Castle Roland

Three Finger Cove - Robert
Book II

by Chowhound


Chapter 40

Published: 28 Jan 16

Three Finger Cove – Robert

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After the boys left them, Cam and Michele Davies and Ken Thomas also decided to head to their respective cabins and change into something more comfortable. They agreed to meet in the Preludes Bar in thirty minutes. Neither of them knew about the brewing storm that was forming on Deck 9.

The boys, now close friends met at the same place on Deck 9 and immediately looked for four loungers together. They thanked their lucky stars, when they found four, this time, but they were way in the back. They decided those loungers would have to do as they picked up four blankets along the way. This time Eric and Colt went for the popcorn while Robert and Jerry held their loungers for the movie.

As the four friends waited, for the movie to begin, it was Jerry who mentioned what happened in the terminal earlier that morning. Not remembering what happened the other three asked him to explain.

"Guys, do you remember when our parents left us to catch a cab outside the terminal?" Getting an affirmative from the three interested lads, Jerry continued. "Okay, think back … Colt and I hugged our mom and dad and then Robert and Eric hugged them. Then, as mom and dad walked away, they called out a 'thank you' to us, but it looked like they said it to Robert and Eric instead"

"So?" asked Colton.

"Well, don't you see … people could think that those two (pointing to Robert and Eric) are us and vice versa," smiled Jerry.

"I still don't get it," called out Colt.

"Well … let's see how many people actually noticed. Let's trade names for the night. It'll be fun, you'll see. I'll be Eric and Colt, you be Robert. So, when we call out our names we respond to them as if I'm Eric and Robert is Colt, you know what I mean," finished Jerry.

"You guys game?" asked Colt of Robert and Eric.

"Sure," responded Eric. "It does kinda sound like fun to see if anyone notices, and how they react. Let's do it!"

"If you guys are wanting to do that … I'm in. I just hope we can remember who we are when the name is said," laughed Robert, which got the other three laughing as well.

During the movie, the four lads often called one another their 'new' names as they tried to get one another used to their 'new' names. A few rows over, the now determined older woman could see the four lads having an animated conversation and could see them having a good laugh, now and again. She wished she was closer, to hear what was being said, but she blamed that fuddy-duddy Security Chief for her delay in getting up to Deck 9, in time, to get a closer lounger to the four boys she was following.

The movie was over by 9:20 PM and the four lads quickly headed to the game room to get ahead of the other kids, who might have the same idea they had. The woman watched the boys, as they left in a hurry, but figured they would be down in the arcade. Then, she, herself, headed in that direction.

It took the lads the length of the movie to remember to call each other their 'new' name and by the time they reached the arcade they had become used to it. They had so much fun calling one another their 'new' name that they did it almost constantly as they played an arcade game, or walked along to other games, in the room. It was comical, in some aspects, as those four were the only ones constantly using their 'new' names, as compared to the other thirty or forty kids, in the Quarter Masters Arcade.

The nosey woman indeed found the four lads in the arcade, as she knew she would. She walked inside and began to walk around. She stopped a few times to check out a game hoping that she would 'blend' in with the few other parents there. Little did she know, everyone there did notice her. She was still dressed for dinner and everyone else there, including the adults, were now dressed in comfortable clothes. Jerry was the first of the four to notice the woman.

"Hey, guys … don't look now but … that old lady, who we saw last night, is here again tonight," whispered Jerry.

"So … what does that mean?" a skeptical Colt asked.

"I don't know," quickly replied Jerry. "But … well, it's just that I notice her. It's as if she is following us," Jerry tried to explain what he felt.

"Come on Jer, I mean Eric, there are loads of people, on this ship, and we probably pass by many of the same ones every day," countered Colt, who was now acting as Robert.

"Yea," began Jerry, who was actually Eric. "But how many of those same people do we always recognize? Huh? That's the same lady that Jer, err I mean I got the popcorn for. And that same lady… she was here last night and, when she saw us look at her, she left in a hurry. She was also listening to us at the elevator last night, as we went to change. And, now, here she is again."

