Castle Roland

Forbidden Fruit

by David Lee


Chapter 12

Published: 6 Oct 16

Forbidden Fruit

Copyright © 2016
by David Lee

It was less than two weeks until the summer solstice, so the sun was far from setting when Michael arrived at his home in Ames. He punched the garage door opener button and pulled into the stall next to the Camry. He wouldn't unpack anything, except for the perishables from his fridge and the food Maria had sent, until tomorrow.

As he reached for the knob, the kitchen door opened to the sight of Joe standing there in a pair of very short black split-side running shorts. Made almost entirely out of see-through mesh, they showed off Joe's assets well.

"Whoa! I can see everything! Do you run the track in those?"

"Only with a pair of black briefs under them. I bought you a pair too. I found them on International Jock. I probably shouldn't have splurged, but I had a thank-you gift card from Duffy and Jared."

"Wow!" Michael exclaimed as he knelt before his lover and nuzzled his bulge.

"Careful, I've got a hair-trigger. I want you to model the other pair."

"Okay, but let me take a shower first. I know I need one."

Joe practically dragged Michael to the master bath in anticipation of making love sooner, rather than later. On the way through the bedroom, Michael noted how good it looked with a fresh coat of paint, new blinds, and clean carpet. The only piece of furniture in the room was the California king-sized bed on its simple metal frame. It was made up with the new sheets and the comforter that they'd used on the beds in Joe's dorm.

"You've been busy!"

"Yup, I haven't slacked off or jacked off!" Joe giggled at his own unintended rhyme.

"I haven't either. Did you put one of those waterproof mattress pads on the bed? I'll bet we produce gushers."

"Nope, it's a standard one. Those plastic types are too warm for summer. Besides, I plan on swallowing everything you offer me."

Jose joined him in the shower which turned into a hot make-out session. Before they could stop themselves, they had spewed their loads all over each other just from rubbing their bodies together.

"Looks like someone was happy to see me!" Michael joked.

"Looks like someone else was just as happy to see me," Joe countered.

"That's a fact. Let's climb into our new bed and cuddle. With the AC on, and the ceiling fan, I don't think we'll get too warm.

Snuggled together, they talked for quite a while. When they got caught up on all the happenings that had gone on during the past week, they lay there in companionable silence, relishing their skin to skin contact.

Joe was so quiet that Michael assumed he'd fallen asleep, until he moved his head enough to lick Michael's left nipple.

"Um!" Michael sighed. "Whatever that was for, I love it!"

"I wanted your undivided attention."

"You certainly have my attention, but I'm not sure it's entirely undivided."

"Well, while I have at least part of it, there's something I want to discuss with you."

"That sound serious; is it?"

"It's nothing really big, but I was wondering how you'd feel about calling me 'Jose' instead of 'Joe' from now on."

"I'm fine with that; I've always loved your name. What brought this on?"

"I've been thinking about it ever since we bought our rings. Remember how I couldn't understand why the jeweler had Americanized his name – why he wasn't proud to call his shop 'Martino's Jewelry?' Lately, I realized I was really being hypocritical. After all, I changed my name too; why shouldn't he?

I was trying to fit into the culture around me like he was. In my old school, I was entirely surrounded by Anglos I and got tired of feeling different and hearing their jokes."


"Yeah, like 'What did the Mexican father name his twin sons?'"

"Okay, I'll bite; what did he name them?"

"Jose and Hose B."

"Ouch, that's pretty lame."

"Looking back, I know the guys weren't trying to be mean, but it used to get to me. I didn't like my name being part of a punch line. I began to be ashamed of my ethnic heritage, but since I've known you as long as I have, I realized you don't love me any less for being Latino."

"If anything, I love you more. Not to destroy your illusion, my love, but you could change you name to 'Percival James' and you'd still be Latino. I love your black hair, your brown eyes, and dark complexion. You're the most beautiful guy I've ever met. I hope I'm not embarrassing you by using the word 'beautiful' but that's exactly what you are."

"You've always made me feel that way, even when I saw myself as an ugly duckling."

"You've always been a beautiful, elegant swan!"

