Castle Roland

Chapter 133

Published: 8 Apr 14

The boys woke up refreshed, but, when they said 'hello' to one another, they both pushed back against each other.

"Yuk … your breath stinks there, Ry," scolded Collin.

"Well, yours won't win any perfume contest anytime soon," responded Ryan.

"Hey, ya think we have time for?" asked Ryan, as his hand went up and down in the age old boy's signal for jacking off.

"Yeah, it's still early, let's get these clothes off. You wanna do it here, or in the shower?" asked Collin, of his best friend and mutual JO partner.

"Hmmmm, I'm not sure. Laying here in bed is so comfy, and you can rest up afterwards, but knowing us, we'll go back to sleep, and then Bro will come and find us. On the other hand, the shower is always so warm, and it heightens the outcome, and we can slide against each other and then get cleaned up right away. What would you rather do, Col?" asked Ryan.

"Hmmmm, you make two good arguments, and … well, it's been a while since we've enjoyed a good shared stroking and sucking, hehe. But in the shower, with us all soaped up, we can hold onto each other and slide our dicks along one another as if we are actually fucking, our girls!" replied Collin.

"I like the way you think there, Col. I, too, enjoy our mutual stroking and sucking, but the shower feels way so much like it is supposed to be with our girls. Let's do it that way. Okay?" answered Ryan.

When the two teens finished satisfying each other, they were so expended they almost collapsed against one another. They did have to hold one another up until they got their wits about themselves and recovered from their sexual exertions.

"Damn, Col, that was awesome! I can't remember ever shooting that strong and that much, as we just did. Did you see all that spunk we made? Lucky, we weren't with the girls as I bet we'd have broken our condoms for sure," exclaimed Ryan.

"I hear you, Ry, we sure made a mess, didn't we, but that explosion … damn that was something I can't ever remember myself. We otta do that more often," laughed Collin. Then Ryan spoke up and said, "Yeah, but I wonder how much better it would be … if our girlfriends were helping us out?" The two looked at one another for a few moments and then they both burst out laughing and went on to finish their showers.

It was almost 10 AM when the teens came downstairs all clean and well dressed for a Sunday.

"Whoa, what do we have here?" asked Mr. Ken. "Looks like you guys have a HOT date this afternoon!" teased their Big Bro.

"Well, Grammy's gonna be here for Lunch, and we wanted to make a good impression. Also, this was how I was expected to dress on Sunday, around the house, so I figured I'd see how Grammy takes to this sort of dress," explained Collin.

"So, you didn't want to impress her by wearing your boxers and t-shirt, like you've been known to do, when it is just you and me?" laughed Mr. Ken.

The two boys laughed along with their Big Bro and went into the Kitchen for some breakfast.

It was a bit past twelve noon when the limo, carrying Grammy Frankenberg Wilkinson, drove through the Cove's main entrance. The driver pulled the vehicle up to the front door and got out to open the door for the lady in back. Collin, Ryan, Chief and Mr. Ken were all there to greet the very lovely lady.

"Oh my, what do we have here, a welcoming party, none-the-less? Why, thank you all," Grammy addressed the foursome.

"Good afternoon, Grammy," said Collin, as he went directly to his grandmother and gave her a big hug and a kiss on her cheek.

"Good afternoon, Miss Vickey, and welcome back to Three Finger Cove," announced Mr. Ken.

"Hello, Mrs. … well, I'm not sure what I should call you. Should I call you …" started Ryan, but he was shut off by a wave of Grammy's hand.

"Ryan, isn't it? Please call me Grammy, as Colley does, or you can call me Miss Vickey, as Ken here does. I see your mother has taught you well, but what say that we can dispense with the formalities. Is that okay with you, Ken?" spoke Grammy Wilkinson.

"Woof, woof … woof," offered Chief, as she sat and offered her paw.

"Why thank you, too, Chief," replied Grammy, as she not only took Chief's paw, but also scratched behind her ears.

"Be careful, Grammy, when Chief finds someone who knows how to scratch behind her ears, she'll make a pest of herself. Won't cha, girl?" said Collin.

"Woof!" was heard from Chief in reply. They all laughed.

The five went into the Study and sat down and immediately Momma Maria brought in some refreshments.

"Ah, some wonderful southern iced tea; it's not too sweet and not too bland and with the right twist of lemon. Thank you, Momma, if I may?" said Grammy.

"Yes, ma'am and thanka you. Lunch will be served in fifteen minutes," announced Momma Maria.

Collin, Ryan, Mr. Ken and Grammy used their lunch time for small talk and to sort of establish what sort of things Grammy had wanted to talk to Collin about that day. Satisfied that there wasn't anything that Collin needed his Big Bro around for, he and Ryan excused themselves and headed for the lake and the Waverunner's.

The weather was calm and the sun warm, that Sunday afternoon, so Collin took his Grammy back down to the dock and the bench seats, there, so they could talk.

"Colley, look at you, you are such a very handsome young man. You have really grown and filled out and, from what I saw last weekend, your father would be extremely proud of you. You hold yourself up high and walk straight and you know what you want and how to fight for it. … Colley … I want to apologize to you … for the way I acted last weekend. I'm sure you know by now, that I came here … intent on taking you back home with me when I left. I couldn't fathom how … well … I was wrong about Mr. Ken.

