Castle Roland

Three Finger Cove - Robert
Book II

by Chowhound


Chapter 38

Published: 21 Jan 16

Three Finger Cove – Robert

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After they left the breakfast area, the four boys headed to the upper decks, to check the weather. Finding a large number of people were already out, and either sun bathing or using the pools and water slides, the four decided to head to their cabins and get changed. They decided to meet back at the same place, on that same deck, in twenty minutes.

As soon as they entered their cabin, and closed the door, Colt and Jerry quickly got out of their street clothes and into their swim suits. You would have thought with the boys being just about two years apart in age that the younger lad would be embarrassed to change in front of his older sibling. But, that did not happen because of what their dad talked to them about, a few years back.

Back when Colt turned eleven, and came into the throes of puberty, he no longer wanted to shower with his younger brother. The two always took their showers together and Jerry felt left out when Colt refused to shower with the younger lad, anymore. The rejection by Colt made Jerry loudly complain, at the bathroom door, for Colt to let him in. The bickering between the two brothers even carried to the school. Then, after putting up with their constant fighting for almost two years, Cam and Michele had had enough and Cam, being the lad's father, was chosen to sit the boys down. The man decided to meet his boys in Colts bedroom and have, a male being male, talk with them.

He explained to both boys that being brothers made them special, to one other, and the bond they once had had split and they needed to repair it and bring peace and harmony back into the house. Cam reminded the boys about what they learned in their sex education courses and that as they grew older so would their bodies. He explained to Jerry that Colt must have begun that change, a few years ago, and felt embarrassed to let him see how he had changed, from when you two slept and bathed together.

Cam didn't want to hold back any 'punches' about the boys and their bodies so he decide his first talk would be about morning erections. They both knew their dad had seen each of them walking towards the bathrooms with their hard, erected member pointing the way, so that was a 'no brainer'. The man made mention that many times they saw each other's hardened members but that didn't deter them back then.

Using that as a stepping stone, Cam explained he felt that their getting older, and as their bodies began to change, they became embarrassed to even consider letting the other one see them. He went on to theorize that those same hardened members began to show up at the most inconvenient times, like when they walked down the halls, at school, or as they sat at their desk. He mentioned to Jerry that as Colt got older so did his 'stuff', and that it also grew.

He explained that it probably no longer looked like the small protuberance he remembered but would be bigger than he ever remembered. He went on to tell Jerry that Colt had, more than likely, began to grow pubic hair above his 'equipment' and he may be embarrassed for you to see it. The man then explained the same things would happen to Jerry and he needed to know how to handle that major change to his body.

For two hours, the three male members of the Davies Family talked about male sexual development at length. Cam Davies answered all the lads' questions, which included, why their male members became erected, and what to do to make them 'go away'. The trio also discussed how the testicles would produce the 'fertilizer', or sperm that would come out of the penis and could potentially make a baby, if the lads weren't careful. The boys smiled at how their dad explained that one.

Colt understood the majority of that, since he already knew the 'best' and most 'fun' way to deflate his member as he 'practiced' making the fertilizer. He knew the reason he didn't want his bother to shower with him was because he always got hard in the shower. He just didn't want his younger brother to see it and then make comments and jokes about it and embarrass him, to his friends and others, about his standing tall dick.

Dad figured the changes Colton went through may be what caused the boys to split apart as confidants and best buddies. He knew he needed to do something to cause the boys to reconnect and inevitably reduce, if not eliminate, the feuding between them. So, he explained to the boys that he wanted to try something but that they both had to be willing to go through with it, or they would never be as close as they used to be.

The boys looked at one another and, without even asking what they would have to do to get back to being best friends, and buddies again, they wholeheartedly agreed to do whatever their dad asked them to do. With that agreement, dad explained he wanted them all to show one another what they were hiding under all those clothes. Hearing that, the boys weren't too sure they could go through with that. But, they thought they heard their dad use 'all' and they figured, when their dad began to stand up, that he would show his stuff first.

