Castle Roland

The Sabre's

by Cynaira

In Progress

Chapter 7

Published: 8 Apr 14

Author's Notes:

Hello everyone, I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that the first eight pages of this chapter deal with "When the Children Cry" found here: . If you do not wish to read the emotional reactions to the funeral please skip the first eight pages. I have placed a double horizontal rule to let you know when this part of the scene is completed. I couldn't go through that Wednesday, in this story, without touching on that horrible day. Hugs.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

As the boys arrived in their classrooms, they settled into their seats and heard the expected whistle that the principal sounded when making an announcement over the P.A. System.

"Attention all students and faculty. Attention all students and faculty. This morning all students and faculty need to be in the auditorium at Eleven A.M. for an unscheduled assembly. Note that attendance will be taken upon your arrival by your classroom teacher. Once again, all students and faculty must be in the auditorium at Eleven A.M. for an unscheduled assembly, your attendance is mandatory. Thank you." The principal stated in a very straight forward, matter of fact tone.

Jackie, Steven and Tyler looked at the speaker that was above the classroom door. Jackie and Steven had a 'that's unusual' look on their face. Tyler tried real hard to copy their expression; he had a feeling what the assembly was going to be about and began all the necessary preparations to maintain his emotions. This wasn't going to be an easy day. They were burying their brothers today. Brothers that they loved dearly and were still grieving for. The only thing was, he already did this a few days ago and now, he knew, he would be watching himself on TV. A small sniffle escaped and Jackie looked over at him. Tyler smiled, "Felt a sneeze and tried to stop it." Then Tyler giggled, trying to hide his grief.

Over in Talon, Jeremy and Therin's classroom, they had the same reaction, except for Jeremy. Jeremy knew this was going to be a long and emotionally charged day and he had a lot of responsibilities to attend to today. Watching what he already did was going to be very difficult, but something he knew he had to do.

The boys went about their normal school day classes and at eleven o'clock their classes walked over to the auditorium just behind the school. The classes all had to stay together and the teachers started to check off students names as they filed into the seats.

Once everyone was in attendance the principal took the stage. "Good afternoon young ladies and young men. Right now, families are split up in this room due to classrooms. I would like all the children who have brothers and or sisters here to stand."

The principal waited until all the children who had family members stood. Jackie, Talon and Ulee were just a few that stood up when asked. The principal continued, "I would like all the younger children to make your way over to your eldest family member. When you get there, I would like the people near the eldest child to move over and sit with the other younger children that don't have older siblings. When you hear what why we are all here today, you will understand why I am having you all move. Alright children, start moving."

Ulee and Talon started to move over to sit with Jackie. Steven whispered to Jackie, "I'm going to go over and sit where Ulee was and give whatever support that I can." Jackie nodded that he understood. Jackie saw Lily moving over to the younger children as she was sitting with her new boyfriend.

Talon stopped, "Brody, why don't you come over and sit with my brothers and me?"

Brody looked around and saw his brothers making their way over to him, "My brothers are almost here." Brody motioned his head to point out the twin boys.

Talon smiled, "Good, then all five of us can move over together. Your brothers are right in front of our youngest brother."

Brody looked at Talon, and then he simply made a motion of his hand that said after you. He then looked over to his brothers and waved to them to say 'follow me'.

Ulee saw Talon with the other boy. When he saw the hand motion to the twins, Ulee moved up behind them, "Hey, you guys are going to sit with me and my brothers."

Colton and Clayton just looked back at Ulee and smiled. They still didn't say a single word.

Jeremy took Therin with him and moved over to Tyler, who was sitting behind the Sabre brothers. Jeremy needed to be with Tyler and wasn't about to leave Therin alone.

Travis, Mark and Curtis made their way further up in the seats to sit with Chad. Chad just smiled knowing that wherever Travis was, Curtis wasn't too far behind or was the one leading the pack, so to speak.

All the children finally got situated and the principal called everyone to order again. He looked down at the podium for a moment to gather his thoughts. He looked back up and then looked out over the auditorium and saw the faces of all the children at his school. Swallowing, "Faculty and young ladies and gentlemen, today the nation grieves. On October 23rd we witnessed, or learned through the news, of the attack on a family and a large group of children in Montana. Many were the same age as all of you. We learned over the past few days that a group called the FCC was determined to tear apart this family."

