Castle Roland

Three Finger Cove - Robert
Book II

by Chowhound


Chapter 33

Published: 17 Dec 15

Three Finger Cove – Robert

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by Chowhound
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Robert couldn't believe he was going to have his first' sleepover, ever, and he was beside himself. It was still early afternoon and he knew they could all still ride their skateboards, some more, but he decided to ask the guys if they wanted to go swim.

Twenty minutes later, after the boys had put away their skateboards, the lads all entered the dressing room to change into their swim suits. They all had been swimming there, at least once, before, so they all knew the drill – change into you suit and place your clothes out in a locker on the pool deck.

Today, Chuck got adventurous. After he took his clothes off, he walked out to the lockers with his clothes and swim suit in hand. The other guys wondered what he was going to do, so even though none of them had their suits on, they all stood at the doorway and watched.

Chuck heard them laughing, at his antics, and, after closing the locker door, he bent over and 'mooned' the lot of them. Then, suit in hand, he ran to the pool and jumped in.

"Come on, scaredy-cats," yelled Chuck, at his friends. "Afraid someone will see those tiny dicks of yours. Just wait until you get in the water and see how much more they shrivel up." With that said, Chuck dove under the water enough so his butt cheeks pointed back to his buddies and he 'mooned' them all once again.

Brad became the first to take the challenge and, after putting his clothes into a locker, took his suit in hand and he, too, jumped naked into the pool. "Come on in. The water's fine!" yelled Brad.

Gordon already had his suit on but he quickly took it off. He then placed his clothes in a locker and, with his swim suit in hand, he, too, jumped naked into the pool. Now, three of the six friends were frolicking in the pool, all naked.

Eric then took the plunge. He took his clothes to a locker and took off his suit and ran and jumped naked into the pool. "Geese, this feels great, just like the last time," yelled Eric, forgetting that Trevor wasn't with them the last time they swam.

"You guys swam naked in the pool before," a concerned Trevor asked Robert.

Robert knew he needed to try to explain to Trevor, and quick, before he goes 'bananas' over the fact they all swam naked once before. "Trev … yes, the first time the guys swam here, only Eric and I had our regular swim trunks. Mr. Ken has loads of 'extra' swim suits for when people either bring them or forgot them. Anyway, Brad, Chuck and Gordon didn't have their suits, so they borrowed one of the 'extras.

"We swam some and jumped off the platform over there and I think Chuck's suit kept coming off, so he took it off. When Brad saw what Chuck did, he soon took his off and before long we all had out swim suits off. And Trev, boy did it ever feel good to be in the water with our junk just hanging."

"That sort of sounded like fun, but … but weren't you guys afraid that, you know, that … that you'd get a boner or something?" asked a bewildered Trevor.

Robert smiled at his pal Trevor, sort of getting the feeling the boy would like to join in, but was a bit anxious over the possibility that his dick would get hard, in front of his buddies, and then they'd tease him about it. Thinking that, Robert decided to come clean.

"Trevor … you want me to tell you the truth, you know, about what happened when we all skinny-dipped the last time we swam?"

"Sure," replied Trevor.

"Well, to be honest with you ahh … yes, we all of got hard in front of each other! Trev … it just happened and none of us teased each other about it, either. It felt like a natural thing to have happen, when you're swimming, and your dick gets the water tickling it and, well … your dick just grows and stays hard," spun Robert, as he tried to make is sound so easy going and natural.

Trevor looked at his friend standing next to him and then out to his friends standing out in the water. They all could see he wanted to say, or ask, something but they could also see the hesitancy in his face. Robert knew he had to say something so he did.

"Trev … look, you don't have to swim without your suit on. And, if it will make you feel any better, I will swim with my suit on, too. I'll even ask the guys to put theirs back on too since they all have them on the side of the pool. We want you to swim with us and if you feel you must swim naked, or not swim at all, I vote for you to swim and we'll all put our suits on. Will that be OK with you, Trev?" spoke up Robert.

Trevor looked at Robert and asked, "So, you guys … you really won't laugh at me if I get a boner? Honest?"

