Castle Roland

Three Finger Cove - Robert
Book II

by Chowhound


Chapter 64

Published: 21 Jul 16

Three Finger Cove – Robert

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by Chowhound
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"Receipts?" laughed Steve Stricklunds.

"Yes, receipts … receipts from many of the places those men took me," continued Robert. "I kept the ticket stubs and some of the restaurant receipts, when the men weren't looking, and they got me other things from the hotels and parks. I … I wanted them … as souvenirs of the many places we went. I'd never been to any of those places, before, so I wanted something, you know, to remember them by," enthusiastically replied Robert.

"You want this court to believe you have a cigar box full of receipts? Let me see them. Show them to me and this court. Right now!" challenged defense counsel.

"Sure …" and Robert pulled out a half-dozen receipts and began to read where they were from.

DA George Morris immediately stood up and yelled, "Your Honor, your honor, I ask for an immediate delay so the prosecution can review this new evidence!"

"I object, your honor. There is NO new evidence," argued Steve Stricklunds.

The judge asked Robert to pass him the pieces of paper, he held, so he could inspect them. After he had done so, he called up both counsels and had them inspect them, too. The three men then went into a private conversation. When they were finished, and the two counsels were back at their respective tables, Judge Rossenburger made an announcement.

"This court will take an early lunch for the sole purpose that the DA can inspect the remainder of these receipts and ascertain their validity. This court will reconvene at 1:30 this afternoon." The judge then gaveled the proceeding closed and departed the courtroom.

DA Morris, Assistant DA Green, Bill Jackson, Stewart Russell, Ken Thomas and Robert Harrison all headed over to Three Finger Cove to retrieve Robert's cigar box and to inspect the remainder of the receipts Robert had kept, all this time. DA Morris knew if this cigar box held more receipts, like he hoped it did, then he would be sitting on a gold mine, of information, that could prove the lad's story and could eventually identify each and every man who sexually assaulted Robert.

Mr. Ken called ahead to Momma Maria and told her there would be six people for lunch and not to fix anything fancy, as they all needed to get back to the courthouse, that afternoon. Twenty minutes later, all six lunch guests arrived at The Cove.

Robert hurried up the stairs, to retrieve his cigar box, and brought it down to Mr. Ken's Study, where DA Morris anxiously waited to see what was inside the, now infamous, cigar box. Robert handed the cigar box to George Morris who immediately opened it and quickly scanned through, the box. Seeing what all was inside the box, DA Morris almost had a heart attack at the treasure trove of receipts he found. There were not only dated receipts, with last four credit card numbers, but ticket stubs for baseball and basketball games and entrances to amusement parks and museums that were more than likely bought by credit card. The man couldn't wait to begin tracking down the owners of those credit cards.

DA George Morris knew he had to tread very carefully over this potential time-bomb of information. He knew he didn't have enough time to give the lad a receipt for the entire contents of the cigar box but he also knew he needed to take those same contents back to the court to show the judge.

The four lawyers began to discuss their options when Momma Maria came to the Study and told them that lunch was being served. Mr. Ken told the men they could discuss the issue in the Kitchen Nook and get a nice lunch, at the same time. During lunch, George Morris began counting the number of pieces of paper, the ticket stubs and restaurant receipts that were in the cigar box. There were over 120 receipts of one kind, or another, when the man stopped counting.

George Morris then called Steve Stricklunds and told him what he had. He offered to allow his client to accept the original Plea bargain, that was initially offered, with one change, and asked the counselor to talk it over with his client. The District Attorney recommended the two talk about the Plea before court was to convene at 1:30. Stricklunds told the DA he'd get back with him at 1 o'clock, at the courthouse.

While they all ate, DA Morris asked Robert about the receipts and could he identify them and what the lad did at the time. Robert was happy to oblige and had the DA give him a ticket stub. From that little piece of paper, Robert was able to talk for five minutes about what he'd done at that particular place. George Morris gave the lad another stub. Again, Robert told the man, and those present, what he and the man did that day.

The DA did the same thing with three more ticket stubs, or restaurant receipts, and Robert was able to discuss, at length, what he and the man did when the receipt was created. George Morris and John Green were all smiles knowing the lad could place himself, and the man, at the places indicated on the receipts.

