Castle Roland

Chapter 2

Published: 18 Jul 16

Tales from Bentonville

By David Lee
Copyright © 2005, 2016

In the days that followed, Dane tried to change. He posted a note by his bathroom mirror that read: "Today, be better than yesterday; tomorrow be better than today." If anyone else saw it, he could explain that he was trying to improve his grades or sense of responsibility or something.

At school, Trent and Dane often ate lunch in the company of Sara and Carrie. They didn't sit there every day, because they weren't going steady after all. But other kids in the cafeteria noticed that the boys were hanging with the girls at times. Most of the older students paid little attention to what freshmen were doing. Their social circles meant nothing to the upperclassmen.

Homecoming was the big event of the fall in this small, rural community. Most of the kids would go to the football game because it was the only entertainment in town on that Friday night (or any other Friday night in the autumn season).

Many of those same kids would go to the dance on Saturday night whether they had dates or not. It wasn't unusual for a group of girls or boys to go stag.

But if you were one of the lucky ones who had a date, there was a whole ritual to be observed. The boys would dress up in white shirts and neckties. They would wear either a sport jacket or a nice sweater. Their hair would be carefully arranged in whatever was the current style. Mothers of the guys, as well as the girls, would have to take pictures of their babies all decked out. The guys had to order a corsage that would match their date's dress and they would be expected to take their dates out to eat before the dance.

Dinner did not mean a formal meal at a fancy restaurant. Indeed, there were no such establishments within the whole county. Most of the dates were treated to pizza at Pizza Hut or a down-home dinner at Maggie's Café.

Dane and Trent took their dates to the Pizza Hut which they deemed more sophisticated than Maggie's. The place was pretty full when the old limo carrying the four freshmen arrived at the door.

It was almost comical to watch the guys using their best manners as they opened the door for the girls and helped seat them at the only unoccupied table. Though they tried to act grown up, there was a lot of giggling going on as they waited for their order.

Trent and Dane were the only ones to bring their dates in a hired car. That might have impressed others if it hadn't been old man Miller's aged, creaking Cadillac. Some of the townspeople wondered why he hadn't sent it to the auto salvage long ago. But, other freshmen were envious that those boys weren't dropped off and picked up by their parents.

The dance proved to be a fun experience. The couples spent most of their time together, though other guys might cut in once in a while. This was mainly okay except when Colton danced with Sara. Trent wasn't happy to have his date out on the floor with anyone else, especially Colton.

When Colton asked Carrie for the next dance, Dane was much more gracious. He nodded to Colton before going over to escort Colton's date, Leah, out to the floor.

Leah was pleasant company. As they were talking, she hinted that she wouldn't mind seeing him again. Dane was petrified. Here he was, plain old Dane on his first date, having another girl flirting with him. He wasn't used to this at all. The only thing good about it was that he would have something to say in his next email to his dad. DJ would enjoy knowing that his son was becoming an object of feminine interest, if not abject lust.

Colton looked pissed when he saw Leah and Dane laughing together. He was becoming jealous. His plan was to upset everyone else's evening, not his own.

When the evening's festivities ended, Trent and Dane took their dates to their respective homes. Sara's house was the closest, so she was first to be dropped off. Trent walked her to the door. They didn't stand there long, but just before going in, Sara lifted her face toward his signaling that a good-night kiss might be acceptable. Trent didn't miss the opportunity to place a chaste kiss on her expectant lips. It was very sweet.

Dane knew that the pressure was now on him. At Carrie's door, she gave him her hand. Then with her free hand on the back of his neck, she pulled him closer. Their lips met. This was his first time kissing a girl. He had heard about fireworks and was sad to find that he didn't feel any. He had abstained from jacking off for several days. He should feel horny as Hell in this situation, but he felt nothing.

By prior arrangement, Trent and Dane were dropped off at Dane's house. The boys were spending the night together. Trent's father wasn't eager for his son to have a sleepover with another boy, but seeing that it was DJ's son, he gave his okay. DJ was a man's man. His son would likely be a good influence on Trent. Trent just couldn't turn out like his older brother.

Dane used his key to open the front door as quietly as possible. But, he needn't have bothered since his mother and grandmother were still up. Mom pumped him for details about the date. He felt embarrassed. He knew that she was trying to take an interest in his life, but it felt like prying. As soon as he could, he spirited Trent up the stairs to their more private retreat.

