Castle Roland

Three Finger Cove - Robert
Book II

by Chowhound


Chapter 41

Published: 11 Feb 16

Three Finger Cove – Robert

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Just before the appointed time, Mr. Ken and his two boys approached the entrance to the bridge. A crewmember was stationed there waiting for them and opened the door for them to enter. He then showed them to the Captain's Dining Room where Captain Mickey Mouse awaited them. The boys eyes got wide as could be and the photographer caught it all on camera. Another man entered the room and it was then all three guests met the 'real' Captain, Captain Bill.

"Thank you Captain Mickey for meeting and greeting my guests and welcoming them to the bridge," said Captain Bill. Let me introduce you to Mr. Ken Thomas, and his two boys. I know their names but I don't know which one is which," laughed Captain Bill. "So, I'll allow Mr. Ken, as he is also known as, to make the introductions." finished up Captain Bill.

"Captain Mickey, Captain Bill, I would like you to first meet, Robert Harrison. He's my new foster son. He came to me just after the Christmas Holidays. Captain Bill, here, met my first foster son, Collin, about two years ago. I also would like you to meet Eric Turner, he's Robert's best friend, and someone who I consider as my "lil brother". He and Collin called one another Big and Little brothers," announced Mr. Ken.

Captain Mickey shook everyone's hand and then posed for more pictures before heading off the bridge.

"So, with all of the introductions made, and over with, what say we all sit down and enjoy our lunch together," asked Captain Bill.

The four diners were handed menus from which to choose their lunch. Robert chose the bacon wrapped cheeseburger along with French fries and a large coke. Eric ordered the chicken tenders with BBQ dipping sauce and French fires along with a coke, too. Mr. Ken ordered the baked chicken breast with red skinned potatoes, along with the vegetable medley, and coffee. The Captain ordered a Rueben sandwich and asked for chips along with endless coffee.

As the four waited for their meals to be served, the captain engaged the two boys in general conversation. It took the captain a few tries to get the boys to talk but once he got them into conversation, the boys became more animated and comfortable being around Captain Bill.

"Well boys," asked Capt. Bill, "So, tell me, how are you enjoying your Disney® cruise so far?"

Robert and Eric looked at one another before Robert decided to be the first one to speak up. With enthusiasm he said, "Captain Bill … this is more than I ever expected. I've always wanted to do a Disney cruise and now that I have the opportunity. I'm just loving it."

Then it was Eric's turn to speak up and he mirrored Roberts's observation and then added, "Mr. Ken played a game with us while we were coming to our cruise. He wouldn't tell us where we were going or what we would see. When we finally got here, I knew this was going to be the best vacation I've ever been on and Mr. Ken … he's taken me on some awesome trips. I can't wait until we get to Castaway Cay tomorrow and then we can enjoy some more fun in the sun."

"Thank you boys for your honest opinions of your Disney cruise. So, Mr. Ken, what about you? What you think about this Disney cruise as compared to your first adventure?" asked a smiling Captain Bill.

"Well, Captain Bill, this sure is a lot different than my first cruise, for sure, when you think about it. There's no intrigue going on with men following Collin and Jerry and Colt running around the cruise ship looking for Cam and Michele and me. Overall, I am really enjoying this entire cruise with the exception of one little item that Chief of Security Cooper talked to me about. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about," replied Mr. Ken. Captain Bill only nodded.

The four individuals at the dining table exchanged small talk as they waited for their meals to be brought up to the Captain's Dining Room. During the interim, Robert and Eric told Captain Bill about their school and about what some of the other kids were going to be doing for spring break vacations. When Capt. Bill asked Robert about Collin, Robert had to honestly say that he hadn't met his 'big brother', yet, but he hoped to meet him sometime, soon.

Captain Bill looked to Mr. Ken, with a question on his face, wondering why the two boys hadn't met as of yet. Mr. Ken decided to explain.

"You see Captain Bill, Robert didn't come to me until three or four days after the New Year and … well, by that time Collin had already gone back to live with his grandmother and finish up his senior year of high school. So, the boys never had a chance to even meet," answered Mr. Ken.

"Oh … I see," said Captain Bill. "I didn't realize Collin had gone to live with his grandmother. I assumed he was still living with you but decided to forgo a Disney cruise since he was on it two years ago. I'm sorry I made that wrong assumption, Mr. Ken. Please accept my apology," asked Captain Bill.