When Cam did stand up, and adjusted his pants, he heard the boys take in a deep breath and he then knew they misinterpreted his meaning. He had to explain that he wanted them to show each other what their 'boy parts' looked like, now, and that they'd be traumatized for life if they saw their 'old man's stuff'. With that, their dad left the boys alone and hoped they would figure out a way to work things out.

Colton, being the oldest, told Jerry he would begin first. The older lad took off his shirt and pants and then asked Jerry to do the same. Jerry was a bit embarrassed as he had already popped a 'boner' and was afraid his brother would laugh at him, or worse yet, he'd tell all their friends he had a 'woodie'. But Jerry, reluctantly, did take his clothes off to his briefs and stood there in front of his older brother, erection and all. Then he noticed his brother also had an erection and that made him feel better.

After a short conversation over who would show their 'stuff' first, they agreed to both pull down their underwear at the same time. On three, both boys dropped their boxers and showed each other their 'stuff'.

Seeing Colt's hard member, and all the hair he had above it, Jerry walked forward and began to reach for the pubic hair, but stopped short. Looking to his brother, he asked if he could touch it, and getting permission, Jerry felt how soft the hairs felt. Then he asked his brother if he ever measured how long his dick was. That brought out a ruler and both boys tried at first to measure their own hardened member. When that proved to be a bit cumbersome, they each measured the other's flagpole and, in the process, they experienced how soft the standing member felt, as well.

It was Jerry who asked the question of Colt if he ever produced the 'fertilizer' their dad had talked about. Of course, after finding out the older lad did, Jerry wanted to know how. By this time, after the long sex talk and the naked exposure with his brother, Colton's extended phallus cried out for release, so he made his younger brother promise NOT to tell anyone and the lad began to masturbate. Jerry saw how his brother slid his closed fist up and down his dick and told him to do it, too. That brought both boys to lie down together, on the bed, and each stroked their 'boy toy' for all it was worth.

But, Jerry wasn't satisfied to just do the 'deed' he wanted to see the 'fertilizer' that Colt made so he sat up and watched his brother stoke his much bigger dick. Still, Jerry wanted more, so he asked if he could do it for his brother. Colt wasn't too sure if he should allow that, or not, but, after Jerry kept bugging him about it, and since he needed to 'get off', he reluctantly agreed. The new sensations of someone else's hand stoking him made Colt close his eyes and lie back and enjoy those new found feelings.

It didn't take long, after Jerry began his ministrations, that Colt let out a cry and his white 'fertilizer' shot out his one-eyed snake, and landed all over his stomach and Jerry's hand. The sudden explosion of the white liquid startled Jerry, at first, but he knew from when he did it to himself he needed to continue stroking a few more times before the top got to sensitive. The younger boy did stop after three or four more strokes and saw that Colt had a great big smile on his face.

When Colt finally opened his eyes, he thanked his brother for doing that for him. The older lad then had Jerry lie back and he returned the favor. It didn't take long, after Colt began his stroking, of the eleven year old's hardened dick, for Jerry to understand what sensations Colt had felt when he stroked the lad's bigger dick. It took a little bit longer for Jerry to reach full 'lift-off', since he didn't manipulate his cock while he did Colt's. But, when the lad reached his overload point he began to jerk his body as if he was shooting, but, alas, nothing came out.

The two boys then talked about their experiences and the feeling they each had stroking one another and the overwhelming sensations they experienced, at the end. They both realized that it was so much better to have someone else do it for them. By that time, their dicks had once again hardened and they decided to stroke one another, one more time. This time there was no hurry to make the other get 'over the top', so they took their time and switched back and forth, a few times, before Colt finished off Jerry first.

When Jerry took hold of Colt's five inch flesh tube he knew he liked the 'soft' feeling in his hand along with what he was doing, for his brother. Jerry also stroked the fleshy tube fast and then slow and watched as the teen's toes stretched and wiggled and his breathing changed, as well. It wasn't too long before Colt began to push his dick into the encircling hand and all Jerry had to do was hold his hand still. Suddenly, it happened. Colt shot stream after stream of white joy juice and got that great big smile on his face, again. Then, while Colt's eyes were closed, Jerry decided to taste the warm white fluid on his hand. It tasted somewhat salty but 'clean' and wonderful. The boys then decided to shower together as they once used to do.

