Castle Roland

Three Finger Cove - Robert
Book II

by Chowhound


Chapter 54

Published: 12 May 16

Three Finger Cove – Robert

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By noon Saturday, Three Finger Cove's parking corral looked like a school kid's convention. Sixteen lads were there taking their turns on, the newly installed, skateboard ramps. It took a while for the large group to figure out how everyone could skate, the different ramps and not cause a traffic jam. Before long, the lads were sharing the Half-Pipe, Launch Ramp, Quarter Pipe, Grind Box and the Funbox with only an occasional near-miss.

The most surprising thing was how well the two different age groups got along. At first, the younger lads were a bit leery about the older kids and mostly stayed out of their way. But when the 7th grade boys began giving the younger boys some helpful hints, on how to use or 'take' the ramp, the communication gap disappeared. All sixteen boys were there to have fun and they all helped one another to do just that. When the evening came around and the boys were still at it, Mr. Ken knew the skateboard ramps would be a good thing for everyone, all around.

By 6 o'clock, many of the lad's cell phones had gone off with the parent wanting to know when their wayward son would be home. The kids knew then it was time to go, otherwise they could get grounded and not be allowed to stop by, again. It didn't take long, thereafter, for fourteen of the sixteen lads to thank Mr. Ken and Robert and say their 'Goodbyes'. The new skateboard ramps were an immediate success.

Since Momma Maria worked last weekend, Mr. Ken and Robert and their overnight guest, Eric, had to fend for themselves. They all decided that the Four Corner's Diner would be a good place for them as, there, they didn't need to get all dressed up. Extremely full after a satisfying meal, Mr. Ken recommended they all play a round of miniature golf to help 'walk off' all that food.

In Robert's bedroom, later that night, Eric wanted to talk to his best friend about what happened at school when Robert was attacked. Eric felt bad that he wasn't able to help defend his best friend and he wanted to apologize and 'clear the air', so it wouldn't come between them.

Robert reasoned with him by saying no one could have ever predicted; first, he would have been attacked, like he was; and second, that he would be attacked in front of all those students and teachers. Robert told Eric he sort of figured Brody would cause some sort of trouble, after what was said before the morning bell but he said he was caught totally off guard when the older boy, grabbed and slapped him, and then threw him down, to the floor. Robert was honest with Eric when he told his best friend he had gotten really scared when Brody made his fist and started towards him.

Eric was still upset at himself for not doing more but before the preteen could apologize anymore and try to explain himself, Robert leaned in and kissed him. That brought Eric to close his eyes and kiss his best friend back. They tongue wrestled for a few moments before Robert said, "That's the kind of apology I want, now, stop talking and keep the kisses coming."

It didn't take long for the boys neither regions to begin to respond from their close contact. They both became aware of their flagpoles, coming to attention, and before long they each brought a hand to the others 'pride and joy' and began to ensure the flagpole stood upright. Then, they each reached into the flags pouch and made sure the pole was indeed tall and strong.

It didn't take the two, almost thirteen year olds, to move to Robert's bed and lie down on it face-to-face. They continued their kissing but they also began to unfurl their flag poles and allow them to wave freely. The lads allowed the now freed poles to rub against one another which would occasionally cause a 'jolt of electricity' to curse up and through their bodies. Those sensations only heightened their desire to more than satisfy their paramour.

They each recognized the other still had on their t-shirt so they worked on removing that piece of clothing. Once removed, they allowed their hand to lightly tease their chest and nipples which provided more heightened tingling sensations. Eventually, Robert moved Eric onto his back and placed his body astride his friend's. They consciously slid their bodies around so their phallus could use the combined sweat to heighten their ecstasy.

Soon, they exchanged places and Eric now appeared on top. They continued to slide their bodies together but Eric began to slide, further and further, down towards his intended target. When Robert began to protest, Eric told him to let him do him 'first' this time. Robert didn't argue and allowed his more than best friend, to proceed to manipulate his hardened dick, with his mouth.

Eric enjoyed having his best friends hard love muscle in his mouth. He couldn't get over how 'soft' the hard flesh rocket felt to his tongue. He enjoyed the sensations he got as his mouth moved up and down the engorged pole. He could also taste what he knew now to be pre-cum and knew it wouldn't be long before he got his friend's pocket-rocket to shot off its fireworks.