"Colley … can you forgive an old fool woman … who believed what she wanted to hear and … and not get her facts straight. I knew Frank Hale longer than I knew you, so I trusted what he told me. I had no idea he was conniving with Dennis to eventually take your father's corporations away from him. After talking with your Uncle Andy, during this last week, this old woman was brought into the 21st Century, information age wise, that is.

"Andy told me everything he knew about everything that happened. He even showed me copies of the signed affidavits from the other men who were involved, as well. It all pointed to Dennis Clarke's scheming to wrest control of Wilkinson from your father, and then promoting everyone in on the charade.

"Colley, I am still so very sorry I was away when … when you were kidnapped. If I had only known, what had happened to you, I would have done everything I could have to, to … well, I wasn't … was I? … When I think back, I don't think I could have ever done for you what your Mr. Ken …"

"My Big Bro," filled in Collin.

"Yes, yes … your Big Brother … for what he has done for you. … Colley … I am so proud of what you've become. Your Uncle Andy has told me a lot of what transpired over these past eight months but … I'd like that if you could tell me some more… in your own words. I know you told me some things last weekend, but, do you think you could tell me more of what happened since you've been here, in this majestic estate. Could you do that for me, Colley?

"I want to get to know this 'new' Collin Wilkinson. The young teenager, who is so very sure of himself, and, who walks with his head up high and who is not afraid to take on someone who is bigger than himself. Colley … could you do that for me, today? That is all I really want to talk to about, today," finished Grammy Wilkinson.

"I thought you wanted to talk to me about going back home … to visit my old home?" directly asked Collin.

"Yes, Colley, I would like to do that, too, but ... well, I would like Mr., ah, your Big Brother to be there when we talk about that. Would that be okay with you, Colley?" gently asked Collin's Grammy.

"Yes, Grammy," an enthusiastic Collin replied "I'd like it for Bro to be there … when we talk about me visiting my 'other' home."

The use of the word 'other' in reference to Collin's family's home was not lost on S. Vickey Frankenberg, but she decided that this wasn't the time to begin nitpicking over where Collin was going to live. She wanted to save face, after what she did last Sunday and thus she wanted to let Collin do most of the speaking.

"Good! Now, do you feel up to it … to telling me as much as you want about what … ah has happened to you, Colley, since that fateful day? You told me a few things last Sunday when we talked down on the dock and I want so much to be able to understand what happened, as best as I can, so … so, I know what and where I can help if ever I need to. Colley … it is up to you, but I really do want to be a part of your life again and this is one way for me to get to know my grandson again," pleaded Grammy as a few tears rolled down her cheek.

Collin went to his grandmother and pulled her into a great big hug. They stayed that way for a few moments, and, when they pulled apart, Collin told his Grammy he would tell her what he could about the last eight months, but that there was a lot that happened to him that he may never want to talk to her about, ever.

While Collin and Grammy sat and talked, Mr. Ken and Ryan were out on the lake acting like two young goof-balls. Ken Thomas could never remember ever having as much fun as he was having, just then, so he went full out to totally enjoy himself.

As the day wore on, Mary Taylor came over to the Cove to retrieve Ryan, and take him home, since he still had school in the morning. When she went down to the dock to get his attention, Miss Vickey saw her and called her over. Vickey first apologized to the young woman, for the way she acted towards her last Sunday, and then she thanked her profusely for everything she had done for her grandson. The two women talked for over an hour, as Miss Vickey asked about the things that Mary had done for Collin and how the lad responded to her. The more Grammy learned about her grandson, the prouder she became of him.

Ken, with Miss Vickey's insistence, invited Mary and Ryan to stay for dinner. The five had a wonderful Mexican dinner that included Homemade Tostados, Tortilla Soup, Tamales, Chalupas, Cheese and Beef Enchiladas, Guacamole Salad, Grilled Onions & Peppers, Sour Cream, Pico de Gallo, Mexican Rice, Borracho Beans and Flour Tortillas along with iced tea and Frozen Margaritas. For desert, Momma Maria made Apple Dulce de Leche and Mexican Chocolate Cake.

When everyone had finished eating, they knew they had eaten a fabulous Five Star Mexican Dinner, and they all made the time to thank Maria, for her hard work. After they all helped clean off the dining room table, they sat back down to allow their meal to settle and talk some more. It wasn't long before Mary Taylor excused herself, and her son, saying they needed to get home to get things ready for tomorrow.

Ken led Miss Vickey and Collin to his Study after Mary and Ryan left. Maria then brought out some refreshments.

"Miss Vickey, Collin tells me you wanted to talk to both he and I about his coming back to his home," began the conversation by Ken.

"Yes, but that's not totally correct. What I'd like Colley to do is to come back and visit the house, where he grew up, and get reacquainted with the staff, and see what changes have been made since ah … since his kidnapping. The home is his, now, and it is just sitting there. I know the staff would be very happy if they could see him, once again, and wish him well. I did tell Colley that I wanted us three to discuss it, and try to come to some agreement, for my grandson to come and visit," explained Miss Vickey.

