Castle Roland

Three Finger Cove - Robert
Book II

by Chowhound


Chapter 49

Published: 7 Apr 16

Three Finger Cove – Robert

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by Chowhound
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Kaelyn Farlow returned to school that Wednesday, after serving her ten day suspension for her attack on Logan Anderson. Her 'clique' girlfriends were all abuzz over the girl's return and they made sure the boys, and one boy in particular, knew. Kaelyn's return to school was the talk of the school, that entire day.

"Hey, Logan … did you see who returned to school today?" Joshua Xions commented to his friend Logan.

"Yep, I saw her. She got out of her father's car earlier. She had to report to the Admin Office before she could officially come back," acknowledged the thirteen year old.

"What are you gonna do?" a curious Josh inquired.

"Nothing. There is nothing I can do … other than to stay away from her and not antagonize her, in any way. I don't want to give her any ammunition, for her actions," carefully expounded Logan.

By that time, a number of Logan's friends came up to him and heard his reply to Josh. They all gave the lad their support and told the teen they would have his back, if need be. Logan thanked all his buds and then shrugged his shoulders knowing things could go against him. He knew Kaelyn was Madison's sister who is a friend of Hannah Schwimminger whose dad was a lawyer.

In class that morning, Ms. Randall already knew of the friendship between Joanna Schwimminger and Kaelyn Farlow and told herself she had to watch out for any antagonistic actions by Joanna against Logan. The two seemed to have a feud going on, ever since the day of Kaelyn's attack, and she knew she couldn't let anything happen, to the lad.

At lunch that day, the boys retreated to their usual hang-out and talked about Kaelyn's return. All the boys had something to say except one, Logan.

"Hey, Logan, I thought you'd have a lot to say about Kaelyn's return. What gives? You haven't said a word about it," inquired Gordon.

Logan just sat there thinking about how he was going to respond. He didn't really want his friends to know he was afraid for himself, and his family because of who Kaelyn's lawyer was. But with the guys persisting, Logan finally relented and told them, "Guys … listen … you all know Kaelyn attacked me, as many of you were there, and witnessed it … but … I feel like I will be the one who will have to pay the price."

His friends immediately disagreed with him and said they'd help make sure that Kaelyn got her due. They all said they were ready to testify to what they saw and how the teen went down, hard and fast. They persisted in their support but, when Logan had heard enough, he put his arms up asking them to stop. When they asked why, Logan told them what he didn't really want them to know.

"Guys … stop, stop … thank you for all your support and I know …. if and when the time comes you will all testify against Kaelyn, but what you don't know is … is her sister is friends with Hanna Schwimminger, Joanna's sister."

"So?" asked Josh.

"So … Joanna's dad is a highfaluting lawyer, that's why. He called my mom and told her he would prove that I caused Kaelyn to defend herself. He told my mom he was going to sue us if we didn't drop the charges, on his client. I went from being attacked, and spending two days in the hospital, to the one who provoked the attack.

"Now, my mom is very upset," revealed Logan. "She talked to the detectives who said Kaelyn was the attacker but that it was up to her whether, or not, the charges get dropped. We just can't afford to pay for a lawyer if the Farlow's decide to sue us." Logan then broke down and cried.

The ever vigilant Mr. Chassen heard the lad's story and decided he would do whatever he could to support the lad, and his family, and take 'it' to the Farlow's. He pulled out his cell phone and made a quick call before the end of lunch bell rang.

At The Cove, Ken Thomas was on the phone, with his contract negotiation team, and he did not like what he heard. The union bosses said they would not budge, off their demands, and indicated they would force him into Binding Arbitration, if he didn't relent. Ken Thomas told his team to resubmit their 'final' offer and reiterate to the union, and especially the rank and file workers,

that with the new contract, and after they met his production demands, he would gladly return to the bargaining table and reconsider meeting their present demands. He told the team to stand firm and explain to the union they would not get anything close, to what they are asking for, until they consistently exceeded their previous high production levels.

Mr. Ken did not like how the union bosses thought they could ask for almost anything, and get it, since they had this misconception they had him over a barrel believing he needed to keep the plant operating. With that in mind, he told his team that, if the union decided to strike, they were to shutter the plant. He explained he knew there were people who didn't agree with their union and would want to continue to work, and not strike, but they weren't to allow anyone access to the plant. Period!

