Castle Roland

Three Finger Cove - Robert
Book II

by Chowhound


Chapter 43

Published: 25 Feb 16

Three Finger Cove – Robert

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It remained awfully quiet, in the conference room, after Mr. Ken and Robert left to talk with the investigator. The Davies were all busy talking to the investigators, so none of them were in the room when Charlotte Schwimner and Ken Thomas had their initial, one-on-one, chat. They did get to hear, and see, the last exchange, though. They knew they must have missed out on a dozy of a 'discussion'.

The other investigator wanted to talk to Eric but knew he couldn't, right then, as Mr. Ken needed to be there but that would have to wait since Mr. Ken couldn't be in two places at one time. The second investigator figured, since Mr. Ken had to accompany both Robert and Eric, in their own separate interviews, he decided to accompany the first investigator, and listen in, while Robert told his story.

With Ken Thomas, now out of the room, and the heated exchange between Mr. Ken and Ms. Schwimner was over, for now, Gerald Copper asked if he could begin talking with each adult. He asked Cam Davies to go with him first. Then, about every twenty minutes, Chief Cooper took the remaining two adults into a separate room. It took about an hour for both of Mr. Ken's boys to finish answering questions and making their own statements, to what they saw, and what they knew about the situation, at hand. Finally, it was Mr. Ken's turn to talk, to the investigators. When everyone had finished making their statement, Chief Cooper, and the two investigators, went to write up their findings, for the Captain to read.

The Captain stopped by to see how things were going only, to find, the principles were seated in the conference room, without any security present. It was then Mr. Ken asked the man if the boys and Cam and Michele could return, to their cabins. Just as he did two years ago, he reasoned they were all a 'captive audience' but it was getting late and they all looked forward to Castaway Cay, in the morning. The Captain acquiesced and the boys and Cam and Michele left the room.

"What is the meaning of this? You allow all those people to leave and … and you hold me here in this forsaken place? I will have you know …." And, that was all, she got out, before the Captain spoke up.

"Ma'am," the Captain said, louder than he intended, "I mean, Mrs. Schwimner … I've read your initial complaint and I also read through the file Gerald Cooper had compiled, on all your complaints, since this voyage began. I then ran your name through the Disney® computers and found you have made a number of similar complaints on each of Disney's other ships, during your multiple voyages.

"I will admit that some, of those complaints, were legitimate, but that was in the beginning. It also seems that the more you sailed with us, I mean Disney Cruise Lines®, more of the complaints came in, from you. What is also interesting … was that more than eighty-five percent, of those complaints, were found to have no merit.

"So, with your history of complaints, I called my friends, to get their read. I first called the Vice-President of Security. Yes, I know him, too, Ms. Schwimner, and I explained to him what was transpiring on my ship. He, in-turn, called the CEO/President of Disney®. The three of us then had a productive conference call. By the way, Mr. Thomas they both said to say, 'Hello'.

"Now, where was I … oh, yes, I told them about this situation and how you, Ms. Schwimner were throwing their names about, as if, they and you were bosom buddies. You know what they did Ms. Schwimner? They laughed and laughed hard. They told me that they made your acquaintance, at a party, one time, and that is the extent of their knowledge, of you. They also told me they know, of you, from the numerous complaints, about you, from the other Disney Captains, but, since nothing serious came of your complaints, they just logged them.

"Ms. Schwimner, you are treading on very thin ice, right now. Mr. Thomas here … is a leading citizen, not only in the area where he resides, but all through the great State of Texas. I met Mr. Thomas, two years ago, when he traveled with another 'foster son' and I took some time, then, to get to know the man. His credentials are above reproach and he has been vetted by the Texas Children's Protective Services and has the local juvenile court's written permission to travel, with his foster son, on this ship.

"You and I both know the charges you have made this week are false! You have no proof of anything, untoward, went on between Mr. Thomas and his boys other than to see him hug them. From the history, of all your previous complaints, and charges against members of various Disney crews, I surmise all you really want, to be, is the center of attention, and to be looked upon as a savior of the current charge, du jure. But this time, Ms. Schwimner, I want you to know you went way too far. After all the reports, of your charges and accusations, are completed, and verified, they will be sent to Disney headquarters for review," finished Captain Bill.

