Castle Roland

The Sabre's

by Cynaira

In Progress

Chapter 15

Published: 1 May 14

Emergency/Trauma Bay Waiting Room:

"Where are we?" Carena whispered as she started to frantically look around.

Bill put his arm around Carena to try to calm her while he calmly looked around.

"I was just about to ask the same thing." Marty replied as he looked around.

"Why are we in a hospital?" Phil questioned, then added, "Oh my god! Bruno! Is Bruno alright?" He started to look around and saw Katie walking towards them.

"Bill, Carena, Marty and Lewis, I was just going to start calling all of you." Katie stated as she walked up to the group, and one by one gave them a quick hug. "Come on over here and have a seat in the waiting room and I can try to explain everything."

The group headed towards the waiting room. As they all sat down, Carena noticed Scout sitting next to Renaud and trying to dry tears on his face as fast as they were falling. Renaud had his arm protectively around Scout and was holding him into his side trying to comfort him.

Katie sighed, she had no idea where to begin. She looked over at people she knew, but really didn't know. She only knew them through their children going to school together, and meeting Phil and Marty at the hospital for Bruno's adoption. "Um, I really don't know where to begin." Katie took a deep breath, "Travis and Bruno were injured during an attack on our family tonight."

"An attack? Who would attack your family?" Bill calmly asked.

"Yes, it seems a group of Vampires decided that they wanted our family dead. Somehow your sons and their friends showed up, along with, um, Zeke and three more boys, and then Zeke's squad showed up." Katie looked at Carena and Bill first, "Travis was seriously hurt. Chad was injured, but I don't think it was serious. Mark is alright." She pointed over at Scout, "That young boy said he had to cut into Travis' throat to save him." Everyone heard Carena and Bill gasp and Katie continued, "And I heard Bruno yelling that he broke his arm again."

"Oh no, he can't handle another break that quickly. We need to find him." Phil went to stand up to start looking for Bruno.

"Wait, the Doctor said that she was going to go and check on everyone and come back with an update." Katie gently placed her hand on Phil's arm to stop him from panicking.

Carena and Bill did stand and started to slowly walk over to Scout, they could see the scared look on his face. Carena knelt down in front of Scout, gently reached out to brush the tears away from his face, "Hey son, you holding up alright?"

Bill sat down on the other side of Scout and put his arm around him where Renaud wasn't holding him. Scout leaned into the hug as he remembered when Bill carried him when they first met.

"I'm a little better. His, his...Trav's throat...the vampire grabbed him and started to squeeze...he couldn't breath..." Scout really started to choke up and Bill picked him up and put him on his lap. Renaud moved over so that Carena could sit down next to them. "I...I...had to cut into his throat so he could breath. I couldn't let him die." Scout really started to cry again.

Bill gently ran his hand over Scouts hair as he pulled the boy into a hug, "Shh son, you did what you had to do to save your brothers life. Go ahead and cry it all out, we have you now." Carena started to gently rub Scouts back.

Scout heard the word son and started to take in gasping breaths as he wheezed out, "Son? Brother?"

"Shh, yes son. I did say son and brother. When you boys grouped together and formed your UNIT security group, you became brothers. All of you are sons to us." Bill responded gently.

"And I feel the same way. You boys became our boys and brothers to our sons." Carena whispered as she leaned in and gently kissed Scout's cheek.

Scout hiccuped, "I have parents? Will you really be my dad and mom?"

Bill hugged Scout even closer, "No question about it, son. We will for each of you that would like us to."

Scout leaned into Bill and let his tears quiet down. Carena kept rubbing his back giving soft words to let him know everything was going to be alright. The three leaned back to wait for news on Travis.

Renaud silently watched the exchange, as did Seaver, Therin and Mark. Mark had stayed back knowing his parents needed to know about his brothers first.

Mark walked over and sat down with his family. Carena pulled him onto her lap while Mark whispered, "We get to be real brothers now, Scout. That's so cool."

Phil and Marty also sat back to await more news.

Right then, Talon and Lily came back into the waiting room, followed closely by cafeteria staff pushing carts with a coffee carafe, cups, sodas and snacks for everyone waiting to hear about their family and friends.

As Jackie was sitting back thinking, he reached over and found some paper. He started to slowly fold the paper without really thinking about what he was doing. Kyle sat back watching him, wondering what Jackie was doing.

"Sometimes, origami helps relax me while I think." Jackie answered the unasked question. "Here, for you." Jackie said as he handed Kyle a paper boat. "And it will even float, for a little while, if you place it on the water."

Kyle smiled up at Jackie and created a bowl with water in it and watched the paper boat float on the water, "That's so kewl!"

"Come on over here and I'll show you how to make something." Jackie smiled at Kyle, amused by watching Kyle push the boat around the water.

Kyle stopped pushing the boat around and looked over his shoulder at Jackie, then he jogged over to Jackie and climbed up into his lap. Jackie handed Kyle a piece of paper and started to explain, "Origami is the traditional Japanese art of, well, folding paper. We can make lots of interesting things. Here, let me show you how to make a crane."

Kyle took the sheet of paper while Jackie reached over and grabbed another sheet, "Our dad taught us how to do this, it helps calm me and helps me to focus. It might help you, too. And maybe, umm, maybe we can do this together here, or anywhere, like I do with my brothers sometimes." Jackie made the first fold in the paper, with Kyle copying Jackie.

Kyle had the biggest smile on his face, "I would really like that Jackie. It's nice to be just a kid for a little while."

Jackie stopped a moment, "We all need that, little bro." The two of them sat together folding paper while Rex looked on with a big smile on his face.

Kyle and Jackie held up their Crane's for Rex to look at. Both with huge smiles and their faces looking much calmer.

"So, are we almost ready to face the Trauma rooms and see how everyone is doing?" Rex asked.

Jackie looked at Kyle, "I guess all good things must come to end at some time. Promise we'll get together to do this again?"

Kyle smiled at Jackie, "Oh yeah. We'll do this again. That was fun."

"Good! Then let's head back into the chaos." Jackie picked Kyle up, giving him a hug. "See you again soon?"

Kyle hugged Jackie back, "Yep. You never know when. But then again, I'm always going to be here."

In Trauma Two Bravo Room:

Ranger got a really weird look on his face when Rex finished giving him the information dump. He looked around and found a place to sit down, walked over to a chair and rearranged Antonio so he could sit on his lap and lean back into Rangers chest. Ranger wasn't quiet ready to let go of Antonio yet, now that he had family again.

Antonio was quite happy with the arrangement, in full 'kid-mode' as he held tightly onto his long-lost cousin.

Matt smiled at the pair. "You're off duty until further notice, Doctor. You've got a cousin to corrupt."

Ranger looked up, he didn't even notice Matt walk into the room, "How are Tyler and Curtis, um, Uncle Matt?" Ranger looked around, "They shouldn't have too much longer in those bed things, correct?"

Matt smiled, "They're almost done and should be heading to the waiting room soon. Thank goodness their injuries weren't serious and were able to heal quickly."

Ranger nodded and settled back, "So, little cousin, what do we do with this time and why would you need to corrupt me? Last I heard to be corrupt was not a good thing to be."

"Let's see... I need to make sure that you have cookie quality inspector training. I also gotta make sure you know the six hundred thousand, five hundred and forty three different ways to con a grownup into adopting a kid that wants them as a parent without them knowing it. Then there's cookie tasting, how to give an adult migraines in five easy steps, dimensional time paradoxes and how to use them to your advantage, and proper cookie handling!"