Peace had once again returned to the Davies household.

After quickly changing, into their board shorts, Colt and Jerry hurried back to Deck 9 and met up with Robert and Eric. They no sooner got there than the four boys exchanged laughs at the 'fast pace' they all made to get back to their starting point twenty minutes earlier.

The four, fast becoming friends, decided they'd first use Goofy's Pool, since it was deeper than the others. They wanted to get wet first and check out the water before getting into line to ride the water slides. But, their first stop was actually the Nephew's Splash Zone. The area was designed around Huey, Dewey and Louie which each figure being represented by a squirting figure. The boys stayed for only a few minutes, getting wet, but when they realized that area was mainly for the younger kids they decided to find another venue to check out.

They headed next to the AquaLab and the Twist 'n' Spout water slide. The AquaLab features geysers and pop jets that spray randomly. A duck-shaped figure, fashioned after the hotheaded Donald Duck himself, triggers periodic bursts of high-pressure mist and gushing water. Then they rode the Twist n' Spout Slide. This took them through a series of spirals and turns, with three large loops turning them in opposite directions, and then dumping them into the colorful pool below. Again, they saw this water playground catered to younger cruisers, but also saw a number of families having fun, together. The four lads each rode the water slide four times before they opted to try out the last of the slides, AquaDunk.

AquaDunk, they found, was a 37-foot-tall body slide that starts at the highest point of the ship, a place where Disney cruisers had never been before. The staircase on Deck 10 took the four lads up to the top of the ship's funnel where they found the slide's launch pad. Seeing the slide was like a tube they argued over who would go first. Being the oldest, Colt offered to give up 'his life' and when it was his turn climbed into the capsule. Getting ready, he crossed his arms and legs and waited for the surprise launch, for when the floor beneath him would open like a trap door!

When the trap door did open, it caught Colt by surprise, but before he could react the drop then sent him on an exhilarating ride, in a translucent tube, that extended 20 feet over the side of the ship. He ended with a huge splash back on Deck 10.

Each of the remaining lads did 'One Potato; Two Potato' to see who would go next. Eric lost and he was next to take the plunge down the trap door slide. Then Robert followed with Jerry being the last one down. After laughing about their experience, and talking over one another, they decided to get back in line. The four lads rode that slide three more times, before the pangs of hunger got the best of them.

Elsewhere on the ship, the woman who thought that a twenty-something man, who was called 'dad' by at least one of the boys, believed something untoward might be happening to the two boys and decided to talk to security. She didn't have a name, as of yet, and her description matched a couple of hundred men on the ship, at that time, but she felt she 'had to do her duty' and report what she 'felt' as a mother, and grandmother. The security person took down all the information and told the woman he'd forward her concerns to the Chief of Security.

Down in the Promenade Lounge, the Davies treated Mr. Ken to a number of drinks 'with his name on them' while the trio talked about the past two years and what each of them had been up to. The Davies, though, were more interested in Mr. Ken's new 'son' and the what, when, where, why, and how of it. To their surprise, the man told them the story of that first day and a few of the tidbits that didn't mean too much overall. He did relate to them the altercation between Ms. Johnston and Robert, and the fallout from that.

Up on Deck 9, the four lads enjoyed some pizza and drinks, courtesy of Disney Cruise Lines. Of course, they talked about things they did and liked but they then got around to Eric and his 'Big Bros'. Well, Jerry did, anyway.

"Eric," began Jerry, "you know we told you that Collin talked about you a lot, when he was on the cruise, two years ago. And, I know you said you only went over to Mr. Ken's only when it was a special occasion or your Big Bros asked you over. But … well, what else …." It was then Jerry caught himself about being the 'nosey' boy he was and shut up.

The three onlookers looked back at one another and then laughed at the fact that Jerry knew he was being nosey, and finally shut up. A smiling Eric knew Jerry was full of questions, especially, since the boy told Eric he had been jealous of him, big time.

Eric took pity on the thirteen year old and said, "Jerry, I understand you were jealous of me but I don't see why. I told you that I didn't go over to The Cove all that often, so, I don't know what Collin could have said, that would make you jealous of me. Can you explain that to me?"

