Castle Roland

Three Finger Cove - Robert
Book II

by Chowhound


Chapter 31

Published: 3 Dec 15

Three Finger Cove – Robert

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by Chowhound
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Later that evening, when Robert and Eric got ready for bed, Eric said to Robert, "You told me downstairs why you are living here with Mr. Ken, but … you … ah … never finished telling me about what happened, in the courthouse, the other day. Do you think you could tell me now?"

Robert stood there for a few moments thinking about what happened downstairs then replied, "Yea, I didn't say anything about the courthouse, did I? Okay, let's finish getting ready for bed and I'll finish up my story. Okay?"

Eric didn't need any more coaxing to get ready for bed as he pulled off his jeans and t-shirt and sat on the bed opposite Robert. Robert, seeing Eric getting out of his clothes, so quickly, followed suit and got down to just his boxer briefs and sat on his own bed.

The two of them sat across from one another as Eric waited for his Best Friend to finish telling his story, but what he heard at first was "Dang, we hafta get your mom to stop buying you those tighty-whities and get you some nice fitting boxer briefs!"

What Robert said broke Eric up as that had been an item they'd talked about before and by not expecting that to be said, first, took Eric by surprise and made him laugh. That made Robert smile, at first, and then he too broke out in a rolling laugh. Their loud laughing was heard by Mr. Ken as he came up the stairs, to check on the lads, before he went to bed. He just had to know what that was all about.

"Boy's, it's good to hear you both laughing, but I hope it wasn't at either of your expense," the curious man said.

"Oh, no, Mr. Ken, it was something that Robert said, that I wasn't expecting, that made me break out laughing and that then made him laugh, too. You see … we both have talked about my mom always buying me tighty-whities and not the boxer briefs like Robert wears. So, when he said that, at first, and not finish telling me what happened at the courthouse it caught me by surprise, and it made me laugh!"

"Yea, 'dad', Eric wants to wear what I'm wearing. He's tried mine, and he likes the feeling, but we haven't come up with a way to get his mom to buy him those instead of what she always does," explained Robert. "Maybe you can help Eric, 'dad'. She'll listen to you, I know she will!"

"Okay, guys, I'll take that under advisement, but I won't promise anything. I think Ms. Judy has done a wonderful job of raising Eric and I don't think it is my place to start telling her how to do that. You both understand that don't you?" finished 'dad' Ken.

"Yes, sir", said Robert.

"Yes, Mr. Ken", replied Eric.

Just then, a pillow came flying at Mr. Ken and hit him about his head and face. Seeing who threw it; he attacked. He swooped in and began tickling the boy until the lad screamed with laughter. The other lad, seeing what was happening, to his Best Friend, attacked the attacker but he too found himself in the throes of being tickled, and now both boys were laughing so hard their sides were hurting.

The boy's attacker let up for a few moments, to allow the lad's to catch their breath, but as soon as he saw an opening and he rushed in for the 'kill'. That last barrage had both pre-teens yelling, "We give! We give!"

All this time, Chief stood aside and watched his first master 'playing' with her boy's and only barked encouragement and showed as big a smile a dog can give.

When it was over, Robert looked at Chief, and while laughing, said to Chief, "You traitor! You should have helped us."

That said, Chief then went over to Robert and began giving him some doggie kisses and after a few of those she went to Eric and gave him the same. Both boys then hugged her.

"Thanks 'dad'," offered Robert. "That was fun!"

Yea, thanks 'dad', that sure was fun," added Eric.

"Let that be a lesson to you both. I don't know which lesson that was but yea … it sure was fun wasn't it girl," said Mr. Ken, as he looked towards Chief.

All Chief said was "Ruff, ruff!"

Robert then got off his bed and hugged his 'dad' for being the great guy he was to him. Eric, seeing Robert hugging the man he knew as his Big Brother, got up too and hugged the man. The three stood there for a few seconds before they ended the hug.

"You guys going to be Okay?" asked Mr. Ken.

"Yes 'dad', we'll be OK," replied Robert.

"Now guys … don't stay up all night talking. Eric, I know you want to know what happened, at the courthouse, but please keep in mind what Robert has already told you tonight. He's had a busy day and he's tired and he could fall asleep on you. OK?" said Mr. Ken, in an asking but telling voice.

