Castle Roland

Three Finger Cove - Robert
Book II

by Chowhound


Chapter 32

Published: 10 Dec 15

Three Finger Cove – Robert

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The next few days were busy for both Mr. Ken and Robert. Ken Thomas had lots of phone calls and contract reviews and talks with his lawyers and company managers who were involved in the upcoming negotiations. Robert, on the other hand, got to spend some time with Eric but mostly he and his pals stayed pretty much in contact at school and later at night, on the phones, talking about normal twelve year old issues.

On Tuesday, after dinner, Mr. Ken asked Robert to meet him down in the Family Room. Robert knew that meant they were going to talk about their Lists so he quickly went up to his room and got his.

The man and boy met down in the Great Room, or Family Room. The first thing they did was to review the things they both agreed upon that would keep them focused on what their meeting was all about. That done, Mr. Ken pulled out a quarter and flipped it high up into the air. While it was in the air, he asked Robert to call 'heads' or 'tails'. Robert called 'heads' not knowing why he had to do that. When 'heads' came up Mr. Ken told Robert he could now decide to go first, with an item on his List, or he could have him do one of his, first. Robert chose to have Mr. Ken pick an item from his List.

"Okay, Robert, I see I have a number of items I want to talk about so let me see which one I want to begin with. Hmmm, okay, let me ask you this. What do you think about me getting you a cell phone?"

Robert sat there not knowing what to say to that. He knew some of his friends had one but he never thought he'd ever have one and, now, Mr. Ken was asking him his ideas about him getting one.

"Sheesh, why don't you start out with a hard one, why don't cha!" smiled Robert, as he began to answer the man's question. "I never thought I'd ever have one, so … I never thought much about it. A couple of my school friends have them but they said they have to be careful about using them as the cost can get very high if everyone in their family uses too many minutes. I sure don't want to cause you a big cell phone bill. … So, can I ask, do you think I should have one or is this something to just get our meeting started?"

Ken laughed at the way Robert put the onus back on him, but he remembered he got Collin one and the lad used it very responsibly, and did not abuse it. So, he figured he should get Robert one, but only if the lad thought he needed one.

So, 'dad' Ken answered, "Robert, most teenagers I see, today, have a cell phone. I know you're just 12 and a half but you'll be a teenager this June. I figured I needed to see if you need or maybe even want one and if we can agree on it, then I'd get you a cell phone. So, what do you say we talk about this for a few minutes?"

"Sure," replied Robert, "I'd like to have a cell phone … but right now I don't know too many people that I need to stay in contact with. Also, I'm not away from here unless I'm with you so there is no need for me to call in to let you know where I am. I think that maybe, in the near future, after I have a larger number of friends, and you let me go places, without you, I guess I then should have a cell phone. But, if you want me to have one now, I promise I will try not to abuse it but I just don't see any need for one right now. Does that make sense, 'dad'?"

"Robert, that makes perfect sense," agreed 'dad' Ken. "I never thought about it the way you just did. I must say I am impressed with your reasoning and the mature way you looked at my asking if you wanted a cell phone. Tell me if I heard right then, okay Robert? You say you don't need a cell phone, right now, but will be responsible about using it, if I get you one. You also say that right now you don't have a need for one but will probably want and need one in the near future. Is that what I heard?"

"Yes, sir, 'dad', that is what I am saying," began Robert. "Let's wait a while, at first, and see if, over time, there are more reasons than not for me to have one and then you can get me a cell phone. Otherwise, let's just wait until I turn thirteen and you can give one to me as a birthday present."

"Robert, then that's what I'll do. I'm glad we had this discussion. I got Collin one not too long after he arrived but, thinking back, he was probably here about three months before I gave him his cell phone for Christmas. Maybe I can get you one for your Easter basket. What would you say to that?" asked Mr. Ken.

"That's perfect! By then I should know how much I needed one and we can talk about it then. Can we agree on that then?" asked Robert.

The two of them finally reached an agreement on no cell phone, for now, and Mr. Ken will bring it up at a later date.

Now it was time for Robert to choose an item off his List. He looked over his items and then chose one.

"'Dad', why would those other guys, you know, those other men at the other foster homes … why would they want me to do those things, to them, once they found out the reason I was in the foster system for?" asked Robert, in a very serious face.

"To be honest, Robert, I really can't fathom why they wanted you to do that for them. I guess, maybe, they were sexually frustrated, with their home life, and they saw a way of having the sex they may not have been getting at home," answered 'dad' Ken.

"Can you explain that better to me 'dad'? I just don't understand why they wouldn't be having sex with their wife instead of wanting to do the sex stuff with me," finished Robert.