Jerry thought for a moment and then replied, "Well … Collin told us of the trips he took with Mr. Ken and then the trip you went along and you met those boys from California."

"Yeah, the California Boys, as Collin called them," added Eric.

"Yeah, those boys … anyway, he told us how you helped the kid come out of his coma and how you also rode and loved that big roller coaster, afterwards. Collin told me about the sleep-overs and the Holiday parties and BBQs and a bunch more. … Well, what I am trying to say is … when I was with Collin I felt like the things he told me … it was like I was there, you know? Then, when we got to fly in the helicopter, with Mr. Ken and Collin, and shared being together like … it felt like being with an Uncle and older cousin

"It felt so good to be around them both but especially, Collin. I know I have an older brother but … Collin … he just made me feel special. Like I was his younger brother, you know, too. I guess that's why … well, why I was so jealous of you, Eric. When Collin left the ship, I knew he was going back to Texas and … and be around you." Jerry then hung his head, when he finished speaking. That was the first time he ever said out loud why he was jealous of Eric.

Eric felt flabbergasted over Jerry's revelation about his jealousy for him. He thought he knew exactly what Jerry was saying. He then went over to the lad and put his finger under the lad's head and picked it up and said to him, "Yes … I know exactly what you mean, Jerry. Collin, and Ryan, too, treated me something special and, it … it made me feel so good inside I could burst. There was something about Collin, though, that just entered into me and it made me feel so, so relaxed and comfortable and that he really was my 'Big Bro'.

"I missed him when I wasn't there and I couldn't wait to get back, over there. Collin and Ryan both taught me so much that I owe them big time, for that. They helped me through early puberty and explained what my body was doing. Even though I had the Sex Ed classes, they explained it better than any book, or teacher, ever did. I don't know if you knew it or not but … well … all three of us – Collin, Ryan and me – all are only children. But what you also might not know is … that I am adopted!"

Jerry looked up into Eric's eyes and said, "Thank you for telling me, Eric. And, yes, Collin did have that same effect on me. There was something about him that I couldn't get enough of. Well … you know what I mean. And, Eric … I knew you were adopted. But it didn't matter to me, I was still jealous because of what you had with Collin, and I wished I had that, too."

Jerry then stood up and hugged Eric. Eric hugged the lad back. When they separated, they both wiped a tear or two away from their eyes. A knowing bond had just been made between the two boys.

Later that night, the seven friends, the Davies and Mr. Ken's group met for dinner. This time they went to Triton's, the Disney Wonder's® equivalent of the Disney Magic's® Lumiere's and themed after Disney's Little Mermaid. The restaurant name 'Triton', the Davis told Robert and Eric, took its name after Ariel's father, King Triton.

As they walked into the restaurant, the boys marveled at the stained glass walls, and a massive shimmering tiled wall depicting a scene from the Little Mermaid. After sitting, and being handed a menu, the boys looked at one another and asked with their eyes, 'What is French Continental cuisine?'

Mr. Ken saw the unasked question, in both of his 'son's' eyes, and told them they would be eating a special meal. He explained that the meal would be French based foods and served in distinct courses. He futher told them to read through the menu and if they didn't understand what it was they were to ask.

What Robert and Eric heard, though, was 'look like you know what you're doing and pick something to eat'. As they tried to understand the offered foods, Colt and Jerry laughed at the two novices. Seeing their new friend's with the big question on their faces, Colt said, "This is the best time to try something you'll probably never taste again. I'd recommend each of you order something different, and then share it. Jerry and I still do that every time we eat at a different restaurant whether it was on a Disney® ship or on land. And … if you don't like it your meal, you just ask for something different and they, well our, waiter will, bring you something different."

Bolstered with that tidbit of information, Robert ordered the Applewood Smoked Bacon and Wild Mushroom Tart and the "Chef Louis" French Onion Soup. Eric, for his part, ordered the Chilled Jumbo Shrimp and the Tomato and Basil Soup. Colt and Jerry laughed again and this time Jerry spoke up and said, "Safe choices for sure!" That brought the four boys to all laughed together, over it.

