Castle Roland


by Darkstar


Chapter 6

Published: 8 Apr 14


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Revolutions LogoLaying there in the bed, I couldn't help but think about what had happened over the last few days, what had changed, and how it was affecting not only the country, but most importantly, to me anyways, my family. I almost died. Chris got hurt. How would the family deal with everything, if I died? Poor Jack. He'd already lost Nancy, and then would have had to deal with losing his second wife. Jack's a strong man, but that would have destroyed him.

A soft knock came to the door, and I looked up as the young boy walked into the room. He was only slightly older than my older boys, and yet, in ways he was so much older than I was. These boys were such an enigma, but one that I had every intention of figuring out. From the first time I woke up, I knew something was different. Not just with me, but also with the baby. Moms just know. And then Jack and this Chang, along with his mother Janet, explained things to me, but mostly, that just left me with more questions.

"Greetings Mrs. Bryce. How are you feeling this morning?" The boy asked me, and again, I was surprised at how polite the small oriental boy was.

"I THINK I am doing well." I answered still not really knowing how I should feel. "However, you may be able to tell me in more detail."

Chang smiled at me, and then picked up the chart at the foot of the bed and began to look it over. "After the ordeal this morning, I decided to take a few moments and look in on you." He paused for a moment as he read. "From what this says, you are progressing nicely. Would you be agreeable for me to perform some tests? Nothing invasive, I simply would like to test some of your motor skills."

"I guess." I said not really sure what he was thinking about, but he hadn't done anything other than help me yet. But then a thought came to my head. "But there is one condition." He arched an eyebrow and I almost laughed. It reminded me so much of Jack's first Vice President. "There's a lot of things I would like to find answers for, and you may be one of the best to answer them."

He nodded and spoke in his oddly formal way yet again. "I will answer what I can; however, if your questions are the kind in which I think they will be, I may have to refuse to answer some. However, rest assured, I will not lie to you. If I am not allowed to answer, I will simply tell you that. If you can respect those boundaries, I would be happy to answer any question you have."

That was fair. Trying to decide where to start, I watched and waited as Chang listened to my breathing, and took my blood pressure. After that was done, I finally figured out where to start. "I guess what I first need to know is, how is Chris? Next what exactly happened to me, and what will it mean for my child?" Yeah, we've been through it, but I never had a chance to really get the details I want.

Chang looked up and smiled at me again before he started to answer. "If you would like me to go back over the injuries that you and Chris received I would be happy to, but I think your question is more to deal with what happened after, am I correct?" I nodded which caused him to nod as well. "I had thought so." He paused for a moment, probably to gather his thoughts before he continued.

"As you know, Chris' injuries were not as severe as yours. He did, however, receive a good bit of our blood. At first it was because he was losing too much blood, but once we had him stabilized, my mother and I decided that we would use the blood more for therapeutic reasons. We did not have access to the pharmaceuticals needed to heal him, so we had to go with something a bit more unconventional." That made sense, sort of. So I nodded for him to continue.

"When we first found you, it was obvious that you were mortally wounded. Especially by the medical standards from this world. Even by our standards, you were, as they say, on death's doorstep. There was only one thing that both my mother and I thought may save your life, since we did not have access to our normal medical equipment. A full transfusion of Genesis Augment blood." He paused as he looked at me and smiled again. "I think it may be best to explain to you in a bit more detail about what a Genesis Augment is. Do you agree?"

"Yes, please." I said, since I didn't really understand.

He reached into his pocket and pulled out what looked like a spring with a grip on either side. "While I explain, please use your right hand, and simply continue to squeeze, then release this. You do not have to squeeze hard; just when you feel yourself having to exert yourself, release and try again. Also, if you feel any pain, I would like you to stop, okay?"

He put the thing in my hand after I nodded, then sat down on the edge of the bed. "To understand the Genesis Augments, you really need to understand how we were created. In the world that we came from, there has been recent and great advancements in the field of genetic research. Over twenty years ago, a doctor figured out how to manipulate primate DNA to make them more human. He then took actual human DNA and spliced it into the primates, creating very intelligent primates. In many ways, actually, they were more intelligent than normal humans. A while later a military general found out about it, and decided that the military could make great use of this, not with primate DNA, but something more aggressive. After a great deal of testing, and failures, he finally found success using the DNA of great cats, and combining it with human.