Ken Thomas thought for a few moments and then replied, "Well, Robert, I've heard, and read and studied some in college, that when people are married, for a while, they fall out of 'sex'. When people first get married the sex they have is usually fun and good, but, over the years, they lose their sexual drive and the sex isn't as wonderful and as fun as it was back in the beginning. You may have heard, well, maybe you haven't since you are only twelve, but people, men actually, talk to their buddies about their wife 'having a headache last night' or 'the wife was in that time of the month'. Those expressions mostly mean the man didn't have any sex when he wanted it and was sexually frustrated. Does that help any Robert?"

"Well, not really, I just don't understand what those sayings really mean. I can sort of understand that the woman has a headache and didn't want sex and all, but is there more to that? And, what does it mean 'she was in that time of month? Those things don't mean anything to me 'dad'," answered the preteen.

"Oh, okay, I forget you haven't been around, all that long, to have heard those sayings and even talk to your friends about them. So … let me start with the woman 'having a headache'. Man, as you will find out, as you grow older, and wiser, is ready to have sex at just about any time. His 'sex' is outside his body and he can manipulate it just about any time and anywhere he wants…"

"Manipulate it? What does that mean, 'dad'?" interrupted Robert.

Ken smiled at the naiveté of the youngster, due to his youth, and began to explain. "You see, Robert … ah, well … it's like this. It is like what you and Eric do sometimes to ahh … to relieve the buildup of pressure down … you know … there," said the now embarrassed man, as he pointed down to the lad's crouch.

The twelve year old looked at what his 'dad' was pointing at and recognizing he pointed to his 'equipment'. He blushed some but then looked up to the man and asked, "Do you mean when we, ahh?" as he made the universal motions indicating masturbating for jacking-off.

Ken laughed that the boy knew what that was and, laughing still, he said, "Yes, that is what I mean!"

"Then where is the woman's … ahh … if the man's is on the outside then where's the woman's?" the very serious twelve year old asked.

Still smiling, 'dad' Ken replied, "The woman's sexual receptors are located inside of her. Whereas, you know that the underside, or maybe you know it as the front side of the man's penis has the nerve endings that cause you to have your ahh … you know your 'explosive' moment?"

"Yea, I understand that but … where ARE the woman's? I know I've had sex education, but I just don't 'see it'," said Robert.

"Robert, the woman's sexual nerve endings are just inside of her … at her vagina. You do know the man places his penis inside of the woman when they have sex, right?" asked Mr. Ken.

"Yes, I know that much, but … how does the woman have or get the same feelings I get … I mean the same feelings the man gets when he does that to himself? Come on 'dad' just tell me and stop holding back from me," replied the lad.

"Okay, I'll tell you straight up. When the man places his penis, you know, inside the woman and slides it in and out, I guess you could say like when you do it to yourself, he is not only stimulating his nerve endings but is also stimulating the woman's that lie just inside of her vagina. The friction between the two sexual organs causes both the man and woman to experience heightened sexual feelings and, eventually, they, well, they climax," explained 'dad' Ken.

As he finished, he saw the question is his 'son's' face and then added, "The climax is when the man shoots his sperm inside the woman and the woman's climax is similar but she doesn't produce any visible fluids. She already helped produced the lubrication fluids, inside her vagina, so the man's penis slides more easily. The man also produces a substance that is called pre-ejaculate or preseminal fluid that comes from the man's Cowper's gland. You probably heard it called pre-cum. The clear fluid that comes out the tip of your penis when you manipulate it. Does that help make it clearer, Robert?"

"Yea, I think I understand, 'dad'," began Robert. "So, that fluid at the end of my dic, err, penis is called pre-cum? I always thought the older kids were teasing us when they said that word. Thanks, 'dad', I think I get it now. But what does the term 'that time of month mean."

"That, my boy, is when the woman has her menstrual period, more commonly known as her 'period'. You may remember, from your sex education, that every month the woman flushes out the unused egg, the one that didn't get fertilized, by a man, that month. When she has her 'period' the woman produces a lot of blood and her vagina can get overly sensitive and, of course, it is very messy. Most woman do not want to have sex during that 'time of the month' and many men don't want to either, because of all the blood and mess," finished Ken Thomas.

"So, married guys may not get to have sex because his wife might have a headache or she is having her 'period' but what about the rest of the time?" sincerely asked the lad.

"Well, what I didn't explain about the 'headache' thing is that many women, after a certain age, or period of time, don't want to have sex, at all. So, the excuse of having a 'headache' is just a ruse, or a hoax, the wife plays on her husband. The man still needs to get rid of his sexual frustration, so he sometimes looks elsewhere. That is why I think there are many more divorces than need to be. The guy wants and needs sex, but the wife doesn't want to provide it so the man looks someplace else," remarked the man.