As the preteen sucked on the flagpole, his hand was manipulating the crown jewels which made the elixir he so wanted, to extract. As his thoughts turned to the joy juice, he increased his ministrations and when his hand felt the two oval orbs pull tight and up to the base of the hardened shaft, Eric got ready for his payoff. And, he wasn't disappointed at the outcome. Robert's baby-maker shot out five jolts of juice that Eric readily swallowed, and enjoyed. It wasn't long before the penis became too sensitive and Robert pulled it away from its handler.

Robert lovingly pull Eric up to him and gave the lad a kiss of thanks. The preteen could taste his own boy cream on Eric's tongue and wasn't surprised at its taste as he had often tasted his own boy cream.

Robert didn't wait very long before he began his own slow slide down to his favorite target. When he was forced to take the older men's peckers, into his mouth, he began to think about the older boys, in his school, and how he would have loved for it to have been them. Now, he had something that was just as good, or even better, because it was attached to someone he truly 'loved'.

Robert could tell that Eric was primed to blow as the ball sac was already pulled tight up against the body. He tried his best to give his best friend the best feelings he could, through the sensitive end of the pole, but after less than a minute, Eric's one-eyed-snake began to shoot out its venom. Robert felt Eric inject five good squirts of venom into his mouth and he swallowed as fast as he could. When the snake became too sensitive to be handled, Robert slid back up to his best friend and the two shared a deep kiss of total satisfaction.

The two lads fell asleep in each other's arms and would wake a few hours later so they could drain their dragons. When they returned back to bed, Robert suggested they put their boxers back on just in case Mr. Ken came up, to the room, in the morning. He said he didn't want to get caught like they had been, once, before. Underwear on, the two boys kissed a time or two more and then proceeded to fall asleep in one another's arms.

Ken always wakes up between 8 and 8:15 AM every morning. It is the rare day he is found in bed later than that and that may be because he bedded a young lady the night before. But that day wasn't after a marathon sexual romp, so the man went outside, got his Sunday paper and fixed himself a simple cup of coffee and one of Maria's sweet cakes. The time was close to about 10 o'clock and Mr. Ken realized the lads hadn't come down for breakfast. He was tempted to go upstairs and wake them but he didn't want to take the chance he would embarrass them, so he stayed put.

Upstairs, the two preteens were indeed up and at 'em, as they say. They had already taken care of their morning erections after standing in front of the urinal, brushed their teeth and were in the process of getting a shower. In the shower, they talked about the previous days skateboarding and how much their friends enjoyed the new ramps. They also smiled at one another with the knowledge of what they did for each other the night before.

These thoughts caused their flesh rockets to become erected and made ready for another blast-off. Seeing one another's straining shafts, they approached each other and took a hold of the other's pole. They knew what to do and as they manipulated the hardened love muscle they each stroked, as if it was their own. It didn't take long for both rockets to shoot their fiery exhaust. That done, they shared one last kiss and finished their shower. They were walked into the Kitchen Nook by 10:30.

"Hello, boys … I trust you two slept well," Mr. Ken greeted the preteen.

"Yes, 'dad'" came out of both boy's mouths, who then laughed at what they just did. "What's for breakfast?"

The three discussed their breakfast situation and ultimately decided to go over to The Four Corner's Diner and get something that more closely resembled 'brunch'. Ken Thomas got a big breakfast consisting of two eggs, three pancakes, three rashers of bacon and coffee. Robert Harrison got French toast, two over-easy eggs and three rashers of bacon. Eric Turner laughed at his dining partners, saying it was closer to lunch then breakfast so he ordered a double-bacon cheeseburger with a 'mix'. The waitress told the lad they didn't have a 'mix' and he would have to choose either fries or rings. Eric looked over at his 'big bro/dad' for help. Mr. Ken asked for Mr. Henry who made sure the lad got his 'mix'.

