Castle Roland

The Sabre's

by Cynaira

In Progress

Chapter 9

Published: 8 Apr 14

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Just as the sun was rising in the distance, a jet landed at the airport in New Orleans. Al Fredrickson had his pilot call ahead to have a helicopter available to take off shortly after he landed. Al and Chuck made their way over to the waiting helicopter and boarded.

Al gave a quick nod to the pilot and simply stated, "I need you to fly over the Garden Haven Plantation." The pilot nodded and called in his flight pattern.

They took off and before they knew it the pilot was heard saying, "This is the beginning of the plantation, you can see the fields of tea and cotton. Those are the gardens there, they take up the majority of the front of the home. The swamp land is intertwined within and around the plantation. There are a total of 4,500 acres of land and swamp belonging to the Sabre family. That is their home." The pilot finished as he flew over the house.

Al took the whole scene in. He wasn't going anywhere until he had an idea of what he was entering into. The gardens in front of the home looked like giant faces staring back up at him. It made him feel as if he was being watched by the nature around the home itself. The swamp gave an eerie feel in the early morning light.

Al finally nodded and directed the pilot to head back to the airport.

He thanked the pilot and gave him a large tip for being available at the last minute. Then Al and Chuck made their way to the waiting limo. While they were flying over the plantation the staff on the plane loaded a few suitcases into the waiting limo. Once inside Al looked at Chuck and asked, "So, what did you think?"

"It is very well protected. And the research you kept receiving about the Sabre family during our flight here tells me that there is more to that plantation than what we saw. No matter how much you think you know what to expect when we get there, you are not going to be prepared, Al." Chuck stated in a matter of fact way.

Al got a thoughtful look on his face, "True, and I think I need to be thankful that they rescued my boys and are not my enemy. I hope to keep it that way."

They heard the driver call back, "We are at the border now sir."

Al and Chuck looked out the window and could see the begining of the fields. They saw trees separate them and a tow truck hooking up a burned out vehicle. Al asked the driver to slow down and they saw the remains of a home that looked like it was blown up. Al just looked over to Chuck in wonder.

They drove on past more fields, heavy timbered land and swamp until they reached an area that was bordered by shrubs interspersed with many plants that Al had never seen before. They turned onto the driveway and found themselves driving under a canopy of old oak trees. Al counted as they drove and found forty Oak trees lining the driveway in a perfectly straight line, twenty trees on each side of the drive. The limo followed the circle drive to the front of the house. The circle drive was made of cobble stone which had withstood the test of time.

When the driver parked, he got out of the car and opened the rear, driver side, passenger door for Al. Al and Chuck exited the car and stood, staring at a huge home. They parked right in front of a large staircase that went up to the second floor of the house. There were nine columns along the front of the home with a deck that ran the length of the second floor. The first floor had a patio that extended the length of the front of the house. They looked upward and saw roofing covering the deck and then the third floor of the home, which they could only guess were bedrooms. There was also a center tower visible at the front of the home leading up to a tower room surrounded by windows, which made the fourth floor. He couldn't tell from where he stood if there was a matching tower at the back of the house, but knew there was from his fly over.

Al then turned and looked back towards the drive and the gardens. He just shook his head, "This place is definitely like walking back into time. This is beautiful." Al glanced at Chuck, "The people here, in this, um, parish, are lucky that this family kept this history intact all these years. This is amazing."

Chuck could only nod his head and stare in awe at the sight before him. Chuck was brought out of his daze by the driver handing him a suitcase that contained clothes for the boys.

The two men started up the stairs, hoping they were going to the correct door. Chuck found a modern doorbell and pressed the button. Al looked around the deck and noticed tables and chairs set up, along with benches and swings. Several various types of seating areas were set up everywhere.

The door opened and a young woman, who appeared to be in her thirties, opened the door, "Yes, may I help you?"

Al gave a slight bow, "I am Al Fredrickson ma'am. I am here to meet with Mrs. Sabre and to retrieve my grandson's."

Katie smiled as she opened the door wider, "Please, come in Al. It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm Kathryn Sabre."

As Al and Chuck entered the home, he noticed a young man holstering a side arm and stepping back into the shadows.