Stewart Russell accompanied George Morris, and the cigar box back, to the courthouse. They wanted to have a continuous Chain of Custody stream to ensure no attorney could question the receipts were 'manufactured' or 'collected' by nefarious means. George and Stewart then met up with Steve Stricklunds to show the counselor the cigar box full of receipts and to discuss Frank Harrison's acceptance, or rejection, of the Plea bargain.

Robert rode, with his 'dad', and was in a much happier mood, going back to the courthouse. The lad had just given the District Attorney the 'smoking gun' they all wish they had when a huge case comes along. The lad just knew the trail would be over soon.

When the 1:30 start time of the trial came, there was no sign of the prosecution or defense counsels or the judge, for that matter. Fifteen minutes later, the Bailiff came alive and said "All rise!" The judge and the two lawyers came out through the door that led to the judge's chambers. When the judge was seated, the courtroom was told to "Be seated".

Judge Rossenburger looked through some papers on his bench, or court desk, and after a few moments he looked up and said, "I have been in consultation with both the prosecution and the defense attorneys and there has been an offer of a Plea bargain, put on the table, to the defendant, which, I am led to believe, he has agreed to accept. I would ask, at this time, for the defendant and his attorney to stand and face this bench.

"Mr. Frank Harrison, are you personally aware of the Plea bargain that District Attorney George Morris has offered you, this day, and do you fully understand what it says and agree to its terms?" directly asked the judge.

"Yes, your Honor, I am aware of the Plea bargain that I was offered, during the noon recess. And, I am fully aware of its terms and what it will mean to me," responded, Robert's father, Frank Harrison.

"Mr. Stricklunds, are you satisfied that your client knows and understands what DA Morris has offered your client and he is accepting this Plea without any remorse or reservations?" the judge asked the defense counsel.

"Yes, your Honor, together DA Morris and I talked at length about the entire Plea and its meaning, with my client. I do believe he is making this choice of his own free will and totally understands what it means to him," answered Steve Stricklunds.

The courtroom was exceptionally quiet during the discussion the judge just had with the defendant, and his lawyer. The spectators saw the judge shuffle some papers, presumably the Plea bargain, and waited, with baited breath, to see what the judge would do. Then, the judge looked up and out to the courtroom.

"It is the decision of this court that it will accept the Plea bargain worked out between the District Attorney and the Defendant and his attorney. The court thanks the jury for their diligence, during this trial, and appreciates their time spent listening to testimony. The jury is dismissed. Sentencing will occur one week from today. The defendant is remanded to the Sheriff's Deputies. This court is now adjourned," announced Judge Rossenburger, who then stepped down and left the courtroom.

"You, you mean … it's OVER? The trial is really over?" cried out Robert, as he jumped into his 'dad's' waiting arms.

"Yes, 'son' the trial is over," assured the 'dad' to the 'son'. "What say we go out and celebrate?"

"OK, where? Dairy Queen for a banana split?" teased Robert.

"You read my mind," replied Mr. Ken.

"Mr. Ken, and especially you, Robert," began George Morris, as he stopped them from getting away. "I want to thank you, both, for everything you did to help make this trial a success. You allowed me to conduct those arduous briefings and debriefings and, most of all, you let me into your wonderful home. I am sorry, Robert … that we didn't think to allow you into your former home, before the start of the trail. If we had done so, it may have kept you from having to testify about the things that happened to you. We'll never know. Take care, you two!"

"What will happen to my father?" quietly asked Robert.

"Well … we offered him a sentence of 20 to 25 years in prison, and he accepted, for his involvement in exchange for his testimony against the men he made you go with. That will all come out at the sentencing next Friday. You won't have to be here, but you are invited if you wish to attend," revealed George Morris. "By-the-way, Mr. Ken … can I pull you to the side, there is something I wish to discuss with you?"

What Robert didn't know was that George Morris was telling Mr. Ken that Frank Harrison would also sign the Termination of Parental Rights papers at the sentencing, next Friday. George went on to say, that the father will be asked to sign those papers, before the sentencing, or there would be NO deal. Ken thanked the man for sharing that wonderful news, with him. He told George that he would try to get Robert there, on Friday, so he can see that done. The two shook hands and went their separate ways.

"Come on, Robert, let's go get those banana splits," called out 'dad' Ken.

Robert couldn't wait, to get home, so he could call Eric and tell him what happened at the trial. He was so wound up, Mr. Ken wasn't sure if he would ever run down enough to get to sleep that night. Even Chief could sense the charged air that Robert exuded, in the house, and she was very happy for 'her' boy.

