Castle Roland

Three Finger Cove - Robert
Book II

by Chowhound


Chapter 57

Published: 2 Jun 16

Three Finger Cove – Robert

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Monday, the 7th grade class had their last STAAR test. After five hours, of testing, the students weren't too sure they would remember anything for the teacher's final exams, on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, of that week. Lucky for them their teacher did some review of the next day's test.

Over at The Cove, Mr. Thomas took a phone call from District Attorney George Morris. Even though the two had some issues, previously, their phone call was cordial and professional. DA Morris called to set up a time he could begin to get Robert ready for the upcoming trial of his parents. Mr. Ken was polite and explained the lad saw Doctor Doug on Tuesdays, after school, and the lad, and he, had their, long established, 'family' meeting.

DA Morris asked if he could meet with the lad on Wednesday so they could talk some and get a feel for one another. Then, the DA asked if they could set aside a few hours on Thursday and Friday night and Saturday morning. Mr. Ken knew he had to work, with the man, on this and agreed to one hour Wednesday night, and two hours, each, Thursday and Friday, and, three hours, Saturday. He said he wanted the boy to have Sunday for himself and George Morris agreed. They then said they'd set up the schedule for the following week, on Saturday.

When Robert returned from school, that day, Mr. Ken didn't hesitate to tell the lad what was in store for him beginning Wednesday night. The lad knew it was only time, before they did get together, so he made himself get prepared, for the coming meetings.

Wednesday night came and George Morris and Robert Harrison met in Mr. Ken's Study with Mr. Ken and Stewart Russell present, for one hour. They agreed to the same time for the next night and DA Morris departed The Cove. Mr. Ken was pleasantly surprised how well Robert handled himself but that was only the preliminary meeting. He decided to wait until the next meeting to gauge Robert's demeanor.

The scheduled meetings with DA Morris didn't affect Robert's concentration, on his tests, that week, at all. He told himself he knew the material and all he had to do was answer the questions. 'Piece of cake', he told himself.

Thursday night, Robert met with DA Morris and they surprisingly got along, well, together. The two shared a few laughs together and George Morris kept the preparation to general facts and reviews. When the DA left that night, he was pleased the lad wasn't fighting him, nor was the lad afraid of telling his story.

Friday night's meeting between District Attorney George Morris and Robert Harrison didn't go as smoothly, as either of them hoped. The two talked about the change of direction and George told the lad he needed to increase the intensity so when it came time, to testify, the defendant's lawyer couldn't trip him up, on anything, he had to and wanted to say. That satisfied Robert, and Stewart, and Mr. Ken. After that short time-off, to understand what DA Morris wanted to do, the meeting went, as well, as the first two days, and they even finished fifteen minutes early.

On Saturday, the meeting between George and Robert, as they began to call one another, became the moment the two began to really understand the other. Robert had been telling his story, to the DA, for the third day now, and now he felt more comfortable telling it and he didn't even feel embarrassed, by what he had to say. For DA Morris' part, he didn't badger the lad but eagerly prepared him for the questions he would ask at the trial. Stewart Russell and Ken Thomas couldn't believe the change of character they saw in DA Morris, that day.

When the meeting was over, DA Morris told the lad he was pleased with what they had accomplished. Next, the man revealed he wouldn't need to talk with Robert until a few days before the actual trial and would coordinate, with Mr. Ken, for those dates, and times. He felt the boy was very well prepared and thanked the boy, and his mentors, for working with him to get the preteen mentally prepared, for the trial. It wasn't quite noon when DA George Morris left The Cove, that Saturday.

Overall, Mr. Ken was grateful to George Morris for his steady and clear focus on what Robert's role in the Harrison's trial would be. The DA didn't push the lad but encouraged the boy to answer in his own words and when the boy began to stumble he asked the boy to start over, but to try to stay focused, on the question. Mr. Thomas was, also, happy they would be able to get away that next weekend. That's when they would be at Collin's for his high school graduation.

But, this was the Memorial Day Weekend, and Mr. Ken had promised the builders, of the ramps, a catered BBQ and he needed to make sure everything was set, and ready to go. He quickly called Ryan to makes sure the WaveRunner's and the Jet Ski were gassed and ready. While he was on the phone, with Ryan, he saw the catering company arrive, in their truck. The only other thing the man had to do was open the outside restrooms, set out the soda dispenser and taste the beer, on tap, to make sure it was cold. Three Finger Cove was ready for its first BBQ picnic, of the summer.