"However, it was not just human and great cat DNA that he mixed. He also manipulated the DNA to augment mental abilities as well. Now fortunately, or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, he had no real idea what he was doing, nor did the scientists that worked under him. They had no idea what they were creating, since it was so much more than they had thought it could be. They were looking for the perfect soldiers, and in a way they got them. What they did not expect was that we would not be loyal to them no matter what."

I was totally entranced by the story, and as I watched his eyes go distant, I know that it was about to get a whole lot more interesting. "I was the equivalent of six years old, even though I had only lived about a year to a year and a half when I first met the man that trained me. Master Takamura is a man who held strictly to the ways of the Samurai. He taught each and every one of us how to fight, but more importantly, he taught us about Honor. All of us took his teaching to heart, as we knew it would be the only way to survive what was being done to us. What they were trying to make us into. In a way he helped keep us sane.

"It is that Honor that drives us. The Honor and the commitment that we all made to family and to those that need our help. When we all came together, after Adam rescued us, we sat down and talked about what to do for the future. Each one of us said the same thing in our own way. We may not have chosen to become what we are, but bemoaning that would do us no good. We really only had one choice. Take what we were given, and do the best we can with it.

"It was actually Juan and Jory who came up with our crest. It's the skull and crossbones, with crossed golden arrows, representing special forces. Above it is the saying 'MOURN THE LOSS OF CHILDHOOD.' Underneath is embroidered 'GIVE 'EM HELL KID!' That is the creed we live by every day. But it is not just childhood. It goes so much deeper than just youth. It is innocence that we really mourn the loss of. Not only ours, but also for each and every child out there that has had to learn things that no child should know."

"Like mine." I said softly, the tears starting to flow from my eyes.

"Yes, and like so many others here who are about to be thrown into a situation that they cannot hope to handle, all due to the political ambitions of one man and a group of followers." He said while nodding seriously. "You and your children will be fine, since they are here. Our concern is with the people who will be displaced by the coming war, and especially the children that are not equipped to handle such a situation. However, something that we learned a long time ago is that we are few, and those that need help are many; we can only do what little we can, for a small amount of those that need it."

I could easily tell, just by the tone of his voice, and the moisture in his eyes that what was going to happen really was tearing him up. I wanted to argue with him, to tell him it wasn't going to be that bad, but, I couldn't. I knew what happened in other countries when they broke into civil war, and it was always the kids that were hurt the worst. I decided that the subject needed to be changed. "Chang, would you be willing to explain to me about the Honor I hear you speak about all the time. I know about Honor as I read it in books, but I'd like to know what it means to someone who lives it."

Chang blinked, then looked at me with a small smile. "You certainly do not ask for anything difficult, do you?" I couldn't help but laugh a little as well. He took the spring thing from my hand, looked at it for a few moments, then placed it into my other. I knew exactly what he wanted, so I started to gently squeeze it. I felt a little twinge in my shoulder, but nothing nearly as bad as it should have been.

"Most people view Honor as a code that is lived by. Something to reach for, and never attain. Something that guides their actions, or inactions. But in truth it is none of these things. Those that believe this way, have no true understanding of Honor. Honor is not something to live by; it is ingrained so deeply that it is not even thought about. Honor is not a way to live, it IS life. Honor is something that all of us have chosen to mold our lives through, to the point that it is not even thought about. To quote one of the means of Bushido. 'Life in Every Breath'. Meaning that to live by the Code of Bushido, you must live every moment as if it were your last, because it just might be. That means that never should you let your Honor slip, thinking that you can attain it again later. Never do you rely on the thought that you can make up for something in the future, or that you can do later what could be done now."

He got up and started to pace in front of the bed as he spoke. "I shall give you an example. You know now about the way my family was created. Obviously we have some aggression problems." He said with a grin towards me that faltered for a moment. "Speaking of which, that is something that you will have to deal with. I will get into that in a bit though." I nodded, knowing that I was already feeling it somewhat.

"However, as I was saying. In a lot of ways, the Genesis Augments run under Pack rules, meaning the strongest leads, yet anyone, at any time can challenge for leadership. As long as it is not in the middle of combat."

