Castle Roland

The Shimmering Ship

by Darryl-Radio Rancher


Chapter 10

Published: 28 May 15

The Shimmering Ship

The Radio Rancher
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Information: sentences in single quotes 'and italics' are thoughts or mental conversations. Now on with the story.

Everyone was really excited to see the couple standing at the front of the huge hall in their formal outfits. All eyes turned toward Korash, smiling broadly and looking happier than anyone had seen him in many years. He was in his element. Not only had he found out what had happened to his great uncle, he was going to perform a marriage between the great grand daughter of the Man he had thought lost forever. Here she was marrying one of the best men he ever knew. They loved one another very deeply and had a fine young son, and he had met Kenon.

Now all his dreams had come true. He would get to know his great uncle's "boy" a one hundred and seventeen year old boy who was still young and healthy. There would be many years to grow close to each other. Korash would see to that.

The wedding proceeded, and Korash spoke the words:

"What the Great Spirit has caused to be joined here today let nothing or no one separate these two wonderful people, who love each other, with all their hearts, and souls. I now pronounce you married. You may kiss each other."

They were lost to the entire universe for what seemed like hours, the kiss was so deep, that it seemed as if they would fall over from lack of air.

Delaren watched from his position above the planet, seeing everything through Jamie's eyes.

Delaren's eyes were clouded from emotion. He had never felt so much love before. It was so powerful, and it extended to him as well, and he was so delighted, he felt he finally had a family.

Jamie was truly happy. He could feel the warmth of Delaren's emotions, beaming down on the assembled throng, and through his link, he knew how much this all meant to Delaren.


After Dorn and Ellen's honeymoon on Raytheon, all the earth people thought it would be a good idea to spend some time with their friends and colleagues, back home, until they could make the decision, where they would make their homes.

The trip back to earth was uneventful except for the near collision with the asteroid, which Hack easily avoided.

Bish still had some minor matters with the earth authorities to settle, so he decided to stay on earth as well; He decided to stay with Gerry Bailey. They were becoming VERY close friends.

Jamie was in his room talking to his computer.

"Hello, Computer," he said, thinking of that Star Trek movie, and Scotty. He had just come home from school, with his two best friends, well actually, his only two friends.

Jamie had trouble relating very well with kids his own age. He was so much smarter than most of them, and he was always trying to improve his skills. He spent a lot of time with his computer. He could do almost anything with it. The two kids at school that Jamie spent time with were Johnny Martin and Jimmy Rowen. Both Johnny and Jimmy were two years older than Jamie. The three boys were all very good with math and computers. They spent a lot of time tinkering in the computer lab together. Today, for the first time, Jamie invited the other boys to come home with him so they could do some experiments with his "home computer". Thanks to his family's connections to the research lab, he could get all the parts and software he would ever need. The computer that he had tinkered together was way beyond anything currently available for purchase in any store. He could do almost anything with it. The sixty core parallel processor of 500 Ghz each and the five thousand Terra bites of internal, non volatile, memory that he designed, constructed, and soldered to the modified mother board, made it's "thinking capacity" close to, or possibly better, than an average human being. He even had a name for it. He called it R.A.L.F. for random access learning form. He wasn't sure about the word form, but it was as close as he could come, with the letters he had used. The name had come first, and he had to think of what it would stand for he knew everyone would ask him, so he came up with something out of the blue, so to speak.

'Heck, I'm just a little kid, what do they expect?' He thought.

'It isn't important, what they expect,' came, a voice in his head. 'It is what "you" think that is important,' said Delaren. 'As you grow, you will see how much your capacity will increase. You soon will be able to carry into reality anything you might imagine.'

'Am I only doing this through you, or am I learning it myself?' Asked Jamie thoughtfully.

'You are growing and learning everyday. Information is available through me, but you are learning new things all the time, and not just from me,' said Delaren.

'When you learn something that I didn't know, I learn it, too. I find it fascinating to learn something new, and even more so to learn it from you. That makes it so special,' said Delaren.

"Who was that?" Asked Jimmy. "I heard you say something and then I heard someone answer you."

"I heard him, too." Said Johnny, "Who was that, and where did he come from? Is he connected through the computer, somehow?" asked Jimmy.

"No, said Jamie, He is a person from another world, or, not really a world, exactly. It is hard to explain," said Jamie. "His name is Delaren. He can exist in space and he gets his energy or life force from the stars. He uses thought to speak to us. He can project his words directly to our minds. It's funny, though, no one else has ever heard him, except my mom and dad and a few other people that they know. I met him while we were on our way to Arphoa to meet my dad's family.

Delaren contacted Greg and Marsh and asked us to rescue some people that were dieing on a ship whose air supply was running out. Greg and Marsh asked me to help send the thought back to Delaren because we weren't sure how much mind energy we would need to reach him, so I sent out an answer along with Greg and Marsh and we got through to Delaren. He gave us the correct location of the ship we needed to get to, and we got there in time to save six people." Jamie smiled.

When our minds touched, there was such an electric jolt. I can't explain it, but it was so powerful and there was so much love pouring out of his mind to me that I was almost drunk with excitement." Said Jamie.

