Castle Roland

Chapter 5

Published: 25 Jul 16

Tales from Bentonville

By David Lee
Copyright © 2005, 2016

Dane and Colt awakened to find a bit of pale sun shining into Dane's room. They looked at each other and smiled. Dane shook his head musing.

"When I saw you knock down Trent that first day in October, I never dreamed that I would wake up with you in my bed."

In response, Colton started nibbling on Dane's nipples causing him to stiffen up even harder than he usually was in the morning (if that was possible). Before long, they had to stop their play in order to empty their bladders lest they wet the bed.

The usually simple act of trying to get the stream going turned out to be a challenge when two horny guys are standing naked and erect in front of the same pot. To ease the tension, Dane tickled Colt's loins with the ends of his fingernails. Colt giggled and his muscles relaxed. He nearly pissed on the floor as he fought to aim his hard dick toward the toilet bowl.

The sound and sight of Colton's golden stream gave Dane the inspiration he needed to go too. He moved his cock from side to side so that his urine intermingled with Colt's. Both boys were giggling as they played. Dane showed off by pinching the end of his foreskin to stem the flow. His skin swelled up like a balloon until he let go causing a sudden gush of pee to spill out. Colton thought it was great and wished he could do it too.

"Man, I wish I had my skin," Colton sighed.

"Hey, your cock is just fine like it is. It's cute and I love it. We can share my skin."

When they had finished, Dane proceeded to put the tip of his semi-soft cock up against Colton's. Then he stretched his prepuce so that it covered the head of Colt's cock too. Colton loved the feeling. In fact, he loved it so much that he started to get hard again. By the time both guys were fully erect, Dane's skin couldn't begin to cover that much territory.

Dane started the shower and both guys climbed in. Their renewed erections were now demanding attention. Using plenty of soap each grasped the other's tool and began to stroke. As they got closer to their destination, Dane reached his free hand down to stroke the area beneath Colt's balls. With each movement, he was getting closer to the crack of Colton's butt. Feeling how good that was, Colt did the same thing to Dane. The act of giving pleasure to each other amplified the tingling in their own loins even further.

Hot, white lava began to erupt from both of them. They wrapped their arms around each other to trap their spewing members between them. This made the experience more intimate and also helped to steady them so they didn't fall over.

As they rinsed the residue down the drain, they again exchanged words of affection. Dane hoped that it meant more to Colton than simply being a response to sex. He realized how easy the "l" word tumbled out in the heat of passion, but he was sure that it meant more than mere lust to him.

After the boys finished doing their morning routine and dressing, they went downstairs to see what was available for breakfast. Ellen was mixing up batter for pancakes. She had fried little sausages which were now draining on a paper towel. The boys' appetites did justice to the abundance of food she cooked.

The two teens played on the computer for a while after breakfast. Then they tackled the small amount of homework that needed to be done before Monday. They helped each other with some of it. It was cool to have a buddy to study with. It seemed to make everything go better.

Colton's mother called before lunch to tell him to come home soon. Dane begged her to allow him to stay until afternoon. She agreed after talking to Ellen. Ellen assured her that Colt was no problem and that Dane enjoyed having a good friend to spend the time with. Sharon was relieved that Colton had a place to hang out for a few more hours. Robert would be mellower later after his hangover subsided.

Eventually, Colt had to make his way home. Dane's excuse for accompanying him was to carry back the unused sleeping bag. Actually, he wanted to be there in case Colton's dad was in a bad mood. Dane figured that the man wouldn't try anything with a witness around. Dane had no intention of allowing it!

Colton's father was very polite and hospitable to Dane. He insisted that the boy sit down to have some soda pop with them. It didn't hurt Dane's stock with Robert that he was DJ's son. DJ had had a reputation as a lady's man. Colton's father thought that the offspring of that stud would surely be a good influence on Colton unless, of course, he was like his uncle.

Dane went home almost skipping. He had had great sex with a cute guy who professed to love him. He had passed the acid test of meeting the parents. Life was looking pretty good.

The weather in Iowa began to change for the better in March. Even before the official arrival of spring, temperatures became more moderate. The crocuses were in bloom and the sun felt great.

School was relatively uneventful except for the fact that the boys would slip each other notes between classes. Usually the correspondence was pretty tame, but once in a while, there would be a love note. They had to be especially careful not to do the exchange in class where a teacher might intercept their letters.

