Castle Roland

The Shimmering Ship

by Darryl-Radio Rancher


Chapter 8

Published: 14 May 15

The Shimmering Ship

The Radio Rancher
Edited by The Radio Rancher

The Dawntreader slowly floated to the surface of Arphoa and landed gracefully on its designated landing pad.

A large crowd had gathered to welcome the happy couple and all the rest of their friends, and some passengers whose friendship was very much in doubt.

There was at least one person who cared about those six people, and that was Jamie. Jamie had no qualms whatsoever about befriending them, because Jamie could feel the change that had taken place in the minds of all six. There was no hate any more, no hunger for power, just a genuine desire to be the best possible person that each one of them could be.

Jamie came up to the group and said, "Don't worry, you will be alright. No one will harm you." There was a feeling of calm in the room as the six people visibly relaxed. Jamie said, "You could be anything you want, now, you know. There are no restrictions on you. All you need to do is tell us what interests you, and we will see to it that you will have access to it," said the boy.

Jamie reached out his mind and touched a mind. It was a very powerful mind and it surrounded his, and held it close, a real mental hug. It felt so wonderful, warm, gentle, but strong affection, that was all encompassing, and tender. It was an unconditional love that he knew was genuine, and intense, and it was all for him. "Delaren?" He asked. "Is that you?"

"Yes, gentle soul, it is. I love you, little one. Your mind eclipses mine, you know, young one. With the right guidance, you will be a powerful force with which the whole universe will need to come to terms, but the time is not yet right for that." said Delaren. "We will know when the time has come. Your training will begin soon, very soon, my boy, very soon." Jamie's eyes closed and he saw the beautiful being that was Delaren, and Jamie was awe struck, as had been everyone else who saw the wonderful person that was Delaren. The mind contained in that beautiful creature was so powerful that he was almost a god. He had powers and abilities beyond those of mortal men.

"Now where have I heard that before?" thought Jamie. Suddenly, Jamie understood, why he loved the people that had tried to kill him, and all his friends, Delaren had changed all of them, inside and out. The people that they had become were no longer hateful or angry. They were completely healed of their abnormal, anti social behavior and, Delaren made them realize how foolish they had been. They were now completely new and fresh. There was no part of the hateful personalities left. They had their memories, but the urge to do harm to others was now totally gone.

Now Jamie knew what he would do with his life. He would help Delaren with his mission, to rebuild the souls of evil people of the worlds, all known worlds.

"That is a big burden for one so young, isn't it?" asked Delaren.

Jamie jumped with a start. "You startled me. Was I that obvious?" He giggled.

"Well," said Delaren, "You have bonded with me, and now I see what you see, and hear what you hear, feel as you feel. We are almost, one mind. All it will take for us to become totally together is for you to open your mind and heart and allow us to merge. You will then have all the gifts that I now possess, and, I will have your compassion, and loving soul to share. I have many centuries of knowledge and power, to share with you, and you have enough love for anyone who treats you with kindness, and a lot left over for some who weren't so kind. You are truly unique. I have never in my very long life, found anyone so open and giving of trust, and love, and you are only slightly more than six years old. You have much to learn, and much to teach." The thoughts of Delaren echoed in Jamie's mind and he felt peace and love there, and power, enormous power.

Delaren spoke to Jamie, "Please ask your mother and father to come and speak to me if you will?"

"Of course," said Jamie. "Mom," "Dad," he called with more than his usual enthusiasm," Delaren wants to talk to you! You need to think of him and he will hear you."

"Hello Delaren, Jamie said you wanted to talk to me," Jamie's mother thought.

"Yes Ellen,"

"And me?" asked Dorn.

"I need to talk to you both, about Jamie." Of course, Jamie could hear Delaren, too.

"What about Jamie, Delaren?" his parents asked, as one.

"This is rather difficult to explain." said Delaren, "Jamie has become very.........close to me, mentally. We have shared our minds and our souls. We know each other's thoughts and we can see the universe through eachother's eyes. Wherever I am, Jamie is with me, and wherever Jamie is, I am with him also. We will never, either one of us, be alone again, as long as we both live. Since I have touched his mind and healed his soul, his body will be alive for a very long time. He will have all the knowledge that has been accumulated by my people for tens of thousands of centuries, and he will be able to understand all that he sees and hears. His intellect was not that much less than my own. He has more capacity than anyone of his size, I have ever seen, and his heart is true and loving. There is no hate and no deception in him, and there never has been. Even when he was frightened of the six, he never hated them. He was frightened of them. He didn't like what they had done, but he understood them, and forgave them.His heart had been pure even before he bonded with Delaren. In fact, if it had not been pure there would have been no way that Delaren could have, or would have bonded so completely with him. If you looked deeply into Jamie's eyes, now, you would see the deep blue eyes of Delaren, eyes that drew you right in and held you there. It didn't matter, because, whoever owned those eyes, you were held, in a deep soothing loving embrace.