"Hey, you're right, err, I mean Jerry. I also remember seeing her nearby where 'dad' took me aside to talk to me and then at dinner that night and I've seen her the other nights too. And, yes, she did stand near us as we waited for the elevator last night. I also don't remember any other guest as much as I remember her. There must be something going on there," added Robert playing as Colt.

"You guys are seeing something that isn't there. I think you all have 'Jerry syndrome' from that first cruise with Collin. Sure, that cruise turned out to be the best cruise we'd ever been on, to that date, but you guys … there can't be another conspiracy going on, again, can there?" argued Colt, as if he was Robert.

"All I'm saying is it just doesn't seem right that she shows up wherever we are. Oh … and what about her showing up at the movie the other night. And, Guys … I saw her there, again, tonight, too," Jerry said as Eric.

"Hey, yea," piped up Eric acting as Jerry. "I also noticed her tonight and, when I did, it looked as if she was looking at us, more than at the movie. We were so far back that I couldn't help but notice her as she constantly looked in our direction. I wonder why she is following or at least watching us."

Just then, the woman, who was following the lads, turned away from a game and her high heel shoe caught in the rug, somehow, and down she went. The lads saw her go down, since they all had been watching her, as they talked about her. Seeing her go down, they all rushed to her aide.

"Ma'am … are you alright?" asked Robert, playing as Colt, as he tried to help the woman back on her feet.

"Why thank you, young man. Your name is Colt, right?" replied the woman.

"Sure, no problem," replied Robert, acting as Colt. "Guys, help me get her up, will you?" With Robert responding as Colt only reinforced the face with the name for the older woman.

The four boys all helped the older woman to get back on her feet and helped steady her, for a few moments. It was then some crew members rushed into the Quarter Masters Arcade to assist the woman who they had been told was hurt and laying on the floor.

"Ma'am, are you okay?" asked the first crewman.

"Why, yes, I am fine. This youngster, whose name is Colt (Robert) along with his brother Jerry (Eric) and these other two lads rushed over and helped me get back onto my feet. It appears my high heel caught in something and I lost my footing," replied the woman.

"Do you need to visit the medical area, ma'am? We can assist you there. The doctor can then check you out to ensure nothing is wrong," said the second crewmember.

"No, I'll be fine. I was lucky that Colt (Robert) and Jerry (Eric) and their friends where here to assist an old lady, when she needed them the most. If I feel something's wrong, later tonight, or in the morning, I'll be sure to head down to the medical area. Thank you for coming so quickly," announced the older woman.

As the two crewmembers were leaving, the older woman decided that now was a good time as any to find out the name of the man she saw hug the two boys. So, before the four lads could get away, too, the woman said, "Colt (Robert) and Jerry (Eric), thank you both for coming to my aid. I'd thank the other boys but I don't know their names. Could you introduce me?"

Colt, acting as Robert almost answered as Colt but remembered that they had some suspicions about the woman and now that she knew his 'name' Colt decided to allow Robert, acting as himself, Colt, to answer. Then gave a nod to Robert.

"Yes, ma'am, where are my manners?" spoke up Robert as Colt. "Ma'am, these are our friends Robert (Colt) and Eric (Jerry). We all met earlier in the cruise and we have all become close friends ever since."

"Why, thank you, Colt. It is nice to meet you all. My name is Charlotte, Charlotte Schwimner, of the North Hampton Schwimner's. I'm sure you've heard of us. Our name is synonymous with the entertainment industry, namely the theater district in New York, and the music industry, where we own a recording studio. A number of many famous named artists record there," touted the older woman.

The four boys looked back to one another trying to decide how to respond to that and then Colt, actually Robert, decided he needed to respond for all four to the lady's boasting. "I'm sorry, ma'am, I mean Miss Charlotte, we're from Texas, near San Antonio, actually, and we've never been to New York for a play, or anything, yet. We usually wait until they come to us. And, as for music, we're all still pretty young to know any famous singers and musicians."