Ranger looked at Antonino in shock, then a big grin spread across his face, "Ah, that type of corruption. Some of that I had no inclination of to what you were talking about. So, I will have to teach you how to make things appear out of thin air, how to conjurer materials. Then, when we have time, I shall show you the mystery of the swamp and my home." Ranger got a thoughtful look, "So what are dimensional time paradoxes? That sounds very intriguing."

"Oh that's easy!" Antonio giggled. "It's when you're here, but you're also yesterday and tomorrow and sometimes outside time altogether, working on the same project. Sometimes the you that is in tomorrow is actually you from last week, but the you that is yesterday is from later today."

"TEMPORAL PAINKILLERS - ER WARD!" Matt shouted with a grimace. Moments later, a large plate of peanut-butter cookies appeared on the nearest crash cart.

"Oh, I love peanut butter cookies!" Ranger replied as he reached over and grabbed a cookie for Antonio and himself. "But why do we need temporal painkillers? If you think about it, what Antonio said made perfect sense. You are simply, here and there, in a somewhere and a when, been there and back again, and sometimes doing that all at the same time, and yet never seeing yourself in any given moment of time." Ranger shrugged and took a bite of his cookie.

"You must be Intel..." Matt muttered as he looked for a vacant biobed to hide in.

"Intel? What is Intel?" Ranger did some thinking, "I believe the roll I am stepping into," as he glanced over at Jackie, "is the Clan Historian for our Division, that is if Jackie will have me."

"If he don't, I'm gonna go all Q on him!" Antonio stated firmly. "In fact, Quint would help!"

"Little cousin, while I have no clue what going all 'Q' on someone means, nor do I know this Quint you speak of, I do appreciate your wanting to...umm...protect me. But first I must properly court my douceur. While I know he is my heart, he does not know that yet. I do have his father's permission to court him though, so that is one step in the correct direction." Ranger hugged Antonio for a second, "I had showed up at the house this evening to ask him to accompany me for a walk, but you know what happened as soon as I showed up."

Antonio giggled, then became semi-serious as he noticed something. "Kyle's moving quick. I know that look, Jackie just gained another person in the corner of his head. Cory gets that peaceful look when him and Kyle are hanging out in Cory's head and talking stuff over."

"Kyle?" Ranger looked at Antonio in question. "And how did he get into Jackie's head. I don't need to, umm, how did you say it, go all 'Q' to protect him, do I?"

"Kyle's one of the Clan founders, as well as the first of a new species of energy being. He's our favorite cuddlemonster when he lets himself relax."

Ranger leaned back some, "Ah, then that is good to see the peaceful look on Jackie's face. They are relaxing for each other, as you are for me at this time." Then Ranger did something that he had seen others do, and what hadn't been done to him in a long time, he started to poke his fingers into the side of Antonio to see if it would make him laugh.

Ranger discovered that Antonio was extremely ticklish, and all of a sudden he heard Antonio yell, "I'm gonna pee!"

He let go and Antonio got up and ran to the bathroom. Matt smiled over at Ranger, "Now, that was good to see."

Ranger glanced over to Matt, "When will I be able to see my cousin again once we have to go home from this place, Uncle Matt?"

"Whenever the two of you want." Matt replied. "In fact, once you've established where you're going to be most of the time, I'm going to order some portals between your residences and ours."

"Umm, Uncle Matt, what are portals?" Ranger asked.

Right then Antonio came running back and jumped up into Ranger's lap to cuddle right back into the spot he was before, "Thanks! I so needed that laugh and tickle attack, 'cuz."

"Portals are dimensional doors that instantly transfer a person from point A to point B using a dimensional rift." Matt explained, trying to get even with Ranger understanding paradoxes so easily.

Rangers eyes lit up, "Oh, then this door will allow me to step from my home in the swamp right into my cousins home in Florida. How interesting. I think I will like these doors. I do believe I have spent too much time in the swamp, studying books to gain knowledge and too much time away from people."

"Damn; you two sure you're not twins?" Matt prodded, getting the expected grin from Antonio.

Ranger looked at Antonio, then at his Uncle Matt again, "I do not believe we are, the odds of that being a fact are astronomical."

Right about then Jackie started to look around the room. "Well, that was a very interesting experience."

"Kyle's fun, ain't he?" Antonio giggled. He turned his attention to Ranger for a second while awaiting a reply from Jackie. "Dad's just jealous that I was memorizing medical books while he was still hiding his porno magazines from Grandma."

Matt looked at Antonio, "On that note, I think I'm going to head home and let Byron know you'll be a little while yet."

Ranger glanced down, "Medical books, that is interesting. I spent my time studying Illusionists, chemistry, the arts, animal behavior and medicine of animals, and started to learn Data and these newer sciences and genetics. I wanted to learn why I aged the way I do." Then Ranger realized what Matt had said, "Who is Byron? Is he more family?"

"Daileass said I was needed," a long-black-haired Native American said as he appeared next to Ranger and Antonio. "What did you do this time, Pop."

Matt shook his head. "Talk to your future husband. I'm going to do something sane like translating Vulcan into ancient Sumerian."

Jackie laughed, "After meeting Kyle, and yes, he is very fun to be around, translating Vulcan into ancient Sumerian sounds fun!"

Before Matt could move two steps, a book titled "Sumerian-Vulcan Cross-Reference" appeared at his feet, along with a set of quills and an ink well.

"There ya go, Uncle Matt!" Daileass giggled over the room's speakers.

Ranger heard the words 'future husband', he gently stood up and set Antonio down for a moment as he walked up to Byron, "Future husband of my cousin, please allow me to introduce myself." Ranger stood up a little straighter and held out his hand, "I am Ranger Tair Lowell, Forever Childe, or also known as Eternal Boy, of the swamp by my adoptive family. It is an honor to make your acquaintance."

Everyone else started to giggle at the supplies that showed up at Matt's feet and Jackie went over and picked up the book to look at it. Jackie burst out laughing, then handed the book to Matt, "Looks like you have some work to do. The pages are blank."

Byron stood straighter as well, introducing himself as he took Ranger's hand. "Byron Wilson Tecumseh, third in line of the Seminole Nation, Tribe Liaison to Clan Short and Federation Youth Services remote agent. I am honored to meet the cousin of my bonded."

Ranger smiled, then looked at Antonio, "I totally approve of this young man as your bonded." Then Ranger looked at Byron, "We must sit and chat longer at some time, I would enjoy getting to know my cousin and his bonded better. That is one more occurrence that it appears the two of us have in common."

Byron smiled at Antonio and then Ranger, "We would love that. I know 'Tonio would love having you around and so would I."

"We gods aww dhe measuwemends done and awe going do head back so wes can ged Uwee and Bwuno aww fixed up weaw quick." Joey happily informed everyone in the room.

Jackie smiled over at Joey, "Thank you Joey, that's wonderful. I now know that you're going to take great care of my brother and friend. Thank you, for everything."

Jerry stood back and smiled at Jackie, while Joey stood up proud and blushed. "Dhank you, Jackie. I'ww make suwe dhad dhey awe good as new weaw soon." Then Joey looked over at Jerry and Danny, "We's weady do head home, dahdy and Uncwe Danny? We's god wods of wowk do do!"

