Castle Roland

Three Finger Cove - Robert
Book II

by Chowhound


Chapter 2

Published: 18 May 15

Three Finger Cove – Robert

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At the top of the stairs, Bobby found Ms. Johnston waiting for him.

"Follow me to the bedrooms, young man," sneered Millie Johnston.

"Yes, ma'am," was all Bobby, now Robert, said.

"There are a number of bedrooms on this floor," began Millie, "and the guest rooms are NOT for people such as You!"

The two walked down the hall a ways when Ms. Johnston stopped and pointed to a door.

"This WILL BE your room, young man."

"But, I thought Mr. Ken said I could choose which one I wanted," spoke up Bobby.

"This IS the room you chose!" snarled Mille, while grabbing Robert by his coat and pushing him into the bedroom. "Now get in here and unpack your things. I should have been out of here minutes ago and I don't need to wet-nurse a sniveling baby boy such as YOU! Remember this Bobby … I RUN Three Finger Cove! You got that? Mr. Ken may think he's in charge here BUT it is I who makes ALL the decisions that pertain to Three Finger Cove. Cross me and you'll find out how much I can make your existence here as unenjoyable as EVER! You HEAR ME BOY?"

There was no answer from the 12 year old preteen.

"I SAID DID YOU HEAR ME?" loudly said Millie Johnston.

"Yeah" answered Bobby.

Millie immediately smacked Bobby across his face and said, "You'll answer me with respect, you whelp! You will always answer Yes, Ma'am, or NO Ma'am etcetera. YOU UNDERSTAND ME … Bobby Harrison?"

"Ye, yes ma'am," stuttered Robert.

"Good! Now get in that room and do what I said. We'll have a talk tomorrow and I'll tell you the other rules around here," snickered the evil woman.

From the slit in his door, Bobby watched the much older woman head for the elevator and now wondered what he had gotten himself into. He knew he could leave after two weeks and he was already making plans to do just that.

About an hour later, Mr. Ken came upstairs looking for Robert to tell him dinner was ready, and for him to come downstairs. The man looked in the obvious room, which both Ryan and then Collin chose for their bedroom, but, not finding the lad there he began looking in all the other 'family' bedrooms.

Mr. Ken finally found Robert lying across a bed, asleep, in the bedroom that had the worst view of any of the bedrooms. He could see that the boy was asleep but he couldn't help but wonder why he would choose such a room. Thinking he would talk to the lad about just that, later that evening, he went over to the sleeping preteen and gently shook him.

"Robert … it's time to wake up … and come down for dinner," offered Mr. Ken.

Robert slowly stirred and opened his eyes. "Oh, hi; … is … is she gone?" sleepily asked the lad.

Thinking he meant Ms. Turner, Mr. Ken said, "Yes, she left right after I sent you up here to find your room. Now come on, it's time for dinner. Had Millie showed you were your bathroom was?"

"Ah … NO sir!" replied Bobby.

Well, let me show you and that way you'll know where to go when you NEED to go" laughed Mr. Ken.

Robert got off the bed and followed his 'new' foster father out the door.

"Here you go, Robert. Look inside. You'll see it is set up for only boys to use. There are two urinals, which will come in handy early in the morning. Four sinks, for you and your friends to use, and there are also four shower heads in the gang-shower. The two toilets, one each are behind those doors so you won't be too embarrassed to use, if your buddies are in here taking a shower, or doing whatever. Do you need to use the 'facility' right now?" teased Mr. Ken.

Robert smiled for the first time, since Mildred Johnston showed him to his room. Then, nodding in the affirmative, the boy walked over to the first urinal, just as Mr. Ken closed the door, to give the lad some privacy.

Momma Maria had a wonderful Mexican Dinner all ready for the two men of Three Finger Cove when they entered the kitchen dining area.

"Me welcomes my youngs mans. I hopes yous wills be verys happy cheir with us. I makes all the foods and I loves cooking yous especieal melas ifs you legts me knows. I hopes yous like Mexican as that's what I cooks for eat, nows," said Momma Maria to Robert, as he entered the big eating area set in the kitchen.