"Well, Captain, I can totally understand the confusion," began Mr. Ken. "Collin's grandmother … she came into his life about two months after our Disney cruise trying to reconnect, she said, back with the teenager. During all that time, she told the boy that he would be able to continue to live with me, but in the end … well, she fought and won and took him away to raise him as his parents wanted in their wills.

"Collin and I fought her, tooth and nail, but her lawyer friend, who initially advised her, was also involved in the attempted takeover of Collin's dad's businesses. The judge then decided that it wasn't fair to hold her accountable for the lawyer's actions, and, thus, awarded her custody of Collin. He told her, though, the lad was to stay in touch with me … and he has and we do!"

Robert and Eric both sat there, open mouthed, hearing, for the first time, Mr. Ken's observation of how Collin went to live with his grandmother. Eric remembered back, to that time, when he cried about losing one of his big brothers. He thought Collin was abandoning him but he found out, over time, that Collin would continue to stay in contact with not only him but everyone else at Three Finger Cove. He fondly remembered how Collin was a part of many of the Holiday festivities and get-togethers.

As the small talk continued, the cabin steward, dressed in his pressed, starched white jacket brought in a cart in with their four meals and drinks on it. He served the captain first, then Mr. Ken, and then with a meal in each hand he served the boys, virtually, simultaneously. The steward then poured coffee for the adults and placed large glasses of Coke in front of the boys. When the steward was finished, he looked to the captain and the captain indicated for him to stand by in case they needed something else and especially for dessert.

The three invited guests enjoyed their lunch and beamed the entire time, as this was a first ever for Mr. Ken and of course for the boys, as well. They each knew this was something they would warmly remember for the rest of their lives. Captain Bill also enjoyed his lunch as he would normally eat with his deck officers and not have the opportunity to have lunch with his friend, Mr. Ken, and his two boys. Once they had eaten their meals, the captain asked the steward to hand out the dessert menus. Everyone selected their favorite dessert and the steward took note of them.

The cabin steward quickly cleaned off the captain's dining room table, called in the dessert orders to the kitchen, refilled the coffee and cokes and hurried out of the bridge to retrieve the desserts. As before, while they waited for dessert, the new friends continued their small talk about the ship and anything else that came to mind.

With deserts in hand, the cabin steward quickly dispensed the correct one to the waiting men and boys. He even brought two new large cokes for the boys and then refilled the adults coffee cups. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their desert and continued conversation. Within about 10 minutes, the desserts were all gone and the boys asked Captain Bill if they could see the bridge.

The captain took the boys to the center of the bridge and introduced them to the ship's wheel. When the boys saw that there was no wheel, the captain laughed and explained that they now 'drove' the ship with a joystick. The captain explained how, with the joystick, he could steer the ship in any direction he wanted. He then went on to explain some of the other switches and dials that controlled the azipods, bow planes, radars and sonars. This mesmerized the boys with all the new words and what they did.

The captain then took the boys to the front of the bridge to look out the large array of windows. The man explained there were always two men on watch and each of them had a pair of binoculars. He asked the boys to watch the two men. He then explained that the two watchmen were responsible to watch out for any obstructions, in the water, or, any boats, that could impede their progress and report it to the officer of the deck or, in an emergency, he, the captain.

With mischief in the captain eyes, he took the boys over to the port bridge wing. He showed them a window cut into the floor. He explained that it allowed the officers to see the relative position of the ship's side to the pier when the ship is docking. The boys approached the area with caution. They didn't trust the window and both were afraid to get too close, thinking they might fall through and into the water.

The captain encouraged the lads to get closer and to ally their fears, he stood on the window itself. They were both amazed the man didn't fall through and before long the two of them also stood on the window. The captain then explained that there were additional controls located at both bridge wings so they could dock the ship with ease when in port. He went on to explain the azipods, located under the hull, the ship could move backwards, forward, sideways, or make a complete 360 circle, depending on what they needed to do to get into the dock.

As the captain explained the operation of the bridge, the photographer had returned to the bridge and took pictures, of the boys, and Mr. Ken, with the captain and at different bridge stations. It was almost 1 PM when the three invited guests offered their sincere thanks to Captain Bill, for a most memorable luncheon. The three guests said their good byes to the crew on deck and then left the bridge.

