Castle Roland

The Sabre's

by Cynaira

In Progress

Chapter 10

Published: 8 Apr 14

Thursday, October 28, 2004 cont.

Inside the soup kitchen Renaud and Chad tensed when they heard the chat over the comms. Their eyes started to scan the room as they looked for an attack to come from any direction. As soon as they heard Jeremy tell everyone that they were back they were able to relax, but stayed alert for trouble.

Chad whispered to his father what had happened. Mr. Alden smiled and tried to look as though nothing was happening.

They watched the Sabre brothers interacting with the people coming into the soup kitchen. Renaud was impressed with how they knew everyone by name and could get the people to smile and forget their problems, even if just for a little while.

Back at the Plantation:

"What do we have here?" Daileass mumbled while monitoring some men working on various telephone poles around the plantation.

"Hmmmm, now why are you tapping into their phone line?" Daileass patiently waited for them to finish setting up their surveillance equipment and listening devices.

"Ah, ah....gottchya..." Daileass giggled as he started to follow the relays back to where their tap information was going to.

"I am so taking you guys down as soon as we find your location." Daileass got serious as he was following the messages through the lines.

As soon as he got to the first relay he shouted, "Relay one down!" He continued to cheer as he took out relay after relay.

"Damn, where did these old phones lines come from?" Daileass grumbled and this really slowed his speed in following the messages. "That's it, I'm taking these old lines out, they shouldn't even be in existence anymore!"

While Daileass was busy following the signals from the phone tap and three listening devices set up around the plantation, The Man was screaming, "Stop whoever is taking out my equipment! They already cost me $100,00.00!"

Daileass made his way through the old phone line systems and continued to take out equipment along the way. Then all of a sudden he shouted, "Damn, I lost them!"

In another part of the galaxy there was dead silence as the relays were stopped and The Man asked, "Who is responsible for costing me $300,000.00?" He stormed around the room, looked over at the men working frantically to stop all their equipment from being destroyed, pulled a phaser and vaporized the one closest to him. "Find out who the Sabre family knows that has the resources to do this and take them out!" The Man turned and stormed out of the room. He didn't see the tears of the young boy in the corner, curled up in fear and not knowing what he was going to do now that his father was gone.

Daileass continued the retrace and follow the leads, then sighed, "Dead ends, these guys are good but they will slip up somewhere." Daileass then called, "Laytteefoyr Dynnyr, were we able to get anything from the guys setting up the surveillance equipment?"

"Not a thing, it was like their minds were wiped clean. There was nothing there except their instructions of what to do." Harold replied as he scratched his head in confusion. Then he yelled, "Daileass, I told you to call me Harold. You know I hate my name."

Daileass was giggling away, "I know, that is why I use it. I could have used your full name of Laytteefoyr Mie Dynnyr III."

Harold just glared down at his comm badge, "If I could get my hands on you!"

"Ohhh, that sounds interesting!" Daileass teased.

Harold threw his arms up in the air, "I give up, you are impossible to deal with." He then turned, looked at the men in custody and continued to stare at them in confusion.

Jackie walked up to the table that Renaud, Chad and Mr. Alden sat at, "Hey guys, we are getting ready to head home. It was really good to see you again, Renaud, hope you're going to stick around for a while."

Renaud shyly smiled, "I really didn't think anyone would miss me. Thanks, Jackie."

This response got Renaud a slap on the arm, "Of course you were missed you goof. And he isn't going anywhere if we have anything to say about." Chad smiled up at Jackie, his eyes expressing his thanks in helping let his best friend know he was indeed missed by more than just his family.

Mr. Alden stood and extended his hand to Jackie, "This is a nice little set up here. I never gave it a second thought, but seeing all the good happening here I will have to come back with my wife and son's and help out when we can."

Jackie beamed at this, "We could always use the extra help. Thanks Mr. Alden." Jackie shook his hand, nodded at the boys and returned to his family to get ready to leave for home.

Outside the team heard the exchange and got ready to leave for home also. They saw Mr. Alden, Chad and Renaud exit the soup kitchen and headed for Mr. Alden's car.

"So, what is happening with the boy you guys rescued? That was a close call." Renaud asked when everyone was seated and waiting for the Sabre family to leave the soup kitchen before taking off for home.

"Right now, Seaver is in a bio-bed. When he is healed, and he wakes up, we will get more news." Jeremy responded.

All of a sudden the car started to move as Mr. Alden noticed the Sabre family and the Fredrickson family leaving.

Everyone settled in for the evening and fell asleep after a very busy day.

Friday, October 29, 2004

Since there was no school all the boys got to sleep in a little later than usual. Chad and Renaud woke up early as they had the next watch. They had talked about it the night before and had decided to make everyone breakfast.

Renaud was scrambling eggs with a whisk, while he reminisced. "Do you remember when we were little and how your mom used to try to teach us how to cook eggs?"

Chad burst out laughing. "Yeah," he said as he glanced over at Renaud, "and you always managed to get egg everywhere."

Renaud chuckled, "Sure did, but not as bad as you were with the pancake batter." As he said this Renaud pointed the egg whip at Chad, sending egg flying through the air at him. Right as egg landed on his cheek, he flinched and pancake batter went pouring all over the stove top and floor instead of in the frying pan. They both looked at the mess they just made and burst out laughing even harder than they were before.

Right then Travis and Curtis walked in through the back door from their watch. Seeing the mess of scrambled egg all over the floor and on Chad, then the pancake batter all over the stove top and floor, they burst out laughing and pointing, "Some things never change when the two of you are together." Travis couldn't help it, he had to hold his sides as they started to hurt from laughing so hard.

Once they settled down, the four boys got to work and finished cooking breakfast together, just like the used to years ago. The smell of food cooking woke everyone else up, and soon all the boys were in the kitchen eating and laughing.

They took their time eating and then the boys that didn't cook cleaned the kitchen. That was a chore due to the mess that was made earlier.

"This is Commander Adam Casey. We are currently setting up for a full scale Military invasion of a hostile base holding many Genesis Children. The Special Forces Division is asking for any help that can be given. Please contact Daileass with what you can do. Thank you."

Everyone in the kitchen stopped, all laughter, talking, cleaning; everything stopped.

"Jeremy reporting, Daileass, how many from here do you need?" Jeremy responded.

"The Doctor and Adam said for me to bring all of you on over. Prepare to transport over for training."

Daileass giggled as he didn't give anyone a chance to move to prepare. He just took them all as they were.

What appeared in the hanger at the base were nine boys in various forms of dress. Travis and Curtis were still dressed as they were since they were out the last hours of the early morning keeping watch on the Sabre home. Renaud and Chad were dressed and ready to go out on their watch. What got everyone laughing, some even rolling on the floor in giggles was seeing the rest of the boys in their briefs, and Jeremy holding a plate with soapy water and a wash rag and Tyler holding another plate drying it with a towel. Little Scout didn't know what they were laughing about and yelled, "I like my transformer underwear so stop laughing!"

Some of the laughter settled down to giggles as another little boy went up to Scout, "You have the same underpants as me, I like my transformers too. I never had neat underpants before."

Adam walked up to Scout, picked him up and giggled, "And we were laughing at our good friends over there, not you. It's not everyday we get to see them washing dishes!" Adam hugged Scout and then set him back down. "Come on everyone, we need to get into the Tardis."

