Castle Roland

Three Finger Cove - Robert
Book II

by Chowhound


Chapter 24

Published: 15 Oct 15

Three Finger Cove – Robert

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by Chowhound
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Friday night after school, Robert found his 'dad' and asked him if he could have the gang over that weekend. Hearing that request, Mr. Ken found himself astonished the boys didn't use the pool more often. The weather wasn't all that great right now, and the indoor pool, he figured, should be a magnet for boys of that age. After giving his wholehearted approval, Ken mentioned something about eating dinner out that night over at the Four Corner's Diner for some juicy hamburgers and fresh onion rings, fried to a golden brown. Robert's mouth began to water as he heard the menu and grabbed his 'dad' in a big hug indicating he was all for that type of dinner that evening.

It was still a bit too early to go out, so the two went about their early evening taking care of last minute issues like homework and contract reviews. Ken thought it strange that a kid of twelve would want to do homework on a Friday night. He knew he never did that when he was that age but maybe it had something to do with the way his parents treated him. That, he decided, was something to add to his List to try to get more info about.

Up in his bedroom, Robert got out his school books and went to work on his assignments. It was a holdover from when his dad made sure he had everything done as soon as he came in off the school bus. Mr. Harrison didn't want the kid's school grades to go down so as to not bring attention to him and get people asking questions. His only reason for doing that was so that he could 'use' his ten year old son all day Saturday and Sunday and into Monday morning earning lots of money for him and his wife to spend on clothes, booze and gambling and whatever.

Occasionally, just from habit, Robert would look over his shoulder, reminiscent of when he first arrived there, waiting for his 'dad' to appear but knew now he'd never have to do those nasty things again. Robert couldn't be happier that things turned out like they have and he now looked forward to remaining at Three Finger Cove forever, if he could.

The weekend found the gang at Robert's, where else. On Saturday the clouds came in accompanied with a brisk wind but the lads still managed to skateboard most of the day. On Sunday, the boys started outside but the day quickly deteriorated and it rained so they decided to go swimming.

Unfortunately, the boys didn't think to bring their swim suits. Mr. Ken had made plans for such an occasion as he had bought about 100 swim suits of different boys and men's sizes. Robert took his friends to the pool area and told them to try and find a suit that would fit. Chuck said something about not using any suits and the boys just snickered at him but the 'wheels' had begun to turn.

Brad searched through the crate of boys swim suits and found the largest he could find. His good friend, Gordon, saw what he did, so he did the same thing. Chuck found a most revealing Speedo, which was one size too small for him, and put it on. Robert and Eric had their own suits already there and just put those on.

It wasn't long before Brad and Gordon kept doing flips and other things that would make their swim suits come loose and almost come off. Chuck, with the too small swim suit kept rearranging his equipment in front of the guys and made a few lewd suggestions that the lads all laughed at. You just knew it wouldn't take long before Brad and Gordon let their swim suits just 'fall off' and then swim nude.

They told their friends how good it felt and that everyone should join them. Chuck immediately followed suit as he made the original suggestion. Robert and Eric laughed at their friends but stayed in their suits as they sat down in the water on the 'beach' area of the huge pool. The three nude boys kept getting out and jumping back in the pool and it was obvious they were thoroughly enjoying themselves. What also became noticeable were their members which looked a bit more 'puffy' than when they first took off their suits.

Before too long, Brad and Gordon said they needed to use the restroom and the two headed off in that direction. Chuck then came over to where Robert and Eric sat in the shallow water. The 'beach' area got its name from its softly sloped entrance into the pool that basically had little to no water and then down to 3 Feet where it dropped off to 4 Feet of depth distinguished by a rope. The nude boy sat between his two friends in about two feet of water. Enough water that almost covered him to his waist but so little you could sure see what he was wearing – nothing.

They talked some and Chuck asked his pals if they knew why Brad and Gordon were talking so long. They told him they had no idea but Chuck chuckled and told them his. He said the two best friends were doing something together, and raising his right hand he made the universal jack-off motion, saying that was what he figured they were in the shower doing. All three boys laughed at the idea.

"So, why don't you join them?" asked Eric. "You were always their best friend when the other wasn't around. So … go and see if that is what they are doing," Eric laughed, as he said that.

"Naw, it wouldn't be right! Yea, we are real good friends … in a way, but it is those two who are … like you guys … you know, together!" said Chuck, looking to see if there was any telltale sign those two were 'together'.

"So, Chuck … how is it you … ah … know what they are doing?" invited Robert. "Have you ever joined in with them? No, don't answer that, it is not fair for me to ask that," apologized the lad, for asking that.