"No, Trev, we won't laugh at you," affirmed Robert. "So, do you want to swim with your suit on, or off?"

"I really want to swim," began Trevor, "but I may have a boner already and … you guys won't laugh at me, then?"

Chuck answered before Robert and said, "Hell NO, we aren't gonna laugh at you."

As he said that, Chuck got out of the water and showed Trevor, and everyone else, he had a 4 ½ inch boner, of his own. Brad got out next and showed his 4 inch stiffy, to the group. Not to be left out, Eric, too, got out on the side of the pool and showed everyone his almost 5" prong standing tall. Gordon looked on, at the three naked lads standing by the side of the pool, all with their pocket-pool sticks at the ready, so he climbed out, as well, and showed everyone his hard, almost 5 inch uncut play toy.

Trevor's eyes almost bulged out of their sockets as he saw four of his buddies all standing there with their hard dicks standing tall in the wind. And, not only were four boys naked and hard, Chuck lightly stroked his. Suddenly, he heard some rustling of clothes, next to him, and then saw that Robert had stripped down and he too had a boner, as big as, or bigger than Eric's.

Trevor didn't waste any time in removing the rest of his clothes and, then, he too stood on the side of the pool with his 4 ½ inch dick standing as hard, and tall, as all his buddies. All of a sudden, it dawned on Trevor, so he asked, "What if Mr. Ken comes in and sees us, you know, naked and all?"

Brad spoke up and said, "He did the last time we swam here but he didn't get mad or anything. He said something about it taking us so long to even try skinny-dipping, as he called it."

"Mr. Ken saw all of you naked? I'd have been embarrassed if he saw me with my dick hard. I'd be afraid he'd tell my dad, or my mom," confessed Trevor, whose dick had begun to deflate, at the thought of getting caught naked, and hard.

"Well, he didn't catch us hard, as we all had already taken care of them. Didn't we guys?" confided Chuck.

"You mean you guys … you all played with your dicks and ahh … weren't you embarrassed that you saw each other," a now more confused Trevor asked.

"Trev," began Chuck. "Look, we're all guys here and, best of all, we're all good friends. We all have dicks that get hard and we all know how to take care of them and make them feel real good. Right? It isn't something to be embarrassed about but enjoyed. You yourself know how good it feels and doing that was just an extension of our bonding as good friends. Now, come on and swim. You already have your clothes off and have stood naked there for a few minutes in front of all of us, so don't tell us you're embarrassed. And look, your boner went down and ours aren't standing as tall. Go ahead, put your clothes in a locker and bring your suit to the side of the pool and enjoy the feeling of your dick being free, in the water."

That said, Chuck dove into the pool, closely followed by Brad and Gordon and finally by Eric. As they surfaced, they saw Trevor closing a locker door and holding his swim suit in one of his hands and then approach the side of the pool and dive in. Robert followed the preteen, into the pool, dropping his suit on the side of the pool as he dove in. Now, all six friends were skinny-dipping, in Mr. Ken's pool.

The boys swam and dove and even jumped off the high platform but, when they did that, every one of them cupped their pride and joy, with their hands, so as not to let it get hurt. They had a good time swimming together, like good friends should, and over time they all felt like skinny-dipping was as natural as breathing. They'd all forgotten about how fast time flew by when they were having so much fun, that is, until Mr. Ken walked into the pool area.

Robert saw him first and yelled, "'Dad', come on in and join us." Forgetting they all were naked as the day they were born.

"'Son', I don't think I better. I don't want to be embarrassed by all that skin I see there in the pool," laughed the man. "And besides, it wouldn't be right for an adult male, my age, to be seen swimming naked with a bunch of youngsters. I'll take a rain check, if you don't mind!"

Robert got out of the water, naked, as he was, and slightly boned, and walked over to his 'dad' and got a hug. Eric saw what his best friend did and he, too, being naked and a bit puffy in the nether regions, got out and got a hug. Chuck wasn't to be left out so he got his naked self, almost boned, and all, out of the pool water and he too got a hug.

