Castle Roland

Three Finger Cove - Robert
Book II

by Chowhound


Chapter 16

Published: 20 Aug 15

Three Finger Cove – Robert

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by Chowhound
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"Yes, yes, that's me, and ever since that storm … many people began to call me that name, Mr. Ken. I've tried and tried to get people to forgo calling me that … but someone told me that they call me that out of respect for what I did … for what I did for the 'little people' of the county.

"They said that my 'word' became my bond with them and what I said would happen … actually did happen and sometimes before the 'well-to-do-people' got theirs. They appreciated the fact that I played no favorites and thus said they would forever call me that name, out of respect. So, who am I to fight 'city-hall!" laughed Ken Thomas?

"Yes, that you did … but you also did 'fight' but not so much city-hall but the establishment. You know those people on the Hospital Board and the School Board. You know, it's almost that time to start looking for candidates to run again. Don't you think?" teased Harry.

"Actually … no I don't. We were able to clean out the hold-over last year and now there is a whole new group of men and women who are serious about straightening out their respective Boards. But, I will keep an eye out to ensure they don't fall into the trap politicians get into," explained Ken Thomas.

"And what trap is that?" asked Harry.

"The trap of enjoying the 'perks', notoriety and 'power' of the job," smartly replied Ken.

The conversation sort of stalled right then, and Ken was thankful for that. Then he sort of mumbled to himself, "Well, I was able to do it the last time I had a foster son, so why couldn't I do it this time, too. But, I'd better really think this through before I get too involved. Heaven help me!"

"What was that?" asked Harry.

"What was what?" replied Ken.

"I thought you might have said something there and I didn't catch it," followed up Harry

"Oh that … I was thinking to myself and I must have mumbled it out loud, sort of. I didn't realize I had said something," answered Ken.

"No problem, Ken, but what were you telling me about your new foster kid," asked Harry, to get their conversation back on track.

Continuing then, Ken told Harry, "The kid has gone through two hells from what I've been told and have determined from talking to the lad. But, I know there is yet much more for me to be told. He's so needy and so confused at times and so starved to be loved it hurts my heart at times. I've come to love him, yet … I'm only a little more than twice his age.

Robert's been with me for about four weeks now, but as the time has gone by, he has responded with enthusiasm, but yet with still some reservation. I've tried to give him what I can, but … well; at times we meet at an impasse. He's always polite and attentive and he gets good grades but it seems he is missing something that I just can't for the life of me put my finger on."

Harry was now concerned he had opened a barrel of worms for the man as he saw the pain of not knowing where to turn, in the man's eyes. He felt he needed to say something but he was at a loss for words. He sort of knew where Ken was coming from as he had two boys of his own. He knew most of the pitfalls and pratfalls of raising two boys, but he just couldn't figure out what to say to this hurting man.

The two men sat in silence for a few minutes and then Ken spoke. "Sorry for dumping on you like that. I guess I needed to say that to someone … and I guess … I just picked the wrong time. I'm sorry!"

Harry was more confused but even more concerned about his new found friend. At least, he hoped, he would be a new friend as Harry knew you could never have enough friends.

Just then two boys came up to the table. Ken saw that they weren't his and he was thankful for that. The lads then asked their father for some more money. They both begged and pleaded and tried their puppy-dog eyes on the older man to try to get him to part with a few more dollars.

Looking over at Ken, Harry decided it would be best if he stayed a while longer and tried to help him out of the jam he thought he saw Ken in. He then pulled out his billfold and gave the older one some money and told him to put it on one gaming card and to share it with his brother.

Ken looked up after the boys left and mouthed a 'Thank You' to Harry.

Both men again sat silently, not knowing what the other one was thinking. Both knew they had to try to figure something out. Ken knew or thought he knew he needed to try to make some sense of what he just told Harry and to try to clarify it to him. And, on the other hand, Harry needed to try to figure out how to maybe help Ken understand what being around young boys was all about and maybe give him some pointers if he could.

Looking at Ken, Harry began, "Ken, I see confusion in your eyes over Robert. I guess not being with him since he was born makes it difficult trying to figure the boy out. Try to remember how it was when you were growing up. What were you thinking about at his age? What was most important to you at that time? Who was it that you tended to gravitate to? Think of all those types of things you did back when you were eleven, twelve, or even thirteen, maybe. That is probably what's going through the lads mind as well. Give him space and time … but be there for him as you seem to have been since he came to live with you.

"My oldest is twelve, as well, and I see his wanting to break out and be his own 'man' but at the same time … I see him struggling with the 'How' of it. I know he is growing up and wants more freedom and I do try to give it to him but when I do it is with conditions. I can't imagine how it would be to one day wake up and get my son at the ripe old age of twelve and then have to deal him and all his issues.