Charlotte Schwimner sat there, stunned and speechless, after hearing what Captain Bill just said to, and about, her. She knew her mind usually worked at warp speed, during times like these, as she developed strategies that kept her ahead of the people, in charge, which allowed her to control the situation, but, for some reason, right now, she couldn't truly concentrate. Her mind worked, desperately, through every incident, she'd ever been involved, in the hopes she could find, or at least fabricate, something that would make the Captain change everything he just said. But, nothing came to the forefront, that she knew she could use, so she decided, to sit, there, and wait for a good opportunity, to present itself.

It was just past midnight when Ken Thomas returned to his cabin. He knew both Colt and Jerry stayed with Collin, the last time something such as this occurred, and he figured they'd both be there this time, too. But, he was mistaken. Only Jerry happened to be there, this time, and he was sharing the full sized sofa bed, along with Robert. The man tried to be as quiet as he could, but all three boys woke up, anyway.

The boys asked him to tell them about everything that happened, after they left, but Mr. Ken would have nothing to say. He explained they would have to wait until he told Cam, Michele and Colt, later in the day, at Castaway Cay. Before long, all four people in Cabin 7022 were sound asleep.

The Disney Wonder® arrived at Castaway Cay® at 8:30 AM but the people, in Room 7022, didn't awake until 10 AM, when the phone, in the cabin, started to ring.

"Hello. … Oh, Hi, Colt. … They did? They said to get our lazy butts out of bed and meet them, on the beach, and that we're not to take our showers, as we're all going to get full of sand, and salt water. … But, not in that many words, huh. … Okay, save us a good spot and we'll get there within the hour. … Your mom said half-hour. Okay, I'm going to hang up now, as you are wasting our, valuable, getting up time. (Laughed Mr. Ken.) See you all soon. Bye"

"I take it that was Colt and he said to get up and meet mom and dad ASAP," volunteered Jerry.

"Yep, that's the gist of it. No showers, though, since we're all going to get sand and salt on us while we visit the Cay. Okay, all three of you OUT of bed. Come on!" kidded Mr. Ken.

"Ah, 'dad', I need a few minutes to let, you know, go down," smiled Robert, as he addressed his 'dad'.

"Yea, me too," chimed in Eric.

"I think I know what they are talking about and, if they are, I need a few minutes too," laughed Jerry.

"Okay, while you all are trying to get your, ah, 'Billy-Bobs' under control, I'm going to take my morning pee and get my suit on," said Mr. Ken. He then grabbed his bathing suit and headed to the half-bath.

As soon as the bathroom door closed, Jerry just had to ask his question. "Does Mr. Ken know about, you know, your morning woodies?"

Eric and Robert both laughed, at their friend, and Robert replied by saying, "Sure, he knows. He told us he was a boy our age, once, and he knows what happens, in the mornings. He asked us to be careful about where we are, when we get out of bed, so we don't embarrass anyone, or ourselves."

"He actually said that to you guys?" asked, the unbeliever, Jerry.

"Yes, he actually did and it was on this cruise he said that, to us," answered Eric. "Mr. Ken doesn't act like an older adult. He isn't that much older, than us, and he understands we are going through puberty and have issues, like this. Hey, my boner has gone down so, I'm going to get my suit on, while I wait to go pee."

Eric jumped off his 'upper bed' and indeed he didn't have his morning spike leading the way. Robert and Jerry soon followed but Jerry had to get dressed, so he could go to his cabin, for his swim suit. He told them he'd be right back. Ten minutes later, a refreshed, and bathing suit clad, Jerry came knocking, on the cabin door. All four then hurried, to the dock, to catch the shuttle to take them to the beach and, eventually, the Davies.

"How's the water, Cam?" asked, a now smiling, Ken Thomas.

"Same as the last time, refreshing," replied Cam.

"You heard the man, the water is refreshing. Why don't you all go, and get wet, and I'll be there after I get set up," Mr. Ken encouraged the four boys.

Robert and Eric quickly threw down their towels and headed towards the 'refreshing' water. "Come on Colt and Jerry. We'll race you!" said Robert.

Colt and Jerry both knew the water would be 'refreshing', all right, but not warm like you'd think it would be, because it is located in southern waters. It was March, by the way. They hung back, and waited, to see how Robert and Eric would react, to the water. They got their answer when they saw the two boys come racing back, to the group, and grabbed their towels.

"Why didn't you tell us the water wasn't... wasn't warm?" demanded Robert.

"We did tell you the water was 'refreshing' didn't we?" replied a laughing Mr. Ken. He then added, "They did that to me and Collin, when we visited here, two years ago. And, yes, we had the same reaction. But, you will get used to it, soon enough, after a few minutes and besides … if you don't go, into the water, you can't enjoy the snorkeling, fishing, parasailing, the kayaks, paddleboats, aqua trikes and other water equipment.

