Castle Roland

The Shimmering Ship

by Darryl-Radio Rancher


Chapter 16

Published: 9 Jul 15

The Shimmering Ship

The Radio Rancher
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"We need to get going," said Greg. "I just got off the phone with Lynne Anderson and she and Bill were wondering if we were still planning on visiting our two friends that we gave the medicine to. Both the kids were pretty excited at the thought of us coming to see them. From what Lynne said, they are both showing signs of tremendous improvement. I had promised Alex and Tiger that we would stop in and see them this weekend, and this seems like a great time to go there. Do you guys want to go, too?"

"Sure," said Jamie. "I'm not sure you ever told us their names before."

"Sorry, I must have forgotten to tell you," said Greg.

"They had been thrown out of their homes by their families, and had found one another, after they had each been on the streets for several months," said Marsh.

"Their only way to survive was to let people use their bodies. Luckily the Andersons took them in. Bill and Lynne Anderson are a wonderful caring couple that foster children who otherwise would have problems being placed. They are going to try to adopt the boys. I would like to have Del have a look at them though," said Greg. "I hope you don't mind doing that, Del."

"No, of course I don't mind." said Del. "I am always glad to help any way I can."

Greg grabbed his cell phone and called the Andersons back to make sure it would be alright to come right over.

The phone was answered on the second ring.

"Hello, Anderson residence, Bill speaking."

"Hi Bill, this is Greg. Is it ok if we come over right now, to see Alex and Tiger? There will be quite a large group of friends that would like to meet them."

"Of course," said Bill, "I am sure that if they are your friends they will treat the boys well. Come over as soon as you can. I know the boys will be thrilled to have friends over."

They all piled into Greg's van, and headed over to the Anderson's house.

When they got to the huge Anderson house, they had hardly pulled to a stop when there was a huge rush of bodies practically enveloping Greg and Marsh.

"My goodness," said Greg, "aren't you excited. Hold on for a minute. There are some people here with us we'd like you to meet. Somebody go find Bill and Lynne, please."

All the boys took turns greeting and hugging Alex and Tiger. Needless to say, the two kids felt very loved, by the time everyone had given them all the love anyone could ask for. Then Bill and Lynne came out to the van sheparded by Marsh, who had volunteered to find them.

"Lynne and Bill, We would like you to meet our extended family. You know Greg and me of course. We have known you since... well... forever, I guess, but these are our best friends and or cousins."

When the introductions were finished, the Anderson's invited everyone in for drinks and a snack. No one was particularly hungry, since they had all eaten just before they left, so the chips and soda took a little longer than usual to disappear.

Del finally got a chance to sit with Alex and Tiger.

"Guys, can I ask you some questions?" Del smiled broadly at the two boys.

"Sure," said Alex, who seemed to be the one taking charge, "What would you like to know?"

"Well," said Del, "I understand that Greg and Marsh gave you some medicine to try to help you feel better."

"Yes they did." said Alex. "It has helped a lot. We have a lot more energy and we don't hurt any more."

Del turned to the Andersons and asked if he could examine the two boys thoroughly.

"I don't see any reason why not, as long as the boys don't mind." said Lynne.

"Alex, Tiger?" Del grinned at the boys. "Do you mind if I take a very close look at you so I can learn what the medicine has accomplished?"

Greg spoke up, telling the Andersons that Del was sort of like Douggie Houser, namely an extremely intelligent young man, who knew a lot of medical information, and could help improve the lives of Alex and Tiger.

"Would you come and sit on my lap, one of you at a time please." said Del. "I already asked your mom and dad, boys, but I want to know if it is ok with you, for me to do this. I won't do it if you don't want me to."

"Oh, Del," said Alex, "I don't know why, but I just know we can trust you. I am really good at knowing whom we can and can't trust, and I know we can trust Marsh and Greg, so, on that basis alone, I am sure we can trust you, but, for some reason, it goes way past that. I don't know how I know this, but I have never known another person that I was more comfortable with. There seems to be a huge burst of energy coming from inside you that is just full of love. I can't explain it any better than that, but I feel such a strong deep love coming from you that I know you wouldn't hurt us."