"Boss, I guess I now need to add the 'mix' to this side of the restaurant seeing that you have now ordered it over here. By the way, Mr. Thomas, the 'mix' is a big hit and our sales have almost doubled and the profits have increased more than my expectations. I am very thankful you had me put the 'mix' on the chalkboard as an evening 'special'. More and more people are ordering from that 'special menu' and that has decreased waste and prep time while increasing service time. You sure knew what you were doing when had me do that," acknowledged Ed Henry, the Four Corner's Restaurant/Diner manager.

"Ed, all I did was twist your arm into adding the 'mix' to the 'specials board'. I know it is you and your staff who have made it a success. And, I am grateful for the increased profits. We've been open for quite some time now and don't you think it's time we look to change the Restaurant side menu up?" commented the restaurant/diner's owner.

"Boss, you may have a point there …" but, Sophia, the man and boy's morning waitress, and standing nearby, spoke up, causing Ed Henry to stop in his thoughts,

"Mr. Thomas, yes, I agree, we need to change up that menu. We talk to our customers, all the time, and they often wish we had such-n-such, or this and that. It wouldn't be any trouble for us 'girls' to write down and collect what they have to say and give it to Mr. Henry here. That way you'd have direct input from our customer base. So, what do you think, Mr. Thomas?" advocated Sophia.

Mr. Ken sat there thinking about her suggestion but knew it really was Ed Henry's decision to make so he handed-off the suggestion for Ed, to handle. He and Ed talked about Sophia's recommendation a bit more before Ed said he'd get back to his 'boss'. The trio of brunch eaters left soon thereafter.

When the trio returned to The Cove, there were about ten lads waiting at the front gate. As soon as Mr. Ken and the lads turned into The Cove's grounds the kids with their skateboards followed them in. Robert and Eric dragged out their skateboards and joined their friends who were invited to try out the new ramps that Sunday. Before long, Terran and Sam showed up, along with their older brothers and joined in with their two invited friends. Again, sixteen preteen lads were out on the newly installed ramps, having a blast.

There was the occasional 'crash' between two skateboarder's that required a little self-spittle and to walk it off before the boys got back on their skateboard and continuing to have fun. The day seemed to move along quickly for the lads and before they knew it the clock began creeping up towards 6 PM. It wasn't too long after 6 o'clock that the ramps were empty, as even Eric needed to go home, as he did have school in the morning.

Before Robert returned from school, that Monday, Mr. Ken began sorting through his daily mail when he noticed an envelope, from the District Attorney's Office. He immediately got concerned that what it contained dealt with his new charge, Robert. When he opened the envelope his heart sank. The District Attorney George Morris, himself, was going to try the lad's father and mother and he wanted to begin working with the preteen that Wednesday night to get ready for the trail which would begin in two weeks which would be right in the middle of Robert's final exams.

Ken knew that in those last four weeks of school, or so, the students were required to take their end of course tests. But, during the last four weeks of school the students also finished up taking the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness, what is known as the STAAR test. This year the 7th grade, Robert's grade, would be responsible for passing Reading, Math, while the Writing portion had already be administered.

The man also knew the boy's concentration would be totally disrupted if the lad had to be taken aside and prepared to testify at his parent's trial which would begin in two weeks. He also knew, with the DA wanting to 'coach' the preteen for the two weeks prior to the trial, he would be afraid the overloaded lad would have a meltdown. He immediately made a call to Bill Jackson.

Robert came home that evening from school with a big smile on his face. He directly went looking for his 'dad'.

"'Dad', 'dad', the ramps … that's all the kids talked about at school, today. All the kids, who got the chance to try them out, couldn't say enough about them. Even Terran's and Sam's buddies came over to tell me how wonderful the ramps were and how much they appreciated the older guys helping them out, and treating them nice. Thanks 'dad' for doing that for me and my friends. Now, we all have a good place to practice our 'moves', on the ramps, and we're not out front making all that noise, anymore," conveyed Robert, as he gave his dad a big hug.

At dinner that night, the skateboard ramps were the topic, du jour. That's all Robert could talk about, the skateboard ramps. He relayed what some of his classmates said about the new ramps and then went into explaining how the lads perceived them until they saw and used them. Robert had never been that animated, or as happy, as he was right then and there. Mr. Ken looked at his 'son' in a new light but knew the lad's world could come tumbling down around him when he hears he will be forced to testify, in a few weeks.