"And, to top that all off, there is a great lunch buffet, which includes BBQ meats or hamburgers and hot dogs, endless ice cream, and specialty frozen drinks. Now … what do you say? Are you ready to have some Castaway Cay fun?" yelled 'dad' Ken.

With the pep-talk over, the four lads grabbed Mr. Ken and dragged him, to the water, and tripped him up so he'd get wet, real quick. Then, all four lads jumped into the waters and began to attack the man. As Mr. Ken fought off his four attackers, the end result was, that, all five people became used to the water, in record time. Soon, it was decided it was time to try out as many of the activities, as they could, which were offered, on Castaway Cay.

The first stop, for the five adventurers, was to Marge's Barges to embark on a Parasailing adventure. Robert and Eric decided to ride tandem and, thoroughly, enjoyed the sweeping views, of Castaway Cay®, from their 800 foot viewing point. Even though the parasail ride only lasted about seven minutes they were very happy they got the chance to try that.

Colt and Jerry's turn came up next. They'd never done anything like that, before, either, even though they visited the Cay ever since they were old enough, to swim. The ride was thrilling, for the two close brothers, and they too got a view of Castaway Cay, as they'd never seen it before. Once, they landed back on the boat, they thanked Mr. Ken, over and over, for paying for them to do that.

Finally, it was Mr. Ken's turn. The boat captain chose the young 'dad' to be his last rider, so he could have a bit of fun with the man. Mr. Ken watched his four charges enjoy their rides, so, he figured, he'd have the same sort of ride. He was very much mistaken. As Ken rose above the waters, the boat captain threw the throttle forward and the boat took off. So did Mr. Ken as he, suddenly, found himself rising fast into the sky.

The boat captain then slowed the boat just enough that Mr. Ken's feet almost touched the water and then the throttles were sent forward again and Mr. Ken again shot up fast, into the sky. Then, the captain allowed the man to enjoy the scenery before bringing him back, into the boat.

The boat captain and Mr. Ken talked and laughed over the ride just taken. The boys were also laughing, at Mr. Ken, and the ride they wished they had gotten. They all shook the crew's hands, after the boat docked. The five intrepid adventurers were now in search of their next adventure.

The fearless five tried out snorkeling, then a kayak adventure, then, they went on to the paddleboats, followed by the aqua trikes. They were having so much fun they all forgot about the previous evening's conference meeting and, that, Lunch was being served. By the time they finished, with the Aqua-Trikes, Mr. Ken was completely wiped out. He told the boys he was headed for something cold, to drink, and then have something to eat and they could continue to enjoy the pristine waters, if they wanted to. But the boys, hearing the word EAT, decided to join the man and get something to eat, too.

With their stomachs full and a cold drink in hand, the five amigos walked over to the area Cam and Michele marked out, and joined them. Michele immediately began to spray, and then rub, suntan lotion onto Jerry's back, and told Colt to stand by. Once her two boys were slathered in SPF 30 she offered to spray some on Robert and Eric and Mr. Ken. The three quickly got into position and got some of the spray, as well.

Cam made small talk, with the five adventurers, as they got sprayed with SPF-30. Once everyone was settled, the man got each of them to tell all about the experiences they just got to share. Cam Davies was a bit dismayed at Mr. Ken for spending all his money on treating his lads but, after Mr. Ken told him he couldn't spent it all in a 1000 years, Cam relented.

But the big unasked question was still hanging in the air. Mr. Ken knew they all wanted to hear about what happened, after his boys, and the Davies, left the conference room, so, he offered to tell them the 'rest of the story'.

Ken told them how the Captain had ripped into Ms. Schwimner and confronted her with her history of making complaints and rising to getting lots of attention and becoming the 'savior' for the 'cause'. He told them how the Captain revealed, that, in the beginning, Ms. Schwimner's complaints, throughout Disney's cruise ships, were valid, but over time they became more about her and more than 85% of her complaints were unfounded. The biggest reveal came from when Mr. Ken told the group the Captain had actually called Disney Headquarters.

"You're kidding me," said a surprised Michele. "I bet Ms. Schwimner just about peed her pants when she learned the Captain, actually, called her bluff."