The guests began to arrive just past 12:30 PM. The carpenter's all brought someone with them and the dad's each brought their lovely wife. The preteens also brought along a friend and so did the younger lads who helped in the build. Mr. Ken and Eric were the only two who didn't invite someone.

As host, Ken showed his guests where they could change into their swimwear and where they could get a refreshing beverage. He had Robert follow along so the preteen would knew how he should act when there is another picnic/party. The lads, and the younger boys, headed directly to the Men's Dressing Room. Most of older lads got right to changing while the two new lads that Terran and Sam invited, were a bit hesitant to change, in front of the older boys. When the two younger helpers saw their friends not actively changing, into their swim suits, they whispered for them to turn to the wall, and just do it. "Nobody will care if they see your 'stuff'," advised Sam.

Eric noticed the younger boys lagging to get changed and was happy Terran and Sam had taken care of that. He also detected a few of his peers sort of embarrassed to change as well. Initially, he didn't know what to do but then decided to strip naked and walk around to each of the reluctant lads. Some of the 'regulars' gave a few whistles, at the nude preteen, and that caused the others to have a look. Eric took advantage of that.

"Hey, guys … look … two years ago some of us were exactly like our friends here … too embarrassed to change, in front of our buddies, and the older teenagers. The older teens taught us that there was nothing to be ashamed of as we all have the same 'equipment'. Look … we're all guys here and we each have a dick and balls. Some of us might be bigger than you and some of us have dick hairs growing above our 'pride and joys' but so will you, in time to come.

"So, come on now … I've been standing here naked, for a few minutes, and you don't see me hiding my 'stuff'. Now, just drop those drawers and put on your suits. So what, if the guy next to you sees you. When we get to take gym class, in high school, we'll have to take showers, after class, and then many more will see you naked going in and out of the showers. If you can do it here; you'll be able to do it later."

Eric went back to where Robert was changing and put his swim suit on, grabbed his clothes, and headed for a locker. The older boys who'd been there before and were reluctant to change in front of people did the 'turn around' thing, for the remaining lads. That brought out some laughs, and giggles, but, before long, all of the boys, including the two younger ones, began to mimic them. Within minutes, all the lads had changed and grabbed a locker.

Robert told all the new kids about Mr. Ken's requirement for the 'swim test'. Terran even told them of his reluctance to do the test until Mr. Ken explained that Robert was only doing what he was supposed to do. All the new kids got into the water and swam across to the other side to show how well they could swim. They all passed.

The adults all gathered together and enjoyed a few adult beverages, and talked about the 'build'. The significant others, and the wives, were intrigued about the amount of work that was required, to build the ramps, and how much the boys pulled their share. The women wanted to see the ramps, they heard so much about, so they all walked around the house to the parking corral.

Ryan, with Todd in tow, went into the pool area to find out why none of the boys were out on the WaveRunner's. He learned that Mr. Ken only had about six extra wet suits but there were at least fifteen kids and it wouldn't be fair if some got to ride, and the others didn't. Ryan wasn't sure what he could do so he and Todd went looking for Mr. Ken.

In the meantime, some of the carpenters came inside to change into their swimsuits. As they jumped into the water with the boys, Robert told them they had to do the swim test. The men thought it was a joke, at first, but after Robert explained Mr. Ken's rules they all got on the side of the pool and swan across, to the other side. Once they finished, doing that, they chased the boys all over the pool area.

Hearing the laughs and screams, coming from the pool area, Mr. Ken and the dad's, along with their wives and the other women, all went over to the pool deck. There they saw the older men having fun chasing the lads through the water and then throwing them. They also saw the men and boys jumping off the rock platform trying to see who could make the biggest slash. Seeing all the fun that was going on, the dad's got their swimsuits on.

Now the odds were almost even with 15 boys and 13 men. That brought on some games of Horsey and then Marko-Polo followed with the splash contest and who could jump the furthest. By the time the caterer served the BBQ brisket and ribs and chicken along with the beans and slaw the men and boys were almost wiped out tired. But, all that activity, and exercise, made them all extremely hungry and they ate voraciously. The women were glad they all ate first because as they watched the men, and boys eat, they weren't sure there'd be anything leftover.