Katie followed his eyes and smiled, "That was Corporal Falx. He is a member of my husbands special forces team. When they heard what happened to the boys they stayed here to make sure they stayed safe and secure."

Al smiled, "Thank you for keeping my boys safe. This," he pointed towards Chuck, "is my best friend and pilot, Chuck Whitney."

Katie stepped forward and shook hands with both men. "Why don't you follow me to the family dining room and we can have some coffee while we wait for the boys to wake up and come downstairs for breakfast."

"Thank you. I would like to hear more of what happened while we wait." Al followed Katie with Chuck not far behind, looking around as he went.

While they were walking, Cecil Falx walked up to Chuck and extended his hand, "If you don't mind, I can take that suitcase upstairs to the boys room."

Chuck nodded and then smiled while he handed the case over, "Thank you."

Upstairs, Brody slowly opened his eyes, just a crack. The fear of not seeing anything was vibrating through his body. Slowly, his brain registered that there was a soft light shining. He opened his eyes a little more, and was able to begin seeing the outline of the objects in the room that he shared with his brothers.

He slowly maneuvered himself out from underneath Colton and Clayton, who were snuggled into each side of him and holding on tight. Brody looked around and smiled. He noticed Ryan, asleep in a chair in the corner of the room. Knowing that he stayed with them all night sent a shiver of relief through him.

Brody couldn't longer hold the excitement in any longer. He jumped off the bed and started jumping around and yelling, "I'm not blind. I'm not blind." He pumped his fist into the air and shouted at the top of his lungs, "Yes!"

Before he knew it, Colton and Clayton joined him as the realization that they weren't blind hit them also. The three boys held hands and danced around in a circle in the middle of the room.

Ryan woke up with all the shouting and just sat there smiling at their antics. Before Ryan knew it, Jackie, Talon and Ulee came running into the room to see what all the shouting was about.

"We can see!" Colton yelled out.

The Sabre brothers ran over and all six boys joined hands, forming a larger circle, and started dancing around in a circle smiling and laughing.

This was the sight that greeted Cecil as he walked up to the door. He set the suitcase down and leaned into the door frame. He couldn't keep the smile off his face as he watched the boys dance around in their pure joy. Cecil glanced over at Ryan and watched as he relaxed back into the chair with a grin on his face.

Ryan noticed Cecil in the doorway and glanced over. When Cecil noticed Ryan looking at him, Cecil nodded down to the suitcase at his feet. Ryan slowly started to stand up, "Boys, it appears that you have company waiting for you downstairs. How about you get your showers and get dressed."

All six boys came to a sudden stop. Colton and Clayton had a confused look on their faces, "But we...", "don't have any clothes," was their reply.

Cecil stood up from his leaning position and reached down for the suitcase, "You do now." He started to enter the room and found two boys running towards him.

"Grandpa's here," "Grandpa's here," was shouted by Colton and Clayton as they reached Cecil and grabbed the suitcase.

Brody and the Sabre boys couldn't help but smile. "We better get ready then," Jackie said as he started to usher his brothers out of the room.

Ryan and Cecil stepped out of the room and waited at the top of the stairs for all the boys to get ready so they could head downstairs for breakfast.

"Thank you Dee." Katie smiled at the young lady who just brought two fresh carafe's of coffee.

Dee smiled, "You's welcome Miz Sabre. I go an finish making da breakfast now." Dee gave the two gentlemen sitting at the table with Katie a shy smile and left the dining room.

Just as Dee left, Katie heard running feet on the stairs. Ulee was the first to arrive, "YES! The main dining room. Where's Dee? Is she here today?" Ulee shouted as he saw the coffee carafe's. Before Katie could even respond, Ulee dashed out of the dining room and headed straight for the kitchen.

Katie laughed, "That, gentlemen, was our youngest son Ulysses." Then she turned and looked at Al with a smile, "But please don't call him that, he goes by Ulee. For some reason, he hates his name."

Al and Chuck chuckled at that. Katie saw them smile as Ulee was helping Dee carry in trays of orange juice and glasses. "But I gotta help you Dee. There are lots and lots of people here this morning." Ulee stated as he set his tray of glasses down and started to set a glass in front of each plate at the table.