Jerry and Joey went over real quick to tell the Doctor's what they were going to do after putting all the notes into the biobeds. Then they went and told their patients good bye.

Danny walked up to Jackie, "You're going to do just fine, Jackie, and if you need anything at all, just give us a call." Danny hugged Jackie and left him standing there in shock.

Before they knew what happened, Danny, Jerry and Joey all teleported out of the hospital room.

Antonio looked at Ranger, "We have to go too." He then hugged onto Ranger like he didn't want to let him go.

"We will meet again, with these dimensional doors we will be able to see each other many times a day if we so choose. We are not far from each other now." Ranger hugged Antonio back while Bryon and Matt smiled at the two of them.

"Come on 'Tonio, these guys have things to get done. You know what it's like to set up a new division. We better head home." Matt gently pulled Antonio back and then pulled Ranger into a hug, "Welcome to the family, Ranger."

"Thank you, Uncle Matt." Tears started to shine in Rangers eyes, "We will see all of you again soon. So long for now and safe travels."

Before anymore could be said, Daileass teleported the three out of the room just as Tyler and Curtis walked in.

Rex walked over and started to talk to Steven. "You ready to get a bunch of info dumped into your head buddy? I have a feeling you are going to be one of the key member's of the new division here, being Jackie's best friend and all."

Steven looked up in shock. "Me? Well, I mean, I'll help Jackie anyway he needs me to, but I didn't think I would get the kewl info dumped into my head too, since I'm no one special."

Rex shook his head. "What is it that future Clan officers have about thinking they're nothing special? EVERYONE is special, in at least one way."

Steven and Bruno burst out laughing. "That's what I tell other's. No fair throwing my own words back at me."

Then Bruno added, "And Jackie even said something close to that to me."

Rex laughed, "Good! And you're next Bruno."

Rex started to work with Steven while Bruno leaned back and rubbed the top of the head of Bambi, right by her ears, and under the chin of Butch.

Curtis saw Chad and ran over to him, "You're alright. Where's Travis? Is Travis alright." Curtis sounded panicked.

Curtis hugged Chad, "Travis is going to be fine. According to Doctor Wilson, Scout saved his life and Travis is resting now. He has to stay overnight and should hopefully be able to come home tomorrow."

"I want to see him. Where is he?" Chad asked as he pulled back from Curtis and wiped the tears from his face as he looked around, not finding Travis in the room.

As Rex was walking over towards Bruno, he replied, "Travis is in Trauma Two Alpha. That is where the seriously injured go first. They might move him over here later the evening."

Chad nodded that he heard.

Jackie walked over to Ulee. "You going to be alright here if I leave you for a while and get everyone to the waiting room, so I can fill mom in on what is going on?"

Ulee smiled up at Jackie, "Of course I'm going to be alright. I got Purpurowy and Bruno here with me. Between the two of them I know nothing is going to happen to me here."

Jackie reached out to pet Purpurowy with one hand while he ran his fingers through Ulee's hair with the other hand. Purpurowy started to hiss and Jackie hissed and added a few meow's and growls right back. Purpurowy leaned into Jackie's hand and finally accepted him.

Rex looked over, "Now that Bruno and Steven have the info dump, I'm going to give Ulee the information he'll need. He's going to need it to be able to talk to his pet."

Jackie laughed, "That would be a good idea! Ulee is going to need the information, since he's my little bro and will have a big part in this division I need to put together. I'm going to need his help. No Director can do this alone."

"Hey, a Director with brains! This'll be a first!" Rex giggled.

Ulee and Jackie burst out laughing, then Jackie shrugged, "What can I say, you were there in my head, I had a real nice visit with Kyle. Oh, don't get me wrong, I'll still fight this at times, but I also know that I have to surround myself with people I trust." Jackie looked around, "and they aren't all in this room. So, if you have time, Rex, I'll need you in the waiting room also to give more people some needed information."

"I'm probably already back from Archnania, so you've got me for a while yet." Rex giggled.

While everyone else in the room looked confused, Jackie laughed. "Awesome! Cause I would like to update Talon and Lily. Oh, and our mom will need whatever she will need too, can't leave mom out of the loop."

Emergency/Trauma Bay Waiting Room:

While everyone was patiently waiting for news, a large polar bear cub wandered into the waiting room, stopped, and looked around. Once he spotted his target he started to move across the room.

He walked right up to Scout, placed his large paws up onto Bill's legs, leaned up and licked Scouts face.

Scout giggled and looked the polar bear right into the eyes.

Carena gasped and moved. She looked like she wanted to push the bear right away from Scout. The polar bear leaned over and licked Carena's face, then moved over and licked Bill.

Scout burst out laughing when he saw the shocked look on Carena's face and she started to spit and sputter to get the bear slobber off her face.

Scout reached out and started to rub the bears face. The cub very gently moved his paws around the small boy and pulled Scout towards him into a bear hug.

Bill let go of Scout, and at the same time Carena whispered, "What are you doing? Don't you dare let that bear have our boy!"

Bill laughed, "Carena, if that bear was a danger, he would not be in this hospital. This is a Clan hospital, and if you haven't learned anything from our sons since they joined the UNIT Security team, I have. I have learned that the animals of the clan are just as important as the people. And this bear searched out Scout, so I'm not going to get in its way."

Carena settled back, crossed her arms over her chest and grumbled, "Great, does that mean we might have a polar bear living with us?"

Bill shrugged his shoulders, "Don't know. But if that is what it means, then that is what will be. Plain and simple."

Everyone in the room watched as the bear was hugging and licking Scout. Scout was giggling like crazy and scratching the bears ears.

All of a sudden the bear and Scout stopped, with the bear and Scout looking deep into each others eyes.

Scout heard in his head, "I am Takoda, I am here to remind you how enormously strong and full of courage you are. I have come to help you stand up to your current challenges in life, no matter how intimidating they are. You will never be overwhelmed again with me here to guide you. For you have thrived in environments that are hostile to others. If you accept me as your guide, there are many things I can teach you and will always be by your side, to guide you between the worlds of the living and the spirit. Will you walk strong with me? Will you accept my gift to you?"

Scout looked at Takoda, and with a nervous and scared look on his face, he nodded and whispered, "Yes."

"Stand, proud Warrior, as I give you the mark that the Great Spirit has deemed necessary to bind us as one. There shall be no pain, as Our Father does not allow those who He has selected as His workers to suffer during the Binding."

Scout nervously stood up, but he stood as tall as his four foot two inches allowed him to stand. He pushed his shoulders back and proudly smiled for Takoda.

Just as Scout stood up, Jackie, Ranger, Tyler, Chad, and Steven walked into the waiting room and noticed the exchange.

They watched as Takoda sat back on his hind legs and placed his large front claws up by Scouts head.

Bill held Carena back as she was ready to jump at the bear. Then she yelled, "Let go of me, that bear is going to rip our sons head off and all of you are just going to stand around and do nothing."

Ranger looked over at her. "If you watch, you are going to witness the most marvelous occurrence. You are being blessed to witness something that is very rarely permitted to occur."

Right then Takoda glanced over at Ranger, Ranger heard, "Bayou Revenant, you are bidden by Dieu to Seal the Binding. Listen with your heart and you shall not fail."

At the same time, two alligators wandered into the room, one stopped on each side of Ranger while a shiny black Kingsnake entered the waiting room and coiled itself in front of Ranger by his feet. Ranger looked down and said, "How did you guys get here?"