Robert came home from school, that day, but was not his usual cheerful self. Momma Maria noticed it and after she served the lad his after school snack, she sought out Mr. Ken, to tell him what she saw.

"Miester Kens," began Maria, "Roberts not hiss selfs todays. Hees looks troubled and I's nevers sees him like dis befores. Maybes you can talks to him and finds out what troubles hims?"

"Thank you, Maria, for telling me that. Yes, it is not like him to be down, after school, so I'll come out to the Kitchen," agreed Mr. Ken.

Mr. Ken followed Maria back, to the Kitchen Nook, but didn't go all the way in. He stopped at the doorway and watched his 'son' for a few minutes, to gauge his demeanor. After seeing enough, 'dad' Ken decided to join his 'son' for a snack.

"Hey there Robert, I needed a break and thought I'd come in here and join you, for a snack. Will that be okay with you 'son'?" a cheerful 'dad' Ken offered.

"Yea … sure," responded Robert, in a totally unenthusiastic, uncharacteristic, way.

"Whoa, there 'son' what's got you so down? You usually come home from school all positive and energetic," encouraged 'dad' Ken.

"Ah … it's nothing … really," stammered out Robert.

Ken Thomas sat there for a few moments trying to decide how he was going to get the lad to open up. He then decided to tackle it head-on.

"Robert … 'son' … I can tell there IS something bothering you … but if you don't tell me what it is you know I can't help you work it out. Now … what do you say? You want to tell your 'dad' what happened, at school, which has you so down in the dumps?" comforted 'dad' Ken.

Robert sat there, not responding, but then he looked at his 'dad' and said, "I don't think you can help, 'dad'. It isn't something that I did or that I am in trouble for, it's just … it's just that … that Logan, the kid who we visited, in the hospital … he is afraid for his mom and his family. He was the one attacked but Kaelyn's lawyer is making trouble for his family.

"Logan told us, today, that this lawyer called his mom and said something like 'if you don't drop the charges against my client we will make it very difficult for you'. 'Dad', Logan said his family can't afford a lawyer, to fight this. We all feel bad for our friend, but none of us … none of us can do anything to help him, with this," disclosed Robert.

Ken sat there dumbfounded at what he just heard. He knew Logan was the one attacked, at school, but he couldn't figure out how it was that he and his family would be the ones on the defensive end, because of it. But, he also needed to know what his new 'son' thought, or at least, would want to do to help his friend out.

"Robert, this obviously has you upset, but what it is that you would want to do to help out your friend?" simply asked 'dad' Ken.

"I … I don't know what I can do, 'dad'. I'm just a kid and I have no money to give to Logan to help them afford a lawyer. Me and the guys talked about doing that but … we know it would be a hollow gesture since there is no way we could collect enough money to help him," lamented the preteen.

Mr. Ken did know someone who could help, it was himself, but he didn't want to offer that to the lad. He didn't want the boy to think that his 'dad's' money is a 'corrective action' to whatever the lad sees wrong. He knew he could make a few phone calls to gauge how serious the lawyer is about hurting Logan's family. Until then, he would hold close his options and work from the sidelines to see what, if anything, he could help with.

Knowing he needed to be supportive of his 'son', Mr. Ken offered, "Robert … I know you're upset over this … but, for now, all you can do is support Logan and not let his school work suffer. Be there for him, support him and let him know you are there for him. Hopefully, this lawyer was only 'posturing' to get the Anderson's to drop the charges, on Kaelyn. Let's give it time, to settle, and see what shakes out. Do you think you can do that, 'son'?"

Robert looked up to his 'dad' and seriously said, "You don't understand, 'dad'. The lawyer … he's supposed to be some sort of highfalutin one and Kaelyn's older sister … she is friends of the daughter of this lawyer. 'Dad', Logan sounds scared, real scared."

"Do you know what Kaelyn's older sister's name is, by chance?" inquired 'dad' Ken.

"I think her name is Madison, Madison Farlow. Do you know her, 'dad'?" responded the 'son'.