Michael began to trace the muscular contours of Jose's chest and abs, and he responded in kind. Soon they were headed for a second round. Thoughts of modeling their sexy running shorts were forgotten in their hunger.

Having cum in the shower earlier, their lovemaking lasted longer and seemed to reach new levels of passion.

Sunday morning, the guys slept late, and made brunch instead of breakfast. Michael had toyed with the idea of getting up for church, but knew that if they went, his mother might invite them over for lunch. Noah wouldn't be satisfied if they came home too soon after, and Michael wanted to putter around the house without feeling he had other obligations. He needed time off from anyone but Jose.

While Michael was scrambling eggs, Jose was cooking the bacon in the oven, and making Belgian waffles in the new waffle maker that Kristen had given him that week as a housewarming gift.

Working together, the guys timed it all well so that everything was done at the same moment.

They ate, grinning at each other, enjoying the delicious first meal that they'd created together in their new home. It was more than adequate to assuage their hunger, so they saved the two leftover waffles to reheat in the toaster the next day.

"This should hold us until supper!" Michael commented. "I hope you hadn't planned something special because we have fajitas, rice, and beans."

"I do have ground beef thawing out in the fridge, but that will be fine for tomorrow. Then, I won't have to plan again so soon."

"Since you're going to be taking a few hours in summer school, I'll try to do the lion's share of the cooking for the time being. In the fall, we'll play it by ear and try to split up the duties. We can afford to buy carryout or frozen entrees when things get really busy."

After they'd cleaned up the kitchen, Jose gave Michael a cook's tour of what he'd been doing.

"I got our bedroom all finished, as you know, and got the bathrooms and the entry painted, but I wasn't able to do the living room. I hope to finish that this week. I shampooed the carpets, but the living room one won't come clean. There's some kind of oil or something that keeps showing up again after it dries."

"We can afford to replace it. Do you know if we can come close to finding a match?"

"Yeah, I took a sample to Carpetland yesterday, and they have something almost exactly like it. I don't think anyone could tell the difference if we do the hall as well. The only place it would meet the old carpet would be at the bedroom doorways."

"Let's take a rough measurement of the area and go look. Do they have some sort of sale going on?"

"Yup! The current one includes free labor, as long as we move the furniture."

"Hmm… sticking the few pieces in one of the bedrooms wouldn't take 15 minutes. We can do that!"

When they returned home, they changed into their mesh shorts, with briefs under them. Jose had purchased the coordinating loose-fitting tank-tops which were made of the same mesh. The chest muscles and abs were showcased by the filmy material. Only their most intimate parts were completely hidden. They looked quite sexy as they jogged to the nearby trail.

The designer of the track had provided for drinking fountains to be placed at convenient intervals so serious runners and bikers could travel light, at least in warm weather. The guys made good use of those to stay hydrated.

It seemed like everyone in Ames was out to enjoy the pleasant day. Jose knew a few of the people they met, but most were strangers. The guys got their share of admiring looks from men and women alike.

"Jeez! You're a real chick magnet, Jose!" Michael teased, after a pretty girl had waved at them.

"They only notice me AFTER they've lusted for you." Jose giggled, as they stopped for a water break."

"Maybe they're attracted to our bods because of our suggestive running gear; man your thighs look hot!" Michael grinned. "I think we should turn around and head for home."

"Um, are you having naughty thoughts?"

"Definitely, it's time to model our shorts without the underwear!"

Monday meant the start of a new schedule. Jose's classes ran from 8:00 to 10:00 five days a week. Thus, the guys got into a routine of rising early like they'd done in the winter. Both got up to run before breakfast so they could get their exercise during the cooler part of the day.

Michael got busy with painting the living room and hall as soon as they'd finished their hasty breakfast. He'd done a little of the prep-work the night before, so he expected to make pretty good headway.

Repainting the textured ceiling, however, required quite a bit of effort. He marveled at all his boyfriend had accomplished the previous week. Jose certainly hadn't slacked off! Michael hadn't gotten to the walls yet when Jose came home from classes.

"I can finish taping off the baseboards," Jose offered.

"Nope, you need to take care of whatever homework you have. I don't mind doing this mindless stuff. My brain needs the rest!"

