Eric, and after what just happened up in the shower, Ryan unthinkingly said "He's not so little, any more."

That statement brought Judy to remark, to everyone, she knew he was growing in every way young boys do, at that age.

Upon hearing what Ryan said and then the quick response his mother just gave, made Eric's face get deep red, and he began to tear up. Upon seeing that, his older 'brothers quickly grabbed him up on their shoulders and began to carry him off on their shoulders, and make a big fuss over how much he had grown. That had the immediate effect the teens wanted, as Eric began to squeal and laugh as the two older lads took him out and away for a few minutes, so he didn't have to be embarrassed any more."

The three adults watched the three boys leave the Kitchen Nook prompted Judy to say "I want to thank you Mr. Ken, and you too, Mary, for what those two boys have done for my Eric. Ever since he's been around those two, Eric has been a totally different kid. His self-esteem has grown ten fold ever since Collin and Ryan began treating him as if he were their little brother. Just now, those two took him out of here so he wouldn't be embarrassed."

"Thank you, Judy, for saying that about Collin, but he's only doing what comes natural to him," responded Ken.

"Yes, and for Ryan, too," echoed Mary. "Ryan has told me how he loves treating Eric like his little brother, since he's an only child, too. He is doing that because he 'loves' Eric, Judy, nothing more. But what did you mean those two keeping Eric from being embarrassed?"

"Well, for the last couple of weeks, I've noticed how Eric stays in the bathroom longer and longer. Also, in the mornings, he isn't that same little guy who used to walk around just in his underwear, and a t-shirt. My guess is his older brothers quickly figured out I was going to tease him about his 'growing up', you know, and not just in getting taller," reflected Judy.

At first, Ken and Mary just exchanged looks between one another and then Mr. Ken figured it out, and he began to laugh heartedly. His laugh was so loud that even Chief began to bark, along with him. Then, Mary finally figured out what Judy meant and she too began laughing, although not so hard.

"My bet is that Collin and Ryan had a 'growing up' talk with Eric, and when I mentioned him being NOT SO 'little' any more, they didn't want him teased in front of all us adults. He's only ten, eleven in June, and I think he is already beginning to experience the early throngs of puberty and ... well, those two saved him from us, or should I say me," summarized Judy.

Just then the adults heard the three boisterous boys coming back towards the kitchen. When they entered, they acted as if nothing happened and went about getting their breakfast and sitting down at the table next to their respective adult.

Judy just smiled as Eric sat beside her and she gave him a quick hug and then brushed his hair as he ate his breakfast. Mary did the same for Ryan and after a few moments Mr. Ken decided to do the same for Collin announcing "I love you Collin, just as much as those ladies love their brats!"

That statement got him stares, that could kill, and then suddenly everyone laughed. Even Chief got into the act by using her playful bark. The six of them sat around the kitchen nook table and talked about recent events. Before long, the boys excused themselves and went for a swim.

As Mary, Ryan, Judy and Eric got ready to leave the Cove, later that night, Mr. Ken reminded them all that next weekend was the 'soft' opening of the new 'lakeside' water park. He told them all he would be taking the Commander, and had hoped they'd all be his guests that day. He added they all could each bring a guest and for them to get back with him sometime during the week before the event.

Monday, after lunch, the County Election's Clerk announced the final Election Canvass results for the Election races county wide. No one cared about any of the results except for two special races – the School Board and Hospital District Board. In the end, the numbers stood as they were last Monday morning. Now it was up to Julius Eberhard and Benedict Ransberger to decide if they would contest their losses. They had until the end of the week to file the paperwork and pay the $5,000.00 fee.

"BRO ... Mr. KEN ... BRO ... you BACK there?" called out Collin as he came home from school and walked back to the Study where Mr. Ken seemed to spend the majority of his time at the Cove.

"Yes, Collin, I am here. Where else would I be, young man?" teased the lad's guardian, as he laughed at the teen, who just then walked into the Study, and flopped down into one of the famous leather chairs.

"So, what's so important that you came home screaming looking for me?" continued to tease Mr. Ken.

"Well, we heard, at lunch, that the election votes stayed the same, so ... well, we guess that Eberhard and Ransberger will file suit. How certain are you that they will do that?" the teenager got out all in one breath.

"Geez, you don't want much from me, do you, now? No one can be certain what those two will do, but my bet is on them both filing. They've been in those seats long enough to feel that they own them, and they'll stop at nothing to stay put," responded the man who then asked "So, tell me about your day."

"None of us can wait until school is over. The days just seem to drag on, while we see the sunny weather and feel its warmth. Everyone is beginning to talk about what they are going to do this summer," replied Collin.

Mr. Ken sat back and reviewed what the boy just said. He thought he heard a question in there somewhere and he tried to figure out how to get it out of the sixteen year old.

"So, what do you have planned, or, should I ask, what would you like to do this summer. When does school finish up, by the way?" said Mr. Ken as his way to get the teen talking and maybe revealing what the boy was thinking.