Dinner that night was a happy affair. Maria could tell something wonderful must have happened after they all left, for the courthouse, but she didn't want to ask, as she felt she was only a cook, an employee. If only Mr. Ken knew she thought that way, he would change her mind in a heartbeat.

'Dad' and 'son' sat together while they watched a movie in the Theater, that night. And, oddly enough, the two actually stayed up long enough to watch the ending. The two did talk about the trial and about Robert's mom, as they watched the movie. Robert had lots of questions and Mr. Ken tried to answer them the best he knew how. As they talked, Mr. Ken did mention the sentencing of his father the following Friday and asked Robert if he wanted to go. Robert said he'd think about it.

Saturday morning, Robert was still feeling real good about the previous day's outcome and he woke up surprisingly early. He quickly noticed his morning flag pole and got out of bed and admired it while he stood in front of the door length mirror. He adjusted it, first to the left, and then to the right, and finally straight up. He couldn't get over how much bigger it appeared as he stood there in his boxer briefs. Robert then decided to go to his bathroom and get ready for the day. Of course, he promised his boy toy he'd give him some 'loving' attention, in the shower.

Robert got downstairs, and into the Kitchen Nook, just as his 'dad' was getting there. The two shared a hug and Mr. Ken asked Robert why he was up so early. The lad said he 'just woke up' and wasn't tired so he got his shower and dressed and there he was. The two decided on Momma Maria made, frozen breakfast tacos and their choice of drink. While Robert reheated the tacos, Mr. Ken opened the morning's paper.

Plea Bargain Stops Trial

That was the minor front page headline but was positioned far below the fold. Mr. Ken took notice and began to read. The article described how the trial had been abruptly stopped when a mysterious cigar box full of receipts made its way into the trial. The writer speculated the receipts must have been just found, after the trial had begun, otherwise, there probably wouldn't have been a need for the trial. The writer went to say there was no testimony, to speak of, up to that point, and the trial might have gone for at least a week if the cigar box full of receipts hadn't been found. The article finished up saying the sentencing was set for the following Friday.

Robert set three breakfast tacos in front of his 'dad' and saw the headline. He asked if he could read the article when his 'dad' was finished. When Robert read the article, he was very happy his name had never been used, the newspaper writer never said anything about his testimony, anywhere, nor had he eluded to what he had said. That made Robert even happier than he already was, that morning. He gave the paper back to his 'dad' and turned to his own breakfast and began eating.

Mr. Ken went back to reading his paper and, as usual, he forgot about his breakfast getting cold. The only time he took a bite was when Robert would remind him, to do so. Robert even went and reheated the man's coffee and placed it in front of him. It was then that Mr. Ken saw something, in the paper, and he called Robert over to him.

"Robert … come and take a look at this," encouraged the new 'dad'.

"What is it, 'dad'?" asked Robert.

"Here … at the top of this page. See what it is advertising," invited 'dad' Ken.

Robert took a look at the advertisement and looked back to his 'dad'. Mr. Ken had totally forgotten, with everything that happened, over the past two weeks, which he, and Bill Jackson, his lawyer, had decided to finally advertise for a Household Manager. The two men had decided to change the name from House Keeper to Household Manager, because the duties and responsibilities were more akin to managing the estate than just keeping it up, thus, the name change to Household Manager.

An unasked question shone on the face and 'dad' Ken, seeing it, had to assure his 'son' that the chosen candidate will be better scrutinized than Mrs. Johnston, ever was.

Robert already had this conversation, with his new 'dad', about The Cove getting a new Household Manager and knew his 'dad', desperately, needed someone to take over running Three Finger Cove. Robert just smiled back at his 'dad' and said he hoped they found someone, a thousand times better than the old witch. Mr. Ken returned the smile, at his 'son', knowing the first encounter with the former House Keeper may have muddied the waters, some, until the new Household Manager proved themselves.

Mr. Ken hugged the lad and tried to reassure him that the next Household Manager would only get, a six month, trial period before they would make a determination as to whether to keep them, full time. Robert hugged his 'dad' back and said a thank you to him and then walked out of the Kitchen Nook. All Mr. Ken could do, right then, was to tell himself he needed to make sure Robert got to meet the final candidates before trying one out. He then went back to reading the newspaper.

Outside, the weather had warmed up and Robert decided to do some skateboarding before his buddies arrived. He no sooner had begun than Todd came by. They talked some and Robert learned that Todd was going to get some time on Ryan's WaveRunner. The teenager told the youngster he'd never been on the machine, except to ride it in the water. He further told the lad he was a bit apprehensive over the thought of driving it.

