Castle Roland

Forbidden Fruit

by David Lee


Chapter 6

Published: 25 Aug 16

Forbidden Fruit

Copyright © 2016
by David Lee

"Well, finally! You look like shit!" Maddie exclaimed, as she stormed into the room.

"Yeah, well what am I supposed to look like? I've lost a hell ova lot of sleep, and almost the will to live, since you've been trying to blackmail me into marrying you."

"Cut the drama; I'm not blackmailing you, I'm giving you the alternative of a happy married life instead of being charged with rape."

"But, you know none of it's true! You invited me to bed."

"Sure, but the dean doesn't know that. They always take the girl's side, anyway. Besides, I'm trying to save you from living a life of sin. You know that homos are going to Hell!"

"No, I don't know that, but I know fornication is frowned upon, and I've been told that lying is a sin. I'm sure you'd lie to the dean like you've been lying to me. I'll bet you're not even pregnant."

"So, what if I'm not?"

"Then for sure I'm not going to marry you. If you're not having my kid, what would be my motivation?"

Maddie messed up her hair and pulled on her blouse, tearing off a couple of buttons in the process.

"This is your motivation! I'm gonna run out in the hall and yell 'rape' at the top of my lungs if you don't agree to marry me. There are students out there; I'll have witnesses."

"I wouldn't try that," Michael said as he stepped out of the closet, still recording.

"Where the hell did you come from?"

"I was born in the hospital a few blocks from here, but that's not important right now," Michael responded, smirking over his lame joke.

"What is important is that I've been in the closet the whole time recording your confession. It's all here – your attempt to trick Joe into marrying you with your lies about being pregnant, and your threat to say he raped you, when that didn't work. I suggest you pick up your buttons and go quietly. Joe needs to get dressed so we can have a little discussion with the dean about what you've done."

"You can't do that!"

"I can, and will."

"I'll probably be expelled. What will I tell my parents? My father's name will be dragged in the mud."

"How you extricate yourself from this mess is your problem."

Maddie left in a huff, not knowing how she would get out of this one.

After Joe took a quick shower and put on clean clothes, Michael said they should go see his track coach first, and then seek out the dean. He wanted to have as many people hear the recording as possible in case someone tried to cover Maddie's tracks for her.

On the way across campus, Michael told Joe about his new job.

"I'll be teaching right here in town! You and I can live in the house I grew up in. With the bigger salary I'll be making, we could buy it!"

"Is there still going to be a 'we' after what I've done?" Joe bit his lip.

"Of course there is! We'll discuss it more later."

Michael had been one of Coach Branson's favorites when he was in college, and was always welcome to drop in. The two embraced like the buddies they'd become over the past few years.

"It's great to see you, Michael! What brings you to town? Are you checking up on Joe?"

"I have more than one reason to be here. I wanted to see him, of course, and I also signed a contract this morning to be a counselor at Ames High and Coach Weld's replacement."

"Awesome! Then I can expect the flow of talent from their program to continue. I was concerned about who could fill his shoes."

"I'll do my best to keep the team competitive, but those are big shoes; he's a legend."

"True, but you're already becoming one too. Just look at this young man you sent me. Whoa, Joe, you don't look as healthy as the last time I saw you. Are you sick?"

"I've been too stressed-out to eat lately, but I'm feeling much better now that Michael's here to rescue me from the bad situation I got myself into. When you hear what's been going on, you'll understand."

Brad Branson listened intently to the recording Michael played. When it was done, he shook his head.

"I hope that little bitch will finally get what's coming to her. She tried the same scheme on one of my other young stars last year. Because of her threats, he went back home in a hurry and has been going to a community college. Maybe now I can convince him to return. Please email copies to two of my accounts for backups. I'm not saying anyone in the administration would alter or destroy it, but the girl's father IS a state government official. He might pressure the university into 'making accommodations' for her.

After Michael performed that task, Brad picked up the phone to make an appointment with Dean Ordway.