"Who's going to watch the Sabre family while we are here Adam?" Jeremy asked, then added, "Umm, Daileass, could you send these dishes and towels back where they came from and get us all some clothes please."

Before Jeremy even finished talking the dishes and towels disappeared and each boy that wasn't dressed had clothes to take into the tardis with them.

"While in the Tardis very little time will pass out here. So the family will be fine right now." Adam put his arm around Jeremy, "get your crew together and meet me in the Tardis. I need to go get everyone organized. It's good to see you Jeremy." Adam hugged Jeremy and took off towards the Tardis.

All of a sudden everyone heard, "Wow, I can see behind the door I came in through, and... and... OH MY FUCKING HOLY GOD! ADAMMMMM!! THERE'S A FUCKING MECH HERE!!!!" as Juan was the first to run into the Tardis.

It was now Jeremy and Tyler's turn to burst out in laughter.

"Would you like to go in there with me? You could be my friend." Paul asked Scout pulling his attention away from the scene Juan was making.

Scout looked over at his friends and saw them all nod at him with a smile on their faces.

Scout grabbed Paul's hand, "You bet. Let's go so we don't miss any of the fun."

With that all the boys started to head over to the Tardis for training.

The Sabre family security team entered the Tardis and stared around in amazement. All the boys were full of questions, especially about the Genesis kids. They had never seen wolf or cat kids before today.

Adam had given everyone over a week to get settled, and then they went through a sorting process that Adam had figured out. Basically, each kid would spend a few hours each day getting demonstrations, basically an overview of each field that the kids could choose from.

After a week of that, Adam had everyone choose what he or she wanted to do. Some went for "basic" strike team training, while others choose support roles. Some went to the medical side, others to command and control, and a good number went to the 'air force' side of things. They were either learning to fly themselves, or how to work on a helicopter.

Everyone went through basic training at the start. This was where they would learn the basics of military life, military etiquette, how to defend themselves, how to safely handle both rifles and hand guns, and of course, physical training. The doctor explained that, while none of them would gain muscle mass, mainly because time was not actually passing, they would, however, gain endurance, and muscle memory.

After the six weeks of 'basic training', they all got three days off, then they were sent through a program Adam set up personally. Everyone would wake up at 0500, by 0530, they would run. Sometimes it would be a long distance run, other times it would be an obstacle course, other times it would be a forced march with full pack and gear.

An hour later, they would have breakfast, and thirty minutes to get ready for the day. By eight, they would be in their "A" schooling. That's the chosen field that they wanted to specialize in.

At noon, they would break for one hour for lunch, then they would have "practice time." This meant that anyone who wanted to learn the basics of something could. For the pilots it would be time to practice as they took kids, who just wanted a ride in a helicopter, to have one. Some would decide to do some martial arts training, or get more training in guns. Basically, after lunch, Adam didn't really care what they did, as long as they did some type of training.

At 1730 (or 5.30pm), they would have dinner, which lasted for an hour. After dinner, it was time for most of the kids to relax and have fun. The Tardis set up many different areas to be able to watch TV, or play video games. Often Adam would organize a game of capture the flag, or something else, which would sharpen the kids' skills, while still being a fun game.

While getting to know many of the kids in the Tardis they often overheard from many of the kids that this was the opportunity of a lifetime for them. None of them were going to pass up the opportunity to learn everything they could, or wanted to. These kids were determined to learn something that would let them help. It was actually not only very intense training, but it was also very fun.

After about six months in the Tardis, everyone got a big surprise as Jory and Juan revealed how they were spending their evenings. By the time the unveiling was ready to begin, they had gathered quite a small crowd. Everyone had heard and they were all excited about it. Everyone was dying to find out, so now they all wanted to come and see what it was. Everyone from the Sabres Security team, to Sammy, to Joel and Kevin, to some of the Vulcans from the Sehlat division. No one really knew what was going on, but it was Juan and Jory, and was bound to be big, or, at least, very entertaining.

Juan and Jory had been working very hard at their project and they were looking forward to showing it off. Juan was ready to ham it up. "Ladies and Gentleman, Puppies, Pussies, and giant Bear things. We are proud to present the best thing ever."

"Bear Thing?" I-Cheya huffed. "Juan-Boy call me Bear Thing?! Me eat him? Please?"

"Only if I get to eat you too. Do you taste like chicken?" Juan shot back with his trademark grin.

"I Sehlat. S-E-H-L-A-T! I taste like SEHLAT! NOT 'bear-thing'" I-Cheya grouched. Joel climbed onto his back and stroked his head between his ears to soothe him. Bear-Thing.... bleargh!

The boys laughed as Jory took over for the giggling Juan. "If there is one thing I have learned in all my years of business it is this. Work at it, if necessary, early and late, in season and out of season, not leaving a stone unturned, and never deferring for a single hour that which can be done just as well now…Ambition, energy, industry, perseverance, are indispensable requisites for success in business."

A giggling Juan interjected his own comment suddenly. "Yes, and as the person Jory is quoting said, 'there is one born every minute,' or something like that."

The lights dimmed, and a pedestal rose out of the floor. The lights began to flash and pyrotechnics began to go off in the distance. It was like the fourth of July in Washington DC. The pedestal was covered with a large black cloth. Jory was vibrating with excitement. His eyes were almost rolling up into his head.

"It slices. It dices. It juliennes. It will get rid of your unwanted Nasal and butt hair. Know what I mean Master?" Juan intones over the loudspeaker as dramatic music is played.

"Nasal and butt hair? You poor humans!" Joel giggled from I-Cheya's back. "Kev? When you start growing that, I'm gonna shave you!"

"EEEEEEEEEEEEK!" could be heard from Kevvy at that proclamation.

Adam spoke up, really getting into things here, he had no clue what was going on, but it was certainly fun. "Will it take out the trash, too?"

"Yes sir. I'm glad you asked that. It can do that and more!" Juan said as he fought off an attack of giggles.

Vish grinned as he said, "I won't mind when Sammy gets hair."

"That's cause you like hair." Randy giggled.

Vish just looked at him before licking his fur briefly and mumbling, "Uh huh!"

"It's the most amazing thing ever come up with." Juan began before he suddenly found himself being lifted into the air by his underwear, which began to cause discomfort to some rather personal areas.

Juan was looking around trying to figure out what is happening. No one was actually behind him. One foot. Two feet. Three feet. Juan suddenly realized what was happening. Master Takamura was having his revenge. He was being subjected to a telekinetic super wedgie.

The crowd was howling with laughter as Juan kicked his feet. He sent wave after wave of apology to Isamu. Finally he received a message. 'Out Loud, my son, where everyone can hear.'

"Master, I am sorry for my rash comments about your unwanted body hair." Juan found himself jerked another foot in the air. Apparently Isamu found Juan's backhanded apology lacking, because Juan found himself apologizing two octaves higher than usual.

"Yes, Juanita. I can forgive you for making disparaging remarks about my person." Isamu never stopped giggling.

"I always thought he was a girl." Jeremy snickered not so quietly. That of course, got more howls of laughter.

"I can vouch for his masculinity. I can vouch a lot... my butt is still sore," Koth giggled.

Everyone ducked as Juan let loose a few of his "toys" in Jeremy's direction.

Of course, Jeremy had to catch one, and send it back, and everyone got to see just how good Jer's training was while he was dodging the onslaught from Juan. Several people were beginning to wonder where Juan hid all those toys, and then thought to themselves that maybe it was better that they didn't know where they came from.

