Castle Roland

Three Finger Cove - Robert
Book II

by Chowhound


Chapter 45

Published: 10 Mar 16

Three Finger Cove – Robert

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Because he knew Mr. Ken would be out-of-town the previous week, his lawyer, Bill Jackson, had set up Wednesday, of this week, as the day to meet with Mildred Johnston, and her lawyer, Mr. Ed Higgins. The meeting was to discuss Mildred's firing and her potential rehiring. The meeting started off cordial and went downhill from there. Mildred, and her lawyer, thought they had the upper hand because Mr. Thomas had agreed to meet with them. They thought they could ask for and get anything.

Being so pompous became their demise as they began demanding new and unprecedented authority, in running the home, which would have even Mr. Ken being accountable to her, for some things, and stricter rules for the 'boy' as she called Robert.

Mildred even wanted a substantial increase in pay. Mr. Thomas played along, with her, by nodding his head and smiling and looking happy, with what was being said. When she presented him, and his lawyer, a contract he was to sign to 'make this little thing go away' he began a slow burn. His lawyer saw it coming, and knew to get out of his way. He sat back and watched the building fireworks.

Standing, Ken Thomas began slowly, "Mrs. Johnston … I didn't realize today's meeting was to sign contracts but was merely supposed to be, what they say, a 'fact finding' get together, to discuss what we should do … NOT DEMAND ANYTHING!" he finished with a flourish, while slamming his hand on the table, causing everyone in the room to jump.

"Who do you think YOU ARE?" demanded Mr. Thomas, while looking down at the shocked, and now bewildered, woman.

"You came here, tonight … not to just try and get your job back, which you had a snowballs chance in HELL of getting back FROM ME, but thought your shit didn't stink to high heaven. On top of all that, you wanted ME, the OWNER OF THIS WONDERFUL ESTATE to kowtow to Y-O-U of all things. Obviously, you thought I'd be stupid enough to say YES? Boy … do you have the BALLS!

"I've never come across anyone as contemptible, nor despicable, as you, Mrs. Mildred Johnston. You berated and made Robert so afraid of you that he cowered any time he came near you. YOU EVEN STRUCK AND BEAT the lad, pulling his hair and forcing him down to the floor, as you stood over him as his judge and jury.

"You, who supposedly took care of the, too many to recall, boys and girls of some of the most rich and famous of this county, when you were younger, who should be praised but rather acted like a thug, instead. I pity those poor children for having you as their nanny or whatever they were FORCED to call you, back then!" finished Ken Thomas.

"NOW hear this, Mr. Thomas," abruptly spoke up Mildred, as she quickly stood up to face him. "I came here today to renegotiate my returning to run your household and see that this fine home was run efficiently and financially sound. I had routinely observed the hired workers getting away with not completing the tasks they were hired for. I saw the cook, for she surely was NOT a chef, of any kind, waste food and give it to that mangy mutt you allow to roam throughout the house. I also swore that when I returned that … that 'boy' would learn his manners and his place and to be seen and not heard.

"I surely did NOT come here to be ridiculed nor have disparaging remarks made about me and MY character. I'll have you know those children, you spoke so insensibly about, are ALL highly placed individuals in government, and finance, and some even teach at some of the most prestigious schools around." And, with that, then she proceeded to sit down.

"So, you saw problems and didn't do anything to correct them, even though that was what you were originally hired to do? There was never a message, nor a face-to-face discussion, on what you saw as being wrong," and, it was obvious, Mr. Ken was now gaining momentum.

"And, YOU didn't even have the intestinal fortitude to tell ME you disciplined my 'son' and also repeatedly struck him not once, not twice, but more than fifteen times, during my absence. You more than disgust me. You make me throw up with your sanctimonious ranting's and ravings over a twelve year old boy who didn't deserve your HATE filled ways."

"Well, I never!" blared Mrs. Johnson.

"It was about time, don't you think!" shot back Mr. Thomas.

"Come on Mr. Higgins, it is obvious we wasted our time here today," Mildred voiced, to her lawyer. "But you hear me now, Mr. Thomas. If YOU think you've heard the last from me you are very, very mistaken. I will crush you, so bad, that, there will be nothing left of you, or that precious bastard, you call 'son'. This house WILL BE MINE, you hear me, when I am through with you! Good day!" And with that, Mildred Johnston left in a huff.