All of a sudden Ulee ran out of the room and shouted up the stairs, "Hurry up everyone, Dee is here and breakfast is almost ready!"

Ulee then ran back into the main dining room, then turned around and ran back out again, yelling "Main dining room, hurry...." and he ran back into the room, sat at his place at the table and started to pour himself some juice. He finally sat down with a grin and took a big gulp of his juice and then ran his tongue over his lips, "Good stuff," he said with contented sigh.

Before Katie could say anything to Ulee she turned as she heard, "Grandpa," being shouted by three boys running down the stairs. Al had barely pushed his chair back when Colton and Clayton sat on his lap and hugged him tight. Tears running down their faces and they kept saying, "You're here," and "We can see."

Brody went over to Chuck, hugging him tight and saying the same thing.

Al and Chuck spent the next few minutes consoling and reassuring the boys that they were there and that the boys were safe now. They finally got the boys calmed just as Jackie, Talon and the team entered the dining room and started to take seats.

Dee started to bring in trays of food and setting them in the warmers on the side board table. Katie smiled, "Boys, why don't you go and clean your faces and we can all sit down and eat some breakfast."

Brody, Colton and Clayton nodded, traded places real quick, with Brody hugging Al and the twins hugging Chuck. They then dashed out of the room to clean up. Before anyone even knew they were gone, they came back into the dining room; at a very fast walk.

Al chuckled at that and started to hand the boys a plate each and pointed over to the food piled high on the side table. He went over with the boys and helped them fill their plates. Some of the food they didn't recognize so Al convinced them to try a little of everything.

The Sabre family and the rest of the team followed, before long, everyone had a plate of food and were seated at the table. Al couldn't help but notice the empty plate at the other end of the table and asked, "Are you expecting someone else? We could wait for the rest of your company to arrive."

Katie gave a small, sad smile while Jackie, Talon, Ulee and the team stopped eating and got real quiet.

Al looked around at everyone and inquired, "Did I say something wrong?"

Before Katie could respond, Jackie set his fork down and took a deep breath, "That is where our dad sits when we have company. You didn't say anything wrong since you didn't know." Jackie looked at his mom and with her slight nod he continued, "Our dad went missing in action almost two years ago. We don't know where he is, but we still set a place for him at the table and leave it set. Every night we light a battery operated lantern and leave it in the front window so there is always a light on for him to welcome him home." Jackie gave a sad smile of his own, "they may be old traditions but we hope and pray everyday that we will see him again."

Katie turned to Chuck. "The boys haven't given up hope, it has been so long I don't know what to believe anymore. I promised them I would give them two years. If he hasn't come home by then, then I have to believe he won't be coming home."

Ulee started to get angry, but Talon put a hand on his leg and whispered something in his ear which caused Ulee to nod and not say anything.

"I see, I'm sorry to dampen the mood surrounding this wonderful meal." Al apologized.

"Then, lets enjoy." Katie smiled at Al.

"At least you still have hope, he could still come home. We saw," Brody chocked back more tears, "we saw our parents killed and know we won't ever see them again." Brody looked over at Al, "at least we still have our grandpa and Chuck." With that Brody just started to eat again while Colton and Clayton just nodded their agreement.

The mood was solemn as everyone finished eating breakfast. "If you don't mind mom, we need to practice for the talent show tomorrow evening." Jackie stated as he got up to help Dee clear the dishes.

"That's no problem. Al, Chuck and I will visit and I will give them a tour of the house and the gardens." Katie smiled at the boys as they were all now helping clear the table and food trays.

Brody, Colton and Clayton looked over at their grandpa, "Go, go with your friends because tonight we will be flying home."

"But, but, we have to see the talent show tomorrow night. Can't we stay one more day with our new friends?" Colton and Clayton asked at the same time.

Al just chuckled as Chuck asked, "Could someone please direct me to a phone, it looks like I need to change our flight schedule."

Ryan nodded, "Follow me, I'll take you to the library."

"Thank you." Chuck smiled as six boys cheered and then ran out of the room.

"We have plenty of room so plan on staying here. I'll be right back, I just need to let Dee know which rooms to set up for you." Katie stood and headed towards the kitchen. "Oh, and tonight we visit the soup kitchen, all of you are more than welcome to join us." Katie turned and left the room.

