Castle Roland

The Shimmering Ship

by Darryl-Radio Rancher


Chapter 12

Published: 11 Jun 15

The Shimmering Ship

The Radio Rancher
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Delaren continued to embrace Jamie for several more minutes, then they backed up and inspected each other.

"It took me a few minutes to work out all the details on how to project the matter, necessary to build this body, and stabilize it," said Delaren. "It is, in fact, just the same as a human body, right down to the DNA level. I will scan as human, so to speak. For all practical purposes, I am a fifteen-year old boy. It is going to take me a while to get used to being human," said Delaren. "It seems funny to be using vocal chords and my mouth to speak.""It is a little more complicated than just changing form. I am, sort of, in two places at once, right now. This body exists here, on earth, and I am in it. I have all the senses that a human has, and some that most humans don't, but my, true, self is still orbiting Serious. My whole existence could not be completely contained in a body this size. The laws of Physics, and a few other laws, just won't allow it. I can keep this body for as long as I need it, and it will function, just as any human body would. It will require food and air, for instance. I am in constant contact with my existence in space, just as I am in contact with Jamie, when I am in my large body, but that body is rather dormant right now. Almost all my concentration is occupied with my human form, at the moment, and the experience I am having right now. It is so wonderful." Delaren beamed.

Timmy, Johnny, and Jimmy were excited, too. All they had to do was look at the expressions on Jamie's and Delaren's faces and it was obvious that the two boys were deeply in love.

"I have been alive for so long that I can hardly remember when I came into existence. I never had a childhood. I have always had a purpose and a job, so to speak. I never had a chance to have fun or pleasure, except for the pleasure of helping others achieve their true potential, which was, actually, very rewarding," said Delaren.

"Now you can be a kid, can't you?" asked Jamie.

"Yes! Now I will have a chance to just have some fun. I, of course, I will be on alert, as always, but my free time can now be spent here, with you guys. I can relax and have some real fun. I still can't believe, that I didn't think of doing this before. Again, thank you so much, Timmy. You have no idea how happy you made me."

"Oddly enough, I have a pretty good idea, after looking at you and Jamie. There is so much love there between you two, that no one could miss it." Timmy giggled." And Mr. happy is pleased, too." He pointed at the prominent bulge in the front of each boy's pants. The two love birds' faces turned bright red as they tried to straighten out their respective equipment to a more presentable position. Everyone was surprised to notice that Jamie's equipment was much more developed than a six year old boy's might be expected to be, even if he, was, actually almost seven.

Delaren explained that when he had redefined Jamie's body with more muscles and a better muscle to fat ratio, he had also given Jamie a few extra years in physical age. Jamie now had the body of a twelve or thirteen year old. Delaren had felt at the time he made the changes, that Jamie's new body would have a better chance of staying in prime condition, if the bones and muscles were of a more mature state.

"Wow! Talk about a growth spurt." (Pun intended). Said Jimmy.

As it turned out, it seemed to help in a few other ways as well.

The boys made a mental note to each other to examine the results of their own improvements very soon.

Timmy, Jimmy, and Johnny all looked at Delaren, with the puppy dog looks they were all pretty famous for, and they pleaded their cases to have the same treatment that Jamie had received.

Of course Delaren obliged."Jamie, are you here?" Ellen called from the kitchen.

"Yes, Mom, we are in my room," yelled Jamie. "Can you come in here for a minute? There's someone here I want you to meet."

"Ok, I'll be right there," said Ellen.

As Ellen came through the bedroom door, she was greeted with a huge hug from Jamie, and then, Jamie pulled his friend closer and said, "Mom, Do you remember my telling you about a friend of mine, that I talk to mentally?"

"Yes, Jamie, I remember. His name is Delaren, isn't it?"

"Yes, Mom. You remember he is a large beautiful individual who lives in outer space." said Jamie. "Well, I kind of have a surprise for you. Mom, I would like you to meet Delaren. He has figured out a way to transform into human form and he has teleported himself here to be with us. Delaren, this is my mom, Ellen."

"Hello, Ellen." said Delaren. "I am so glad to meet you. Jamie has told me so much about you."

"You certainly have beautiful eyes, Delaren." Ellen was rather partial to eyes like those. Both Jamie and Dorn had eyes like Delaren's.

She reached out and took Delaren's hand, pulled him to her, and gave him a warm heartfelt hug.

"Thank you, Delaren, for being such a wonderful friend to Jamie and his friends. I know he loves you deeply as you do him. I saw the way you looked at each other, just then. You're very much in love, and it shows so plainly, that I am sure you belong together. I am very happy for both of you. I know that you will be together for the rest of your lives. Love conquers all, and you two are deeply in love."

The two boys looked into each other's eyes and mentally exchanged loving communication.

They were completely bonded to each other and they each saw the world through each other's eyes as well as their own. Each of them thought, with both of their brains. It was like each of them, were both of them.

They shared all their physical and mental sensations.

This was rather strange to Jamie, as he was discovering things about himself and Delaren.

When Delaren appeared at Jamie's door, the body that he began living in, was that of a fifteen-year old boy. Delaren decided that a body of that age would give him more respect from the adults that he would meet, and with whom he would need to interact.

That meant, that he would be entering puberty, and he wanted to make sure that Jamie's mind would be ready to handle the new sensations that would present themselves. The best way, that could be done, thought Delaren, was to let Jamie experience it, along with Delaren himself.

Of course, Delaren knew that Ellen would treat him with respect, no matter what he looked like, but Ellen was not the only adult, that Delaren would need to impress.

"I think we should call you Del," said Jamie, "The name Delaren is long and might be kind of hard for some people to say, so let's add another and we'll call you Del Laren. If you are going to go to school, you will need to register, and you would probably need a last name."

"I think I will probably have to lie about my age, too, since I doubt that most officials would believe me if I told them the truth, after all, I don't look a day over 20,000 centuries even though, I am well over 40,000 centuries." said Del.

"Well, you do look well preserved for your age, young man." said Ellen, smiling.

"You can sleep in the guest room for tonight, Del, and we will get an extra bed into Jamie's room as soon as we can. Do you kids want pizza for supper tonight?" she asked.

They all agreed that pizza would be just fine.

End Part 12

To be continued.

Now I should point out that Part 13 will have some things connected together that might explain some of the mystery that has been lurking for some time.

We will meet some people that will be very different than most of our previous acquaintances in the story so far. I am sure there will be another mission of help, which Del will present to our young friends.

In fact, if you were paying attention, you will notice, there is one particular friend that is involved already, and It will be interesting to see just how he is involved, and what it will mean for his life.

Sit back and enjoy the next exciting installment.

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