"And those men thought they could get their rocks off by using me instead of finding another woman to have sex with? How sick!" remarked Robert, who then got a few tears in his eyes.

Ken saw the tears begin to fall and went to his 'son' and took him into a big hug. He held the teary-eyed lad and held him close. He also rubbed his back as he had done many, many times before. They sat there for about ten minutes when Mr. Ken realized the boy had fallen asleep.

"Robert … Robert, you can't go to sleep right now, 'son'. It will ruin your sleep later on, so, come on now, wake up," gently spoke the new 'dad'.

Robert opened his eyes and saw how lovingly he was held and melted as far as he could into the man he now called 'dad'. "Thanks, 'dad' … for explaining those things to me. I think I now know why those men may have used me so they could get themselves off. … I'm also sorry I fell asleep on you. Do you think we could finish our talk next time?" meekly asked the lad.

Mr. Ken held the boy and said, "Sure, 'son', the reason we are trying these talks is so we can set aside time for us to make sure we are communicating and not missing something that we feel is important to us. I think we did real well for this Tuesday so, I have no problem in ending our meeting right now. But, please remember, you don't have to wait for Tuesday to ever talk to me about things that are upsetting you or if you find you just need to talk. You understand that, I hope!"

"Yes, 'dad' I know that it's just … well, these Tuesday's are important in that we make it a point to sit down and talk, to one another. I just hope I don't cry all the time when we talk about difficult things," acknowledged the pre-teen.

"You know, 'son', we did talk about you crying and that it will be a part of your healing process until you fully recognize that you did nothing wrong nor are you EVER responsible for any of that. You got that, 'son?" expounded 'dad' Ken.

"Yes, I know. I never asked for those things to happen to me but … they did! Now … I guess I have to deal with that and what's going to happen now that my mom and dad are in jail." Then looking up into his 'dad's' eyes Robert asked, "Do you think I'll be able to, you know, get over all this like Collin did?"

"I know you will, 'son'. I KNOW you WILL! … What say we now go get us a DQ sundae like we planned to do, after our Tuesday meetings. You up for that?" announced Mr. Ken.

"Sure … what are we waiting for?" replied the lad, who had gotten up and off the sofa and looked at his 'dad' who was still just sitting there. "Come on, 'dad' … let's go!"

The two walked up the stairs and both went to wash up and get their coats. Once they met back in the Foyer, Ken set the alarm and the two headed out to the F-150 and drove to the nearest Dairy Queen, for their ice cream sundaes.

On Friday, Miss Judy called Ken and asked if he thought Robert might want to spend the night with her and Eric. She said she felt guilty, since Eric spent so much time over there, so, she thought it was high time she gave the young man a free night, to relax. They agreed Ken would ask Robert when the lad got home, from school, and would call her with their decision. But they both figured it would be a done deal.

Robert not only stayed Friday night but Saturday night, as well. This gave Ken a free Saturday evening he used to go out to visit a few of the nearby night time hot spots. As he got dressed up, Ken ordered the limo and away he went for an evening of carousing and trying to find a nice lady friend he might be able to bring home.

Mr. Ken got lucky, at the second stop, and brought the woman home for a night cap and then a romp in his bed, for the night. Mr. Ken had an awesome night as he really needed to 'get off' and get-off he did. Three times before they went to sleep and again in the shower in the morning gave Ken that much needed relief he sought. When Robert came home Sunday afternoon and saw the way Mr. Ken was acting he was sure the man had flipped his lid, or gone crazy.

"So, 'son', did you and Eric have a good weekend together?" Ken asked his boy, with the biggest shit-eating grin you ever saw.

"Yea, dad," responded Robert, "what … what's with you? You sure are acting strange. Did you get drunk or something? I never saw you this way before."

"Well, my boy, I had one of thee best nights I've had in a looong time! Since you were with Eric, I decided to go out. So, I got dressed up. Took the limo and went out looking for companionship. Guess what? … I found it and got L-U-C-K-Y!"

Robert stood their stunned. He didn't know what to make of what he just heard. He didn't understand what 'getting lucky' meant. He was twelve and hadn't dated yet and, if he had, he still wouldn't know what finding a companion, and getting lucky, had to do with one another.

Mr. Ken saw the confusion in his son's face and told him, "I brought a lady home with me last night and we had a good time together … in bed. Do you know what I mean?"

"Ahhh … I think so. Did you and her … ahh, have sex?" asked Robert.

