Castle Roland

Forbidden Fruit

by David Lee


Chapter 4

Published: 11 Aug 16

Forbidden Fruit

Copyright © 2016
by David Lee

Shortly after Joe's midterm exams, Michael asked him if he would like a visit on a weekend when they could both work it into their timetables. Joe was thrilled!

Both of them had short track events on the following Saturday morning, but Michael's was scheduled to end at 11:00 - about an hour and a half earlier than Joe's. That would give him time to hop into his Outback and grab a burger on the way. They could meet up around 1:15.

Michael had just enough leeway to book a room at the Days Inn before meeting Joe at the appointed time. They could have saved money by staying together in Joe's dorm room, now that he was alone, but if they did, the rest of the world might learn about their relationship before they were ready.

When Michael pulled up in the semicircular drive, he saw Joe standing at the curb with his gym bag, wearing jeans, a windbreaker, and a big smile.

"God, it's good to see you," Joe exclaimed as he got into the passenger seat.

"Same here! I've missed you so much! Do you want to have a snack, or go directly to the motel?"

"I ate lunch, and the only snack I'm interested in is you!"

"Same here. Oops, I already said that. I'm not very articulate at the moment."

"Must be your hormones."

"Yup; could be!"

The two young men giggled and bantered all the way to the motel, where Michael parked in the lot behind the building.

"Let's go through the back entrance so we're not so obvious," Michael suggested. "The key-card for the room works on all the outside doors. I registered for two, so I'm not defrauding an innkeeper by smuggling you in, but you never know who might be around to observe our movements and spread gossip."

When they were inside the room with the privacy latch in place, their making out began with a gentle kiss. As excited as both of them were to be alone at last, they didn't rush things.

Once their shoes were removed, they cuddled on the king sized bed for a while, enjoying the bodily contact.

"Joe, I love you so much, and I've missed you like crazy. I guess you probably picked that up from our texting and emails."

"Yeah, I did. So, you know I feel the same. This is a dream come true!"

"Let's take off our shirts. I want us to be skin to skin," Michael said, his voice thick with desire.

From deep, tongue-wrestling kisses to licking and sucking each other's ears and neck, their lovemaking progressed slowly but surely.

Michael moved down to arouse Joe's nipples with his tongue. Joe moaned as if he were in the throes of death. He'd never experienced anything so awesome. Stimulating his own chest had been fun at times when he was jacking off, but it couldn't hold a candle to the sensations created by his lover's tongue and lips.

When Joe took his turn to pleasure Michaels nipples, he proved that he was a quick learner, as verified by Michael's gasps of pleasure.

In the course of making out, their jeans became insufferably tight. Those were the next items of clothing to be removed and unceremoniously flung toward the easy chair.

Set free from their denim confinement, their cocks sprang up so steely hard that they threatened to tear through the cotton briefs that still held them.

"I want to taste your cock," Michael requested.

Joe nodded, while raising his hips to assist in the removal of his underwear. Then he assisted Michael in getting completely naked too.

"Awesome!" Michael exclaimed looking at Joe's trimmed pubes and freshly shaved sac.

"So it's okay then?"

"Have I ever been known to use the word 'awesome' lightly?" Michael giggled. "I love the look! What prompted you to do it?"

"Well, um, I don't want you to think I've been perving, but I noticed a lot of guys in the locker room groom their body hair. I found a survey on the 'net that said about 87% of college guys do it. I was hoping you'd be okay with it."

"I'm more than okay with it; it makes Mr. Jumbo look even bigger, and I'm not fond of flossing with pubic hair."

"Does that mean…?"

"Yeah, I'm gonna lick and suck those babies until they shine!"

Michael wasted no time in making good on his promise. His ministrations stimulated Joe's Cowper's gland, making his precum flow like a leaky faucet. Michael lapped up the stream to share with Joe in a kiss.

Their renewed kissing led to a round of rubbing their naked bodies together. There was no way for them to hold back any longer, and the stimulation soon transported them to the bliss that accompanies intense orgasms.

They continued to kiss in the afterglow, but eventually, after a quick clean-up, fell asleep with Michael spooned against Joe's back, still naked.

The guys woke up about half an hour later, grinning at each other.

"I was afraid that this day would never come!" Joe said with emotion. "You don't know how long I've dreamed about it."

"I have a pretty good idea because I've wanted to share your body since the first time I held you. I knew my physical desire for you was out of line, especially when it happened while I was attempting to comfort you, but I honestly couldn't control my feelings."

"I wanted you to kiss me right then, but you didn't pursue it. You could have taken my cherry on a bench in the locker room; I was putty in your hands."

"I couldn't have done that, Joe. You were expressing your grief over your mother's prognosis, and if I had given into my desires, it would have cheapened everything.

