Castle Roland

Chapter 4

Published: 21 Jul 16

Tales from Bentonville

By David Lee
Copyright © 2005, 2016

In Iraq, a young PFC named Barry Wilson was sobbing in the arms of his commanding officer. As the tears subsided enough for him to talk, he told DJ that he had received word that his best friend had been killed by a roadside bomb. It had blown up the Hummer that Chase was riding in killing all of the occupants.

Barry showed DJ the letter that Chase's sister had sent. It had been written by Chase when he was last home to be sent in the event of his death.

"My beloved Barry,

Since you are reading this, you must assume that I didn't make it. I really tried to stay alive for you - for us. Though I love you with all of my heart and soul, I want you to find someone to spend your life with. Right now, that may not seem possible, but you are young and have your whole life ahead of you. I want you to enjoy life. I don't want you to pine away for me. Just remember me once in a while. I'll do my best to watch over you if I am allowed to. I hope that we will get to be together on the other side, whatever that place may be. I am convinced that we don't end with death. I can't believe that our love will either.

Please show this letter to some officer in the army so that you can go home. It should prove that you are gay and not fit to be fodder for some machinegun.

I will always love you, Chase"

After reading the letter, DJ said that he would begin immediately to make the necessary arrangements for Barry to go home.

"I hate to lose you because you're a part of the soul of this unit, but I'll do what you want."

"I'm not going. You can pretend that you didn't know I'm a fag! I have nothing to go home to now. I like the guys in this unit; they are my brothers - like my family. Please don't make me go. Please don't tell them about me!"

DJ hugged the young man and told him that he would respect his wishes.

"Your secret is safe with me. I'm beginning to understand that being gay and being a good person are not mutually exclusive. I have learned a valuable lesson from knowing you. I'd be proud if you WERE my brother."

On returning to his command post, DJ wrote a long email letter to his own brother, Wade. Because the two hadn't communicated for years, DJ sent the email to Dane asking that he forward it if he knew, or could find out, Wade's email address.

Since DJ told Dane that he could read the contents of the letter he had written to Wade, Dane did so. He took heart knowing that his dad was accepting of Wade's orientation after all these years. It made him hopeful that if he couldn't change, maybe his dad wouldn't hate him. He would still try to like girls, but at least he felt like his dad might understand if he failed.

Quickly, he forwarded the email to Wade. Within the hour the phone rang. It was Uncle Wade calling to talk to Dane. Wade could hardly speak at first because of the emotion he was experiencing. It was awesome! Dane felt himself choking up too. The rift between the brothers was finally being healed.

In the days that followed Christmas, Dane adapted to his new school more completely than he had thought possible when he first arrived. Trent was his good bud and best friend. And he had made several other friends who, though not close buddies, caused him to feel more a part of the place. Others spoke to him in the hall. He didn't feel like "the new kid" at this point.

His "romance" with Carrie still showed no signs of heating up, but the two remained friends. They would double with Trent and Sara occasionally for some event where kids "needed" dates, but neither Dane nor Carrie had any plans for going steady. They were more like good friends. It was a comfortable arrangement.

Colton was still a mystery to Dane. The two periodically did their work-outs at the same time, but they usually didn't converse too much. Sometimes Colton would appear to be on the verge of friendliness and other times he would act as if Dane weren't there. Occasionally, Dane thought that Colton was looking at him, but when Dane glanced at Colton, the boy averted his eyes. Dane could live with this current situation. He was content with the fact that Colton wasn't calling him names or trying to fight with him.

One gray afternoon in the latter part of February, Dane and Colton were alone again in the weight room after school. It was late enough in the day that there wasn't anyone else around. Had it been a larger school, some staff member would have been monitoring the place to prevent injuries. But things were more casual in a small place.

During most of their workout that day they hadn't talked other than to acknowledge each other's presence. Toward the end, Colton initiated the conversation asking Dane to spot for him. Dane was pleased to be of help.