Trent laughed when they were safely in Dane's room.

"I thought it was only my parents who gave their kids the third-degree. Your mom is almost as bad as my dad. I said ALMOST, not quite."

Dane relaxed. Trent's easy banter about the situation made it seem smaller than it had been in his mind a few moments before.

Although it was later than either boy usually stayed up, both were a little pumped from their evening. They really didn't want to settle down to sleep.

Dane offered Trent the use of the guestroom across the hall, but Trent said he would like to sleep in Dane's room so that they could talk as they fell asleep -- as long as Trent's dad never knew about it. Dane was pleased, but he hoped that he wouldn't do something stupid. He really liked Trent and wanted to keep him as a friend.

Both boys stripped and put on roomy boxers to sleep in. Dane hated the feeling of them, but knew he couldn't sleep bare-assed with a guest in the same bed.

Once the lights were out, it didn't take long for the boys to unwind and enter dreamland. They were far more tired than either was about to let on. The only sounds in the room were deep breathing and soft snoring.

Dane was used to having his double bed to himself, so he tended to move around a lot. Trent, likewise, slept alone at home. Sometime in the night, the boys ended up tangled together. Trent was on his side and Dane was cuddled up against his back.

Trent awakened once about 3:00 a.m. feeling something poking him in the back. He instinctively reached his hand back to determine what it was. He was startled to discover Dane's hot, hard cock pressed against his bare flesh.

Trent had never touched anyone else's dick. Sure, he had participated in a few circle-jerks with other scouts, but that was mostly like a game. It was cool to see who could cum first, shoot the farthest, or pump the biggest load. He was sure that most guys, including the scoutmaster, had tried it sometime. He remembered the reaction of one of the younger leaders who caught him and his buddies at it. The young adult had laughed and told them not to beat the meat until it was raw. The boys had all giggled hysterically in their relief.

Now, Trent had his buddy's big, hard, pulsing stiffy in his hand. He was curious. He knew that his brother loved another guy. Trent had wondered what it must be like to be intimate with someone of your own sex.

Dane's cock felt different from his own. In the dark, it seemed massive. The head was mostly covered by the hood of his foreskin, although in its aroused state, the very tip was bare. There were several drops of precum oozing from the slit.

Trent got brave enough to push the skin all the way back exposing the mushroom head. This was kind of scary, knowing that he could get caught. He was trying to imagine what his brother, Trevor, saw in this sort of thing with Marc. It seemed like a "naughty" thing to do, but it didn't especially turn him on. Sara's kiss had. He had been concerned about his sexuality ever since Trevor had been outed. Now he was pretty sure where he stood. He had nothing against gays; he just wasn't one of them.

Dane was having a strange dream. In it, he was hurrying down the hall toward science class. He looked down at his body and discovered that he was naked. No one seemed to notice him. On top of being bare-assed in school, he had to piss like a race horse. He kept trying to find a bathroom, but none was in sight. Then he saw a water fountain. Its drain was his last hope.

As he neared it, two figures jumped from the shadows. It was Trent and Colton. Both had leers in their faces. They began to rub his body all over. He couldn't hold back. His dick began to spew load after load of cum.

Trent had barely handled the fleshy rod when it went off. He couldn't believe the flood that inundated his hip and back. Dane certainly would have won the "big load" prize in any contest Trent had ever witnessed!

Trent lay very still with his eyes shut tightly. He was praying that Dane wouldn't wake up and know that Trent's touch had made him go off. Dane would think that he was a queer for sure. He didn't want to lose his new best buddy. "Please, God, don't let him wake up!"

Dane merely sighed contentedly and turned over in his sleep. When his heartbeat returned to normal, Trent drifted off as well.

A few blocks away, Colton was experiencing strange dreams too. He was tied, face-down on a bed. The bed was in the middle of a playground and all the kids were taunting him. His butt was bare. Somehow, his father appeared. The man was bigger than Colton remembered him to be. He was roaring drunk and angry. He removed his belt using it as a whip to strike Colton's exposed ass. The belt buckle tore into the soft young flesh. Colton's father was repeating over and over that he wasn't having "no fag" for a son. Colton screamed in agony.

The next thing Colton knew, his head was cradled in his mother's arms.