"Geez, you really got that hornet's nest stirred up," voiced William Jackson, Mr. Thomas' lawyer. "She'll be out for blood, when she comes at you, you know! Expect a frontal attack with newspaper articles about your unfairness and she'll even try to use the laws about hiring and firing people of age," he said laughingly.

"I know I am supposed to protect you, and your holdings, and when I get to the office tomorrow I will begin outlining a defense for everything, I know, I would send your way, if I were her lawyer. You can count on that!"

"Thanks, Bill. I know I can count on you! What do you think will be their first foray?" speculated Ken Thomas.

"If I were them … I'd let you stew for a few days, to think things over, and then … I'd give you a call, to see if you'd reconsider. If we don't acquiesce then they start the ball rolling, to sue," explained Bill.

"How much do you suppose?" Asked Mr. Ken.

"If I had to guess, and it sounds like that is what you want me to do, I'd say in the $8 – 10 million range. Enough to get your attention, and get the newspapers interested," honestly answered Bill Jackson.

"Yea, I figured it would be in the millions. But, so be it! When they sue us, be prepared to counter sue," Mr. Ken told his lawyer.

"For what? On what grounds?" asked his lawyer incredulously?

"Look at what she did to Robert! We will sue her, and anyone she associates with, as accessories to her thinking, and make Robert a very rich lad. What do you think about that there, my man?" crooned Ken with a light laugh.

"Okay, then I will get back to you, in a few days, to talk over our plans," said Bill, and left the Study.

"Oh, Hi Robert … Eric," Ken heard Bill say, as he left the room.

"Robert. … 'Son' are you out there?" called Ken.

"Yes, sir!" came the embarrassed reply.

"Come in here, please, 'son'," called out 'dad' Ken.

Robert and Eric walked around the doorframe and entered the Study, together. Both looked like they had seen a ghost and didn't immediately sit down, until Ken asked them to. He inquired if they had been listening to their conversation with Mrs. Johnson.

They said they hadn't but, sort of, ran into her as she was leaving. They relayed to him she told them she was going to 'Take his so-called 'Dad' down and his 'little boy' with him' and they got scared.

Hearing what that witch said, to the boys, Mr. Ken went to them and began hugging them both at the same time. The boys sobbed a little but 'dad' Ken reassured them that things were going to be okay. He took the next half hour to tell the boys as much as he thought they needed to know, about her wanting to come back, and her threatening to sue.

Mr. Ken then illustrated some of what Bill had outlined and, told them not to worry, that it was his problem, and not theirs. They said they understood, and went on their way, for a snack. As soon as they left, he called Miss Judy to tell her what just happened, with Mildred, and then about the boys involvement. She, too, was unhappy, but what could she do but watch the boys for any anxiety, or depression, over this as it unraveled

On Friday of that week, Ken Thomas did receive the phone call his lawyer told him he'd get, from Mildred's lawyer, asking if he would reconsider. Hearing, from Mr. Thomas the 'snowball' had melted a long time ago, Mr. Higgins told the owner of The Cove he would soon be back, in contact. Mr. Ken knew that meant he would be filing suit, in the local court, and the 'fun' would then begin. He let Bill Jackson know, what just occurred, and the two just laughed it off, as they had their 'game plan' all ready to go.

Earlier that week, Mr. Thomas also got word that the manufacturing plant, he owned, was seriously talking about going out on strike, the following week, if the contract negotiations didn't go any better than they had, so far. He knew that he had to go out there, next week, before the Union Vote, on the contract, but he still hadn't found a Household Manager and he needed a solution, and fast. His head began to hurt from all the things, that, he was juggling, inside it.

When Friday night rolled around, Mr. Ken still hadn't figured out what to do about Robert, for the coming week. He didn't feel it would be right to send him off to stay with any of his friends, even though, he knew, none of the parents would have a problem with that. He considered taking the lad with him and giving him a first-hand look at what he did when he went away but he'd need the school's permission, and a Tutor, and it was too late, to do either. He was at the end of his rope and he felt he was dangling there without a net.