Ellen knew that Jamie was loved, and that he would be in the care of a loving, caring being, and that together, Jamie and Delaren were much, more than the two were separately. Dorn knew it, too.

Together, these two, the very young boy and the very old Eauclara, could do anything and be anything. Jamie and Delaren were in love, deeply in love, and nothing would ever separate them.


There were two people next to each other watching a documentary about ancient life on Arphoa. Like most documentaries, it was boring, and they were thinking of other things, besides the show. A hand reached tentatively and touched the hand of Bish. Bish squeezed it gently.

"I really enjoy being here with you." He held the hand more firmly now and looked into a pair of deep brown eyes that returned his gaze lovingly.

Gerry Bailey was falling in love with Bish. He had respected Bish ever since the first day they met, standing outside of that shimmering beautiful ship. He could see that Bish was a man of honor, and he knew that no one that Bish cared about would come to any harm, if Bish had anything to say about it. And indeed Bish cared about Gerry Bailey, very much. Now, Bailey had been spending a lot more time with the negotiator, and statesmen, and he saw how much deeper, the mind of this wonderful man went. Bish was very intelligent, and had intuition that was uncanny. Now it seemed they would share more than just friendship, much more indeed. Parker and Finch were in their room, studying the Arphoans alphabet and learning to read the text of an encyclopedia they had found. "If we plan to live here, we had better become familiar with the language, and their written word," said Parker.

Finch agreed.

"It is nice to see that this culture doesn't have a problem with us being a couple," said Finch.

"Yes, I saw Bish and Bailey staring at each other, with love in their eyes, yesterday, and I can see a budding romance there." said Parker.Carla Banks looked up from her laptop when she heard the knock at her door. "It's not locked. Come in," she said,

"Thanks," said Fred as he stepped in, Dr. Dorn asked me to tell you that he would like to see you in the medical wing, whenever you can get over there. He would like to check you for any ill effects that might have come about from Delaren's reassignment of your neural pathways. We would like to periodically check all six of you, and try to keep monitoring your progress if possible. We want to make sure that you have not been harmed by his treatment."

"He told me himself, that he would check on you, when he is nearby, and he is training Jamie to help him as well, so you may have a visit from him, too." said Fred. "I will drop by later, if you don't mind, and maybe we can spend some time together." he said.

Carla was still nervous, but she knew she had done the right thing. Her son would be much better off without her, and she was sure he was in better hands. After all, she had been condemned to death. How could she have taken care of him? He was much better off where he was, and his oaf of a father, would never find him now.Arlen and Stacie were busy washing eachother's backs, and enjoying eachother's company. Showering was a wonderful thing to share. They found themselves happier than they had been in a very long time. All the burdens of guilt had been lifted from their souls and they were in very good spirits. Delaren had done a wonderful thing. He had given them a chance to live a new life, and they were very grateful.Mary Luman was waiting for the doorbell to ring. She was expecting the man she had met at the food court, earlier. When it rang, she let him in. He told her she should get out more and be with people, instead of sitting in her room, and missing her husband. He was not coming back, and she needed to let him go, and move on with her life. He offered to take her to Knockers, one of the restaurants, with a lot of well endowed wait persons whose frontal areas as Mary saw it were excessively bloated. The men seemed to find the appearance pleasing.

Mary on the other hand, thought it looked uncomfortable."How does she keep from tipping forward and falling over?" Mary giggled. "She looks top heavy."

Gallah laughed. Somehow she did feel better, when she was with him. Only time would tell if Gallah was going to be the one person she could love, but things were really starting to look up for her.


Carla sat next to Hack. They had been kissing each other for ever so long. It didn't seem possible that Hack, or anyone else from the crew of the Dawntreader, for that matter, could be interested in her, after what she and her friends had tried to do, but it seemed that when Delaren said he had changed the Regulouns, the past had, in fact, been ignored, if not forgotten all together.

They were all being treated like everyone else, with no signs of suspicion, and it felt wonderful. Things were definitely going quite well on Arphoa now. She hoped her son would have his chance as well.

End of part 8

to be continued

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