Then too, I didn't want to be like that Congressman, Dennis Hastert, who molested the kids in Illinois when he was their wrestling coach. I had to remain strong for your emotional welfare, and my job."

"You're a man of steel! You had the discipline to hold back, even the next year when I tempted you like a slut!"

"You may have been as horny as a stallion in heat, but you've never been a slut. Sexual desire is a natural, God-given emotion."

"So, you think God made us this way?"

"Yeah, I do. The Church taught for centuries that sex was only meant for procreation, but I don't agree. I believe it was made to be an expression of love. Sure, it sometimes descends to the level animal lust, and that can be fun too, but its main purpose is to bind two individuals into one. I hope that's what it's doing for us."

"It is for me," Joe nodded.

"Would you like to clean up and go for a snack, or try out the pool?" Michael inquired.

"I have granola bars and bananas in my bag to keep us from starving before dinner. Could we take a quick shower and spend more time in bed after we chow down?" Joe asked.

"That's a fine idea! I'd love to wash your back."

The lovers sat up in bed eating some of the treats that Joe had brought, being careful not to get crumbs on the sheets. Michael removed all of the peel from one of the bananas and shoved it halfway into his mouth pointing the other end toward Joe's face. Joe took the hint and closed his lips over the other half. Using their tongues, they slid it back and forth, simulating oral sex, until it got too mushy. Then they ate whatever bits remained in their mouths, giggling so hard that they nearly choked.

Still grinning, they walked hand in hand to the bathroom, following the big divining rods that pointed the way.

Soaping one another up under the cascading water made them hornier, if that were possible. Joe washed Michael's back, but didn't stop there. He knelt to scrub his legs and butt, pulling the cheeks apart to clean that most intimate area thoroughly.

Not being used to anyone's touch in that private spot, Michael gasped in response to the sensations coursing through his body. His precum began to flow freely again.

Joe nudged him around to work on his front. As soon as he was satisfied with his job, he took Michael's throbbing tool into his mouth, tasting the sticky natural lubricant mixed with the residual flavor of the banana.

Michael nearly lost it from Joe's delicate technique.

"You'd better pull off or I'm gonna cum!" Michael gasped.

"Don't you want to explode in my mouth? I've often fantasized about that when I jack off."

"Do you ever lick your fingers when you're done?"

"Um, I have," Joe blushed.

"Don't be embarrassed! Lots of us do that."

"Cool! So, may I taste your jizz now?"

"Soon, but I really want to make it last longer than we did the first time. Could we dry off and do this in bed, maybe sucking each other at the same time?"

Having already unloaded before they took their nap, the guys thought they could make this experience last quite a bit longer. Joe was a quick-study in making Michael's body sing, so it was debatable how long Michael could hold out.

This time, they lay on their sides in the 69 position in order to double their pleasure by sucking and being sucked simultaneously. When both began to moan, Michael pulled away, and asked Joe to back off too. Since he'd nearly passed the point of no return, Michael immediately pinched his phallus near the base to prevent having another orgasm too quickly.

Joe followed his example, since he was nearly over the edge also. In the cooling off period, Michael brought up the concept of edging. Joe agreed that it would be really hot to tease each other until they couldn't take it anymore. Perhaps they could stretch the experience for an hour or longer.

In theory, it was a great plan. In practice, they didn't make it much more than half that time before they blasted thick, sticky loads into each other's mouth.

Michael soon turned around, and they engaged in French kissing while sharing the cocktail of their juices. They felt nearly intoxicated from the pleasure of it. It seemed to Joe that it was about the naughtiest thing two guys could engage in short of anal intercourse! The sense that it was rather taboo, made it all the more exhilarating.

"Is it about time to feed this thing?" Michael asked, running his hand lightly over Joe's taut abs, tickling them slightly.

"I suppose I could use a little more protein," Joe joked, as his tummy growled.

"I think we have our answer!"

After a steak dinner at the place they'd gone when moving Joe to campus, the guys came back to the motel to put on their swimsuits and spend a while in the whirlpool. Their full stomachs, and the warm, swirling water made them feel lethargic. It was about all they could do to get out and wander back to their room.

They immediately stripped and tumbled into bed where they soon fell to sleep, cuddled together.

On Sunday morning, the guys made an appreciable dent in the motel's free breakfast. It's likely that their early morning romp had increased their appetites exponentially.

"Oh man, this has been the best weekend I've spent in Ames," Joe enthused.

"It's the same for me, and I've spent a lot of time in this town. But, this is the first time with you!"

"So, why did you wait so long to come?"

"I came as quickly as you did," Michael joked.

"You know what I mean! Why didn't you make the drive here last month?"

"You know why. You didn't need me to distract you from your educational and athletic pursuits, and I had coaching duties almost every weekend."