The Principle took a moment to shake his head, as none of this made sense to him, then he continued, "The group called the FCC put together a military tactic and obtained weapons and missiles that killed one hundred fourteen adults and children. The majority were children; children that were on their way to visit the family in Montana, as they said, for a vacation. Today, the nation grieves as we bury those one hundred fourteen brave souls who fought against hatred, bigotry, discrimination and fought to save the lives of this family and found they also had to fight to save their own lives as well. We are here today to participate in the funeral the only way we can; together, as a school, as faculty, students, brothers and sisters."

A large screen dropped from the ceiling behind the principal and the lights started to dim everywhere except the stage.

The principal looked out over the room. "If there are any of you who do not wish to watch or participate in this viewing, please make your way to the back of the auditorium where counselors for the school, and from Starfleet, will be waiting. I would like to thank Starfleet for sending in counselors to assist us today. For any that think they will need it, the counselors and Starfleet personnel will be able to assist you after the funeral. Don't hesitate to come and talk to us. This was an unacceptable occurrence and should have never happened. Please stay in your seat until the end of the telecast when you are dismissed. Thank you."

All of a sudden, the screen showed the start of the funeral procession. Talon noticed that the boy leading the procession and carrying the American Flag looked a lot like the new kid in their school; except, the boy on the screen had blond hair. Talon looked behind him at Jeremy, looked at him real close, looked back at the screen and got a thoughtful expression, 'hmm, could it be?'

Everyone was doing alright until they noticed the pictures of the fallen in the procession. When they saw a small six year old boy carrying what appeared to be a picture of his father and right beside him was a little boy who couldn't be much older than three carrying the picture of a young teen, tears started to fall. So many young children around the age of five and six were carrying pictures of older children and adults that died and must have been their family member's. For Jackie, he knew that several of those small children were carrying pictures of teens that those small children adopted as older brothers and he immediately put his arms around his brothers and gave them both a sideways hug. Jackie had been following the news the last few days and in some of the pictures he could even see a family resemblance. Jeremy and Tyler saw this and gave a sad smile to each other.

All of a sudden Jeremy, Tyler and the Sabre boys stood up at attention. This shocked Jeremy and Tyler. On the screen, was a long line of scouts and military, retired and enlisted, saluting and singing "The Ballad of the Green Berets." More and more of the children in the auditorium started to stand and sing right along with the people on the screen. Tears were falling and Jeremy and Tyler were surprised at the reaction in the auditorium.

The voices got louder and the sound of the children singing reverberated throughout the room. You could feel the power of the words and the emotion throughout the entire auditorium. You could hear the grief and the tears in the voices that were singing.

This touched Jeremy and Tyler. They couldn't stop the tears. All the grief they were feeling came pouring out of them. Therin wrapped an arm around each boy and tried to comfort them through his own tears. The whole time Jeremy and Tyler stood, at attention, singing with everyone else.

Everyone watched as the group marched over the bridge, and under the swords that were drawn to create another bridge over the group. While the song may have stopped on the screen, everyone in the auditorium sang the song again.

As everyone saw the group marching onto the island, silence fell over the auditorium. The only sounds you could hear were the children crying.

Jeremy really had to struggle to stand at attention when Jacks voice came over the speakers. When Jeremy heard, "Flag Bearers... LEFT FACE!" he almost started to move but having Therin's arm around his waist stopped him. Instead, he stood there and watched himself move forward and onto the stage and stand in front of the center flag stand with his flag flying high.

As the American Flag was placed in the stand by the Jeremy on the television, every adult and child in the auditorium placed their right hand over their heart. Jeremy and Tyler almost saluted but remembered at the last moment that they were supposed to be students, so they followed the lead of the other students and also placed their hand over their heart.

When the kids on the auditorium saw the little boy, who appeared to be around three years old, place his picture of a teenaged boy on a stand and then kiss the picture, even more tears fell. When the boy ran into the arms of a woman, many of the youngest kids really started to cry. You could see older kids and adults moving all around to get to and hug the youngest children that didn't have an older sibling with them.

Jackie couldn't help himself, he picked up Ulee and hugged him close, "I love you Ulee," was whispered into his ear as Ulee cried into Jackie's shoulder. Jackie then turned and mouthed the same words to Talon.

Talon put his arms around Jackie and Ulee and whispered those same words back to both of his brothers. Ulee couldn't speak, so he reached one of his hands out to hold Talon in the three way hug.

Everyone watched as all the pictures were placed and two Vulcan boys spoke. Then they heard another say " seated." The children and adults, who already weren't sitting, finally took their seats. Jackie held Ulee in his lap while Talon sat and held one of Ulee's hands.