"So … what does your father do, then young man?" asked Charlotte.

Robert, still acting as Colt, decided to tell her what 'dad' Ken does, since that is what he knows the most of. "Miss Charlotte, my 'dad', he's … well, right now he's the acting CEO and COO of Wilkinson Enterprises. He also owns some amusement parks around the country and is looking to buy more."

"Wilkinson … that name is familiar to me for some reason but, for the life of me, I can't really remember why. Well, no matter, I want to thank all you boys for coming so quickly to the aid of this old lady. I think I'll head off to my cabin and take off these horrible shoes. Thank you again, boys," again offered Ms. Schwimner, as she left the arcade.

"That was strange," spoke up the real Jerry. "She knew Colt's name for some reason but … but the question is why and how?"

"Yea, this IS strange don't you think Colt," asked the real Robert. "It was as if she actually was watching us, for some reason, and somehow found out your name. I wonder what that is all about

As Jerry listened to Colt and Robert, he thought about the entire coincidence of the woman and them when he offered, "I wonder … why … why an older lady is watching four young teens … namely us? There has to be some correlation between us and her. Does anyone know who she really is? Have you and Eric ever met her?" the real Jerry asked Robert.

"No! And I mean a definite NO. I only began living with my 'new 'dad'' after the first of the year. This is the first real trip he's taken me, well us, on that I met anyone other than the chauffeur," answered Robert. "What about you, Eric? You've been on more trips with 'dad'. Did you ever meet that woman before?"

"Just like you, Robert, the only person I met on my trips with Mr. Ken, other than the California Boys and their parents, were the chauffeurs. I'd remember meeting that woman if I ever had," replied Eric.

"Hey, what say we all head to Pinocchio's for pizza and a coke or something?" said Jerry, to no one in particular.

"That sounds like a good idea, Jerry. We can then talk about this some more and try to figure it out before we talk to our, well your parents and Mr. Ken," agreed Robert. The boys' quickly headed up to Deck 9 for some refreshments and pizza.

As Miss Charlotte made her way to her cabin, she chuckled to herself that now she was certain who the boys were and now had all their names. She now also had an idea of who the man is but then remembered she didn't know which of the two men would be the CEO. Smiling, she told herself how silly that idea was as '''NO twenty-something could ever be a CEO of a big company such as Wilkinson'''.

Charlotte decided she needed to confirm who the CEO is of Wilkinson actually is and would make a ship-to-shore call in the morning understanding people 'in the know' did not work this late at night. When she arrived at her cabin, and took off those damnable high heel shoes, she felt how good that was, to take them off, she decided she'd remain there and relax.

Up in Preludes Bar, Ken, Cam and Michele talked some more about the conversation Mr. Ken had with Chief of Security, Gerald Cooper. The three of them knew the man from two years ago after the debacle over the men following Collin. That was when they all became friends.

Neither of them could figure out why the man approached Ken and told him about some man who was hugging some boys. Sure, Gerry Cooper said something about an older woman made the observation, and obviously the complaint, but they just couldn't figure it all out.

The night was getting on and Ken began to feel the tiredness slowly creep into his body after the long day he and the boys had to Bobsled Jamaica and Dunn's River Falls. The man finished his current drink and excused himself from Cam and Michele and told them he'd see them sometime tomorrow as he was going to sleep in as long as he could in the morning. The two Davies agreed with the man's idea and they, too, finished their drinks and the three said their 'Good Nights', to one other, and then headed for their respective cabins.

Up on Deck 9, the four boys rehashed what they knew about Ms. Schwimner. They thought about all the times they remembered seeing her and tried to put it all into some sort of timeline or perspective. As they talked, Jerry had closed his eyes and began to scan his brain for all the times when the four of them were together. Then it hit him.

"Guys, guys … I think I know how she knew our names," almost yelled out Jerry.

"How, brainiac?" teased Colt.