"That is good to hear, Alex. It will make what I am going to tell you somewhat easier for me to explain. All of us, that came here today, to one degree or another, have abilities, which allow us to scan the human mind and body, for disturbances in the balance of energies. In effect, we can read your mind. We, however, never enter someone’s mind, or body without asking and receiving permission to do so," said Del.

"Ok," said Alex, "you have mine."

"Thank you for letting me check you out, Alex. I am sure you won't be sorry." Said Del.

"I believe you," said Alex.

Del began to scan the molecular and cellular structure of Alex's body. Del was able to isolate the viral contaminants present in Alex's body. Just like the mental contaminants that Del had purged from Timmy's mind, Del was able to purge the virus from Alex's body. It seemed that the vaccine had helped considerably already. The virus had diminished to a barely perceptible amount before Del even started. Del thought that if given time and repeated treatment, the vaccine would be able to completely remove the symptoms, but with Del's handywork, the virus was simply, gone completely, as though it had never been there.

He looked into Alex's penetrating bluish green eyes and said, "You are no longer infected with HIV. Now let's have a look at you, Tiger."

Tiger practically assaulted Del; he was on his lap so fast. Again Del studied the structure of Tiger's body down the molecular level. He selectively vaporized the offending virus and destroyed it completely, giving Tiger a clean bill of health.

"You are free of the virus as well, Tiger." Del told him, as he looked into Tiger's beautiful, emerald green eyes. "Both of you boys are clean now of infection, thanks in large part to the Arphoan vaccine. It had almost completely destroyed the virus. I think, in another month, it would have completely cleaned out the virus, but since I was here and I could finish the job it started, I figured I should clear it out now, and end the problem for you, once and for all. I have the ability to change matter into different forms. I have been known to change a person's physical age and body composition. It all has to do with telekinesis. Anyone with enough mental energy can do it. I'm sure you can do it, too, given the proper instruction. So, if I have your permission to examine your minds, I can teach you how to do it quite easily, yourselves." said Del.

"You mean, we can help cure other people who are sick like we were?" asked Tiger.

"Yes, and you will be able to do many other things as well." said Del."The Arphoan Medicine is a very useful substance, and can take care of, what seems to be, most, if not all disease. If we distribute it to the major drug manufacturers, we should be able to wipe out most, if not all, deadly diseases in short order. The only problem left to work out after that is the problem of mental illness. That will take a lot more work to overcome."

"What's an Arphoan?" asked Alex.

"Arphoa is another planet where people live, and Arphoans are the people who live there. It is about fifty light years from here and people have visited Earth from Arphoa for many years. Earth has just recently been officially recognized and allowed to join the Galactic council, thanks in large part to your friends here," said Del, looking at Greg and Marsh.

"Hey! For crying out loud, Del, we did very little of it. You made it all possible. If it hadn't been for you noticing the distress call, there would have been at least 30 lives lost and possibly many more, including Timmy, here." said Ralf, as he reached out and grabbed Timmy, and held him to his chest in a bear hug.

"And of course, I wouldn't even be alive, if it weren't for you." He smiled as he gave Del a warm friendly kiss.

"Thanks!" he exclaimed and grabbed Del in a hug as well.

"You're welcome, Ralf." said Del grinning from ear to ear.

"I will tell you all about that sometime, Alex," said Jamie, with a big grin on his face.

"Would you two like to come home with us and see our setup?" asked Jamie.

"Are you kidding?" Alex and Tiger chorused at room filling volume.

"I don't know if I can tell if they want to," said Greg, giggling.

"Lynne, Bill," called Marsh. "Can we take these two monsters to Jamie's house to check out the setup there, and have a sleep over?"

"Are you sure that will be ok with your parents, Jamie?" Lynne asked.