"Boys!" was all Michele had to say, to quiet them down.

The two Best Friends did indeed share each other's Appetizers and enjoyed them even though, at first glance, they didn't like what they initially saw.

When it came time to order their main meal, Mr. Ken recommended they do what Colt suggested and try something out of their comfort zone. The two, to Mr. Ken's dismay, read out loud the meal options which Mr. Ken then described to them. All the time, Cam and Michele were smiling while Colt and Jerry snickered.

In the end, the boys ordered the Three-Cheese Lobster Macaroni and Grilled Farm-Raised Chicken Breast. They explained they weren't taking any chances, of getting sick, since the next day was their first stop – Cozumel.

For dessert, the boys did venture out on a limb and ordered Triton's Sweet Temptations consisting of a Trio of Crème Brûlée, Chocolate Mousse and Praline Petite Choux Crème Brûlée with Seasonal Berries; the Brioche and Pannetone Pudding with Toffee Sauce; the Grand Marnier Soufflé with Vanilla Sauce; and the Chocolate Mousse with Brandy-marinated Cherries. They decided to forgo the Ice-Cream Sundae served with Vanilla Ice-Cream and any fixings.

When the desserts arrived, the boy's eye grew large with astonishment. They thought the servings would be small, since they were kids, but they got as full a portion as the adults got. When the lads dug in, they were in heaven. They did share their largess with one another and even with Colt and Jerry and, of course, Mr. Ken.

With dinner over, the boys asked, and received permission, to head back to their rooms to change. The four friends wanted to watch the Movie under the Stars later and didn't want to ruin their good dress suits. The boys met up on Deck 9 to watch the movie, at Goofy's Pool, on the 24-by-14-foot LED Jumbo Television screen, or Funnel Vision, atop the Forward funnel on that deck. That night's movie – Monsters University.

The next morning both lads were sound asleep when the ship docked at the International Cruise Terminal in Cozumel, Mexico. Mr. Ken knew they needed to be on the dock by 9:30, for their excursion, but he still hated to wake the lads. He'd already taken his shower, so he was ready.

He first went to Robert to wake him up, "Robert, 'son', it's time to wake up. Come on 'son' it's time to wake up." The man then went to Eric to try to wake him. "Eric, come on 'son' it's time to wake up. You and Robert need to get your showers so we can take our excursion. Come on now Eric it's time to get up." Mr. Ken went back and forth between the two boys for seven or eight minutes before he finally got Robert to sit up on his bed.

As soon as he got up, Robert rushed into the bathroom. Eric did the same thing when he finally got out of his slumber. Both boys shared the half-bath to pee and brush their teeth. Eric finished first, so he took his shower before Robert. It was 8:45 before the three adventurers finally left their cabin to find something to eat for breakfast.

The three travelers arrived, just in time, to catch the tour guide for their excursion. The tour guide told them that they would ride the tram for 5 to 10 minutes before they would arrive at the Cabo Dolphins Center where their adventure would begin.

As soon as the excursion group reached the Dolphin Center, they met the trainers who in turn introduced the group to the dolphins. The trainers then began to teach everyone about the dolphins including a discussion on their anatomy, physiology, natural history, and amazing underwater communication system. After that, the trainers showed everyone how to prepare the Dolphins daily diet which they would get to feed to the dolphins, later in the day.

During the dolphin excursion, each person was accompanied by a trainer who allowed each of them approximately 40 minutes of swimming, touching, and interacting with their dolphin, in the specially designed pool. During the hands-on experience, the boys learned some of the basic hand signals as a trainer demonstrated several techniques used to interact with the dolphins. Each lad got to practice the hand signals, with their dolphin, and got huge smiles on their faces as the dolphins did as they were directed.

The highlight, of the lads' excursion, was when they were allowed to hug and even kiss the dolphins; then, to top it all off, each pre-teen had an opportunity to have a dolphin propel them across the pool. Each boy got to experience a dorsal fin push, an underwater ride, and finally a belly ride before their excursion was over. Then they got to actually feed the dolphins what they prepared earlier.

