Castle Roland

Three Finger Cove - Robert
Book II

by Chowhound


Chapter 9

Published: 2 Jul 15

Three Finger Cove – Robert

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The man and boy met in the Study as they agreed upon after breakfast. They both felt a bit awkward sitting there after their inopportune meeting in Mr. Ken's shower less than an hour ago. Then knowing as the adult it was his responsibility to start their discussion, Mr. Ken moved from behind his large desk and sat in one of the leather chairs opposite the boy so he could look at the lad as they talked.

"Robert, I am not mad at you, please believe me … but I think we need to talk this out some … what happened in my shower this morning. … You did a very courageous thing then, Robert …and I know it took a lot of guts to even decide to do what you did … but it also showed your determination to follow through not knowing how I'd react. … And, by-the-way, I'm grateful that you decided to tell me why you came to my shower instead of... well, running away as I now have a pretty good understanding of what was going through your mind.

"I'm sorry that you felt that way about me … you know, about you thinking you had to do stuff with me to remain here. Saying that to me told me that … well that I was at least doing some things right for you. I just wish we had talked long before today.

"Would you tell me more about your thinking and how you decided to … come to my shower?" asked Robert's new foster dad.

Robert sat there not knowing what he should do. He was still afraid Mr. Ken was pissed at him, but at the same time he could tell that the man wasn't mad as he wasn't yelling and hadn't ever yelled at him at all during the short time he'd be there. The lad was afraid he'd made a mistake in doing what he did and now he'd have to leave what he loved about the Cove.

The pre-teen could see that Mr. Ken was waiting for him to respond to his question but he just didn't know what to say, or how to say what he wanted to. Right now he felt all mixed up and now very sorry for going to the man's shower. He just didn't know what to do. His indecision ate at him and it made him feel ill and that's when the tears began to stream down his cheeks.

Ken Thomas watched the twelve year old wrestle with himself over what he was going to say. The man didn't want to push the boy too hard for an answer; all he wanted to do was to get the lad talking so he could better understand the frame of mind the boy was in. He wanted the boy talking about what made him feel the way he did, knowing that once they began a dialogue it would all come out eventually. Then he saw the tears streaming down the lad's face and he went to the boy and hugged him close.

Robert, for his part, hugged the man back and his tears came on faster than ever before.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Ken for what I did … I promise I won't do that again if you won't send me away," cried Robert.

"I'm not going to send you away, son. I told you I am NOT mad at you … please believe me. All I want us to do is talk about this whole misunderstanding and … and get you started on your new life," said the lad's foster father, as he continued to hug the distraught boy in his arms.

The two must have hugged one another for a good ten minutes before the lad's tears had dried up and he was now complaining that he was getting too warm.

"So, you're getting too warm are you?" teased Mr. Ken, as he tickled the twelve year old.

"Yes, I was getting too warm and if you don't stop tickling me," giggled the lad, "I'm gonna pee myself and get it all over you," continued the laughing youngster.

"Okay, I'll stop but you need to go wash you face and hands and then come back here so we can talk. Will you do that for me?" asked Mr. Ken.

Robert smiled at the man and then quickly disengaged himself and ran to the half-bath to take care of matters.

Five minutes later, the boy came back into the Study and sat down in the chair he was in before he went to the restroom. Mr. Ken remained in the chair opposite the lad so they were still facing one another.

"I take it, Robert, from what you told me, that you really do like living here," began Mr. Ken.

"Yes, I do like it here," replied Robert. "The food is good, as I said. I have a dog I can call my own, and who doesn't get too mad at me for forgetting to feed her, do you girl," added Robert, as he scratched behind Chief's ears. "You've made it fun with the things we've done and you bought me a whole bunch of new clothes that I got the pick out, too."

"I am very glad to hear that, Robert. The thing that I want to know more about is … where or why did you get the idea that you would have to do 'stuff' with me to be able to stay here?" softly asked the Cove's owner.

Robert again felt afraid. He wasn't afraid of his new foster dad, but of how the man might take what he had to say. He was afraid he'd say it wrong and then the man would be mad at him and send him away anyway.

"Robert... I can see that you're overthinking this. Just tell me what it is you're thinking. Don't be afraid of how you say it … just get it out and then we can talk about it. Come on now. What do you say?" sincerely asked Mr. Ken.

Robert continued to hesitate some but he did begin to stutter some words out and then finally said, "I figured she brought me here to … to get me out of the way, you know, so I... so I wouldn't be seen, because you live in this big house and it is sort of away from the other houses. Then … when I found out you weren't married I … I figured you wanted me so you could have … you know … sex with me. I mean … well, she didn't tell me anything about you or why she brought me here so … so I thought why else would she want me living with a unmarried guy," explained Robert.

"Yes, Robert … I can understand why you could think that way … and I am still not going to send you away for thinking that. I can see how this whole thing, you know … the way you were brought here, how it could easily give you the wrong impression. I guess, Miss Judy, err Ms. Turner was so stressed out trying to find a place for you she never did explain about me and why she was bringing you to me. Then, I didn't do a very good job of explaining myself that well to you either, did I?

"Then, on top of all that, you had some run-ins with Ms. Johnston and we never really did take the chance to talk things out. … You know, if you hadn't done what you did this morning, I would not know how serious this really is," finished Mr. Thomas.

"What do you mean 'how serious this is'?" quickly asked Robert.

"Well … what I mean is that … well you've had to do all those sexual things when you lived with your parents; then when you were sent to the other foster homes and it just seemed reasonable that when you arrived here that would still be the case. … What I am trying to say here is that I now realize I need to have you talk to a doctor friend of mine …"

"You mean that Doctor Doug you told me about?" asked Robert.