Brad and Gordon just got out of the water and weren't as embarrassed, as that first time the man had seen them swimming naked, but they did try to hide their deflating tools, as best they could. Trevor wasn't too sure he was ready to show his naked body, let alone his hard member to the man, so he just stood there in the water.

"So, boys, my bet is you weren't watching the time, so I came in here to let you know it is just past six o'clock. Being what time it is, you have a decision to make. We can cook burgers and dogs on the grill or, I can take you all over to the Four Corner's Restaurant, to eat. So, what will it be? Here or there?" inquired Mr. Ken.

Robert called the boys together to ask them what they wanted to do. By that time, Trevor's dick had deflated almost fully so he readily got out of the pool water, and joined his buddies. None of the lads, at that time, were embarrassed, one bit, if Mr. Ken saw them naked. When they had decided they all turned towards Mr. Ken and all said in unison, "Four Corners!"

"Okay, boys... go get dressed and meet me in the Foyer in say … fifteen minutes," called out Mr. Ken, as he left the pool proper.

"Phew," said Trevor, after Mr. Ken left. "I didn't know what to do when I saw him standing there, on the pool deck. I thought he'd rant and yell at us for swimming without our suits on."

"You don't have to worry about Mr. Ken getting mad at us for doing what he said he did when he was our age," divulged Brad. "He was kinda cool about it when he saw we swam naked, that first time. He said he didn't care as long as none of us were made to do it. I think he said something about us swimming naked was a bonding experience that would bring us closer together. And you know … I think it has!" conceded Brad.

Gordon and Chuck said they agreed with Brad while they, and the rest of the boys, all got dressed and then peed before heading up to the Foyer. Mr. Ken loaded them tightly into his F-150 and headed to the Four Corners Restaurant.

The boys weren't properly dressed to eat in the restaurant side, so Mr. Ken had them enter the diner side of Four Corners. They took a corner booth that could sit 6 to 7 people depending on how good a friends they were.

They all got burgers and either fries or onion rings and their favorite drink. Mr. Ken talked to the lads, about their skating, and what ideas they may have for some ramps and other things. The boys all participated in the conversation and none of them put down any of the others' ideas. It was almost eight-thirty when Ken Thomas repacked the boys, into his truck, and headed back to The Cove.

'Dad' Ken suggested the boys get their sleeping area decided and setup so when they got tired, later, they could just lie down and not get upset they still had to make a bed for themselves. He also suggested they watch a movie before going swimming, again, since they all just finished eating. Hearing the man's simple requests, the preteens agreed with him and did what he asked. Robert then started a movie and the youngsters all got comfortable.

The six youths split up into three pairs - Robert and Eric, Brad and Gordon and Chuck and Trevor. Each pair set up their sleeping areas inside the Theater and started to watch the movie. About ten minutes into the movie, Robert announced he was getting comfortable and then stood up and took off his pants and socks. Eric, soon, followed suit and did the same and then joined Robert by lying close to one another.

It didn't take Brad and Gordon long to join the first two, as they, too, shucked off their pants and socks. Brad went as far as to take off his shirt, too. Those two close friend's lay down on top of their sleeping bags. Soon, Gordon spooned up and behind Brad and draped his arm over the lad.

The day became one of 'firsts' for Trevor. First time he ever swam naked. First time he allowed, all at the same time, a bunch of boys his age see his erect penis; and first time he felt a part of something, that bonding thing, the guys talked about earlier. And lastly, here he lay watching a movie, in only his boxers, along with five other kids, his age, basically dressed the same way. He never felt so elated before about anything such as what he experienced today.

The movie finished at about eleven o'clock, but none of the lads budged. It was the quiet that woke Robert so he shook Eric, some, and whispered to him asking if he wanted to play. Eric whispered back, "What about the others?" "I think they're all sleeping," replied Robert. With that said both boys slipped their underwear down to their knees and began to stroke one another.