"I do not envy you at all, Ken, but what I do admire … is that here you are trying your best to help a boy, a stranger mind you, who you know is in dire need of love and affection and direction and everything else a normal growing lad needs. You should be applauded for what you are trying to accomplish. Not many, if any, men your age would ever attempt to do what you have accepted to do for that young man; yet, what ALL you did for your other boy."

Ken then smiled at Harry. He had been thinking about what he should say and then decided to say it. "Harry, thank you for being here tonight. You were what I needed! Again, I am sorry for dumping on you like I did … but saying what I said, and the way I said it, made me realize how screwed up my thinking and maybe my approach was."

Harry began to protest, but Ken held up his hand and continued, "Now, don't get me wrong. Hear me out! Please! I thought I knew what I was doing was the right thing because I kept saying it to myself. The thing was … I wasn't hearing … what I was saying … I was 'thinking' it. Hearing myself tonight saying what I did to you turned the light on for me about the whole thing. I've had no one to talk to about it … what I was going through.

"Well, I never made the time to talk to anyone, but tonight you … you gave me the open opportunity to voice it out, as I saw it, and I couldn't. You heard the way I tried to explain my connection with the two boys. I was pathetic and tongue tied, to say the least. But saying it made me hear it for the first time and now … now, I understand that I needed someone I can bounce ideas off of and get some ideas in return. I've been going at this with a day-by-day approach instead of a long range view.

"I'll bet you have plans for your boys well into their going off to college. Me, I just try to get through the day without any problems and I am just now grasping the fact that I am not paying as much attention to Robert as I should. Damn, what a fool I am! I've been thinking I've been doing the right thing when I was just going through the motions. As long as Robert wasn't complaining and did his homework and was getting good grades I was happy. But I wasn't thinking about HIM!! I forgot to focus on HIS needs, too.

"Thank you again Harry for being here tonight and asking me over to talk. You'll never know how much you've helped me. Oh, and by the way, I'm not married. It's just the two of us and Chief, our golden lab, and of course the cook and my household manager who has not, by the way, NOT taken a shine to my 'new' son."

Harry was speechless and dumbfounded but then he noticed something about the man sitting opposite him. What he saw was something in Ken's eyes that wasn't there fifteen or even twenty minutes ago. He looked even deeper into those eyes and then he recognized it for what it was. He knew right then what he was seeing and it was a deep sensation of happiness and complete relaxation of something found! Harry knew Ken was going to be alright even if he really hadn't thought he had anything to do with it. His friend had found what he needed to know and he was extremely happy for the man.

The two guys then nodded to one another and simply began idle conversation. Ken explained more of the happenstance of Robert's placement and of his friend Eric and how the house manager and Robert clashed ever since the beginning. Harry talked about his kids and some of the antics he had to deal with over the past dozen years.

"You know, if it weren't for the fact the misses kicked us out of the house tonight … I'd never had been here to hear your extraordinary story," Harry said to Ken. "The boys and I", he continued, "had been rough housing and having a general good time together ever since breakfast. This afternoon when we began to play catch, Carol, she's my wife, of course she's my wife, I don't think I'd tell anyone I had a mistress, sheesh listen to me now ramble on. Now, where was I? Oh, yeah now I remember.

"We were playing catch when Carol had had enough and told us she wished she had had girls as they don't make as much racket in one week as much as we three had in just six hours. She said 'if we didn't get out of the house she would make all three of us females'. And, she wasn't kidding. I know that look after fifteen years of marriage.

"Then looking at the three of us, she said she'd make sure there was 'No More Testosterone ever' being made in that house and it would then be eternally quiet! Then hearing his mom say what she had Trevor, my oldest, immediately placed his hand in front of his manhood in kind of a funny response. My youngest, Terran, he's ten, didn't understand the word his mommy used but then seeing his brothers hands, and what they were protecting, he knew mom was pissed and he copied his brother.

"You should have seen Carol's face when she saw both boys protecting their privates. It was truly funny seeing them standing there innocently holding their hands in front of their most precious thing, but she was having nothing of that. She bellowed we had five minutes to get cleaned up and changed and out of the house before those 'play toys' were gone forever.

"The three of us got out of her sight and quickly got cleaned up and were gone. I heard from her later and that she had a difficult time holding her laugh inside at the kids' faces for what she said about their 'play toys'. She also reminded me that I need to talk to Trevor about puberty and sex real soon, even though the schools do that now for the parents.