"You may find this hard to believe, but it is true, none the less. I just asked mom if I could, and she said it was ok, but if you would feel better talking to her, I'll Have her call you. In fact, that will kill two birds with one stone. One, I will prove to you that I can talk to her from here, without a phone, and second, she can tell you personally, that it is ok." Jamie knew he was pushing it a little, but, he thought, the shock value would make it worth it.

Very carefully he reached out his mind and connected with Ellen. "Mom! Do me a favor, please?"

"Yes dear, what can I do for you?"

"Well, I would like you to call the Anderson's, please and tell them that I just asked you to call them. They are having difficulty with the concept of telepathy. While you are on the phone with whichever one answers, we will show them a few tricks, like you telling them how many fingers I am holding up or something. I think we can convince them. Thanks."

Just then the phone rang.

Bill picked up the phone.

"Anderson residence" he said. "Bill speaking."

"Hello! This is Ellen Dorn, Jamie said, you needed to hear from me." Ellen said, giggling. "Sometimes the boys get carried away when it comes to their talents, but I can assure you that telepathy is real."

Ellen cleared her throat. "Would you like a demonstration?"

"I think you have already presented a good case for the existence of It." said Bill.

"Let me just make a further point, if I may." said Ellen.

"Ok Jamie, hold up your hand and tell Bill that I just told you to do it."

Jamie held up his hand and said, "Mom just told me to raise my hand. Ask her how many fingers I am holding up." Jamie held up three fingers and smiled.

"It's three fingers," he thought to his mom.

"He has three fingers up and he will wiggle his index finger as soon as I say it," said Ellen.

Of course Jamie immediately wiggled his finger. "Now, Jamie, put your hand down." Jamie put his hand down. "I just told him to put his hand down. In a moment I will tell him to put up his other hand and I will tell him how many fingers to put up. I will tell him before I tell you so you will know it wasn't him hearing me over the phone, then I will tell you how many fingers he is holding up."

Ellen told Jamie to put up his hand palm facing himself, with all five fingers spread. As Jamie did so, she told Bill what she had told him to do, and Bill's jaw dropped to the floor.

"Ok, I guess you have proven your point." said Bill.

"Oh!" said Ellen. "I almost forgot why I called. I would love to have Alex and Tiger come here for a visit and they are welcome to have a sleepover."

Bill almost dropped the phone.

"Thank you so much, Ellen, and I am sure the boys will be very happy. Thank you for the demonstration and thanks for letting the boys have a good time." said Bill as he hung up the phone.

"Bill, for your peace of mind, I suggest you set up an appointment with their doctors, early next week, and have them check for the virus. You will find that they will both be negative." Jamie smiled. "I have come to trust Greg and Marsh to be completely honest with me, and I can see that you are truthful as well, so based on that belief; I will stop worrying about their HIV status. I will, however, take your advice, and set up an appointment for them, next week. You have no idea how happy you have made us all."

"Bill, and Lynne, it is so wonderful that people like you two are willing to take boys, and girls, for that matter, into your lives and care for them, and love them. Now, Alex and Tiger can have long happy healthy lives in a loving family, and, we can't thank you enough." said Greg.

"I think we should get back home, pretty soon." said Jamie. "We have a lot of things to show Alex and Tiger."

"Ok, Alex, Tiger, get your stuff ready and get a move on," said Lynne. "I'm sure they will be on their best behavior for you. They just adore you for all you have done for them."

"We love them, too," said Greg.

About fifteen minutes later, Alex and Tiger came barreling down the stairs with their backpacks and other stuff they were sure they would need for a sleepover, and the boys all managed to get crammed into the van. There was very little room to spare, but no one seemed to mind being close to someone else. Greg drove very carefully, for someone his age, or any other age for that matter.

Jamie sent Ellen a quick mental nudge, as they were rounding the corner of their street, and she was waiting at the door for them, with a huge smile on her face.

"Mom, I want you to meet Alex and Tiger." Jamie said by way of introductions. The boys ran up to Ellen and each received a warm loving hug.