Everyone was glued to the large screen as they watched the Governor speak, and then a General. Jeremy and Tyler's hands tightened on the arms of their chairs. Tyler then heard Jeremy whisper, at the exact same time that Sammy spoke the words, "Kuan Ti would never hurt one of the cubs." More tears rolled down Jeremy and Tyler's faces as they remembered the huge, loud, and loving cat that gave his life for their Tiny Terror's.

Everyone was listening. You could see a few heads nod here and there, in understanding as stories were told. There was a small group, who were teased about loving history, which sat in awe when they saw Danny on the screen. One of the boys from that group could be heard whispering, "I thought I wanted to be a History teacher, now I want to find a way to work with him." The boy rubbed his hand under his nose, "Even if I help save one life that is where I am going to work when I grow up."

Then Sammy started to talk about Sammy Campbell. Jeremy and Tyler got small smiles on their faces remembering helping set up for that birthday party. For a few moments, listening to Sammy talk, they were able to lose themselves in memories. Something they weren't able to do earlier.

When they heard Mr. Little talk about Mark, there were so many confused faces in the auditorium. Some knew exactly what he was talking about. Therin remembered all the good times he had with his father before his dad died and his step-mother kicked him out of the house. When Mr. Little said, "and his name was Mark Little," Therin broke down in tears. This time, it was Jeremy and Tyler trying to comfort him through their tears. Jeremy and Tyler fell into more memories as the tears just wouldn't stop. No matter how hard they tried to regain control, control that they maintained during the whole ceremony, they couldn't do it here. Not here where they could just be students.

When the Pastor was on stage and they heard, "Will you all join me in prayer?" every single head in the auditorium bowed down. While church and state were supposed to be kept separate in the schools, the principal smiled. Then he bowed his head in prayer with his students and faculty.

As each and every single name, all one hundred and fourteen, was mentioned you could hear more sniffles as the children cried. When the Pastor said, "Amen," the sound of hearing that one word echoed throughout the auditorium as it was repeated by all the students, as one voice.

When they got to the flag folding, Jeremy was mumbling every command. Sitting at attention, straight back, he couldn't let his training go here. He silently followed every step, every word, in his posture and mind. When the flag was handed to Janet, Jeremy and Tyler had a stream of tears falling the just couldn't be stopped; nor slowed, not this time. They knew they were there, but this was their family.

Jackie knew exactly how Simon felt, having a mom like that. He had Katie, a mother who didn't have to be his mom, and his brother's right by his side. With tears rolling down his face, Ulee turned his face into Jackie's chest and Jackie held him close. The boys didn't need words now, they knew. They knew that kind of love, they knew that they would do the exact same thing without thought. They held each other close and just felt.

When Sammy started to talk about them, Jeremy ran his hand over the place he was shot, he didn't even think about it. Tyler grabbed his hand, Jeremy looked over at Tyler, and they sadly smiled at each other. "I would do it all over again," Jeremy's other hand moved to where he was shot.

"I know, and so would I." Tyler simply stated. "I love all of them too."

They listen some more, and you could hear some of the children whisper, "why?"

When Adam started to play the recording, you could see some of the boys, both on the screen and in the auditorium, try to hide an understanding grin, as they all knew they had the same thoughts at some time about someone. But when they heard the boys at the end, and knew what they had done to save the lives on the other helicopter; more tears fell. You could hear some of the younger children saying, "No, I not leave. They could stay there and so's I." As teachers and other adults tried to get some of the younger children in the auditorium to leave, as they started to feel this was too much for the youngest children to handle. They were shocked as the youngest students of the school refused to leave.

All the older children and adults could do, was comfort them the best they could. Many made a silent vow to try to help change things. Many of the children, who were bullied, teased, ridiculed, looked over to the Sabre brothers. To them, these boys did what the boys on the screen were asking others to do. Stand up. Jeremy and Tyler noticed the looks, noticed how many of the students looked over at the Sabre brothers. Jeremy and Tyler shared an understanding glance.

When Jeremy saw Adam break, he wanted to leave. Tyler leaned over and whispered, "You are already there." Jeremy could only nod that he heard.

They listened to the tape of the boys dying words in Lincoln Park. The children couldn't help but ask to themselves, why, over and over again.

They all stood again and placed their hands over their hearts. Many jumped as the sound of rifle shots being shot by the small children reverberated throughout that room. Each of the twenty-one shots sent a shock wave through the auditorium. Tears never stopped falling, and for several of the students the tears fell even harder as they finally stopped trying to hold them in.