At the end of their awesome day, with the dolphins, each lad was allowed to keep the uniforms they used during their stay at the Dolphin Center. Mr. Ken not only got to keep his uniform, he also got the opportunity to buy some photos of the three, of them, interacting with the dolphins and the DVD that showed everything the three of them did. The trio then did the ten minute ride back to the ship.

Along the way, each lad had to tell about their experiences with their dolphin. Mr. Ken had to laugh at the boys as they tried to talk over one another, in order to make sure their 'dad' heard them. The man was extremely grateful it was only a ten minute ride back to the ship.

The boys had so much fun, on their excursion, that upon returning to the ship they saw that they had been gone for almost 5 hours. The trio went back to their cabin to drop off their uniforms and then headed up to Goofy's pool to relax and grab a quick snack, before dinner that evening.

When the boys arrived at Goofy's pool, they met up with Colt and Jerry and the four lads talked again about their excursions. Mr. Ken, Cam, and Michelle found three loungers together and sat back and relaxed. The three adults also exchanged stories about their day while watching the four boys enjoy the cool waters of Goofy's pool.

Out in the pool, Robert and Eric talked over the other as they tried to tell Colt and Jerry all about their excursion with the dolphins. Colton and Jerry had been on Disney cruises many, many times but they never had the opportunity to do a dolphin encounter. The two Davies lads listened intently, to what Robert and Eric had to tell them, about their awesome adventure learning, swimming, interacting with the dolphins, and then, at the end, feeding them.

It wasn't long before the boys felt the ship moving away from the dock. That told the boys that it was close to 4 PM and they would soon have to go back to their cabin to get cleaned up and dressed for dinner that evening. It wasn't long before Mr. Ken called Robert and Eric to get out of the pool, and dried off, as it was time to get ready for dinner.

Opening the cabin door, the boys continued to talk about their adventure. The boys' enthusiasm, for what they did, came through to Mr. Ken and he was extremely happy that he had made the right choice of excursions, to take the boys on. He watched as the boys stripped out of their bathing suits and continued to walk around the cabin naked, as the day they were born.

Since, Eric took his shower first that morning, he let Robert take his shower first, that evening. When both boys were finished taking their showers, Mr. Ken got undressed and then he, too, walked naked to the shower. As he was about to close the door, he directed both boys on how he wanted them dressed, for the evening's meal. That was the second time the boys had seen Mr. Ken naked, but they thought nothing of it, as they, too, paraded around the cabin with nothing on.

It was close to 6 PM when the three travelers were ready to leave for dinner. Mr. Ken made sure they each had their cabin key just in case anyone, of them, wanted to return to the cabin to change after dinner. Noticing the time, they hurried down to the restaurant called Parrot Cay where they were to meet with the Davies for dinner.

When the party of three entered the Parrot Cay restaurant they found a Caribbean-themed, multi-sensory experience, with the sound of birds chirping as they entered and the music tuned to "Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot" which played even through dinner. The three also saw the restaurant was outfitted with parquet wood floors, storm shutters, and turquoise colored wood carvings and lots of 'Caribbean 'colors.

The three had no sooner been seated when the Davies family joined them for dinner. The waiter then brought out the menus for the evening's meal. After looking over the menu, Robert and Eric had a difficult time figuring out what they wanted to eat. Again, Mr. Ken asked each of them to try something different just so they would have an opportunity to experience something they'd never get the chance to eat when they got home.

Robert and Eric talked over there their choices for dinner, and decided to do the same as they had done the previous evening. Each boy proceeded to pick two appetizers, so they could share them. They each then chose a different entrée knowing that they would taste each other's dinner, as well.

When the waiter came to Robert, to ask what he would like to order, the lad ordered chilled mango and papaya soup and hot crab Newburgh. For dinner, he ordered the grilled sirloin steak, medium well, with baked potato and steamed vegetables. Eric, for his appetizers, he ordered glazed chicken wings and the trio of salmon. For dinner, he ordered the grilled chicken breast, French fries and the steamed vegetables.