Mason laughed, "That's our Katie! Come on Al, we can go out on the deck while we wait for everyone to return."

The men stood, took coffee with them and headed outside.

Across the street, Jeremy, Tyler, Renaud, Therin and Scout were eating their breakfast, also.

"A large limousine showed up this morning, I think the family is here to pick up the boys." Renaud said around a mouth full of food.

"What are we going to do today?" Therin asked as he took a sip of his breakfast shake then picked up his fork and started to eat his scrambled eggs.

"We need to try to figure out what the families are doing today. And we need to get to know Chad, Travis, Mark and Curtis better and do some training this afternoon." Jeremy looked over the table at everyone in thought.

"How are we going to find that stuff out?" Scout asked with his mouth full of hash browns that he had mixed his eggs up in.

"Just ask me of course." Daileass responded through a speaker hooked up to a computer terminal set on the counter.

Scout scrunched up his face and looked at the computer, "how would you know? You eavesdroppin' on them or somethin'?"

"Or something Scout." Daileass laughed, "But to answer your questions, the family just finished breakfast and the boys are all heading to the dojo to practice for the talent show tomorrow. Mrs. Sabre is having rooms set up for Mr. Fredrickson and Mr. Whitney, grandfather and pilot, in that order. Mr. Whitney is changing his flight schedule and Mr. Fredrickson and most of Mr. Sabre's team are on the deck drinking coffee. This evening they will all be going to the soup kitchen."

All the boys burst out laughing. "What do we need to watch the house for if Daileass is doing a better job than we are?" Therin asked.

Tyler, still laughing, tried to answer, "We are supposed to keep the Sabre family safe. Daileass is helping us where we don't have eyes yet."

Therin thought about that for a minute, "Oh." After a pause he just shrugged his shoulder's, "I guess that makes sense."

The boys finished their breakfast and as Renaud stood to help clear the table he abruptly sat back down.

Jeremy stood quickly and went over to him, "What's wrong?"

"Really bad dizzy spell." Renaud stated while he was trying to get the spinning in his head to stop.

"I think he needs to sleep and rest, he did too much right after getting out of the bio-bed. He had a lot of healing to do and hasn't gotten enough rest." Daileass reminded everyone.

"No, I'll be alright, I can't just sit here or lay down I need to be helping and doing something." Everyone could hear the stubborn streak in his voice as Renaud responded.

"Renaud, you need to rest, if you don't heal right what will happen to me without my bestest friend. Please rest and get better, I need you." Therin went over and hugged Renaud while he was asking his friend to take care of himself.

Renaud just put his arm around Therin in a hug, "I'll try. That's all I can promise."

Right then, there was a knock on the door and Scout took off to answer it again. The Alden brother's and Curtis were there, "You're early, we wasn't specting you until later. You hungry? We still have food." And with that Scout took off back towards the kitchen.

Chad laughed and all the boys entered the house and headed towards the kitchen. "We already ate Scout but thank you for offering."

Scout just nodded and around a mouth full of food said, "Good, even more for me then."

Mark giggled and looked around, "Is everything alright Renaud?"

"No, his head is spinning and he won't rest." Therin answered before Renaud could.

Chad just shook his head, "Still as stubborn as always. Don't worry Therin, we'll make him rest, even if I have to sit on him to keep him down."

Renaud just laughed, "The last time you tried that you ended up in the swamp. You really want to go there again?"

Chad just smiled, "This time I'm not alone and have reinforcements." Then Chad pointed at all the boys in the room and looked at Renaud. The look clearly said, 'you want to be stubborn enough to take us all on?'

Renaud sighed, "Alright. I'll go and lay down on the couch and rest. Jeez, you would think I was a kid or something."

Renaud started to walk out of the kitchen when he heard Chad whisper, "Or something is about right."

All the boys burst out laughing.

"Alright then. Let's all go outside and start some hand to hand combat training and exercises, that will be a good work out today. We're also going to work on some karate meditation techniques and basic moves." Jeremy went over and started to help finish clearing the table.