"Temporal Taxi!" The left alligator responded with an enormous grin.

"Are you here to witness the binding of Takoda and Scout?" Ranger asked, shocked to see animals from this home there in the hospital.

The two alligators and the Kingsnake motioned with their heads that they were, and then the second alligator stated, "And our boy disappeared. You have never left the swamp so we came to guide and protect you."

Takoda looked back at Scout and breathed into his face, placed his two paws near each of Scouts ears and then slowly moved his paws away. There in Scouts left ear was a dew claw pierced into it.

Ranger walked forward, reached into the small bag that he carried with him everywhere and pulled out a small piece of cork wood. He found it a few days earlier and placed it in his bag. At the time he had no clue what he would need it for, he just knew that he had to carry it with him. He knelt down by Scout, reached up to Scouts ear and spoke, "By placing this cork wood to the back of the dew claw, I seal the binding of Scout Renninger and his Spirit Guide Takoda. May the spirits guide and protect you always. For you now walk in two worlds young one."

Ranger blinked when he pulled his hand away. That was the first time in two centuries that anything like that had happened to him.

Then Bill grabbed Carena as she fainted and started to slip to the floor. "Need a little help here, please!" Bill shouted.

"Nurse to the Waiting Room, please. Another Clan Mother has fainted!" Rex said as he tapped his communicator.

Seconds later, the overhead announced, "Code Mommy, Trauma Waiting Room! Code Mommy, Trauma Waiting Room!"

Bill looked up, "Thank you. She usually isn't this faint. This evening, with all the boys in the hospital, I think was just a little much for her. She'll come around."

"She's gonna really love it once we finish the introductory course," Rex sniggered. "Cookies vanishing off the pan as she takes it out of the oven, dinner guests that appear at the table as she sits down, Jackie’s first grandchild next month...."

"Kyle says you wasn't supposed to tell... WAIT JUST A FREAKIN' MINUTE!" Jackie exclaimed.

Ranger's eyes went wide. The flowers that he'd arrived at the house with suddenly appeared in his hand, in perfect condition.


Zeke, with Clark in his arms, Aiden, Jaden and Dustin arrived back at the house. As soon as they arrived, Dustin slid down off of Jaden's back and sat down right on the ground with a thump. It was more like he fell down as soon as his feet hit the ground.

Aiden and Jaden softly giggled as Dustin kept shaking his head trying to get things to quit spinning. "Dang, you guys sure can run fast. If you wouldn't have carried me, I would've never been able to keep up." Dustin shook his head again, "Now if you could get me to stop feeling like I just rode a roller coaster ride, that would be great."

Clark burst out laughing as Zeke set him down on the ground. Clark walked over to Dustin and sat down in his lap, "It'll stop soon, I promise." Then Clark settled back into Dustin's lap to comfort him while the world was spinning around.

Zeke smiled and walked over to Mason and Ethan. "I need to get to the hospital. Will you be alright here watching over them," as Zeke pointed over his shoulder towards the four vampires staked out, "to make sure they meet the sun?"

Mason smiled, "I know a lot has changed in two years, Captain, but you can still trust us to do our duty. Go to your family, they come first."

Right then Miz Odilia walked out of the shadows with several members of her family, "Zeke, what are you still doing here? More guards than even I know about are here to ensure that not only these four, but also the one on the island, meet their end of nights with the rising sun. Pick up those two boys, gather the other two and get to your family." Miz Odilia turned to walk away, then turned back, "And I have it under good authority that your rooms underground are ready for your day sleep. You and the children will be safe as you sleep. Now git!" Then Miz Odilia turned and vanished into the shadows.

Zeke shook his head as Mason and Ethan burst out laughing. "Well, I guess we need to leave. Please tell the team where we are."

"Yes, sir. It'll be done," Cecil responded.

Zeke walked over and picked up Clark and Dustin into his arms, motioned Aiden and Jaden over, and the next everyone heard was, "Daileass, you know where we need to be." Then they were gone.

Daileass was being nice as Zeke, Aiden, Jaden, Dustin and Clark materialized just outside the waiting room behind Jackie. They arrived in time to hear Jackie yell..."WAIT JUST A FREAKIN' MINUTE!"

Trauma Two Alpha

While everyone made their way to the waiting room, Curtis broke away and snuck into Trauma Two Alpha. He made his way over to Travis' biobed.

He stood there staring down at Travis and tears started to form in his eyes. "Don't you dare die on me, you hear me!" He softly whispered as he stood next to the bed.

Curtis looked around and pulled up a chair next to the bed. He reached out and held onto Travis' hand, "I know I..." Curtis paused as he shook his head. Then he glanced at Travis, lying there on the bed, so still, not moving.

He stood up and started pacing the room. He would glance back at Travis then pace some more. Curtis was angry. He was angry with himself, angry at his mom for dying, angry at his dad for emotionally shutting down, angry at Travis for even daring to get hurt and leaving him. Before he knew what was happening all his anger bubbled to the surface.

Curtis stormed over and stood beside the biobed. As he stood there, with his anger building, he crossed his arms over his chest and then growled out, "First my mom! You were there for me during these years when my dad couldn't be." Then he started to get a little louder, "Then, I have to like you! Me...imagine my shock when I liked my best friend." Curtis then uncrossed his arms and ran his fingers through his hair in frustration, recrossed his arms and continued, "But what do you do, you stand by my side. All my ups and downs. All my anger and fights. All my shouting and screaming. You stayed with me, as only a best friend could." Curtis leaned down over the bed, "And by doing that, you stupid son of a bitch, I fell in love with you!" Curtis then ran his hands over his face to wipe at some of the tears that fell down his cheeks, then whispered, "You; the most gorgeous boy in school. You; who has a heart of gold. You; who can have any girl he wanted, and I have to fall in love with you!"

Curtis turned away from the bed, looked in the other direction as he added, "And I can't believe for a moment that you would ever want me in the same way. You're too perfect, for me anyway. Why would you want a messed up, hard headed, stubborn, argumentative, bastard like me? You wouldn't."

Curtis walked back towards the bed, leaned over Travis and whispered, "You really know how to make me angry. I'm going to say this one more time... Don't you dare die on me, Travis. I may not be able to have you in my life the way I'd like, but I need you. Don't you dare leave me."

Curtis reached back and pulled the chair up next to the bed again, sat down, and reached out for Travis' hand. He pulled Travis' hand to his lips and kissed the back of his hand. Then he sat there looking at the hand he was holding. Then he brought the hand back to his lips and just held Travis' hand to his mouth while he took in deep breaths, like he was trying to breath a part of Travis into himself.

Curtis stood back up and started to pace the room again. "I'm so glad you can't hear any of this. No one can know just how much I love you." Curtis leaned against the wall across from the bed, "My dad may not be perfect since mom died, but he is still my dad." Curtis sighed, "I can't lose him, Travis, and I can't lose you either." Curtis then leaned his back against the wall and let the tears fall in earnest, "Oh God! What am I going to do? Please, please don't let him die." Then Curtis got mad at himself all over again, pushed himself off the wall, "Yeah, right, I asked the same thing for my mom, and she still died. How stupid can you be Curtis, your prayers don't get answered!"

Curtis pushed himself away from the wall and walked back over to Travis' bed. He stood there a few moments and just let the tears fall. Then he softly said, "They said you were going to be alright. I guess I just can't let myself believe it. Nothin' good happens for me lately." Then he leaned down and gently kissed Travis' forehead.