After the laughter died away Juan, walking a bit funny, made his way to the pedestal. He grabbed the cloth and ripped it off and tossed it to the side. On the pedestal were two Teddy Bears. One was obviously a girl teddy bear and the other was a boy. Scout and Paul really liked the bears and wanted to figure out how to get one of their own.

Every day found the boys working real hard to learn everything that they could. Scout and Paul were devising plans on how they could stay in touch when their training was done and each went back to their own 'homes', so to speak. They were becoming very good friends and liked to play pranks on the rest of the team.

One day Jeremy found Renaud sitting on a hill just staring off into space and rubbing his arms. Jeremy walked up to him and sat down beside him, "What's wrong dude?"

"I so need something, I feel itchy and lost sometimes." Renaud looked over at Jeremy, "I just really want a fix sometimes and right now is one of those time. So, I come here and wait it out."

Jeremy put his arm over Renaud's shoulder, "My dad asked me once, what is the most important thing to be, when you are faced with a surprising situation?" Jeremy looked out at the landscape around them, lost in his memories. "I told him, the most important thing to be when faced with a surprising situation is calm. You can't focus on the problem unless you're calm, and if you can't focus, you can't figure out how to handle the situation."

Renaud nodded his head in understanding. "So really, you are doing a good thing. You are here, now you need to find that inner calm that you have been learning." Jeremy looked at Renaud and gave his shoulder a squeeze, "Your body doesn't need the drugs anymore, but your brain thinks it does. You are learning new things and ways to work your body. Find that calm and learn to live in it. Together we can get you through this, one day a time." Jeremy smiled, "you aren't alone anymore Renaud, you have one hell of a large family." Jeremy then pointed out over the landscape.

Renaud looked out and saw many boys and girls running and playing, sitting and relaxing, laughing and joking. Family....he sighed...something he hadn't thought of for so long. Tears started to run down his face as he realized he really had a family. A family that he belonged to and needed to help protect. He thought back to the night he met Adam, and took in a deep breath and smiled through his tears.

"Thanks Jeremy, I really needed that." The two boys just sat there for bit and watched the scene below.

Later that night after dinner Renaud went into the house the security team was living in together and found a flier sitting on the table. He picked it up and looked at in confusion. They didn't bring anything with them so seeing this here didn't make sense.

"It is time to start playing the piano again Renaud." Renaud jumped when he heard The Doctor talk to him and a piano appeared in a sound proof room that was added on to their house.

"I haven't played the piano in so long, why should I start again now?" Renaud asked, really confused as he looked at the flier.

"Well, now you are getting back into shape swimming everyday with Chad. You are almost to the point that you will be beating him swimming laps. You'll be back to the shape you were in the time you won that gold medal." The Doctor walked over to the piano and pressed a key, "Now your little brother needs you. He won't sing in the talent show alone, so he needs you to be there to encourage him."

Renaud thought about what the doctor said, but before he could respond the doctor was gone. He already knew that Renaud would do whatever he needed to do to help his brother. He sat down at the piano just as Therin walked into the house.

"So, we have a talent show to practice for. What are you going to sing? I will play for you if you do this and we have the time to practice." Renaud smiled at Therin's shocked face.

"Really? You'll go on stage with me?" Therin ran over to Renaud and hugged him tight.

Renaud burst out laughing, "You bet. Let's find something that tells the world what we know."

Therin stepped back and smiled. "Let's do it."

They spent the rest of their time in the Tardis practicing every night for their return home and the talent show at the high school.

When their time was finally over they learned that three and a half years had gone by on the Tardis, although the Doctor said only ten minutes had passed on the outside world. Probably the neatest thing though was the fact that the entire group formed up, with Adam and his brothers at the lead, and marched out of the Tardis.

The boys all stopped short to see little Joel looking confused. They had to listen in to the conversation. Jeremy especially wanted to know if something was wrong with his big bro.

Right then they watched as Joel came to a stop by Janet he pursed his lips. "Aunty Jan?" he looked up questioningly at her. "Umm, I think something's... wrong."

Adam looked down at Joel, then up at his mother as she took a look at the tricorder.

"Does this mean what I think it means?" Joel asked nervously.

"Yes, sweetie. It does. Who is it?" she asked gently. "We'll have to tell her carefully. She might not know yet."

"Uh... It's Adam," Joel trembled, glancing over at the black haired teen.

"Ad... ADAM?!" Janet yelled as she snatched the tricorder and re-scanned the now nervous teen. "FUCK ME!" she exclaimed before fainting away completely.

"What?! MOM!" Logan yelled as he caught her. "What the hell is wrong, Joel! What's wrong with Adam!"

"Ummm..." Joel murmured, looking completely out of place.

Kevin went over and hugged his husband, while checking out the tricorder. He then started laughing.

"What?! What's going on, here!" Adam demanded, trying not to sound as nervous as he looked.

"Well Adam... looks like you've got another Biblical name!" Kevin managed as he fell to his knees, tears of mirth streaming down his face.


"Eve!" Kevin spluttered.

Joel held out the tricorder, "Seems like the bastard general put a womb inside of you... I've cross referenced with the others I just scanned... all you original guys, and the cats, have the same 'upgrade'. But only YOU are pregnant! Congratulations, Logan."

Amur Khan had to catch Adam as he fell over, while Jory gently lowered Logan's senseless head to the deck.

Juan turned around and looked at Koth. "You're cut off. No!"

"What!? I've not even got any yet!" Koth giggled.

"No!!" Juan said firmly. "Not getting pregnant! No way!"

Korris was having the same argument with Chang.

Jory was nervously looking at Tristan - who winked at him.

"Pregnant... I wonder - will Adz have to shit the baby out or something?" Joel murmured to himself as he looked around at them all.

Half an hour later, people were loading into the helicopters to go. Daileass was going to be transporting the helicopters full of people, while hovering above the ground, one by one to the appointed area about sixty miles away from the base they were attacking.

Adam and Logan, along with the rest of the core Unit boys, Janet and Joe were going from helicopter to helicopter making sure everyone was set, and okay with their assignments before they left. They got up to the helicopter holding Joel, Kevin, Brant, Matthew, the four cats, and a few others when Joel got their attention.

"Adz! AAAADDDDZZZZ! Hey! I gotta tell ya something," Joel called out over the sound of the rotor blades beginning to spin up.

Adam looked over at him and yelled back, "Yeah?"

"I was pulling your leg!" Joel shouted back as the copter started to pull up into the air, struggling to make himself heard. "You're not pregnant!!! GOTCHA!!!"

Jeremy and the rest of the Sabre security team burst out laughing...they couldn't help it. They couldn't have thought of a better joke to pull if they had thought of it themselves. Jeremy knew that he would have to talk to Adam about that later. All he could do was stand by and watch everyone going out into battle at a Genesis base to rescue more of their brothers and sisters.

He struggled with not going but knew he had a duty, his mission was with his team back in Louisiana and that was where they were headed.

Jeremy and his team stood by and saluted each team as they took off. Then they went home.

Back in Louisiana

Jackie had been busy all day, and enlisted Talon and Ulee in his plans. They then spent the day visiting with Brody, Colton and Clayton and practicing for the talent show.