"Ah, thank you, ah Misses, ah … I don't know what to call you," said Robert, as he looked to Mr. Ken for help.

"Oh, I'm so sorry. I forgot to introduce you to Momma Maria, when she brought us those refreshments earlier. You can call her Momma Maria or Momma when the time is right. She does love to cook so I hope you are NOT on a diet as she will fatten you up if you aren't careful. Won't you Momma?" replied Mr. Ken.

"Ahhs Meester Kens, I know you luvs my cookings and yous eats it all toos. Nows you twos sits downs and enjoys whats I's cooks fer chou," smiled Momma, as she kidded her boss.

"Dig in, Robert. I know you'll just love her cooking!" said Mr. Ken.

Robert took his first bite and his mouth purred as he tasted those wonderful flavors Momma Maria had infused into the beef fajitas she had cooked for those two men.

"This is awesome, Momma. Thank you so much for making this for us," offered Robert, as he ate some more of those delicious Fajita Tacos.

Both man and boy ate but they offered very little conversation between them. Robert was afraid to say anything, after what Mildred said early that evening to him, and Mr. Ken couldn't decide how he should enter the lad into a conversation. He tried to think of how he'd have done it with Collin but knew this wasn't anything at all like how that teen came to live with him.

When dinner was over, Mr. Ken offered to show Robert around the house, so he could get his bearings, and also to see what wonderful things there were for him to learn to use, and enjoy with his friends.

"Robert, I'm going to show you around the Cove, if that's okay with you. I figured you'd have a better feeling about the place if you know more about it. You ready to get the grand tour?" said Mr. Ken, after the two had finished their dinner.

"Sure. I'd like that," replied a now smiling Robert.

Mr. Ken started right there in the breakfast nook and explained that they usually ate all their meals there and that that's where they'll eat tomorrow morning. He then pointed out the wonderful view they had from that space.

Mr. Ken then showed the preteen the rest of that floor, including the Formal Dining Room, the Butler's Pantry, the entrance to the three car garage and the back stairs that also went up to the bedrooms.

The man then took Robert to the main entrance Foyer and showed the lad the awesome view of the Family or Great Room, as it was usually called, and the view outside to the lake. He then showed Robert the large hat and coat closet they used when they had large parties and the small restroom that was just off that area.

Mr. Ken then took Robert back to his Study and explained that that was where he'd most likely be found, if the boy ever needed to talk to him; or just watch what he was doing. They then went back to the Master Bedroom where Mr. Ken showed the lad the larger than large shower area and the special man's and woman's separate toilet areas. He explained that he too had a urinal as well as a toilet but that the boy didn't need to know what those things were in the woman's restroom were until he got much older.

Robert was thoroughly impressed over the space the man had in his personal bedroom. He couldn't get over the separate room off the bed area that only had a few siting chairs and a table and lamp. And, when Mr. Ken found him staring, the man explained that the room would be used as the baby's room, if there ever was a baby that the man had to take care of.

The two then walked down the winding stairs, with Mr. Ken again pointing out the wonderful view out onto the lake. The man then pointed out the very large Rumford Fireplace that could easily heat that entire area in no time, if there ever was the need.

Mr. Ken then showed the lad the large Men's and Woman's restrooms located under the main foyer and explained that they were there for when they had huge parties. He also pointed out the Wet Bar that had six bar stools and a waitress order area. From there they went to the huge Wine Cellar and Mr. Ken explained the reason for it. Robert couldn't fathom that the man had over 1500 bottles of wine stored in that awesome room and that some were always being chilled while the others were pointed downwards to keep the corks 'wet'.

Mr. Ken then teased the lad by telling him there was a special code that had to be used to get in there so for him not to get too thrilled knowing that there was lots of good tasting fluids in that room. But, then the man said that on special occasions the lad would get the chance to taste some of what was in that room.

Smiling at the man's remarks, Robert then followed Mr. Ken into the large Theater.

"Robert, this is the room that I think you will fall in love with. It has the state-of-the-art projection equipment and computer hookups that will allow you to watch just about any movie rated PG-13 or lower."