While Mr. Ken and the two boys began their walk back to their cabin, it was then that Mr. Ken remembered that Jerry wanted the boys to meet him, and his brother Colt, up on Deck 9 at around 1 o'clock. The boys asked, and got permission, to go to Deck 9 before going back to the cabin to get changed. Mr. Ken continued his trek back to his cabin where he planned to change into shorts, a polo shirt and sneakers for the remainder of his Day at Sea.

Up on Deck 9, Colt and Jerry saw Robert and Eric approach so they quickly went over to greet them. Robert and Eric said they had a thousand stories, to tell the boys, but first they wanted to know why they had to meet them there, at 1 o'clock, on Deck 9.

Jerry and Colt looked at one another and then Colt nodded to Jerry indicating he should speak first. "Well … you remember last night … we said we would sleep on it and think about what we would do, well Colton and I wanted to meet with you to and get your ideas of what we should do about Miss Schwimmer."

Robert and Eric looked at each other and then Eric said, "To be honest with you … well, last night when we arrived back at our cabin, Mr. Ken was already there. In his hand, he had the invitation for us to go to lunch with the captain. Well, all we did was talk about the luncheon and I know I never even thought about Mrs. Schwimner, or anything else. All I know is when my head hit that pillow last night I was fast asleep."

Then Robert spoke up and said, "What's the rush? How about Eric and I go back to our cabin and change into our swimsuits. We'll meet you back here in about 20 minutes. Then we can get some pizza and a Coke and talk about Miss Schwimner. Is that okay with you and Colt, Jerry?"

Now Colt and Jerry looked at each other and this time it was Colt who spoke up. "We don't have a problem with that. Why don't you two go and get changed and we'll meet back here in 20 minutes. The four of us can sit down and talk about what happened last night. Then you guys can tell us all about your lunch with the captain and how it went."

As Robert and Eric were leaving Deck 9, Jerry called out to them and asked if he could go with them, to their room. Eric and Robert didn't see any problem with that, so they invited him to go along. They asked Colt if he wanted to come along, too, but the teen declined saying 'he would hold onto their loungers, until they returned'.

The three entered cabin 7022 only to find Mr. Ken had already changed and had left. It didn't take long for Robert, nor Eric, to slip out of their clothes down to their underwear while they looked for their swimsuits. Jerry, being the curious teenager that he is, checked out Robert and Eric's boy package wondering how big they were compared to him and Colt.

Robert found his swimsuit first. He set it down on the bed and proceeded to strip off his underwear and stood bare ass naked in front of Jerry. While Robert had taken off his underwear, Eric had found his swimsuit and proceeded to do the same thing. Now, both boys were standing there naked in front of Jerry and Jerry's eyes were open wide.

"You … you guys … you're not afraid to show each other your … stuff?" asked Jerry.

"No" said Robert. "We're both boys and we have the same equipment, so what's the big deal? Eric and I and our friends have even skinny-dipped in Mr. Ken's pool."

Jerry couldn't believe what he just heard, that the boys had skinny-dipped in Mr. Ken's pool. So he had to ask the obvious question. "Did … did Mr. Ken ever catch you?"

Eric answered it this way, "He sure did!" Then, laughing, he added, "… as all of us were running around on the pool deck … naked."

"Wa what … what did he say to you? Anything?" asked Jerry.

"I think he said 'he wondered how long it would take us to actually swim without our suits on'," replied Robert. "He even laughed at us that we're all walking around naked on the pool deck. He was real cool about it, too. He brought us some snacks, which was why he came to the pool, in the first place. In the end, I think we all gave him a hug, even though we were all still naked."

All this time, Robert and Eric were standing naked in front of Jerry and Jerry's eyes continually looked up to the boys faces and then down to their equipment. During all this time, Jerry's little man had begun to expand, in his own swimsuit, and both Robert and Eric could see that a small bulge was beginning to occur in the swimsuit.

Robert and Eric looked at one another and both of them smiled and then they each looked down to their equipment and saw that both of their flagpoles had risen to half-mast.

Jerry saw that both boys' dicks were getting hard and he could feel his own personal play toy getting even harder, in his bathing suit. Then Jerry asked, "Aren't … you guys embarrassed to get erections in front of each other and … and even with me standing here in front of you?"