Most of the kids were looking forward to spring break. Unlike the larger schools, Bentonville did not have a big enough choir or band to take on an extended trip every year. Students would usually spend the time being lazy or going on vacations with their families if the parents could get off and had the money to travel.

Neither Dane nor Colt was in the position to go anywhere. They decided to hang around together for as much of the time as possible. Dane's grandmother would be home some of the time, but she had planned to visit Wade and Roger for a few days. That meant that the boys could enjoy some time alone. Greta was going to fly up and would ride back with Wade and Roger who were going to spend the weekend with the family in Iowa.

During those alone-times, they truly got acquainted. They talked about favorite music, foods, and games as well as problems, hopes, and dreams. They had lots of interests in common, but each had his own strong area. Neither guy knew what he wanted to do for the rest of his life, but they both knew what they were good at. Colton was very good in math and science. He also loved computers although he didn't have one at home. Dane had a gift for writing. Whatever he did in life, it had to involve working with words.

Of course there were times when they did other things. Almost daily they cuddled naked in bed. One of them would get a goofy grin and start to shed his clothes; the other would take the hint and follow suit. Colton would call Dane, Horny Toad and Dane would call Colton, Colt or Stallion.

Their loving usually started with kissing and petting. Once that began, it escalated to a higher level that normally resulted in the loss of lots of sperm. Spring break was awesome!

Colt was feeling fine. He hadn't received any beatings of late because he had stayed out of his father's way. It was better for all concerned if he were not around when the man stumbled in drunk. Colt could never figure out why his father seemed to dislike him so much. No matter how hard Colton had tried, he could never please the man. Most of the time, there was a kind of hostile endurance of the boy, but it was always an uneasy truce.

Colton now had happier thoughts in his head. He was in love! His mother noticed a changed in his outlook and wondered if it had to do with Leah, the girl he had dated a few times. She hoped that he would find someone to care about, but at the same time, she hoped that he wouldn't get anyone pregnant. He was too young to bear those responsibilities, just as his father had been.

Everything went along well during spring break until Colt stayed overnight with Dane on Wednesday. There wasn't a problem at the Johnson household; it was what happened when Colton got home the next afternoon.

His father was waiting for him when he got in the kitchen door. Work had let out early because they were off tomorrow for Good Friday. The man had obviously been hitting the bottle already.

"What's with this, you little faggot!" the man shouted holding up the sleeping bag that Colton had forgotten to take to Dane's. "Did you sleep with your little boyfriend?"

Colton was quick with an answer.

"There's a guest room right across the hall from his room. He thought I would be more comfortable in there."

"Don't lie to me, you bastard whelp! I searched your room and I found the note he wrote to you."

Colt's face went white as he realized that he was in deep trouble. He had intended to destroy all of the notes that Dane slipped to him at school, but he found that he couldn't part with this one. It was one that talked about wanting to be together for life. The note had been addressed to, my Stallion, Colt and was signed: "Your Horny Toad, Dane." It had meaning for Colt - love as well as lust. He had read it over many times when he was alone in his room.

At this moment, Colton was trapped in the corner of the kitchen counters. The big man stood between him and any route of escape.

"I'm going to teach you a lesson, you ungrateful, little, cock-sucking son of a bitch! Thank God, you're not MY son."

That statement made Colton curious despite the danger he was in.

"What do you mean; I'm not your son?"

"Your mother was barely pregnant when we started dating. Everyone thought it was my kid, so I went along with it because I wanted her and I knew your grandfather would make us get married. Then she would be mine and no one else could have her. You probably got your queer genes from her or maybe from both sides of your family. Who knows? But if you like dick, I'm gonna give you the opportunity to enjoy a big one after I beat some sense into you!"

Colton's emotions were in turmoil. He was elated to hear that Robert wasn't his father; he hoped that he would survive long enough to enjoy that fact.

As his step-father removed his belt to use on Colt, the boy made a dash to get away. Unfortunately, the big man was anticipating it. Despite his inebriated state, he was quick enough to grab Colton's arm and throw the boy to the floor. Colt turned away just in time to avoid the first lash of Robert's belt buckle which made a gash in the vinyl floor.