Unbeknownst to Robert and Eric, Brad and Gordon had already began to play. It started soon after Gordon placed his arm around Brad. When they felt no one was watching, Gordon slipped his hand inside of Brad's briefs and began to gently stroke the boy's cock. Brad, for his part, let his hand slide back and behind him and he then slip it inside Gordon's briefs and began playing with the lad's hardened joystick.

Half way through the movie, Chuck and Trevor had gotten inside their joined sleeping bags and silently slid their hands into the others waistband and down to the hard and sensitive boy shaft. They didn't overstimulate the other's organ but just enjoyed the touch and touching they did to one another. It was when the movie turned off, and they didn't hear any movement from their other friends, they slipped their boxers down to their knees and turned to one another. That position allowed them to face each other and move their bodies closer and allow their dicks to slide against each other and the other's skin.

Robert enjoyed the ministrations Eric produced on him, but he wanted to administer something special to his Best friend, so he slowly slid down and took the penal shaft into his mouth. That sudden but still expected move still made Eric make an audible shudder as the overwhelming sensation of having his dick sucked sunk in.

Chuck heard the noise Eric made and looked up only to see Robert's head slowly moving up and down. Seeing that made his own dick jump and he knew that Robert was sucking on Eric's hard shaft. He often wondered what that might be like, to do that, so he gently pushed Trevor onto his back and told him to enjoy what would happen. Trevor saw Chuck's head move into the sleeping bag and then he felt a sensation he'd never felt before and immediately loved it. He knew Chuck had taken his dick into his mouth.

By that time, Brad and Gordon had already turned to one another and they each took turns sucking on the others prong. They'd been enjoying doing that for a few weeks now, and they had even began sucking each other's ball bag as well. Then knowing the movie was over, and the lighting was real low, they decided to try to do '69'. They got untangled, as quietly as possible, and then turned so each could take the others dick in their mouth.

Robert could tell Eric was close to shooting as the boy's scrotum had pulled up, as the boy began holding his head, as he fucked his dick into the waiting mouth. Knowing that Eric totally enjoyed his ministrations, Robert worked his jaws, lips and tongue in a way he thought would help his best friend shoot off, and it worked. Eric held Robert's head firm and tight as he fucked one last time into the warm mouth and then shot spurt after spurt of boy cream down Robert's throat.

Almost simultaneously, Chuck's trial and error of sucking his first dick resulted in him receiving Trevor's boy cream as spurt after spurt ejaculated, into the waiting mouth. Chuck totally forgot about boy cream shooting out and didn't want to mess up the sleeping bag so he swallowed the sweet nectar. He loved the salty but different taste he received.

All the time Robert worked on Eric, and Chuck worked on Trevor, Brad and Gordon continued to work on each other and it didn't take them long to shoot their boy cream into one another's mouths. After they calmed down, from their sexual high, they turned to face one another and hugged.

By now the only two who hadn't had any sexual stimulation were Robert and Chuck. The other four all shot a load of boy nectar and it didn't take long before the urge to pee hit them. The first up to go and pee were Brad and Gordon. They walked naked out of the Theater not caring if the others saw them. Trevor saw those two leave but before he too went to pee, he told Chuck to lie still and to let him try doing what just happened to him.

Chuck didn't protest and lay back and then he, too, sucked in air as he felt his dick slide into the moist and warm mouth. He never knew how wonderful the sensations were until he felt them himself. His primed pump didn't take long to release his buildup of boy cream and before he could warn Trevor his load shot out hot and fast.

Trevor didn't have time to react other than to swallow and swallow fast. When he felt the member go partially soft, in his mouth, he released it and slid up to talk to Chuck. They shared what they just experienced and then hugged. It wasn't too long after that they arose and walked naked out of the Theater in search of a restroom.

Eric and Robert saw their four friends all exit the Theater with all of them walking out with no clothes on. Eric wondered if he had time to reciprocate the same for Robert and without hesitation quickly went down to Robert's midsection and began to suck on this best friend's 5 inch dick. From the first time, Eric did that to Robert, he loved the feeling of the soft, but firm, dick in his mouth.