"There, there," she said. "It's okay, baby. It's just a bad dream."

In the hall, Colton heard his father yelling at his mother for coddling him.

"He ain't never gonna be a real man if you baby him all the time. It's time he grew up!"

The next morning, Dane awakened to the knowledge that he had had a wet-dream and had managed to get it on his friend as well as on the sheets. He was ready to cry. Shit! He was trying to be Trent's good bud and now he had ruined everything.

Trent sensed Dane's mood and was worried that Dane might know that he had touched him. Dane was embarrassed that he had unloaded his cum on Trent.

Finally, Dane got up the nerve to apologize for making a mess in the bed. Trent was quite relieved not to be held responsible.

"It's okay, dude," he said. We've all done it sometime. I told you the other day that you needed to spank the monkey to prevent this."

Trent's laid-back attitude made Dane feel much better. By the time Ellen called them to come down for breakfast, they were both showered, dressed, and in a good mood. Trent really was becoming a friend that Dane could count on.

On Tuesday, Grandma Johnson was excited about a letter she had received from her other son, Wade. He was responding to her invitation for Thanksgiving saying that he and Roger would be pleased to come and stay a few days. He was looking forward to seeing Ellen again and having the chance to get acquainted with his only nephew. He hoped that his mother would let him know what they could bring to share for the big dinner.

Dane was excited at the prospect of meeting this shadowy uncle about whom he had heard very little; practically nothing.

"Who is Roger?" he asked of his grandmother.

"Oh, that's Wade's uh, roommate." She responded.

Ellen's left eyebrow went up ever so slightly, but Dane noticed it. He was pretty good at reading body language in most people. There was more to this story than the adults were telling. He thought better of the idea of trying to find it out now. He would keep his ears open. He had to know.

As predicted, DJ was pleased to get Dane's e-ail telling of his date. In response, DJ told Dane that he was sorry to be so far away at this point in his life. He hoped that Dane remembered the little talk they had had about "safe sex" and that he would always be careful. DJ said that Dane could feel free to ask his mother for some condoms if he wanted to. Dane was mortified that his father would even suggest such a thing. He couldn't face his mother with that kind of request even if he had reason to be using them! That was too much. He would put some quarters in the machine at the local filling station restroom before he would ask his mother.

DJ knew all about vending machine rubbers. The failure of one of them had led to the present situation. If he had had good merchandise, Dane wouldn't have been conceived in the first place. But, DJ was thankful for that cheap contraceptive. His life wouldn't be the happy one that is was without his wife and son. Sometimes things happened for the best!

The following Friday, Trent and Dane were invited to a movie by Sara and Carrie. It was traditional for the girls to have a "pay-back" date with the guys who took them to homecoming. Trent was elated; Dane was not.

Trent liked Sara a lot. She had all the qualities he was looking for in a girlfriend. She was sweet and kind of shy. She was also trim and pretty. Sara didn't seem like the sort of girl who would expect a guy to have sex with her before he was ready. She did inhabit his dreams and fantasies. She was the image he saw when he "spanked his monkey."

Dane didn't want to get too involved with a girl. It was nice to have his father proud of him. It didn't hurt his image at school to be seen with a pretty girl, but it was scary.

Dane couldn't imagine himself in a marriage or long-term relationship with a female. He just didn't feel the things he thought that he should. He listened to his buddy, Trent, going on about how the sparks flew when he had his first kiss. Dane envied him. Something was not right.

On Thursday night, Dane was aware of the fact that there was something under his pillow. He had long since stopped losing teeth or believing in the tooth fairy. What he found was a three-pack of Trojan's. He blushed even though there was no one else in the room. Dad must have emailed Mom with the same concern that he had emailed Dane. Oh well, it might be fun to try one on to see what they were like.

Dane tore open the red foil wrapping exposing the rolled-up rubber. He got hard immediately. Pulling back his foreskin, he rolled the condom over his throbbing tool. It felt rather grown up to be doing this. His dick demanded attention. The fact that he had been trying not to jack off lately served to make his cock that much more insistent.

He began with some long, gentle strokes. The idea of using a condom was exciting to him. It increased his libido. Pretty soon, he was unable to go slowly anymore. His feelings were all concentrated in the head of his cock. He couldn't think of anything beyond the desire for release.