"'Dad', he knows and we won't stay up too late. There isn't all that much to tell about what happened, at the courthouse, anyways," offered Robert.

Ken then ruffled Robert's hair, and then Eric's, and then bid the guys a 'Good Night' and left the boys alone, in Robert's bedroom.

"Mr. Ken is the greatest," declared Eric.

"Yea, I am very lucky your mom placed me with him," Robert announced. "I think I'm beginning to understand how Collin must have felt when he first lived here. This place is such a happy place. I don't think I'll ever want to leave."

The boys just sat there, in their own thoughts, as they let what Robert just said to sink in. Eric knew from his previous experiences, at The Cove, what Robert meant and he felt so honored to be able to continue to be a part of Three Finger Cove. Robert just thought about how much his life had changed, since arriving at The Cove, and what more could possibly come his way. He smiled big when his thoughts began to wander.

The two boys must have sat there for a good five minutes, in their own thoughts, before Robert piped up and mentioned he needed to go pee. Eric agreed, with his Best Friend, and the two of them headed to the bathroom, where they each took a stand at a urinal and let go of the held in excess fluid. When finished, they both washed their hands and headed back to Robert's room.

After switching off the light, each lad got under the covers of their respective bed. It was then that Robert told Eric what happened, at the courthouse. It took him about five minutes to explain since the majority of the ruckus occurred in the Judge's Court. He then explained that in Judge Adam's Chambers that all they did was the adults talked, and he answered their questions. He did mention that he learned how the first meeting between Collin and Judge Adam went and that after it Collin felt 'safe' in the judge's care. The lad then revealed that he thought he'd like Judge Adam, too.

Eric didn't have any questions for Robert about that last part of why he was spending the night. The pre-teen lay there for a few minutes before asking Robert, "Do … ah, do you ah … think we could ah … share the same bed?"

Robert didn't answer at first. His emotions got the better of him when he heard Eric ask, that most important question, if they could share the same bed. He knew that by asking that Eric hadn't rejected him and still wanted to be his friend and maybe, just maybe, do some of the same things they already had done together.

"Well?" whispered Eric.

"Yes, what are you waiting for?" declared Robert.

It didn't take Eric but a second to throw off the blankets and slip under those that covered his Best Friend, Robert.

"I was afraid that … you wouldn't want to do anything with me again," offered Robert. "I've done some awful things that many people would probably be disgusted with me for them."

"No, Robert, what I said earlier downstairs I meant it. You ARE my Best Friend and I will not abandon you no matter what. I always wondered how you knew how to do some of the things we tried and now I know. You said that after a while you began to like some of what they did with you. I don't know if I am brave enough to try all of those things. Maybe when I am older, but for now, I DO enjoy what we've done together, so far. ... ... So … do you want to ah … maybe do something tonight before we fall asleep?" a hopeful Eric asked, in the end.

"What do you think? I haven't done anything for a few days and I know I need to do something and soon," replied Robert.

"Then, let's help each other," answered Eric.

That said, the two pre-teens shucked off their briefs and turned to each other and hugged. That, of course, brought together some very fragile and very stiff appendages that were ready to fire off over any exaggerated stimulation. But the lads didn't care. The feelings they each were experiencing through their 'other head' put them on a toe-stretching mental high. Before long the mutual hug morphed into a mutual kiss and then Robert pushed Eric onto his back.

Robert broke the kiss and then leaning up on his elbows looked into Eric's eyes and asked him if the lad was ready for something they hadn't yet done. Eric didn't understand the question but after Robert told him what he wanted to do Eric wanted to know if it would hurt.

"No way!" loudly whispered Robert, "This is the most awesome thing those guys first did to me … and, I want to do that to you. Believe me, you'll love it, especially, now that you're older and know how good it will feel. Are you ready?"

"Are you sure you … you really want to do that to me? You know you don't have to, you know," said Eric, not wanting what Robert was about to do to come between them.

"Yes, I thought about it and … and I want to do this … just for you. I know you'll totally love what I'm about to do," responded Robert.

"OK, if … if you're sure," quipped Eric.