Mr. Ken did indeed know who the girl was but he didn't want Robert to know that just yet, so he replied, "No, I don't know her personally. I think she may have been one of Collin and Ryan's many classmates, from school. … For now, what say you help Logan out by being supportive of him and offer to help him, with school work and stuff, that you know you personally can help out with? Don't be a pest, but let him know you are there to listen to him and do whatever you can. You okay with that Robert … 'son'?"

"Yes, 'dad', what else can I do? I just feel bad for him that he was the victim and, now, he may be the defendant. It just isn't fair!" And with that, tears began to flow out of Robert's eyes.

'Dad' Ken saw how this revelation affected his 'son' so he knew he needed to comfort the lad, so he went to him and held him tight and let the boy cry himself out.

"Bill, I may have a job for you or, at least, one of your associates," began Ken Thomas, when he called his friend, and personal lawyer, after seeing Robert was going to be okay.

Mr. Ken told the man what he knew and suspected about Dracken Schwimminger and asked him to see what he could find out, as well. He wanted it done as discretely, as possible, as he thought the lawyer was just posturing to get the charges dropped, but he wanted to help out, if that would not be the case. Bill Jackson said he'd get someone on it, in the morning, and would get back to him.

The next day, at school, it was apparent to Robert, that Logan's demeanor hadn't changed and had possibly gotten worse. He went up to the boy and again told him he would help him study or help him with his homework or whatever else he could personally do.

Logan stood there perplexed that someone, so new to the school, even, was offering to help him. He really hadn't gotten to know Robert, very well, as they were in separate classrooms. He only knew the preteen from the group talks, they'd both been in. The teen then realized other boys had arrived and should say something.

"Robert … thank you for offering to help me where you can. My grades are pretty good so I don't think …" was all Logan got out, before Robert interrupted him.

"Logan … what you don't realize is … you are going through a terrible and stressful time in your life, right now, and the first thing to decline … will be your concentration and then your school grades will begin to suffer. I know how it is … I've been there. … Look … all of us want to help you anyway we can. I know that you want to be 'strong' for your family but you're only thirteen! You can't be expected to take on that much responsibility. And, if you try to do it your grades will more, than likely, suffer!

"I may not be in the same classroom, as you, but we are studying the same subjects, aren't we? Who knows, my helping you might lead you to helping me and we both WIN with better grades. … So … what do you say? … Will you at least consider it? Even if you don't need the help right now, with your studies … maybe you just need a friendly ear to listen to you and be there, for you, too. There's NO need to make a decision right now, but … please let me know if you want me to help," encouraged Robert.

The rest of the lads heard Robert's dialogue and they wholeheartedly agreed with him. Many of them offered the same help and, reiterated, they would have his back. Logan couldn't ever remember anyone ever being offered this sort of help and it made him teary-eyed that his friends were doing it, for him. He had to wipe his eyes and all he could think to say right then was "Thank you". He then had to walk away before he broke down and cried, in front of them, from all the support he never knew he had.

Logan didn't know where he could go but he figured he could go to his classroom, a bit early, so he headed into the school. As he did, he passed by Mr. Chassen who stopped him and said, "Logan … those boys are all there for you. All you need to do is ask. Go ahead inside and try to compose yourself. We ALL have your back, young man!"

The teenager had a rough time trying to concentrate in class, that morning. All he could do was think about how all his friends, and now a teacher, were offering to help him in any way, they could. He searched his brain and could never, ever, remember any of his schoolmates needing or receiving such friendship and backing.

Josephine Randall, Logan's teacher, could sense the lad was having a difficult time dealing with what transpired between Kaelyn and himself. She didn't know exactly what was bothering him but she knew his grades could tumble if she didn't find out and direct him in the right way. She opted to give the class some 'study' time while she searched out Mr. Chassen, whom she knew watched out for the lads.

As soon as Ms. Randall closed the classroom door, Joanna started in on Logan. "Did your mom hire a lawyer yet, Logan?" laughed Joanna. "When Kaelyn gets through with you, you won't own enough clothes to come to school with!" With that said, Joanna laughed even harder. Then, she offered one last jab, and said, "Oh … I just hope you don't wind up like, you know, like that kid did at the waterpark, a few years ago, did." This time a few other 'clique' girls joined in Joanna's laughter.

