Castle Roland

The Shimmering Ship

by Darryl-Radio Rancher


Chapter 7

Published: 7 May 15

The Shimmering Ship

The Radio Rancher
Edited by The Radio Rancher

Since Bish's visit to the U.S. president and his subsequent speech in front of the U.N. Security Council was a public event, it wasn't as easy for him to walk around in public without being recognized. It seemed that everyone wanted to know all about Arphoa and the other civilizations in the alliance.

Bish was friendly and polite, but he was getting somewhat tired of answering the same questions over and over. Eventually, he decided to remain inside the ship most of the time and let Hack answer the constant questioning for a while.

All the paperwork had been completed by the Earth authorities. Now it was all in the hands of the intergalactic council.

"We really need to get back to Arphoa soon," said Bish. He wasn't quite sure why it seemed so very important to get there soon, but he felt it was absolutely imperative to go there as soon as possible.

"After all," he said, "The sooner we get all the formalities finished, the sooner we can get on with our lives."

Once again the elegant lift off took place barely showing any sign of vibration or acceleration discomfort.

Everyone was eager to get to Arphoa, well almost everyone. There would be a beautiful wedding, uniting two people who loved each other and for the first time in the history of either world, a wedding of people of the two different worlds, Earth and Arphoa, at least as far as anyone knew. After all, Ellen was able to see the ship when it had been cloaked, and so was Fred. Could there have been children born to inter planetary couples much earlier than we thought? There still had not been a DNA test on Ellen or Jamie.

"Dorn, would you please do a detailed DNA series on Ellen and Jamie for me?" asked Bish. "I would also appreciate you doing one on our six new passengers when you get a chance. It is standard procedure as you know, Dorn," he added and winked at Dorn.

Dorn smiled and said, "certainly, Sir."

The Arphoans and the four Earthmen who knew mind speech were being very careful when they mind spoke and they were practicing shielding their thoughts from all but the person to whom they were speaking.

There were certain inconsistencies in the information gathered from each of the six newcomers and they were, to say the least, not being fully trusted. The interesting thing was that Bish was not the one who first mentioned their suspicion to the others. It was Jamie, and he was adamant.

"I don't trust or like those people," he said, "There is something really creepy about them, especially that fat lady."

"I don't think I want her singing anytime soon." said Fred. That got a chuckle out of Mr. Bailey who had been quiet for some time now.

"I know that was supposed to be funny," said Jamie, "but I don't get it."

"It is an old saying," said Fred, "something like 'it ain't over till the fat lady sings'.

"And it is rather scary." said Greg cautiously.

As they all got out of the acceleration seats, there was a flash of blue light. The Earth people and the Arphoans were immobilized.

"You have no idea how powerful our minds are," said Mary Luman in very strong mind speech. "I can move this ship with the power of my mind alone and "If" our ship had not been deliberately mangled we would have taken off by mind power alone. There was a dampening field surrounding our ship, which diminished our abilities for some time. Now that we have had a chance to recharge, so to speak, you will do as we say and take us to the Arwanna system. We will allow you to depart when we are safely on Arwanna Prime. Don't try any tricks, because we will be watching you very carefully." she mind spoke.

"Now, this is a fine pickle you've gotten us into," said Bish, with a worried look on his face.

"This is so unfair," said Marsh, "Here we go to all the trouble to help people who were dieing and this is how they thank us. I feel so guilty getting us all in this mess."

"Don't worry, it wasn't anything that any of us would have done any differently under the circumstances." said Bish. "You couldn't have known to leave them there to die."

"I am afraid I wouldn't have been able to leave them there to die even knowing that they would harm us," said Marsh. "Life is precious. Remember when I was so torn up when it was suggested that we let the creature on the hull die so he would stop draining power from the ship?"

"Yes I do," said Bish, "in fact, it was at that moment that I completely put my confidence in you, son." Bish smiled in spite of the situation they found themselves in. "I knew that you were in fact truly honest and would only help others. I saw it in your tears when you thought I wasn't looking at you. You were devastated at the thought that we might want to harm Delaren."

Bish looked into Marsh's eyes and said, "Just so you know, there was no way that I would have let anyone harm Delaren. I saw, as you did, that he deserved to live. Even though he was the one who told us about these evil people, it was the right thing for him to do and it was the right thing for us to try to save them." he said.

"Don't worry," said Dorn, "I am trying to think of something. I am sure that there is something I am overlooking." He said.