"He can sense emotion and intent, so you can't lie to him, not that I would ever want to lie to him, but just so you know, he can tell if you did, and so can I. He is teaching me to be like him. It will take a long time, but he says that I should be able to learn." Jamie was smiling again.

"Wait a minute, you heard him; that means you can talk to him, too. Think something to him. Tell him hello or something."

'Hello, Delaren,' thought Jimmy.

'Hello, Jimmy.' said Delaren. 'I know you. You are Jimmy Rowen. Your father is a physicist at the lab where Marsh's dad is a boss. You have a very powerful mind, very similar to Jamie's. You have grasped the concept and execution of mind speech very quickly indeed. You have no hate in your heart, and you have a great deal of love there. I can read much more, but I suspect you get the idea.' Said Delaren.

'And me?' Asked Johnny.

'Of course,' said Delaren, 'You are Johnny Martin. Your father is a teacher at your school and your mother works as a secretary to the principal. You are a computer guru and have one of the most impressive minds I have ever seen, on any world I have ever visited.' said Delaren. 'I didn't even have to nudge your mind to speak to you. You heard me as soon as I spoke to Jamie. I am very impressed,' said Delaren.

'Yes,' said Johnny, 'I hear people all the time. They say things in their heads and I hear them. I don't try to eavesdrop, but sometimes I just can't help hearing what they are saying, especially if they are talking about me or someone that I know.' Johnny giggled.

'Once in a while, I can get them to answer a question that I think at them. Usually they just think it back to me, but sometimes they say it out loud. When they do that, it is so funny,' said Johnny.

'So you like to play jokes, then?' Asked Delaren.

'Yes I'm afraid that I do like to make people laugh.' Said Johnny.

'Laughter is a wonderful thing,' said Delaren. 'But you should remember not to hurt someone by making them into a joke. Laughter should not come at the expense of someone else's well being. Don't hurt someone in order to make others laugh at them.' Said Delaren.

'I know,' said Johnny. 'I wouldn't do that. I hate when that happens to me, so I wouldn't do it to anyone else.' He said.

'Good!' Said Delaren. 'I was pretty sure that was the case, but I wanted to hear you say it.'

'You are very kind,' said Johnny. 'I can feel the most intense love coming from you, Delaren. I wish I could hug you.'

'I want to hug you, too,' said Jamie.

'Don't forget me,' said Jimmy.

'I think I can arrange to land nearby for a short time,' said Delaren. 'And now that the Dawntreader has safely landed at the air force base; that leaves the landing spot by your school pretty open for me to land there.'

'Will ten minutes be enough time for you to get there?' Asked Jamie.

Delaren thought for a moment, and then said, 'I think I can be there by then. I will meet you there.'

The boys hurried to get to the grove. As they arrived, they saw a huge beautiful graceful winged creature land in the clearing where the Dawntreader had been earlier. They all ran to embrace Delaren. As they neared his massive head, He began to shine with a beautiful bluish light, and warmth emanated from him that was more than just heat. It was filled with such love that the boys could literally feel its physical intensity.

They could feel it as their bodies were transformed into healthy, vibrant, young boys with perfect, young spirits and physiques, to go with them.

Their body fat was trimmed to a very low percentage, and changed to muscle in all the right places.

Their hearing and sight were enhanced to an enormous degree.

Each boy's body reached its perfect potential, the best it could be. Their next gym class would be quite a surprise to their Phys Ed Teacher, and to the boys as well, as they had no idea what Delaren had done for them.

They just felt the love and warmth that he radiated to them.

He knew, however, and he smiled, inwardly, and outwardly.

When he was happy, good things were bound to happen.

The boys spent a couple of hours talking and enjoying the company of their new friend. Eventually, they all knew it was time for Delaren to leave. They were all reluctant to end the visit, but the sun was beginning to set, and the boys knew that they needed to get home, so their parents wouldn't worry about them. The sight of Delaren rising into the sunset was breathtaking, to say the least. It was the most beautiful thing any of the boys had ever seen.

Their ooos and ahhhhs were palpable, and Delaren soaked up their praise, with thanks and, maybe, just, a little pride. He could be forgiven for that, just this once. The boys slowly walked home. They missed Delaren already, and they all had to say goodbye one last time. Delaren told them he loved them and he would see them again soon. As Stan Freeburg once said, "That helped, but not much, no!"

End of part 10

A point of interest in the next part, a character that you will meet and the incident mentioned as he first appears in the chapter is based loosely on an incident in my childhood. The boy's last name was changed and the exact location where the incident took place was different, as were all the post action sequences, however, we did become friends. It has been many years since I have seen him or even talked to him. I need to get in touch with him and maybe give him a copy of the story. Oh! If he sees this blurb he will know I was talking about him. Well, I wonder if it is still a sore spot for him? I'll let you know if I find out where he is.

Here is a point of interest I hope. No gnomes were harmed while I wrote this introduction/ disclaimer. Don't forget that this story is science fiction/fantasy. There may be some adult situations depicted in the story. I can't help it if some of the world managed to creep its way past this story it is purely coincidence. Don't blame me it was all Delaren's fault. If you have any complaints tell him.

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