When Curtis kissed Travis' forehead, Travis arm went up and wrapped around Curtis, pulling Curtis into him. Then Travis kissed Curtis' ear and very softly whispered, "I love you too." Then his arm tightened some to let Curtis know he was alright.

Curtis burst into tears, then he lay down on the bed next to Travis and cried until he couldn't cry anymore.

Travis held onto the boy he loved. With a small smile on his face, he whispered again, as trying to talk hurt, "If I would've known all I had to do was get hurt for you to finally confess you loved me, I would've done this two years ago."

Curtis pushed himself up onto his forearms and looked down at Travis in shock, then he was even more shocked as Travis slowly lifted his head and kissed Curtis right on the lips.

Travis sighed, "Can't fight the bed wanting me to sleep anymore, Curt. Need you to wash your face and go to the waiting room. Tell them I said yes, new brother is kewl." Travis' eyes started to close, then Curtis barely heard, "Don't forget, I love you too."

Near the ceiling, in the corner of Trauma Two Alpha, were Bryce and Cupid high-fiving each other.

Emergency/Trauma Bay Waiting Room:

Takoda walked over to Carena and breathed into her face. She came to the words, "Be strong, Clan mother, for you have many children that need your strength. Up you go. Strong Clan mother of many children."

Carena's eyes went wide, and when she heard the words, the strength of the bear flowed into her and she was ready to be strong for her boys. "I will be, strong that is. This never happened to me before." Then a few people were shocked to see her reach up and kiss Takoda right on the nose.

Carena got up and sat back down, then motioned for Scout to sit on her lap again. Scout gladly hopped back up and cuddled into her hug.

Ranger looked down at the flowers, then hid them behind his back for now.

Jackie smiled at Scout and Carena, "It looks like we might have a Clan adoption real soon."

Carena, Bill and Scout all smiled, nodded and said "Yes" all at the same time.

Then Chad and Mark walked over, Bill stood up and hugged Chad, "We're so happy you are alright, son."

Mark hugged Chad from the other side. He didn't say anything, trying to be strong.

Chad handed Smokey and Sharon to Seaver, who walked over to stand with the family, while he wrapped one arm around his dad and the other arm around Mark. "Me too, dad, me too!" Chad pulled back just a bit and smiled at his mom and Scout, "And the doc said, Travis was going to be fine also. You should be able to see him soon." Chad let go of his dad, walked over and picked Scout up out his mom's lap and hugged him close, "Thank you so much for what you did."

Scout hugged him back and gave a little shrug, "It's what I trained to do."

While that was happening, Tyler made his way over to Jeremy. The two held each other close, but didn't say anything as they were intrigued by watching a new clan division slowly start to form roots and take hold in the waiting room of a trauma center.

Therin sat by Renaud and watched Talon. He was secretly happy that nothing happened to the boy he loved. Renaud reached out and put his arm around the boy he friended so many months ago.

Lily felt lost. Bruno was in one of the rooms and didn't come out with everyone else. She walked over to sit by Katie, since Ulee was still in one of the rooms too.

Talon stayed with Mr. Lewis and Mr. Taylor. He kept trying to hand them coffee to get them to drink something, but both men kept shaking their heads, saying "no, thank you" and watching the waiting room door. They noticed Zeke and four boys materialize behind Jackie, so Talon started to walk over towards his dad.

Jackie took a deep breath, "I did walk in here to let everyone know how everybody was doing." Then he noticed Jeremy holding Tyler, and smiled, "I don't need to let you know that Tyler, Chad, Steven, Ranger," he looked around, "ummm...Curtis should be here with us, he is fine also." He noticed his dad and smiled, "Then there is still Ulee, Bruno and Travis."

Ranger stood closer to Jackie on one side, and Steven stood next to him on the other side. Rex stood behind Jackie to give him added support, "Ulee and Bruno are going to be fine. They need to stay here for a few days." He saw his mom, Mr. Taylor and Mr. Lewis take deep breaths. "Ulee and Bruno suffered serious injury to the bone structure. Ulee's leg and Bruno's arm. So..."

Rex spoke up here, "We have some doctor's that specialize in replacing the bones with artificial bones that will be stronger and grow with them as they grow. They were already here, took all the necessary measurements and are building the replacement skeletal frame necessary to replace the damaged bones with new ones. They should be able to operate tomorrow evening and you should be able to have the guys home in three to four days."

Everyone heard Katie, Zeke, Marty and Phil say, "Thank God!" all at the same time. Then Phil asked, "When can we see him?" before anyone else could ask.

Rex smiled, "real soon."

Jackie smiled again and then looked over at the Alden's. "Travis was the worst, but thanks to Scout and Dr. Wilson, he is resting comfortably in the biobed and should be able to come home tomorrow night. He is going to be fine, he just needs to let the bed heal him the rest of the way."

Curtis walked into the waiting room and added, "I just left Travis. He woke up long enough to ask me to give you a message. He said to tell you that his answer is yes, and that a new brother would be kewl."

Carena and Bill could tell that Curtis had been crying. Bill walked up to Curtis and pulled him into a hug. "Thank you for that, Curtis. And, we are so happy that you're alright."

Curtis nodded into Bill's chest and hugged him back.

"Well then, if everyone agrees, it looks like we have our first adoption." Jackie smiled as he looked around the room.

All of a sudden everyone heard, "I'm ready to record the first Gulf Coast Division adoption when you are ready to begin, Director." Daileass stated over the commbadge.

Jackie rolled his eyes at hearing Director used again, then had to ask, "When did we get the name Gulf Coast Division?"

Daileass giggled, "Well, Director, you named it when you stated that the Gulf Coast would never be the same again."

Jackie groaned and everyone in the waiting room burst out laughing.

Jackie got a far away look in his eyes for a split second and then looked over at Bill and Carena Alden, "Mr. and Mrs. Alden, do you accept Scout Renninger to be your son? To love him, nurture him, and protect him for the rest of your lives?"

Both Bill and Carena giggled and said, "Yes, I do," at the same time.

Then he looked at Chad and Mark. "I already have Travis' answer, so, do you, Chad and Mark, accept Scout Renninger as your little brother? To love him, nurture him, protect him and royally torment him as only big brothers can do?"

Chad and Mark looked over at Scout and burst out laughing, "Oh yeah, we can definitely agree to that." Chad answered as Mark nodded with a big smile on his face.

Then Jackie looked at Scout. "Scout, do you accept Bill and Carena as your parents, and Chad, Travis and Mark as your brothers? To love them, grow with them, pester and torment them, and eat all the cookies that your new mom can bake."

Scout shouted, "YES! I have a family."

Jackie giggled, "Then, one more question. What would you like your last name to be?"

Scout didn't even stop to think about it, "Well, Alden, of course."

"Then, Daileass, please record that on this date Scout Alden is officially a full fledged member of the Alden family." Jackie finished with a smile.

Daileass giggled, "Fully recorded, and since your new CIC is in the works, and the new FYS building is already in place at the end of the old deliveries driveway, copies of the paperwork will be there ready and waiting when you all get home."

Bill laughed, "For a second there I thought we were getting married."

Jackie shrugged his shoulders, "In a way, there is a huge commitment when you adopt a child. You take on the responsibilities for the child, and it's so important that the child want you just as much as you want the child. I thought this would be a nice way to bring the family together."