The principal took the stage and asked everyone to please take a seat. Once everyone was seated, he began, "There isn't much more to be said. I will not try to upstage what we have already heard. My hope is that all of you will take from this a new beginning. Let us protect others, not just here in our Herbe de Marais Parish, but wherever we go." You could hear the anguish in his voice, due to all the tears his voice cracked, "Once again, we have counselors available for those that need them. I talked it over with the school administrators and we are giving you the rest of the week off from school to think and grieve with our nation. I know that many schools aren't doing this. But I think we need to." He took a deep breath, "Don't forget the Talent Show that we will be hosting Friday evening, school is dismissed. Go home, grieve with your friends and family, and we will see you Friday night."

With that, he left the stage and went to his own daughter and son and pulled them to him and held them tight. As the principal held his children, all he could hear was their muffled crying and the sounds of the students moving to leave. He could hear a few going up to the counselors to get help in their grief, not understanding why so many kids their own age had to die.

Brody put an arm around each of his brothers and led them out of the auditorium. As they were leaving the phone their captors gave Brody vibrated. He pulled it out and saw a message, "Stay put, will be there in half an hour to get you do to change in the schedule."

"Let's go sit over there on the bench; we need to wait for half an hour." Brody started to lead his brothers over to the bench and sat down. He carefully started to clean the tears from his brother's faces.

"Will we ever get home Brody?" Colton whispered.

"Why can't we have the Clan rescue us?" Clayton added, right behind his brother.

"You know if we try what'll happen. We have to stay strong for grandpa. He won't give in to their demands and we know that." Brody sighed, "And I don't want him to either." Brody sat on the bench between his two brothers, placed an arm around each of them and pulled them close.

Jackie was doing the exact same thing with his brothers. He had an arm around each as they walked together out of the auditorium. While they were walking, several of their classmates came up to them and said, "Thank you for standing up for us." The boys didn't know how to react. To them they were just doing what was right.

As one, the three turned and looked at the auditorium. "No matter what guys, we need to keep doing what is right." Jackie stated as he gave each brother a one handed hug.

They turned around and started to head towards their mom when Ulee saw the twins sitting with their brother. He made a motion with his head towards them. Ulee whispered, "I'm gonna go talk to them real quick." Ulee broke away from his brothers and walked over to the boys.

Jackie watched his brother. After their talk yesterday, he knew these were the boys that Talon and Ulee were telling him about. All of a sudden Jackie was standing there alone, he noticed Talon walking over to Brody. Jackie followed but stayed far enough away to be able to hear and back up his brothers, but at the same time, far enough to appear as if he were just waiting.

Talon moved up to where Ulee was trying, unsuccessfully, to talk to the twins. He had seen the look his brother was getting from the two. It was the same look he had seen in his bothers' eyes when they had done something very, very wrong and were terrified of what was going to happen next. In simple terms, Talon saw fear, and it wasn't a small amount. The two kids were utterly terrified.

Not liking what he was seeing, even a little, he moved over and nudged Brody in a friendly way. "So, is your house haunted or something?"

"Huh?" the boy asked with a jerk of his head. "What do you mean?"

Talon noticed the boy gulp and refuse to make eye contact. This all but verified something was indeed wrong, but getting past the roadblock being thrown up by Brody was not going to be easy. On the other hand, one of the things his father told him over and over was nothing easy was ever worth as much as something that was hard. With this line of thinking, Talon figured a friendship he had to really work at had to be better than one that was quick and easy.

He stood back and watched as Brody moved over to the twins and was pretty firm about telling Ulee to go away. Talon grinned as he saw Ulee back off but not completely leave. It was clear the younger Sabre was not going to let a possible friendship, even a hard to win one, get away.

"Way to go bro." Talon muttered as he moved up and looked at Brody and the twins. "Guys, if your house is haunted or something, you can always stay with us while we figure out a way to get rid of ghosts."

One of the twins looked up and started to open his mouth.

Instantly the other twin gave him a sharp elbow, cutting off any verbal communication before it could start.

Brody reached over and quickly flipped the boy who almost spoke on the top of the head, just enough to smart, then turned to glare at Talon. "Man, if they talk… You are real close to pissing me off… What part of get lost is so hard to understand."

"Somewhere between the get and the lost I think." Talon stated rather firmly. "There is this little thing called a friend, and that doesn't fit in very well with get and lost, unless it's getting lost with a friend, then it could be kind of fun and exciting." Talon flashed his trade mark smile with the dimples showing and stood firm.