During the dinner, Michelle asked Robert and Eric to tell them about their day with the dolphins. Both boys began speaking, at once, and Mr. Ken had to ask one of them to talk first. Robert allowed Eric to go first. Eric then proceeded to tell the Davies about their ride to the dolphin excursion, their meeting with their trainers, and then the dolphins and learning all about the dolphins and preparing their food so that it could be used to feed the dolphins, later.

When Robert's turn came, he told the Davies about learning the hand signals to use with the dolphins and got very excited when he told them about the swimming and hugging and then, eventually, the dolphin push and the dorsal fin swim. Both boys then talked about how the trainers put the dolphins through a show, of what the dolphins could do. By the time each boy finished telling his story about his adventure, the table's appetizers had arrived.

After Robert and Eric had each tasted of the four different appetizers, Michelle asked the lads what they thought of the taste. Robert went first and said that the soup was a bit different but tasted good and he really enjoyed the crab Newburgh. When it was Eric's turn, he said he too enjoyed the soup and the crab and especially the chicken wings but he wasn't too happy with the salmon. The three adults had a chuckle over Eric's explanations.

During dinner, the adults talked about what they had planned for the following day's excursions. When Colton and Jerry learned that Mr. Ken was taking Robert and Eric to the Stingray City Sandbar, in Grand Cayman, they asked their parents if they could go, too.

"Boys," began Cam, "you just can't invite yourself along with someone just because you want to go, too. … Mr. Ken already has his hands full, with Robert and Eric, and doesn't need you two tagging along, and having to be responsible for you as well." After hearing that, Colton and Jerry each put on hurt faces and, then looked to mom, asking with their puppy dog eyes, couldn't she intervene for them?

Mr. Ken had to smile over the conversation, as he remembered back two years previous when he and Collin asked to take Colton and Jerry on their helicopter flight. Knowing the two lads were not much trouble at all, he decided he would ask Cam and Michelle that, if there were two extra slots available, if he could take the boys along with them.

Cam began to argue over the man taking care of his two boys, but Mr. Ken reminded Cam that he had taken Colton and Jerry on the helicopter flight and that they were 'perfect gentlemen' and he knew this would be no different. He also said it would be "… easier for the boys to talk about their experience, from actually being there and knowing what actually went on, versus having to relive it in someone else's eyes."

Cam and Michelle talked about it, for a few moments, before both agreeing to allow their boys to go on the Stingray Sandbar excursion, if there were still seats available. They also reminded the boys of what they did when they went with Mr. Ken the last time.

Colton and Jerry both got a question look on their faces before Colton remembered that mom and dad said they were going to 'try for another mouth to feed'. When he began laughing over what he remembered, Jerry asked him what it was all about. Colton then whispered in Jerry's ear and Jerry got a big smile on his face. Seeing the looks on their faces, Colton told Robert and Eric he'd tell them later.

After dinner, the seven walked out of the restaurant where Robert and Eric asked Mr. Ken if they could go to the room to change into street clothes, so they could go to the 'movie of the night'. "Dad' Ken agreed and each lad gave the man a big hug and said "Thanks, 'dad'" as they walked away.

Colton and Jerry then asked their mom and dad if they could go change and catch up with their new friends, for the movie. Mr. Ken then said he would go down to the excursion desk to see if there were two more seats available for the Stingray Sandbar Adventure. Just before Colt and Jerry left, they each gave their parents a big hug, and then they gave Mr. Ken a big hug, too.

Unbeknownst to the seven, the same nosey lady who saw Mr. Ken hug the two boys once before, immediately got upset over that display of 'unnatural' affection. She had already talked to security about that man, and the two boys, and what she knew had to be happening there.

This time, she decided that she would talk to someone, much higher in the security division, than that 'imbecile' security man she talked with the other day. With that in mind, she made the mental note, of the time and place, then she, too, left the restaurant. This time she went looking for a high-ranking security person and this time she had a much better description of the man.

The next morning, when Robert and Eric heard the ship's anchor clamber down into the water, they immediately got up and took care of their morning business. That surprised Mr. Ken since the previous morning he had to work to get the boys up for the day's activity. The next thing he knew he saw two pre-teenage boys walking through the cabin naked looking for their underwear then deciding not to take it into the shower ½ bath. All Mr. Ken could do was laugh at the two boy's antics. That morning Robert got his shower first.