"I don't mind. You guys are … all you guys including them, are my very best friends, ever," answered Chuck. "I like being with you guys. You treat me like a brother. At home, I feel as if I don't exist most times. Yes, Brad and I and Gordon and I have, you know … stroked each other. It feels real good.

"But Brad and Gordon are like … you know a … a pair, a couple. They do it together more than I do with either of them combined. Don't you guys ever … you know … touch each other's … dick and stuff?" directly asked Chuck.

The two best friends looked down at Chuck's midsection and saw he had a boner. They then looked at each other and saw the tents showing with their suits and they asked Chuck if he would like them to take their suits off, too. He looked at both boys and smiled and said, "Yea, sure, why, not?"

Eric and Robert slid their suits off and to the amazement of Chuck he saw their boners were just like his. He'd seen all the guys' nude but had only seen Brad's and Gordon's spikes hard and seeing these two with their swords standing tall up through the water made his heart beat faster.

"So, you guys … you do play with each other's dicks, too, huh?" inquired Chuck.

The boys looked at each other to see if they wanted him to know and when they both nodded to each other Robert told Chuck, "Yes, we've touched each other's 'love muscle' a time or two." Then Eric added, "Or three," and the three laughed at that.

"Do you miss not having someone to … you know … help you out?" asked Robert.

"Yea! It always feels so good when someone else touches you and … you know … strokes it and makes it tingle and …" he sighed. He then reached down to his own boner and began to lightly stretch it as he talked to his friends and not at all being embarrassed for doing that.

An unspoken dialogue occurred between the other two best friends and they both reached up to Chuck's chest and gently pushed him back down onto the beach bottom. Chuck initially resisted but with the prodding of the other boys he allowed himself to lie back. With Chuck lying on his back and his dick standing high both boy's reached over and began to slowly and gently manipulate his shaft and balls.

Chuck began feeling something akin to electric pulses flowing through his member which caused him to suck in air, because it felt so damn good. Lying there, he felt for his partners erections and just rubbed the palms of his hands over them. Not hearing any protest, he then gently grabbed each prick and began to slide his hand up and down the shafts.

Now all three boys had their erections being manipulated and each was in his own world of ecstasy and contentment. That continued until each lad felt the initial feeling of the juices inside beginning to be aroused and wanting OUT! They picked up their speed and before you know it Chuck's 'willie' spewed shot after shot of boy cream all over himself and into the water. When he shot, he released his partner's knobs but now, calmed down, he now sought out Eric's prick and began the stroking ritual. It wasn't long before Eric too had his member shooting his boy juices all over his stomach and some into the water

Not leaving Robert to do his own, Chuck then reached over to his other friend and began in earnest to stroke him off. Robert had the most time without stimulation so it took Chuck a bit longer to get the internal wiring firing and the juices ready to flow. Then before he knew it Robert shot his first load almost straight up to what looked a good 15 to 18 inches high. His second load shot towards his face and landed on his chin as Chuck's stroking had angled the tube-steak down some. The next few shots were not as powerful but still impressive to both Chuck and Eric. When Robert's member became overly sensitive to be held any longer, Chuck released the softening tool and then noticed Robert's cream looked a bit cloudier then either his or Eric's.

Something that occurred while Robert stroked Chuck's dick, and probably only heard by him, was Chuck kept whispering Trevor's name. He heard him saying things like 'don't stop Trev' and 'love the way you stroke it'. That got Robert to think that maybe Chuck would like to have Trevor as a 'close' friend and wondered how he could get those two together as 'good' friends as he and Eric were and Brad and Gordon seem to be. He decided not to say anything to Eric telling himself he'd wait to see if Eric says anything to him first.

The three of them basked in the afterglow of their ministrations, their breathing slowing down as the feelings subsided. After relaxing some, they all looked down at their midsections and, seeing the mess they made, they got up and headed for the showers meeting the other two coming out of the room joking and laughing. Not stopping to talk the three quickly jumped under the warm showers washing any evidence off their bodies.

Now five lads were all naked, as the day they were born, and enjoying swimming in The Cove's pool. They remarked to each other how fun it was to swim without suits as they jumped into the pool and played some games. Unbeknownst to them, Mr. Ken had decided to bring them some drinks and sandwiches.

The man got an eye full, when he entered the immense pool area, as he saw all five boys running around having a fun time but without a stitch of clothes on. He didn't want to disturb them, or make it look like he was watching, but an uncontrolled laugh escaped him, maybe a bit too loud, and all five saw him and quickly jumped into the water.