Robert smiled, at the older teen, and began to tell him about his own experience on the machine; almost like he was an 'old' pro at it. The lad gave Todd some pointers and told him not to over steer or make sudden turns and to just get used to the 'power' under him before he went full throttle. Unknown to them, Ryan had driven up and parked his Ford Fusion and walked over and heard what Robert said. He then joined in the conversation.

"Robert has a good point, there, Todd. The WaveRunner doesn't take turns like it is a Go-kart and it won't stop on a dime when you brake. That is why I wanted to get you out on the lake, today, and get you some time on the machine. You need to learn how to use it and this is the one machine you can have a lot of fun on, believe me," added Ryan.

"Isn't the WaveRunner yours, Ryan?" asked Todd.

"Yes, it is, and the other one is Collin's, but we keep them here. And, since, they are here, you and, Robert, now, will get the opportunity to take them out and have some fun. But, remember, the first rule of water safety is …," said Ryan, leaving one, of the two, to finish what he started.

"Never ride alone!" piped up Robert.

"Yes, that is the one thing you should never do UNLESS, it is an emergency. Todd, are you ready to get into a wet-suit and out on the lake?" asked Ryan.

Todd smiled, then he and Ryan walked into the house through, the garage, side entrance. Robert went back to riding his skateboard. It wasn't long after that when his pals began to arrive. Thirty minutes later, Robert and his buddy's heard the distinctive sounds of the WaveRunner.

"Is Mr. Ken out riding his Jet Sky this morning?" asked Chuck.

"No, Ryan has Todd out on the WaveRunner, to teach him how to use it. Todd is taking Ryan's job as The Cove's new Beach Master. Didn't I already tell you guys that?" asked Robert.

That question got the group of kids to talking about the machines and when they would get a chance to use them, too. Robert reminded them about the water safety course, they just took, and told them they all needed to be thirteen before they could ride, alone, on the machine. The friends then had another discussion about that. It was then Mr. Ken came out, while holding his hands behind his back, to see what the boys were up to, while also catching some of their discussion.

"Hi, guys," offered Mr. Ken. "I hear you were talking about taking the WaveRunners out but as Robert said, you need to be, at least, thirteen before you can ride them, without someone over 18 being with you. So, when will you guys turn thirteen?"

Eric started and said his birthday would be on the 19th; Brad said his was the 4th of July, and Chuck told everyone his birthday wasn't until the 12th of July. All the while, Gordon sat back and smiled. When it was his turn, he told them he was, already, thirteen and turned into a teenager on the 31st of May. They all congratulated him.

As they were talking, Trevor came up, along with Logan, Josh, and Cody. They were then asked when their birthday was and Logan said he already turned thirteen, back in January. Josh told them he too turned thirteen, already, but only two weeks ago, on the 25th. Cody went next and told everyone his birthday was already on the 4th of this month, before they got out of school. Trevor followed up by saying said his birthday was coming up, on the 15th of June.

It was then, Mr. Ken said that someone else, there, had also become a teenager. The boys looked around and suddenly Robert figured out it was he, him, who had his thirteenth birthday and didn't even realize it. "It was ME," laughed Robert. "I had my birthday, this week, and I was so busy that I forgot all about it. Yippee!"

"Yes, I kept Robert quite busy this week and even, so much so, that even I forgot to give him his birthday present." Mr. Ken brought out the package, he had held behind his back. He gave it to his 'son' and asked him to open it, in front of his friends, which the newly turned thirteen year old enthusiastically did.

Robert quickly tore the wrapping off the package only to find a second package. Eric laughed at his friend, knowing that Mr. Ken was famous for wrapping presents inside presents. The other guys, who'd been at the Holiday parties, where people got presents, also knew what Robert was going through, so they laughed, too. By the third wrapped present, Robert finally got to the box and saw that is was a Samsung Cell Phone. He quickly got it out of the box to get a good look at the phone.

Mr. Ken took that opportunity to tell his 'son' the phone was an Android TracFone with the ice cream sandwich operating system. The man told them that Robert had told him he wasn't sure if he needed a cell phone, right now. Mr. Ken then told the boy, and thus his friends, that the phone came with 1200 minutes of talk time, 1200 text messages, and 1200 megabytes of download data and that should give him an opportunity to try one out and see how he'd want to use it before they thought about getting him an expensive cell phone plan that he didn't need or use.