Then, an outrageous idea came to mind and he quickly made a phone call. While dialing the number, he remembered this person telling him they'd be very happy to help him, if he was ever in a bind, and to give them a call, whenever. He did just that and prayed the person would remember their offer and, especially, be available beginning Sunday and, hopefully, through the whole week, if necessary.

After getting confirmation they were available, the entire next week, Ken told his 'son' that he found someone to stay with him, while he had to go away the following week, and they'd be there Sunday afternoon, and for him to be presentable, when he met them.

Robert wasn't too happy with his 'dad' leaving, but he felt devastated that he was being left with someone he didn't even know and his 'dad' wouldn't tell him anything, about this person. The only thing he could think of was he was getting another old Mrs. Johnson and he tried to, no pleaded with, his 'dad' to let him stay with one of his friends, to no avail. Come Sunday afternoon, the youngster told himself he 'had to take his medicine, and like it.'

All of Robert's friends felt sorry for their pal. Some of them even tried to get their parents to convince Mr. Ken to let him stay with them. The parents conveyed to their boys that Mr. Thomas didn't want to test their friendship, and sanity, by adding another pre-teen to their homes.

Sunday afternoon came and Ryan, a teenager, who took care of the boats and lake front beach area for Mr. Ken, came to the door carrying a large duffle bag. Robert knew the teen pretty well, since he saw him most weekends working down along the water line and dock. He also knew Ryan, and his dad, went back a long time, back to when the house was being built. He also liked it when he got to talk with the older teen, as he looked up to him as a 'big brother' type.

"What brings you up to the house, Ry? My dad is in his Study. I'll get him if you want? And why do you have an overnight bag with you?" Robert blurted out, rather quickly.

"Hold on there, squirt!" replied Ryan. "I'm waiting for my mom, to show. She told me to pack a bag and meet her here, and here I am!"

Robert's mind lit up like a Christmas tree when he began to catch on to what his dad had in mind. If, what he thought was going to happen, Ryan was staying here, with him, he was going to be extremely happy, with that. He was now looking forward to having Ryan all week, to pal around with, at least, he hoped for some time with his 'hero', and this would be a fun week while his 'dad' was gone. Robert was now a very satisfied young, preteen, boy.

The two R's stood in the Foyer talking, when the doorbell rang. Opening the door, they found Mrs. Taylor standing outside also with a large overnight bag, in her hand. Ryan took it from her and placed it next to his, as Mr. Ken came out of his Study.

"Mary, I can't thank you enough for getting me out of this jam. And, you, too, Ryan, I am very happy you would help me out like this, too. You'll never know how much this means to me!" declared Mr. Thomas.

"Robert, Mrs. Taylor and, her son, Ryan, whom you already know, are going to stay here with you while I'm away. Ryan can pick his own bedroom upstairs, or he can choose to bunk in with you. Whatever you want there, Ryan! Mrs. Taylor, Miss Mary, will use my bedroom, while I'm away. Robert, I know you will be on your best behavior, so I won't even mention that. Okay?

"Mary, Ryan, Mama Maria will be here to cook for you, all week, beginning with breakfast, tomorrow, and will prepare anything you want, all week. Just let her know what you'd like to have, during the week, and she'll make it all possible."

"Hey, what about me? Don't I get to eat, too?" Robert chided his 'dad', over not being included in the meal discussion.

"What do you think, Mary? Should we let this growing, by leaps and bounds, pre-teenager eat, too?" Ken joked, with the lady, while tussling the youngster's hair.

"Da-aad!" yelled Robert.

Looking down at his smiling 'son', Ken asked "Okay, sport. You going be okay with this arrangement? It will be for the full week, probably. You know Ryan, pretty well, and you've met Miss Mary, here, a few times. Ryan was like a 'little brother', to me, when I was building Three Finger Cove. No doubt he'll tell you some 'tall' tales while I'm not here, to defend myself."

"Who? Me!" said Ryan, while looking up to the ceiling and smiling.

The four people split. The two boys went upstairs, for Ryan to choose a bedroom, while Ken took Mary to the Master Suite, to get her settled, there. After about fifteen minutes, they met again in the Foyer and Ken had them all go out to the waiting limo giving them an experience, to remember, as they went out for dinner at the Four Corner's Restaurant.