Logan couldn't take the stress, and now the directed harassment, so he quickly got out of his seat and ran to the door, opened it, and ran, out of the school.

Daniel Chassen and Ms. Randall were talking when they saw the teen run passed by them. Ms. Randall told the man she had no idea why Logan would do that, so Mr. Chassen took off after the lad. Ms. Randall went back to her class to find out what made the boy do what he just did.

When Dan Chassen caught up with Logan, the teen was crying hard. When the man lightly placed his hand on the lad's back, to get the boy's attention. the lad pulled his shoulder away and continued to cry. Dan then went around to face the teenager, grabbed both of the lad's arms and calmly told the boy, "Logan … you can't do this all by yourself. You need to let the people who care about you, and care for you, to help you deal with all this. … What say we go to Ms. Chadwick … and talk to her about what happened, in your classroom that made you run out like you did?

"Son … there is nothing wrong with asking for help, when you know you are in way over your head. I want you to know that Robert's offer is a sound one. Even if you don't need his help, with your studies, you may find he can help you with what you are having to deal with."

Logan looked up into Mr. Chassen's eyes and asked, "How (hic) can he (hic) help? He's new (hic) here and doesn't really (hic) know me. I don't know what he can (hic) do for me!"

"Logan … do you know why Robert started here, so late, in the school term?" inquired Mr. Chassen.

"No … I figured he moved over the Holidays so that was why he came right after them," honestly replied Logan.

"I thought you knew why he joined us, so late … but, it isn't my place to tell you. What I will tell you is this. When Robert told you, 'I know how it is … I've been there', didn't that tell you something or, at least, give you a little hint? … I can't tell you what to do here, Logan … but, I will strongly suggest you get to know Robert. He's a lot stronger than you may think he is. … Now, come on … let's go inside and talk to Ms. Chadwick."

Late that morning, Mr. Ken received a phone call from his lawyer, Bill Jackson. Bill told him there was already someone looking into the situation between young Logan and his attacker, Kaelyn. He went on to tell the man that Dracken, nor his Law Offices, were hired by the Farlow's to represent them, in any matter. Bill told Mr. Ken they didn't know who was behind the phone calls, to the boy's mom, but that it doesn't mean another lawyer is involved.

Bill Jackson speculated that the girl used Schwimminger's name in the hopes Ms. Anderson would relent and drop the charges knowing she couldn't afford to fight such a prestigious law firm. The two men agreed to continue to search for the lawyer or whomever may be posing as one.

On a further note, Bill told Ken that he still hadn't heard anything about Mildred's lawsuit but that it was still early, in the process. Mr. Jackson explained he was getting his arguments together and would file his counter, to the lawsuit, early next week. Ken thanked the man for what he was doing for him and asked him if Stewart Russell might be available to represent Logan, if things got too rough, for the lad.

Logan was nowhere to be found, at his school, during Lunch. All his friends heard what happened, in his classroom, that morning, but had no idea where the lad had gone. What Logan's friends didn't know was Logan was in talking with Principal Chadwick along with Mr. Chassen and Mrs. Randall.

Half way into the student's lunchtime, Logan and Mr. Chassen came into the lunch room. Logan came over to his friends and told them he would explain, but first he needed to get something to eat. Mr. Chassen said 'Hi', to the lads, and then walked away and headed for the girl's table. As Mr. Chassen left, the cafeteria, he had Joanna Schwimminger, with him.

"Where'd you go?" "What happened to you?" "Why were you with Mr. Chassen?" were just a few of the questions Logan got when he sat down to eat his lunch.

"Guys, I bet you heard how I ran out of class this morning, and out of the school. Mr. Chassen came running after me and talked with me before convincing me to go to talk to Principal Chadwick. You all know Joanna said some real mean things to me, in the classroom, and with all that's been going on between my family and this lawyer, who keeps calling us, and Joanna this morning, I just couldn't take it anymore. So … I ran," reasoned Logan.