Ken Thomas sat there thinking for a few moments before thanking Vickey for making him a part of that discussion.

"Colley, when do you get out of school for the summer, here? Maybe we can figure out a day that we can meet there and, well, welcome you home. What do you think about doing that, Colley?" asked the lad's grandmother.

"Well, our last day is a half-day on Thursday." answered Collin, and then looking over at Mr. Ken he asked, "Bro, what do you think? Are there any plans for us? I know you told me we were going to begin visiting some of the manufacturing sites after school let out. Had you scheduled any of them yet?"

Ken thought he knew what Collin was trying to do, by asking that particular question, so he looked at his daily planner for the end of the week. Turning the pages back and forth he made it look as if he was checking dates and places and then he answered his 'Little Bro'. "Collin, I did make some tentative arrangements with a few of the sites, and since it is Sunday and it is late, there is no way I can make any changes at least until tomorrow at the earliest.

"Miss Vickey, what say I make a few phone calls tomorrow, and get back with you later in the week? If I can get us free, what plans would you like to make for Collin to come visit?"

Vickey wasn't prepared to be put-off so quickly from the young Mr. Thomas, but she knew she had to play along or she'd antagonize her grandson, and she'd have an even more difficult time getting him to visit his old home.

"Okay, Ken, then we'll have to wait and see what you can work out. I had hoped that Colley could come over Friday night and stay for the weekend. It would give him a chance to reconnect to the ah … his old home, and get reacquainted with the staff. We might even have a small get together of his parent's friends and associates. I know they'd be very happy to see him and get to know him some.

"Colley, as I told you, your parents were members of many local Boards and charitable and civic organizations, and other important institutions, and I am sure these people would love to hear you are considering filling in their places."

As Vickey was talking, Ken would slightly look over in Collin's direction to see his reactions to what his grandmother was saying. When Vickey mentioned his taking his parent's places on the Boards, or whatever, he noticed the teen cringe at that thought.

"Well, Grammy, I am still in high school, and … and I don't think they will want such a young person, as me, trying to act as if I was my parents. Plus … if they both were on different Boards, or serving in so many different organizations, how could I ever be at two places at one time. I don't know if I'll ever be able to act like mom and dad did. I have my own ideas on things, and those people may not like what they hear from me," answered Collin.

"Oh, poppycock, you'll fit right in and, besides, most of what your father and mother did was host parties for fundraisers, and then add to the pot when they didn't get the amount expected. Colley, I know you will be able to do that and, besides, if the other well-to-do families see you doing it, maybe they'll allow their children to do it, too. You are the future, Colley, and I know you'll do a wonderful job," enthusiastically drummed Miss Vickey.

"Oh … look at the time! I hadn't realized how late it was getting. I bet my driver is beside himself having nothing to do all this time. Let me summon him and I'll soon be off," announced S. Vickey Frankenberg.

"Oh, you have nothing to worry about, your chauffeur, Miss Vickey. Momma Maria fed him and kept him company, as she did last Sunday. I think there might be a little something going on between them, but you didn't hear that from me," teased Mr. Ken, as he walked Miss Vickey to the front door.

"Collin, my boy, I hope you can make it this weekend, but ... well, if you can't, then I hope you will make it the following weekend. I know you will be pleasantly surprised when you do come to visit. Now give your grandmother a hug and a kiss and I'll be on my way.

"Mr. Ken, you have my numbers, so pleas give me a call as soon as you know when Colley here can come to visit his old grandmother, and old home. Thank you for everything and thank Momma Maria again for me. Good Night!" said Grammy, as she walked to the waiting open limo door.

As soon as the duo walked back into the Study, Collin said, "Bro, what am I going to do? Grammy wants me to visit my old house and … and I'm afraid, Mr. Ken.

"Collin, I hear what you are saying and I also think I know what you are afraid of. But try to understand, your grandmother is going to pester you until you go there and do what she wants. It might be easier to go and get it over with, and the sooner the better," explained Collin's mentor.

"It sounds to me like she wants to put me on display and show all my parents' friends that I can be molded to fit into all those Boards, and civic organizations, and whatever else she has in mind for me. And what's this about the staff? All we had was a cook and a lady who came in to clean," voiced Collin, as he was letting his mind wander.

"Collin … did you notice that she never mention me, as going with you?" asked Ken.

"Yeah … come to think of it, she NEVER did say anything about you coming with me. Hmmm, I guess we'll have our first disagreement, or confrontation, over your coming with me. You ARE planning on going with me, aren't you? There's NO WAY I can go back there and not have you with me. I'm going to feel out of place, the way it is, and if you aren't there I … I'd have no one to talk to about the things, I know, she's going to try to do. Heck, she may even have her own judge laying in wait for me to get there, so she can have me put in chains and send me to the dungeon," laughed Collin, as he finished his thoughts.

Ken and Collin had a good laugh over the 'chains and dungeon' comment and with that, they said their 'good nights', to one another, and headed to their respective bedrooms. Chief headed outside to do her thing and then quickly went up the steps to join Collin, in his room.

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