"Boy, and did we! I feel like a kid in a candy shop right now I am so happy with myself. It has been a long time since I got the chance to bed a woman and I took advantage of that all night long," a smiling Ken responded to his son.

"Does that mean you'll … you're gonna get married, now?" Robert asked, with a hint of fear in his voice, thinking he will lose what he just began to get used to.

Sensing that fear, Mr. Ken tried to reassure the boy by saying, "Oh, no, not because I slept with her does it mean I'm going to marry her. I was so damn happy I got my rocks off. You know what that means?" Not getting a response he continued, "It means I did what you an Eric do at times. I got hard and I got to ahhh... have sex with her and … and I shot my load," the man said, while smiling and giggling at the same time.

Hearing that, Robert began laughing after what his dad just told him. What he thought was really funny was that his dad told him had gotten a 'boner', in not so many words, and he shot his stuff out the way he and Eric do. It didn't register, in Robert, that his dad had down and dirty sex, in his bedroom, while he was gone.

"So, you got a boner and shot your stuff, is that why you are so happy? I wondered if you ever got boner's like I do and if you ever play with yourself like me and Eric do!" the boy said laughingly, to Mr. Ken.

Mr. Ken laughed really hard at the lad and also came to tears he was laughing so hard at what the boy had just said. He knew he had to explain it better or else the word would be out he jacked-off, masturbated, played with the bird, etc., etc., when Robert wasn't home. And thinking that made him laugh that much more.

After a few minutes of trying to calm himself, Ken tried to get Robert to sit while he got his laughing under control. Robert was still watching the man, trying to figure out what was happening to this guy he just began calling 'dad'. He was trying to figure out who he could call if he needed some help, with his new 'dad'.

"Oh, Robert, I am so sorry for laughing, so hard, and not making sense, to you. Seeing your face and then how you explained what you thought I did just caught me off guard. I just couldn't help myself which made me laugh even harder. Let me try to explain this one more time, will you?" begged the man of his son.

"Sure... I guess," responded Robert.

"Phew!" he said, while chuckling out a last laugh. "Let me start from the beginning. Since you were gone last night, I went out looking for a woman to have sex with. I found a lady, who wanted the same thing. We came home, had a few more drinks and then went to my bedroom and had sex! Pure, unadulterated man and woman sex! Yea, I got a 'boner', as you called it, and, yes, I too shot my stuff, my semen, but not ON her but into her. I'm sure they taught you that stuff in school, how a man and woman have sex to make a child. Only, we didn't make any kids last night. At least, I hope we didn't," he concluded, with another chuckle. "And, NO, we aren't going to get married!"

Robert left out a huge sigh of relief. He told Ken how he thought he was going to get a new 'mom' and how he wasn't really looking forward to that, yet, as he was just getting used to having a 'new' dad. He said that maybe when they talked on Tuesday that this might be one of the things they discuss so he could understand it better. Ken agreed to make it one of the topics, but for Robert not to go telling anyone what happened, even Eric. He reminded him of the 'whatever happens…' rule.

As it was getting late, they decided to go to the Four Corner's Diner for a quick meal after which they came home, exchanged a few hugs, said their good nights, and off to dreamland they both went. Another weekend had been successfully concluded.

Late, the following Tuesday afternoon, Mr. Ken received a phone call from the District Attorney, George Morris, telling him Mrs. Johnston pleaded guilty, to a misdemeanor, and received a suspended sentence, which amounted to the charges being dropped if she successfully completes her six months of probation. The DA explained this was a normal procedure, for a person who doesn't have any criminal history, and he wanted Mr. Ken to know there would be no trial.

Mr. Ken was happy for the fact Robert wouldn't have to testify, but he was livid over how they treated the additional evidence his lawyer gave them. The DA told him an assistant handled the case and, being new, he probably didn't review the folder, again, before he took it to court. It was an honest mistake and because the judge already ruled he wasn't going to refile the case.

Mr. Ken was beside himself now. He knew it would be a losing battle to argue and then piss off DA Morris. So, he reiterated his displeasure of the man's decision and told the man to have a nice day. But, Mr. Ken was having no such thing. He called his lawyer and blasted him for allowing that Bitch to get away with that and for him to find a way to get her back in jail, or where ever else he could send her.

When Robert came in from school, Mr. Ken took him aside and explained what the District Attorney had done, concerning Mrs. Johnson. Robert just shrugged his shoulders and went off to his bedroom, but Ken could tell he wasn't a happy camper. Robert called Eric and cried over the phone, as he told the story. Robert felt like he had been kicked by 'that bitch'. He knew his dad did what he could, but it was the system that screwed him. It was pretty late when the lad came downstairs to get something to eat. Ken saw him and went to him and gave him a big hug which Robert melted into and sniffled some and thanked his dad for telling him and trying to make him feel good. Neither slept well that night.