"When I went to talk with Principal Chadwick, I told her about everything that began right after Kaylynn attacked me. I told her all about the lawyer's phone calls and the harassment by Joanna and some of the other girls over Kaelyn's attack on me. I then told her how all you guys were very supportive of me, and had my back. I told her that I really appreciated all the help that you guys offered to give me.

"Robert … I would like to take you up on your offer from this morning … that is, if it's OK with you? I might not need help with my studies, right now, but … I think I could use someone to sit down and talk with and … well, maybe listen to what I have to say. Are you sure you want to do that, with me?" Logan wanted to know.

Robert smiled back at the lad and just said he wouldn't have offered if he wasn't willing to help. The preteen then asked the teenager to give him his phone number, before school ended, today and said they'd see how they could hook up. The two lads bumped fists, after that, and Logan went back to eating his lunch.

No one saw Joanna Schwimminger, at school, the rest of the day.

Robert had some pep in his step when he returned home from school, that day. He went in the see Momma Maria, to get his afterschool snack, and Maria could see that the boy had a much better demeanor that day and she was happy, for the lad. When Robert had finished his snack, he went looking for his 'dad', in the man's Study.

'Dad' Ken heard Robert come into his study and when he saw the smile on his 'son's' face he knew the boy was feeling much better that day.

"Okay 'son' tell me why such a big smile today?" asked 'dad' Ken.

"Well, 'dad', I went to Logan this morning, like you suggested, and I told him I would help him with his studies and I would listen to him if he needed someone to talk to. At first, I didn't think he was going to accept my offer. But, later in the morning, something happened in his classroom which made Logan run out.

"When lunch came, none of us knew where Logan was. About halfway through lunch, Logan and Mr. Chassen came into the cafeteria and then Logan told us what happened. But before he could do that, Mr. Chassen went over to Joanna Schwimminger and he and she, we think, walked to Principal Chadwick's office. No one saw her the rest of the day.

"Anyway, Logan gave me his phone number and we're going to try to get together, this weekend, if it's okay with you 'dad'?" fully explained Robert.

"Sure, I have no problem with that, 'son'. Keep in mind tomorrow morning, bright and early, we'll be outside getting the Easter Egg Roll set up. The whole thing takes the majority of the day but you know something … well, I have an idea. What say we invite Logan and his family over for dinner tomorrow night, after the Easter Egg Roll? I'll bet the whole family could use a stress FREE evening.

"So, what you think? Should we invite them over for dinner tomorrow night? That way, you and Logan can get together before, and after, dinner and talk and I could get more information from Mrs. Anderson about this so-called lawyer, who keeps calling them," offered 'dad' Ken.

Robert's eyes lit up when he heard his dad's offer. Then, he had to ask himself should it be he who asks them to dinner or should his dad be the one, to ask them. It didn't take him long for the lad to decide that, since it was Mr. Ken's home, it should be his 'dad' who asks the Anderson's over, for dinner. So, he told his dad what he thought. And dad agreed.

Like any other Saturday, Robert got up, took his shower, and then remembered he volunteered to help with the Easter Egg Roll. He met his 'dad', for breakfast, then the two of them met the teen volunteers out front, of the garage doors. It was then that Robert's buddies showed up to go skateboarding out in front of the Cove. Robert quickly explained what was happening and his five pals readily agreed to help out.

Even though there were Ryan's eleven high school friends, plus four each Junior Class and Sophomore Class Officers, the additional six preteens proved to be a big help. They broke into four groups. One group set up the prize area inside the garage. The second group helped set up the little tykes Easter Egg Roll area. The third and fourth groups help set up the bigger kids Easter Egg Roll, in the large field, behind the house.

By twelve noon, the volunteers were ready for the onslaught of little tykes and young, ten year olds and younger, boys and girls from the surrounding neighborhood. There was NO PARKING allowed at The Cove and the residents knew that, so they all walked, to The Cove. The many volunteers directed the parents to which area they should go, with their kids. By one o'clock, Mr. Ken came out and made a quick read of the Rules of the Easter Egg Roll.

"May I have your attention, please? The Easter Egg Roll Rules have not changed from the previous year's Rules, but, for the benefit of any new residents, I want to quickly reiterate them.