As soon as they were done all the boys, except Renaud, headed outside. Renaud was fast asleep on the couch. As Renaud rested, the rest of the boys practiced. Only stopping long enough to eat a snack, and then lunch, and then another snack and have another shake.

Mr. Alden knocked on the front door then entered just as Scout was running for the door. Scout couldn't stop in time and ran right into Mr. Alden. "Oops, sorry sir. But you was spossed to wait until I got to the door."

Mr. Alden picked Scout up and gave him a hug, "No damage done. You sure do like answering the door, don't you?"

Scout giggled and he settled into the squeeze of a hug that Mr. Alden was giving him. With a smile on his face he nodded, "Yep! I didn't have a door to answer before, and before that I was too little so no one would let me. Now that I'm here and am bigger these guys let me answer the door. Their the awesomest brothers."

As Mr. Alden carried Scout into the living room of the house he could hear the boys discussing their plans for the evening. "So, I take it that you still have more to do tonight?"

Jeremy and the boys looked up, "Yes, tonight the Sabre family goes and helps out at the soup kitchen. We have to be there since everyone is going. We not only have to protect the Sabre family, we also have to keep the Fredrickson boys, their grandfather and his friend safe. We were just figuring out who was going to be doing what and Renaud here," Jeremy pointed over to Renaud, "refuses to stay put and rest."

"I slept almost all day while all of you practiced. I need to do something, this laying around being lazy isn't for me Jeremy." Renaud scowled.

Mr. Alden laughed, "Well, how about we do this; I can drive everyone into town, then Renaud and I can go into the soup kitchen under the pretense that we are just chatting and I am trying to convince him to come home. That way he can rest and you have someone inside the building."

Scout just settled into Mr. Aldens arms and looked like he wasn't going to get down anytime soon. He was really enjoying being held and hugged by someone that he knew wasn't going to hurt him.

Jeremy thought it over and nodded, "That sounds good. He needs to rest and if that is the only way to keep him down then it's a go."

"Alright, I can do that, and Chad needs to be with us also." Renaud sighed, "It will look better to have my friend there, and everyone and anyone who remembers me knows that Chad and I were inseparable when we were younger."

"Alright then." Jeremy agreed. "We have our plans and everyone knows where they need to be at. Let's get going so we can be in place before the Sabre family and their guests leave."

Everyone got ready to go. They cleaned up their soda cans and snack plates then headed for the door. Scout was still in Mr. Aldens arms when they arrived at the vehicle.

Location Unkown

A tall figure stood with his back to Ta'lark, hands clasped behind his back in thought. The man was all in black and staring out the windows. His reflection could not even be seen in the windows reflection. Ta'lark stood firm awaiting his orders.

"It has come to my attention that the surveillance equipment that I requested was not installed last night. The team assigned to that mission will be working on it this evening. You are to have the Releaser prepared and sent to the St. Lufthild's soup kitchen to dispose of the problem." The man ordered without emotion.

"Sir, why are we still working on the surveillance equipment if we are just going to dispose of the problem with the Releaser?" Ta'lark asked with confusion tinting his question.

The man smiled, "That is not of your concern Ta'lark. Your concern is to follow orders. Have you forgotten your place so quickly?"

Ta'lark gupled, "No, no sir. The Releaser shall be prepared just as you requested." He turned and exited the room. He couldn't help but think how close he just came to losing his life. He knew it was a good thing The Man wasn't in a bad mood.

Ta'lark went to the computer room and pulled up all the information he would need for the soup kitchen. Once he had the blue prints firmly in his mind he left the computer room and headed to the holding cells. This was the part of his job he loved the most. He could feel himself getting hard just thinking about what he needed to do to prepare the boy, the Releaser, for his mission. He walked halfway down the long hallway that contained one hundred holding cells, fifty rooms on each side of the long hallway, until he came to the door that he needed. He pulled out the key and entered the room.

The rooms in the holding cells contained a mattress on the floor, a toilet and sink. In the corner of the room, with his back up against the wall, sat a small boy that had his arms wrapped around his legs and his head laying on his knees that were drawn up into his chest. The boy sat up and trembled as he saw who walked into the room.

Ta'lark grinned, shut the door and started to undress. "You know why I am here Releaser."