Ken Thomas decided NOT to say anything, to the boy, about the letter he received that day. He wanted to wait until Bill Jackson had the opportunity to talk to the DA and try to get the trial rescheduled for after the end of the school year. The next day he learned that Bill had a meeting scheduled with the DA and should know more by early afternoon.

The new skateboard ramps were still the major topic on the 7th and 5th grade boy's minds. Many of the 7th grade kids, who don't normally use their skateboards, very much, were now wanting to be invited over to try them out. Since only four 5th grade lads, besides Terran and Sam, had been invited over to The Cove to try out the ramps more and more of that grade wanted to know how they could get invited. That put Terran and Sam in a bad position since they didn't own the ramps and were only invitees, themselves. The lads didn't know what they could do to increase the number of 5th grade skaters. They told their classmates, they'd talk to Robert, but they cautioned they would not promise anything.

During lunch, Sam and Terran stopped by Robert's lunch table and asked him if they could talk to him before the lunch period was over. The lads, along with Robert and Trevor and Chuck, found a quiet corner and Sam took the lead and explained their problem, to Robert. Robert told the 5th graders he couldn't promise anything but that he would talk to his 'dad' that night to see what they might be able to work out. Terran thanked him for at least considering their plight and even offered not to go over if it meant one more of his friends could try out the new ramps. That offer impressed Robert, but it practically floored Trevor. This was the second time his little brother acted contrary to his normal crying, to be included, or him wanting to do the same, as his older brother.

Bill Jackson met with the District Attorney late that Tuesday morning and attempted to impress upon the man the hardship he was imposing on the 7th grader. The attorney stressed the importance the State of Texas placed on the STAAR tests and the DA's requirement for the lad to prepare for the trial would impose an undue hardship on the boy's ability to concentrate and pass the strenuous tests. Bill Jackson also reminded the DA that the lad would also have to pass his own course curriculum before he could be advanced, to the next grade. The District Attorney refused to relent and indicated he would go to The Cove the following evening to begin to prepare the lad for the upcoming trial.

Ken Thomas felt his heart skip a beat when Bill Jackson told him about his meeting with the DA. Bill then told him he and Stewart Russell were preparing a brief to the presiding judge requesting a delay to the trail due to Robert's STAAR Testing and the Middle School's end of year finals, or, curriculum, tests. Mr. Ken thanked the man for thinking 'outside of the box' and appreciated everything he could do to keep Robert from having to testify until after school recessed, for the summer. The two disconnected so Bill and Stew could work on their presentation for the first thing tomorrow morning. Mr. Ken again decided NOT to say anything to Robert about the trial and his testifying until he was certain they couldn't delay the trial.

The next morning, Bill and Stew approached the presiding judge, for Frank and Angela's trial, a Judge Steven Rossenburger, with their request for a postponement, due to the sensitivity of the main witness and the complication of the end of the school year, for the boy. The judge told them he understood what they were attempting to do but the trial had been postponed already too many times, before, and the defendants were entitled to a 'fair and speedy trial'.

It was then that Bill Jackson brought out his 'big guns'. He told Judge Rossenburger that if the defendants wanted a speedy trial they would have done so nine months ago when they were scheduled for their first trial. Bill Jackson then continued with the litany of defendant's lawyer's delay after delay: 15 August, their lawyer said he wasn't ready; 10 October, they requested a change of venue; 5 January they again requested a postponement due to witnesses not being available or could not be found; and finally, 31 March their lawyer claimed he had a prior trial scheduled even though their new trial was on the docket well before this supposed 'new' commitment.

Stewart Russell then got up and introduced himself as Robert Arthur Harrison's lawyer and explained that the defendant's request for change of venue was denied but the delay caused the next trial date to be set. Stew went on to say that prior to the January trial date, the defendant's lawyer claimed that a 'so-called' important witness was missing but it turned out the witness was Robert; Frank and Angela Harrison's only son, and the county's star witness. Stewart told Judge Steven Rossenburger how the defendant's lawyer never notified Children's Protective Service to make the child available for the pre-trial interviews and deposition. Stew Russell placed the blame solely on the defendant's lawyer saying the man used his own cunning and misdirection, of the courts, to eke out another delay.