"Yeah, I know. I wish you lived closer."

"I'm working on it. I keep watching for jobs to pop up somewhere in the area. By spring, I'll have three years of experience under my belt. That, and being close to completing my MA in counseling should open up more opportunities. With the wider range of skills that I can offer to a school, I could fit into a lot of places – even doing a split between teaching social studies and counseling if it's a small district where they might not need a fulltime counselor.

Not to change the subject, but are you ready to meet the family for lunch?"

"Ready as I'll ever be, I guess. Do you think they'll like me?"

"Of course they'll LIKE you! Phil will be warm and hospitable, Mom will hug you, and Noah will follow you around like a puppy. If you pay attention to him, he'll want to go home with you."

"Did you tell them about our relationship?"

"I've only said that you used to be my student and that we've become very close. I didn't want Mom to be planning a wedding before we're officially engaged! I don't want to complicate things in case you find someone else."

"Jeez, don't you trust me?"

"I trust you, but I'm also a realist. You may decide that you want to explore the world a bit more before you settle down. You're young, and I'm not putting you down when I say that. I'm fairly young too, but I've had some experiences that you haven't had yet. I'm aware that you might like to try other things. You've never been with a girl. I have. You may want to experience someone besides me in order to know for sure what you want."

"I can't imagine wanting anything other than what we've shared this weekend. You know I didn't give into temptation when Kevin and Jordan wanted a three-way. That was pretty hard to turn down, but I remembered how strong you were when I tempted you."

"I'm not sure if I could have resisted that invitation from your roommate and his friend when I was your age. I think you're the man of steel."

"Maybe, but I did get myself off twice before I went to sleep that night."

"Just like I hurried into a stall and jacked after your little show. Um, I guess I should say BIG show."

"I'm still embarrassed about that."

"Please don't be; I was flattered that you'd find me desirable."

"How could I not?"

Michael's prediction about how his family would receive Joe was right on target. If anything, they were even friendlier. Phil surprised Joe by pulling him into a quick hug after their handshake. Joe loved the gesture of total acceptance, particularly since some Anglos didn't always treat him as an equal.

Michael's mom hugged him as if he were her own son, and Noah wanted to show him his collection of Thomas the Tank Engine trains. That, according to Kristen, was a high honor in the four-year-old boy's world.

Although Michael hadn't told his mother how he felt about Joe, she picked up on it immediately. From Joe's body language, it was evident to her that he felt the same. Kristen hoped that neither of them would end up getting hurt. Michael might be a few years older than Joe, but he was still a fairly naïve guy. Joe, despite his apparent maturity, wasn't wise in the ways of the world either. As they continued to change and grow, she hoped it would be in the same direction.

After a bountiful, delicious lunch, and hours of visiting while playing trains on the family room floor, Michael said that they should depart soon. He had about a two-hour drive ahead of him, and Monday would be a busy day at school.

Everyone hugged again, and said they hoped to get together in the near future. Noah offered an engine and two cars for Joe and Michael to play with until they came back. He had two identical light blue sets, so he would share those. The guys thanked him, and said they'd bring the toys when they returned.

I'm sorry you have to leave so soon," Joe sighed. "I'd love to have a few more hours. I did all my homework ahead."

"What would you do with a couple more hours?"

"We could cuddle and kiss awhile in my room, and possibly eat a light meal."

"I thought you were worried about making out in your dorm."

"No, I was concerned that, if you slept over, someone might wonder why you were there, especially in the shower. I guess you could have passed for a student, so I probably didn't need to worry. When you're doing something that's sorta forbidden, I think your conscience overreacts."

"Okay, let's do it then."

"You're sure it won't put pressure on you tomorrow?"

"Nope, I'm all prepped for next week too. I thought mentioning school and my long commute made a good exit line from my family's home," he grinned.

Since their appetites were still fairly well sated, the guys decided to make out for a while before eating again. They began by cuddling and kissing on Joe's bed, with the other twin pushed against it to prevent either of them from falling on the floor.

Pretty soon, they shed their shirts in order to rub their nipples together. Along the way, the rest of their clothes managed to find spots on the floor to land. By the end, they were sharing their life-producing fluids once more.

"Ah, success at last!" Michael giggled after they'd licked each other clean.

"What do you mean by that?" Joe asked.

"Well, you know the old saying, 'If at first you don't suck seed, keep on sucking!"

"Jeez! That's so bad, I should spank your ass!"

"If you do, I'll get hard again, and we'll never get anything to eat. But I'll take a raincheck on it!"

After a good meal at a nearby Chinese restaurant, Michael drove Joe back to his dorm and headed out. Joe sent the leftovers home with Michael because he had no way to keep them since the fridge had belonged to his former roommate.

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