Carena walked over and hugged Jackie. "Thank you! That made this very special for all of us."

Jackie blushed. Then he saw Seaver looking on with tears pooling in his eyes. Jackie walked over to him and pulled him into a hug. "When we can figure out how to get your memories back, we'll find your family. Until then, know that you are very much loved and have a family right here for you. All of us are your family until your birth family can be found Seaver, I promise you that."

Jeremy, Tyler, Renaud, Therin, Chad, Mark, Scout, and Curtis walked over and all the boys wrapped their arms around Seaver to let him know that he was loved and not alone.

Katie, Phil, Marty and Lily walked over towards Zeke. At the same time Dr. Ester and Dr. Wilson walked into the waiting room.

"It seems I have two boys that are anxious to see a few people. So, if everyone here to see Ulee and Bruno would follow me, the boys are awaiting their family."

"And if Travis' family would follow me, please. Travis won't be able to respond, but he will hear you and know you are there. I'm keeping him asleep, so he can heal and be ready to go home with you tomorrow night." Dr. Wilson added.

As Jackie stepped back to join his family, Ranger walked up to him, "Jackie, can we sit a moment? Let your parents and brother be with Ulee." Ranger noticed Jackie hesitate and repeated, "You need to sit for a moment."

Jackie looked at Ranger for a moment, then glanced over at his mom and dad and saw them smile and nod. "Umm, yeah, we can sit for a moment." Jackie walked over to the couch and sat down. As soon as he sat down, the day seemed to catch up to him and he leaned back into the couch and closed his eyes.

Ranger watched as Jackie's eyes closed, then he brought the flowers he was holding around to the front, sniffed at the fragrance coming off of them and smiled. He took a deep breath, walked forward and knelt in front of Jackie. "Jackie?" Ranger took a deep breath, "I know a lot has happened today. It would honor me if you would accept my court and allow me to stand by your side during this time and always. Accept these flowers as just a beginning of my promise to love you for as long as we are given."

Jackie's eyes snapped open and his jaw dropped.

"Hurry up and say yes, Seaver is waiting for you to adopt him," A new voice giggled from nowhere.

Jackie looked around, "What?" Then he shouted, "What? No... oh no... I can't be gay. I can't... I... I don't want to lose my parents... I... and then adopt... and a grandparent next month... and..." Jackie broke down in tears as Ranger jumped up, sat down next to him and wrapped his arms around him.

"So he finally admitted it?" Zeke commented from the doorway. "Took him long enough!"

Jackie looked up, still in shock. "How?"

Ranger smiled at Jackie. "I had asked for your hand, well, permission to court you and received your father's blessing on the eve of yesterday."

Jackie's thoughts were going a million miles a minute and the first thing that came to his mind was, "What about when I'm thirty and you're only fifteen? What would people think?"

Rangers heart dropped. He instantly felt crushed.

"Do not worry, my Boss has plans in place for such things," the voice assured Jackie.

Then Ranger looked up, hearing the voice, he added, "Only tomorrow will tell us that, douceur. Trust in our hearts. Don't think, my heart."

"Your boss?" Jackie asked as he looked around the room not seeing anyone, then glanced at his dad, "Who is talking to us?"

"Open your heart, and you will feel it as I am," Zeke replied cryptically.

Jackie looked at Zeke. "Dad?"

Zeke nodded and smiled, "Look into your heart, feel it. You have our love son, always have and always will."

Jackie stared at his father. Then he looked at Ranger, who still had his arms wrapped around him. "Open my heart?" Jackie took a deep breath, closed his eyes and started to even his breathing. He began to place himself into a meditative state and relaxed his whole body, finding his center. While he was doing this he opened his eyes and kept staring at Ranger, looking him right in the eye.

A few moments later, Jackie whispered, "There are angels among us from high above." He continued to stare into Rangers eyes, then he looked down into his lap and found the flowers laying there. He picked them up and smiled, then looked Ranger in they eye, "I accept. And may the plans from above make this so."

"I thought you'd never ask!" the voice responded as the room suddenly filled with a golden glow.

Seaver peeked around the corner, with hope in his heart. As the room started to fill with a gold light he couldn't stay silent any longer. "Wow! Look at that."

The voice echoed as it stated; "Do you, Ranger, take Jackie to be your bonded soulmate for all Eternity?"

Ranger sat up straighter, took Jackie's hand that wasn't holding the flowers, and with a conviction from deep in his soul answer, "I do, with all my heart and soul."

The glow got brighter as the voice stated; "Do you, Jackie, take Ranger to be your bonded soulmate for all Eternity?"

Jackie looked over at his dad, saw the smile on his face and could see how proud his dad was. He noticed Katie walk around from behind Zeke, just as proud with a huge smile on her face and a tear in her eye. Then Talon, Aiden, Jaden, Clark, and Dustin rounded the corner. Marco came around the corner next, proudly pushing Ulee in a wheelchair. Steven rounded the corner and walked right up to Jackie to stand by his side as his best man. Lily came in next pushing Bruno in his wheelchair. Bruno had Lily push him up to be parked next to Ranger to be his best man. Before Jackie knew it the room was filled with the entire UNIT security team and the entire Sabre team from Louisiana materialized in the room before his eyes. Miz Odilia arrived next as Ranger's immediate family.

Jackie looked right at Seaver and smiled. Then he squeezed Ranger's hand, looked him right in the eye and responded, "When I woke this morning, I wouldn't have imagined that by tonight I would be getting married." He shook his head, "yet, when I listen to my heart, there is only one answer that resonates through my heart and soul."

Jackie took a deep breath and then looked up at Steven.

Steven could see doubt creep into Jackie's eyes, "I'll be alright, Jackie. You'll always be my best friend. I'll find someone, someday. You have never looked at me the way you looked at Ranger the day you saw him in the swamp." Then Steven put his hand on Jackie's shoulder and nodded his head.

Everyone held their breath when Jackie paused and looked into Rangers eyes. What Jackie saw resonated deeply with him. He could see the love Ranger held for him.

Jackie looked deep into his eyes and replied, "I, Jackie, do take Ranger to be my bonded soulmate for all of Eternity."

The voice had an audible smile as it said, "By the Power Invested in me by My Boss On High; I hereby invoke Mandate and Seal the souls of Ranger and Jackie as One for all Eternity. Consider your new son Seaver a wedding present from your Guardian Angel. You may now kiss your Bonded, St. Peter just told me I get to go play with a battleship! Seeya' soon!"

Jackie and Ranger leaned into each other and shared their first real kiss. The one they shared just a few short days ago seemed so long ago. Everyone started to cheer and shout "Congratulations". Seaver ran up and pushed himself onto both Jackie and Ranger's lap and yelled, "I got two dad's! I got two dad's! The angel said so!"

Jackie and Ranger both laughed at Seaver's actions and kissed the top of his head and they both started to hug him. Then Jackie got a serious look on his face, "A battleship to play with? Why would an angel need to play with a battleship." He started to get a feeling, one that everyone in the room picked up on.

Zeke spoke up, "Let's leave these three alone for a moment. Get Ulee and Bruno back to their rooms and head back to the plantation. I think it is time for us all to get home."

Everyone went up to Jackie, Seaver and Ranger to congratulate all three of them on their bonding and adoption, then headed to the rooms to say goodnight and get everyone settled. The Sabre team and Miz Odilia teleported back to where they were before. Then Jackie and Ranger leaned back and just held Seaver and smiled at each other, knowing their lives just changed forever.