After the second set of horizontal chest presses, Colton's concentration seemed to be faltering. He was looking up the legs of Dane's worn-out baggy shorts - the favorite ones that Ellen had threatened to throw away. Since the liner was giving out, the sheathed head of Dane's penis was peeking back at Colton.

The bulge in Colton's shorts grew. He began to turn red in the face and said that he couldn't do a third set.

Dane knew that Colton had more strength than that and so encouraged him to try for a third. He was unaware of the show he was giving for the other boy or the effect that the unintended exhibition was having.

Colton got through about four reps of the third set when his arms seemed to give out. When Dane leaned forward to help re-rack the barbell, it caused his dick to slide further down his leg.

After the weight was safely back, Dane allowed his eyes to stray toward Colton's crotch. Suddenly he was aware of Colton's main "problem." Colton looked up at Dane's face in that moment and knew that Dane knew.

The initial fear in Colton's eyes was quickly replaced by anger as he began to physically attack Dane.

"What are you lookin' at, queer?"

Fortunately, the boys fell onto a nearby exercise mat instead of directly on the concrete floor. Colton's being trained as a wrestler made it easy for him to pin the lighter boy helplessly on his back.

After a couple of minutes of resistance, Dane didn't struggle. He lay there enjoying the feeling of Colton's hard body pressed against his. Colton's body wasn't the only thing that was hard. Both boys were well aware of each other's erection.

Dane looked up into the icy blue eyes and saw the expression change again. This time, it went from anger to confusion to fear to something else. The boys remained in that position as if staring into each other's souls for what felt like an eternity, but which was in fact only a few seconds. Colton's face was being drawn toward Dane's by some unseen, irresistible force. Their lips met.

A shock went through Colton's body as though he had been struck by a bolt of lightening. He attempted to spring up, but Dane threw his arms around Colton holding him in place. Colton struggled for a moment; then went limp and began to sob.

"Why did you have to be so damn cute?"

Dane used his left hand to stroke Colton's back while his right hand ran gently through Colton's unruly mop of jet-black hair. They remained like that for several minutes until they heard a locker door shut in the adjoining room.

This time, they both jumped up in panic, but calmed somewhat as they heard a shower being turned on. Colton looked at the floor. Then he gradually raised his eyes to meet Dane's.

"I'm sorry. Please don't tell; my dad will kill me!" he pleaded.

Dane raised his hands slowly so as not to spook Colton. He placed them on each side of Colton's face. He allowed a smile to appear as he spoke.

"I'm not gonna tell if you don't."

Colton's face softened as the corners of his mouth began to turn upward. It was a beautiful smile, not the sneer or smirk that Colton often wore. It was genuine like bright sunshine breaking through overcast, winter skies.

The boys stood very still as they monitored the sounds from next door. They heard the shower turn off. Someone spent a few minutes evidently dressing. A locker door slammed shut. There was the click of a lock and the sound of retreating footsteps. It was only then that they could breathe normally again.

As they headed toward the shower room, both guys became a bit shy. Since they didn't share a gym class, they had never seen each other naked. Knowing what they now knew about each other, they felt timid about being exposed.

Finally, Dane began to strip off his work-out clothes. Was it fate that they had lockers very near each other's? It made it impossible not to see one another at close range.

Colton sighed. Then with resolution, and a look that bordered on defiance, he pulled off his shorts and support brief with one tug, leaving him naked from the waist down save for his socks and sneakers. While his hardon had not fully recovered from the fright of nearly being discovered in Dane's arms, it was not exactly soft either.

By the time Colton had pulled off his T, Dane was standing completely naked before him. The boys checked each other out and then locked eyes. This time, they both grinned.

Dane knelt down to untie Colton's shoes. His face was close enough to Colton's crotch that he could smell the mixture of fresh sweat and pheromones. It aroused him more than he could ever remember being aroused.