"So Adam is the strongest?" I asked thinking I knew where this was going.

"No." Chang said simply. I was confused, and he saw it on my face, which caused him to smile. "In a fight, no one has yet been able to face me and win. So if I chose to, I could easily take command of our forces. However, Adam has saved my life. Besides being my eldest brother, he also has my respect and a life debt. I have no interest in taking command, because everyone knows he is better at it than I. So I have no need or want to challenge. That is where the animal instinct is tempered with the higher human intellect.

"But to bring it back to Honor. I do have the right, the authority as the Medical Officer in the UNIT to remove Adam from Command. However, given the way we operate, if Adam refused to give up command, I would be forced to remove him. It is something that has almost happened. Thankfully Adam recognized the situation and backed down. And that fact alone drives me to give Adam my deepest loyalty. For he can recognize when it is time for him to step back."

Nodding, I thought about what he said. It made sense, it really did, but something just didn't seem right. "What about Janet, your mother."

"What about her?" Chang asked me confused.

"You said you were the Chief Medical Officer in the UNIT, but what about your mother, isn't she part of the UNIT?" I saw him smile in understanding and nod his head.

"Yes she is, but no she is not. And I know that is confusing, so let me explain. Both she and Father are members of the UNIT, as far as having command ability. However, they are not members, in so far as the chain of command goes. What I mean by that is they have command positions because they have earned them. They have earned the trust and love of all the UNIT members. They are the mother and father to every UNIT member that no longer has a parent. They managed to make every single kid in the UNIT, thousands of them, trust them. Which is no mean feat, when these same kids have an almost instinctive hatred of adults due to how they were raised. Of course we have an advantage. Every single Genesis Augment, as well as every non-augmented UNIT member is a limited telepath, at least to some degree. They knew that both Janet and Joe loved them, not because of who they are, but because of who they are inside.

"That means that no UNIT member will challenge them, simply because they know that if Mother or Father got injured at the hands of a UNIT member, every other UNIT member would… demand Vengeance."

I didn't need to ask what that meant. I think I understood that clearly enough. Especially with the hardness and fire that entered Chang's eyes when he spoke about it. I decided now was a good time to change the topic to something a little closer to home. "Okay, I understand that. Sort of. What can you tell me about what is happening to me, and what will happen to the baby?"

He nodded, walked over, and took the spring from my hand, and looked at the top. That was the first time that I noticed a small digital readout on the top. He nodded while looking at it, looked back at me and sighed. "I shall start with the child as that is the easiest. We simply have no way of knowing. Please understand, for obvious reasons, we have not done a lot of experimenting with this. As a matter of fact, there are very few cases of non-augmented people receiving enough augmented blood to change them. Out of everyone this has ever been done with, you are the one who has received the most, and the only one that has been pregnant. We simply do not know for sure what will happen." He paused as he looked me in the eyes and smiled softly. "However, I can give you three possibilities, and then what my guess is. But remember, it is only a guess."

"That's better than nothing, I guess." I said seriously.

He nodded, took a deep breath and started to speak while again pacing. One thing I have noticed about these boys is that they tend to pace when talking. I'm starting to think it has to do with the animal blood in them, because it looked a lot like a tiger I saw in the zoo one time as it was pacing back and forth in front of the bars of its cage.

"The possibilities I see are either one; and I doubt this one; but there could be no difference in the child. The child could simply be normal, since the placenta acts as a filter for the blood from your body into its. What I know of Genesis blood though makes this highly unlikely."

I nodded and he continued, "The second option is a Genesis Augment in the low to middle level range. You see, the Augments are rated on a scale of 1 through 10. One being the same as a normal human of their age, although a very healthy person of that age. Ten is ten times that of a normal. This rates things like strength, speed, not only reaction speed, but also how fast someone can process information and react to it. And then there is the healing factor. It is also based on a 1 to 10 scale, but that is not measured like the others, but more like one would measure an Earthquake. Each step being exponentially greater than the one before it. At this time, there is only one person that ranks a 10 on the healing chart, and that is Adam. As far as I know, his healing ability has never been fully tested, although I do know, and have seen, a good size cut heal before my eyes. I also know that when he was in the lab, he was shot at point blank range with a large caliber handgun, and that did not kill him. From what I understand he healed from that fully within a day or two." He paused for a moment as he stopped and looked at me. " Somewhere in the middle of the Genesis ratings is where I feel your child will fall. However, we will not be able to figure that out until the child ages a bit."