Again, Robert and Eric looked at one another and smiled and then Robert said, "No, we're best friends and besides, best friends don't have any secrets. So Jerry, are you … are you gonna be our best friend, too?"

Jerry smiled at the question and replied, "You bet!" And with that he immediately stripped off his bathing suit revealing a very hard flagpole standing tall and almost touching his stomach.

Seeing Jerry's skin flute standing hard and tall made both Robert's and Eric's flagpoles finish erecting. The two lads stood there as hard and as tall as Jerry. All this time, Jerry had taken off his shirt and now all three boys stood, in front of each other, naked as the day they were born.

Then Jerry, the boy with a 1000 questions, asked another. "Do you guys ever, you know, touch each other?"

Eric smiled and said, "I think we've done that a time or two." Both he and Robert laughed at one another.

And with that said, Robert reached over and grabbed a hold of Eric's spike and began to fondle it. That in turn made Eric reach over and lightly grab Robert's flagpole and begin to slide his hand up and down it. Jerry's eyes began bulging out of his head as he watched the two lads stroke one another's stiffy. Then, not knowing why he did it, but eventually was glad he did, he walked forward, his pointer leading the way, and reached out each hand with the unasked question, '''could he touch the hard members'''.

As Jerry approached, both Robert and Eric let go of each other tallywhacker and allowed Jerry to take their hard member into each one of his hands and began to stroke them. A few moments later both Eric and Robert each took a hand and one began to stroke Jerry's super hard but soft feeling tackle while the other boy lightly played with his two low hanging round orbs.

Jerry had closed his eyes and was immersed in the super feeling of having not one but two hard flagpoles in his hands as he could feel one hand slowly stroking his own very hard member.

It was Eric who asked if they should lay down on the floor and help each other out. Jerry and Robert readily agreed and the three boys quickly lay down on the floor with Robert between Jerry and Eric. Jerry immediately grabbed Robert's spike and began to stroke it slowly and deliberately up and down.

Eric, on the other hand, had reached across his best friend, Robert, and grabbed Jerry's hardened member and just lightly fondled it while Jerry was masturbating Robert. It didn't take long for Robert's too little orbs to begin to pull up to his body as he pushed his prick into Jerry's hand indicating he was about ready.

Jerry saw the movements and began to stroke his friend more deliberately. Then, before long, Robert uttered a guttural groan and his spike shot out five strong ropes of boy juice. He then explained that 'it felt so damn good' since he hadn't had the opportunity to take care of it since he boarded the ship.

Jerry was mesmerized by the amount of fluid that Robert had produced. He continued to stroke the boy but Robert had to push his hand away because his member had gotten to sensitive.

The boys talked about what they had just done and Jerry said without thinking that both he and Colt had done the same thing. That opened both Robert and Eric's eyes for the moment. Eric quickly got up went to the bathroom, got a dry washcloth, and took it to Robert and cleaned up his boy fluids.

When that was done, they asked Jerry to get in the middle. Jerry didn't need to be asked twice as he readily agreed and laid down on the floor, with his eyes closed. It was Robert who first grabbed Jerry's hard member and began to lightly stroke it. Eric, on the other hand, began to fondle Jerry's two orbs back and forth.

The ministrations of the boys eagerly excited the younger Jerry who closed his eyes and had a great big smile on his face. Jerry was primed. He hadn't had a chance to work out any boy cream, in the past two days, and the excitement of seeing, and then feeling two other boy's hard flagpoles made him even more primed to shoot his cream. It wasn't too long that Jerry began to pump in and out of Robert's hand to increase the pressure and increase the strokes.

Quickly, thereafter, Jerry announced he was going to cum and arched his back. Robert continued to stroke him and rope after rope after rope of boy cream shot out and because his back was arched some of it landed on his face and mouth. Both Robert and Eric saw where the boy cream landed on Jerry's mouth and it was Robert who asked, "Jerry … have you ever, you know, tasted your own juice?"

Jerry's eyes opened wide at the question and, not realizing what he was doing, his tongue licked his lips. Jerry was surprised to find he licked something off his lips but couldn't define the taste. Eric then asked, "How does it taste? How did you like it? It tastes pretty good doesn't it!"

A smiling Jerry quickly sat up and asked, "Have you guys ever … ahhh, you know, tasted your own cream before?"

Robert and Eric both looked at one another with a smile and then said, "Sure, we've even tasted each other's."