Before they knew it, it was time to go to the high school. They arrived and helped get things set up. They waved at Jeremy, Tyler, Chad, Travis, Mark and Curtis who were helping sell tickets and seat people.

All of a sudden it was upon them. Everyone had arrived and they were getting ready to start the talent show.

It seemed like the whole community turned out to support the school. The auditorium was filled, which was a good thing because some plans were working out for the finale. The lights were dimmed and everyone settled down waiting for the talent show to start.

A light was shone on the American flag and the Federation flag, then eight year old Jared Shaw appeared in the middle of the stage with a blown up picture of himself laughing with a boy of around sixteen. The sixteen year old boy and Jared had the brightest blue eyes and black hair. Everyone in the auditorium could tell they were related but looked around confused as to what was happening.

Little Jared stepped up to the microphone and in a soft voice started with, "Could you all please stand as we say the Pledge of Allegiance followed by the Pledge of the United Federation of Planets."

Jared waited until everyone was standing and then started, "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America." A soft light started to extend out behind him to show his entire third grade class and they were all standing, facing the flag with their right hands over their hearts as they joined in with him.

Everyone continued, "and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." He paused a moment and swallowed, "Please continue with the Federation pledge." After a brief pause he started again, "I pledge allegiance to the United Federation of Planets, and to follow the principles of universal liberty, rights and equality for all species. I pledge to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war, reaffirm faith, dignity and worth of all lifeforms, with liberty, justice, and respect for all sentient beings."

Jared then asked, "If you could remain standing for a moment please." He swallowed to try to stop his tears. "Two days ago we buried my cousin Allen Gardner." Jared pointed to the picture next to him. "He was just one of the many people killed during the Montana massacre. I wasn't here Wednesday as I was at the funeral all of you saw on TV." Jared looked up and took a deep breath, "this picture was taken over the summer. We went camping and fishing. His dad and my mom are brother and sister and every summer we traded which state we spent some of our vacation together. This summer we spent it in South Carolina."

Jared paused and looked at the picture, "Allen was so proud to be part of the Junior Reserve group. He never treated me like some kid. He taught me lots of stuff and was so much fun to be around. I..." he sniffled as he tried to not cry, "I...miss him so much."

Jared couldn't hold back any more as tears fell down his face, "Please join me in silence as we honor all those who lost their lives to protect others." Then everyone barley heard Jared whisper, "I am so proud of you Allen. And I love you so much."

He then bowed his head as one by one, each person who gave their life to protect others on that fateful day were shown on a screen behind Jared and his third grade class that stayed with him. The last picture was Allen, one of their own. "My mom tells me that he will always be watching over me. If you are Allen, this talent show is for you cuz. Love you and miss you."

Jared's third grade class all said at the same time, "Please stay standing for the Anthem of the United Federation of Planets and then please stay standing for the next act."

After the Federation Anthem the class turned and walked off the stage, with Jared's two best friends staying with him, each an arm around his shoulder's walking with him.

While they were walking off stage, the audience could see three boys, around the age of eleven, walk onto the stage. All three boys had medium brown hair, the first boys was cut real short while both of the other boys hair was shoulder length and their bangs fell across their eyes. The first boy walked up to the microphone, the second boy was holding a Fender Stratocaster while the other boy stood slightly back with a Fender Jazz electric Bass guitar in his hands. "Thank you for staying standing. My name is Conrad Hanson, my friend standing behind me with the bass guitar is Cole Bryce and my other friend playing the Fender Stratocaster is Doug Alexander. Our two friends you don't see yet are Daniel Severt on the drums and Keith Carpenter on electric keyboard." Conrad paused and surveyed the audience, "I was asked to sing the Star Spangled Banner." Conrad paused and let out a sigh, "Well, when they asked that, I thought sure, why not!" You could hear some giggles starting in the audience. "Yeah, yeah...I know, right. Me, and the Star Spangled Banner. Man, I love that song, but I need to ask all of you to remember that this is a talent show."

When Conrad said that, Doug and Cole started to strum the opening cords of the Star Spangled Banner. A picture of the American Flag was shown on the video screen behind the band. It was shown flying larger and over the top of the League flag and the Federation flag. Conrad put his hands up in front of his face, palm to palm as if in prayer and began:

Oh say can you see, by the dawn's early light,

What so proudly we hailed, at the twilight's last gleaming.

All of a sudden you could hear the drums softly enter the rhythm with the guitars while Conrad slowly kept singing.

Whose broad stripes and bright stars, thru the perilous fight,

O'er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming.

All of a sudden the tempo accelerated into more of a rock tempo, the lights shined on Daniel playing the drums and Keith playing the keyboards; who the audience hadn't seen up to now. Conrad shouted:

And the rocket's red glare, the bombs bursting in air,

Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there.

Oh say does that star-spangled banner yet wave,

O'er the land, land of the free and the home of the brave?

Conrad stepped back and the boys played an instrumental piece. Conrad was looking out over the audience. Some had smiles on their faces, others were standing in shock. What gave him the courage to go on was an old man who smiled at Conrad and gave him a nob of encouragement. Conrad smiled, stepped up to the mic, took it out of the stand and belted out the rest of the song:

Because we are the brave,

Yes, we are the brave.

We'll fight tyranny

In the name of the free.

We are the U.S. Of A.

For those unaware

That flag is still there.

It's our future to save,

This land of the brave,

The U.S. Of A.

Oh, say does that star-spangled banner yet wave,

O'er the land, land of the free and the home of the brave?

Madison Rising - The Star Spangled Banner


The audience stated to clap as the five boys took a bow. Conrad, mic still in his hands took a deep breath, "Now, you can be seated and we hope you enjoy the rest of the talent show." The five boys exited the stage with smiles on their faces. They knew they took a chance, but they had so much fun doing it.

As the boys walked off the stage, Heather Fontenot walked onto the stage. Being the eldest child of the Mayor, everyone knew who she was. She smiled at the audience and began, "We sure do have a show for you tonight. Could everyone please give a round of applause for you next act, Lily Boucher." With that Heather started to walk off stage as Lily walked on.

As Lily was walking on stage another boy walked out with a stool, placed it in front of the microphone and helped to make sure everything was set up for her. Lily smiled at the boy, took the microphone from him and took a deep breath. "Hello everyone, this is 'God Bless the Child' and some of the scenes that will be playing behind me will be shocking." Lily nodded up to the sound booth and the beginning notes of the song could be heard. She started singing softly and slowly:

Hallelujah, hallelujah,

God bless the child who suffers.

Hallelujah, hallelujah,

God bless the young without mothers.

This child is homeless,

That child's on crack.

One plays with a gun,

while the other takes a bullet in his back.

This boy's a beggar,

That girl sells her soul.

They both work the same street,

The same hell hole.

People in the audience gasped as picture flashed behind her of the suffering children in the universe.

Hallelujah, hallelujah,

God bless the child who suffers.

Hallelujah, hallelujah,

Let every man help his brother.

Some are born addicted and some are just thrown away.

Some have daddies who make them play games they don't want to play.

(Lily stood up and started to sing with even more conviction.)

But with hope and faith

We must understand

All God's children need is love

And us to hold their little hands.

Lily paused during the instrumental and looked down and smiled. A little boy, who couldn't have been any older than three with the biggest whiskey colored eyes and coffee colored skin snuck up on the stage and slipped his little hand into Lily's right when she sang 'hold their little hands'. Lily saw the mother moving, with shock all over her face, to get her little boy. Lily just shook her head and smiled at the mother to let her know everything was alright. Lily walked over to the stool with the little boy, picked him up and sat him on the stool. She then wrapped her arm around his shoulder and began to sing again.