It took me a moment to process that. The healing ability of being shot, and being fully recovered in a few days. Amazing. "What of the third option?" I asked after remembering he said there were three.

"Yes, the third option. As with anything dealing with Genetics, adding to this the fact that this has never been done before, means that a mutation could happen. A mutation that may make your child fall somewhere off the chart of what we currently have."



Thursday November 8th 1815 (6:15 pm) Mountain Standard Time

Thursday November 8th 2015 (8:15 pm) Eastern Standard Time

UNIT Base, Utah


Leaving the Command Center, I didn't make it more than ten feet before I leaned up against the wall, slid down so I was sitting, and cried. So many people had lost their lives today. With so many more coming. So many dead today that no one even has a clue how to begin to guess how many. It's still going on right now. However, since the sun has set on the East Coast, perhaps things will settle down for the night. Maybe.

I don't know how many people passed me, while I was sitting there crying, and frankly, I don't care. I am now the only President in the history of the United States to be fighting a civil war that was started by a coup. It's entirely possible that more Americans have died today than in all the wars in the last hundred years combined.

I felt someone slide down next to me, wrapping an arm over my shoulder. I looked, but had to wipe away the tears before I could really see who it was. I was too emotionally drained to react to seeing Theodore sitting there, holding me like an adult would a distraught child. He really hadn't said two words to me since I yelled at him yesterday morning, but now, here he was.

"I'm… sorry." I tried to croak out, and he must have understood what I said because he just smiled and nodded at me.

He held me for a while, while I got my tears under control. Then he started talking, "Don't worry about what happened yesterday. We'll work that out later. Right now, I have orders to escort you back to your rooms. You have a family that is just about to sit down to dinner, and Linda has ordered that you attend."

I smiled and nodded, then he handed me a handkerchief, which I used to wipe my face off. He stood up and then helped me up. I still couldn't get used to these kids being as strong as they were. "Thanks."

He simply nodded then led me off to the rooms. "Linda has been brought up to date somewhat, but she doesn't know all the details, and the boys… Well Jack, they're your kids, which means they are good at figuring things out that others don't want them to."

It took almost the entire trip to the rooms before I could got my emotions under control enough to face the family. They had to see me as being strong. When we got to the door, I returned the nod to the Secret Service Agent that was about to open the door for us. "Hold on." Theodore said, and when I looked down at him, in confusion, he had a somewhat angry expression on his face. "Jack, don't."

"Don't what?" I asked in sincere confusion.

"I'm a telepath, remember. Don't play the macho bullshit game of you having to be strong. Your kids know a lot more about what's really going on than you have given them credit for. I know you want to shield them from the horrors of the world and war, and that's a noble sentiment…. stupid, but noble."

I was about to get offended when Theodore looked me straight in the eyes and spoke softly again, "Jack. Your kids are smart as hell; thankfully, they take after Linda more than you in the common sense department, and they know what's going on. Do NOT disrespect what they have been through by trying to lie to them, even if it's a lie of omission. Don't treat them like little kids, and they will make it through this a lot better than you might think."

He didn't give me a chance to respond, but opened the door, plastered a smile on his face and walked in. "THEODORE!" I heard Kelly cry out, and then the two youngest twins cried out his name, and all around there was the patter of little feet running.

"Hey guys…guess what I brought for you guys?" Theodore said with a laugh, as I walked in.

"DADDY!" Pauly screamed as he let go of his hug on Theodore, and ran into my arms. Pretty soon I was brought down to the ground with a mass of boys on top of me. I couldn't help but laugh as I looked over and saw Linda there with a huge smile on her face.

I spent several minutes letting my babies bolster my spirits as we wrestled around on the floor. Chris had tried to stay out of it, but when I opened my arm to him, he ran in. Thankfully, he didn't jump, but even with his arm in a sling, he still got into the mock wrestling match.

Finally though, I was exhausted and had to call an end to it. "Okay, guys… time to get off… the old man is beaten." Of course that meant that Pauly and Marky, the youngest set of twins, sat on my chest.