The boy couldn't help it, his whole body started to shake in fear knowing the pain that was about to inflicted on him. He shook his head no and tried to beg for this creature to not hurt him but no words came out of his mouth. The creature already reestablished the link to the boys brain and froze his speech ability. This didn't prevent the boy from screaming NO in his mind as he tried to push himself into the wall behind him.

Ta'lark finished undressing and allowed his erection to been seen, the boy wept harder and Ta'lark reveled in the fear emanating off the boy. He walked over and grabbed the boy from the wall and pushed him down. "We have a mission for you boy and you will accept the information I need to send to you. You will be The Releaser and release these people from their lives on the planet Earth." Ta'lark shoved his erection into the boy, with no preparation. At the same time he forced his mental link into the boys brain. He not only physically raped the young boy, he also mentally raped him as he took hold of his mind and placed the information of the mission and the blueprints on the soup kitchen into the boys brain.

Just a Ta'lark finished preparing the boys mind for the mission, he released himself into the boy. This confirmed that the link was in place and the mission plans were securely placed. He knew that this boy was his. He had done this many times to the boy over the years and his grip on the boys mind was not being fought like it used to be. He got off the boy and stood him up, his secretion running down the boys legs. Ta'lark smiled at the tears that ran down the boys face. He made sure that the boy remembered every time he took him. Ta'lark needed that fear to feed off of. "Let us go and get you dressed and prepared for you mission boy."

The boy just nodded, and meekly followed the creature called Ta'lark out into the hallway. He walked past so many doors but his mind couldn't hold any thought about the other doors. He could only think of the mission and what he was to do. Any time his mind started to try to fight or think of other things, the boy saw the image of the creature raping him. All thoughts then left his mind as he knew he would be punished for not thinking of the mission.

Before he knew it he was geared up and standing on the corner of a street that held the St. Lufthild's soup kitchen. The boy started to walk forwards with only one thought in mind. "Release these people from their lives on the planet Earth." This one thought kept repeating over and over again as he walked.

"Here we are Al. This is the St. Lufthild's soup kitchen." Katie said as she ushered everyone into the soup kitchen.

Father Morgan walked up with his hands extended and a smile on his face, "Welcome my friends! Welcome to St. Lufthild's. It is a pleasure to welcome you." Father Morgan shook hands with everyone, hugged Katie and the Sabre boys and continued with a wave of his hand, "Please, make yourself at home."

"Thank you Father. What can we do to help this evening?" Al responded warmly. He found he liked the Father's open demeanor and couldn't help but smile back.

"Oh, just make yourself at home and jump in where ever you may see a need. Mostly just socialize with the people of our fair town, they so enjoy telling their stories and visiting." Father Morgan smiled and the Sabre boys had already drug Brody, Colton and Clayton to help them with their tasks.

"We shall do just that then." Al smiled as he and Chuck watched Katie join her boys in preparing the hall for the nightly meal. They saw Ulee and Clayton walk over to the doors, turn and waited for the Father to give the okay to open them to the people. Talon and Colton were setting up all the glasses and wrapping silverware. Jackie had taken Brody with him and they were helping to put warming trays of food into the food warmers. Katie was back in the kitchen, donned an apron and was busy laughing and helping the people in the kitchen with the food.

Before long the doors were opened and the hall started to fill up with people getting their nightly meal. Al and Chuck watched as the Sabre boys interacted with the people. Al saw Ulee grab onto Clayton and start helping some of the seniors carry their plates of food to the table for them. He saw Jackie stop serving food for moment as his eyes looked at the door. Al didn't know the man and two boys that entered but Jackie smiled, said something to the person next to him and walked over to the three people who just entered.

"Renaud!" Jackie shouted and ran up to the boy with dark black hair and hugged him. Even though Jackie was two grades behind the boys he knew who Renaud and Chad were. While Chad continued to be a well know athlete on their swim team, Jackie remembered the search that happened when Renaud disappeared years ago.

"It is so good to see you again man. How have you been?" Jackie hugged Renaud again.

Renaud blushed, he didn't realize that the Sabre boys would know him. "'m doing alright. Just got back into town. Passing know."