Colton placed his hands on Dane's shoulders to steady himself as Dane removed his shoes and socks. When Dane arose, both boys were as hard as they could be.

Dane turned to go into the large group-shower area. But Colton took him by the shoulder and pulled him back. Their lips met again. This time, it was not tentative. This time, they pressed together in passion.

Colton led Dane into the relative privacy of a back toilet stall. His hands shook as he fumbled with the latch. Then the dance of lust began in earnest. Dane's hands found their way down Colton's back to caress his buns. Colton's hands seemed to be everywhere on Dane's body at the same time. It was as if a dam had burst.

With arms around each other, pressing their bodies tightly together, the boys began to make thrusting motions. A combination of sweat and precum made the movements easy and very sensuous.

Dane began to nibble on Colton's left earlobe. Colton whimpered and then went rigid. He couldn't hold back another nano-second. His body began to convulse from the sheer excitement of his release. That triggered Dane's flood. He too was shaking. Both guys were close to crying as they began to float back down toward earth.

When it was all over, they still remained holding each other as the mass of jism began to congeal. Dane was surprised that Colton was content to stay in his arms after achieving orgasm. He was shocked but pleased at the words which tumbled, almost unbidden, out of Colton's mouth as they exchanged tender kisses.

"I (kiss) love you (kiss) Dane."

"Oh God, I love you, too." Dane found himself responding.

When the reality of their surroundings began to impose itself on Dane's brain he said:

"We'd better get cleaned up and out of here before someone catches us!"

As they showered together, they took the chance of soaping each other's back. Now that they had stopped resisting their primal urges, they could hardly keep their hands off of each other.

It was then, in the dim light of the room, that Dane noticed the bruises on Colton's back.

"You didn't get these falling down stairs. Who's been doing this to you?"

"I'll tell you if you promise not to tell anyone."

"How can I do that when someone is hurting you?"

"I'd probably be put in a foster home and maybe taken away from here. I don't want to go away -- especially after today! It doesn't happen that often; only when he's drunk and I'm too dumb to be out of sight when he comes home that way. Please don't tell!"

"SHIT, that isn't right. My dad and I don't always get along, but he'd never raise his hand to me!" Dane said with emotion. "We have to figure out some way to keep you safe. Why doesn't your mom do something about it?"

"Like I said, it doesn't happen that often. I don't let her know about it. I think when he takes it out on me that he's not mean to her. I don't think he hits her."

"How often DOES he get like that?"

"Well, he gets paid every two weeks. Usually he takes some of his money and goes to the bar on that Friday night. If I'm smart, I will be sleeping in the attic or somewhere where he doesn't find me easily. He's usually too lazy or too oiled to look too hard. Oh damn; it's payday today!"

Dane found a pay phone in the hall and called home. Ellen answered slightly out of breath on the fourth ring. Dane asked if a friend could come to dinner and stay the night. Ellen agreed, but said the friend would have to get permission.

Colton called his mother at work to get the okay. She was pleased that he had a place to go for the night. She decided that she would sleep over at her sister's house since she didn't have to worry about Colton. Her husband would be angry the next day that no one had been home to feed his drunken ass, but he would be easier to handle hung-over than roaring drunk.

The two teens hurried to Colton's house to get a change of clothes and his toiletries. He was embarrassed at the shabbiness of the place, though Dane didn't seem to take notice.

"I'd better bring my sleeping bag in case my old man wonders where I slept at your house. He's been really strange about guys sleeping together since Mom's nephew was caught in bed with Trent's brother. Dad went ballistic!"

"You aren't planning to sleep in it are you?" Dane wondered.

"Not unless you kick me out of bed!" was Colton's grinning reply.

With the necessary articles in their arms, the guys trudged toward Dane's house. The light snow that was falling danced around the street lights which were just coming on in the twilight of the late afternoon. At least the days were beginning to be a little longer since the winter solstice.