That said, Robert began to slide his person down the outside of Eric's being and found his intended target. Prepared to use his mouth, Robert slowly and gently licked the outer glands of the lad's penis and before long he had the entire hardened member in his mouth.

The feelings that went through Eric, as his Best Friend worked his magic, were astronomical. He knew there was no way he could explain what he felt during that time. He just knew that it was much better than using his hand, or even having Robert's hand touching him. This he knew that Robert was right. This WAS the most awesome thing he ever experienced.

Robert attended to the extended member the way he knew how. Eric, for his part, just lay there, eyes closed, experiencing the sensory overload. His body hadn't released any boy 'juices', in a few days, and, when the explosion came, he hadn't thought to warn Robert of it.

For Robert's part, he was ready for the explosion. He had serviced too many men, over almost two years, that he knew the signs. But, mostly, he also wanted Eric to experience that fabulous shooting sensation he'd never before experienced and you can only experience your 'first time' once.

When the explosion of boy juices did shoot out of Eric's member, the twelve year old thought he'd, for sure, hurt his Best Friends mouth it came so fast and furious. No more than a minute later, the tip of his member became overly sensitive so Eric distinctly pulled back and it slipped from Robert's mouth.

Robert wiped what remained in his mouth, on his arm, and then scooted up to be beside Eric.

"So … what do you think of that? It didn't hurt at all, did it?" asked Robert.

Eric looked at his Best Friend and pulled him into a great big hug. "That was the best way ever for getting off for sure. I wasn't sure what to think, when you asked me if I wanted to try that, but I am sure glad I did. Thank You, Robert! I hope I can learn to do that to you as good as you just did to me."

"You don't have to do that to me. I just wanted you to know what it felt like, to me, when those guys did that to me. It is a pretty amazing feeling, isn't it?" replied Robert.

"Yes, it was awesome but … but didn't those men make you do that to them, too? If you can show me what it feels like then I should also learn, what it is I have to do, to make you feel as good as you just did to me. Right?" Eric argued back.

"But … you don't have to," said Robert.

"But, I want to! Please let me try this. I know I won't be good at it, but… but how can I learn if I don't try. And … you did say you haven't shot-off in a few days like me so … what do you say? Will you allow me to at least try?" countered Eric.

The two looked at one another and, finally, Robert said Eric could try but for him to watch his teeth and only use his lips and tongue. Robert also told his Best Friend that he could speed up the process by using his hand on the shaft and since this was his 'first try' he should do that because his mouth could get tired very fast.

Hearing what Robert just said, Eric slid down to his Best Friend's mid-section and began to stimulate the now deflated member. It didn't take long for Robert's boy-toy to respond and begin standing tall, as it had just minutes before.

Eric, remembering what Robert did, first began to lick the stiffened phallus. He wasn't ready for the bland taste of the pre-cum but knew what it was as he had tasted his own a few times when he manipulated his own member. Remembering not to use his teeth, Eric slipped the shaft into his mouth and slowly began to slide it in and out. He commented to himself how stiff but soft the penis felt in his mouth, and began to enjoy the feeling he now felt.

Robert just lay there afraid Eric would get sick from the thought of what he was doing but after a few minutes his own sensory receptors began to fire off. Instinctively, he reached down to Eric's head and began to help the lad slide his member in and out. Without warning, just as with Eric, Robert felt the impending explosion coming but it came so fast he didn't have time to tell Eric to pull off and thus gave the lad a mouth full of boy cream.

Eric felt the shaft expand in his mouth as it began to shoot its nectar but he stayed in place as he wanted to taste the full flavor of his pal and buddy.

Robert shot four good streams of boy honey before the tip became too sensitive and he too instinctively pulled his member out of Eric's mouth.

As Eric clambered up to the side of his best friend, he wiped what remained onto his arm just as Robert had done. As he reached his place, he pulled Robert's mouth to his and the two kissed deep and hard.

Eric had to know how well he'd done so he asked Robert, "How'd I do?"

Robert smiled and replied, "That was great. Thank you for trying and doing that. So … what do you think? You want to do that some more?"

"If I can do that with you, then, YES!" exclaimed Eric, who then kissed his buddy again.

The two lads talked about their experience, but before long they were dead to the world and fast asleep.