This boy is hungry, he ain't got enough to eat,

That girl's cold and she ain't got no shoes on her feet.

When a child's spirit's broken,

And feels all hope is gone.

God help them find the strength to carry on,

But with hope and faith.

Yea, we can understand

All God's children need is love

And us to hold their little hands

Hallelujah, hallelujah

Let us all love one another.

Hallelujah, hallelujah

Make all our hearts blind to color.

Hallelujah, hallelujah

God bless the child who suffers.

"God Bless The Child by Shania Twain"

Lily looked behind her during the final notes of the song and saw all the images of suffering displayed around a large pic of children from all over the universe standing together smiling with their arms wrapped around each others shoulder's. She turned back around and hugged the little boy who had joined her, helped him off the stool and walked him to his mother while the audience applauded.

"Thank you for allowing him to join me. Love him, you have a special little guy here."

The mother shyly smiled and picked up her son and hugged him.

While Lily was on stage, Jimmie and his two friends, Ryan Robinson and Kelvin Greene, were waiting for their turn. Jimmie wasn't happy, and his friends knew it. "Why can't Marc just play? I need him." Jimmie kicked the wall in frustration.

"You know he only plays in his room." Kelvin shrugged as he watched his friend. "We just have to play with the recorded music backing us up. Just let it go, bro."

"But this is the last year Marc is going to be home. He graduates this year and he just sulks in his room. I want to do things with him." Jimmie mumbled, "It's not my fault our parents waited seven years to have another kid. And who is going to teach me to be a man, it sure isn't going to be our fucked up step-dad that's for sure."

Ryan put his arm around Jimmie's shoulder, "And grumbling about it isn't going to help us play dude. You can yell at him later, right now we gotta do what we promised to do. Let's play."

Jimmie sighed, "You're right. Ready?" Ryan and Kelvin nodded, "Let's get ready then." Jimmie looked around backstage, hoping to see his idol, his brother there. A small tear ran down his face. He angrily wiped it away and walked with his friends to their starting positions.

Heather was on stage as the commentator. "Wow, that was good Lily! Give Lily another round of applause please, and the young man who helped her." Heather pointed to the little boy who was firmly being held in his mothers lap. The little boy was clapping and smiling.

Heather looked back to the audience, smiled and said, "Next we have Jimmie Champagne, Ryan Robinson and Kelvin Greene. Let's give them a round of applause as they set up." Heather turned to exit the stage as the three boys walked on and set up their guitars and mics.

Jimmie stepped up to the mic, "Hello everyone, we will be playing along with the original music soundtrack in the back ground." Jimmie looked up to the sound room and nodded, he didn't get the response he wanted though, as one of the teachers waved her arms franticly, letting Jimmie know that they were not ready.

He took a deep breath, stepped forward, and started talking again. "Well I just got told that they're not ready for us, so I guess I get to talk more." The crowd giggled a little as he tried to figure out what to say.

He paused for a moment, then closed his eyes, and started talking. This time, though the elven year old was talking to everyone, individually, at the same time. "Have you ever heard a song that just speaks to your soul? It may not be the normal sort of song that you would listen to, given the choice. But something happens, and you do listen to the song. The entire time your listening, you just can't help but be moved by the words. They talk to you... they say what you've always wanted to say, but could never find the words. You think, 'damn, you know, I could have written this.... it hits so close to home.'

Well a couple months ago, I was bugging my brother, Marc. I was in his room, doing what a little brother does the best... keeping him from doing what he really wanted to do, cause he had to deal with his bratty little brother." He laughed, and got a lot of the audience laughing to. "But then this song came on the radio, and we both stopped. All throughout the song Marc was quietly singing along, and I just got lost in the words. Then, when the song was over, we talked about it. That's when I found out that my big brother was a lot more than just the older boy I knew. He knows a lot, thinks a lot, and made me think. Since then, I've been thinking a whole lot." The teacher up by the sound booth gave him the thumbs up, meaning they were ready to go. "You know, very few people my age can point to a time when they can say, 'you know, I'm starting to grow up.' Well, thanks to my big brother Marc, I know when I started to become a man, it's when he challenged me to really think about what's going on around me."

Jimmie stepped back, and nodded up to the sound room again. This time everything was working. Ryan started off playing the acoustic guitar. Kelvin and Ryan were behind Jimmie and smiled when Marc and his friend Paul, with some help, quietly moved out a set of drums and Marc set up his electric guitar. As both boys got set up Marc put his finger to his lips to make sure the boys didn't give them away. Jimmie started to sing as images to match the song slowly showed in the background.

It's another night in hell,

Another child won't live to tell,

Can you imagine what it's like to starve to death.

And as we sit free and well,

Another soldier has to yell,

Tell my wife and children I love them in his last breath.

C'mon now amen (Ryan and Kelvin),


amen (all three boys)

Jimmie didn't think anything of it as he heard the Bass and Drums start up. He thought the drums were part of the soundtrack. Paul smiled, he knew the surprise was going to work.

Habitual offenders, scumbag lawyers with agendas,

I'll tell you sometimes people I don't know what's worse.

Natural disasters or these wolves in sheep clothes pastors,

Now, God damn it, I'm scared to send my children to church.

Jimmie whipped around as he heard the familiar sound of his brothers electric guitar kick in and join them. The soundtrack shut off and all you could hear was the boys playing. Jimmie didn't miss a beat as he continued to sing all the while smiling at his big brother who moved up to stand with him.

And how can we seek salvation when our nations race relations

Got me feeling guilty of being white

But faith in human nature, our creator and our savior,

I'm no saint but I believe in what is right

C'mon now amen (Jimmie), amen (all the boys)I said amen (Jimmie), amen (all the boys).

Stop pointing fingers and take some blame,

Pull your future away from the flame

Open up your mind and start to live

Stop short changing your neighbors

Living off hand outs and favors, and maybe

Give a little bit more than you got to give,

Got to give.

Simplify, (Kelvin sang)

testify, (Ryan sang)

identify, (Paul sang)

rectify, (Jimmie sang)

(Marc leaned over and sang the next verse.)

And if I get high stop being so uptight,

It's only human nature and I am not a stranger,

So baby won't you stay with me tonight.

(Jimmie took back over singing.)

And when a calls away

To break the sound

I'm faden down, I need someone,

Oh to be someone.

They just sinken down and holden back,

I hold the dawn and run.

They don't save a child,

Oh, to save a child

Marc picked up the electric instrumental and jammed out for a bit. Jimmie beamed with pride at his brother and then started to sing again.

It's a matter of salvation from them patience up above,

So don't give up so damn easy on the one you love,

one you love (all the boys)

The rest of the boys faded out and just Jimmie and Marc sang together with Marc playing the electric guitar.

Somewhere you got a brother, sister, friend, grandmother, niece or nephew

Just dying to be with you.

You know there's someone out there who unconditionally, religiously, loves you

So just hold on 'cause you know it's true

And if you can take the pain

And you can withstand anything, and one day

Stand hand in hand with the truth

The other boys slowly started to blend back in with their instruments, starting with Paul on the cymbals.