On Wednesday, Miss Judy called to talk to Ken about the ruling and offered her displeasure about the county judge who she thought was a member of Mildred's church. That gave him some ammunition that he thought he should be able to get his lawyer off his ass and get the DA to do something. Ken was now a bit happier over the possible turn of events and talked small talk with Mrs. Turner, before ending their call.

The weekend came, about as fast as usual, and on Saturday Robert had his friends over to ride their skateboards. Again, Trevor came to The Cove and the six boys had a good time competing with one another. Early that afternoon, Mr. Ken came out and watched the lads do their tricks. It was then Robert asked him if he could get him some lumber, so they could build some ramps. That took the man by surprise but in hearing the simple request he knew that it was just the progression of the 'sport'.

"Well, men... what do you have in mind? I can get you the materials but you need to ask yourselves where you would put them! You know I can't have them out front here as it would detract from the appearance of Three Finger Cove. Robert... since this is your idea and you'd probably want them built here... how about I make you the spokesperson, for your group. You guys all okay with that?" finished Mr. Ken.

The lads spoke to one another and then they all agreed to talk it over and give Robert their recommendations. Then, Robert asked his 'dad' for another favor.

"Ahh 'dad'... ahh do you think the guys could ahh... maybe spend the night tonight? I know I should have asked earlier in the week, so they could plan, but… well, I... well, it just came to my mind. You know I asked before but they couldn't for some reason, or another. It's still early, in the afternoon, and the guys could make a quick phone call... So, what do you think?" said Robert, with a pleading in his eyes.

Mr. Ken stood there for a few moments like he was thinking of what to say. Then smiling he said, "So, you guys want to spend the night?"

"Yes, sir," spoke up Brad. "It would be fun to have all of us together and... and we'd try not to make too much noise!"

Chuck quickly spoke up and agreed with Brad and said, "The only time he and I ever stayed here was way back when Collin lived here. We were like eleven back then and it was fun with the swimming and movie and popcorn and those breakfast tacos Momma Maria made for us. You remember that, don't you Eric?"

"I remember that weekend, too," said Eric. "The only one who didn't spend the night, or even swim, was Trevor. I'm sorry, Trev, I'm not sure why that was, but I could only invite four people that time."

"That's Okay, Eric, I probably couldn't have come unless my baby brother was invited, too. He really pisses me off with his always wanting to do what I want to do. I'm glad my parents have let me come over here without him. I love my brother, well, kinda, but he is a pain in my butt with his whining and bugging me to go where ever I go," replied Trevor.

Ken Thomas listened to what the boys had to say and, as they talked, he did remember Robert asking if his friends could spend the night. Then, when Chuck remembered the swim party, that turned into an overnight stay, for most of the lads, the man remembered how much fun the lads had that evening, and the next morning.

"Eric..." began Mr. Ken.

"Yes, sir," replied Eric.

"What do you remember about that swim party, with all those lads?" asked Mr. Ken.

A big smile came over Eric's face as he told of all the fun they all had playing games, with the much older teens, and jumping off the boulders into the deep waters, and then everyone helping fix lunch. Continuing, Eric told his friends of Jayden's dad coming to the house and everyone being afraid for the boy, but that everything worked out and that's when they learned about the sleepover.

Eric's reminiscing also reminded Mr. Ken of when Jesse Lissmann, Jayden's dad, came to The Cove looking for the lad and almost causing a big stink until he learned the truth about the swim party. Seems that Jesse was a member of a church that had peculiar beliefs about Ken Thomas and his keeping Collin after the Governor intervened. That then reminded him that it was the same church Mildred Johnston belonged to and that got him thinking about something else.

"'Dad'... 'dad'" said Robert, a few times trying to get his new 'dad's' attention.

"Oh... oh, yes, son... Eric's tale reminded me of something, from back then, that I need to talk to Bill about," recovered Mr. Ken. "So, I take it you'd all love to have a sleepover?"

A resounding "Yes" came from all six lads.

Twenty minutes later, Brad, Gordon, Chuck, Trevor, and Eric all came back to Mr. Ken and told him they each got permission to spend the night. That news also made Robert very happy in that he was going to have a big swim and sleepover party. His first ever.

Later that afternoon, Trevor's and Gordon's dad's each came by to drop off their boy's pajamas and a change of clothes. They each also stayed and talked to Mr. Ken for a few minutes before ruffling their boys' hair and leaving.

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