By pushing himself the rest of the day, Michael was nearly finished by the time Jose had their hamburgers grilled. He completed the job after dinner.

Their weeks fell into a kind of rhythm. Michael put his time to use making repairs and improvements around the house, as well as putting meals on the table, while Jose kept up his studies. Of course, they found time for working out, and making out!

Michael received an email message from the Subaru dealer in town toward the end of June. He was asked to come in to look at the new shipment of SUV's that had arrived. The corporate office wanted him to pick out one of their top models to compensate for the seatbelt failure in his wrecked one. He was both pleased and surprised at how quickly they'd responded to his inquiry.

On a Friday afternoon, Jose drove him to the dealership in the Camry, assuming that he'd be driving home a new vehicle.

He had the choice of several which were loaded with all the bells and whistles. He simply had to choose the color, and sign an agreement that he wouldn't seek further compensation from Subaru for his injuries.

He chose a dark red metallic color, and didn't hesitate to sign. He had never intended to bring a lawsuit against the manufacturer because he didn't feel the failure of the belt had caused him much additional pain and suffering.

"So how should we register it?" he asked his boyfriend. "Are you keeping your name as-is when we get married, or should we hyphenate?"

"Given my new attitude toward my heritage, would it be okay if I just kept 'Gutierrez.'"

"Of course! You don't need my permission; I'm not your master."

"I know; I just don't want you to be disappointed."

"Babe, you've never disappointed me! I want you to be, and to do, what you want."


"Now, we have to get rid of one of our vehicles. Should be keep my old SUV or the Camry?"

"I vote we keep the Camry."

"Then, let's give the old Subaru to your grandma. I know she'd love it, and it would give her a dependable ride for coming to visit us."

"Oh Michael! That's so sweet of you. She'll be thrilled!"

"Let's see if she'd like a last-minute visit from us tomorrow. We could take her for Chinese when we go to Springfield to register it in her name. I'm pretty sure the courthouse is open until noon."

"We should call to make sure she'll be home, but surprise her with the car," Jose suggested.

"That's a good point. We should order extra meals for carryout so she doesn't feel obligated to cook dinner for us. You know she'll expect us to stay for a while."

To say that Maria was thrilled, would be an understatement. She had never owned a vehicle that new, and she couldn't believe her good fortune.

"Joe should have this instead of me!" She exclaimed.

"Jose doesn't want it. He'd rather drive the smaller Camry around town, and we own the new one together."

"Uh, you called him 'Jose.'"

"That's what I want to be called, Grandma. I'm proud of my heritage! Maybe I've grown up."

"Oh, my precious Jose! You boys have both made my day in so many ways," she cried as she hugged him tightly, and then hugged Michael in the same way. "I will never be able to repay either of you!"

"You've paid it ahead already. This is like our chance to repay you!" Michael insisted. You opened your home to Jose, and to me as well. We're currently having a run of good fortune, and we'd like to share a bit of it with you. Perhaps you can pass your old car along to someone who doesn't need to drive too far out of town."

"I will! I have just the people in mind. The young parents of one of my daycare children can put it to good use."

"Well, we'd better get to Springfield. I hope you're ready for egg drop soup, cashew chicken, and Mongolian beef for lunch."

As the summer moved along, Michael and Jose planned for their upcoming nuptials. Neither one of them felt like making it a church affair because neither was completely sold on organized religion. Thus, they decided to contact a judge to see what could be done in a simple way, with a couple of traditional details.

Judge Carol Cleveland, who had only recently been appointed to the bench, was delighted at the prospect of officiating her first same-sex wedding. She had no problem with adding a little ceremony which would last longer, and be more meaningful, than just signing a document.

The second session of summer school ended on the 5th of August, and the guys got married the next morning, surrounded by their family members and a couple of friends. Duffy and Jared were honored to stand with them as witnesses. Noah was thrilled to carry their rings for them.

The young men looked into one another's eyes while reciting their vows. Then, they exchanged rings and kissed as a married couple.