Eric had heard that men loved getting their dicks sucked and when he masturbated he fantasized having it done to him, one day, and he doing it to someone else. His dream came true the other night and he loved that he could give as well as receive. Then, just like Chuck, Robert began to thrash some and then he grabbed Eric's head and push his dick as afar in as it would go into the waiting mouth. The lad then shot volley after volley of boy juice down Eric's waiting throat.

When the sensations were all over, Robert pulled Eric up to him and kissed him hard and thanked him for doing that for him. They then kissed again. The two were in a big hug when Chuck came back into the Theater, looking for them. He sort of blushed when he saw the two hugging and, then seeing they each had their boxers down to their knees, he thought to himself that maybe he and Trevor could try that, too. Then, remembering why he came in there, he cleared his throat to get their attention.

Robert and then Eric looked up to see who came back. But before either of them could ask Chuck what he wanted, he told them he and the others wanted to know if they could go for a quick swim. Both Robert and Eric jumped out of their 'happy place' and said "Yea, let's go!" Those three caught up with the other three and all six walked bare assed naked to the pool.

It was then that Mr. Ken decided to check on the lads, before he went to bed. He barely walked out of his Study when he thought he heard the lads walking towards the pool entrance. He got to the top of the landing just in time to see all six were naked and their butt cheeks were flexing to the walk they were doing. He laughed, to himself, that those boys had really bonded with one another. He then decided to give the lads fifteen to twenty minutes, to swim, before asking them to head off to bed.

Since all the lads had just recently gotten their 'rocks' off, none of them popped a boner while they were swimming. They played a bit of dick tag and still no wood ever showed. But the long day of skateboarding, swimming and their recent sexual release all took its toll, on them, and they decided to dry off and head back to the Theater, and to bed. As they exited the pool area, Mr. Ken just walked off the circular stairs and saw them.

"Looks like you boys had a good swim," began the man. "It's very late and I hope you're headed to bed. Don't forget to pee before you lie down. I don't want any wet sleeping bags to wash in the morning."

"'Daaad', yelled both Robert and Eric, who then went to the man and got a big hug. Chuck saw what they did so he stood behind them and got his hug, too. The six preteens all then said good night to Mr. Ken, as they continued their way to the Theater. But first, they all stopped to pee. Then, entering the Theater, they all decided to not get dressed but to just lie down in the pairs they already made.

Robert and Eric hugged one another and kissed and their tiredness took over almost instantaneously, and they fell fast asleep.

Brad and Gordon hugged each other, too, but they also grabbed the others 'boy toy' but when neither of those responded they hugged once more and sleep soon took them over.

Chuck and Trevor decided to talk some before letting themselves go to sleep. Chuck and Trevor each described the feelings they had when the other sucked their dick and that neither of them felt any remorse that they each did it. They both told the other that it was something they had wanted to try but were afraid of what someone would say if they were ever found out. They hugged each other tight allowing their boy members to touch. But, just as with the others, nothing stirred so they decided to get to sleep.

All day, from skateboarding, to swimming, to watching the movie, to the last swim, Chief watched over 'her' boys. She could feel the 'love' they had for one another and in particular how the 'pairs' matched up with one another. That made her very happy and then she too curled up and went to sleep.

Early the following morning, Chief went out to take care of her business and now padded back into the Theater. She hoped to see if any of 'her' boys had stirred so she could get some ear scratches. Seeing no one stirring she lay down beside Robert and Eric and kept watch for some movement, any movement.

The morning came all too quickly, for the preteen lads. They began to stir because their all too full bladders called to them. Trevor got out of his sleeping bag first. He saw everyone else seemed to be still sleeping so he slipped on his boxers and went in search of the restroom he used the night before. Chuck heard him, as the lad put on his underwear, and asked him to wait. Chuck then got out of their bed and stood up. Not only did he stand up but his pride and joy stood tall, too. Trevor laughed, at his friend, while the lad put on his boxers while his deflating prick cooperated.