  1. The children MUST stay in their designated areas.
  2. The Easter Eggs may or may not contain a Prize Coupon but pick them up anyway.
  3. When all the Easter Eggs have been collected, the children are to open the eggs to see if they WON a prize.
  4. ONLY ONE PRIZE will be awarded to a child. Even if they have multiple Prize Coupons. If that is the case, that child will select which Prize they want.
  5. Parents, please be aware that some Easter Eggs DO contain coins. They have either quarters, dimes or nickels so watch your child does NOT put them in his or her mouth and swallow them. A few Easter Eggs DO have paper money in them, so please watch out for them, as well.
  6. The decisions of the Judges, that would be me and my 'son', are FINAL.

At the announcement of 'and my 'son's', a parent asked if Collin had returned to The Cove.

Mr. Ken explained he had a new foster son and he then introduced Robert. The crowd warmly applauded and Robert took a few bows and waved. Then, with the boys and girls in their respective areas, Mr. Ken set the Easter Egg Roll into motion with the blast from an air horn.

As soon as the air horn went off, the older kids dashed for all the Easter Eggs they could gather. At the front of The Cove, the little tykes, some dressed as bunnies, walked about and picked the eggs up and placed them into their basket. The little tykes were, by far, the most fun to watch. Their little bodies trying to bend and pick up the egg and place it into their basket proved to be a trying time for them. Of course, their parents did help along the way.

It didn't take more than thirty minutes for the Annual Easter Egg Roll to conclude. Now, the hardest part, for the volunteers, was about to begin. They had to verify the coupon, of the winning child, or coupons when there were more than one prize won, the child got to select which one they wanted. The remaining prize went back for the alternate drawing of the unclaimed Prizes.

By two-thirty that afternoon, the last of the participants were walking out the gate of The Cove. The final task the volunteers had to attend to, was the breaking down of the boxes and getting them ready for the recycler. When all the boxes were stacked and bound, the stray and broken plastic eggs were all picked up and the garage and parking corral looked presentable, Mr. Ken brought out the volunteers 'pay'.

Mr. Ken presented checks, in the amount of seventy-five dollars to each and every person who helped with the Easter Egg Roll. It didn't matter how much they helped, in the beginning, only that the end result was a fantastic Easter Egg Roll, and loads of fun, for the kids.

To mainly the Sophomore Class Officers, but also to the Junior Class Officers, Mr. Ken explained he had just given out close to two thousand dollars. He reminded the Class leaders that if next year's junior class wanted to take on the Easter Egg Roll they could, potentially, put all that money into their Class bank account. But, he told them there was always a 'but' they had to be serious about the project and they needed to plan and prepare for that day well in advance, of the actual day.

Ken Thomas then personally thanked each and every 'volunteer' for their help. To the Sophomore Class Officers he asked them to let him know, at the beginning of the next school year, if they wanted to take on the Easter Egg Roll as a, Junior Class sponsored, money earning project. Then, before long all the teens were gone.

"Mr. Ken," spoke up Trevor, "did you mean to give us all this money, too? I mean, sure we helped, but we did it because it was fun."

"Yes, boys, I want each and every one of you to accept that money, for your help, in making today's Easter Egg Roll a rousing success. You did as much work, and maybe more, as the older teens did and thus you earned that money. But, I want to personally thank each and every one of you for volunteering, to help, not knowing you would be getting 'paid', so to speak. You did it for Robert, I am sure, but you also did it knowing your help was being used for a good cause.

"The older teens knew, quite well, they would be paid for their help, in making the Easter Egg Roll happen. I've paid them the past three years, now, for 'helping' but you all did it out of the goodness of your heart. It was hard work, especially when you look at all the time and effort it took. So, yes you ALL earned that money. And, if your parents squawk about it just have them call me," Mr. Ken cheerfully said to the lads.

Each of the preteens thanked and then hugged Mr. Ken for his thoughtfulness and for treating them like all the other teenagers there, that day. The boys then gathered together and talked about their experience and then what they each thought they'd do with their new found 'wealth'.

It was close to 4 o'clock when Robert mentioned to his friends that Logan and his family were coming over, that evening, for dinner and that he needed to go in and get cleaned up. He told them his guests would be there in about, he thought, an hour, or so. Brad quickly called his dad and asked him to come and get him and Gordon, and take them home. He explained why. Chuck then called his dad and asked if he could come and get him and Trevor and take Trevor home. He, too, explained why.