"Well ... the last day of school is the 5


of June. The seniors graduate Wednesday night the 3rd. It's a half day for us to turn in our books and turn in our class schedules for next year. Oh, yeah, I have mine here for you to look at, with me," said Collin, as he pulled it out of a book he was carrying, and handed it to his mentor. Then, he continued, "I've already picked the classes I want to take next year. I have to take the normal stuff for a junior, but these are the four extra credit courses I need for graduation. What do you think?"

Ken got up from behind his desk and walked around to Collin, and sat in the leather chair next to the teenager. Taking the Grade Selection Course Card from the lad, Mr. Ken studied it for a few moments before taking a deep breath and saying, "Okay, Collin, let's talk about these courses you want to take. First, have you considered what you want to do when you go to college? Will these courses prepare you for anything you will need to take, there? Or, are these classes "the easy way out, so you don't have a difficult schedule next year?"

Then, with a disappointed voice, he remarked to the teen, "Be honest with me, Collin ... can you tell me why you selected Fine Arts/Theater and Fine Art/Dance. Then maybe after that, you can explain to me why you thought Fashion Design and Animation would be the best choices for your future."

Then, he waited for his charge to reply. During the quiet time, his mind couldn't get a handle on anything the lad selected to take the next school year. He knew the boy was a lot smarter and more intelligent than what these courses would offer him. He just couldn't understand what the teen was attempting to do.

Collin didn't answer immediately. He quickly studied his guardian, looking for some sort of 'out of self experience', but the man had just reacted unlike what the other kids said he would.

Thinking his 'joke' didn't go well at all, Collin groaned and looked into the man's eyes "Dang, Bro, you're NO FUN! You didn't do, or say, anything like the other kids said you would. ... That Schedule Card is a joke! I wanted to see if you would even look at it, and then I wanted to hear what you were going to tell me about what I chose. But ... well, you didn't react anything like the kids said you would, or, I thought you would."

Hearing what Collin just said made Ken begin to smile. Inwardly, he had hoped it was a joke, but, only having the teen living with him for less than eight months, he wasn't sure what Collin was trying to do, or what the Card was all about.

Now, knowing the Scheduling Card was a hoax Ken laughed our loud.

"Are you mad at me Mr. Ken?"

"No, Collin, I am not mad at you. I didn't know what to think when I saw what you had selected. I wanted to hear your reasons before I said anything. Now that I know you were trying to pull my leg, the whole time, this makes sense."

"Thanks, Bro ... I wasn't going to do it, but ... well, some of the kids said I should. They say you're too 'anal retentive' and don't have enough fun, and this would either get me a ... a ... well, it would probably get me in lots of trouble," responded a now relieved Collin.

"Anal retentive, am I? Who said that, Ryan? I'll tickle him to death," smiled Ken as he finished.

"No, it wasn't him. It was just some of the kids who hardly know you, but have been here a few times and think ... well, I guess they just don't know you well enough and didn't know how you'd react. They thought it would be hilarious when you finally knew it was a joke," explained the embarrassed teen.

"Collin, to be honest, I didn't know how to act. I've never had to deal with something like this before, so, I needed some time to get my mind wrapped around it. That's why I put it back on you to explain it to me. And ... well, maybe I don't take the time to have enough fun with you. I'm sorry if that is what I've done, Collin," a now somber man said as he let his head dip forward in sorrow.

"Mr. Ken ... Bro ... it is nothing like that, at all, to me," began Collin. "We've had loads of fun together. I've done more with you in the short time I've lived here than I did since I turned thirteen. My parents, well my dad, really, he never took me places like you did. Together, we not only went to California once, but we went there twice and I had great fun, both times. You even took me on the Disney Cruise, and look at all the fun things we did there. We did the helicopter ride and the beach we stopped at; there were all the water things we did together. Then there was meeting the Captain and Security guy like we did, that one night, making me feel like I was a fugitive or something."

Remembering that night and the guys sent to watch over Collin and how Jerry fought to 'save' Collin, made them both laugh.

"Yeah, that was fun, wasn't it," beamed Mr. Ken. "I wonder what those two hellions are doing now-a-days. Have you heard from them at all?"

"Not much, really, Jerry and Colt are both playing soccer, this year. They asked me what we planned, and could they come along." Collin laughed when he said that. "That was Jerry, by the way. He said he hoped they could meet up with us on that same Disney Cruise, next year. What do you think, Bro? Do you think maybe you and I and Ry and Eric could ... you know, share a cabin like we did? It sure was big enough for four. ... Remember that night of the fight. Four of us did sleep in that cabin."

"Collin, I'm not going to make any promises. There is a long time between now and then, and lots of people need to be coordinated with and then ... well, there is a lot to do. What do you say we look at that at the end of the summer? In the meantime, I ... well, let's talk about the classes you really want to take."

Collin and Ken talked for about 45 minutes about the classes Collin really wanted to take. They discussed the Pros and Cons of each of them while looking at them with the thought of what Collin would study when he went to college in a few years. In the end, Mr. Ken agreed to the course schedule Collin selected, and so he signed off on it.

The two then parted, with Collin heading off to do homework, while Mr. Ken continued to work on the Four Corner's Plaza he would start to build later that summer. The two met later for dinner, and before they realized it, it was bedtime, and they both headed to their respective rooms.

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