"Happy Thirteenth Birthday, 'son'", said Mr. Ken, and he began to sing the song. The other lads joined in and Robert had tears of joy streaming down his face. The kids all had to check out the new phone. It was then. Mr. Ken told Robert he'd have to help him set it up and establish the phone number and register it. Robert hugged his 'dad' as tight as he possibly could he was so overwhelmed at the surprise birthday present, and the singing of the song.

Mr. Ken thanked them all for remembering when their birthday was and the group had a good laugh. The owner of The Cove then reminded the lads about next Saturday's Birthday Bash when The Cove was going to celebrate everyone, now in the 8th grade, who will turn thirteen that year. The emails had just gone out the evening before, he told them, and so their parents may not have read that one, yet. Mr. Ken did encourage them to talk to their other friends and encourage them to respond to the email and to try to be there.

Then, Mr. Ken got around to talking, to the lads, about who could and who couldn't, yet, operate the Wave Runner or his Jet Ski, by themselves. He told them that Robert, Eric, Brad, Gordon, Chuck, and Trevor had already attended the required Texas Boater Safety Education course, and passed, that when they turned thirteen they could legally drive one of the Personal Water Crafts. That impressed Logan, Cody and Josh who then asked how they could, eventually, get to drive one of the personal water crafts. Mr. Ken told them about the on-line course, that is available, and, told them, once they've passed, and shown him the proof, he would teach them to use the PWC's and they could drive them as well.

"Guys, Ryan has Todd out on one of the WaveRunner's teaching him how to use it. He is presently taking the boater safety course, and will soon be able to take the PWC out when he wants too, that is, but ONLY with a buddy. And speaking of PWCs, Robert and Eric both have wet-suits and I have six more for you guys, so …. Who wants to get out on a WaveRunner or Jet Ski?" asked Mr. Ken.

All the lads shot their hands, up faster than a speeding bullet. All that is, except Logan. The man came to learn Logan wasn't allowed to get into the water, just yet, due to the continued swelling behind the bridge of his nose. He assured his friends he would be taking that safety course and would join then as soon as the doctor allowed.

Robert and Eric led the boys, into the house, and down to the Men's Dressing Room, just off the pool deck. Logan decided to stick around, and at least watch, and possibly learn something. Robert, Eric, Trevor, Chuck, Brad and Gordon immediately began taking their clothes off, and were soon walking around bare-assed, naked. They then walked out onto the pool deck and placed their clothes in a locker.

Logan, Cody and Josh all watched, with total confusion and were all totally surprised by their friends' actions. Robert saw the confusion, on their faces, and told them they've all changed, in front of one another, a time or two, and it was no big deal, anymore. Eric then began passing out the wet-suits, but Josh and Cody were still fully dressed.

Robert pulled the two aside and told them they could change in the Woman's Dressing Room, or they could wait until the guys were all out of the room, or, they could just turn around and begin undressing. He also told them they could take their clothes out to a locker, after they had a wet-suit on. Cody looked at Josh who looked back at him. Still, not too sure, Cody said he didn't know he needed a swim suit. It was a naked Chuck, who told them they didn't use a bathing suit, under the wet-suit, and proceeded to put his wet-suit on.

It was Josh, who first decided to take the plunge and began undressing. He got down to his skivvies and stopped. He was unsure if he could take that last piece off. The first six boys all encouraged him and told him they wouldn't laugh. Eric brought over a wet-suit and placed it on the bench right next to the boy. Looking around to see who was all watching, Josh decided to take off his underwear. When he did so, the boys all clapped, for him, and told him he had done that very brave thing. Eric then helped the lad get into the wet-suit.

Cody was still a bit shy, about getting naked, in front of so many guys, even if they were his friends. Logan could see it in his best friend and told, the soon to be teenager, to follow his lead. Logan, then, began taking pieces of his clothing off. Cody followed suit. When they were both down to their underwear, Logan told Cody to grab his skivvies, on either side, and, on the count of three, they would both pull the underwear down. Cody still wasn't too sure he wanted to do that, especially, when Logan couldn't even go out on the lake.

