Castle Roland

Three Finger Cove - Robert
Book II

by Chowhound


Chapter 17

Published: 27 Aug 15

Three Finger Cove – Robert

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"I see you like wearing the boxer briefs," Eric stated matter-of-factly.

"Yes," Robert quickly agreed. "I wear them as my regular underwear and especially around the house at night, along with a long t-shirt, when I want to be comfortable. If someone comes to the house it's as if I have shorts on and I shouldn't feel embarrassed. At least that is what da… err, … Mr. Ken says. He wears something like them as well, so I don't feel bad about having them on. I thought you wore them too. At least that was what he told me when we went clothes shopping. He told me your 'big brothers' had you try them, so what gives?

"Oh, yea, Collin and Ryan... they wore them all the time," began Eric, "and they got me some to try but mom buys my clothes and she always buys the briefs for me. At least she's begun to buy me different colors but I like the boxer briefs better. They feel so good on you and they don't let it flop around when you're running and stuff."

"It was funny when Mr. Ken was buying me clothes and we went to the underwear section. He asked me what I wanted to wear and when I didn't know the difference he mentioned you and your 'big brothers' and so I tried them and I 'love' them, too. We're gonna have to try to get your mom to start buying you them. For now, just put those on and get a shirt out of my closet and let's go on downstairs and see what's up? OK?"

Eric smiled as the briefs slid on his frame and they hugged his boyhood and they felt 'oh so right' to him. He knew some of the guys at school wore them because you could sometimes see the brand when they bent over. He really wanted more after the first ones wore out but he was always afraid to ask his mom to buy him some. He then made a mental note to remind himself to ask his mom to get him some soon and, if not now, then maybe for his birthday and Christmas.

The boys went down to the Kitchen Nook to find Mr. Ken. Robert knew this is where he could always find Mr. Ken on Sunday mornings reading the Sunday paper and having a cup of coffee and maybe breakfast. The two companions said their 'Hi's' and took seats at the Nook's table.

"Hey there sleepyheads, I trust you both had a good night's sleep! I didn't want to wake you as you both had a long day yesterday so I got out the blankets and covered you both. I hope you put them away before you went up to change," came from Mr. Ken, as he got up to refill his coffee cup.

As he crossed to the coffee pot, the man noticed they both had on boxer briefs and he also noticed Robert's fly was open so he took the occasion to tease him by saying, "I see you are both wearing boxers. They sure are more comfortable to sit around in them, verses what you had on last night, Eric. The one thing about them though is the 'Little Guy' can fly away if you're not careful about his escape route when you sit down. I see Robert's is about to fly the coup as his head is sticking up looking around before he leaps to freedom." And with that Mr. Ken burst into laughter.

Robert looked down and saw his dick was indeed exposed and sticking up but not too far out but thankfully not hard as it had been just recently upstairs. He quickly yelled, "Da… ah … Mr. Ken that's not fair. You looked and made fun of me! In front of my friend even. I'll have to add that to my List and we'll have to discuss that in private, and soon, you, you Mr. Meany, you!" And with that both Robert and Mr. Ken laughed out loud at what was just said.

Mr. Ken was happy Robert was able to joke around like that. That, added to the one-finger salute he got last night showed him Robert was getting more and more comfortable being there with and around him.

"Okay, guys, what is in store for us this morning? Are you lads' hungry? Remember its Momma Maria's Sunday off so if you want to eat here you have to eat my fabulous cooking, okay?" and then Mr. Ken laughed. "If we go out you'll have to get a shower! So, what do you two think? Eric, you're first. You're the guest", Mr. Ken finished with a flurry.

Eric began to think and then with a mischievous smile began, "Well, we've already had our showers … so my answer is we should go out to the most expensive place we can find and live it up a little. How does that sound?"

"Only if you pay," was how Mr. Ken responded as he laughed at the quick witted answer. "And what do you say your royal bird keeper?" came from Eric, which sent Mr. Ken and Robert again into hysterical laughter.

"Yeah, let's go out to eat. I'd like a nice breakfast and we all know you can't cook. Well, you can when you have to, but it isn't as good as Momma Maria's and she didn't come in this weekend to cook for us. So, I vote for eating out!" replied Robert.