Truama Two Bravo

Zeke gently picked Ulee up and placed him back on his bed. Marty was doing the same thing with Bruno in the next bed.

"I'm so glad that you're home, daddy!" Ulee smiled up at Zeke. "When we going to 'dopt all the boys you brought with you, so I can have more brothers?" Ulee innocently asked.

Katie and Zeke both laughed, "Soon, I think your brother did enough for one night." Zeke replied as he ruffled Ulee's hair.

Clark climbed up onto Ulee's bed and sat down next to him, "You mean you would want me as a brother?"

Ulee looked at the small vampire covered in tattoo's, then he reached out and pulled the small boy into a hug, "Yes! I want you as a brother." Then Ulee looked over at Aiden, Jaden, Marco and Dustin, "And the four of you to."

Clark smiled up a Ulee and hugged him back.

"We need to leave you here, Ulee, but Marco wants to stay with you. Is that alright with you?" Zeke asked Ulee.

Ulee smiled over at Marco, "That's kewl. Then we can get to know each other."

Marco nodded with a smile as a nurse brought in a roll away cot and placed it between Ulee and Bruno's beds.

Over at Bruno's bed, both Phil and Marty each leaned down and kissed the top of Bruno's head. "We were so scared. And we are both so glad you're alright, son." Phil said as he also hugged Bruno to him.

"We have to head home. We both have classes to teach in the morning and will be here right after school to see you." Marty added.

"That's kewl, dads. You don't know how nice it is to have someone who cares about me. I'm so happy to have the both of you as my dads." Bruno let his guard down and didn't show the tough guy attitude everyone was used to seeing.

Marty and Phil stepped back away from the bed and Lily walked up. She shyly smiled at Bruno, "Do you think, umm, that maybe, well... that we could try again? You know, you and me, dating?"

Bruno smiled and reached out to take her hand in his, "Yeah. I would really like that. And this time will be different, I promise, Lily."

Lily smiled, "Somehow I think this time will be different, too." She leaned down and kissed him briefly before stepping back from the bed.

Everyone said their goodbyes and walked out to the waiting room.

Trauma Two Alpha

Bill, Carena, Chad, Mark, Scout, Takoda, Jeremy, Tyler and Curtis stood by Travis' bed. Carena reached out and ran her fingers through her middle son's hair. Then she smiled as she couldn't think of him as her middle son any longer. She leaned down and kissed his forehead. "You rest, son. We'll be back tomorrow. Sleep now and get lots of rest, so we can bring you home tomorrow night."

Bill told his son almost the same thing. Then Chad, Mark and Scout each told him they would see him tomorrow and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Jeremy and Tyler leaned down and hugged him, telling him that they would see him tomorrow.

Curtis reached out, grabbed Travis' hand and looked right at everyone with a glare, "I will not be leaving him here, alone. I'm going to stay right here." Then he climbed onto the bed and laid down next to Travis, wrapped his arm over him and stated, "And I dare anyone to stop me!"

Bill smiled, "Well, it's about time you wised up, son. No one is going to try to stop you. You are probably his best medicine." Then Bill went over, kissed Curtis on the top of his head, "Night, son. We'll see you tomorrow."

Carena smiled, kissed Curtis and whispered, "We love you like a son, and maybe soon we'll have a son-in-law."

Curtis blushed, "I sure hope so. If he'll have me."

Chad laughed, "Oh, he'll have you. I don't know why you, punk, but he'll have you."

Curtis smiled as he curled up closer to Travis, closed his eyes and fell asleep. Everyone in the room smiled as the corners of Travis' mouth curved up, sighed in his sleep and snuggled into Curtis. Then they left the room and headed to the waiting room.

CIC Gulf Coast Division

Everyone converged back into the waiting room. Jackie and Ranger looked up. "Everyone ready to head home?" Jackie asked.

Katie looked around, "It looks like we are."

Before more could be said, everyone was either standing or sitting in the new CIC room back at the Sabre home.

"Congratulations are in order on the adoptions and wedding! Welcome home!" Peter said as he popped around the room giving out hugs to everyone.

Seaver noticed trays of cookies on every table in the room and scooted himself off of Jackie and Ranger's laps and yelled, "Cookies!" as he ran to the nearest table and grabbed up a chewy chocolate chip cookie. Then everyone heard him hum, "mmmmm, yummy," as he ran his hand over his tummy to empathize just how yummy the cookies were.

Katie and Carena noticed a kitchen and dining area at the front of the room and headed there to get everyone something to drink.

Commbadges materialized on the table in front of Jackie. "You'll need to make sure everyone gets one of the commbadges Jackie," Daileass explained. "That way all of you can get in and out of the CIC. There is an Entry Security Port at each stairwell in the corners and another at the entry way off of the main house."

Steven and Lily both said, "I got that." And then they both started laughing as they each grabbed up the commbadges and started to make sure everyone in the room had one.

Zeke asked Steven for a few extras for his main team that was wandering around and outside guarding the staked out vampires.

Steven had just handed them over when Galen walked into the CIC with Cecil, Brenton, Davis and Tevin. "Hey everyone, I want you to meet Tevin and Davis." Galen smiled as he introduced the new people. "They showed up when all of you were teleporting outta here. Ezra helped Tevin get the rooms in his head built and showed him how to handle his really strong empathy."

Jackie stood up and walked over to the new people. "Hi there. I'm Jackie and well," Jackie looked around, "I'll let everyone kind of introduce themselves, but this here is my husband, Ranger." Jackie said as he felt Ranger walk up behind him. Then Jackie looked over at Seaver, "and the little guy over there attacking the cookies is our new son, Seaver."

Davis smiled and Tevin said, "Wow! Your husband, that is so awesome."

Jackie smiled as he took Rangers hand, "Yeah, it is. We just got married."

Davis whispered to Tevin; "Why don't we go and introduce ourselves to a few people." Tevin nodded as the two walked further into the room.

When Steven heard Empath he walked up, "Hi, I'm Steven. These are commbadges that you will need to wear to get into this room and be able to communicate with any of us when we are apart." He handed the two new people the badges to attach to their shirts.

"Hey, Jackie! You have got to check this out." Talon hollered from the CIC Main Control room.

Jackie laughed, "That can only mean that Talon found the computers. Come on, lets go take a look."

Katie and Carena walked out with hot cocoa for everyone. They thought that would go good with the cookies. "Steven, Lily, I'm going to go call your parents and let them know you are staying here tonight and that I'll make sure you get to school in the morning."

Both of them nodded that they heard as they each grabbed a cookie and started to snack.

Then Katie added, "As a matter of fact, everyone might as well stay. We have plenty of room. No sense in going home this late in the evening."

The adults looked around at each other and nodded. No one really felt like going anywhere after the evening they had.

Katie walked out into the main part of the house, walked down the back hallway and towards the formal dining room. What she saw shocked her. Everything was put back in place. The walls and all the woodwork were repaired and looked like nothing ever happened. She started to cry.

All of a sudden she felt arms wrapped around her, "Don't cry, Aunt Katie, we fixed it up all good for you." Peter said as he hugged his newest aunt.

Katie hugged him back, "That is why I'm crying. I'm so happy. And since you know who I am, what is your name little one?"

"I'm Peter." Then he disappeared again.