"Remember, down in the terminal this morning?" spoke up Jerry. "When it was after Robert and Eric hugged mom and dad that it looked like they called to them as if they were you and I," explained Jerry. "We talked about this at the movie and figured that was how that lady knew our names. It fits. That was the only time she was near us when any of us were called by name, by our parents. Think about it!" offered Jerry.

The three other lads did think about it and they then saw the logic in Jerry's thinking. It was Colt who then said, "What do we do now? I sure don't want anything like what happened to Collin to happen to any of us. But the bigger question is … who is she following? Is she following me and Jerry, or is it Robert and Eric?"

The four boys began to brainstorm some over what Colt just revealed. They talked and talked and before they knew it, time had crept up on them and it was almost midnight. They all agreed to sleep on it and then get together before they sat down with their respective parents. The four gave one another a quick hug before heading back to their own cabins.

When Mr. Ken arrived at his cabin, he found an envelope, addressed to him, laying on the counter. He opened it only to find it was an invitation, for him and the boys, to have lunch with Captain Bill up in his private dining room, right next to the bridge. He knew the lads would be thrilled to not only meet the Captain but, maybe, get a tour of the bridge and learn more about the ship. Noticing the time was getting close to midnight, the time the boys were supposed to be back in the room, Mr. Ken decided to wait for the boys to return.

"Cutting it kind close, aren't we boys?" teased 'dad' Ken, as the two boys entered the cabin.

Hearing the tease in the man's voice, Robert decided to tease back and said, "Seeing it isn't midnight yet, Eric and I have three more minutes … so, maybe we'll go back for more pizza."

'Dad' Ken grabbed the boy and began to tickle him.

"Stop, stop," yelled Robert. "I really need to pee bad and if you don't let me go right now I'll pee not only my pants but I'll probably flood the room, too."

Eric then stepped in and agreed with Robert as he too needed to get rid of some excess fluid. "Mr. Ken … I think you better let him go pee. We both had lots of pizza and way too much soda up in Pinocchio's. I know I am floating inside." With that, Eric rushed to the bathroom and pulled out his deflated penis and began to pee with a very strong flow. He had his buddy right beside him five seconds later.

"Awwww," announced both boys, from the bathroom, as they recovered from their need to pee real badly. They exited the bathroom, one behind the other, and then sat down on either side of Mr. Ken, on his bed. It was then Robert spied the envelope.

"What's that, 'dad'?" asked Robert.

"That, my boys … is our invitation to lunch with the Captain, up in his private dining room, next to the bridge," explained 'dad' Ken.

"Awesome," both pre-teens said, simultaneously.

"What time do we need to be there?" asked Robert. "I hope it isn't too early. I really need my 'beauty' sleep. We've been up almost every day real early. I sure would like to sleep in tomorrow."

"You mean today," spoke up Eric, laughing. "It is well past midnight and already the new day is here."

"'Dad' knew what I meant," sent back Robert, as he stuck his tongue out at his best friend.

"Okay, boys … yes, it is after midnight and all three of us need to get to bed and get a good night's sleep. True, we don't have to get up early tomorrow and seeing we are invited to Lunch, I'd say we can sleep in at least until 10 AM. Will that be late enough for you, Robert?"

"Yes, 'dad', I think that will be late enough. I'm gonna get ready for bed. You ready go to bed soon, Eric?" asked Robert.

Eric didn't answer as he shucked off his shoes, then his socks, and then shirt and pants. He then adjusted his boy-package before he climbed into the upper berth bed. 'Turn off the lights, will ya," asked Eric, as he turned his head away from the lit lamp.

Ten minutes later, Mr. Ken had finished getting undressed and after using the bathroom, himself, he then turned off the light. It was a good bet that all three were sound asleep within five minutes of the light being turned off.

Bright and early the next morning the phone rang.