All Logan told his best friend was their friends all showed theirs and now it was time for them to show what they had, and then Logan pulled his skivvies all the way down. Some audible Ohhs and Ahhs were heard, from the other lads, when they saw the big patch of pubic hair across the top of the teen's well-proportioned one-eyed monster. Logan smiled at his friend, Cody, who knew, from his friend's smile, if they could show each other, their stuff, he could show the rest. He too, then, pulled his underwear all the way down, and off. No Ohhs or Ahhs were heard, that time, but a few did clap for the chance their friend, just now, took. Eric then helped him get into a wet-suit.

Logan thanked his friends for their recognition and then got dressed. All the boys then headed out to the beach where Mr. Ken was waiting, with Ryan and Todd. Since, only Mr. Ken and Ryan could take someone with them, they let Todd show the others how to right the machine, if they ever fell off. At first, the 'new' boys were afraid the water would be to cold but they soon realized the wet-suit kept most of that chill away. Todd showed them what he knew and Josh and Cody each re-righted the machine, a time or two, before the others wanted to practice, as well.

Out on the lake, Mr. Ken had Robert and Ryan had Eric. The man and the teenager agreed, with Robert and Eric, they shouldn't be out long but should allow the other boys the chance, at some fun. Not more than ten minutes later, the two PCWs came back, to the beach, and picked up two new riders. Mr. Ken and Ryan did that for all the lads and, the ones, who'd never driven the machine were allowed to try it, for a few minutes. The new lads were sold on the PWCs.

On the last time in, Mr. Ken retrieved a water-toy and then chose Eric to show the rest what it did. Since, there had to be an observer, when they used a water-toy, Ryan went out with them. Boy did the newbies get an eye full of the fun, which awaited them, once they got out in the lake, in the water-toy. Gordon and Robert were already thirteen, and had passed the boaters water safety course, so Mr. Ken allowed them to ride a machine, each, within the confines of the beach breakwater. Gordon didn't care as he was now doing what the rest could only dream of, for the next few weeks. Robert just practiced turns as he couldn't go, too, fast in case he hit Gordon.

The machines, and the lads, all ran out of gas, about the same time. The boys were then shown how to load a machine onto a trailer, just in case they were asked to help, at one future time, or another. Todd then went and got a full can of gas and began to fuel the machines. He had the lads all step back as he poured the gas, into the PWCs' fuel tanks. Mr. Ken and Ryan watched as Todd did what, and how, he was supposed to do it. When he was finished, the lads gave him a round of applause.

As they walked up to the house, to change, Ryan talked to Logan about his attack, by Brody, and the injury he received. It was then Ryan told him about the attack, on him, and how he dealt with his nose surgery, and not being able to get in the water. When Logan heard Ryan was back in the lake, the following weekend, though, he knew it had to have been his mother, who convinced the doctor, to extend the time he couldn't go near water. They did compare notes, on their individual attacks, but the end result, for both of them, was the same, a broken nose and blood vessel cauterization. Logan thanked Ryan for talking, to him, as it gave him someone, he knew, who went through the same ordeal, and he could talk to, again, if need be. Ryan was happy he could help the young teen out.

It came time for all the lads to all get changed back into their street clothes. Ryan and Todd accompanied the young boys, to the dressing room. Once there, Eric began to take his wet-suit off, because he wasn't afraid to be seen naked, as he'd been naked in front of Ryan many times, and Todd, too. Then, Robert, Chuck, Brad and Trevor followed along. When Robert was naked, he collected the wet-suits to be washed. It was Chuck who got a bit out-of-hand, what's new, and dove naked into the pool waters. Brad and Trevor soon followed along, as no one was supposed to swim alone. Ryan saw what the younger lad did and he, too, joined him. Todd followed suit.

Gordon didn't want to be left out and said, to himself, '''what the heck''' and dove in, too; naked as the day he was born. When Robert came back to the pool deck, he saw his friends were all skinny dipping so he dove in, as well. That left Josh and Cody standing there naked, but not sure what they should do. Logan walked up to them and told them they needed to try, that. That it was an 'initiation of sorts' and he'd already be in, if he could. Josh dove in first and Cody quickly followed.

Robert did give Josh and Cody the swim test, Mr. Ken required, and both lads passed, with flying colors. The boys continued to swim, for a couple of hours, until it was Chuck who said he was hungry. Ryan and Todd got out of the pool and got dressed and Ryan showed Todd how to 'host' a cookout. Robert and Eric, then, got dressed, as well as Chuck and Brad. Those last four got out the ice and sodas, which were from the furthest area, and then collected the cutlery and cups. Soon, Ryan had Todd lighting up the grill, and the cookout would soon be on.