While they ate, Mr. Ken reminded Ryan that the Easter Egg Roll prizes would be arriving that week. He then asked, the teenager, if he could get his friends, over, to help inventory them and then get the plastic Easter eggs ready, for the Easter Egg Roll. Robert sat there, dumbfounded, until his 'dad' told him that this would be his 'first' foray into the many 'parties' they host there, at Three Finger Cove.

"You mean … I'll get to help and everything?" asked a now excited preteen.

"Sure, 'son', you are now a part of The Cove and, as such, you need to be involved, in all the aspects of the parties, we give, so you can take control of them, as you get older. Ryan, I'm sure, will show you what is involved. Just follow along and help where you can but mainly observe how he does this, as he won't be here next year, to do any of this. Speaking of next year, Ryan, do you have any suggestions who can take this project over?" finished Mr. Ken.

Ryan sat there a few moments and, then, replied, "Bro … what do you think about letting the Junior Class do that, as a fundraiser? I can ask the current Junior Class and Sophomore Class Officers to help, this year, and propose that next year's Junior Class take the project on. Of course, this year's Junior Class will lose out but many of them are already involved with being lifeguards and some helped at the Holiday parties. Or, you could let the 'squirt' here learn it all and he and his 8th Grade Class, next year, could take it over, for the next four or five years." That thought brought Ryan to a fit of laughter.

"Hey, why couldn't me and my friends take it over?" quickly asked Robert.

"Whoa, hang on there 'son', you have no idea what's all involved. I'm not saying that idea is dead, in its tracks, but … I want to you observe how Ryan and his friends handle it, first. You'll see there is a lot of tedious work, which, has to be done. When I come home, we can talk about it. But … I want you to know … I kind of agree with Ryan, there.

"Robert, in high school, the different grades are always looking for ways to make money to help offset their yearbook, their class trip and, or, prom expenses. So, this would be a good way for me to support the high school, of which you will be a part of, one day. This could give them a permanent fundraiser to make money and get credit doing a Community Project," Mr. Ken tried to explain, to the lad.

"Oh … OK, I think I understand what you're saying 'dad' but … I'd still like some of my friends to watch, too, and then we can talk about it, when you get home. Can we do that?" asked the smiling preteen.

After they returned from the airport, where they left Mr. Thomas to catch his flight, the three of them went to their bedrooms, for the night. Ryan chose to sleep in Robert's room since the youngster asked him to. While getting ready for bed, which only required them to get down to their skivvies, Robert asked Ryan to tell him more about his 'dad'. Ryan kept the stories light and funny, as it was getting late, and he didn't want to get into a long discussion, as both had school in the morning.

Ryan did tell him about Chief and how he was once her 'boy', too. He explained how she protected him, and his 'Big Bro', as he called Mr. Ken back then, and still does, from this one watchman and a few snakes and other varmints. Robert watched Ryan getting undressed and paid particular attention to the large bulge, in the teen's 'tighty whities'.

They both used the bathroom, before lying down, and Robert made sure he looked over at the 'one-eyed-snake' Ryan held, while he used the other urinal. Robert was hoping he was going to have as much as his 'hero' had when he got to that age.

The next day, both boys awoke with their normal morning hard-on's. Neither got out of bed, right away, but just stayed there contemplating what to do. Chief had already been down to do her business and was now going back and forth, between the lads, licking their faces, to get them to get a move on.

"Ahh, Ry … ahh, do you still wake up ahh … ahh you know with a … a boner in the morning?" Robert timidly asked his new roommate.

"What you asking there, Tiger? You got yourself a boner working over there?" Ryan shot back, to his young pal.

"Well, now that you're older, I was … I was wondering if you still … you know, still get them like you probably did when you were my age," inquired the younger boy.

"What, you think because I'm almost out of high school my dick doesn't still work?" Ryan responded while laughing. "This here weapon works better now than it did when I was your age, 12," he finished, as he turned on his back, and took his hands and grabbed his tent.

"Come on, we're both men and we both probably got hard dicks but it is our bladder's that need some relief. So, we either show each other our boners, now, or we'll probably get to see 'em when we get our showers. So, what'd say, sport? You ready to be embarrassed, with me, with your little cannon over there?"