"WE BEAT DADDY!" They cried in victory, which sent me into action, as I grabbed them both and proceeded to tickle them 'till they were screaming. Finally though, I had enough and pushed them off me.

Linda picked that time to speak up, even though she was snickering the entire time. "Okay, boys, it's dinner time. Go wash your hands."

The boys ran like a flash, and less than a moment later, they were all out of the room, leaving just Linda, myself and Theodore. I had just gotten back to my feet when Pauly came running back into the room. "Come on, 'Teodore… you's gotsta wash up, too! Mommy says! And yous can't eats till ya do." He grabbed Theodore by the hand and started to drag him from the room.

I looked at where they went off to and sighed. "I love those boys." Then I turned, looked at Linda, then my eyes went wide. "What are you doing out of bed?" She had almost died less than two days ago, she shouldn't be up and walking around.

She slowly walked over to me, obviously in a bit of pain. The second I saw that, I rushed over and put my arm around her. "I'm still in pain, but I couldn't just lay in bed. Don't worry, I'm not overdoing it at all. Since Major Jennings showed up last night, she's been busy helping out wherever needed."

"Who's that?" I asked confused.

"She is one of the soldiers that came in earlier. She's normally the personal assistant to General Hughes. However, I heard he did not make it out of Washington D.C. When she heard that I was here, and injured, she volunteered to help me out."

I couldn't help but be surprised. I had heard of Hughes, but didn't know Jennings at all. Either way… "That was very nice of her, I will have to thank her."

"It's no problem at all Sir. Honestly it helps to have something to do right now, and your children are just delightful." I looked over and saw a nicely dressed mid-forties woman standing there with a wooden spoon in her hand. I couldn't help but laugh though. "Boy, do they have you fooled already!"

"DADDY!" Pauly cried out.

"We are too dightful!" Marky said with as much indignation as a little boy can have. Complete with his hands on his hips. I couldn't help but chuckle as I walked over to Major Jennings and shook her hand. "Well either way, I am glad you're here."

"I am, too, sir. Now, you better go wash up as well." I knew better than to argue, so with a kiss on Linda's cheek, I walked into the bedroom that we would share. Deciding to change into something more comfortable, I took a few minutes to change out of the suit and into a pair of jeans and a T-shirt.

By the time I made it to the dinner table, Theodore, Linda, the boys, and Jennings, were already there, seated and ready to eat the barbequed chicken that was already on the table. "Geeez, Dad… We were about to starve to death waiting for you." Kelly said while his brothers groaned and moaned like they were starving. I chuckled at their antics, and sat down. Immediately, the boys settled down, and got serious. The second I held my hands out, everyone else took the hand of the person next to them. Marky and Pauly had made sure that Theodore was sitting in between them. Even though he wasn't sure what was happening, by the look on his face, he dutifully took the toddlers' hands in his own.

Once we were all set, everyone bowed their heads, and I started to pray, "Dear Lord, thank you for allowing us to be together again, and thank you for bringing Major Jennings into our lives. We pray for your strength and guidance as we face the challenges that are presented before us, and pray that we will meet them with the same steadfast dedication and devotion that your own son showed, when his life was coming to an end.

"Please keep in your hands, those that lost their lives today, and all those affected by the events. We pray for your blessings to touch those who are suffering so much. Today, as in all days, we hand our lives to you, to do your work on this Earth. Please, Lord, help us bear what is to come. In Jesus' name we pray… Amen." Everyone sitting at the table, including Theodore, echoed the amen.

Then we dug in. Linda's a great cook, but Jennings' cooking… well there is no substitute. The boys were good enough to make sure she knew how much they liked her food. Unfortunately, they rarely remembered to swallow before they spoke. After my first bite I looked at Jennings in amazement. "My God, Major, this is the best chicken I've ever had."

"Thank you, sir. But really you should thank the young boy sitting over there. He brought me a bottle of barbeque sauce, and told me I should use it. After tasting it, I couldn't not use it." She said while indicating Theodore. "Also I was told by Linda that I am to be treated as one of the family, and sometime during dinner you will be asking me my first name since that is how you will insist on calling me." I smiled and nodded. It was true, I had already planned on doing just that.