The other lads continued to swim and enjoy the feeling of no swim suit holding their pride and joys, in place. A few of the younger lads got a bit puffy, in the nether regions, but none of the other lads laughed at them, so they didn't care. When the hot dogs were ready, the clothed lads brought in the food and set it out on the table, which was already there. They had previously brought in the other things, so all the lads had to do was dress their hot dog, and get a drink. The naked lads stayed naked and the clothed lads soon joined them.

Ryan forgot to tell, the lads, he told Mr. Ken they were cooking hot dogs, and for him to come join them. Little did Mr. Ken know, the kids decided to skinny dip. So, when the man entered the pool area, to join them for something to eat, he found himself looking at a whole bunch of naked teens and preteens. All he could do was laugh. The boys who hadn't known how Mr. Ken would react, to their being naked, immediately, put their food down, and dove into the pool. The ones who knew Mr. Ken, wouldn't be mad, just, laughed at Josh, Cody and Todd.

"Guys … I am not mad that you choose to skinny dip. This isn't the first time I caught some boys swimming naked, in my pool, is it Ryan and you, too, Robert? I told them, then, and I'll tell you now, swimming nude is a 'rite of passage' and it will bring you all together, as better friends. I think I'll grab me a few hot dogs, and head back up to my study, and let my blood pressure calm down from seeing so many swinging di, err, swinging appendages at one time," laughed Mr. Ken. He quickly grabbed a few hot dogs and headed out the door.

Robert, with Ryan's help, had to settle down their friends and convince them his 'dad' was not mad, and won't tell any of their parents. Ryan told the gathered lads about the time he got caught by his mom, only a few months ago, and earlier when Collin lived there. The two 'brothers' assured the guys that, as long as they didn't feel pressured, or were teased into skinny dipping, then, Mr. Ken was OK, with it. He just didn't want anyone to go out and tell the whole world about it. They even went as far as to tell them Mr. Ken wouldn't stay around there when they were naked, nor would he swim, with the lads, if they didn't have their swim suits on. The gang felt much better after getting that pep talk.

As it got late, parents began to call The Cove asking about their child. Then, before long said parent came calling to collect said kid. Of course, the boys had to tell about their adventure on the WaveRunner's and Jet Ski. That delayed the parent's departure, while other parents arrived. Mr. Ken wished he knew so many people were going to be there, as he would have had, Ryan and Robert, cook some burgers and more hot dogs and had a quick party.

By 6:30, all the lads had gone, except Eric, and of course, Robert. Those two joined their 'dad' in his Study, and thanked him for what he had done for them, that day. While the three talked, about how their friends enjoyed riding the PWCs, Mr. Ken began checking his email. When he opened the inbox, he found he had forty-three replies to the Birthday Bash, for next weekend. That reminded him to talk to the boys about the Bash and how they saw it happening.

It had been around 4 PM, when the boys had last eaten but when Mr. Ken asked them if they wanted to go out, for dinner, they readily agreed. The three got cleaned up and went out for a simple dinner at the Four Corners Diner. Ms. Judy joined them and the four discussed all the guys getting to ride the PWCs and then they talked more about the upcoming Birthday Bash. When it came time to leave, Eric asked, and got permission, to spend the night, so Judy went home, alone.

Late that night, Robert and Eric talked about how skittish Josh and Cody were to take their clothes off, in front of the others. Then they discussed, when the 5th graders had some trouble, not to mention, their own friends, at first. They came to realize that just about all boys are afraid to show their 'equipment', to other boys, but would eventually get over it.

The two best friends also talked about how big Ryan's dick was, compared to Todd's and Logan's. They both couldn't get over how much pubic hair Logan had, but then they figured they will probably be just like him, in the months to come. They also talked about the dick sizes of the rest of the group and decided all their friends' 'equipment' was as big as it was supposed to be, at that time. They agreed they shouldn't laugh at anyone who is smaller than someone else.

With all that talking, about dick sizes, pubic hair and how big Ryan, Todd, and Logan were, got their own boy toys standing tall. They each smiled, at one another, and before they knew it, they were lying naked on Robert's bed rubbing the other's phallus, for all they were worth. But, Robert had a better idea and he had Eric flip around so they could both give one another some warm, wet pleasure. Before long, they were rewarded with the nectar they both desired. That sexual exercise, coupled with the playing on the lake, caused both lads to fall asleep, naked, in each other arms.

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