After meeting with the Davies for breakfast, Mr. Ken took the four boys down to the theater where they were to wait their turn to load onto the tenders that would take them to the dock. Grand Cayman, they came to find out, doesn't have a cruise terminal dock which was why the ship was anchored about a half-mile offshore.

When it came time for them to load onto the tender, Mr. Ken and the four boys headed up the tender's stairs to the top seats so they could get a better view of the ship and the shore where they would be taken. It took about 15 minutes to load everyone onto the tender and another 15 minutes, or so, to travel the distance to the shore terminal dock.

When the five adventurers alighted at the dock, they found their tour guide, who explained that it would be approximately a 15 minute bus ride to the Snug Harbor where they would board a 65 foot custom-built double deck powered catamaran. Once Mr. Ken and the boys were loaded onto the catamaran, they began to walk around the boat to get acquainted with it. While they enjoyed the 40 minute boat ride across the North Sound to the famous Stingray City they were briefed about boat safety protocols and also how to safely interact with the stingrays once they had the opportunity to get into the water with them.

Along the trip to Stingray City, PADI-certified instructors gave an informative briefing on the location they were headed, the proper use of the snorkel equipment and some helpful hints for safely interacting with the stingrays. The instructors explained the group would have approximately 40-minutes to snorkel and interact with the stingrays when the rays were brought up to the surface. That was when they could touch the rays and take photos with them.

The boys couldn't wait to get to Stingray City and anxiously paced on the catamaran deck. Unfortunately, once the boat docked, the boys had to wait their turn to disembark as there were approximately 35 people in their group, and everyone was trying to be the first ones off. It didn't matter as they all had to wait for everyone before they received their sports equipment for use on and in the water with the stingrays. Mr. Ken could see the boys were anxious, to get into the water and interact with the stingrays, but he corralled them back and waited for most of the other adventurers to get their snorkel equipment.

The five eventually did get their snorkel equipment and when they arrived at the water, surprisingly, they were chosen as the first ones to get into the water, to interact with the stingrays. Once they were in the water, the PADI certified instructors allowed everyone else to get in water as well. It was then the instructors started bringing some of the stingrays up towards the surface.

The water wasn't very deep as the stingrays live in 3 to 6 feet of water. Stingray City had a natural sandbar just inside the fringing reef making it perfect for viewing and interacting with the amazing southern stingrays in their natural habitat. There were enough instructors that each person, in the group, had the opportunity to not only touch and then feed the stingrays but they also got the opportunity to have a stingray wrapped around their backs.

When it was time for Eric and Robert to have their turn, with the stingrays, each of them had smiles a mile wide on their face. Neither one could believe they were there interacting with the stingrays and would have the opportunity to have one wrapped around their backs. When the time came to have their one-on-one personal interaction, with the stingrays, the boys were beside themselves. A cameraman caught all the action as first, Robert, and, then, Eric, followed by Colt and then Jerry took their turns being wrapped in a stingray.

The instructors never used the same stingray for all the interactions so it was by chance that during Robert's turn the chosen stingray was wider, tip to tip, than the boy was tall. Everyone had a good laugh as Robert was totally engulfed by the large creature, but Robert didn't care. He was too busy enjoying something he never thought he'd ever have the opportunity to do. Each boy was subsequently wrapped in a stingray, but only Robert got wrapped in the biggest one.

By the time the five adventurers were finished with their stingray interaction and snorkeling, they were all hungry. Luckily, Mr. Ken thought enough to bring some cash and bought each of the boys a drink and a small snack to tide them over until they got back to the ship. Mr. Ken also used his credit card to buy all the photos, of each of the boys interacting with the stingrays, as well as a DVD of their group's interaction.

On the 40 minute ride back on the catamaran, in order to catch their bus ride to the departure point, all four lads had to tell one another what they did and how they did it. It made Mr. Ken laugh as he relaxed as they rode along. They returned in plenty of time for all five to get a quick snack and enjoy the less crowded pools and slides before they had to get ready for dinner.

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