The next morning, when the boys hadn't come down to the kitchen for breakfast, Mr. Ken decided to go check on them. Slightly knocking on the door as he explained to the boys to do, he waited for a response. Then rapping a big louder and calling their names, the man waited for any type of reply. Lastly, knocking louder, calling their names, and slowly opening the door he found both boys in Robert's bed. He also found both boys underwear, on the floor, but this time the covers did cover up their bodies. Unfortunately, the lads' morning erections were standing very tall that morning and it was obvious, to Mr. Ken, the boys needed to go to the bathroom immediately upon waking.

Then, not wanting to embarrass the boys, just yet, he exited the room and proceeded back to the Kitchen Nook. There he found Chief who'd just come in, from doing her business, and asked her to go upstairs and wake up the boys.

Chief took her 'waking-up' responsibility to the fullest and began barking up a storm and then licking the faces of her boys. She continued to do that until both boys sat up on the bed and reached for their underwear and put them on.

"Chief … 'dad' sent you up here didn't he?" asked Robert.

"Ruff!" replied Chief.

"Do you know if he come up before you and saw us?" asked Eric, that time.

Chief didn't have an answer, as she was outside doing her 'thing', so she wasn't aware if the man had been up stairs, or not.

"Do you think she might not know?" Eric asked Robert.

"I suppose so … but I don't really know. I guess we better go pee to get rid of these hard-ons then get dressed and go down for breakfast," offered Robert.

The lads did just that. They decided to pee first, get dressed and go eat, and get their showers after they ate. But, before they left the bedroom, the two kissed and thanked each other for what they each shared the night before.

"Morning, 'dad'," said Robert.

"Morning, 'dad'," also said Eric.

"You guys hungry?" asked Mr. Ken.

A chorus of "Yea's' was heard at the table which prompted Mr. Ken to get into gear and heat up the breakfast foods Momma Maria had prepared for them the day before.

"So, how did you guys sleep last night?" asked a smiling 'dad' Ken.

Robert immediately knew his 'dad' knew and just let out a deep sigh. "You know, don't you?" he asked.

"Know what?" toyed Mr. Ken.

"That we slept together, again," a somber Robert replied.

"Guys, I know you two are Best Friends, and all, and you have shared a lot together, in the short time you've known one another. I told you before that as long as you are not hurting one another, what you guys do is between you two. You both are at the age that your hormones are exploding, inside of you, and you have to let the 'pressure' out. Remember, I was your age, too, at one time. I know what it feels like," smiled Mr. Ken, at the joke he was trying to make with the lads.

"You both have talked to me about your feelings, for each other, and those feeling can cause other feelings to surface and you might act on them. Boy's, I am NOT going to say anything to anyone about what you guys are, have, or will do together. Robert, some of those things you told us last night can be harmful, in the long run. You even said so yourself. That is why you need to trust Doctor Doug to help you through this. And, boys, I want you to know I will LOVE you both, no matter what. I am NOT going to care if you are gay, or bi, or anything else sexual. Just know I WILL be there for you both if the need ever arises.

"Eric, and Robert for that matter, I do not know if you are gay, or will be straight, or even bi-sexual but what you need to do, for each other, is be honest and supportive. Doing some of the things many boys your age do is NOT, and I repeat, is NOT a bad thing. For now, it can be called 'experimentation and, in the long run, feel real damn good!

"I want you both to promise me that you won't do anything that will harm each other, nor force the other to do something they are not ready to try. Robert, you know how much it hurt when those men did what they did to your back side. You two are still very young and haven't yet any good experiences with the opposite sex. Eric saw the ladies I've dated and knows they were still here the day after, when we ate the leftovers. All I am asking you two to do, for me, is to promise me you'll take care of each other, and be thoughtful of the other's feelings. You'll soon be thirteen and the girls are going to want to date you, some, and I do believe you should give it a try.

"I'm over analyzing things aren't I?" asked Mr. Ken, after seeing the strange looks on both boys' faces.

"'Dad' … I think I know what you are saying and I do promise to you, and to Eric, that I will be the BEST Best Friend Eric has even known, and I will not hurt him in any way," spoke up Robert.