"So, I have that 'talk' to look forward to and I know she'll keep bringing it up until I do it. Something tells me, though, that I should have done that when Trevor was ten and not twelve. I guess maybe I should sit down with both boys and talk to them about the birds and bees at the same time. What I am afraid of is that they will be able to tell me more than what I know and I've helped produce those two kids already", Harry finished, with a flurry of laughs.

Just as Ken got up to go look for his wayward charges they came bounding in all boisterous and happy, and still pushing and shoving each other. Ken was glad they got along so well and was happy for Robert that he had a found a possible 'best' friend in Eric. Ken said his farewells to Harry and directed the lads out to the car.

The three relived parts of their evening, to one another, on the way home. Of course, the boys hogged the conversation with their witty renditions of their exploits on the games. For Ken, he was glad they were doing all the talking as he really didn't want to get in to what he and Harry had discussed.

The trio no sooner got home and immediately the boys asked if they could watch a movie. Mr. Ken told them to go pick one out and he'd meet them in the Theater, in a moment.

When Mr. Ken got to the room, Robert had the movie all set and had started it to get thru the ads and credits and whatever else those people put on those DVDs, just to make extra money. 'It is a good bet the vast majority of people fast forward through them just as Robert did', Ken thought to himself, as he found his favorite lounge chair and took his seat.

The movie was about a quarter the way through when Robert stood up and asked, "Da… ah, Mr. Ken can we get comfortable?"

Not understanding what Robert meant he asked him to explain.

"Well", Robert said, "I know I'm kinda hot lying here with these long pants on soooo... I was wondering … if we could, you know, take them off. We're all guys, as you say to me sometimes, and I know you've seen me, well … you know … so, can we?"

Inwardly smiling to himself, Ken asked, "How does Eric feel about all this? You know he might be embarrassed to let me see him in his underwear, no matter that we ARE all guys. Maybe you should ask him first. But, it will be okay with me if you want to do that. Just don't get upset if I tease you two for some reason!" the man finished, and added a chuckle under his breath while watching and waiting for Robert to act.

The twelve year old then got down to where Eric was lying on the futon like sofas and did some talking. Ken could tell the lad was talking but it wasn't loud enough that he could tell what was being said.

Then Eric stood got up and said, "Mr. Ken, I don't care if you see me. You've seen me in my underwear here and when we were out in California, don't you remember. I wasn't embarrassed then and I sure won't be embarrassed now." Then Eric began taking his pants off.

Seeing what Eric was doing, Robert stood up, too, and began taking his jeans off. The two lads then lay back down on their futons.

The trio continued to enjoy the movie when suddenly Eric stood up and asked Mr. Ken if he could stop the movie as he really needed to use the bathroom. He explained all that soda he drank earlier 'was now wanting to come out' as he quickly ran up the slight incline, set into the floor, and out the Theater door. He was quickly followed by his new pal, Robert.

Ken chuckled to himself over their behavior so he stopped the movie and figured he'd do the same, but use the men's room under the MRS room (Meeting-Reading-Sitting room). (FYI: The MRS area is adjacent to the entrance Foyer and on the persons left as he enters the Cove. That area is wide open for general reading, lounging, and meeting people for short visits. It also offers views through the glass bannister and down into the Great Room and out onto the lake through the 32 foot tall Great Room windows.)

As he stepped out of the restroom, Ken saw the two youngsters walking from the ½ bath located at the other end with a relieved look on their faces. He also noticed that Robert wore boxer briefs and that Eric wore tighty whities. Then he noticed it didn't matter what they wore as what they were wearing hugged them in all the right places causing him to whistle at them just as they were about to turn back into the theater.

Then, uncharacteristically for boys of that age, especially around an adult, they both stopped, looked at one other, and then at the same time they each gave him a one-finger salute and then quickly ran into the room. Ken just laughed to himself at their antics and the shear change of attitude from the lads. He remember from his earlier talk with Harry that he had to remember what he would do if he were their age so he just laughed to himself and told himself NOT to be upset or to say anything to them about their little gesture.

The movie was almost over when Ken thought he heard some light snoring coming from where the boys were last seen. He got up to see if they were asleep and sure enough they were both sound asleep. He didn't really want to wake them so he went to the closet in the back of the room where he retrieved a few blankets for just this type of situation. He placed a cover over each boy as they lay there on the large padded sofas.

He wanted each one to have his own cover so if they got cold during the night they wouldn't wake up fighting each other for it. Smiling at the two sleeping boys, he exited the theater just as he stopped the movie and went on to his own bedroom. As he walked down the hall, he saw Chief coming in thru one of her doggie doors and headed to the Theater to be with her boy, Robert.