"Who could that be?" Mr. Ken asked, of no one in particular. As the phone rang, Mr. Ken decided he was going to ignore it, and he did. The phone stopped ringing and Mr. Ken let out a sigh of relief in the hope that he could go back to sleep. Five minutes later, the phone rang again. This time Mr. Ken decided to answer it to find out who was calling so early in the morning.

"Hello," said Mr. Ken, "and why are you calling so early in the morning."

"Oh, Mr. Ken it's … its Jerry and Mr. Ken … it's almost 10 o'clock in the morning Mister Ken," replied Jerry.

"You've got to be kidding me," said Mr. Ken. "It can't be that late already, can it?"

"Yes, Mr. Ken, it is almost 10 o'clock and dad asked me to call to see if you wanted to meet for brunch like we did the other day," replied Jerry.

"Well, thanks for calling, Jerry but the boys and I have been invited to Lunch with the captain up in his private dining room. We're supposed to meet him there at about 11:30. I guess I should get the boys up and get cleaned up myself, so we can be all ready to go. Tell your dad and mom that I appreciate the invitation, but we have previous plans," laughed Mr. Ken.

"Okay, Mr. Ken, I'll tell him. Oh, and by-the-way, ask Robert and Eric to catch up with me and Colt after 1 o'clock on Deck 9, at the pool, and we'll wait for them there, okay, Mr. Ken?" asked Jerry.

"Okay, Jerry, I'll tell them, and have a good brunch! Goodbye," finished Mr. Ken

"Ahh" said Robert, as he picked his head off his pillow and looked over at his 'dad', Mr. Ken. "Who was that?" sleepily asked Robert.

"That, my son was Jerry. He was inviting us to brunch with him and his brother and his parents. I told him we had prior invitations, for lunch, with the captain. But, son, it is just about 10 o'clock, in the morning, and it's time we all woke up and got cleaned up and ready to go to meet up with the Captain. What say I go ahead and get cleaned up first and, then, I'll get you and Eric up? You okay with that, son?" asked 'dad' Ken.

"Sure 'dad' no problem, I'll just lay my head back down here and wait for you to come wake me up again," replied Robert. The lad immediately laid his head back down on his pillow and was, again, fast asleep. Mr. Ken got out of bed, gathered up his toiletries and a clean pair of underwear and headed to the bathrooms to get cleaned up, and get his shower. Twenty-five minutes later the man exited the shower, refreshed, and all cleaned up.

Mr. Ken finished dressing, combed his hair, put away his toiletries and then went over to the balcony draperies and open them to look out onto the Caribbean waters. He then looked back to the soundly sleeping boys but knew he needed to wake them both up, so they could each get ready. He was looking forward to their invitation to dine with the Captain, as much as he hoped the boys were.

Mr. Ken went to Robert's bed first and then began to lightly shake the boy to wake him up. "Robert, Robert, 'son' it's time to wake up 'son' … come on now it's time to wake up." After getting a slight response from the lad, Mr. Ken stood up and went over to Eric's bed.

"Eric, Eric … it's time to wake up 'son' it's almost 10:30. Eric come on now, it's time to wake up! We only have an hour before we meet with the captain for lunch."

Mr. Ken then went back to Robert's bed and again lightly shook the boy and this time the lad actually opened his eyes and smiled at his dad. "Come on now 'son' it is time to get up and get cleaned up. Do you want to go first or should I get Eric out of bed and let him go first?"

"Ah, 'dad', I think I'll let my little man deflate some before I get out of bed. You don't mind if I do that, do you dad?" said Robert, with a smile on his face.

"No 'son' I don't mind. I think that's the best thing for you to do, right now, but don't take too long as both you and Eric need to get cleaned up before we head up to the bridge.

Mr. Ken then stood up and went to Eric's bed and again lightly shook the lad to wake him up. "Eric, come on now 'son' it's time to wake up, it's almost 10:30 in the morning. Come on 'son' it's time to wake up."

Eric began to stir in his bed and when he rolled onto his back it was obvious he had a morning flagpole. Mr. Ken laughed to himself about when he was that age, and how his spike was always hard, and ready for some attention, in the morning, as well. He then shook Eric again and this time Eric opened his eyes and smiled at the man.