In the past, Colt had often given up and taken the whipping because of fear and the underlying feeling that he somehow deserved it. Now, he had a different attitude. But while his wrestling training made him quick on his feet, he was still no match for someone who outweighed him by a hundred or more pounds.

The second lash caught him on the shoulder biting into his flesh. Ordinarily this would have made him submissive. Today, it pumped him. He grabbed a big plastic bowl from the dish drainer that he used to ward off the third strike. His resistance was making Robert angrier.

Dropping the belt, the big man punched the boy in the chest and face in rapid succession. Colton was too stunned by the first blow to react in time to avoid the second.

"Let him be, Robert!"

It was Colt's mother. She was standing at the door with Robert's small pistol in her hand.

"I've already called the sheriff's office and they're on the way. Now step away from him."

"Yeah, like you're gonna use that thing. You haven't even got the safety off."

As Colton's mother looked down at the gun, her husband made a lunge for it. Colt launched himself at the man's legs to tackle him. In the scuffle for the gun, one shot was fired. It was obvious that the safety hadn't been on. Colt's stepfather had an incredulous look on his face as he crumpled to the floor.

The sheriff's deputies came a minute later. They quickly sent for the county emergency squad who arrived amazingly fast and determined that the wound from the small caliber gun would not be fatal.

After the ambulance left, the deputies spent some time taking statements from Colt and his mother. They assured Sharon that they could tell that the shooting was either accidental or done in self-defense. They would press charges only against her husband for his beating of Colton. After seeing the marks of previous whippings, they figured that they had a pretty good case against the man.

"Is there a counselor or school nurse or anyone who has seen you with signs of being abused?"

"Only my boy- buddy, Dane." (Colton caught himself in time.)

"Okay, that will probably help to corroborate your statements."

When the officers had left, Colton's mother suggested that they go to her sister's house to get away from the place. Colt had other plans.

"Can I see if I can stay with Dane?"

"Sure, honey if it's okay with his mom. You and he are very close. I guess that isn't surprising seeing that you are cousins."


"Well, I never told anyone who your father really is. I lied and said it was a guy that I met at the beach and that I didn't know his name. I was very young and he was even younger. We fooled around only once. He was trying to prove to himself that he wasn't gay. Dane's uncle, Wade, is your biological father. He doesn't know either. I guess I'll have to find a way to tell him. Please don't let Greta know until I can contact Wade."

"Dane's uncle is coming for the weekend. I guess you can talk to him soon."

If Colton's emotions hadn't had enough of an overload from the shocks of the afternoon, they certainly did now. He was in love with his cousin. How did that work? Was it wrong? How could he keep quiet about it until tomorrow? He couldn't! He would have to share this information with Dane at least.

Dane was quick to extend the invitation for Colt to come back to his place when he heard his lover on the other end of the phone. Colton had sounded strange, as if he were in another world. Dane paced as he waited for Sharon to drop him off. When the rusty sedan pulled into the drive, Dane was out the door like a shot.

Colton winced as Dane hugged him. It was then that he felt his injuries from Robert's attack. Before that, shock had numbed his mind against feeling pain.

Dane let go of him, but Colt didn't want that. He asked Dane to hold him and Dane complied. Once in his boyfriend's arms, Colton let loose the dam of emotions that had been building up for quite some time.

Ellen came out to see what was going on. Sharon and Colton looked as haggard as if they had been in a war zone. Ellen herded them into the kitchen where she put on the kettle for tea. Her English grandma had always believed in tea as the cure-all elixir. In the meantime, she thought that Colton's mother might well do with a bit of something stronger. So she got some ice and poured a stiff shot of Jack Daniel's over it.

Sharon took a healthy sip, nearly choking on it. Once the liquid hit her bloodstream, she began to calm down a little.

"Ellen, thanks so much. I needed that more than you can possibly know. We have had one Hell of an afternoon."

Sharon had Colt relate the part of the story about Robert's attack on him. Colton was careful to leave out certain details. He thought about the crumpled note that he fingered in his jeans pocket while he spoke. Under the table, Dane held Colt's other hand through it all.

Colton's mother finished the story as Colton added occasional details. When it was over, there were tears in everyone's eyes.