Brody let out a deep breath and took the hat off his head to run his hands trough his hair in total frustration, "Man please just drop it and go."

Talon, Ulee and Jackie all noticed the same thing, only on different boys. The twins pushed closer together and started chewing on their lips and rubbing their eyes while Brody started taking deep breaths almost as if he was going to pass out and started rubbing his eyes as well. The fear of all three boys was so thick it was almost cloud-like.

"Dude, enough." Talon reached out and grabbed at Brody, "You guys are coming home with me or we are going to fight right here, and believe me, I can kick your butt. Something is very wrong and me, my bros, and even my mom, are going to make sure whatever it is ends and ends now!"

The other twin burst out into tears, "but I don't wanna be blind!"

Jackie stood even straighter at hearing this. His whole posture changed and his eyes started to dart around looking for trouble from all directions.

Talon and Ulee both looked shocked.

"Good going jabber jaws." Brody yelled at his brother.

Clayton jumped up and stood in front of Colton, "Don't you yell at him! We don't wanna go blind Brody and he's scared!"

Brody grabbed his brother in a hug, "I know clam head, I know. I'm scared to."

Talon sniggered, "Jabber jaws and clam head. Kewl nicknames. You two must like the cartoon alot."

Brody knelt on the bench his brothers were sitting on as the overwhelming fear he was feeling almost made him puke. Feeling Talon's hand touch his shoulder, he glanced back trembling. "You just don't get it. It's not just my life, my whole future, I'm thinking about putting in your hands. It's my two brothers as well." Brody looked right into Talon's eyes, the fear so deep and evident in the stare, "Are you really willing to risk everything to help, cause if you're not get the hell away from me."

Talon didn't flinch, he stared right back at Brody, "We are the real deal and we'll find a way out of this." The hand Talon put on Brody's shoulder tightened, his stare was so intense that Brody flinched, "Friends don't walk away when a friend is in trouble and I'll be damned if I'm just going to walk away now that I know _ a friend of mine _ is in trouble. Now get your ass off that bench and let's move. I'm done talking and I'm not taking no for an answer. You can start talking on the way to the jeep." Talon pulled Brody up off the bench, he looked over at the twins, "Are you two just going to stare at me, I said let's go!"

Brody pulled out of Talon's grasp, gritting his teeth together he very quietly stated, "I said we aren't going anywhere!"

Out of frustration, Talon started to look around. He saw a broken piece of glass by the bench the boys were sitting on. He walked over and picked it up, turned and walked back towards Brody. Brody's eyes went wide with fear as he saw the piece of broken glass in Talon's hand. Talon looked at the broken glass and then at Brody. Talon held it to his own palm, "In the time of the ancient Samurai, the spilling of one's own blood to seal a vow was considered the highest mark of sincerity. If one was willing to spill their own blood for something, then what else could be more important?"

Talon grimaced as he drew the sharp part of the broken glass across the inside of his palm, just enough to draw several drops of blood. "By my own blood I swear to you that we will find a way to help you with whatever problems you have." He squeezed his hand shut and let a few drops of blood fall onto the ground, the entire time his eyes never wavered from those of Brody.

Ulee walked up next to Talon, "Me next, brothers stand together." Ulee reached for the glass, made a small cut in his palm and copied his brother's actions.

Jackie walked up and held out his hand. In his hand was an 18k amethyst and yellow sapphire broach. Talon gasped, "Jackie, no, that is all that you have left of your mothers. You can't." Talon stopped when he saw the look in Jackie's eyes and the single tear fall down his cheek.

Jackie took the glass from Ulee, cut a small section of his palm and closed his hand around the broach. When he opened his palm, Brody could see blood on the broach. Jackie looked up and stared right into Brody's eyes, "As my brother's spilled their blood in the way of the ancient Samurai, so do I. As my mother gave her life to protect me, so shall we to protect you and yours. Take this, hold it in our honor. For once you reach our home, Jardin Haven du Marais, you will be safe. No one and nothing will harm you. This can only be returned to me when you are able to return to your home."

Talon and Ulee looked on as Brody picked up the broach. "Garden Haven of the Marsh, garden haven? Really?" Brody question as he couldn't figure out how something name so nicely could be a safe place.

Talon crossed his arms over his chest, got his famous smirk on his face, "Dude, you haven't see our home yet. People can get lost in the garden mazes." Ulee and Jackie had to let out a small laugh at that.