"Why, yes, it is, and I'm glad you remembered his name. He helped Collin deal with his kidnapping and the death of his parents and many other things that I know he'll be able to help you do the same for you," explained Mr. Ken.

"Will he tell you everything I tell him?" asked the cautious pre-teen.

"No, he won't! Whatever you tell him he cannot talk to others about unless you give him permission. That's what they call the doctor-patient relationship. He'll explain all his requirements and how the process works to you the first time you sit down with him. … Just as I have to win your trust in me, Doctor Doug, Douglas Jennings is his full name, will be trying to win your trust in him. He'll be there to help you deal with all the shit (Robert laughed out-loud when Ken said shit.) yes, I said S-H-I-T, shit, because that is one good word to describe it," laughed Mr. Ken, along with the lad.

"Robert … I can't stress enough how important it will be to you and your new life to talk with Doctor Doug about everything and anything that has happened to you or even bothers you. I'll try to contact him tomorrow while you're at school …"

"Yuk, school… do I havta?" teased Robert.

"Yes, I'm afraid you do. It is required by the State and Miss Judy's organization will be monitoring that you continue with your education and to do well. And, once you get to know the kids at school, you'll be able to have them over to swim and for sleep-overs if you want and maybe a cookout like Ryan and Collin have done.

"Robert … do you have anything you want to say to me … about anything?" probed Mr. Ken.

"Ahhh … not really … well, I mean I … I was really scared that you were gonna send me away because of what I did this morning. But I'm glad you're not pis err mad at me for it... it's just … there is so much going on in my head, I wonder if we could talk again, you know, later?" asked the youngster.

"Okay, Robert … I'll make a deal with you. This whole process I kind of sprung on you, you know like calling you Robert and giving you the option of leaving after two weeks and everything else, well, how about you start keeping a List of things we need to talk about. Make it just a simple List that when we sit down we can review and talk about the things on it to help you deal with them and or understand them. What do you say to that?" asked Mr. Ken.

"A list … is that all? How often do you think we'll sit down and talk? And what do I put on the list?" asked Robert.

"Well, we'll sit down whenever you got a serious item on the List or when the List gets pretty long. I think at first we'll just play it by ear. As for what you put on your List, well, I want you to put things on it that bother you, or that happen to you and you don't understand, or the things that you just wonder about. I also would like you to List the things that those men and teenagers made you do. I want that List mostly so you won't forget to talk to Doctor Doug about them so he can help you deal with them all. Will that work for you, Robert?"

"Yea, I guess … when do I start making the list?" asked Robert.

"How about you begin today," replied Mr. Ken

The man and boy sat there in their own thoughts about what they just talked about. Chief was in the room the entire time but didn't interrupt. Now that the talking was over she decided to get some 'lovin' so she put her front paws up onto Robert's lap and began licking his face. That caused the boy to giggle some and then to focus his attention on his dog and before long the two went out to play.

For dinner that night, the two residents of Three Finger Cove went out. This time they went to the Diner side of the restaurant they went to before.

"Why are we eating in this part of the restaurant Mr. Ken?" asked Robert.

"Well, Robert, this building has essentially two eateries. This side is a Diner and they offer lots of quick eat items like hamburgers and hot dogs and meatloaf with mashed potatoes and gravy, simple things that people can come in for a fast meal but still have a nice place other than a fast-food place. In here, people don't have to worry what they are wearing as long as they are clothed.

"The other side is a full-on restaurant. There, people are expected to be dressed appropriately, depending on the time of day and day of the week. The restaurant also offers a wider range of meals and an atmosphere conducive to fine dining," Mr. Ken tried to explain.

"Well, we ate there that one time and we didn't dress too differently than we are now," stated Robert.

"Yes, that's true, but it was a Brunch we went to, which is early afternoon. If it were at night then we'd be expected to have on long pants and a clean shirt and shoes instead of sneakers. Also, the restaurant is only open for Lunch and Dinner. If you want Breakfast you have to use the Diner for that. Also, the Diner is open all night so if you get a craving for coffee and a piece of pie or cake, at say 2 in the morning, you can come over here to get it. They also offer milkshakes that you can't get on the other side. So, it depends on how you feel when you go out to eat. If you want fancy, you use the restaurant. If you want quick and easy you use the Diner. Did I explain that enough for you?" checked Mr. Ken.

"Yes, I think so. But as we come here more often, I'll get to understand it better, won't I?" asked Robert.

When they returned home, Mr. Ken, seeing it was still early enough, asked Robert if he wanted to watch a movie before going to bed. He agreed and before long the two were down in the Theater and relaxed on Mr. Ken's special Theater lounger. Chief was there, too, and was close by her two 'masters'.

The movie was over about 9 o'clock and Robert said goodnight to his foster dad and he and Chief went upstairs to his bedroom to get ready for school the next day. Robert set out the clothes he wanted to wear for his first day of school and then set the alarm clock so he wouldn't be late.

Feeling tired from the busy day he just put in, Robert used the bathroom to get washed up and ready for bed and then turned off his bedroom light and settled into his comfortable bed. The lad lay there reviewing the day as he remembered it. He was glad things worked out the way they did and was happy that Mr. Ken wasn't mad at him and was still willing to allow him to stay at Three Finger Cove.

It wasn't long before the pre-teen reached inside his boxer briefs and rearranged his pride-and-joy, so it would be comfortable while he slept, but it began to respond to the warm hand that touched it. A smile came to the lad's face as he felt the tingling in his loins so he slipped out of his boxers and began to administer to his needs. It hadn't taken the lad more than five minutes to satisfy himself and clean up his mess; minutes after that, Robert was sound asleep.

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