Katie laughed, "I guess I better get used to kids just appearing and disappearing real quick like." Just as she said that she saw the flash of light on a pair of tennis shoes run down the hallway and disappear.

After checking out the CIC Main Control room, Jackie and Ranger walked back out to the center room. Jackie walked over to Zeke. "Dad, I'm so glad your home, but we really need to have family time, so we know what happened and why you were gone for so long."

Zeke smiled, "I know, son. First, I need to talk to your mom. Then tomorrow night we will all get together and I will fill everyone in on some of what happened."

Jackie nodded, turned to everyone else and said, "Well, if we're going to school in the morning, all of us better get some sleep. If everyone will follow me up the back stairs, I can show everyone to their rooms."

Jackie reached for Rangers hand, started to walk over to Seaver, reached down and picked him up, then headed towards the back of the room and the back stair case the led to the bedrooms upstairs. Everyone else started to follow. Jackie started to show everyone what bedroom was what. The adults started to pick rooms, while the kids all stayed together.

When Jackie got to his room, he noticed everyone still with him and frowned. "In past experience, a giant nest is the best thing. No one really wants to be alone right now." Jeremy told Jackie why everyone was still with him.

"Ah. That makes sense." He walked into his room, then walked back out again. "Let's head back downstairs. We can nest in the family room. That would be the best place to fit all of us."

Everyone followed Jackie down the main staircase in the center of the house. They all walked downstairs, around the back side of the staircase, down the back hall and into the family room. Jackie laughed when he walked in and found air mattresses, blankets and pillows all over the room. "Looks like someone was ready for us. Let's get some sleep everyone. I don't know about you, but I'm exhausted."

Everyone nodded their agreement. Lily found a long nightshirt laying on one of the air mattresses and sighed with relief, as being the only girl, she didn't feel comfortable sleeping naked in a room full of boys.

Jackie showed everyone where the bathrooms were by the staircase, and then started to help Ranger set up their sleeping area. He started to blush, "This isn't how I pictured my wedding night." Jackie whispered.

"We have plenty of time for that. Just being able to finally hold you will be more than I dreamed." Ranger leaned over and kissed Jackie.

Everyone was moving mattresses and getting ready for sleep. Just as Ranger and Jackie climbed into bed, Seaver climbed over Jackie and wiggled himself in between him and Ranger. Jackie giggled and Ranger laughed as each of them gave Seaver a kiss and a cheek, wrapped their arms over him so they were able to touch each other and fell asleep.

Katie and Zeke smiled at the sight. "I do believe you are going to have your house full of children, Katie."

She smiled up at Zeke, then at Aiden, Jaden, Clark and Dustin, "I do believe I will. You got off lucky tonight mister, as I need sleep, but tomorrow we will talk."

Zeke nodded, "I know. But you aren't going to like what I have to tell you."

Katie nodded, "No, I probably won't, so I guess it's a damn good thing that I love you." Then she walked to the next room, which was the master bedroom, walked in and closed the door.

Ryan walked up then, "Hey Captain, your rooms are ready for you." Ryan paused, "Permission to ask a question, Sir?"

Zeke sighed, "Ryan, when did I ever not allow you to ask a question?"

Ryan looked at Zeke. "Alright then, when you talk to the family, do we get to be there?"

Zeke reached out and put his hand on Ryan's shoulder, "Cecil, Brenton, you can come out of hiding." He waited for the three men to be standing in front of him, "Yes, all of you are family. So, the family meeting includes the five of you."

The three men nodded. "Good. Come on then and let me show all of you to your rooms."

Zeke looked over at Cecil and Brenton, "You two, go on out and help Ethan and Mason. Trade off on watch. I want someone outside of this room at all times." The two men nodded and started to walk off.

"Dustin, you are welcome to come with us and see where Clark will be sleeping during the day. But, I would like you to sleep in the nest tonight. We will be up until the sun rises and watching over you." Zeke smiled as he explained this to Dustin.

Dustin looked like he was going to argue and Zeke spoke again. "I know you promised to watch over Clark, but he will be asleep while you are awake. Let us protect you in your sleep while you watch over us while we sleep during the day."

Dustin couldn't think of a good argument for that so he just nodded.

"Good. Alright Ryan, show us what changes have been made to accommodate our needs."

Ryan led the way to the front of the house. They walked through the Security Office that Seaver manned earlier in the evening and into the formal office which was also the small library. At the back of the library was a smaller Security room that held monitors and a few book cases. Ryan released a lever on one of the bookcases and revealed a stairwell. They all followed the stairwell down two flights until they were underground. In the underground room they found a living room, a library and media room, a kitchen and dining room, another set of monitors that showed various rooms of the house and areas around the plantation, and finally five bedrooms.

The boys started to walk around, "This is neat!" Aiden and Jaden exclaimed.

"Do I have to sleep alone?" Clark asked.

Aiden and Jaden walked up to him, Jaden picked him up, "Nope. You can share our room." Jaden walked to a room that had two full size beds in it, "See, Aiden can have that bed, I can have this bed and you can change which one of us you sleep with each morning."

Clark hugged Jaden, "Good, I don't want to be alone for awhile."

Zeke smiled, "And I'll be right here in the master bedroom if you need me, Clark."

Right then everyone heard, "And we made all your weapons and shinies shine, yes we did." As Kilroy walked into the room.

"Yes we did, shined all the shinies when we heard yous was arriving, yes we did." Stazi added.

Ryan looked on in shock at the two ferret kids that walked into the room. Zeke groaned, "And just how did the two of you end up here?"

Stazi grinned, "We was sent to protect the shiny lovers here. And they shine so bright. They have a nice shiny fortress that we live in, but this is an even better shiny fortress. But we's only visit this one since this one is your shiny fortress."

Ryan looked at Zeke. "Captain?"

"Ryan, this I will have to explain later." Zeke then looked over at Kilroy and Stazi, only to find Clark playing with them like long lost friends already.

Clark looked up, "Can they stay daddy, pwease? Can we let them stay here in our shiny fortress?"

Zeke could only sigh, "Yes, Clark, they can stay." How could he refuse when Clark finally smiled a real smile.

"Yeah, we's can stay, we's can stay." Kilroy and Stazi danced around the room with Clark.

"Does that mean they can sleep with me?" Clark asked. Thinking that if he had his own special friends he might be able to sleep in his own room.

Zeke just nodded and then saw Clark, Kilroy and Stazi race off check out the bedroom. Much to Aiden and Jaden's dismay they heard Clark ask, "May-be I can get another bed in the room with my brothers."

Daileass heard him and rearranged the largest bedroom. The room now had three beds so each boy would have his own. "Check out the room across the hall, Clark. I rearranged that room so there are three beds in there now."

"Yes!" Clark pumped his little fist in the air, "Aiden, Jaden, we's got a bigger and better room now." They next thing everyone heard was laughter and giggles and Clark, Kilroy and Stazi were jumping up and down on the bed Clark chose as his.

Zeke looked at Ryan, "We're going to travel the plantation real quick."

Ryan nodded, "Come on, Dustin. Let's get you settled now that you know where Clark is and that he'll be alight."

Dustin nodded, as he was starting to fall asleep standing up. Ryan picked him up and carried him up the stairs.

Zeke told Clark what they were going to do and he heard, "We's going with you. We's like sploring."

They walked outside and Zeke stopped, looked back at the house and whispered, "It's good to be home."

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