Robert looked up at the man and quickly said, "What … I can't watch R rated ones at all? That's not fair! I've had more than what they show in them happen to me and yet I can't see the simulated sex or two people kissing whether or not they are a man and a woman or two men or two women? I know more about that stuff than you'll ever know," quietly finished up the boy, who then began to cry.

Mr. Ken, seeing the boy was upset, quickly grabbed the youngster into a hug knowing that was what he had to do to get Collin calmed down in order to find out what was wrong.

Still hugging the boy, and not looking into his face, Mr. Ken said, "Robert, I didn't realize that is how … well … honestly, I don't know everything about you. Ms. Judy said she'd be back tomorrow to tell me more about your situation, so I am at a loss right now."

Robert pulled out of the hug and looked up to the man and sincerely asked, "You ... you really don't know … anything about me? That you took me … not knowing what happened to me and why I need a 'special' place to live? … You took me not knowing?"

"Yes, Robert … that's what I did. Ms. Turner is a very good friend of mine and when she asked me … well, I couldn't turn her down. I guess I had hoped that … well, I guess then you don't know anything about me, then, do you?"

"No, sir, I … I don't, other than what you told me earlier," replied Robert.

"What say we finish this tour tomorrow and we go up to my Study and tell each other about one another? Will you be okay with that, young man?"

"Yea, I guess … but do I have to tell you … everything?" countered Robert.

"Well, what say we start slow? Then, as we get comfortable with each other, we can add stuff … that we usually don't like to talk about," countered Mr. Ken.

Robert wasn't sure what the man's angle was but, so far, he hadn't tried anything with him so he shook his head, up and down, and the two took the elevator up to the main floor.

They each took a soft leather chair and sank right down into its inviting softness. Chief then posted herself at the foot of Robert's chair.

"I'll go first, if that's okay with you?"

Getting a nod from the lad, Mr. Ken began to tell Robert all about himself.

After about a half hour, Mr. Ken finished telling the boy what he wanted the lad to know, for now. He then asked the lad to tell him about himself. Anything and everything the boy wanted the man to know at that time, knowing that Ms. Turner would be there tomorrow to tell the man everything.

"Can I ask you a question before I start telling you about myself?" began Robert.

"Why sure. I don't have anything to hide. Well, at least I don't think I do," laughed Mr. Ken

"You're not married, are you?" asked Bobby.

"Yes, I am not married. Why do you ask?"

"I guess I find it strange … that you live here … all alone, well, except for Chief, here, and you take in little kids to foster? Isn't that a bit strange?" straight out asked Bobby.

"Oh … ah, I guess … when you look at it from your point of view that it might, well … look a bit strange," answered Mr. Ken.

"But why do you live here in this huge house, then, if you're not married?"

"It is a very long story, Robert. Remember me telling you that I came into a lot of money. Well, I built this place thinking that the mistake would be found and that I'd go back to being just another poor college graduate. But that didn't happen. Then, I hadn't been in this place very long when that huge storm happened. That's when Collin, well, that's when Chief found him out on the back patio. We brought him in and nursed him to good health. It was then that I met Ms. Turner. We weren't very good friends back then, as it was the Governor who told her to let me continue to care for the teen while he healed. That all happened in the beginning of October, two plus years ago.

"Then that shooting happened right after Thanksgiving. After that, CPS fought to take Collin away from me by taking me to court to get custody of the teen. The judge listened to, well; my guess is to Collin, as they talked in his chambers, for quite some time. In the end, the judge made it so Collin could come back to live here at Three Finger Cove. Along the way, Ms. Turner's son, Eric, became Collin's 'little bro' or little brother as both Collin and Ryan were considered my "Lil Bros' as well. We did lots of traveling and had a number of parties.

"Anyway, as for me not being married, which is what I think you want to know the answer to, well the answer is … that with all the money, I now had, I just didn't want to get married, you know, for marriage sake. I felt I was young enough, still, that I should look around and date some before I took that step. As I told you before, I had just graduated from college, when that storm hit, and then I found myself taking care of a fifteen year old boy.