Brad woke just as Trevor and Chuck walked up and out of the Theater. He nudged Gordon to wake and the two of them got out of their sleeping bag. As they stood, they saw they both were as hard as rocks. Smiling to one another they searched for their underwear, put them on, and walked out the Theater door, with their cocks still at half-mast.

Robert had already awakened but lay there basking in the warmth and close feeling Eric radiated to him. Seeing the first four walk out, to use the restroom, Robert lightly kissed his 'boyfriend' to wake him. Eric stirred, at first, but then opened his eyes and leaned into Robert to give him a kiss. As they kissed, they each reached for the other's expanded dick and gave them a quick stroke or two.

"We better not," warned Robert. "The others have all left and will be back soon. They'll also be hungry and will want us up, too, so we can go up and eat some of Momma Maria's great breakfast tacos."

Eric tried to protest but knew his best friend was right, so he took his hand off his 'boyfriend's' cock and slipped his boxers on. Robert quickly followed, none-to-soon, as the others came back into the Theater.

"I'm glad to see you're up,' teased Brad. "Hurry up and go pee and get back here and get dressed so we all can go up to see what there is for breakfast."

While Robert and Eric went to pee, the other four lads got fully dressed and straightened up all their sleeping bags. Soon enough, the last two came back into the Theater and got dressed, as well. They all scratched Chief, behind her ears, as they passed her as they exited the Theater.

"Morning boys," called out Mr. Ken, as the six good friends entered the Breakfast Nook. "I truest you all had a good night's sleep seeing it's almost 9:30, in the morning," a laughing Mr. Ken added.

"Yes, sir," spoke up Trevor. "Yesterday turned out awesome with the skateboarding, swimming and movie. I think we all got closer as friends, too. I never experienced as big a sleep-over as I had last night and it was great! I want to thank you for hosting us yesterday, and putting up with us. You are the greatest young, older adult I know. Can I give you a hug for all you did?"

Ken Thomas smiled at the 'young, older adult' comment but opened his arms and the boy flew into them. Their hug lasted a bit longer than usual as Trevor whispered into the man's ear to make sure the man wasn't mad at them for swimming naked and that he wouldn't say anything to his dad.

Mr. Ken smiled at Trevor as they exited from their hug. The man figured he should reaffirm his acceptance of the lad's actions, when swimming, so he told them, "I don't see it as a problem boys if you swim without your suits on. As I told you before, when Trevor hadn't been here, I didn't have a problem as long as you didn't make or tease someone into doing it. Not everyone wants to show his …"

And a laughing Eric added, "His equipment."

"… yes, his equipment. I skinny-dipped when I was your age but I remember being ten and seeing the boys skinny-dipping … but I wouldn't take my suit off. They all said how good it felt but I wouldn't have any part of it. I didn't want my, ahh … my 'little guy' to stand up because none of the others had a stiffy, as I called them all those many years ago."

All six boys laughed at what Mr. Ken just related to them and then they knew he didn't care about their own skinny-dipping. The other five gave the man a quick hug and sat back down to finish the breakfast tacos Momma Maria made for them and that Mr. Ken had warmed up. As they ate, they all talked about the previous day's activities and Mr. Ken asked what they had planned for that day.

Gordon spoke up first saying he needed to be home by two o'clock, to finish his homework, and do his chores. Trevor said his dad had told him he'd be back at two, and to be ready. Brad said he'd probably go then, too, as he didn't want his parents to get mad at him by being away so long. He added he loved coming over to The Cove and didn't want to ruin his chances to do it some more. And it continued that way for Chuck and Eric, too, who both agreed that getting home, sooner than later, would be the best policy.

Shortly after two o'clock, when all the lads had left, Mr. Ken and Robert sat down in the Study to talk. Mr. Ken asked Robert how he saw the sleep over and the 'bonding' the six preteens had done. He told the lad he didn't want to pry into what the lads had done, specifically, but he wanted to see how his 'son' was adjusting to living at The Cove and how he saw his friends in the future.