While the three of them hashed out a plan for a few minutes, Mr. Ken queried if they should invite Eric's mom, Judy. He said she really doesn't get out all that often, from what he had heard, and that was confirmed by her son who was sitting right there. So, it was agreed that Mr. Ken would invite her and then get his own shower. He told the kids it would be about 45 minutes and for them to find some nice clothes to wear and meet him by the front entrance when they were ready. They each then took off in their respective directions.

Upstairs, the two young men searched Robert's closet for something that was nice but that would also fit Eric. After two or three false starts, the boys found suitable clothes to wear and began by putting on the pants. With the pants on, each lad selected their shirt and put them on.

"I really like how this feels with the boxers on. Don't you?" asked Eric. "They make me feel like my stuff is gonna stay in one place and not flop around or hang to one side and make me embarrassed in front of my mom when she sees me walking, or when I sit down. I don't want this thing (pointing at his dick) outlined by the pants," he lamented.

"I agree. Ever since I began wearing the boxer briefs I like the way they let me feel when I am dressed up and especially when I go to school. I know sometimes when the elastic of the regular briefs wears out your dick can slip out the side and when you sit down your stuff makes a bulge on the side showing where it is.

Then Robert cupped his 'equipment' in his hand and pulled it to the right and showed Eric what he meant about bulge. Eric, too, grabbed his 'boyhood' and pulled it to one side and both of the pre-teens began to laugh. But in doing their antics, their pride-n-joy began to swell.

Without prompting they began to stare at each other's equipment and before long their pride and joys were standing tall, again. Smiling at each other, they walked towards each other, and staring into the other's eyes they then took each other in their arms and began a warm hug.

This closeness found their dicks rubbing against one another causing an electric shock to course through their bodies bringing them to hug even tighter. As they began to rock and move some the tingling continued and the more they did that the better the feeling got.

Not missing out on the significance of his feelings, Eric asked Robert if he wanted to maybe slip off their boxers and lie down on his bed since standing was making him kinda tired.

Upon hearing the question, all Robert did then was walk backwards towards his bed and once there he fell over and dragged Eric down on top of him. Then he began to slide Eric's boxers off as Eric did the same to him. Then Robert positioned his like-minded buddy square on top so they could feel their dicks sliding along their smooth stomachs.

Basking in a newly found sexual wonderment, Eric slid his body all over Robert's trying to maximize the unbelievable electricity flowing up thru his penis. Then stopping, he slowly rose up on his hands and looked down into his sex partners eyes. After a few seconds and without saying a thing, he slowly lower his head and let his lips lightly touch the duplicate lips just beneath his.

Not hearing any protest, Eric began to press harder onto those supple lips and began a kiss that he never thought possible within him. In return, Robert felt the lips descend onto his own and sensing a warmth and softness he, too, had never felt, he allowed them to first lightly touch and then firmly press onto them. His mind went into overload as the two sets of lips opened and first Eric's tongue and then his tongue began to meet in a battle reminiscent of the sword fight they had in the shower.

As their tongues battled, Robert brought his hands onto Eric's back and using the finger tips he circled a light touch on Eric's skin and feeling goose bumps he knew he was doing something right. Not wanting to lose his top mate he then positioned his hands now on each butt cheek and pulled Eric deeper onto his own body resulting in deep moans emanating from within both preteens.

Breaking the kiss, Robert told Eric he wanted to feel what is was like to be on top so the two changed positions and resumed not only the sliding of their bodies and Eric's hands firmly attached to Robert's ass cheeks, but the continuation of that warm and soft kiss.

If you had been in the room, being the proverbial fly on the wall, you would have heard the two moan in ecstasy as their now sweating bodies continued to add lubrication while delicate sweet sucking sounds came from within their kisses.

Their bodies would soon come to a climax as their passion began to rise higher and higher. The continued heat from the bodies caused added lubrication for the now over charged sex organs and when the time came to release that stored energy the lads would feel as if they had scored a direct hit on the target. It wouldn't matter what the target was, because when they shot their loads they would know they had surely hit the bull's eye.