Morning came and each boy found themselves under a blanket but still in the Theater. Eric looked into Robert's eyes and said he needed to pee. Robert said he needed to, too, but neither of them moved a muscle.

Still staring at each other, Eric then asked Robert if he had a problem. Robert not missing a beat asked Eric the same question. Then both of them let out a big laugh and began asking each other questions not letting the other one get the upper hand. Suddenly, Eric said loudly "Wait!" And immediately there was silence. "Robert", Eric softly continued, "can I ask you a personal question? And I hope you won't get mad at me for asking it."

"Sure, why not. We're friends, aren't we?" replied Robert.

"Do you ever get, you know, get boners in the morning?" Eric asked shyly.

"Yep, every morning!" proudly smiled the lad. "Don't you?" Robert then asked his buddy.

Chuckling a bit, Eric then admitted he did and then he challenged his pal to show him his.

"You want to see mine?" Robert inquired. Then he followed that with the age old saying, "I'll show you mine; if you show me yours!"

"Okay," said Eric, with a smile on his face.

Then Robert looked down at the blanket covering his midsection and slowly lifted it off. When he did that Eric could see that there was a tent being made in his buddy's underwear and a particular item of his interest underneath. Robert then slowly pulled his boxer briefs down over his member and grabbed his penis with two fingers and pulled it away from his body and let it flap back making a slapping sound on his stomach. He did that a couple of times and then said with a smile, "Like what you see?" and then gave a hardy laugh after saying that.

Eric was speechless. He had been looking for an excuse to see his friend's boner for some time and now there it was just a few feet away from where he lay. He stared at the dick, the name all the kids at school and his Buds called it, but this was his first time to ever see his new friend's boner in the flesh.

Robert pulled his underwear up over his still hard penis and looked over towards Eric.

"Well, are you going to show me yours?" Robert uttered to the boy who started it.

"Oh, yeah, sure," Eric began. "Sorry, I was lost there for a second."

Stretching up to see if anyone had come into the room, especially Mr. Ken, and seeing not a soul, Eric then too pushed the blanket aside and lifted his tighty whities briefs and pulled them down below both his penis and testicles. After a few seconds, he looked over at his friend and they both began to giggle lightly and eventually got into a roaring laugh while Robert then pulled his down as completely as Eric's were.

Both boys looked at each other's private parts. Both of their dicks were as hard as steel and they both began to pull them away from their stomach and letting it flap back making a slapping sound only to get them laughing even harder.

Eric then said he really needed to pee now so Robert told him to pull up his underwear and grab the rest of his clothes and to head upstairs to his bedroom.

They got to the bedroom, without being seen by Mr. Ken, dropped the clothes they were carrying and hurriedly took off their t-shirts and made a mad dash to the bathroom to relieve themselves. They each stood in front of a urinal as those made it easier for a boy to pee when they had a hard-on pointing out from his body.

Finishing up their morning duty they looked at one another and both said, "Phew, that was close", almost at the same time and began laughing again.

Robert then said for Eric to join him in taking a shower. Eric told him he didn't have a change of clothes, but Robert told him that he looked to be his size and he could wear something of his or at least put on fresh underwear and then the clothes he had worn there.

Eric was a bit apprehensive. He didn't have a change of clothes and was slightly embarrassed to wear someone else's but after thinking about it for a few moments he decided to go for it. He figured it would be nice to get a shower and feel clean, and he'd showered with his 'big bros' a time or two in that same shower so he decided to join his friend in the large 4-head shower stall.

Each took a shower, leaving a shower station between them, and began to wash. As they scrubbed, they talked about the night before and what the other guys might have done last night without them. Continuing to wash, they each tried to steal a glance of the other's boyhood without making it look obvious as to what they were doing.

While each had their backs to one another, as they showered, they each were trying to see if the other had a reaction from their talk and of course the warm water. It was Eric who asked the haunting question, did his buddy have another boner!

Robert hemmed and hawed then told him he did and quickly asked that if he showed him his would Eric show his to him like they did downstairs.

Eric took a few seconds to think about it and responded by turning fully around to look at his partner and said that there he was and for Robert to look at all he wanted.

Robert, too, turned around to fully face Eric and commented that Eric's boy toy looked to be as big as his, about 4 ½ to 5 inches. Eric responded to Robert saying he saw he had a few hairs he didn't notice earlier and if he could get closer to see them.

Robert drew up closer to Eric and said, "Let me see!" Robert pushed his boner to the side so Eric could get a better look and then Eric did the same to his as so Robert could see his as well.

Standing there looking at one another, one of them asked if the other wanted to Sword Fight. It really didn't matter which one asked because they both released their member and began to swing their hips back and forth allowing their penis to strike his opponents.