"I know it's Friday, sir, and we've all had a long week, but this needs to be taken care of immediately. Okay, we'll be there in 10 minutes. Thanks for accommodating us on short notice."

"You DO realize this girl's father is the representative from the first district, don't you?" the dean said after hearing the evidence Michael had presented.

"Yes I do. And I assume you realize the criminal nature of what his daughter was doing. She threatened to ruin the life of one of my up and coming track stars when he rejected her advances," Coach Branson answered.

"But it could be passed off as a bad decision made by a love-sick young coed."

"Blackmail is blackmail, sir," Brad continued. "Are you suggesting that we ignore her crime because of her father's position in state government?"

"No, I suppose not. It has been, as you said, a long week. I've spent days trying to smooth things over after the cheating scandal we've been through. Having another shameful situation to face so soon will be the death of me!"

"Dean Ordway, I don't envy you your job. You don't get paid enough to take all the crap you have to deal with, but this is serious. With the right spin, you can make the school come out smelling like a rose. Think of it this way, we have a pampered little girl from a prominent family trying to ruin the reputation of a disadvantaged minority student, but Iowa State won't play her game, no matter her father's position. Many schools might turn a blind eye to her crime, but we're a cut above that. Besides, this isn't the first time she's done it. I'm going to contact a boy she threatened last year. I'm sure he'd be willing to testify."

"I see your point, but does it have to go public?"

"Yes it does. It will come out after we turn our evidence over to the police."

"And is this young man ready to come out as gay. Surely that will be part of the fallout."

"I'm already out to everyone who counts," Joe spoke up for the first time. "I've obsessed over her threats to the point that I've let my school work slide and lost weight too."

"Okay, I'll deal with it. May I keep the phone as evidence?"

"Nope. I'll email you a copy, but the phone will be in my possession when we go to the authorities," Michael insisted.

"Okay, here's the address. I'll accept it that way."

It was past the normal dinner hour by the time the guys left the police station. They got the feeling that the men in blue weren't big fans of Representative White, and that they didn't mind having to contact him about his daughter's misdeeds. Michael sent yet another copy of the evidence to the number the cops gave him. They commended him for not handing the phone over to the dean. They said they weren't implying that it might have gotten "misplaced" in his possession, but they felt it was always best to be cautious.

After parting ways with Coach Branson, Michael and Joe went out for a steak dinner.

"This is a festive occasion! We're celebrating my new job, and your freedom."

"Thanks! You told me it would be okay, and you came through! I kinda feel like the prodigal son."

"Then why don't you order "fatted" calf?" Michael grinned. "There's prime rib on the menu tonight, and that comes close."

While eating their salads, Joe wanted to continue an earlier conversation.

"It's later."


"You said we could discuss our relationship later, and I think the time has come."

"Okay. Do you still care for me?"

"Of course! Shouldn't you be asking that? I'm the one who made the mistake of getting laid and jeopardizing our future together."

"I don't view what you did in the same way you do. I feel that however our lives unfold, we must always try to learn from our experiences. Notice, that I didn't say 'from our mistakes,' because I'm not sure that all 'questionable' decisions ARE, ultimately, mistakes."

"You mean like when your mother says don't touch a hot pan, and you do it anyway; the burn you get might teach you a lesson on being more careful in the future, so you don't get hurt worse?"

"Yeah, something like that. Hopefully, we don't make a choice that kills us, like texting while driving!"

"But I still feel guilty for having sex with someone other than you!"

"You said it was like a science experiment. You tested your theory, and found that your hypothesis was correct."

"Yeah, I don't have any desire to do THAT with a female again. I evidently can function with a girl enough to get off, but it wasn't anything like when we're in bed together."

"So, that's my point. You're not attracted to the opposite sex. To me, that's a good thing. So do you still want to become my husband?"

"Is that a proposal?"


"Oh, Michael, I love you so much!" Joe said with tears flowing down his cheeks.