Brody looked at the broach again. With a quick nod of his head he turned to Colton and Clayton. "They really mean what they say. I think this is the only chance we have. Let's go. We gotta try."

Colton and Clayton still weren't sure what to expect. The fear of going blind was so deep they couldn't grasp what was happening. The only reason they were leaving, was because their brother was. One thing both boys still clung to was the deep trust they had for Brody. If he felt he could trust these boys, then they would too.

All the boys nodded and headed to the jeep. "Mom, some friends are coming home with us. Their ride couldn't get here to pick them up. So, we will need to take them home later."

Katie couldn't help but laugh, "Well, come on in. And Talon, do your friends have names or should I just call them boys?"

Talon blushed as he got in the jeep, "Sorry mom. This is Brody."

Ulee spoke up then, "And the twins are my friends, Colton and Clayton."

Colton and Clayton just looked at each other. They never considered that Ulee would consider them his friend since they never talked to him.

Ulee then added, "They don't talk, much."

"Well, it is nice to meet the three of you. Are you sure that this is alright with your parents?" Katie smiled back at the boys in the rear view mirror as she started to pull away from the school.

"Oh, yes ma'am. Our parents don't mind at all." Brody answered with a smile. He figured he wasn't lying. He knew in his heart that, if his parents were alive, they would approve of his doing whatever he could to get him and his brothers out of the trouble they were in.

Jeremy, Tyler and Therin watched as the boys headed for the Jeep. "We've got trouble brewing. What was that about Tyler?" Jeremy asked.

"Seems like the Sabre's are rescuing some boys who were kidnapped and being held against their will. We need to get to the house right away so we can follow them and protect them somehow; without giving the mission away."

Jeremy didn't know it but Chad, Travis, Mark and Curtis just got into Mr. Alden's vehicle and were heading out to the house where they knew Renaud was.

Jeremy touched his ear, "Daileass, you know what to do bro." Within a second, all three boys disappeared and reappeared in the living room of the house they were renting.

Renaud was sitting on the couch with Scout asleep in his arms. Renaud looked up when he saw Jeremy, Tyler and Therin appear in the living room, "He cried himself to sleep. We were watching the funeral and before I knew it he was in my lap and crying his little eyes out."

Jeremy walked over, "I knew you would make a good big brother. But, we need to wake him up. The Sabre brothers are on their way home with three boys they are trying to rescue. We need to get ready and be prepared for anything."

Renaud got a very confused look on his face. At the same time, Scout started to rub his eyes with his fists and mumbled, "how come they still need rescuing if they're already in the car with the Sabre brothers. Aren't they already rescued then?"

Tyler giggled and Jeremy got a very thoughtful look on his face as he thought over what he had just said. Then he laughed, "Umm, well, there is more to this than just getting them into the car. Come on and I'll fill everyone in on what Tyler found out."

Before they knew it, there was a knock at the door and the Alden brothers and Curtis were on the porch. Chad smiled, "Well, here we are, just as promised."

Tyler laughed, "Well, it looks like the team is together and we are immediately going on our first mission. No training, no planning, don't know each other, but we're going to do this and not blow our mission. Daileass, we need more communicators."

All at once they could see Scout go running down the hallway to get ready. Renaud stood up, smiling at his friend and started introductions.

Just as the introductions were finished Scout ran back into the front room.

Chad looked around confused and asked, "What mission? We didn't expect anything today." He looked over at his two brothers and Curtis and could see the confusion mirrored on their faces.

They could hear the laughter in Daileass' voice, "That's the norm for us, isn't it Jeremy and Tyler?" Just as enough sets of communicators showed up on the table.

Jeremy just shook his head. Smiling, he walked over and picked the communicators up, "Alright then, put these on and I will explain on our way across the street. We are on a watch and protect, only if needed, mission." Jeremy gave the boys a crash course on how to use the communicators and they headed out the door. While they were walking, Jeremy was telling them everything they knew, giving them instructions on what was expected and where to stand guard.

While the Sabre's along with Brody, Colton and Clayton were driving home, everyone was real quiet. Each lost in his own thoughts. Katie kept glancing back, she knew something was up, but trusted her son's to do the right thing. She resolved herself to be prepared for anything.

When they got to the house, Katie reminded the boys that they needed to change and told the boys to see if they had anything that would fit their friends.

"When you're done changing, come downstairs to the kitchen. I'll have plenty of snacks for all of you." Katie shouted after all six boys as they headed up the stairs.