They did that a six or seven times and then stopped. Each stood there in their own thoughts; both penises slightly jerking up and down to the heartbeat of its owner.

Then from Eric, Robert heard, "Can I touch it?"

Robert was at first confused if he had heard Eric right.

Eric said it again and Robert then knew that was what he heard and said it was okay with him, only if he could touch his, too.

Each boy tentatively reached out to the other's hard member and lightly grasped its shaft. This was the first time Eric had ever really felt another boy's dick and the feel of the pure softness of Robert's engorged dick in his hand made his boner get even harder than he ever thought possible. His mind went to overload from the sensations running through his body and felt as if he could do that all day long.

For Robert, the initial feeling was the same as any other time he had felt the older men's dicks but he soon became aware that now, in touching Eric's penis, he was experiencing something totally different. He couldn't, for the life of him, say for certain what it was, but he knew it was totally foreign to him but at the same time very familiar.

Just then his mind told him to slowly slide his fingers back and forth along the shaft. As he began stroking, he felt a tingling and then a shudder overwhelm him and then suddenly an awareness arose within him. An awareness that made him see Eric in a new light and it was then he thought he was becoming attracted to his new friend, Eric.

Eric was still on a high from the feelings he was getting throughout his entire body from touching his friend's hard dick. He had never in his life ever felt anything as powerful as what was happening right then. As he handled Robert's penis, his hand began to gently stroke it as if it was his own. As he slid the shaft back and forth he felt as if the sensations were inside his own body, as if he was doing his own, but he knew he was touching Robert's.

Eric then, subconsciously, took his free hand and slowly but cautiously began to fondle Robert's two oval jewels hanging below the penal shaft. He felt how soft the sack was and how the two orbs felt about the same size as his own when he played with them at times.

To look at the two preteens standing there you would have thought they were statues except for the fact they were stoking the others erection. This went on for some time as each boy stroked the shaft producing the friction designed to take them over the top and into a final climax.

Eventually, an ingrained instinct kicked in and each lad increased his grip and speed. Before long the sensations became way too much for either of them to control and, almost simultaneously, they both shot their nectar creating a spectacular final fireworks of white hot juices.

As they shot their boy elixir, each boy watched with fascination and awe at the amount his partner produced. A few moments later another primal instinct kicked in as each 'penal head' became too sensitive causing the buddies to pull away so as to stop the manipulation of the organ.

As they released each other's shaft, and quietly smiled at each other, they could sense a special connection or bond had been formed between them. With that, they each leaned in closer to one another and gave each other a tender hug.

Eric, being the novice to mutual masturbation was the first to say something. "That was awesome! I've never felt anything like that, ever. I've done that to myself hundreds of times, I bet, but that by far was THEE BEST jack-off I've ever had."

"Yeah, it was awesome for me, too," Robert stated, then added sarcastically, "When you came you shot your cream all over my hand and my hip and leg, you dipshit!"

"OK, sorry, but did you see where yours went? I bet it went half way across the room it shot so high and fast. That first shot was awesome. It just went like it was shot from a cannon or something. Then your dick continued to pump four or five more times before it began to shrink," added Eric.

"Damn, we definitely needed that for sure! I know I sure did!" said Robert.

A "thanks" came from Eric's mouth. Then he went on to say, "That was the first time for me that I ever … you know … jacked off with another boy. I often wondered what it would be like for some time now and now I know. It was also the first time I ever, you know … touched another dick and had someone else touch mine. I don't think I will ever forget the feelings I had. Thank you, Robert, for doing that with me."

Robert was embarrassed, somewhat, as he knew what Eric was saying but he had done that so many times before that he really didn't think it was all that great. But then he remembered the emotions he experienced stroking his friends dick and he began to wonder what it all meant. He had some idea but wasn't sure and he figured he needed to talk to Mr. Ken, that is, if he could bring himself to talk to him about such a personal subject. He'll just have to add it to the List Mr. Ken had him keep about the items he wanted Robert to talk to him about as Robert felt comfortable enough to do.

"We better clean up and get downstairs and see what Da …, err, Mr. Ken is doing. Make sure you rewash everything. When you have sex your body puts out some hormones or something and you sweat some that can let someone know you've jacked off or had sex or something so quickly wash starting with your hair and down to your feet. You don't have to do it hard just enough to rub the skin and wash off that stuff," stressed Robert.

After drying themselves, they went into Robert's bedroom to get dressed. Robert opened his underwear drawer and gave a pair of boxer briefs to Eric to put on so he'd have clean stuff under his clothes.

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