Finally, Stewart brought out evidence of the purported 'prior scheduled trial' being placed on the docket 7 days after the hearing to schedule the March trial. Robert's lawyer said the defendant's lawyer again used a ploy to fool the courts into delaying the trial to when his client, Robert Harrison, would be the most vulnerable, beginning that second week of May. Stewart hammered away the fact that the County had never, ever asked for a delay, in the Harrison's trial, and that there was compelling evidence the Harrison's lawyer manipulated the trials dates to make it so Robert Harrison would not be able to concentrate on, both, the trial and his school work. Mr. Russell asked the court to extend this one prosecution witness request for a delay in the interest of justice for the lad. Stewart described Robert as being at the heart of the trail and will be most susceptible to a change in his day-to-day routine until school lets out at the end of the first week of June.

The defendant's lawyer, Joseph Stricklunds, then got up to refute everything Bill Jackson and Stewart Russell just laid out for the court. He referred to each accusation, made by Bill and Stewart, one-by-one but ultimately saying the court was the one who decided to delay the trials and not he and all he did was show the courts a plausible reason for the requested delay. Mr. Stricklunds further stated that he didn't know, at the time, where Robert Harrison was located nor his being handled by the Children's Protective Service and did not learn that fact until after the court had delayed the March trial. The lawyer stated that in the interest of justice his clients were now ready, to go to trail, and any more delays would jeopardies their attaining a fair trial.

The Assistant District Attorney, John Green, took his turn to refute any and all the claims and counter claims made by the star witness's lawyers. John Green agreed with the defendant's lawyer, Steven Stricklunds that the County has waited a long time for this trial to begin and that in the interest of fairness and justice the trial should start, on time, during the second week of May. He revealed that District Attorney George Morris has already sent notice to the boy's Court Appointed Guardian that he would begin to depose the child that evening, after school, and would continue to prepare the boy, until the day before the trial.

At hearing of the plan, by District Attorney Morris, to wholly interfere with Robert's life and cause the boy to not be prepared for school, the following day, or be able to prepare for his school's final exams, both Bill Jackson and Stewart Russell stood up to object, exactly at the same time. Bill argued that it was unprecedented that the sitting DA would destroy a child's schooling in his search for front page headlines, to perpetuate his desire for higher office. Stewart argued his client would have no time for himself and his homework and not give the boy any consideration for the boy's requirements to pass not only Texas's STAAR test but also pass his school final exams.

John Green objected to their objection by saying there was precedent for the trial to be done at that time. The defendant's lawyer also objected to his client's trial being considered for a postponement and that his client's constitutional rights for a fair and speedy trial overruled those of the child's requirement for an education.

Judge Rossenburger pounded his gavel over and over again as all three sides of the issue continued to openly argue that their position was the 'right' decision the Judge should acquiesce, too. He finally got all four lawyers attention and told them to all 'sit down!' When it was quiet in his courtroom, Judge Rossenburger sat there, his mind quickly considering all the possible avenues with which he could go so as to make it look like he was interested in satisfying all their arguments. He knew he could call the minor child witness, Robert Harrison, to his court in order for him to assess the child's understanding of his part in the trial and, in doing so, could, in essence, delay the trial to when the boy was out of school. And that was what the Judge did.

"This is the first time this court has been made aware of the precarious status of the County's star witness, Robert Harrison," announced Judge Steven Rossenburger. "The boy's counsel makes compelling arguments that the boy could be under undue stress during a most important time in his life. In order for this Court to make the determination whether this lad is indeed at risk for failure of his State mandated tests and his schools final exams and that of District Attorney George Morris' plan to work with the boy is onerous and potentially damaging to the boy. At this time, this Court hereby orders that one Robert Arthur Harrison be brought before it tomorrow at 10 AM, sharp! This court is adjourned!"

John Green and Steven Stricklunds stood up to strenuously voice their objections to what the judge just did but found they were talking to an empty courtroom. They recognized the potential for a delay, in the Harrison's trial, but because Judge Rossenburger called for the lad's appearance, tomorrow, they couldn't claim any bias, or prejudice, on the judge's part. They understood they would have to wait for the outcome of tomorrow's hearing before they could begin the deal with it.