"I never knew how much time it takes to raise a kid until Collin came to live here. But, during that time, I did date some, and both Collin and Ryan have seen and met my dates, but I am still not ready to settle down. For now, I am building my 'empire' of amusement parks while, at the same time, I am working for Collin as the CEO and COO of his own 'empire' that he inherited from his parents. That, my boy, is another story for another time.

Wanting to take the spotlight off himself, Ken then said to Robert, "Come on; now, and tell me a bit more about you. I don't want you to feel embarrassed, so you don't have to tell me everything about you but I would like to know a little more about you. You know, like who are your favorite sport heroes and things you like to do to keep busy, like read or play ball. Anything like that will do for tonight but, well … I want you to know that, eventually, you will have to talk to me about everything that happened to you that put you in this situation. I will need to know that so I know what I can do to help you get through whatever it is you need to. Okay?"

Robert just sat there for a while, thinking of what he wanted to tell the man. After a few moments, Robert decided to tell the man about his school work, hobbies, friends and some of the things he liked to do. But in the end, Robert told Mr. Ken what his parents did to him and then the basics that led the preteen to be sent to the three foster homes he had been in. Robert also told the man a little about what happened at those homes.

Almost thirty-five minutes later, Ken Thomas sat there numb from hearing how his parents could 'rent out' their only son, in order to make money, so 'they' could have a better life. Then after Robert told Mr. Ken what his life was like in the other foster homes, he couldn't fathom that any foster father would take that information and use religion and the Bible as an excuse for making the boy repent his sins.

Then, to top it all off, Mr. Ken was horrified to learn that Robert's last Foster Dad ignored the lad's complaints about the two older foster teens using the boy for their own sexual entertainment, and fun. Ken Thomas was appalled that even though those boy's, or rather teens, were in foster care as well, that it didn't excuse their actions and he hoped, and prayed, that the 'system' would be taking care of everyone, who made this boy's life a living hell.

"Robert, I don't know what to say. I am taken aback over everything you've just told me. I hope you know that nothing like that will EVER happen to you here, at Three Finger Cove. I give my word that it won't happen here, EVER!"

Robert just sat there listening to the man speak, but he had heard that same speech before. His dad, his own father, had even said practically the same thing that after a few months of sending him to be with his dad's special 'friend's' it would be over, but it continued for almost a whole year, before they were found out.

Then there was his first foster father. He too said something like what Mr. Ken had just told him, but a few weeks later the same sexual assaults began. In the last foster house, he felt he'd be free from his tormentors since there were a number of foster kids already living there. But, soon after the adults went to bed, each night the two older teens began to assault him and the other younger boy living in that home.

Robert just knew that CPS had set him again to a place where the same things would start all over. He promised himself that this time he would fight back and hurt anyone who would do what had happen to him over and over again. "Not this time," Robert said to himself, "he had to protect his own self from Mr. Ken, or any man for that matter, or die trying!"

As Mr. Ken looked on at the boy, he knew that the lad had a thousand thoughts running through his head, at that very moment. He could see the boy siting there, thinking, but about what he didn't have a clue. He knew he had to do something, so he stood up, stretched, and then said, "What say we get ourselves some ice cream? We'll have to do it ourselves because Momma Maria got off work some time ago. You game?"

Mr. Ken's talking snapped Robert out of his thought process, but he had no idea what the man had said and so not to let the man know this he answered, "Sure!"

The next thing Robert knew he is being dished up a big bowl of ice cream. That was something he could never get enough of, so he enthusiastically dug in. The two made small talk, as they ate their frozen desert, and neither made mention of anything that was uttered in the Study, just a few moments ago.

It was now getting late and Mr. Ken mentioned something about it being a 'long' day and he suggested they both get a good night's sleep. The man explained they would have a much busier day tomorrow as with Robert needing to get enrolled in school and then they would go clothes shopping and whatever else they could get done.

The two said their good nights and Mr. Ken never even tried to give the boy a hug goodnight. He felt it was too soon and that he needed to give the lad an opportunity to warm up to him, Chief, and the Cove.

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