The men and boys talked about the fun they had in the pool, as they ate. Some of the invited lads had never had that sort of fun, with adults, and were smiling big at the fun they were having. It was then Mr. Ken asked if anyone was going to use the WaveRunner's. Robert explained the situation, with the wet-suits, and why they hadn't done any of that, yet. Ken offered to take the boys out and said Ryan would do that too. He said the boys would have to share the wet-suits, he had, but he figured it wouldn't be a big deal.

The younger lads had never been on a WaveRunner, let alone used a wet-suit, but were willing to give it a try. Robert got out the wet-suits and took six lads into the dressing room. When he told them they had to strip, naked, they began to balk. Robert explained if they wore their swimsuits under the wet-suit they would be chaffed and it would hurt for some time afterwards. Reluctantly, Terran became the first one to strip off his suit. He stood there stark naked and when he noticed the other lads were grinning at him, he turned around for them and said "See anything you like?" Robert gave him a wet-suit to put on.

That broke the tension, in the room, and then Sam took off his suit and turned around, for everyone, and took the wet-suit handed to him, and began putting it on. Then, four other lads did the same and, with laughs coming from them, they all turned around for everyone, and put on a wet-suit. Robert also gave them water shoes, to wear, and they followed him down to the beach where Mr. Ken and Ryan waited.

Ryan took the oldest boy on the back of his WaveRunner while Mr. Ken took two younger lads on his 3-person Jet Ski. They went back and forth in front of The Cove a number of times and then they changed out riders. Then, while the three new lads were getting their rides, Robert took three more adventurous lads up to get changed into the wet-suits. Not everyone wanted to try out the wet-suit thing, but those that did were extremely happy they took the opportunity. Even afterwards, the boys who had to get totally naked, in front of their peers, said it was all worth it. They even said, the second and third time around, they didn't feel embarrassed being nude in front of kids their age.

Everyone who rode the powered water craft were hungry, again. The caterer opened the serving trays and those who were hungry got to eat, again. The remaining guests also got into line and as everyone ate, all you could hear were the laughs and jokes and giggles from the lads who had a great time out on the lake.

The BBQ picnic broke up about 6 PM as it began to get a bit cooler, outside, due to the cloud cover that pushed into the area. As the carpenters were getting ready to leave, they sought out Mr. Ken and Robert and thanked them for the wonderful time they had, that day. Their wives or girlfriends also thanked them for their hospitality. It was then Robert pulled his 'dad' aside and asked him if all the boys could spend the night.

Ken figured he would be asked that question and wanted to see how Robert handled it. He wanted the lad to ask away from any of his intended guests just in case what he was asking for wasn't possible, at the time. His 'son' didn't disappoint him and did what he was told to do, a few months back. Mr. Ken gave him permission. Now, all Robert had to do was find out how many, if any at all, could spend the night.

Robert went to the boys and told them he could have them all spend the night, but they had to get their parents' permission, first. Of course, the boys whose parents were still there, could ask and knew right away. The rest all had to call home. Only two boys, out of the group, couldn't stay. The others were going have their parents deliver a sleeping bag and fresh clothes for tomorrow. The two lads who couldn't stay tried, one last time, when their parents came to pick them up. But, due to the next day being Sunday, they had to go to church, which was why they couldn't stay.

The remaining thirteen boys began to plan their evening. Robert explained that since there were so many they would have to see how much space would be available in the Theater before he could determine if they'd have to be in two groups. While the boys waited for their parents to bring their supplies, the boys who'd never been to The Cove got the 'nickel' tour.

It was about 8 PM when Robert and Eric went to Mr. Ken to tell him how hungry everyone was. The man suggested they serve them the leftover BBQ meats but the boys said they were all tired of that. Then, Robert suggested they all go to the Four Corner's Diner but Mr. Ken nixed that idea, quick. He told them he didn't have a vehicle that could accommodate that many kids. The boys had to come up with another idea.

Almost an hour later, Domino's® showed up at the front door with eight pizzas for the hungry horde of preteens. Mr. Ken thanked the man for the quick service and paid him and gave him a generous tip. The lads had a Deluxe Feast, and a Bacon Cheeseburger Feast, 2 peperoni, 2 sausage, and 2 plain cheese pizzas to chow down on. Mr. Ken directed the boys to the Kitchen Nook, to cut down on the mess, and grabbed two pieces of the bacon Cheeseburger, before the lads grabbed their own piece of pizza.

It took the boys only twenty minutes to devour the eight pizzas. Then, they turned their sights on going swimming but Mr. Ken put a nix on that, too, telling the lads they needed to allow their meal to digest some, before going in the pool. He told them they could go swimming at 10.