"I think I have it," said Fred a short time later.

Everyone looked at him as he began to speak. "Kisten larfully moo tea." (listen carefully to me) Fred said. I kearned liss thanguage ken I luz a whid. (I learned this language when I was a kid) Kit's alled (It's called) spoonerism. Su thilables are ixed mup lopeless he. You don't laugh boo tea a hingo IST, cut bink tharefully. (The syllables are mixed up hopelessly.)(You don't have to be a linguist, but think carefully) sue will ye dot I'm wooing. (You will see what I'm doing.) And two will be able to yell. (And you will be able to tell). Fred said.

"A Span named mooner spad a heech immedipent. ("A man named Spooner had a speech impediment.) He sanged chillables win urds and wum frun turd oo tanother." (He changed syllables in words and from one word to another.) Marsh said picking up on what was happening.

"Hamn dis is thard. (Damn this is hard) I thid dis when I kas a wid and tanted to well my cousin something and lot net pie marent understand us. (I did this when I was a kid and wanted to tell my cousin something and not let my parents understand us.) Said Greg.

"I am shirty prier kay are thunfused." (I am pretty sure they are confused) said Greg."Hell, I know I am confused," said Bish.

"Well that is good," said Fred. "You are not from here and neither are they, so if it confuses you then it might confuse them, too. We understand each other, and we will help you when we can. I'll give you a hint, change the order of things. Also speak out loud; they don't really understand English let alone Spooner.

"Don't mind speak until we can figure a way to send only to a specific person," said Dorn.

"I stink I underthand the spay you are weaking. (I think I understand the way you are speaking) Bish said.

"Goo yaht it" (You got it) said Fred.

"Let's deap kem in the thark. (Let's keep them in the dark) said Dorn.

"Cool" said Marsh "Do yid a jood gob. (You did a good job) Thanks."

"There is one important thing to do." said Bailey, "and this will take a lot of concentration."

"You must think in the language you want to use." he said.

"This is not like telepathy, which is in the mind above all language." said Marsh. "That is why almost anyone who can use mind speech can understand anyone else who can use it no matter what language either one speaks."

Re messed wumember stew peak wis they pen ever whossible." (We must remember to speak this way whenever possible) Fred said.

"A nan is what we plead, and knee weed knit ow." (A plan is what we need and we need it now) said Fred.

"Jamie", called Fred,"Yes?" Jamie asked.

Are you hetting the gang of this? (Are you getting the hang of this?) Asked Fred.

"Fess its yun." (Yes it's fun) said Jamie.

"Good, knee weed coo tall our frig bend numb frowhere and where ever." (We need to call our big friend from nowhere and everywhere) said Fred. "Do new you moo I hean?" (Do you know whom I mean)? Fred asked.

"Des I you."(Yes I do) said Jamie.

Dan you coo it in a bite team no sew one hear can else? (Can you do it in a tight beam so no one else can hear?) Asked Fred.

"If cue yanne beep them kizzy." (If you can keep them busy) said Jamie.

Fred and Bish began to talk about how depressed they were and how they couldn't cope. They were pouring it on pretty thick.

"I wonder if we could out think these very smart people". Said Bish in mind speech.

"I doubt it. Said Fred. Also in mind speech.

Out loud, Fred said I plope our Frung yend tan calk to bog piwerful spun in Wace." (I hope our young friend can talk to the big powerful one in space)

In a few minutes, Jamie said, "We is hurking on it."(He is working on it.)

Suddenly screams of terror were heard on the ship again as the six Aliens were holding their heads in pain and slowly dropping to the floor, unconscious.

"When they come to," Said Delaren, "They will no longer have any ability to read minds or have any telekinetic abilities. I wiped that from their brains. I left them the ability to use mind speech, however, as they will need that to communicate with, whomever, will take them." he said.

"You might consider taking them back to their home would, since they can no longer commit the crimes, they were undoubtedly using their abilities to commit. I doubt that mind reading was the crime for which they were being punished," said Delaren.

"You are probably right," said Bish.

"Can you give us coordinates to get to their world, Delaren?" asked Hack.

Delaren gave Hack the location and Hack set a course to take them there.

In a few minutes the telepaths began to regain consciousness. The first one to awaken was Arlen Spanker. He sat up slowly. "What happened?" he asked.

"Delaren happened." said Bish.

"You should never underestimate a seventy five foot energy eating person, who happens to be friends with the people you are trying to kidnap, and who has the ability to alter your brain structure, to suite his preferences," said Dorn.