Dane tried to conjure up the image of Carrie in his mind, but she wouldn't stay. Instead, Colton's face appeared. For the life of him, Dane couldn't understand why. However, he was too close to orgasm to argue with his brain.

When he came, it was powerful. He filled the reservoir end of the condom to overflowing. He marveled at the quantity. Usually he either pumped into a Kleenex or spewed it down the shower drain. He had no idea that he produced this much cum. He grinned despite his feelings of guilt.

Friday night's date was okay. Trent was elated that Sara let him hold her hand through most of the feature. Dane held hands with Carrie for about the last 15 minutes. His hand got all clammy. It wasn't from lust or love. He just felt uncomfortable. He sincerely hoped that she wasn't going to want to go steady.

As November progressed, so did the friendships among the four kids. Sara and Trent were obviously very close. Dane and Carrie became good friends. They didn't hold hands the next time they went out. Carrie sensed that it made Dane uncomfortable. One day when they were alone, she broached the subject.

"You know, Dane, I like being with you a lot."

(Oh shit, Dane thought, here comes the part about going steady.) He was surprised at what she said next.

"I know that we aren't going to be boyfriend and girlfriend, but I want us to be friends. I hope that you won't be hurt if I have dates with other guys."

Then it was Dane's turn to speak.

"Carrie thanks for saying that. We're too young to get tied down. I wouldn't want to give you any false hope that I'm, like, husband material or anything."

Then Dane blushed because he knew he hadn't said it right. But Carrie seemed to be oblivious to his halting words.

"You're a very sweet guy. I hope the right person comes along for you someday."

Dane began to analyze what she had said. She had said the right "person" not the right "girl." Did she sense that he was not really into girls? He wondered what he was projecting to the world.

For some reason, Colton decided to pick a fight with Dane on the last day before Thanksgiving break. Dane couldn't figure out for the life of him what it was about. Colton shoved him into the lockers in front of his homeroom. Dane tried to back off and defuse the situation, but Colton was persistent.

After being poked in the face and slammed into a locker handle, Dane lost his cool. He hauled off and slugged Colton as hard as he could. A very surprised Colton hit the floor hard. He seemed to have lost the will to continue. Dane stood over him breathing hard. As the adrenaline began to leave his bloodstream, he felt like he was going to cry.

The homeroom teacher led both of the combatants to the office where they had to sit until the principal could deal with them. Colton had a darkening bruise on his cheek. Dane had a lesser one on his face and a slight cut on his lip. Neither kid looked at the other.

The wait was long. About half of first period had passed and the boys were still sitting on the hard metal chairs.

Dane turned toward Colton and asked:

"How come you did that? How come you hate me?"

Colton stared at the floor not answering. He didn't know what to say. Why had he struck out at Dane? Somewhere in the deep recesses of his mind, he knew the answer, but he didn't want to go there.

When they were seen and punishment was meted out, the principal gave them in-school suspensions. Since the teacher who had witnessed most of the incident said that Colton had started it, Colton got three days. Dane got only one. If he hadn't fought back, he would have gotten off with none. But that might have invited some other kid to take him on. He would rather have a reprimand for slugging Colton than to leave himself open as an easy target.

Each boy had to call a parent to explain their punishment and why they received it. What made the punishment worse was that the boys spent the day together in the same room. A runner from the cafeteria brought them both lunch. They had to take whatever was dished out with no choices. It didn't look that appetizing as it cooled on the plates. Neither boy was digging in with gusto.

After a while, Dane spoke.

"You gonna eat those green beans?"

"What's it to you?" Colton muttered.

"Well, I like them and I'm still hungry. I'll trade you my dessert for them."

Colton didn't say anything, but he moved his plate toward Dane and grabbed the dish with the chocolate pudding. (He should have been watching his weight for wrestling, but at the moment, he needed the sugar.)

"Thanks," Dane offered.

Colton grunted in reply.

As Dane was eating the vegetables, Colton suddenly noticed that Dane's eyes were green. Not the color of beans, but more toward olive. They were beautiful eyes surrounded by long lashes. That blond hair made him look like an angel. Dane was a cute kid. Colton wondered...

Colton jerked when the bell rang. It had jolted him out of his daydream. He had let his mind wonder where it should not go. He would have to do a better job of controlling his thoughts.

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