Eric looked at Robert and said, "I knew Logan was coming over, tonight, and I asked my mom to pick me up by 4:30. So, that okay with you?"

By 4:30 that afternoon, Robert's five friends had all got home and Robert headed up to his room to get ready, for his company. The lad stripped off his clothes and walked to his bathroom to use the urinal. He then went into the large shower and chose his favorite shower head and turned on the water.

The lad enjoyed his shower and while he was cleaning himself up he found that his 'boy toy' had come the life and so he knew he needed to give it some attention. When finished with his show of attention to his 'toy', Robert rinsed off, again. He dried off and went back into his bedroom, chose school type clothes, to wear that night, then headed downstairs to the Meeting-Reading-Sitting (MRS) Room to await the arrival of his evening guests.

Mrs. Anderson and Logan and the two older girls all arrived promptly at 5 PM. Mr. Ken and Robert, along with Chief, greeted them, at the front door, and invited them in. Robert took their coats and placed them in the hall cloakroom. They all then sat down in the sitting area just off the main Foyer. Since only Logan had ever been at The Cove, Mr. Ken asked the women if they would like a quick tour, of the house, while awaiting dinner. The three newcomers all agreed and Ken and Robert, and Chief, along with Logan, began the tour by taking the elevator upstairs.

The guests were impressed by all of the bedrooms but especially the way the bathrooms were set up for male and female children. The girls were impressed by what Mr. Ken explained was the girls bathroom because it not only had separate enclosed showers, it also had a deep tub where they could relax, and pamper themselves, along with four deep sinks nestled on a long counter.

Logan had visited The Cove back when Collin lived there, but he didn't get a full tour of the house back then. So, when Logan saw the boy's bathroom he said he was impressed that having a urinal in it that it had to be the best thing ever. Only Mr. Ken and Mrs. Anderson laughed at the lad's remark.

All six then headed to the lowest level, via the elevator, and exited into the Great Room or Family Room. From there, Mr. Ken showed them the Theater, the Wine Cellar, the bar downstairs, the very large restrooms for when they had indoor parties. Lastly, the man took Mrs. Anderson and the girls over to the indoor pool.

The three women were agog by the size and scope of the pool area. Logan had already seen and used the area so he didn't say anything. The girls asked if they could walk around and look around some, and Mr. Ken said they could.

Finished with the downstairs tour, Mr. Ken took them up to the main level and showed them his Study and where the master bedroom was located. He took them, past the MRS area, to where the main dining room and main living room were located. From there, of course, he took them past the Butler's pantry into the Kitchen and showed them the Kitchen Nook. Again, Mrs. Anderson, and her girls, were taken aback by the view people had from the Kitchen Nook out over on the Lake.

It was there that they met Momma Maria who explained that dinner would be served in just a few minutes and if they wouldn't mind getting ready and gathering in the dining room.

Dinner, that evening, was pot roast, mashed potatoes creamed corn, green beans and buttered rolls. Mr. Ken asked Ms. Anderson if it was all right for her children to have some red wine, with dinner, and, when she agreed, he got out a bottle of wine and poured some for all six of them. This was the first time that Robert had ever been given the opportunity to taste any kind of wine, and he was looking forward to the experience.

Dessert that evening was red velvet cake with cream cheese icing and vanilla ice cream on the side. Coffee was served to the adults and the teenagers were all offered refills of their favorite soda.

When dinner was over, Mr. Ken and Mrs. Anderson retired to his study, to talk. Logan and Robert went down to the Great Room to talk and Logan's sisters, who had each brought a book to read, decided to sit up in the MRS room to read and watch the fish, in the large fish tank, that was located there.

In Mr. Ken's Study, the man cautiously inquired of Mrs. Anderson, about the status of Kaelyn's attack on Logan, and also asked about the harassment he had heard was going on against them.

Down in the Great Room, Robert and Logan were just talking about school and other sundry items that young teens talk about. That was until Logan asked Robert what he meant by, "I know how it is… I was there."

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