Castle Roland


Published: 24 Dec 15

A Christmas Prayer

Copyright 2015 by Jandar Tyr

Teary eyes and a lonely heart.
A cold winters night right from the start.
Scared and afraid on Christmas night.
Staring at stars that shine so bright.

Lost in fear and feeling alone.
With nothing to have and call my own.
Then a gentle soul with a warn friendly smile.
And an open hand and a lot of style.

Showed comfort and grace and gave me a hand.
And helped me to rise and take my stand.
He told me of love and how to help out.
To always believe and never to doubt.

To make Christmas last for more then one day.
For the young and the old and keep it that way.
So there in my heart, a feeling so warm.
No more cold nights, I'd weathered the storm.

From that day to now, my promise I'll keep.
To share all the love and feelings so deep.
So now everyday I start bright and clear.
With wishes of love to push back the fear.

From deep in my heart I always will pray.
For peace and love and a great Christmas day.