"Well my first name is Beatrice; however, I do prefer to be called Jennings. I made a career out of the Army, and frankly, I have gotten used to it."

"Then that is what we shall call you." I said looking around and getting a nod from all the boys. Then I looked over at Theodore and grinned as I a grabbed another piece of chicken. "So where did you get it?"

The boy had a grin on his face a mile wide. "Don't tell Logan…. but I raided his supply. There simply isn't a better sauce in existence, no matter where you're from."

"Where did he get it?" I asked. I wanted more of this stuff.

"Well where we came from, there was a place in Des Moines called Bubba D's. Logan has this thing about the sauce there. But.. when we got here, one of the first things he did was to check to see if Bubba was here. He is, and Logan just had to get some. It came in last night, and today when he was able to taste it, he actually said it was better than where we come from. Knowing him, he's ordered every bottle Bubba had, and then some." Theodore said with a giggle. I wasn't sure if I wanted to know about the 'thing' Logan had for the sauce, especially with the way Theodore said it.

Once the initial attack was done, and the boys slowed down, Stevie was the first one to begin the tradition. Since it wasn't very often that we were all able to sit down together, no matter how much I tried, every time we did, I insisted the boys tell me about what they'd been doing. "Did you know they got everything here, including a pool?" He asked me, and I couldn't help but smile.

"Yeah, I did. Did you boys get to go swimming?" I asked after swallowing a piece of chicken.

"Well they did; I'm not allowed to, yet." Chris said as he lifted his slung arm a bit. Fortunately for him, he was able to hold his own when it came to eating, even with only being able to use one hand. If he wasn't he might not have gotten any.

"They got lots of cool stuff here, too. Runt even made sure we got to see the helicopters. Did you know they had helicopters here?" Kelly asked. Before I could answer, he rushed on. "I got my picture taken in one of them. They let me sit in the drivers seat."

"It's the pilots seat…" Andy said with a sigh.

"That's dumb!" Kelly said with a voice full of indignation. "That's where the guy sits that drives the helicopter, so it's the drivers seat!"

Before a fight started, I jumped in, "Kelly, you drive a car, but you pilot a helicopter."

He looked at me completely confused. "What's the difference?"

Honestly, I couldn't answer that. So I just shook my head and grinned. Ah! the innocence of youth.

Chris then turned serious as he looked at me. "Dad, I heard some of what happened today, when I went to get my arm checked. A bunch of the soldiers were talking about it, and didn't know I was around. What happened?"

I put my fork down, suddenly not hungry. Before I could answer, Theodore's voice sounded inside my mind. [[Don't treat them like kids... they deserve to know what's going on. That and they already know most of it; they just wanna hear it from you.]]

I sighed heavily trying to figure out how to say it. Finally I just started talking, "A lot happened today. As you know, from the speech earlier, President Ashwood decided that he didn't want to step down like he was supposed to. He's trying to keep control of the country."

"But you won, didn't you?" Stevie asked.

"Yes, son, I did."

"He's being a jerk!" He said simply.

It did bring a smile to my face even though I should have scolded him for using that word, but I found myself agreeing. "Yes son, he is."

"I heard a bunch of cities got bombed. What happened?" Andy asked, trying to keep the conversation going.

"Well, Austin Texas, near where we were staying, got hit with something called Sarin Gas. It's made a lot of people get sick and die." I was trying to keep it as simple as possible. When I looked, all the boys were watching me intently.

"There were also attacks in Boulder, Kansas City, Oklahoma City, San Francisco, and a lot of other places. A lot of people got hurt today, just like Chris did, and worse. We all need to keep them in our prayers tonight. Okay?"

"Otay, Daddy." Pauly said somberly. He may have only been a year and a half old, but he knew when something was pretty bad.

"You're gonna beat him though, right, Dad?" Kelly, the five-year-old asked seriously.

"Yes, Son, we will. It might take some time, but we are gonna beat them."

"I heard one of the soldiers say that it was some sort of revolution." Chris said as he looked at his brothers who were nodding.

"No, son. This isn't a revolution, and even if it was, it's not a revolution anymore. Now it's a war." I closed my eyes for a moment trying to figure out how to say this. When I opened them back up, everyone was looking at me, wondering what I was going to say. "Chris, Andy, you were both probably too young to remember, and the rest of you kids weren't even born yet, but we had a war a few years ago."