"Thanks, Ry, but it ain't hardly a cannon like yours is, I bet," joked Robert.

"Let's go then, Tiger. We can't wait much longer to see what will happen first. Will they go down or will we pee the bed? I sure don't want to have to clean these sheets and, so, here I go!" And with that, Ryan flipped the covers off, jumped out of bed, and he stood there in front of the now mesmerize lad.

Seeing the lad staring at his bulge, Ryan put his hand inside his underwear and straightened out his dick. Robert's eyes then got wide and he unconsciously got out of bed too and did the same. It was funny, when he realized what he had done, and he blushed all sorts of red in his face. Ryan put his arm over the boy's shoulder and told him he did good, and for them to get a move on.

The two now moved faster into the bathroom, removed their drawers, and stood in front of the urinals, again, but this time with semi-hard dicks, as the walk there helped move some of the blood out, of the shaft. Doing a few quick shakes, as they finished, they each took a shower head and got cleaned up for school.

Robert was no longer embarrassed about being nude in front of the older teen. He was very proud of himself, that he had done that. Ryan just smiled at his young friend while remembering his days of embarrassing moments of boners and hard-on's and his mom seeing him once. And that one time was enough to never let that happen, again.

Momma Maria had breakfast waiting for the three as they all entered the Breakfast Nook. Mary asked the lads how they slept and if they had any plans, for the end of day, yet. Ryan said he'd like to show Robert more of what he does, to take care of the boats and stuff, for Mr. Ken, when they return from school. The teenager also reminded his mom they needed to watch out for the Easter Egg Roll delivery. Robert remarked that he'd like Ryan to show him more about what he did. He said he always watched Ryan, from the house, but his 'dad' told him not to bother the teenager, while he was working.

The school day went by like most days. Kids in school seemingly bored, out of their minds, and the parent's home taking care of household chores, or off to work. Mary had brought some work with her and enjoyed the spacious Study that Mr. Thomas, Ken, told her to use.

Mary Taylor spread out her samples and diagrams and made sure the completed ones were exact for presentation, later that week. She then began working on some new interior designs for a couple of new clients that were interested in her decorating ability.

Ken had told her not to be afraid to have her clients meet there, if she wanted, and she could also use his place as an open, living example of her abilities. At first, Mary was reluctant to even consider having strangers over, but the more she moved about the house, and seeing her handiwork, she finally relented and made arrangements for the people to come over. Figuring that would also interrupt Maria's schedule, she went looking for her to let her know she would be having clients over, the next few days.

Maria beamed when she heard that. She told Mary that Mr. Ken asked her to fix refreshments if she decided to have people over. She told Mary that she was happy for Mr. Ken, now that he had Robert living there. She added that she really enjoyed cooking and, with there being the two of them, she felt her talents were being properly used, and appreciated. Maria also expressed some dismay that there was no one to watch over the other hired service people.

Maria mentioned she didn't miss Mildred, the fired House Keeper, but that she wasn't in the position to correct the other workers, who didn't work for her, but for Mr. Ken, through contracts. Maria told Mary of the poor work habits and sloppy cleaning abilities of the contracted domestics, and she asked Mary if she could, maybe, watch them and act as the Household Manager. That way, she felt, Mr. Ken would be getting what he paid good money for, or, at least, she could let Mr. Ken know how bad things were.

Mary didn't agree to all that, but understood where Momma Maria was coming from and told Maria she would look into it. Mary Taylor also conveyed her delight in Mr. Thomas having another boy, living there, to give the house a 'home' feeling'. She told Maria some of the things that Mr. Ken did for her Ryan, when the house was being built, and how Mr. Ken took Ryan under his wing and treated him like he really was his 'little brother'.

Maria didn't know that Ryan was the first guest Mr. Thomas had and that he even had his own room, for a time, and spent many weekends there. The two ladies talked and talked about things and before they knew it they realized the boys would be home from school, real soon, so they got back to their own responsibilities.

The boys got home within 30 minutes of each other, after school let out. They met in their shared bedroom and changed into some old clothes before heading out to the lower estate grounds. Both stopped, and got a snack, and Robert gave his customary hug to Momma Maria for being so kind, to him. Ryan, seeing Robert giving her a hug, remembered when he and Collin would do the same, so he went back and gave her a hug, as well. Momma Maria blushed from all the attention.