Chad wrapped his arm around Renaud and squeezed, "Not if we have any say in the matter."

Renaud shook his head, looked over at his best friend and then to Jackie, " do you know who I am? I don't remember you?"

Jackie smiled, "Man, I watched you win that meet. Everyone knows who you are. You and Chad were our rising stars. The whole town was out searching for you when you disappeared. You gotta stay and get back into school and onto the swim team. We sure could use you. Chad can't have all the glory."

Jackie gave Chad a light punch into his shoulder. This also surprised Chad with Jackie being two years behind them, he didn't hang around the younger crowed. Chad knew of the reputation of the Sabre boys and admired what the family did for the town, hence why he wanted to help his friend and join the guys from the UNIT to keep these boys safe. He just didn't realize that the admiration went the other way also. He couldn't believe these young boys looked up to him that way.

"See boys, I told you that your actions and the way you carry yourself reflects on all you do and in how people will respond to you. This young man here knows the type of person you are. Thank you...." Mr. Alden waited for a name.

"Oh, sorry sir, I'm Jackie Sabre. Pleasure to meet you Mr. Alden." Jackie stuck his hand out to shake.

Mr. Alden smiled, "The pleasure is all mine young man. Now, what do we need to do to get something to eat and find a place to sit quietly to talk to Renaud here and see if we can convince him to stick around?" Mr. Alden asked while shaking Jackie's hand.

Jackie couldn't help but let out a small giggle, "Sorry about that. I was just so happy to see Renaud was here and alive that I forgot my manners. Follow me." Jackie led them over to the food line, "Go ahead a grab a plate, fill it up with what you like and grab a seat." Jackie waved over to Talon, "What would you like to drink? I'll let Talon know on my way back to my serving station."

They gave Jackie their drink orders then Jackie couldn't help it, he hugged Renaud again, "It's good to see you. We hope you stick around for awhile. Things haven't been the same without you." With that Jackie turned and walked off, gave Talon the drink order and returned to his serving station with a smile.

Renaud just shook his head, "What did I ever do to deserve that?"

Chad laughed and Mr. Alden took his turn to place his hand on Renaud's shoulder and squeezed it lightly, "You don't realize how many people care about you do you?"

Renaud stayed silent and just shook his head no. All the way through the serving line and on their way to a table by the window people stopped and welcomed Renaud home. Renaud tried to hide the tears that threatened to fall, smiled and nodded but didn't say much. He didn't know what to say.

Outside Jeremy started to feel fear set in, then feelings of pain. He stood up straight to try to find who was emanating so much fear and pain. Tyler saw Jeremy straighten up and started to search also. His eyes landed on a boy of about ten years old with dirty blond hair. All Tyler could 'hear' was "Release these people from their lives on the planet Earth." Tyler tried to go deeper but couldn't find anything else. He stood up straighter and tried to connect with the boy.

"Jeremy, I can't connect to him. All I hear is Release these people from their lives on the planet Earth." Tyler kept trying but was getting more nervous as the boy got closer to the soup kitchen.

Scout and Therin were watching the boy also as they saw Jeremy and Tyler's attention focus on him. "I gotta tell them that this is wrong." Scout whispered, "That boy is dressed wrong." With that Scout started to inch his way over to Jeremy and Tyler.

The boy went between the Church and the soup kitchen. As he got between the buildings he clutched his head in pain and dropped to his knees. There was a war going on in his head and he couldn't move.

"Daileass, something isn't right here." Jeremy started right when Scout ran up out of breath.

"Clothes," Scout gasped, "cl...clothes are all wrong." Scout put his hands on his knees, "He shouldn't need that big heavy coat." Scout got out in between breaths.

"Travis, Curtis, we are on our way to your location. Watch the back doors. There is a boy coming your way. He just went between the buildings." Jeremy whispered into his comm.

Jeremy and Tyler made there way over to the area between the Church and soup kitchen and slowly entered the area. Watching every step they took. They heard the boy let out a scream just as the Tyler felt the mental block broken in the boys mind. Jeremy and Tyler started to run towards the boy and saw him kneeling on the ground clutching his head.