At Dane's house, the aroma of dinner was already permeating the air as the boys removed their shoes and coats. Dane introduced Colton to Ellen before the two went thundering up the stairs to deposit Colton's belongings.

Colton was impressed by the comfortable, well-kept house. Suddenly his home seemed rattier by comparison. Dane had an old computer in his room plus a new laptop. Wow! This was so cool.

Dane closed the door behind him and drew Colton into an embrace. Colton didn't resist. He hugged back. Then he nibbled on Dane's right earlobe. Dane went instantly hard; Colton could feel it pressing into his leg.

"You are a horny bastard!" he exclaimed.

"Takes one to know one," Dane countered.

Both laughed knowing it was true.

Colton looked into Dane's eyes for several seconds. He seemed to be on the verge of tears again. When he spoke, it was from his heart.

"Dane, please forgive me for being an asshole. I really need you to say you forgive me."

In response, the blond-haired boy drew him close again.

"I forgive you, Colton. I've never felt about anyone like this before. All of a sudden I really care about you."

Colton kind of melted into the embrace. The boys stood holding each other for a long while. They could sense each other's heartbeats. Their earlier horniness had given way to a feeling of togetherness. Both wondered in the recesses of their minds if this was what love really felt like.

Dane was about to ask Colton the reason why he had picked on him and fought with him in the past when Ellen called them to wash up for dinner.

The boys shared the sink. They even washed each other's hands. It was another chance to touch. After they had dried their hands, Colton pulled Dane into his arms for one more kiss. Dane felt the "thrill" that Wade had talked about. He tore down the note from the mirror and threw it into the wastebasket.

Dinner was great. Ellen had gotten home in time to prepare a roast beef. It was medium-rare and juicy. There were real mashed potatoes and green beans. The boys could hardly get enough. Colton thought that he had never tasted a meal so delicious. Something very odd was going on with him. Colors seemed brighter, food tasted better (he even ate the beans), jokes were funnier, and life seemed to be more worth living. What in the Hell was happening to him?

Greta also was wondering about this sudden friendship between the boys. She had had a couple of disagreements with Colton's father over the boy's behavior in elementary school a few years back. Finally, she gave up trying to deal with the man. Though she couldn't prove it, she had the feeling that Robert Crider was disciplining his son far too severely.

Since Colton was the age of her grandson and since he reminded her of her younger brother at that age, she had always had a soft spot in her heart for the rangy little moppet. Now, as a teenager, he was sitting across from her at the dinner table. He wasn't the round-faced cutie anymore, but he was becoming a handsome young man.

It occurred to her that Colton was the boy who had been in the scuffle with her grandson a few months back. He had been the bane of Dane's existence for a time. She could hardly keep from asking about it. Finally, she couldn't keep still.

"Didn't you guys get into a fight in November?"

Colton lowered his gaze and bit his lip. He still thought of the lady as an authority figure. She was to be feared and respected. She had been his elementary principal.

"Yes, Ma'am, I went after him in the hall one morning and got him in trouble. I'm very sorry. It was totally my fault."

Then turning toward the boy seated next to him he continued.

"I told Dane I was sorry and he was cool about it."

Greta tried, with moderate success, to hold in her smile as she observed the evidence of polite contrition in Colton's words. She had always hoped that the kids under her care and authority would become sensitive, responsible adults. In this moment, she felt that at least some of them might possibly do that.

As was his habit, Dane got up to help clear the table. Colton pitched in as well. He seemed to have good manners for someone with a jerk for a father. The ladies of the house were impressed. If Dane were a girl, this would be the kind of boyfriend one might hope to have hanging around the house.

When they got through helping, the boys excused themselves to go play on the computer. Up in the privacy of his bedroom, Dane asked Colton if he ever looked at any sites with naked guys. Colton hadn't because of the lack of a computer in his household. But, he was eager to be shown. Dane typed in, went to the free galleries section, and soon Colton's education in male anatomy was being furthered.