At 10 o'clock, on the dot, the thirteen lads all jumped into the pool. They all had changed prior to doing that and no one complained about getting naked, in front of the other guys. Some of the guys, when they took off all their clothes, walked to use the urinals. None of the younger lads were that brave, but they did have a good look at the older boys 'equipment' and smiled to themselves and then changed without any problem.

The boys played the games they all enjoyed earlier. Then, the older guys got a bit frisky, after a while, and opened the drawstring of their swimsuits so they could come off if they did certain dives. It didn't take long for Chuck's and Gordon's suits to, mysteriously, fall off. The boys made a big deal out of it as they got out and, hurriedly, walked naked along the pool deck looking for their suits. Then, Robert and Eric joined them, in the same routine, and soon four preteen s were walking around the pool deck, all naked.

Terran and Sam talked about what the older boys were doing and decided to see how it felt to walk around naked. They told themselves they had already taken showers in front of the much older guys so they didn't care if the rest saw them. Their only concern was what they would do if they got a 'boner'. They decided to find out and took their suits off and joined the preteens in looking for the swimsuits.

Now, almost half of the lads were naked. The two younger boys, who were invited by Terran and Sam, wondered why their friends took their suits off, especially, in front of their brothers. When they asked, the two 5th grade boys said they all had the same 'equipment' and they were all guys there, but most of all, it felt awesome. Two more youngsters joined the 'naked' crowd.

Before long, all thirteen boys had taken their suits off. Some of the lads dangly parts got a bit puffy, but not one boy got a full-fledged 'boner'. The 5th grade boys knew something special was happening, there tonight, and they were all glad they were able to stay. They also knew this wasn't something you talked to anyone outside the group about, especially, their parents.

It was coming up on midnight, and Mr. Ken knew the boys had had a very full day and would probably be super tired. He knew that didn't portend well with swimming late, at night. So, the man decided to get the lads out of the pool and into a midnight snack and, then, off to bed. He wondered if the boys would skinny-dip but figured the age group was far enough apart they wouldn't.

Mr. Ken got a huge surprise when he entered the pool area. There the boys were running around naked and jumping off the platform holding their precious boy parts. His laugh caught the attention of the boys, who all jumped into the pool. Robert knew it was okay to skinny-dip, so he got out of the water and went to talk to his 'dad'. Soon after, Mr. Ken left the pool area.

Sam was the first to ask the question, "Was Mr. Ken mad at them for not using their swimsuits?"

Robert had to laugh and then he told the group that he and 'some friends' had already been caught before skinny-dipping and that Mr. Ken was OK with it as long as no one was forced or teased into swimming naked. The guys all let out a sigh of relief. It was then Robert told them Mr. Ken had closed the pool for the night and they were all to get dressed, and up to the Kitchen Nook, for a midnight snack.

The boys who had spent the night before only got dressed in a t-shirt and their boxers. When the others asked why, they heard they would be sleeping that way and, besides, Mr. Ken had already seen them naked. That told the other lads who the 'some friends' were that Robert mentioned. With that in mind, the rest of the boys decided to dress, the same way, and they all dropped their extra clothes off, at their sleeping bags, on their way to the Kitchen Nook.

It was 1 AM when the boys finally settled down enough that some fell right off to sleep. The boys who had 'special' friends brought their sleeping bags close together and shared a few gropes of their friends' 'boy parts' but they were all so tired their dangling noodle wouldn't rise to the occasion. It wasn't long before all thirteen boys were fast asleep.

Ken allowed the boys to sleep that morning. He knew Momma Maria didn't have enough frozen breakfast tacos for thirteen growing boys and he didn't want them to wake up while he went out for breakfast. He had called the Four Corner's Diner and told them what he wanted and that he'd be there by 9 AM. He then told Chief to watch the house, and the boys, as he went to the garage for his F-150.

Down in the Theater, thirteen boys barely fit inside with their sleeping bags but they all wanted to be together, despite the crowding, so Robert said okay. Robert was the first to get awake. He felt a cool breeze when Chief opened the door, to leave the room, to go do her thing, but decided to stay inside his sleeping bag. But, before long, a few of the other lads began to wake up. It was close to 9 AM but no one wanted to get out of their sleeping bag.