Ellen sent Dane for the first-aid kit so that she could dress Colt's wounds. Mostly, she needed to disinfect the cut from the belt buckle. There wasn't anything she could do for the bruising, but she did give him some Motrin for the swelling and pain. The emergency responders had offered treatment, but Colt had refused wanting the officers to be able to see the full effect of Robert's attack.

"You'll stay and eat with us, of course," Ellen stated.

"Well, I was going to go to my sister's and Colton begged to come here if it's okay with you."

"You both can stay here. The guestroom is empty and I made plenty of food. I was cooking as if everyone was going to be here, but Greta and the boys won't come until tomorrow. Please stay," Ellen offered as she poured hot water into the teapot.

Sharon nodded. She couldn't speak because of the lump in her throat. When Ellen put an arm on her shoulder, she didn't hold back any longer. Her crying was, if anything, more dramatic than her son's had been.

"I never knew that he was hurting Colton. I swear, I never knew," she blurted out between sobs. "I would have killed the bastard if I had known he was hurting my precious baby. I always figured if he took it out on me, Colton would be safe."

Ellen comforted her as much as she could. Dane got up to pour cups of tea for the women. Colton got milk and sugar knowing that his mom used them.

"Mom, I covered up about him whipping me because I thought maybe I deserved it and that he wouldn't hurt you if he took it out on me sometimes."

Colt's admission made Sharon cry all the harder. She had always thought he was a wonderful boy, but she had had no idea how deep his compassion ran. He had suffered beatings to protect her, just as she had to spare him.

The hot tea laced with milk, sugar, and another bit of whiskey had a restorative effect on Sharon. She was beginning to feel warm and mellow. Her tears subsided.

The boys had some tea with milk too, but not with any liquor in it.

The stove timer rang to announce that dinner was nearly ready. Soon they all sat down to a good meal. Sharon thought that she had never tasted chicken that was this good. The steamed vegetables were a little crisp because the emotional scene had put Ellen a bit off schedule, but everyone savored the food.

Dane and Colton cleaned up so that the women could go into the family room to converse. As they were putting away the last of the leftovers, Colt told Dane that they needed to talk.

Up in Dane's room, Colton told the rest of the story including the fact that they were related. Dane didn't know what to think of that. The boys stretched out on the bed. He held Colt in his arms.

"We need to talk to Uncle Wade. I guess I should say: we need to talk to your father. I'm sure he will know what is right. I love you. I'm not going to give you up even if they come to put me in jail!"

"In that case, I guess we can still be boyfriends," Colt said.

Relatives or not, their passion for each other had not cooled because of this new revelation. They were so into kissing that they nearly missed the sounds of the women coming up the stairs. Both jumped up and then sat side by side on the edge of the bed.

After the women got Sharon's few things settled in the guestroom, they came across the hall to talk to the boys before they turned in for the night. Since the door was open, Dane called for them to come in before they got a chance to knock.

"We were wondering if you guys wanted a snack before bed," Ellen said.

She needn't have speculated since growing boys usually have growing appetites. They all went down to the kitchen. The boys made peanut butter sandwiches to go with their milk and cookies. The ladies nibbled on one cookie each while they enjoyed a cup of decaffeinated tea.

Then, the guys went out to the car to get the sack with Colt's change of clothes, etc. It was a lovely spring evening. There was a chill in the air, but the stars were shining brightly. Colt put his arms around Dane before they went back inside.

"I hope everything works out. I feel so close to you."

Back inside the house, the boys went up to Dane's room to get ready for bed. Dane locked the door. They quickly shucked their clothes and climbed into Dane's bed. The boys cuddled and talked for probably half an hour before the drifted off to sleep.

Sometime in the night, Cole had the recurring dream of being tied to his bed naked with people looking on while his step father whipped his bare ass with the belt. He cried out in anguish. This time Dane was there to calm his fears. (Sharon was in a deep sleep.)

"It's okay, Baby. You're just having a bad dream. I'm here. No one will hurt you."

Colton nestled down in his boyfriend's arms. His heart rate slowed back to normal and he drifted back to sleep. This time he dreamed that he was naked on a beach and Dane was with him. They were in the 69 position. He was feeling better and better. He moaned in his sleep as his cock spewed out its contents on Dane's leg. Dane roused slightly from hearing Colt's moaning, but went back to sleep smiling as he sensed the warm, sticky liquid on his body.

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