Jackie stopped at his door, "I'll meet you all downstairs. I think the best place for us to go would be either the tree house or the dojo." He opened his bedroom door and as he started to walk in he added, "Just let me know and I'll have a basket of food ready when you get downstairs." Jackie turned, entered his room and closed the door.

Talon looked over at Ulee, "Ulee, take the twins to your room and find them something of yours to wear. Brody, come with me." With that Talon turned and headed to his room, Brody nodded to his brothers and followed after Talon.

When they entered Talon's room, Brody could do nothing but look around in shock. The furniture was all antique. He had a large four poster bed with drawers underneath, with a step stool on each side to be able to climb up into the bed. Hanging down each post was some kind of soft fabric, all various shades of deep greens, blues and burgundies. The bedspread matched the material hanging from the canopy.

On the walls were posters and paintings. There were posters of bands, swimmers and models. And then there were all kinds of computers and electronics, all around the room. Above the desk, which was in the shape of a U, there was a painting of a Matrix, framed. As Brody walked over to get a closer look, he could see it was painted right onto the wall and then the trim was framed around the painting to make it look like a picture. "Um, you must really like computers or something," Brody giggled.

Talon looked over at Brody, held up a pair of sweat pants and a sweat shirt he just pulled out of the dresser drawer and with a shy smile, he nodded. "Here, try these on." Talon tossed the clothes at Brody.

Brody caught them and then looked around, "Um, where should I change?"

Just as he said that, Talon dropped his pants. Talon had pulled his sweater off and unbuttoned his dress shirt just after they entered the room while Brody was looking around. "What's wrong with right here? We're both guys and friends." With that Talon proceeded to finish getting undressed so he could change into a set of sweat clothes that he pulled out for himself.

Brody watched Talon for a moment and then just shrugged. "Some of my friends don't like to change in front of each other. But you're right, we're both guys and, um, yeah, friends." He got changed and set his book bag next to the bedroom door.

They left Talon's room and saw Ulee and the twins leaving his. Talon giggled when he saw the look on the twins faces. He leaned over and whispered in Brody's ear, "Ulee had me paint one entire wall with a scene from 'Peter Pan'. You feel like you just walked into Never, Never Land."

The twins kept glancing back at the door with awe. Ulee had the same idea and all three were in sweat clothes as well. Brody walked over to his brothers and pulled both of them into him for a hug. They melted into his embrace. Once they were all gathered together in the hall, the five boys headed down to the kitchen.

When they entered the kitchen they saw Jackie giving Katie a kiss on the cheek, "Thanks mom for putting a picnic basket together for us. We will be in the dojo or the treehouse if you need us for anything."

Jackie saw the five boys enter the kitchen and smiled, "Ready guys?"

He saw three heads turn towards Talon and Ulee, as they nodded yes. Jackie picked up the picnic basket and all five boys followed. Talon and Ulee both stopped and kissed their mom in thanks. Brody, Colton and Clayton walked up, saying "Thank you" as they followed the Sabre boys out the back door.

"I think we should head to the dojo. We have more room there for the six of us to plan." Jackie stated as he was walking in that direction.

The five boys followed. As they entered the dojo, Jackie set the basket down while Talon went and got a large blanket to put on the floor. Once the blanket was down, Ulee helped to start setting up their snacks.

Brody, Colton and Clayton looked on in wonder as Ulee set out paper plates and then pulled out six sub sandwiches. They were stacked high with ham, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and a special sauce that their mom used. Then he pulled out a stack of chocolate chip cookies, and cartons of milk.

"We haven't eaten like this since we were home." Clayton then bit into his sub and moaned, "What kinda cheese is on this?"

Ulee smiled, "my favorite, havarti cheese." Ulee then bit into his sandwich and moaned with the twins as they devoured their food.

While they were eating their sandwiches, all of a sudden two of the cookies on the plate disappeared. All six boys sat there and stared at the plate. "Um, guys, where did the cookies go?" You could hear the total disbelief in Colton's voice.

The Sabre boys just shrugged their shoulders. "Don't know, but every time mom bakes cookies, some of them just disappear. We don't know where they go. It just started happening in the last week so we are just getting used to it."

The twins just looked at Brody in total disbelief. Brody laughed, "Don't know what to tell you bros. Just eat. We got lots to talk about and not a lot of time."

Jackie had everyone sit in a circle while they ate. No one said a word until all the food was gone. Ulee got up and gathered all the trash to dispose of it.