"Actually, she had nothing to say. She just sat there and listened. I could see her wheels turning but nothing came forward. When the investigative reports were completed, the Captain read them and had Gerry send them off to Disney Headquarters. He then read us some of those reports and explained, what he had read, to both of us.

"I couldn't believe the investigators, essentially, said that Ms. Schwimner created the bold face lie about me, and my boys, without any evidence, or corroborating witnesses. The Captain said that all four lads, and three of the four adults, all said, essentially, the same thing, about her fabrication, of facts. He then said he couldn't verify what the woman said to Gerry but, knowing from her previous history, he believed she threatened the man, and played 'heavy handed' with him. The Captain continued on and told us he would meet with her and me, later this evening, and give us the headquarters solution. Now we wait!" finished up Mr. Ken.

There was an envelope waiting, for Mr. Ken, when he and the boys returned, to their cabin. He opened it and read the Captain had invited him to meet, with him, at 8 o'clock, that evening. He quickly called Cam and Michele and told them, the news. It was only 4:45 PM so they all had ample time to get cleaned up and dressed for their last night, on the Disney Wonder.

The group found themselves in Triton's, that evening, for dinner. They quickly ordered and ate, since they were all on pins and needles, awaiting what Mr. Ken would find out, from the ship's Captain, later that evening. Well, the adults were the ones who were anxious, over the outcome. The four boys, well, they just took things in stride as they shared their dinners, with one another, and couldn't wait for the desert menu, to be passed out.

When the seven friends exited, the restaurant, they all looked around to see if Charlotte Schwimner was anywhere, nearby. Relieved she wasn't anywhere near, the small group bid Mr. Ken "good luck", as he walked forward to catch the elevator, to the Bridge Deck. He found Gerry Cooper waiting, for him, when he exited, the elevator. A few seconds later, another elevator opened to reveal Ms. Schwimner had arrived. The three people walked to the Bridge access, without a word being said.

They weren't shown to the conference room, they used the previous evening, but to the Captain's private meeting room which was located right next to his quarters. The three sat down and waited for the Captain, to arrive. He did so, ten seconds later.

The Captain sat and then looked, first, at Ms. Schwimner and, then, to Mr. Ken. He then began to talk. "I have received a reply from Disney Headquarters concerning the accusation being placed on Mr. Thomas, here. They also listened to the audio recording Mr. Ken made, of all the conversations, from last night. They also read all the reports and have looked at all the evidence, and extenuating circumstances. I will preface their final decision by saying the Disney lawyers have reviewed the entire package, and have signed off, on the outcome.

"I want to first say … the President of Disney® wants to apologize to you, Mr. Thomas, for the unfortunate circumstance you, and your boys, found yourselves in. He also said, for me, to tell you that you, and of course your two boys, have an open invitation for another Disney Cruise, at their expense, at any time in the future. Of course, pending cabin availability," the Captain chuckled.

"Ms. Schwimner … the President of Disney®, and the VP of Security, have asked me to convey their extreme disappointment over your actions, on this cruise, in particular. They are appalled that anyone would lodge a complaint, a sworn written complain none-the-less, without one iota of proof, or other able witnesses. They've never heard of anyone saying that their 'word' was good enough, for an arrest and conviction, let alone someone being sent to prison, just on it.

"They have reviewed all of your past complaints, and though they appreciate your diligence to ensure that Disney Cruise Lines offers the best possible experience, to its guests, they have decided that your business is no longer welcomed, at this time. They did say that in a few years' time they would be open to your request to be welcomed back, onto our ships.

"Ms. Schwimner … if you do not concur with the decision of Corporate Disney you have every avenue of redress, at your disposal and are free to pursue legal action, in court. Corporate Disney has offered to provide your lawyers with every piece of paper and the recordings, they now hold on this incident, as well as every other complaint you've lodged. Oh, yes, what I didn't tell either of you last night was the conference room also had its recording device set up, to record

"The First Mate knew of the conference, last night, so he automatically set the device to record all verbal communications. This is done, when we have our Bridge meetings, and he did it out of habit. Both Mr. Ken's and the conference room recordings mirror one another, just so you know.

"I strongly urge you to carefully review all your options, Ms. Schwimner, but in the end I would personally recommend that you take no action. With the facts, being as they are, I personally believe you would be hard pressed to win, in any court. Keep in mind, any legal action you may take could cause equal reaction from the person or persons you may go after. I want you to also keep in mind you have 'injured' not only Mr. Thomas, here, but his two boys and all four Davies. Not to mention my Chief of Security and, of course, myself.