"And, Mr. Ken, I also promise to take care of Robert, the best way I know how. I will also ask you for your help, or guidance, if I ever feel I am not capable of my promise. Robert is someone I find myself who I truly care for and, besides, that I enjoy being with him. I am also happy that you will keep our secret. I don't know how my mom would react if she thinks I may be gay. You yourself said that what we're doing is called 'experimentation' and I know some of my, well our, friends are also doing some stuff together," finished Eric.

"Can I have a hug?" then asked Eric.

"Yes, come here and let me hug you as a 'dad' does his 'other son'," exclaimed 'dad' Ken.

As 'dad' Ken hugged Eric he said, "I'm not sure how Miss Judy will respond to you calling me 'dad' so, I'd ask you not to do so in front of her. You may have to sit down and tell her you've called me that but only like Collin called Mrs. Taylor, 'mom'. Do you remember why he did that?"

"Yes … I think so. But, well maybe you should tell me, so I know the real reason," explained Eric.

"Okay, then, well Collin began calling Mary Taylor 'mom' because he was with Ryan all the time. He said it felt just right to call her that since she did things for him that a 'mom' does for her son. It wasn't a slap to his real mom but he didn't like calling her Mrs. Taylor, all the time, and, of course, she didn't mind. She even began to call Collin her 'second son' at times," pointed out Mr. Ken. But, Eric, you need to honor your mom if she doesn't like the idea of you calling me 'dad', you do understand that don't you?"

"Yes, sir, I know. But you don't mind me calling you 'dad' do you?" a hopeful Eric asked.

"No, I won't mind," began Mr. Ken. "I hear it more and more every day from that bundle of 'son' over there, so that won't be a problem. You okay with that, Eric? What about you Robert? This will affect you, too, you know."

"I'm fine with him calling you 'dad', I really am. It will be nice to have a 'brother' just like you guys did by calling each other 'Big Bro' or 'Little Bro'," replied Robert.

"Okay, that's settled. Let's eat!" declared Mr. 'dad' Ken.

After breakfast, the boys went back up to Robert's room to get ready to take their showers. Eric took a pair of tighty-whities out of his over-night bag while Robert took a pair of his boxer briefs out of his dresser. They both walked to the bathroom in their underwear. First thing first, they each peed and then stripped off their lone piece of clothing and entered the shower.

After the water warmed up and the lads got soaped up Eric asked Robert if he wanted to hear something funny that happened to him in that very shower. Robert, of course, was all ears, so he agreed he would like to hear some more of the things Eric and his 'older' brothers did.

"OK, I was spending the night, actually the weekend, I do believe, but anyway, I wanted to ask Collin and Ryan why my dick was always getting hard, especially, when I sure didn't need it to be. Like when walking down the hall at school or even when my mom came into my room to wake me up. Anyway, we came into the shower and I was trying to ask them stuff when they began to tease me because I had a stiffy.

"Well, they both saw they hurt my feelings so they came over to me to give me a hug. Now, you must remember, we are all naked, as the day we were born, and they hugged me and my dick shoots off. I didn't even touch it but with them hugging me tight and my not playing with it for a few days meant it was primed to shoot off, and sure it did. Collin said it shot up like a cannon and way more than he'd ever expect from a guy as young as me," explained Eric.

"You mean you actually shot off in front of them?" a skeptical Robert asked.

"Yep, I couldn't help it," said Eric. "I hadn't played with it for a few days and when it was sliding against the guys' legs or whatever it shot off. And boy did that ever feel so good, too."

"Did they tease you some more after that?" Robert wanted to know.

"No, they actually sat down with me and explained some things, to me. They even explained how I could get those 'tingles', as I called them back then, doing it different ways. Those guys really treated me as their 'little bro' and I was so happy to have them in my life. You know, all three of us were an 'only child' and together we made our own family of brothers, and that included Mr. Ken, too," expounded Eric, on the subject.

As the two talked, and cleaned themselves, they each began to get erections. Seeing the need of the other, they each got close enough so that the other could handle the other's erect member. At first, they just fondled it and then began to manipulate it to its final explosive end. When they recovered from their sensory overload, they each gave the other a long kiss and then went back and rewashed to get any residual boy juice off themselves and, to wash away, any sex sweat they may have gotten during their excitement.