And, then it happened! Simultaneous cries of exhilaration, euphoria, and heaven emanated from their vocal chords, a sound that could be heard throughout the entire upstairs, when the irreversible discharge of their love making hit its peak. Throughout the entire event, the boys held each other as tightly as they possibly could, as their lips pressed even harder together to continue the kiss they had just begun as the climax approached as their love juices squirted and squirted adding more lubrication increasing the sliding and electric tingling cursing through their members.

Then as suddenly and decisively as the culmination of their sexual interlude went over the top they then began to slowly recede into the afterglow of what they had accomplished. When their release finally came, hitting the bull's eye had been an understatement!

The two close friends basked in those feelings that come along with the sex act. Still holding one another, they had finished the kiss and were recovering their breaths and then the realization Mr. Ken would be waiting for them.

Jumping up, Eric asked if they had time to take a quick shower or at least rinse away the evidence. Robert said he didn't care but realizing they had to clean up he said to just get under the shower but not to get their hair wet.

Still partially wet from the rinse-off the two dressed faster than ever, splashed on something that smelled good from a bottle, Robert had on his dresser, and rushed out the door and towards the stairs.

"Robert, that was totally awesome. I never thought sex could be that, that incredible!" came from Eric's mouth.

Just as he came out of his bedroom suite, Mr. Ken heard them before he saw them coming down the stairs. Watching the two lads, he was grateful the youngsters weren't running as they had done last night.

"Well, lookie here! What do we have but two well-dressed young men and (a sniff sniff, could be heard as Mr. Ken sampled the air surrounding the pair) what do I smell? Ah, yes, you are both wearing that nice cologne I got Robert a few weeks back. I'm glad you both like it and chose to wear some today. It's a mark of a sophisticated man who uses a nice scent when he is going out on a date or just out with friends for a night on the town. You two look very handsome. And don't let anyone tell you otherwise," was how Mr. Ken greeted the duo.

It had been about an hour since the decision was made to go to breakfast and they were just walking out the front entrance. The kids thought they would be in trouble for being late and were extremely relieved it took Mr. Ken longer, too. They were also happy the big guy was pleased with their appearance after what just transpired upstairs. They stopped to pick up Judy Turner, Eric's mom, and continued the drive over to Shoney's for the Breakfast Bar.

After they got seated and their drinks ordered, the boys practically ran to the serving buffet and filled up their plates as though it was going to be their last meal. The two adults laughed out loud at the companions as they sat down and began shoveling the food into their mouths. "Slow down there, you two, or you'll both get sick," pleaded Mr. Ken. "There is lots of food so please relax and enjoy the meal." spoke Ken, in a kind and fatherly way.

The four of them had a nice noon time 'brunch', as they called it, together. The youngsters told Miss Judy of their pizza encounter and game playing the night before and Ken added a little about meeting Harry and how he enjoyed their conversation.

On the return trip, Mr. Ken talked Judy into stopping by the house. She agreed but with one condition, Miss Judy insisted on being dropped off at her place. She wanted to change into something more comfortable to sit around in and she also wanted to get her car so Mr. Ken didn't have to drive them home later that evening.

The boys immediately ran upstairs as soon as they entered the house and Mr. Ken had to yell at them to SLOW DOWN but to no avail as they had disappeared into the upstairs hall. Mr. Ken made another mental note to talk to them as soon as they came back down.

Mr. Ken, Robert and Eric had all changed into some comfortable clothes and were in the entrance foyer talking about, what else, running in the house, when the doorbell rang. They figured it was Mrs. Turner so Eric opened the door and said hi to his mom and gave her a big hug as she entered the home. She in turn presented her son with some clothes in which to change.

"Mom, why'd you bring me some clothes, I already changed?" stated Eric, matter-of-factly.

"Yes, my son, I know, I also know you wore Robert's clothes out to Breakfast and it isn't right that you wore his clean clothes. Let's just leave these here for the 'next time' if Mr. Ken doesn't mind," responded Ms. Judy, Eric's mom.

With the small talk ended in the foyer, the boys announced they were going to go outside afterwards and then headed up to Robert's closet to hang-up Eric's changes of clothes. Eventually, the kids made their way past the Kitchen Nook, where Mr. Ken and Ms. Judy were drinking coffee, and went outside through the garage. Of course, Chief wasn't far behind barking playfully at their heels.

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