I said amen (sung by Jimmie and Marc),

amen (sung by Ryan, Kelvin and Paul)

I said amen (sung by Jimmie and Marc),

amen (sung by Ryan, Kelvin and Paul)

I said amen (sung by Jimmie and Marc),

amen (sung by Ryan, Kelvin and Paul)

I said amen (sung by Jimmie and Marc),

amen (sung by Ryan, Kelvin and Paul)

All five boys sang togetherAmen, Amen, Amen, Amen, and the last without instruments, Amen.

"Amen by Kid Rock"

Jimmie turned and hugged his bother Marc while their friends stepped in front of them and took a bow to the applause. They could see the stunned faces in the crowed as the images and words to the song shocked them, but found they didn't care.

Paul picked up a mic and said, "This is what this is all for," as he stepped back and waved his hand at the two brothers hugging and smiling at each other. Paul then walked up to Marc, patted him on the back. Marc put his arm around Jimmie and all the boys left the stage.

Heather could see her father cringing in the audience. Many of the scenes they all chose to show on the screen came from New Orleans and the bigger cities around the world. Her father being the mayor didn't like this at all. Heather smiled and introduced the next few acts. They chose to break things up for a bit. The next acts were a young girl doing a ballet set, a young boy tap dancing, a group of boys and girls having fun playing a beat with a wash board, some spoons, a bongo, and a harmonica. A simple instrumental that had every one tapping their feet. The set finished with another group of boys doing a break dance routine.

Ulee walked up to the microphone, dressed in a way that very few people had seen him. He had on a tight black wife beater, and a pair of very loose, almost pajama pants, tied at the waist. The biggest thing that everyone noticed though, was the fact that the little boy wasn't nervous at all. It was like he was born on a stage.

"Thank you all for coming." He started, as he flashed a big smile at the audience. "Some of you know my brothers and I, and even more have heard things about us. I'm here to tell you that most of what you heard isn't true!" The entire crowd erupted in laughter. When the laughter died, Ulee spoke up again. "When our father first enlisted into the military, he immediately went for special forces training. When his schooling was done, his first deployment was to the United States Consulate in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where he was attached to the security forces. I'll skip all the details about what happened down there, mainly because they're really boring," then he added in a stage whisper, "and classified." Ulee continued in his normal voice, "Anyways, he met a man that I now call Uncle. This man, Uncle Louis, taught my father something very rarely seen outside of Brazil. Something called Capoeira."

Ulee took a step back from the microphone, and waited while someone from offstage ran up to him and handed him a wireless microphone. Once he had it situated on his person, he turned it on. "Sorry about that, but they didn't have any wireless mics ready for me. Anyways, Capoeira is a Brazilian Martial Arts style, that for most of it's life has been outlawed. See, it was first created in Brazil by African Slaves, and Brazilian natives. When it was first outlawed the people who practiced it turned it into a dance so thy could stay good at it, and not be caught. It evolved into something much more than just a martial art after that. It was an underground status symbol, and also a way to protect their families when they had nothing else to use."

"Capoeira is based on one simple move, called the Ginga." Ulee started to rock back and forth, swinging his arms from side to side in front of him, while first his right leg went behind his left, then he brought his right leg back to the front, and swung his left leg behind his right, back and forth he went, always moving. "Everything forms out of these steps. There's two main reasons for this; one is to always be moving, it's much more difficult to hit a target that is always moving. The second reason is to try and fake out you're opponent, making them leave themselves open for an attack."

Ulee stopped moving and grinned at the audience as he moved up towards the very front of the stage. "Now that you've seen the basics, it's time for you guys to see it in action." He nodded off to the side and a moment later music started to play, first it was just a guitar playing softly. Ulee raised his arms and started clapping in time with the music. "Normally we would use traditional music, but keeping with the theme of today's show, we went with something a bit more modern. 'Citizen Soldiers' by Three Doors Down."

By that point, everyone in the audience was clapping. The lights had dimmed behind Ulee, and the twins, Colton and Clayton, were up working the spot lights. Since they had been working with the Sabres on this, they knew what to expect. As soon as the drums joined the guitar, the spot lights were turned on, one pointed to each side of the stage. At the same time, Jackie and Talon erupted from either side of the stage, running full tilt towards each other. When they were about a quarter of the way across the stage, then both raised their arms high, then jumped high while turning their run into hand spring flips. As soon as they passed each other they landed on their feet and did a double front flip, landing with about ten feet between them. The audience was starting to applaud but Ulee raised his hands still clapping them with the beat, which made everyone realize they needed to keep the beat going.

Jackie and Talon took a few tentative steps towards each other, and Ulee moved off to the side. The two other brothers moved into the Ginga effortlessly. Ulee, still clapping to the beat, spoke into the microphone he still wore. "This is the 'dance' that was used to keep the arts alive and well in Brazilian life. Both 'players' and moving to the Ginga in time with the beat of the music." That's when Jackie decided not to wait and let Ulee explain. He launched himself out of the Ginga into a spinning kick to the side of Talon's head. However, since Talon was already moving, he simply let himself drop into a full split, letting Jackie's leg sail over his head. Talon then tucked and rolled off to the side, coming up and back into the Ginga. As soon as Jackie was back into the Ginga, Talon launched his own assault with three quick spinning kicks, each one moving Jackie back a step, then he went low with a fast leg sweep.

The crowd gasped as Jackie evaded the sweep by flipping over top of Talon, landing behind the boy. But again, due to the constant movement, both boys were ready to keep going at the same time.

Ulee laughed and spoke quickly. "Well, I can't let them have all the fun!" He took the microphone off, and dropped it on the floor. He took a few steps backwards, then launched himself towards his brothers, doing hand spring after hand spring until he got close enough and had enough momentum. Then the small boy actually flipped himself over top of his brothers, landing on the other side of them, and immediately went on the offensive.

For the rest of the song the three brothers flipped and kicked and jumped and danced their way around the stage. The audience was spellbound by the skill the three boys were showing, but what many of them saw, at least the ones up close, were the smiles on the three faces, they truly loved playing this 'game'.

Out of breath and still smiling the boys swayed into a bow towards the audience. Heather came out clapping. The Sabre brothers put their arms over each others shoulder's, took one more bow and then walked off stage where someone handed them a towel. Someone was rolling a piano out onto the stage for the next act as they left.

"Our next act is a song by Therin Lane with a long lost member of our community, Renaud Mathiea, playing the piano. Welcome home Renaud, you have truly been missed. Let's welcome Therin and Renaud to the stage." Heather turned to walk off stage as Therin walked up to the microphone and Renaud sat at the piano.

Therin started off shyly, "Renaud and I have been practicing this song. We hope you like it. We picked it because of Renaud being thrown out of his home and being homeless. He almost died of an aneurism not too long ago and I am so lucky to have my adopted brother here with me tonight." You heard gasps throughout the audience as Renaud just smiled and nodded at Therin as he began playing. Therin smiled back and started to sing as the audience was flooded with even more images of homeless and dying children around the world.

Yesterday I heard the news,

That four million Russian children are homeless.

They've been abandoned by the people they trust,

Now their cold and lonely lives are hopeless...

Children of the world are dying.

People say they care,

They're lying…

If this life was theirs they'd be crying

Is it really fair were not trying…

Yesterday I read the news, that twenty million Asian children are homeless.

They've been abandoned by the people they love,

They've been beaten down so hard they can't get up.

Children of the world are dying.