On the other hand, Bill Jackson and Stewart Russell were ecstatic over the call for Robert's appearance, tomorrow. They knew they could then call for Dr. Douglas Jennings, the lad's Child Psychologist, to testify, in the lad's behalf, over the potential harm that could befall the lad if he were forced to simultaneously deal with three 'life turning events'. The two lawyers practically ran out of the courthouse in order to call Ken Thomas and give him what they considered awesome news. Bill let Stew make the call.

"Three Finger Cove, Ken Thomas speaking," answered Mr. Ken.

"Mr. Ken, this is Stew Russell … we just got out of the courthouse and Bill and I couldn't wait to tell you what we consider is very good news," announced Stew. … "The judge has ordered Robert to appear in front of him, tomorrow. … Don't you see, the judge is sort of giving us the delay without coming out directly and saying so? … Okay, let me try to explain. With his call for Robert to appear, the judge stated he wanted to 'access' the boys understanding of his part in the upcoming trial. With that, we can call Doug Jennings, as Robert's Child Phycologist, to give his medical opinion on how vulnerable Robert would be with the lad trying to juggle the trial, the Texas STAAR test and his end of term exams. … Yes, we need to be there at 10 AM in Judge Rossenburger's Court. … Right, if you have any other questions you can call either Bill or myself. … Okay, we'll see you tomorrow. Bye!"

When Robert returned from school, Mr. Ken decided to delay telling the lad about the past three days events. He figured he would talk to the lad, after dinner, and call it an extended Tuesday Meeting. At dinner, the lad continued his outward animation from the previous day and joined in jocular teasing with his 'dad'. This happy-go-lucky demeanor almost caused 'dad' Ken to not tell the boy what would happen tomorrow but, he knew, the lad had a right to know what was going on 'behind the scenes' so he called the lad into his Study, to talk to him.

The two sat next to one another in the comfortable leather chairs and then 'dad' Ken asked the lad to listen to what he had to say. "Robert …I've been holding back from you … something that, directly, affects you. … I … received a letter from District Attorney George Morris on Monday telling me that he would begin to prepare you, this Wednesday night, for your parents' trial, in two weeks."

Robert heard that news and tears came immediately to his face. 'Dad' Ken saw it happen and pulled the boy into his lap. He then continued to tell the lad what he knew that happened in Bill's meeting with DA Morris and then today's outcome at the courthouse. 'Dad' Ken explained to his 'son' that his meeting, tomorrow, with Judge Rossenburger, could give them some help in trying to delay the trial, until after school was finished, for the year. Mr. Ken then told the boy of the arguments Bill and Stew used, with the judge, and that they would brief him more on them so he could be prepared to answer any of the judge's questions. Ken Thomas continued to hold his 'son' as the lad settled down from what the boy considered devastating news.

"'Dad … do I have to talk to that judge tomorrow?" sincerely asked Robert.

"Yes, 'son' you need to … if only to delay you're having to testify, in two weeks, at your parent's trial. We believe their lawyer, a Mr. Stricklunds, kept deliberately delaying the trial in order to place you in a situation where you would be juggling three things at one time: the trial, your STAAR test and your school final exams. Bill and Stew fought hard, this morning, to get the trial to begin after school is done and they feel the judge wants to issue the delay but needs a good excuse, to do so. That's where you come in. We are also going to have Doctor Doug there who can attest, to your demeanor and state of mind right now, after being moved four times into a new foster house in less that twelve months. … Do you think you can do that … for yourself and me?"

Robert hugged the man tight and relished in the knowledge the man was constantly there for him and gave him the love and support he never knew. As he continued to hug his 'dad', the preteen thought more about what Mr. Ken told him and the realization the man, during the entire time he lived with him, had never truly lied to him and only had his welfare as his goal. Considering all that, Robert pulled back from the hug and told his 'dad', "Yes … I am ready to do this. I don't really want to do it, but I see that this is the best chance for me to have a say in what happens to me. Thanks 'dad' for being there for me and giving me the information I needed, with which, to make my decision." The lad then pulled back into their hug.

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