As Ulee sat back down, Brody looked over at the Sabre brothers. He struggled with his thoughts. 'How much should I tell them?' He looked down at the twins, one sitting on either side of him and knew that to save them; he had to tell them everything.

He put his arms around each of his brothers and pulled them close. He needed to be holding and touching them while he talked.

With a deep sigh, he began, "We are from Grand Marais, Michigan. We were out on Lake Superior with our parents on their yacht. My brothers and I were below deck playing cards when we heard shouting. I had my brothers hide under the table while I snuck up the stairs to see what was going on. There were masked men who got aboard the yacht and I..." Brody swallowed hard, trying to remain calm and fight the tears that wanted to fall... "I saw them shoot and kill my parents. I didn't hear any shots though.

"The next thing I knew the men were running for the stairs. I ran back down to my brothers but the men were there and grabbed us. We kicked and screamed but they got us off our yacht and onto theirs. When their yacht was far enough away we saw ours blow up. We were so scared. Still are." Brody stopped for a moment and hugged his brothers.

"We don't know how we got here. We kept being shuffled from one person, to another; from one place to another. They kept giving us something blue to drink in the morning; it would make us real sick at first. They told us that if we didn't do what they told us to do, and didn't get the antidote each night, that we would go blind. They showed us pictures of our parents being murdered and the yacht being blown up over and over again. Then they would show us pictures of our Grandfather; saying that he would co-operate. They had his prize grandsons after all."

Brody stopped to catch his breath a moment. "Each night they would give us something green to drink before locking us up into a room to sleep. We only had cereal for breakfast and some kind of fast food for dinner. Not much, just enough so that we can function."

"We've been here for a few months now and we've been dealing with this crap since July; Fourth of July weekend. We always went out on the yacht for the weekend, sometimes for a whole week. If we don't get the antidote tonight, we will go blind. That is why we didn't want to leave. That is why I'll go back, with my brothers, if I have to so they won't go blind. I don't know what they've been giving us, but we can't take that chance."

Brody looked down at each of his brothers, "Our grandfather is a very firm man, and he always told us he wouldn't negotiate with terrorists, even if it meant our lives."

Brody thought again, just stared off into space, finally making a decision he continued, "Our family is from a long line of loggers, miners and fishermen. On our land, the family found a mineral called Gallicite, and these people want it."

The Sabre brothers sat and listened to what Brody was saying. When Brody stopped, Jackie stated, "Well then, we go and get the antidote. And we grab whatever we can so we can have the stuff analyzed to figure out what it is that you were being given."

Brody burst out laughing, "Right! Do you really think you can do that?"

Talon just looked over at Brody with a look that said, "What do you think? Of course we can!"

Brody looked over at Jackie and Ulee and saw the same expression on their faces.

Brody sighed then, "I think we need to go to the farmhouse now. It is only up the road. We drove right by it on our way here." Brody gave his brothers a squeeze as they started to cry.

Talon leaned forward, his voice getting low, and he grounded out through gritted teeth, "You aren't going anywhere but with us to break into the farm house and get the antidote."

Jackie looked over at Ulee, "Ulee, go and change real quick. Get ready to protect the twins. You are going to take them up into the treehouse and hide out there. Keep them secure and safe at all costs."

Ulee jumped up, "Got it bro." He ran to the changing room.

Talon looked at Brody, "We promised to help you and that is exactly what we are going to do. We don't go back on our word. We just need to get you the antidote and we don't have a lot of time to prepare."

What all the boys didn't know was that Tyler was outside the dojo and letting Jeremy, and the security team, know what was being said.

Jeremy just shook his head, "Well, looks like we have our work cut out for us."

Jeremy told Therin, Mark and Scout to stay back with Tyler and protect Ulee, Colton and Clayton. Tyler knew that one of them needed to stay back, as none of the team was trained yet. Jeremy was taking Renaud, Chad, Travis and Curtis with him.

While Jeremy was giving his orders, Jackie said, "Alright guys, this is what we're going to do."

The five boys gathered around Jackie and listened to his plan. Each interjecting thoughts and ideas as the plan came together.

Inside the Sabre home Katie was making her own plans as she picked up the phone, "Hello, Ryan..."

Editor's Notes:

Wow, a funeral and now a rescue! I guess we are seeing why the Clan have been watching the Sabre's for a while and why they have to be protected. I think there is more to this family than meets the eye. Okay, now I can't wait to find out what happens next.

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