Robert had been down to The Cove's beach front and docks a few times but hadn't nosed around much, as he was still new, there, and didn't want to get into trouble. So, Ryan took his 'protégée' and told him about the beach area and explained how it was his duty to keep the sand raked and cleaned of debris, especially, after a bad storm. Ryan showed Robert where the tools were kept and continued walking while describing how the small island that made up one of the 'fingers' of Three Finger Cove, was created, while the main house was being built.

They walked up a small ramp onto the dock from the island. The dock was arranged in a wide "U" shape with one large and two smaller boats moored alongside. Ryan showed his young buddy the 21' Malibu Wake Setter, that was used for water skiing, the 38' Chris Craft Commander that Mr. Thomas used for client tours, meetings and of course comfort cruises, and, finally, the 14' Sunfish, day-sailor. Ryan explained the Sunfish was a joy to be out on the lake with and could hold three small people, or two adults.

Robert looked at the sail boat and Ryan told him he'd teach him how to sail, come summer. He explained how easy it was and how much fun he had, out there, when the wind picked up and said he felt like he was flying through water.

The youngster then climbed aboard the Commander and just looked in awe of how big and plush it was. He went topside and took in the view, from there, and wondered, to himself, how it would be to be driving that big a boat. He then climbed down and went below and looked at the amenities which were there. He was impressed with the wood and bed space available. He liked the idea of there being a bathroom, as well.

Coming topside, Robert told Ryan he was glad to see the boat had a bathroom. Ryan laughed and said 'that when you're out there, and you need to go, you just got in the water and dropped your suit and did what you needed to do and got away from there, fast,' laughing as he said that last statement.

"Ryan, can I ask you a question, about Mr. Ken, my' dad'?"

"Sure, Tiger, what do you want to know? I'll tell ya if I know the answer!" replied Ryan.

"This may sound like a dumb question and all … and, well, maybe I should ask him, but … how much … how much money does my 'dad' have? Do you know? Do you have any idea?" asked Robert, then let it stand like that for a few moments, then added, "Geez, now that I asked it, I sound like I'm a money grabber, or something. I'm sorry I asked Ryan, you don't have to answer," said Robert, as he just dropped his head, as if he was going to cry.

Ryan went over to his 'little bro' and put his finger under the lad's chin and pulled his head up and told him, "Hey there 'little brother', there is no need to fret. I totally understand where you are coming from." Ryan, then, sat down and pulled the boy down beside him and, sort of, hugged him to his side. "Here you are … a young man, taken away from your parents and … and, eventually, wind up at a rich man's house. How long have you been here now, Robert?"

"For a few months, or so. Why?"

"Well, when I first got to know my 'Big Bro', I think I kind of asked him that same question, in the first week," and Ryan laughed and laughed about something, he just thought of, while looking at the wide eyes of his companion there.

"You did?" questioned Robert.

"Yep! And you know what he told me? He said it was none of my damn business to know he was worth more than either one of us could spend in a thousand lifetimes! You know, he and I got to be good friends, over the building of his house, Robert. It took over twenty months for them to build that thing, sitting up there, on that hill. When it was all finished, and he took possession, I found out he spent almost eighteen million dollars, just on the house. That doesn't include the land and what he spent fixing up the beach and creating these docks and installing the landscaping.

"My mom, she's an interior decorator, told me she spent over a million and as half just on furniture and drapes and a ton of money on other stuff. That house, that was her biggest job, ever, and it launched her into the Big Time, as a wanted decorator!" Ryan saying that last part with pride.

"Wow, eighteen million dollars. I can't even begin to see that much money; let lone spend it!" responded Robert.

They made some more small talk about the building of the house and what Ryan actually did and how much he got paid before they walked back up to the house, for dinner. The phone rang just when dinner was over. It was Mr. Thomas calling to talk to his 'son'. Robert took the call in the Study and 'dad' and 'son' talked for over 30 minutes about what was happening, there, and where his dad was. Before ending the call 'dad' Ken asked his 'son' if Ryan had showed him any the secret places, in the house. That got the boy's attention, and piqued his curiosity, so he quickly went to find Ryan as soon as he hung up the phone.

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