Robert's morning boner was mostly down when he got out of his sleeping bag and walked around to see who was all awake. The much younger boys saw Robert's partially stretched boxer briefs and knew he had the makings of a boner. They then reached inside their own briefs and felt for their own flag pole and had to decide whether, or not, they should get up and get to the bathroom or wait for their 'stiffy' to go down. As they were deciding, a couple of the older lads did get up, and out of their sleeping bags, and it was very evident they had full-fledged boners.

The older boys saw the younger lads staring, at their boxers, and Brad said, "What … you never saw a boner before? Get real … I bet you have a boner growing, in there, and need to get to the bathroom, too. Come on … I know you'll be embarrassed, some, but you're seeing mine, but remember … we're all kids and we all have …"

And the younger boys finished by saying, "… the same 'equipment." They, and the others around them, all had a good laugh. That broke the tension, in the Theater, and more of the lads got out of their sleeping bags, boners and all. Robert told the boys to use either the half-bath down the hall or the big restrooms under the stairs. All the boys headed for the industrial sized bathrooms under the stairs and many of them had their deflating flag poles leading the way.

After they relieved the pressure, in their bladders, Robert asked them to clean up after themselves and put their sleeping bag and extra clothes in a pile, for later. Then, when they were all dressed and ready, Robert led the gaggle up the stairs, and into the Kitchen Nook.

Chief greeted the boys, as they ascended the stairs. Her barking told the recently returned Mr. Ken that the boys were on their way, and he had made it back just in time. The boys, in the lead, could smell the breakfast tacos, as they turned the corner, and their mouths began to water. Mr. Ken directed the lads to sit where ever they could and asked Robert to help getting his guests something to drink.

The owner of The Cove bought fifty breakfast tacos making three each for everyone, with a few extras just in case someone was ravenous that morning. The boys talked over one another as they talked about their swim, with the adults, and their previous day's rides on the Jet Ski and WaveRunner's, and then last night's swim. They all had a good laugh at some of the funnier things, that happened, but some of the boys were still a bit leery over their skinny-dipping episode, from last night. They really wanted to hear it from Mr. Ken and how he felt about him catching them. Robert heard what they were saying so, when he got up to get more OJ, he stopped by his 'dad' and told him what they wanted to hear.

Ken Thomas cleared his throat, in order to get the boys' attention. Seeing they were all looking at him, he decided he would tell them what he told Trevor after his first time skinny-dipping. "Guys, listen … you know I caught you all skinny-dipping last night, but … I want you to know that I am not mad, or disappointed, that you did that. I used to skinny-dip, with my friends, when I was growing up and it feels so natural, to do that, especially when it is just you and your buddies.

"Last night … I want you to know I wasn't a bit surprised you were all doing what many boys would love to have the opportunity to do. Look … last night was a growing up experience, for all of you. You younger boys might have been a bit reluctant to get naked, in front of so many older boys, but I figured you all changed together so that wasn't much of a stretch to do what they, I am sure, started. Lads, what is important here is; first, please believe me when I say I am not mad at you … what you all did was share something special, and unique, last night, with your brothers and friends; and second, what you did together, as a group, should only be talked about with those that were there. And I guess, third, I am not going to tell your parents. Moms just would not understand. (All the boys laughed, hard, at that last point.) And, I don't say all this so I won't get in trouble. I didn't know and I didn't encourage you to do it and I didn't stay around and watch. … Now … do any of you have any questions for me before your parents come to pick you up?"

One 5th grade lad, Nicholas, put his hand up and offered, "Yes, Mr. Ken … I had a great time and thank you so much for inviting me to a great picnic and then to allow me to sleep over. I've never had the opportunity to do anything like this before at The Cove, so I want to thank you again."

"Do you have a question, for me?" asked a perplexed Mr. Ken.

"Oh, yes, I do … Can we do this again?" smiled Nicholas.

"Well … we'll have to see, now, won't we?" replied Mr. Ken. Remember … the 4th of July Picnic will be in about six weeks, so be ready for all the fun, of that day. … I want to thank all of you boys for being the fine gentlemen you were, while here, at The Cove. It was a pleasure having you."

'Dad' Ken and 'son' Robert walked the boys out to the cars, when their parents came for them. They all made some small talk, about the day, and the sleep over and a few of the parents thanked Mr. Ken for making their son feel 'special', if even, for a day. By twelve noon, all the guests were gone, with the exception of Eric. Ms. Judy was coming over for leftovers so that gave Eric and Robert time to talk and maybe shower together and take care of what they couldn't the previous night.

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