Tyler looked around frantically as Jeremy reached for the boy. Curtis and Travis came running around the corner. "Should we follow the other boy? The one that ran out of that alley?" Travis asked as Curtis turned to chase the other boy down.

Tyler shook his head no, "If he is strong enough to break the mental link that was in this boys head and block me, then don't." Tyler sighed, "We don't know who he is."

Curtis came back around the corner, "Lost him. He knows this area better than we do and we live here."

Then they heard Jeremy say, "Daileass, you need to get us to one of the proving grounds outside Camp Bam Bam and have one of the explosive experts there, this boy is loaded with explosives."

Before they could blink, Jeremy, Tyler and the boy were gone.

"Jory, we need you to diffuse some explosives." Daileass said before he teleported Jory to the proving grounds outside Camp Bam Bam. Jory's equipment showed up next to him.

Jory grabbed his bag and ran over to Jeremy and Tyler. Jeremy was still holding the boy. He looked up at Jory begging him with his eyes to save the boy. Jory knelt down next to them and very slowly started to unzip the boys coat. "Damn," Jory whistled. "At least they aren't attached to him, they're set up for him to place somewhere and then activate." Jory pulled out the activation switch and then took out the explosives. "We got lucky guys. I just need to go set this stuff off where it won't hurt anyone."

Jeremy and Tyler sighed with relief and Jory took off to set off the explosives. The boy finally broke down into tears as the pain eased and the explosives were gone. He clutched Jeremy with all his might, which wasn't much. He started to calm and leaned his head back enough to look into Jeremy's eyes. Soaking up the calm feelings he was receiving he then looked over at Tyler. He knew the boy helped him somehow, he just didn't know how. He couldn't remember.

"Can you tell us your name?" Tyler asked with smile.

"My name is the" The boy looked shocked. His eyes opened wide and then spoke up with a little more confidence, "Yeah, Seaver. My name is Seaver."

Jeremy and Tyler smiled, "Hello Seaver. My name is Tyler and that is my boyfriend Jeremy."

Seaver immediately stiffened, he was in the arms of another boy's boyfriend and that could only mean trouble, "Shhh, it's alright Seaver." Jeremy said as he hugged the boy to him. "Everything is alright now, no one is going to hurt you here."

Seaver started to relax some. "Can you tell us why you were going to blow up the soup kitchen and everyone in it?"

"I don't know, I....I....the pain," Seaver just shook his head, "Is all I can remember and that thing...that thing entering my room, the pain...and now I'm here. I don't know." Seaver broke down into sobs again and Jeremy just rocked him in his arms.

"Shh, it's alright. You're safe now. You can stay with us if you want?" Jeremy whispered into Seavers ear trying to calm him.

"But first I think we need to get you to the med center for a check up. We have really good doctors at Camp Bam Bam and we need to get you healthy again." Tyler placed his hand on Seavers shoulder while Jeremy rocked him.

Before Seaver knew what happened they were in another room. "Here we go little man, let's get you over to the bio bed and make sure there is nothing wrong that needs fixing." Seaver looked up into the eyes of a woman he didn't know, but the smile on her face and the caring in her eyes told him he could trust her. He looked at Jeremy and Tyler for confirmation and just saw trust and them nod that everything was going to be alright.

Seaver allowed Jeremy to lay him down on the bed and the next thing he knew he was sound asleep.

"Were you able to get anything from him Tyler?" Jeremy asked as he watched the boy fall asleep on the bed.

"I caught glimpses of a bunch of doors and the lay out of the soup kitchen. Like blueprints. Who ever hurt him, he is hiding that right now and until we can get a hold of someone who can go in to his mind and help him heal." Tyler sighed, "we won't get much more." Tyler put his arm around Jeremy and hugged him close.

"We need to leave him here with you Doc." Jeremy motioned towards Tyler, "We need to get back. Contact us when we can come and pick Seaver up."

"Go do what you have to do, He will be sleeping for a while." The doctor replied and continued to monitor the readings on the bio bed. "He needs lots of rest."

Before Jeremy could say anything they were back at their posts across the street from the soup kitchen. Jeremy and Tyler just shook their heads, "Thanks Daileass! We're back guys, The boy is safe now and sleeping."

Everyone acknowledged the transmission.

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