"The war with Mexico." Chris said, while Andy and the others nodded.

"Yes, that one. Thankfully that one was pretty straightforward, and while way too many people got hurt or died in it, it was fairly contained as wars go. This one… This one won't be. And the worst part is, for the most part the people that will be hurt the worst by it, will be kids like you guys, and those that have nothing to do with the war at all."

The room was stunned quiet. Even the normally happy boys were sitting there with worried looks on their faces. I added that to my list of things that made me want to take Ashwood out quickly. I was trying to figure out how to reassure them that everything would be alright, when Chris looked me in the eyes. "What can we do to help?"

Tears sprang to my eyes, and that damned frog jumped in my throat. Here he was already having been shot, and now he, and his brothers, want to help others. I was trying to figure out how to respond when I heard a gasp come from Linda.

Immediately I looked over at her with concern. She had her hands on her stomach. "Ohhhh…"

"Linda! What's wrong?" I asked, and was out of my chair, and by her side before I even knew it.

"I think… ohhh… I think the baby's coming!" She gasped out.

Theodore was out of his chair and by my side in an instant. "I've already told Mamma Janet…" He got out, just as the alarms started to ring in the base. Then a young voice came over the speakers.

"Code Green… Level 2, section 1A. Medical teams please respond. Officer on site saying no need for security. Repeat Medical teams respond to Level 2, Section 1A. Medical only."

Moments later, the room was a flurry of action as people came running into the room. The boys were quickly herded to the side of the room by Jennings.



The End…. (sort of)



Post Script from the Editorial Staff:

"General Hayes, you have some visitors out here, sir." The voice came over the comm system. Logan looked up and blinked. His nose twitched. His eyes went wide in shock!

Scrambling out of his chair, he rushed through the security doors, to the outer offices, ready to rip heads off! Someone had his Bubba D's!! And slid to a stop.

There with a covered plate, was Stevie and Kelly, two of the President's smaller children.

Stevie lifted it up to Logan and batted his eyes, while Kelly threw the best salute he could.

"Thank you Gen'rl Logan, we really luved your sauce! And we had our Jennings make a plate for you special."

Logan's jaw dropped. He lifted the cover and saw five pieces of Bubba D's barbecued chicken, all the trimmings and chocolate chip cookies. It was a traditional American homemade meal. And all for him!

Pulling the boys to him, he gave each a kiss on the top of their heads and thanked them. As he looked up, he saw Theodore, peaking around the corner of the doorway.



Author's note:

Yes. The Revolutions Story has come to an end. As Jack said, the Revolution is over… now it's time for the war.

When Darkstar left, we made the decision to continue the story up till this point, trying our best to keep it as close to his writing style as we could. I knew we wouldn't really be able to do it justice, since Darkstar has such a unique and wonderful way of spinning a tale. I only hope I didn't do the story a disgrace with my efforts to bring it to a close.

What happens now? I am sure many people are wondering that, so I'll tell you. The characters from the Revolution Story will continue within New Beginnings. They are all too integral to the universe as a whole to let them simply fade into the background. I pray that I can do them the justice that they deserve.

Editor's Notes:

Roland has, in my opinion, done a very good job of keeping this story as close as possible to the way Darkstar would have done it. I am very sad that Darkstar has stopped writing.

As Roland said, these People can't be allowed to fade into the background.

I must point out that a great many of the ideas that were used in Revolutions were hashed out between Darkstar and Roland, so if there is anyone who might be able to keep the spirits of Jack and his family and friends alive it will be Roland.

I am also happy to say that when I last spoke to Darkstar, he wished us good luck in our future endeavors.

I know we all miss Darkstar and I wish him only the best.

I was his editor for many years, and I also have a pretty good idea as to how he would want a story told. I will do my best to help Roland keep the people Darkstar brought to life, as fresh and real as we possibly can.

I hope you noticed I didn't say the word 'Character'. I can never think of Darkstar's people as anything but people.

Please remember to keep Darkstar in your thoughts and prayers, and I hope he will know that he is deeply loved and respected, no matter what differences there may be in our opinions. We are and always will be the best of friends.

Darryl AKA The Radio Rancher


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