"And you should never under estimate a six year old genius who can talk to Delaren, mind to mind right under your noses while you don't even suspect." said Ellen, smiling broadly at Jamie. "You did wonderfully, Jamie." she said and hugged him tightly.

"What are you going to do with us?" asked Arlen

"Well," said Bish, "That is partly up to you folks. There are a number of choices. The first one that comes to mind is to take you back to your world and just dump you in the laps of whatever authority will take custody of you. I suspect you wouldn't like that one, though. If you cooperate with us, and our superiors, in other words, answer all of our questions truthfully, and give us whatever information we require, we might be able to find another solution, instead of sending you back to be processed through your authorities' judicial system, whatever that might be."

"Of course, the possibility exists, that your government was involved in having you try to take us captive. I suspect that is not the case, though. I will find out the truth, with or without your cooperation. I can assure you of that, so I think it would be in your best interest to be honest with us from the start. We have several people here on this ship who can deep scan your minds and we have Delaren orbiting the nearest sun recharging his energy and he can be here in five minutes or less if he needs to be so I don't recommend trying anything funny." said Bish.

"Now please tell us, what happened to you, and why you were on that ship, with nothing close to enough air to breath. I actually suspect that you were deliberately set adrift into space, to die from suffocation. I suspect that some, or all of you six, killed most, if not all the remaining people, and were planning to do that to us. I am not a vindictive person, or, believe me there would be some terrible things that might have happened to you, after what you tried to do to us." said Bish.

"We are all convicted criminals, on our world." said Arlen. "We are multiple offenders, and have had several different chances to re-integrate into our society, and have each failed, for one reason or another. Our abilities have given us opportunities to cheat people, and harm other people, and we have each used one or more of them to gain power," said Arlen.

"I thought as much," said Bish.

"Well there is at least one thing that has happened since you arrived here and tried to take over this ship." Bish told him, "You will no longer be able to read minds, or teleport, or move anything, with the use of your minds." Bish gestured.

"Go ahead; try to knock me down with your mind. Try reading my thoughts."  Bish encouraged him.

"Delaren reconfigured your brains to disallow the pathways that allow mind reading, and other mind related abilities. The only one you still have is the ability to hear mind speech," said Bish.

"We didn't want to leave you stranded with no way to communicate with others." Bish smiled.

"What would happen to you if we took you back to your world?" asked Bish, "and remember, We CAN read your minds, if necessary," said Bish.

"We would most likely be killed, in one way or another. You were right when you thought we were left there to die. We didn't kill the other people on that ship though. We were unconscious, and therefore we didn't breathe as much air as the others did, and they were all-together, and therefore had more carbon dioxide in that room, too. Most of the things we told you were the truth with, of course, some things left out." said Arlen.

"We won't send you back there, to your deaths," said Bish.

"In fact, if you can assure us that you will cooperate and be productive, you can come to Arphoa." said Bish.

"Well," said Fred, "None of us can speak for Earth, but I suspect that a similar offer could be arranged, to let you stay on earth. You would be subject to any laws, that apply to anyone else that lives there," said Fred.

"The same thing is true on Arphoa," said Bish.

"You will have plenty of time to decide which place you want to go, since we are heading to Arphoa first, and then we go to Earth. Of course, you are free to make any other suggestions as to what we should do with you as well," said Bish.

"Please tell us, before we leave Arphoa to head for Earth, so we know what you have decided before we leave. I can't vouch for what kind of treatment you will receive, from the Arphoans, after your treatment of us." said Bish. "That is because we are involved in the government of Arphoa, and a lot of the population knows who we are, where as Earth authorities don't know who any of us are. You might blend in better on Earth.

"We can talk among ourselves and decide where to go," said Arlen. "Our situation is obviously different than it was before Delaren changed us. We no longer have the unfair edge we once had." Arlen said.

"Yes," said Bish. "And the sad thing is that you could have used the advantages that you had, for a good purpose, as we mentioned, when you were first taken from your death ship."

"Remember, we had most, if not all of the abilities that you had, and we didn't abuse them. If you had not abused them, you would still have them, too." said Dorn.

"We are almost back at Arphoa. So, we need to get ready to land." said Hack. "Everybody, find a seat, and put your seat belts on."

End of part 7

To be continued. In this next chapter there will be a very unusual connection made, one that will change at least two lives forever. And much, much more. Don't miss it.

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