"Eric, it's time to get up but I see you have your morning pointer, so why don't you work on fixing that before you get out of bed, okay 'son'?" laughed Mr. Ken.

Down in Robert's bed the boy was laughing to himself knowing that Mr. Ken had seen Eric's morning spike standing tall and then he thought about his own morning flagpole and looked to see if it had gone down any. Checking under the covers, he found his flagpole was just as hard as it was when dad asked him about it. He knew he had to do something, and quick.

Robert knew he needed to pee, and badly, and knew that that was one way he could get his flagpole to go down. The other method he knew about was to give it a work out but knew he wasn't about to give it a workout right there, especially with his 'dad' standing in the same room.

"Ah, 'dad', could you maybe look out on the balcony for a few moments while I run to the bathroom. I tried to make my, my … you know, go down, but it just won't cooperate, and I need to pee … bad. So do you think you could you go stand by the balcony door please?" nicely asked Robert.

Mr. Ken laughed at the boy and said, "Yes, 'son' I can do that, for you. I might even step out on the balcony while you and Eric both get out of bed and head to the bathroom and take care of your morning 'friends'. Is that going to be okay with you 'son'?" teased Mr. Ken

"Thanks, 'dad'" said Robert. "As soon as you're out on the balcony, and I hear the door close, I will head to the bathroom."

By this time, Eric was wide awake and had heard the conversation between Mr. Ken and his best friend, Robert. He smiled to himself as he listened to Robert ask Mr. Ken to go out on the balcony, so he wouldn't have to see his morning erection. It was then he heard Mr. Ken open and then close the sliding glass door.

There wasn't more than two seconds that went by, after both boys heard the balcony sliding door close, that both boys and jumped out of their beds with their flagpole and spike leading the way to the bathroom, to relieve the pressure in their bladder's. The boys stood next to one another, at the porcelain throne, as they relieved the uncomfortable feeling from their bladders. They were both very much relieved when their morning erections finally went down.

Mr. Ken stayed out on the balcony, for a good 10 minutes, enjoying the morning air and watching the waters slide by, as the ship made its way to Castaway Cay. He knew that today was a 'day at sea' and tomorrow morning they would reach Castaway Cay where he and the boys could have some more fun.

Back in the cabin, both boys finished peeing and then Eric decided he would take his shower first. Robert said he didn't mind, so Eric quickly grabbed a pair of tighty-whities and headed into the shower to get cleaned up. Fifteen minutes later, the boys changed places and Robert retrieved a pair of boxer briefs and headed into the shower bath, as Eric headed, into the half-bath, to brush his teeth and comb his hair.

The two boys didn't even recognize Mr. Ken was even in the room when they made their exchange. Both boys were dressed in their underwear and neither were sporting their morning erections, so it didn't really matter.

Fifteen minutes after the bathroom exchange, both boys exited their individual bathrooms, looking refreshed and smelling clean. Both of them then decided to go out on the balcony, dressed as they were, to cool down some.

Mr. Ken laughed at the two boys and at their antics of just, nonchalantly, walking out on the balcony, in their underwear, no less. From where they were located on-board the ship, only the people on the balcony directly above them could look down and see that the boys were dressed only in their underwear.

The lads stood out on the balcony for a good five minutes enjoying the morning air and the opportunity to let their bodies cool down from the warm showers they had just taken. The two boys then reentered the cabin and each went and hugged Mr. Ken. It was then they asked him what they should wear to have lunch with the captain.

Mr. Ken told the boys just to get dressed like they would if they're going out to dinner. "Nothing special, just make sure it's clean and looks presentable." Both boys went to their closets and pulled out the clothes they wore the night before, knowing that those clothes were not dirty, since they had changed clothes right after dinner last night. They knew that they were still fresh and smelled good. They both added a few splashes of Robert's cologne for added measure.

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