"Of course you are free to do whatever you please. In the end, I truly believe it will be you, Ms. Schwimner, who won't have a penny to spend after all the lawyers take their cut and you pay out huge sums to all those injured parties. But that is just my opinion, mind you.

"In summary, this file will eventually be expunged. Ms. Schwimner … Disney® has revoked your access to any Disney ship for the foreseeable future. Mr. Ken, Disney Corporate offers their apologies to you and your boys and they ask you to please convey those same sincere apologies to the Davies. They too will receive the same compensation, as you and your boys.

"In hind sight … I wish, in the beginning, we all could have sat down and discussed what you believe you saw, Ms. Schwimner, but … it is what it is. I now have to go. I need to coordinate with my crew and plan for our arrival tomorrow morning. Mr. Cooper will show you both out." The Captain immediately got up, out of his chair, and left the room.

At the elevator, Ms. Schwimner refused to look at Mr. Ken, let alone speak to him. Mr. Ken took it all in stride knowing the woman had been rebuked by one of the biggest corporations in the world, and she definitely was not happy. Mr. Ken thought to himself, 'only time will tell if what the Captain said to her would sink in. I better give Bill a heads, up about all this, when I return home'.

The Davies, along with Robert and Eric, were all waiting for Mr. Ken, up in Pinocchio's Pizza. When Robert and Eric saw the man approach, they ran to him and hugged him for all they were worth, even though they did not know the outcome, of his meeting, with Captain Bill. The three then walked over to the Davies, who warmly greeted him. An ice cold beer also awaited their 'hero'.

"Okay, Mr. Ken, don't keep us guessing. Tell us what the end result is," abruptly asked Cam Davies.

"Okay, here's the bottom line," began Mr. Ken. "Ms. Schwimner … she is banned from cruising on any Disney® ship, for the foreseeable future. The incident file will be eventually expunged, meaning they will hide it, deep in their files, in case it later rears its ugly head. Captain Bill reviewed some of the options Ms. Schwimner has open to her but … well, he strongly advised her against taking any legal action by reminding her the number of people she had just maligned and injured with her false accusations and threatening actions.

"As for me, and the boys, we all received an apology by Corporate Disney and are welcomed back to a free cruise, of our choice, pending cabin availability. Oh, and Disney also asked me to convey their apologies to you, as well."

The Davies felt good, over the final outcome, and were happy for Mr. Ken and his boys for how things worked out. But, Jerry was of a different mindset.

"That's all? They only offer an apology, to us!" spat out, a fuming, Jerry. "We were just as much involved, and maligned, as you were Mr. Ken and … and we get nothing? How fair is that?" harrumphed Jerry.

"Oh, yea … I forgot … Disney® is giving you, four Davies, the same compensation the boys and I are receiving," loudly laughed the man, after hearing what Jerry Davies had to say.

"Oh, you … you did that on purpose, didn't you Mr. Ken?" chimed in Jerry. The lad then went to the man and gave him a great big hug. Then, he said, "No matter what they say about you, Mr. Ken, I will always love you." That got him a tickle attack from the man he'd just dissed.

Saturday morning came to fast for the seven travelers. The ship docked at 7:30 AM, but the debarking wouldn't begin until 9. That would give all seven one last time to share some breakfast, together. At 8:30, they all met in Topsider's. The boys went directly to the buffet even before knowing where they were seated. The adults knew the boys were eating machines so they found a table, for seven, and waited for the lads, to fill their plates, and find them.

"You know, this cruise was fun, but the one with Collin was more funner," offered Jerry.

The people at the table laughed at the lad's remarks, but then Colton offered his own take. "I'm glad that nothing came of what that woman claimed, just as I was glad that the cruise with Collin worked out well, in the end, too. Both times, I will admit, the happenings sure added to my overall enjoyment of the cruises, in the end. This has probably been my, and my brothers, ninth cruise and Mr. Ken's cruises have turned out to be the best." The fifteen year old then laughed at his intended joke.

"I'm sorry, but I sort of agree with Colt," said Michele Davies. "I sure wouldn't want any harm come to anyone, on these cruises, but … you have to admit … that first cruise was something to remember, for the rest of our lives. The jury is still out on the outcome, of this cruise, seeing what was alleged by, an obviously, very sick woman."

As the seven ate and talked, they began to hear the call, for the people, who would 'self-assist' their disembarkation. They knew they needed to hurry up and finish their meal and return to their cabins to check for any forgotten items, and collect their carry-on bags.