It was Saturday, and the 'gang' of friends were coming over to The Cove. The day began warm, and around noon, Brad, Chuck and Gordon showed up and Robert and Eric went outside to meet them. The lads continued where they left off the previous weekend trying their board tricks and sometimes falling down, nothing new there. A bit later, they saw Trevor being dropped off by his dad.

"I didn't know Trev was coming?" remarked Chuck.

"Hey, it will be good to have him. He used to board with us all the time. Not sure why he stopped?" offered Brad.

"Hey, Trevor," yelled Robert, "I'm glad you could make it."

"Thanks! The Terror was arguing, with my parents, about my coming over and he couldn't. They told him to 'Drop it. You weren't invited!' He got pissed and they sent him to his room. Thanks again for asking me over, Robert," finished Trevor.

"Hey, Trev, how come you stopped boarding with us?" asked Brad.

"When you guys started coming over here, I … I wasn't sure I was … I wasn't sure I could come," came out of Trevor, in an embarrassed kind of way.

"Trevor, I'm sorry if you felt that way. I told you at school and when I first found you guys boarding over at the other place you all could come over here. I thought you just didn't want to hang with a 'foster kid', that's all," said Robert. "I'm sorry for the misunderstanding. You are just as good a friend to me as these other numbskulls!"

The guys let the 'numbskull' name drop and started back up trying tricks but this time they had Trevor to laugh at, too. As the day wore on, the guys were getting hot and sweaty and soon some began to complain. Their complaints were more for going swimming than getting into the shade or even a cool drink. It became obvious, that's what they wanted when Gordon asked how cold the pool temperature was.

Getting the hint, Robert told the guys to get their suits and bring their boards and to follow him to the pool. When they got there, Robert explained to Trevor that they changed in the 'Guys' shower room and then brought their clothes out to one of the lockers and that most people put the key around their ankle.

The young boys, all within a few months age of each other, quickly stripped to their birthday suits and were in no hurry to get into their swim suits. Everyone took their time, but the initial five seemed a bit slower. Those guys had already seen each other naked before, notably, the last time they swam together, but were waiting for Trevor to get his clothes off. They were all curious to see how big his stuff was. When the time came, they saw his 'equipment' was about the same size as theirs with the only difference he had a few more hairs than anyone. Robert being the only exception and he had only a few hairs which you could count on one hand. Trevor felt the others watching him but he continued to change without saying anything.

Somehow, they all got their suits on, at the same time, took their clothes out to the lockers, and they all jumped into the water, together. The lads had a good time frolicking, in the pool, and playing Marko-Polo and other grab-dick games kids that age seem to play. After a few hours of swimming, someone mentioned food and it didn't take long for them to get out and toweled off and helping out to get the hot dogs and hamburgers and other stuff, so Robert could cook.

Trevor hadn't ever been there before, let alone for a cookout, and was surprised that Robert was allowed to cook by himself. Robert explained his 'dad' taught him what to do and how to be a good 'host' and so he did it when the gang was hungry. Chuck then took Trevor with him to help with the ice, since it was the heaviest and brought from the furthest area, the garage.

The rest of the gang gathered everything else needed to fill their hollow legs: chips, pickles, soda, burgers, hotdogs, with everything put on the table like they had been taught. The first time Robert cooked, the guys all sat round, waiting to be served, and Robert put an end to that quick. He told them he wasn't their maid, or servant, and if they wanted to eat they had to help!

The six boys had a good time together, eating and telling stories and jokes. Robert and Eric found a way to sit next to each other. They were somewhat surprised that Brad and Gordon sat close together, too. That left Chuck and Trevor to sit near one another and it became obvious they were good friends, too, as they sometimes joked and tussled with one another oblivious, at times, to the others present. Eric whispered to Robert if he thought there might be something going on there. They had already figured Brad and Gordon out as being 'very close friends' from the previous swimming outings.

No one could spend the night, so Robert said his goodbyes and went and found Mr. Ken to see what he was up to. It didn't take Robert long to convince his dad to watch a movie with him and soon the two were seated, in Mr. Ken's special lounger, enjoying the movie being played on the wide screen. When the movie was over, they both went off to their beds for a good night's sleep.

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