"You have?" excitedly asked Jerry. "I've always wanted to taste Colts and one time after he shot his load there was some on my hand. I licked it off. I liked it." Then realizing Eric hadn't had the opportunity to shoot his load, Jerry said, "Come on, its Eric's turn. And maybe I can taste Eric's?"

While Eric was getting in position, he said, "Sure, have at it. And maybe you can taste it directly from the fountain, if you wish." Eric smiled, as he settled in, and closed his eyes

Robert indicated to Jerry that he could begin to stroke Eric. Jerry readily agreed and grabbed a hold of Eric's almost 5 inch hard spike and began to stroke it up and down. He continued to stroke Eric off and the whole time his mind was mulling over the idea of taking it from the fountain. He thought he knew what it meant but he wasn't sure so he asked. "Eric when you said 'taste it from the fountain' did you mean that I would put your hard dick in my mouth?"

Eric smiled and said, "Yes, how else could you get it? Robert show them how it's done!"

Robert then asked Jerry to move aside and as he got in position he began to stroke Eric. He then placed his mouth over the boy's middle leg and continued the stroking while he also began to suck on his best friend's pecker.

Jerry's eyes were wide open as could be. He had heard about what Robert was doing to Eric but he had no idea how it worked. Then Robert asked Jerry if he wanted to try it and Eric got a big smile on his face. Jerry then traded places with Robert. At first, Jerry began to stroke Eric and inch by inch he brought his mouth over to the head of the penis and sort of kissed it. He looked up at Robert and smiled and Robert encouraged him to continue but to take some more this time.

Jerry got a little closer and took a little bit more into his mouth. Then, before he knew it, he had removed his hand and was just using his head to Bob up and down Eric's hardened member.

With the second new sensation and the thought of someone else, other than Robert, sucking on his hardened member, Eric began to go into overdrive. As Jerry continued to suck on his boy toy, Eric began bouncing his tube steak in and out of the lads' mouth. The time came and he warned Jerry that he was about to shoot his load. "Jerry … Jerry, I'm gonna shoot if you don't move away you're gonna get a mouth full."

Jerry just kept at doing what he was doing, enjoying the feel of the silky soft but hardened member in his mouth. Before long, he felt it. He was on the down stroke when Eric erupted. The boy cream splashed the back of Jerry's throat and it startled him. But he knew what it was so he continued to suck and bounce on the hardened member. When his mouth was full, Jerry swallowed. Very quickly, Eric's now deflated member became too sensitive and he had to push Jerry's away.

Jerry smiled after the new experience he just had. He then talked about the taste of Eric's boy juice in comparison to the taste of his own load, from a few minutes ago. It was Robert who then noticed that Jerry's member was now standing hard again and he asked Jerry if he wanted to experience what it felt like to have his trouser snake sucked.

Jerry was more than eager as he quickly changed places with Eric. It was Robert who got down beside Jerry and began to stroke the lad off. It wasn't too long after that that Robert took the hardened member into his mouth and began to manipulate it to make it shoot out its boy cream.

Jerry was still so primed and pumped from what they'd already done that it didn't take him very long before he shot his boy juice into Robert's mouth. When Jerry pushed Roberts face away from his deflating member, he had the biggest smile on his face as he sat up. He said a big thank you to Robert for doing what he'd just done.

It was Eric who then looked at the time and saw that almost an hour had passed by and he quickly recommended that they all quickly get dressed and head up to Deck 9 to meet up with Colt. All three boys quickly dressed, in their bathing suits, shirts and flip-flops, but before they left Jerry asked if he could have a hug. First Eric then Robert hugged Jerry and with the smiles from the three boys after the hugs they knew a lifelong friendship had begun.

Mr. Ken had gone downstairs to get a cold drink. He wandered into one of the smaller bars and ordered just a beer. As he sat at the bar, a lady, about 26 to 28 years old, sat down next to him. The young woman smiled at Mr. Ken and he smiled back. The two adults then traded small talk about the cruise, where they were from, and what they were doing on board the ship.

When the woman found out that Mr. Ken was single but was accompanied by two boys she became openly disappointed. She didn't know how she could now get him into bed. Mr. Ken smiled at her attempts and knew that, unless she had an empty cabin, there was no way the two of them could ever hook up.