As they were saying their 'Good byes', Mr. Ken asked the Davies how they were getting to the airport. When he learned they were taking the hour long bus, again, he offered his limousine, as he did that first time. The Davies didn't hesitate, this time, in accepting his well-timed and wonderful offer.

As the limo approached the Davies air terminal, they could see many people looking at the limo and possibly wondering who that could be. When the chauffer stopped the vehicle, all seven people got out. They began a quick round of hugs for everyone and then the Davies collected their luggage and thanked Mr. Ken, one last time. Then, the man and his boys reentered to the limo for their ride to their waiting private aircraft.

The plane ride home lasted well over three hours, due to strong head winds. The limo ride back to their homes was quiet, as the boys thought about what they had just experienced, for the last seven days.

Finally, the vehicle began slowing and then stopped in front of Eric Turner's house. Judy Turner came rushing out to greet her son and the two most wonderful people, in the world – Mr. Ken and, Eric's best friend, Robert.

After Robert helped Eric take his bags into the house, Mr. Ken mentioned, "Hey … I have the limo for the remainder of the evening. What say we all go out for a nice dinner? And Judy … there is no need to get all gussied up. Just change and put on a few dabs of makeup and some lipstick. We'll wait for you, won't we guys? We'll only go to Four Corner's so there is no need to get all dolled up. You okay with that, Judy?"

The woman obviously was okay with Mr. Ken's suggestion and was ready in twelve minutes. Mr. Ken, for grins, timed her. The limo then headed off to the Four Corner's restaurant. The boys took center-stage, with the evening's conversation, with Mr. Ken being pleased the lads had such a great time, considering.

The meal was a relaxed time and none of them were in any hurry, since the next day was another day of rest, and relaxation. Judy Turner was mesmerized by the boy's descriptions of their excursions and she couldn't help but feel warm inside, that, her son had been included. Mr. Ken explained he had loads of digital pictures, and a few videos, from the excursions, but needed to get home and download them and compile them before he could get Ms. Judy a copy.

The man and the boys kept away from talking about the situation with Charlotte Schwimner, but towards the end of the evening's meal, Mr. Ken knew he needed to broach the 'elephant' in the room.

"Ah, Judy … there was also one more item of interest … that, ah, happened on the cruise. We've been avoiding it, while we ate, but I think it is now the time to mention it and then wait until tomorrow to discuss it, at length, if needed," meekly offered Mr. Ken.

"Don't tell me you three had something happen like what happened when Collin went on that cruise, two years ago," asked, a now much interested, Judy Turner.

"No, no nothing that drastic such as someone trying to kidnap one of us," started Mr. Ken.

"Then … what was it that now has me anxious, about it," asked Ms. Judy.

"Well, you see…" But, Mr. Ken didn't get to finish, as Eric broke in and told the entire story.

Judy Turner sat there dumbfounded after hearing what that, so-called, lady tried to do to not only the two boys but to Mr. Ken, as well. She agreed that there wasn't enough time, that evening, to fully appreciate what happened to the man, and the boys. She recommended they meet, right after lunch, at The Cove, the next day, Sunday, so she could fully understand the full story.

The ride back to the Turner house was just as jovial as the ride over, with the boys continuing to remember more and more, of their excursions. They all exchanged hugs, at the Turner home, and promised to see one another, again, about 1 PM, tomorrow.

Before the 'world travelers' entered The Cove, Chief was beside herself. She had been without her two 'men' for over a week and was damn sure happy they had returned. She didn't know who to jump up on and 'kiss' first but, finally, she headed to Robert, whom she bowled over with her enthusiasm.

"I missed you too, girl, now let me help 'dad' with the luggage and I'll scratch behind your ears when I'm finished," said Robert, as he stood up to help Mr. Ken.

For the remainder of the night, the boy and his dog spent all their time together. That was until it was time to go to bed. It was then that Robert sought out his 'dad' and climbed into his lap, and began to cry.

"What has you so upset, 'son'?" queried Mr. Ken.

"I'm not upset 'dad' … I'm just so happy that you took me on that awesome adventure. I never thought I'd ever get to take a Disney Cruise and there you are … taking me and you barely know me. Thank you so much for really treating me as if I truly was your 'son'." Robert continued to cry but he was joined together with his new 'dad' who truly loved this boy he held in his arms.

The man and boy sat like that for quite some time before they both got their emotions under control. They, then, said their 'Good nights' and headed off to their own bed.

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