Arriving with their entrees, their waitress looked on with concern.

"Is something wrong?"

"No," Joe replied. "Everything is awesome! Can I tell her, Michael?"

"Yes, if you want to."

"My boyfriend just proposed!"

"That IS awesome," she replied. "Congratulations to both of you!"

At the end of their meal, she brought two small plates and a fancy Dobosh torte with a candle in it.

"This is on the house in recognition of your special occasion. If you sit close together, I'll be happy to use one or both of your phones to take pictures."

"Awesome sauce!" Joe grinned.

On their way to the motel, they stopped at Joe's dorm so he could pack an overnight bag for his stay with Michael. He included his laptop and a book, along with his clothes, knowing that he'd have to spend part of the time catching up the work he'd let slide recently. He apologized for how it would cut into their weekend.

"I have my thesis to work on too," Michael said. If we're both occupied with school work, we'll be better about not distracting each other."

"True, but could we do some, uh, distracting tonight?"

"We'd better, if we want to get any sleep!"

Once in the room together, they helped each other undress completely. Their man parts snapped to attention like disciplined marines.

Joe immediate fell to his knees and began bathing Michael's balls, gently but thoroughly. Michael moaned in appreciation.

When he caught his breath, he said that he should probably shower before Joe continued, because he'd felt somewhat stressed at the beginning of his job interview, and had likely sweat more than usual.

"I want to taste your sweat. I want to treat you like the alpha male that you are."

"Oh, Baby, we're equals. I'm not the dominate dog in the mix."

"Maybe not, but I want to do penance for my sins."

"Then you'd better let me return the favor pretty soon."

"I should shave first," Joe said.

"Nah, that kind of scruffy look with a two-day old beard is quite becoming on you."

"I might scratch you with my face, but I was referring to the cactus between my legs. That hasn't been shaved in about a week, and it would be irritating to your tongue."

To save time, Joe shaved his beard while Michael did his ball sac. The sensation of someone else defoliating his scrotum almost drove Joe over the edge, especially when Michael used his tongue to check for any missed spots.

Michael did a once-over on his own balls to remove anything that might have grown back in the past 14 hours. Joe checked the results with his tongue before pronouncing them fine.

Then, they showered, each teasing the other while soaping every part to get it squeaky clean. Toweling took longer than normal because it got interrupted by deep kissing and full frontal body contact.

In bed, they quickly assumed the 69 position on their sides so that they could continue to pleasure one another. Michael's tongue strayed below Joe's 'nads to his perineum, getting tantalizingly close to territory often considered taboo. Someday, he would lick Joe's crevice thoroughly, but maybe he'd save that until after they'd discussed it – possibly for their honeymoon. He didn't want to do anything to spook Joe tonight.

Using long, wet tongue-strokes reminiscent of licking lollypops, the guys drove one another closer to climax. For several minutes, they floated, suspended in that exquisite torment between wanting to blow their loads immediately, and wishing to hold off in order to enjoy the sexual tension forever.

Eventually, Joe could contain himself no longer. With a gasp and a lunge, he erupted like a volcano into Michael's mouth. That first blast triggered Michael's orgasm too. Michael was amazed at the volume he was receiving from his young lover. It crossed his mind that drowning in cum might not be the worst fate a man could suffer!

"Thank you for the best loving I've ever experienced!" Joe grinned in the afterglow. I'm really happy that you didn't kick me out."

"I love you, Joe. I want to keep you forever. Tomorrow, when we need a break from school work and sex, let's visit a jewelry store and look at rings."

After having not slept well in days, Joe began to drift off in Michael's arms, but Michael reminded him that they'd better pee before going to sleep if they didn't want to get up in the night.

Side by side, they pissed in the pot together.

"What could be more romantic than this?" Michael laughed.

"It's kinda like being an old married couple, and it feels right," Joe responded, as he put an arm around Michael's waist and kissed his cheek.

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