In the meantime, Cam and Michele Davies had been up on deck sunning themselves and enjoying the sea breeze and having a few drinks of their own.

It was just a little bit after 2 o'clock when Jerry, Robert, and Eric met back up with Colt on Deck 9. Colt had a big smile on his face because he figured the three boys had done something down in the cabin and relieved each other's pressure.

"What took you guys so long? I thought you guys were supposed to be back here in 20 minutes; it's been almost an hour," teased Colt. "Come on let's go get some pizza and a drink. I'm hungry."

The four lads grabbed a piece of pizza each and then headed for a secluded area of the Deck for privacy. They then each grabbed a coke and went to their table to eat. While they ate, they discussed what they should do about Miss. Charlotte.

"Guys, I don't know what we should do," spoke up Colt. "I'm not sure mom and dad would believe us when we tell them about Miss Schwimner. They'll think we're making it all up trying to it into a similar cruise like when Collin was on here."

"Yea, how would it sound when we tell them 'there's this old lady whose been stalking us and knows our names but as Robert and Eric and not us'" piped up Jerry.

"What did you do when you were on the cruise with Collin?" asked Eric.

"Oh, well, things began to happen right from the beginning and both Collin and Mr. Ken felt something wasn't right. Then, as the cruise went on and all of us saw these two men watching Collin, it was easy to convince them something was definitely wrong," explained Jerry.

"Guys, guys … all we can tell them is there is this old lady … and she seems to be sneaking about and it appears she's been following us, all over the ship. That she knew our names but knows Robert as Colt and Eric as Jerry. That she seems to wind up where ever we are, on the ship, and she asked what our dad did," summed up Colt. "That doesn't seem like much to go on, does it?"

Robert sat listening and then had an idea. "You didn't have much to go when Collin was being followed, so what makes this any different? What say we talk to Mr. Ken, first, before we talk to your mom and dad? Maybe he can figure something out before we talk to your parents? What do you say?"

The four lads couldn't think of anything else, so they all got up, cleaned off their table, and then began to look for Mr. Ken. Unfortunately, they had no idea where they should begin. Colt suggested they begin looking in the bars as that's what adults do, they drink. Jerry then suggested they begin looking from the top deck and work their way down. That way, he reasoned, they would be sure to come across him along the way. So, that's what they did.

They all walked up to Deck 10 and split up. Colt and Robert started at the bow while Jerry and Eric headed aft then two pairs began walking along the opposite side of the ship. They decided they would walk down to each Deck and continue to walk counterclockwise until they found Mr. Ken.

Along the way, Colt and Robert found Cam and Michele and they asked them that if they had seen Mr. Ken. When they learned they hadn't, they asked them to tell him they were looking for him. Cam and Michele agreed and went back to sun tanning themselves.

When the boys got to Deck 8 they agreed to ignore it since there were only cabins there. On Deck 7, Robert and Colt checked out the cabin just in case Mr. Ken went back there. They decided to ignore Deck 6 as there were only cabins on that Deck, as well.

Deck 5 also had a few cabins on it but the 'searchers' knew that the Disney kid areas and the Buena Vista Theatre were located on that Deck. They figured they should search it as they had the other Open Decks. Not finding Mr. Ken, the boys went down to Deck 4 where their search became more daunting.

Deck 4 included the Mickey's Mates and the Treasure Ketch Retail Shops as well as a number of galleries and bars. They continued their counterclockwise search but it took a bit longer as they had to go into each and every venue if they wanted to find Mr. Ken. The lads eventually met up near the Deck 4 Atrium, telling one another they needed to go down one more Deck.

Deck 3 was the last deck where they knew Mr. Ken could possibly be. They had already searched the other 'public' areas of the ship and this was their last hope. Again, Colt and Robert headed in one direction while Jerry and Eric headed in the opposite one. Jerry and Eric drew the bow area, on that Deck, and headed to check out the four main areas located there.

Colt and Robert walked along the Port side of the ship towards the aft section to check out the internet café and the Promenade Lounge. After not finding the man in question, they headed back towards the bow to help Jerry and Eric. Of course, they found Mr. Ken in the last place they looked – Diversions.

They saw him talking to a very pretty lady and they didn't know if they should interrupt or not. Robert, though, figure his 'dad' would want to know what was going on, so he volunteered to go to the man and ask if he could talk to him for a few moments.

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