After the brief ceremony, they all went to the Carter's home where Kristen served up a lovely lunch on the screened porch. It was completed with a chocolate cake covered in white icing and topped by two groom figures. Maria knew it wasn't quite traditional, but it was the guys' favorite flavor, and same-sex weddings weren't exactly "traditional" for that matter.

About two hours later, Michael and Jose got into the Outback to head for their honeymoon at a resort in Minnesota. However, they made a detour to Michael's high school before leaving town.

"Are you sure it's how you want your first time to be?" Michael checked again.

"Yes, it's my fantasy for the past year and a half."

"I hope we've prepared each other well enough," Michael worried.

"We'll be fine. We can recuperate in the motel later tonight."

"Well, here we are; I hope the place is completely deserted."

Michael pulled up close to the door of the gym annex. There were no other cars around in the late afternoon. With his new set of keys, he opened the side door, and disarmed the alarm system. There was enough illumination from the windows so that they didn't have to turn on any lights as they entered the boys' locker room. It looked spick and span, but had the slight aroma of male musk that often lingers in such facilities.

Michael went into a stall to dress up in the apparel Jose had brought for him in a plastic bag. A few minutes later, Michael stood by one of the benches in his coach's shorts and a tank top with a towel slung over his right shoulder.

Jose walked naked over to the bench from the shower room carrying a bag, and an old white jockstrap which he dropped on the floor, attempting to recreate a scene in his mind from the past.

"Hey Mr. Bartacek, we've really had great press from the Register and on the national news! We're known all over the country." Jose grinned as he stretched, showing off his semi-hard cock.

"Yeah, you guys deserve all the recognition you're getting. Um, I think you should maybe get dressed."

"Sorry, I thought you liked how my body's developing," Jose answered, looking crestfallen.

"Um, I do; more than I should."

"You don't have to hold back; I'm not off-limits anymore, and I want you! Please hold me like you did before."

"What if someone catches us?" Michael sounded apprehensive.

"It's none of their business at this point!" Jose smiled as he pulled Michael's shorts and jock down, exposing his rising erection. "I love you, and I want this to happen. I've come prepared."

They stood in a naked embrace, feeling the love and lust that they'd had to suppress when Jose was on high school track team. Kissing and rubbing their bodies together left trails of precum.

Jose knelt to unroll a condom over Michael's throbbing phallus, applying a goodly amount of KY jelly. Michael spread the towel over the bench before Jose lay down on it with his legs pulled toward his chest.

Michael took a moment to enjoy the view, and then got down on his knees to run his tongue across Jose's balls, and down toward his perineum.

"Oh, that feels awesome!" Jose cooed.

His moaning increased in volume as Michel licked the entrance to his love canal. After a few more minutes of teasing, he applied lube with his fingers to loosen Jose up.

"Are you ready, my love?"

"Definitely! Please make me totally yours."

Slowly, Michael eased his way in, stopping every fraction of an inch to allow Jose to adjust. When his pubes finally rested against Jose's bare butt, he knew he was home. Gently, he began the dance of love.

Before long, Jose wrapped his legs loosely around Michael's waist and begged him to push harder and deeper. Michael complied, feeling Jose's butt pressing tighter against him with each thrust. The sensation of being physically one with Jose were so thrilling to his body, that he didn't last very long before filling the condom to capacity. As he did so, Jose filled the space between their bodies with his offering.

They remained in place, kissing for several minutes, before licking each other clean.

"That was awesome! Now it's your turn," Michael grinned.

"That's okay, I'll wait until we get to the motel. I know you're nervous about getting caught, and I don't want to chance it either. It would be embarrassing if someone should check on why there's a vehicle here and walk in on us. Thank you for making my fantasy come true. We can do whatever you want tonight. I should be all charged up again by then."

"So, you'll be ready to screw my brains out?" Michael grinned.

"Like I said, whatever you want!"

They dressed hastily, made sure to pick up everything they'd brought, and headed out. Michael reset the alarm and locked up. Then they drove to the I-35 interchange to make their way to their overnight stop. It had been an exciting way to begin their new life together; and an experience neither would ever forget. Michael would have flash-backs every time he was in the locker room. He was already thinking about a repeat on their anniversary.


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