"I'm very sorry I saw you like that, guys and I do apologize … but … you all looked so cute, and then like deer in the headlights, when you saw me standing here. I figured you guys would be a bit hungry about now, so I thought I'd bring you some food and sodas not knowing you were doing what many kids your age would love to get the chance to do, skinny dip! I did that allot when I was growing up out in the mountain streams and reservoirs back in Pennsylvania. I hope I didn't scare you or upset any of you for seeing your manhoods," Ken just had to say to the five standing there in the water looking up at him.

"Does what we did have a name?" Chuck wanted to know.

"Yes, I guess it does. At least, I know it as Skinny Dipping. That's what we called it when I did it not so many years ago," answered Mr. Ken.

"Hey, dad," said Robert, "those sandwiches look good!" and while saying that, he got out of the water and got himself one.

"Hey, wait for me", yelled Eric, and he too got out of the water and retrieved a sandwich and a coke. "Hmmm, this tastes so damn good. Oh, sorry!" Eric exclaimed, still standing there, au natural, and water dripping off him.

It wasn't long before all five naked boys were eating a sandwich and drinking a soda while talking to Mr. Ken seemingly not embarrassed at being nude in front of the older guy. To their relief, none of them got hard in front of the man. It was as if the five boys weren't aware they were standing there in the buff, dripping water on the pool deck, showing the world what made them almost 'men'.

"'Dad', you're not … not mad at us for not using swim suits, are you? This was the first time, honest, and we won't do it again, ever" Robert said to his dad, with the biggest puppy dog eyes he could muster.

"No, 'son', I'm not mad and I'm not the least disappointed," he said, that last part for effect for his 'son'. "I'm just surprised it took you this long to finally get up the nerve to do it, that's all. You're all good friends and I figured you've seen one another naked a few times and swimming nude is just an extension of being BEST friends. It is part of the bonding good friends go through as they get to know and learn more about one another. Oh, or maybe you were all afraid before that something would want to play 'up periscope' and you didn't want to be laughed at," and he couldn't hold it in any longer and burst out with a hardy laugh.

"Da aaD!" both Robert and Eric bellowed at the same time, then laughing at what they said.

"Okay, guys. I'll leave you all alone to finish up your swim. But … you know … this is a good bonding experience for you, as I said, but one thing I want you all to promise me. That you won't go to school tomorrow or the next day or any time after today and tell people that you all did this – skinny dip. Oh, and one more thing, I ask that you won't ever make anybody swim naked if they don't want to. I also mean you won't trick or tease them into doing that.

"Swimming nude is a very personal thing as you all can see by each of your sizes. Many boys are embarrassed to show their boyhoods to anyone … even if they are their best friends. It could take a few trials before they MAY feel comfortable doing that, though. So, guys … you understand what I am saying here?"

The lads all shook their heads in the positive that they understood.

"You know … it is lucky I don't have a housekeeper. I bet she'd be down here taking pictures of all those cute, shriveled little guys hanging there," laughed Mr. Ken, as he began leaving the pool area.

"Da aad!" and "Mr. Ken!" could be heard yelled from the five lads, as he had to run before they splashed him.

But, before Mr. Ken got to the door, Robert called to him and went over to him and gave the man big hug. Even though he was nude he didn't mind as he hugged his dad because he was really cool for how he just treated them. Eric, too, went over and gave Ken a hug as well. Then Chuck, waiting for Eric to finish, gave Mr. Ken a huge hug and held it a bit longer than the others. When he pulled back, he had a few tears in his eyes that only Mr. Ken could see. He then slapped the boys butt as the lad turned to dive into the deep end.

Too bad it was Sunday as they would all have loved to have had a sleep over and maybe had themselves a midnight skinny dip swim. They all agreed that next time they'd do just that as they waited for their parents to pick them up. Each of them went home that night with a new appreciation of the friendship they had with each other. Only Chuck wished he had what the other four had, a partner.

Monday morning, first thing at school, Robert went looking for Trevor. When he found him, he pulled him aside to ask how come he didn't come over the day before to skateboard. Trevor told him his brother complained to his parents that he had no one to skate with, so they made me take him to the old place.

Trevor explained how pissed-off he was and then almost getting grounded. Robert mentioned that Chuck had hoped he would show. Trevor acted a bit surprised at hearing that. Robert went on to tell him Chuck felt like a fifth-wheel without anyone to hang with, explaining Chuck really enjoyed being around him.

Robert didn't get to say much more when the other guys showed and began to tell Trevor about their day and the skinny dipping they did. They also told him how Mr. Ken saw them all nude but didn't say anything other than he was surprised it took them so long to actually do that. They didn't tell him though of the fun they had individually. Chuck just told Trevor that he wished he had made it as the swim was really neat and he would have enjoyed it. No one really noticed how their eyes kept looking into each other's, except Robert.

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