When Robert heard what his 'dad' wanted to talk about he became relieved. He really didn't want to tell the man what they did with one another but he sure had a good time and he sure told his 'dad'. He explained how much fun of not only having a group of good friends over, who got along very well together, but most of all how it felt like being a kid again; that he could have his friends over, and not worry that he had to go somewhere, with a strange man.

Hearing that last part made 'dad' Ken get up and go over to his 'son' and hug him tight. He wanted the boy know that he would do whatever he must to make sure the boy had as normal a life he could living there at Three Finger Cove. Just then the phone rang.

"Hello! … Oh, hey Harry what's up? … He did! I'm very happy to hear that! … Oh, they did? So, now Terran is mad he didn't get to swim, or sleepover. Is he being the 'Terror' Trevor calls him?" laughed Mr. Ken. … … "Ahh, I guess that's what you had to do, then. Terran needs to understand his brother's friends are not his friends and he can't force himself to be invited. … That's what you told him but he just wouldn't listen?

"How old is the lad again? … Okay, he's ten plus. … Yep, he wants to be older and he will be soon enough. … Yes, I'm sorry that you had to separate them and send Terran to his room. … Yea, I know you didn't call to tell me your problems, but I am very happy Trevor had a good time. …

"Yes, Robert and I were talking about the weekend when you called. … I think that he'll want to do this again, at least, one or two more times, or more, if the timing works out. … What's Carol's take on all this? … Oh, she thinks it's time Trevor should do stuff with his friends without his little brother being a pest and wanting to go. Good for her! … I'll bet the talk at school will be about the swim and sleep over at The Cove. … Oh, you do, too. … Oh, and you think the girls are going to be mad at the boys, for not inviting them? …

"Well, Robert and Eric will be thirteen this June. … Oh, wow, and so will Trevor? … I've told Robert and Eric the girls are going to want to be around them, more. … Oh, there's a girl who calls Trevor, often, and she was upset when she found out the Boy's had a sleepover. … Oh, Terran answered the phone and he told her where he was. Oh, my! … So, that was something else that caused the flare up between the boys? I'm glad I only have one right now," laughed Ken Thomas.

" … Yes, Trevor was a complete gentleman. He was very polite and said yes, sir etc. … Oh, he told you and Carol about that. … Yes, I got surprised by that for sure. … He saw Robert and Eric hug me a few times over the weekend and Chuck did it once, or twice, too. … Yes, he said as much as that was the only way he knew how to really thank me for letting him be here. … Okay, thanks for calling, Harry. It was a pleasure and Trevor is welcome any time. … Bye!"

Looking at Robert, "My guess would be you got the gist of the conversation?" said Mr. Ken.

"Yea, I take it Trevor and the 'Terror' got into a shouting match because Terran wasn't allowed to come. Then Trevor learns Terran told some girl where he was and he's been ignoring her and didn't want her to know where he was? And, his mom agrees with dad that Trev needs to start doing things with his own friends, since he'll soon be a teenager and Terran needs to find his own friends," replied Robert.

"Yes, you got the gist of it for sure, but you forgot Terran got sent to his room. Harry tells me that this was brewing, for some time now, and it finally came to a head today, after Trevor got home. I do believe Trevor will be allowed to come over any time he's' invited. You know, we should find the birth dates of all your friends and maybe we can hold a Happy Thirteen Birthday Party, for all of you, after school lets out. What do you think about that, 'son'?" asked 'dad' Ken.

Robert thought about it for a moment then asked, "Will it only be us kids, who turn thirteen, or … will be able to invite, like, the whole class?"

"The more the merrier!" chuckled 'dad' Ken, who then got a hug from his new 'son'.

The 'dad' and 'son' team from Three Finger Cove decided to go out to the Four Corners restaurant for dinner. During their leisurely meal, they enjoyed talking more about the successful Hosting Robert did, for his friends. After returning home, Chief welcomed them with lots of doggy kisses and, in turn, they gave her a few bones Ed Henry, the restaurant manager, sent home for her. Then Robert began to yawn over and over so they decided to each go their separate ways. Sleep came fast for Robert, after a fun filled weekend.

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