People say they care,

They're lying…

If this life was theirs they'd be crying

Is it really fair?


Children of the world (are dying - is whispered by Renaud)

People say they care,

They're lying…

If this life was theirs they'd be crying,

Is it really fair were not trying

Life is beautiful for some

Life is beautiful for us

Life isn't beautiful for them

Maybe life can be beautiful again

For them…

"For Them by Troye Sivan, Lyrics and Music by Anthony Johnson"

Renaud let the notes softly end. Therin bowed his head as applause erupted. What he didn't know was that he sounded like an angle singing and totally mesmerized everyone in the auditorium. Even Talon, who stopped in the wings, just stood there listening. Talon shook himself at the end as he fought the urge to run out and give Therin a hug and a kiss and just hold him. He frowned at his feelings, took one more look at the amazing boy, and turned away to catch up with his brothers. They still had more to do tonight.

Heather walked out onto the stage and gave Therin a quick hug, she had tears in her eyes with all the songs being played. Therin smiled up at her, turned to go to Renaud and noticed a boy standing next to him with sheet music. Therin smiled and mouthed 'yes' to tell Renaud to do it, to help the next group out and play for them. Renaud smiled and whispered to the boy that he would play the piece for his sister. The boy smiled and was able to run back stage just in time to help his sister as he heard;

"And now, here is Krista Underwood with her brother Bryant playing acoustic guitar." She paused when Therin ran out and whispered to her. "Oh, and they asked Renaud to assist with the piano. This song is usually sung with an orchestra but I think they are going to do wonderfully."

Bryant walked out with his guitar hanging off his back, on his arm was his younger sister. What everyone noticed was the white cane that Krista carried with her. They stopped so that Krista could tell Renaud thank you for playing for her. Renaud smiled and softly told her that he was happy to do it. She smiled at him and then slowly walked in front of the piano, using the outside of it as a reference and found where she wanted to stand. Bryant first helped Krista get set with a cordless microphone that she could wear on her head and then he went and stood at the end of the piano.

Krista started, "I heard this song and it helped me tremendously when I went blind when I was seven, that was seven years ago. When I was listening to the funeral the other day, right here in this auditorium, I wanted to sing it to give everyone hope."

She nodded her head, then Renaud and Bryant looked at each other, nodded to three and the two began to play. Krista began to sing.

When you walk through a storm,

Hold your head up high,

And don't be afraid of the dark.

At the end of the storm

There's a golden sky

And the sweet silver song of a lark.

Walk on through the wind,

Walk on through the rain,

And you'll never walk alone,

You'll never walk alone.

When you walk through a storm,

Hold your head up high,

And don't be afraid of the dark.

At the end of the storm,

There's a golden sky,

And the sweet silver song of a lark.

Walk on through the wind,

Walk on through the rain,

Tho' your dreams be tossed and blown.

Walk on, walk on,

With hope in your heart

And you'll never walk alone,

You'll never walk alone.

Never alone.

You'll Never Walk Alone by Rodgers & Hammerstein

Krista sang with such soul and conviction in the words that people stood and applauded. Bryant walked over to his sister and kissed her cheek. Renaud joined them and the three left the stage while Heather walked on.

"Wow, how do you follow that up. We will follow that up with the next act. We have for you our school comedian."

The next few acts were a couple dance routines, and then a young man dressed in a Scottish kilt and playing the bagpipes. Everyone applauded all their efforts.

Heather came out on stage and asked Rory, "What do you guys wear under your, um, kilt?" Rory just blushed and then whispered into her ear. Heather turned beet red which made the audience laugh and Rory smiled. He walked off stage as Heather tried to compose herself.

Heather composed herself and then introduced Garret, "Next is a long time friend of mine, everyone welcome Garret to the stage." Heather started to clap while she walked off stage, she stopped and gave Garret a hug.

Garret walked up to the stool that was set aside for him and started to get set with his acoustic-electric guitar. A boy he didn't know came out with his amp. Once he was plugged in he strummed the first few cords to "Heard it through the Grapevine" and stopped, "I heard it through the grapevine that someone who wished to remain anonymous was hoping to theme the talent show. And we all agreed. Everyone here burned up the phone lines, enlisted our brothers and sisters to spread the word. Several of us changed our acts because we agreed. We wanted to send a message and we hope that you continue to enjoy our efforts." He paused for a moment, "I couldn't decide between two songs but finally decided to play this next song. When we all watched the funeral this song strummed through me over and over. This is to everyone at the battle of Montana. I don't sing so if any of you out there know any of the words, please feel free to sing out for everyone that was there and affected by the battle in Montana!"

With that said Garret started to play "Stairway to Heaven". Several of the kids in the audience and even some of the adults got caught up in the music and sang the words. It was even easier since the words were being displayed on the screen behind Garret.

Garret was shocked, as he didn't know the words were being displayed behind him. The feel of the words echoing back to him from the audience brought a tear to his eye. He loved playing this song and to see others enjoy his efforts felt amazing.

Garret stood and bowed to the applause. Heather came out and gave him a hug while the same boy ran out to collect the amp and take it off stage. As Garret turned to walk off stage Heather turned to the audience, "Our next act is Steven Shelton. Give him a round of applause. Are you ready Steven?" Heather asked as she was walking off the stage.

"Hello everyone! I don't play an instrument so you are stuck listening to a soundtrack. Many of you have seen the images that I am going to show. But that is alright, 'cause we need to see them again." Steven stepped back, looked up and with a slight nod the music began and a very sorrow filled voice that sounded on the verge of tears filled the auditorium as he began to sing,

Little child

Dry your crying eyes

How can I explain

The fear you feel inside

'Cause you were born

Into this evil world

Where man is killing man

And no one knows just why

What have we become

Just look what we have done

All that we destroyed

You must build again

When the children cry

Let them know we tried

'Cause when the children sing

Then the new world begins

Little child

You must show the way

To a better day

For all the young

'Cause you were born

For the world to see

That we all can live

With love and peace

No more presidents

And all the wars will end

One united world under God

When the children cry

Let them know we tried

'Cause when the children sing

Then the new world begins

What have we become

Just look what we have done

All that we destroyed

You must build again

No more presidents

And all the wars will end

One united world under God

When the children cry

Let them know we tried

'Cause when the children singThe new world begins

'Cause when the children fight

Let them know it ain't right

When the children pray

Let them know the way

'Cause when the children sing

Then the new world begins

"When the Children Cry by White Lion"

Behind Steven, the photos of all the people that died to protect others where put up one by one to remind everyone of the loss that the talent show began with. As the last cords of the song were coming to an end, Allen Gardner's picture was in the center. Where it was when the talent show began.

Steven wiped his eyes and took a bow. There was a small applause as everyone was in tears since the funeral only two days earlier was still so fresh in their minds. They could hear Steven whisper, "Thank you" as he left the stage.

Then they heard a voice come over the speakers asking everyone to please stay seated for the last and final act of the evening. The parents couldn't understand all the whispering that suddenly came from all of their children.

Heather came out on stage again, and this time the curtain opened all the way to show all the children that were in the talent show. Everyone who played an instrument had their instrument and was ready to play. They also noticed a second piano on stage. The audience didn't know what was going on because they all knew that Heather hadn't sung yet and this was her final year in their high school. She always won, but this year with Therin and Krista they weren't sure who would win.