Colton was mystified that some of the guys had shaved off all of their pubes. He had awaited the arrival of hair "down there" with so much anticipation that he couldn't fathom removing it on purpose. Still, it did make some of their equipment look very impressive.

The sight of horny, hard studs was having its effect on both kids. There was lust as well as affection in the looks they were giving each other. Dane logged off and erased the history. Colton looked at him with surprise and dismay. He was not ready to stop!

"I think it's time we look at the real thing," Dane said in a thick voice.

"KEWL" was Colton's response.

Dane suggested that it would be fun to undress each other. Colton was all for it. The process was as slow and seductive as two horny fourteen-year-olds could make it - which means that it didn't last very long. When they were naked, Dane thought that it would be nice to have a closer look. So, he had Colton lie down on the bed in the normal direction while he lay with his feet toward the headboard. With a little adjusting, they were in position to have a very close look indeed!

For a few minutes, they studied the wonderful, hard boy-parts facing them. Neither had actually touched another penis since the time when they were curious little kids. Not little anymore, they were certainly still curious. Dane was impressed with the nicely cut cock that Colton sported. It had been circumcised by someone who had been careful not leave it looking skinned.

Dane mentally measured the length and diameter of the throbbing sausage in his hand. It looked different from his, but it was certainly in the same range for size and weight.

"Can I call you, 'Colt'?" he asked with amusement in his voice. "You are hung like a young horse!"

Colton snickered.

"That would be cool. I've never been called anything but 'Colton' unless my dad is mad at me and then he calls me 'bastard.' I've got to think of a nickname for you. I think 'Horny Toad' might fit. I can call you 'Toad' or maybe 'HT' if anyone else is around."

Talking and giggling soon ceased as the boys went on with their serious exploration of each other's tool.

Colton was fascinated with Dane's foreskin. He gently pulled it back and forth over the glistening mushroom head several times. As he did, a pearl of precum appeared at the tip. Colton was tempted to stick out his tongue to taste the drop, but he was afraid to go that far so soon.

As Dane played with Colton's cock, it began to produce precum as well. Though he wasn't the "leaker" that Dane was; he provided a pretty fair amount. Dane also was tempted to find out what Colt tasted like. He had tasted his own and he wondered if it would be the same. Would Colt be grossed out if he tried it?

If they hadn't cum in the afternoon, they wouldn't have lasted to this point. As it was, both could feel their young balls roiling in anticipation. Colton was sniffling and whimpering. Dane was doing more moaning and growling than whimpering, but it amounted to the same expression of desire. With a lunge and a shudder, Dane began to unload. Colt followed in a split second. Despite their earlier activities, there was a copious amount of juice. That offering hit both of them in the face and neither could resist sticking his tongue out when he thought the other wasn't watching.

Dane found the strength to pull his body up so that he now lay face to face with his new lover. They kissed deeply and long. Their cum-coated faces rubbed together making it impossible not to share some of their seed when they kissed. Their hearts seemed to beat in the same tempo. They felt like one being.

In the after-glow, Dane brought up what has been bothering him.

"I love doing this and I love you and I never want us to fight again. But, why did you hate me so much when I first arrived?"

Colton thought for a minute before he answered. Dane wondered if he had messed up things by asking. Finally, Colton responded.

"I've been fucked up for a long time. I kept trying not to be interested in guys. I had the hots for Trent last year, so I drove him away so that I wouldn't be tempted to do what I wanted to do with him. I knew I'd get it from my dad if I hung around with him anyway because of his brother being gay. Then you came along. Shit, I fell for you the first day when I saw you helping Trent pick up his books. You were not only cute, but you were kind. I had to do my best to keep you away too."

"So, what made you change today?"

"When I felt your body next to mine and looked into your eyes, I just couldn't fight it anymore. It was like you were looking into my soul and you knew me. I think maybe you did."

"Wow," Dane replied. "I felt the same thing looking into your eyes!"

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