"I am so glad to meet you two and I am also glad to know that you are no longer HIV positive." said Ellen. "Is anyone ready for something to drink or a snack?"

"No, thank you!" they chorused. "We just had some before we left, and we want to check out Jamie's setup."

They all went into the workroom and Jamie gave a voice command.

"Monitor on, please." he said.

The monitor came on and a face appeared.

"That guy looks familiar," said Alex. "The strange thing is, it's like I know him, but he's in the computer."

"I suspect you are thinking of Ralf, over there." said the face on the screen. "He and I have the same features, face and body that is. His, however, is flesh and blood. Mine is all electrons."

"How did you do that?" said Alex, as he looked at Ralf.

"I didn't do THAT!" Ralf said, "Del, did THAT, and a lot more, too."

"It is true," said Del. "But, if it weren't for Timmy, neither Ralf nor I would be here now."

"Awe, It was just a question from a nosey little kid, namely me," said Timmy.

"Now is the time that the personal pronoun fails to work properly." said Del.

"Do you suppose you could have our big friend meet us in the clearing?" asked Jamie.

"Of course," answered Del, "It will take about an hour, so let's go grab some burgers at Jack in the box, all except you R. A. L. F.

Sorry about that, but, well, it would take quite a bit of work to move you, just now, although I have been trying to work out a way to load your program onto a smaller, more portable unit. Link directly to my mind, and you will, at least, be able to share all my observations. In fact, connect to each of us."

They were all surprisingly hungry considering the fact that they'd had food not all that long ago. Everyone who could go managed to squeeze into the van and headed over to the Jack in the Box near the high school.

"Boy! This brings back memories," said Greg.

"Yes it does," said Marsh. "First we thought we had lost Fred, and then we thought Bish was going to let Delaren die. We sure were scared at first."

"Well, I read him pretty deeply and I knew he couldn't possibly let me die." Said Del. "Of course it wasn't, exactly, me he was talking about letting die.""Hello boys." said Dale, In mind speak.

Alex and Tiger were both surprised to hear speech that didn't come from a voice. "Boys, this is Dale. His full name is Delaran. Did you notice the similarity in names?" Del grinned. "Dale is in his human form, now, but he is an Eclara. His race has existed for thousands of centuries, in fact, longer than recorded time. Delaren took most of his memories and the necessary elements and grew this body, which he teleported to earth. Since I have the mental capacity to contact him, wherever he is, he can even be out near a star, while I stay on earth, or go in a ship to visit another world." said Del.

"When Delaren fell in love with Jamie, he was sure that he and Jamie would never be able to spend much time together. That made him very sad. He loved Jamie very much. They had linked their minds completely, so Jamie knew how Delaren felt, but there didn't seem to be any solution to the problem, until Timmy asked the really important question, that question being, If Delaren could manipulate matter completely, why couldn't he manifest himself as a human and teleport himself to earth? After pondering the question for a while, Delaren decided that of course he could, so that is just what he did, sort of, hence, here I am." said Del. "The shortened name was for easy identification and differentiation between us. As it turned out I am a separate being from him. He didn’t think about that, at first, either. He thought we would be one entity in multiple locations, but it didn't work out that way. We are linked just like Jamie and Delaren are linked, and Jamie and I are linked, but we have separate thoughts, too. Jamie built the most powerful computer ever imagined. He managed, with my help, to put more memory in one computer than the rest or the world's computers put together. With all that mind power, I thought I could do something, along the same lines as Delaren had done with me, so I produced the program that gave R.A.L.F. a personality. Then Delaren grew another human body, and we came up with Ralf here. His body is equivalent to that of a fifteen year old boy."

"Thanks," said Ralf, "I appreciate it."

"I want to make it clear that Ralf and Del are completely human even though their origins are not didn't come through the normal process. The result is precisely the same. They are not robots or androids," said Jamie, "Even though they have more information than the entire Internet, but then, so, do I." He giggled.

End of Part 16

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