"I couldn't decide which song I wanted to sing, so you will have to forgive me for combining two songs together." Heather walked back and sat down at the second piano, nodded to Renaud and the music began.

I'm a child of South Africa (line sung by Heather)

I'm a child of Vietnam (line sung by Steven)

I'm a child of Northern Ireland (line sung by Krista)

I'm a small boy with blood on his hands (line sung by Marc)

(Heather stood up from the piano and all the singers of the evening joined her as she sang the next part)

Yes I'm a child of the universe

Yes I'm a child of the universe

You can see me on the TV every night

Always there to join in someone else's fight

(Jimmie sang next) I didn't ask to be born

And I don't ask to die

I'm an endless dream

A gene machine that cannot reason why

(Everyone that was on stage sang the next part)

Yes I'm a child of the universe

Yes I'm a child of the universe

You can see me on the TV every day

I'm the child next door three thousand miles away

I'm a child of Vulcan (sung by Therin)

I'm a child of Andoria (sung by Lily)

I'm a child of Tellar (sung by Conrad)

I'm a small boy with blood on his hands (sung by Renaud)

(All of a sudden every child in the upper left section of the auditorium stood and joined in the chorus singing the next part with everyone on stage)

Yes I'm a child of the universe

Yes I'm a child of the universe

You can see me on the TV every night

Always there to join in someone else's fight

(everyone quieted as Therin sang the next part)

I didn't ask to be born

And I don't ask to die

I'm an endless dream

A gene machine that cannot reason why

(The upper middle section of the auditorium stood to join the others still standing in singing the next section)

Yes I'm a child of the universe

Yes I'm a child of the universe

You can see me on the TV every day

I'm the child next door three thousand miles away

Everyone in the audience was looking from kid to kid and then to the images behind them. As things moved on they added more and more images of the children from all the previous performances. Children that were suffering, dying or both. The the tempo and rythm changed as a new song began.

(Lily started the song with)

The sun is only a star

Around that star we spin

But there are many other stars

Where do we fit in?

(Conrad took over and sang next)

I am only a grain of sand

Tossed by water and wind

But there are many grains of sand

Where do I fit in?

(The children in the upper right section of the auditorium stood, and now all the children in the upper section of the auditorium were standing to sing the next part with everyone on stage)

Child of the universe

Let your spirit fly

You are the special one

And here's there reason why

(Then the children in the lower left section stood and added their voices)

You're a Child of the Universe

So climb your mountains high

You are the chosen one

To try and touch the sky

(While everyone continued to stand Krista sang the next verse)

Tell me, what can I aim for

In a world that's quickly changing

Tell me what my purpose is

Where do I fit in?

(Heather sang the next section)

Shall I follow a dream?

Or are dreams made just for children?

Well all of us are children now

That's where I fit in

(The children in the lower middle section stood and added their voices)

Child of the universe

Let your spirit fly

You are the special one

And here's the reason why

(Finally the children in the lower right section stood to be able to add theirs)

You're a child of the universe

So climb your mountains high

You are the chosen one

To try and touch the sky

(Every child in the auditorium sang the final verse they wrote)

I am a child of Life

I am a child of All

I am a child of You

(Somehow the small boy from earlier snuck back up on stage and wiggled his way to Renaud. All sounds stopped and the spotlight shined on the little boy as Renaud held him by his waist as he stood on the piano bench with a microphone in his little hands and the boy shyly sang his line.)

I am a child of the Universe

The above songs are: Child of the Universe by Barclay James Harvest and Child of the Universe by Craig Cassils respectively.

The parents stood and applauded and then broke out in laughter as they head a little voice yell out, "I do'd it Naud, I do'd it just like Heaven ask me too!".

Renaud smiled and gave the little boy a big hug and since he was still holding the microphone the audience could here Renaud whisper, "You sure did little buddy. You did great."

Some only stood because they knew they had to, the Mayor being one. He was not happy with his daughter's rebellion. He couldn't help but think that it would soon be time to deal with that problem. Then he saw her walk back to Renaud, wrap an arm around Renaud's waist as she sat next to him. She then smiled at the little boy while rubbing her hand on his head; whispering to him the whole time. The Mayor thought to himself that they had gotten rid of that boy years ago. When she kissed his cheek he heard his wife say, "isn't that so sweet, she so loved that boy. Maybe they will finally be able to be together." All he could do was smile and applaud.

The kids were ecstatic. All over the stage and in the audience children were being hugged by parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles. They were shouting, "We did it!"

The Principle came out on the stage to announce the winner. Once he started to get everyone to quiet down he started, "Well, how do we announce a winner? This is how, can every child in the auditorium please stand." He waited until everyone stood and then continued, "This year we will be putting every child's name on a large plaque as the winner. If you don't attend our school, please make sure we get your name so we can add it, and where you are from to the plaque. We choose to do it this way because YOU, each and every one of you chose to stand together." The auditorium exploded in applause.

Little by little things quieted down. Kids that were too young to go to school, and others from out of town stopped to give their names. The kids on stage helped each other pack up instruments and amps, and carry things out to cars. Several stayed to help clean the auditorium. People were headed for home. Quite a few were still holding their children close. Others were asking how they pulled it all off on such short notice. And everywhere you could hear kids saying, "Heather called so and so...." or "and after Heather called I called...." and so forth. It soon became very clear that the person who wished to remain anonymous didn't stay anonymous for long.

Katie and grandpa Fredrickson were so happy with how they boys did and helped afterwords. Katie made all the boys a special treat when they got home and shooed them all off to bed. She knew that the Michigan family would be flying out in the morning and that they had a long day ahead of them.

As they finally settled down to sleep, Talon dreamt of a voice that belonged to a boy that he barely knew.

Authors Notes:

First and foremost:

All music and lyrics referenced in this chapter are the property and copyright of their owners and provided here for educational and entertainment purposes only for the enhancement of a fictional story set in another universe and time.

This chapter took a long time. I have to thank the Mykivis for providing the songs. During my long drive to work, for two months straight, these songs continuously played until I put them in my notes to be written into the story. With the song, "You'll Never Walk Alone" it showed up in four different stories that I was reading. Well if that isn't a big hint. LOL And with the final number, Ranger sent me the Sanborn Elementary School Choir youtube video and asked if it would fit in my talent show. I wanted something the whole school could sing. And did it ever! But, while looking for the lyrics, the song by Barclay James Harvest and the song by Craig Cassils kept showing up. I just needed to change it up some to fit our universe. (Thank you Ranger!)

I also need to also thank Eggy for all his musical help. He listened to the songs and let me know who could really play what and what instruments I would need. We had some good long chats and I enjoyed putting this section together. I also need to thank Roland for all his input and allowing me to use some of his story to use in here. We worked on sections together and I thank him for all his valuable input.

Here are the youtube video's of the songs that I was listening to while writing the ending of this chapter. Remember that these were attached here in April of 2013. So if someone is reading this years from now you can type in the name of the song and still be able to listen if you would like.

Anthem of the United Federation of Planets

The Star Spangled....Madison Rising

God Bless the Child by Shania Twain

Kid Rocks Amen

The Sabres scene-- Capoeira

Therin's Talent show song..."For Them by Troye Sivan

Sissel, Carousel

Garret playing Stairway to Heaven

White Lion...When the Children Cry.

Child of the Universe by Barclay James Harvest

Child of the Universe by Craig Cassils

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